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37366: STALEY, VERNON. - Ceremonial of the English Church.
49370: STAMMA, PHILIP / LEWIS, WILLIAM 1787-1870 - Stamma on the Game of Chess : Containing Numerous Openings of Games, and one hundred critical situations, illustrated on coloured diagrams. A new and improved edition, with notes and remarks by W. Lewis. Second Edition.
49948: STAMMERS, MIKE. - Suffolk Shipping.
48376: A BENEDICTINE OF STANBROOK. - Any Saint to Any Nun.
28785: STANCHEVA, MAGDALINA. (EDITOR.) - The Bulgarian Contribution to the World Cultural Heritage. (Translated by Annie Georgieva Petkova-Nedeva.)
32168: STANCLIFFE, MICHAEL. - Stars and Angels. Meditations for the Christian Year.
49502: STANESBY, SAMUEL [ILLUMINATOR] . - The Bridal Souvenir Illuminated by Samuel Stanedby .
12504: STANFORD, PETER. - Cardinal Hume and the Changing Face of English Catholicism.
12919: STANFORD, MILES J. - Principles of Spiritual Growth.
7786: STANFORD, DEREK. - John Betjeman. A Study.
46922: STANIHURSTO, GUILIELMO [ WILLIAM STANYHURST 1601 – 1663 ] . - Dei Immortalis In Corpore Mortali Patientis Historia. Moralis Doctrinae Placitis & commentationibus illustrata. Auctore R. P. Guilielmo Stanihursto Societatis Iesu. Editio Tertia
45266: STANILOAE, DUMITRU. - The Victory of the Cross.
16092: STANKS, C.J. - The Venerable Bede.
26698: STANLEY, MICHAEL W. - The Ladder of Ascent.
44189: STANNARD, RUSSELL. - Grounds for Reasonable Belief.
3602: STANTON, G.N. - Jesus of Nazareth in New Testament Preaching. Society for New Testament Studies. Monograph Series No.27.
24545: STANWAY, DR. ANDREW. - Overcoming Depression. Sympathetic Advice for Sufferers and their Families.
18032: STAPLETON, RUTH CARTER. - The Gift of Inner Healing.
38969: STARK, ROSE ISABELLA. - Rose Isabella Stark's Alphabet.
25287: STARKEY, NAOMI. - Bible Reading for the Christmas Season
38713: STARKEY, NAOMI. - A World of Prayer. Praying with Women's World Day of Prayer.
46860: STARKIE-BENCE, CAPT. E. R. - Original Victorian postal envelope addressed to Capt. E. R. Starkie Bence - QV 1d pink cover with Charing Cross duplex to Long Melford, Sudbury.
10888: STARR, CHRISTOPHER. - A Guide to Essex Churches.
33036: STARR, ROLAND. - Operation Omina.
32445: ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS OF THE UNITED STATES. - The Challenge of Peace: God's Promise and our Response.
49598: STATHAM, MARGARET. (EDITOR). - Accounts of the Feoffees of the Town Lands of Bury St Edmunds, 1569-1622.
49535: AFTER DEMETRE HARALAMB CHIPARUS (1886-1947) - BRONZE STATUE - French Bronze Statuette: Dancer .
49050: JOHANN PHILIPP FERDINAND PREISS (1882-1943) - BRONZE STATUE - French Bronze Statuette: Dancer .
47366: STAVELEY, THOMAS ( 1626-1684 ) . - The History Of Churches In England : Wherein is shewn, The Time, Means, and Manner of Founding, Building, and Endowing of Churches, Both Cathedral and Rural, With their Furniture and Appendages. By Thomas Staveley, Esq; late of the Inner-Temple.
47463: STAVIS, BARRIE. - The Man Who Never Died. A Play About Joe Hill.
48102: STAWELL, MAUD (1865-1949) / MARCH, ELEANOR (ILLUSTRATOR) . - About Fairies And Other Facts By Maud Stawell ; Illustrated By Eleanor March . [The Larger Dumpy Books For Children; IV. About Faries And Other Facts ] .
47298: STAZIO PUBLIO PAPINIO [STATIUS, P. PAPINIUS (PUBLIUS PAPINIUS) ] / VEENHUSEN, JOANNES [ EDITOR ] . - Publii Papinii Statii Sylvarum lib. V. Thebaidos lib. XII. Achilleidos lib. II. Notis selectissimis in Sylvarum libros Domitii, Morelli, Bernatii, Gevartii, Crucei, Bartii, Joh. Frid. Gronovii Diatribe. In Thebaidos praeterea Placidi Lactanii...
20778: STEADMAN, EVAN. - Earthquake. The Story of Skopje.
41844: STEARNS, LEWIS F. - Present Day Theology. A Popular Discussion of Leading Doctrines of the Christian Faith.
21307: STEELE, ALAN AND HANCOCK, JOAN. - Modern American Short Stories.
48458: STEELE, ARNOLD F. - The Worshipful Company of Solicitors of the City of London. A Commentary on the Company's Surviving Records.
18914: STEEN, SHIRLEY. - A Child's Bible. In Colour. New Testament.
37118: STEER, FRANCIS W. - The History of the Dunmow Flitch Ceremony.
39061: STEER, ROGER. - Insode Story. The Life of John Stott.
39022: STEER, FRANCIS AND HULL, FELIX. - Illustrated Handbook to Exhibition of Essex Estate, County and Official Maps, Held at Shire Hall Chelmsford, 17-24 May 1947.
28560: STEFANOU, ROSEMARIE. - Understanding Industry Now.
29909: STEFFLER, JOHN. - The Afterlife of George Cartwright.
18997: STEIN, ROBERT H. - The Synoptic Problem. An Introduction.
27742: STEIN, RICK. - Rick Stein's Guide to the Food Heroes of Britain BBC.
18915: STEIN, JOCK AND TAYLOR, HOWARD. - In Christ all Things hold Together. An Introduction to Christian Doctrine.
17902: STEIN, NEIL D. - Business Taxation Stage 3. (2nd ed).
28985: STEIN, SYLVESTER. - Second-Class Taxi.
41495: STEIN, MAXWELL. - The Diabetic Cookbook.
42498: STEINBERG, MICHAEL AND ROTHE, LARRY. - For the Love of Music. Invitations to Listening.
34712: STEINBERG, WARREN. (EDITOR). - Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice. Fall 2000. Volume 2.
45720: STEINILBER-OBERLIN, E. - The Buddhist Sects of Japan. Their History, Philosophical Doctrines and Sanctuaries.
32895: STEINMETZ, DAVID C. - Reformers in the Wings.
48002: STELL, CHRISTOPHER.. - Nonconformist Communion Plate and Other Vessels.
4364: STENDAHL, KRISTER. - Paul among Jews and Gentiles.
46889: STENECK, NICHOLAS H. - Science and Creation in the Middle Ages. Henry of Langenstein (d.1397) on Genesis.
8717: STENGEL, ERWIN. - Suicide & Attempted Suicide.
49871: STEP, EDWARD. - A Naturalist's Holiday.
37050: STEPHAN, EMILE M. - A Book of French Songs. (Arranged with Pianoforte Accompaniment by Hubert J. Foss).
5159: NEILL STEPHEN. - Anglicanism.
49840: STEPHEN, LESLIE. - Sketches from Cambridge by a Don.
47067: STEPHEN, LESLIE. - Some Early Impressions.
1532: STEPHENS, JAMES. - The Crock of Gold.
47812: STEPHENS, WINIFRED. - Women of the French Revolution.
46509: STEPHENS, JAMES (1880 - 1950) . - Collected Poems.
30920: STEPHENS, ALAN. - Venturing With Christ.
24829: STEPHENSON, PETER. - Handbook of World Development. The Guide to the Brandt Report.
13083: STEPHENSON, ALAN M.G. - The First Lambeth Conference: 1867.
30811: STEPHENSON, COLIN. - Merrily on High.
45344: STEPHENSON, DAVID. - The Book of Colchester. A Portrait of the Town.
33082: STEPHENSON, ALAN M.G. - Anglicanism and the Lambeth Conferences.
9059: STEPHENSON, JOHN. - Headlines for God.
9197: STEPHENSON, MICHAEL, & HEARN, ROGER (EDITORS). - The Nuclear Case Book.
37165: STEPNEY, ROGER AND JULIA. - Ruth: The Story of the Book of Ruth retold in Narration and Song.
25598: STERBA, GUNTHER. - Aquarium Care. A Comprehensive Handbook Guide. (Translated Gwynne Vevers.)
42082: STERN, WILLIAM. - Psychology of Early Childhood Up to the Sixth Year of Age.
47408: STERNE, LAURENCE./ AUSTEN, JOHN (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.
19370: STEUART, JAMES. - Sketching in Water Colours. A Book for Amateurs by an Amateur.
2769: STEUART, R.H.J. - In Divers Manners.
32734: STEUART, R.H.J. - Temples of Eternity.
31276: STEVEN, HUGH. - They Dared to be Different. (Revised ed).
15983: STEVENS, MILDRED. - Observing Children who are Severely Subnormal. An approach to their education.
15623: STEVENS, MARGARET. - In Life Eternal. A Preparation for Parish Communion.
23469: STEVENS, MARGARET. - In Life Eternal. A Preparation for Holy Communion.
23470: STEVENS, MARGARET. - In Life Eternal. A Preparation for Parish Communion.
20885: STEVENS, PAUL & WILLIAMS, DAN. - 1 Corinthians. The Challenges of Life Together. 13 studies for individuals or groups.
14670: STEVENS, KATE. - Modern Party Games.
16946: STEVENS, DAVID. - Handyman Gardener. (Illustrated by Paul Emra, Chris Forsey, Sandra Pond & Paul Williams.
39533: STEVENS, ALBERT C. - EDITOR . - Cyclopaedia of Fraternities. A compilation of existing authentic information and the results of original investigation as to the origin, deerivation, founders, development, aims, emblems, character, and personnel ...
45993: STEVENS, BRO. JAMES. - The Evolution of Symbolic Masonry... Subscription Copy.
9132: STEVENS, KATE. - Games for Parties.
22104: STEVENSON, HERBERT F. - The Road to the Cross. (Foreword by Dr. Paul S. Rees.)
11942: STEVENSON, LLOYD. - Sir Frederick Banting.
13600: STEVENSON, J. - Creeds, councils, and Controversies. Documents illustrative of the history of the Church A.D.337-461.
42253: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Prayers Written at Vailima. By Robert Louis Stevenson. With an introduction by Mrs. Stevenson.The whole reproduced in colours and gold after the original illuminated drawings by Alberto Sangorski.
11646: STEVENSON, H.F. (EDITOR). - Light upon the Word. An Anthology of evangelical spiritual writing.
34104: STEVENSON, KENNETH. - All the Company of Heaven. A Companion to the Principal Festivals of the Christian Year.
22382: STEVENSON, HERBERT F. - A Galaxy of Saints. Character Studies of some Biblical "Lesser Lights".
46954: STEVENSON, DWIGHT E. - Preaching on the Books of the Old Testament.
39815: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - Valima Letters. Being Correspondence Addressed by Robert Louis Stevenson to Sidney Colvin November 1890 - October 1894.
31613: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - A Child's Garden of Verses. (Complete and Unabridged).
49957: STEVENSON, HERBERT F.(EDITOR). - Keswick's Triumphant Voice.
8337: STEVENSON, J. - Creeds, Councils, and Controversies. Documents illustrative of the history of the Church A.D.337-461. Based upon the collection edited by the late B.J.Kidd.
8788: STEVENSON, KENNETH . - Family Services. (Alcuin Club Manual No.3).
8794: STEVENSON, J. - A New Eusebius. Documents illustrative of the history of the Church to A.D.337. (Based upon the collection edited by the late B.J.Kidd).
17703: STEWARD, B.A. - Farm Down the Lane. The Diary of a Suffolk Farmer. (Farm illustrations by F.N. Steward, & frontis by C.W. Taylor).
3522: STEWARD, ALEXANDER. - You are Wrong Father Huddleston.
42463: STEWARD, F. L. - St. Peter's Chapter, No. 419 Wolverhampton. 1842 to 1942 . By F. L. Steward P.Z. 419, P.3rd P.G.P. (Staffs.)
20781: STEWART, T.D. - The People of America. (Peoples of the World Series).
24906: STEWART, CHARLES WILLIAM. - The Minister as Marriage Counselor. (Revised.) A role relationship theory of marital counseling and pastoral care.
1546: STEWART, R.W. - An Introduction to Jesus for the 20th Century.
6571: STEWART, DOUGLAS. - Easter is on Monday.
48651: STEWART, RICHARD. - The Millennium Atlas of Suffolk Butterflies.
23471: STEWART, WILLIAM. - 50 Key Words: The Church.
18242: STEWART, MONNICA C. - My Brother's Keeper?
48246: STEWART, ELIZABETH. - Dunkeld : An Ancient City.
48874: STEWART, TREVOR . - English Speculative Freemasonry: Some Possible Origins, Themes and Developments. By Trevor Stewart. The Prestonian Lecture 2004 .
15701: STEWART, H.F. (EDITOR). - Pascal: Les Lettres Provinciales.
7516: STEWART, GEORGE S. - The Lower Levels of Prayer. Biographical Memoir by The Very Rev. A.C.Craig.
22527: STEWART, DOROTHY. - Women of Prayer.
48135: STEWART, JAMES. - Xhosa Phrase Book.
48088: STEWART, JAMES SIR ( 1635-1713 ) . - The Index or Abridgement, of the Acts of Parliament and Convention, from the First Parliament of King James I : holden the 26 Maii, anno 1424. to the fourth session of the First Parliament of Her Majesty Queen Anne, concluded the 25 March 1707...
23185: STEWART, KEN. - Choosing a Mate.
43418: STEWART, ANNA BIRD. - Bibi The Baker's Horse. (Illustrated by Artur Horowicz).
37084: STEWART, A.C. - Local Government Face to Face.
7515: STEWART, DOUGLAS. - The Difficulty of Faith.
49203: STEWART, TREVOR. - The Life and Work of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin: A Biographical and Literary Study.
8309: STEWART, DOUGLAS. - The Ark of God. Studies in Five Modern Novelists. (W.T.Whitley lectures for 1960).
8718: STEWART, WILLIAM. - Health Service Counselling.
11690: STIBBS, A.M. & PACKER, J.I. - The Spirit Within You. The Church's Neglected Possession.
33620: STIDGER, WILLIAM L. - Finding God in Books.
16537: STIDWORTHY, JOHN. - The Country Life Pocket Guide to Birds.
48887: STILL, PERCY . - A History Of The Malmesbury Lodge No. 3156. The Sponsoring Lodge of the Royal Masonic Hospital. The First Fifty Years 1906-1956 By Percy Still.
23678: STILL, W. - The New Humanity.
24548: STILL, W. - Holiness.
2929: STIRLAND,J. - The Handbook and Directory of The Leys School. Brought up to March 1970.
2928: STIRLAND, J. - The Leys School Handbook and Directory.1963.
1547: STIRLING, REV. JOHN F. - An Atlas of the Life of Christ.
47818: STISTED, GEORGIANA M. - The True Life of Captain Sir Richard F. Burton Written By His Niece Georgina M. Stisted .
14399: STIVEN, L.P.B. - The Seven Sacraments In Mime and Choral Speech.
45259: STOCK, JOHN. - The Commonitorium Against Heresies of Vincentius Lerinensis. (A.D.434).
24908: STOCKDALE, LOUISE. - The Blossoming Tree. Poems and Illustrations. (Foreword by the Countess of Longford.)
23785: STOCKDALE, FREDDIE. - Criminal Conversations.
17100: STOCKHOWE, GEORGE. - Jesus is Alive!
10757: STOCKS, MARY. - Unread Best-seller reflections on the Old Testament.
28675: STOCKWOOD, MERVYN. - Whom They Pierced. (Foreword by the Bishop of London.)
6078: STOCKWOOD, MERVYN. (FOREWORD BY DR. DAVID OWEN.) - The Cross and the Sickle.
7756: STOCKWOOD, MERVYN. (BISHOP OF SOUTHWARK). - From Strength to Strength. A Lent Book.
7755: STOCKWOOD, MERVYN. (BISHOP OF SOUTHWARK). - Cambridge Sermons.
7518: STOCKWOOD, MERVYN. - The Faith Today.
13084: STODDARD, SANDOL. - The Hospice Movement. A Better Way of Caring for the Dying.
39660: STODDARD, TOM. - Jazz on the Barbary Coast.
42495: STODDART, LADY ISABELLA [MRS BLACKFORD]. - The Scottish Orphans.
2902: STOKER, FRED. - A Gardener's Progress. Illustrated with Drawings of Plants in the Author's Garden by H.A.Thomerson.
21103: STOKES, ROBERT. - Short Biographies of Bishops of the Anglican Communion.
49143: STOKES, GORDON . - Beginner's Guide to Woodturning. Revised Edition .
46988: STOKES, ETHEL (1870 - 1944) . - Early Sudbury Records By Ethel Stokes.
39782: STOLARSKI, PIOTR. (EDITOR). - Heartspeak. A Contemplative Chorus.
20886: STONE, COLIN. (ILLUSTRATED BY NICOLA SMEE). - The Legend of the Gnomes.
19372: STONE, REYNOLDS, & PRITCHETT, V.S. - The Turn of the Years. The Season's Course, & As Old as the Century. (introduction by Paul Theroux.)
25978: STONE, I.F. - The Trial of Socrates.
47395: STONE, IRVING. - Love is Eternal. A Novel of Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln.
31021: STONE, LAWRENCE. - The Past and the Present.
49215: STONEHENGE [ PSEUDONYM - JOHN HENRY WALSH 1810-1888 ] . - Manual Of British Rural Sports: Comprising Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Hawking, Racing, Boating, Pedestrianism and the Various Rural Games and Amusements of Great Britain. By Stonehenge...
45231: STONEHOUSE, FREDERICK. - Went Missing Redux. Unsolved Great Lakes Shipwrecks.
17903: STONES, E. - Readings in Educational Psychology. Learning and Teaching.
43135: STONEY, CONSTANCE . - Early Double Monasteries: A paper read before the Heretics' Society on 6th December 1914. By Constance Stoney.
25599: STONOR, CHARLES. - The Sherpa and the Snowman. (Foreword by Brigadier Sir John Hunt.)
42173: STOPPARD, TOM. - Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land.
32603: STOPPARD, TOM. - On The Razzle.
1553: STORER CLOUSTON, J. - The Lunatic at Large. A Novel.
30506: STOREY, GRAHAM. - David Copperfield. Interweaving Truth and Fiction. (Twayne's Masterwork Studies).
35628: STOREY, NEIL R. - A Grim Almanac of Suffolk..
30115: STOREY, EDWARD. - The Solitary Landscape.
9060: STOREY, WILLIAM G., D.M.S. - Bless The Lord!
45787: STORM, R. E. - A History of The Stradbroke Lodge No. 3291 From April 8th, 1908 to march 16th, 1932. Compiled by W. Bro. R. E. Storm, P.M., P.P.G.R. To Commemorate the Twenty-Fifth Installation Meeting of The Lodge 20th April, 1932 .
34567: STORR, ANTHONY. - Music and the Mind.
33698: STORR, VEN.V.F. - God in the Modern Mind.
9452: STORR, ANTHONY. - The Integrity of the Personality.
43386: STORY, ALFRED THOMAS. - The Boys of St Elmo's.
11797: STOTT, D.H. - Studies of Troublesome Children.
34662: STOTT, JOHN. - The Cross of Christ.(with study guide). 20th Anniversary Edition.
23473: STOTT, JOHN. - The Authentic Jesus. A Response to Current Scepticism in the Church.
12391: STOTT, JOHN. - Christian Mission in the Modern World.
12337: STOTT, JOHN R.W. - Understanding The Bible. The Purpose and the Place.
15811: STOTT, JOHN (ED) . - Obeying Christ in a Changing World. 1 The Lord Christ.
21104: STOTT, JOHN R.W. - Guard the Gospel. The Message of 2 Timothy.
25017: STOTT, JOHN R.W. - Following Christ in the Seventies.
11647: STOTT, D.H. - Saving Children from Deliquency.
23189: STOTT, JOHN (ED). - The Year 2000 AD.
30955: STOTT, JOHN. - People My Teachers. Around the World in Eighty Years.
12392: STOURTON, EDWARD. & GUMLEY, FRANCES. (ED). - Christian Values.
49698: STOURTON, JAMES . - Great Houses Of London. James Stourton. Photographs by Fritz von der Schulenburg.
46896: STOUT, G.F. - God and Nature.
7867: STOUTE, EDWARD A. S.C.M. - Glimpses of Old Barbados.
4919: STOWE, RACHEL. - Women at Prayer. A prayer anthology compiled by members of the Mothers' Union.
31160: STRACHAN, W.J. - The Artist and the Book in France. The 20th century Livre d'artiste.
11761: STRADLING, LESLIE E. - A Bishop at Prayer.
25772: STRAELEN, H. VAN. - Our Attitude Towards Other Religions
11406: STRAHAN,JAMES. - The Book of Job. (Interpreted).
7759: STRAKER-WELDS, MARTIN. (EDITOR). - Education for a Multicultural Society. Case Studies in ILEA schools.
15877: STRANG, BARBARA M.H. - Modern English Structure.
33533: STRANGE, M.R. - The Covenants of God.
45137: STRANGE, EDWARD E. - Japanese Illustration. A History of the Arts of Wood-Cutting and Colour Printing in Japan.
33532: STRANGE, M.R. - Jesus The Son of God and King of the Jews.
13195: STRANKS, C.J. - Anglican Devotion. Studies in the Spiritual Life of the Church of England between the Reformation and the Oxford Movement.
27536: STRANKS, C.J. - Church Teaching. (Christian Discussion Groups No.16).
27537: STRANKS, C.J. - The Church. What It Is and What it Does.
29115: STRANKS, C.J. - The Venerable Bede.
47645: STRASSER, ALEX./ SMETHURST, P.C. (TRANSLATOR). - Amateur Films. Planning, Directing and Cutting.
23957: STRATFORD, ROWLAND C. - Seeds of Success.
42323: STRATHESK, JOHN. [PSEUD. JOHN TOD]. - Elder Logan's Story About the Kirks. A Book for the Young.
45488: STRAUS, RALPH (1882-1950) . - A Whip for the Woman Being (perhaps a little unexpectedly) an Impartial Account of the Present State of the novel Market, and Intended to be a Guide for all LIterary Aspirants. By Ralph Straus.
21833: STRAW, ED. - Relative Values. Support for Relationships and Parenting.
17101: STRAWSON, WILLIAM. - The Christian Approach to the Humanist.
48060: STREATFEILD, NOEL. - The Royal Ballet School.
39807: STREATFEILD, FRANK B.D. - Preparing the Way. The Influence of Judaism of the Greek Period on the Earliest Developments of Christianity.
3523: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN. - The Primitive Church. Studied with special reference to the origins of the Christian Ministry. The Hewett Lectures,1928.
18917: STREIKER, LOWELL D. - Family, Friends and Strangers. Every Christian's Guide to Counseling.
45664: STREITBERGER, W.R. - Edmond Tyllney, Master of the Revels and Censor of Plays.
48425: STRESEMANN, GUSTAV. - Essays and Speeches on Various Subjects. (Translated by Christopher R.Turner).
48925: STRETTELL, DASHWOOD. (PREFACE). - Wellington College Register. (Seventh Edition) January 1859 - December 1948.
29613: STRIBLING, T.S. - Fombombo.
44399: STRICK, PHILIP. (EDITOR). - Antigrav.
49712: STRIVENS, ROBERT. (EDITOR). - Which Church? How to Identify a Biblical Church.
22529: STROBEL-SCHULZE, ROSEMIE. - Dried Flower Ideas. Hamlyn Creative Crafts.
31219: STROHMER, CHARLES. - What Your Horoscope Doesn't Tell You.
10235: STRONG, GARY. - Keys to Effective Prayer. A Practical Guide to Power-filled Praying.
2789: STRONG, E.L. - The Revelation of the Holy Spirit.
1559: STRONG, THOMAS B. - Authority in the Church.
26256: STRONG, T.B. - What We Mean By Faith. (Little Books on Religion. No.91).
17122: STROUD, MARION. - Knowing Me, Knowing You. How to relate effectively to the people you love.
8919: STROUD, MARION. - I Love God and You.
13869: STRUTT, GORDON. - A Handbook of Parish Stewardship. Gratitude and Generosity.
25289: STUART, MORRIS. - The Black Mirror. A Reflection.
28563: STUART, HAMISH RAE. - Scottish Words and Phrases.
6799: STUART, GRACE. - Narcissus. A Psychological Study of Self-Love.
17344: STUART, A. MOODY. - The Life of John Duncan.
43775: STUART, ELIZABETH AND THATCHER, ADRIAN. - People of Passion. What the Churches Teach About Sex.
30681: STUART, JESSE. - He'll Be Comin' Down the Mountain.
49545: STUART, BRIAN. - Desert Adventure.
3822: STUART MILL, JOHN. - John Stuart Mill on Politics and Society. Selected and ed. by Geraint L. Williams.
36589: STUBBS, SIR JAMES . - Prestonian Lecture 1982 - The Government of the Craft by Sir James Stubbs, K.C.V.O., P.S.G.W. Grand Secretary 1958-1980 .
40272: STUBBS, SIR JAMES . - Prestonian Lecture 1982 - The Government of the Craft by Sir James Stubbs, K.C.V.O., P.S.G.W. Grand Secretary 1958-1980 .
38493: STUBBS, J.W. - Freemasonry In My Life.
46768: STUBBS, CHARLES W./ RAILTON, HERBERT (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Story of Cambridge. (The Mediaeval Town Series).
41243: STUCKEY, H.A. - Notes on the Reredos over the High Altar. (St. Mark's, Regent Park).
9133: STUHLMUELLER, CARROLL. - Biblical Meditations for the Easter Season.
35447: STUMPFT, MIDGE. - Journal of the British Association of Psychotherapists. Number 30. Vol.1. Part 1. January 1996.
16538: STURDY, MICHAEL L. (EDITED BY MATHER, JIM.) - Banish Garden Pests and Disease.
49108: STURMER, FREDERICK JOHN ( 1829-1897 ) . - The Plagues Of Egypt , A Poem; And Other Pieces. By Frederick John Stürmer .
48280: 18TH CENTURY PRAYER BOOK WITH ENGRAVINGS BY J. STURT - The Book Of Common Prayer, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England; Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David...
15176: STYLES, SHOWELL. - Welsh Walks and Legends.
33030: STYLES, SHOWELL. - The Lee Shore.
11490: SUARES, J.C. AND CHWAST,SEYMOUR.(EDITORS). - The Literary Cat. Words about cats by writers from Aesop to Tennessee Williams. With great classic illustrations and new drawings by contemporary artists.
45523: THE SUDBURY SOCIETY/ DRURY, ROBIN (COMPILER). - Visions of Sudbury. An Artistic Celebration of the Town.
46980: SUDBURY SUFFOLK TRUSTEES SAVINGS BANK / DODD, CYRIL . - Sudbury Suffolk Trustees Savings Bank Enquiry. Minutes Of Proceedings And Notes Of Evidence Taken At The Enquiry Into The Affairs Of The Sudbury Trustee Savings Bank Before Cyril Dodd, Esq., Q.C., M.P.
46986: ORDNANCE SURVEY - SUDBURY. - Sudbury Parliamentary Boundaries Map [Proposed Division of Counties and Boundaries of Boroughs] .
47025: ORDNANCE SURVEY - SUDBURY. - Sudbury Parliamentary Boundaries Map [Proposed Division of Counties and Boundaries of Boroughs] .
47026: ORDNANCE SURVEY - SUDBURY. - Sudbury Parliamentary Boundaries Map.
45524: THE SUDBURY SOCIETY / DRURY, ROBIN. (COMPILER). - Visions of Sudbury. An Artistic Celebration of Both the Town and the Local Landscape.
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41267: SWAIN, G. E. - CHIEF PLANNING OFFICER . - Sudbury District Plan. Policies And Proposals Consultation Draft .
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47173: SWINDALE, DENNIS L. - Branch Line to Southminster.
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34824: SYKES, CHRIS. - Having an Osprey About the House.
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38039: BRASS TRIVET - MASONIC SYMBOLS . - A pierced brass Trivet with Masonic designs
6165: SYMONDS,H. EDWARD., D.D., C.R. - What happened at the English Reformation.
26774: SYMONS, JULIAN. - The Tell-Tale Heart. The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe.
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10727: GENERAL SYNOD. - The Ordination of Women to the Priesthood.
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6367: GENERAL SYNOD. - Synodical Government in the Church of England. A Review.
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25204: GENERAL SYNOD. - The Ordination of Women to the Priesthood. Reference of Draft Legislation to the Diocesan Synods. 1990. GS Misc 336.
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4717: DEHQANI - TAFTI. H.B. (BISHOP IN IRAN AND PRESIDENT BISHOP OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN JERUSALEM AND THE MIDDLE EAST.) - The Hard Awakening. A courageous personal testament of love that outlines violence and death.
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27806: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. - Stray Birds.
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21365: BROTHER ROGER OF TAIZE. - And Your Deserts Shall Flower. Journal 1977-1979.
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16176: BROTHER ROGER OF TAIZE. - Parable of Community. Basic Texts of Taize.
6044: BROTHER ROGER OF TAIZE. - Struggle and Contemplation.
32531: BROTHER ROGER OF TAIZE. - Violent for Peace.
4708: BROTHER LEONARD OF TAIZE. - Listening to People of Hope.
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41397: TAL, ELIYAHU. (COMPILED AND EDITED BY). - Israel in Medialand.
46842: TALBERT, ERNEST WILLIAM. - The Problem of Order. Elizabethan Political Commonplaces and an Example of Shakespeare's Art.
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2797: TALBOT, NEVILLE S. - The Riddle of Life.
18034: TALETELLERS 3 - Us and Them. The Story of Cain and Abel.
18035: TALETELLERS. 1. - Let There be ... and There Was. The Story of Creation.
23959: TALLACH, JAMES A. - Sermons and Meditations.
23679: TALLACH, JOHN. - Walking in the Way. Scripture Thoughts for the Christian Road.
30926: TALLACH, JOHN. - God Made Them Great. (Illustrated by Lawrence Littleton Evans).
32241: TALLACK, DOUGLAS. - Critical Theory. A Reader.
9199: TALLETT, E.R., & WALKER, KEITH A. - Methods of Treatment in Psychiatry.
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12028: TAMES, RICHARD. - Anglian Images.
46215: TAMES, RICHARD & SHEILA. - Covent Garden & Soho. The Illustrated A-Z Historical Guide.
19184: TANBURN, JOHN. - Open House. An experiment in local church life.
33452: TANNER, SADIE. - Coronation! Poems From the Ward.
48074: TANSER, G.H. - A Sequence of Time. The Story of Salisbury, Rhodesia 1900-1914.
31089: TAPPE, E.D. - Rumanian Prose and Verse.
16600: TAPPER, THOMAS AND GOETSCHIUS, PERCY. - Essentials in Music History.
9134: TAPSCOTT, BETTY. - The Fruit of the Spirit.
17103: TARGET, GEORGE. - Words that have Moved the World.
3593: TARGET, GEORGE. - Out Of This World. A Guide to Religious Retreats.
28787: TARLING, THOMASINA. - Truly Tiny Gardens.
26264: TARRANT, W.G. - Milton and Religious Freedom.
13388: TARRANT, MARGARET W. - A Journey to the Holy Land. An artist's diary.
2799: TASKER, R.V.G. - The Narrow Way.
27959: TASKER, DEREK. - Brother's Keeper? Ways in which you can Help the Children and Young People of Your Church.
9634: TASKER, R.V.G. - Matthew. An Introduction and Commentary.
30434: TATE, JOAN. - Cat Country. With picture postcards from the collection of Ana Butzelaar.
41629: TATE, THOMAS. - The Principles of the Differential and Integral Calculus Simplified and Applied to the Solution of Various Useful Problems in Practical Mathematics and Mechanics.
37097: WILLIAM YOUNG TORCKLER / REV. TATERSALL . - The Great Masonic Trial Of Torckler v. Tatersall, For Alleged False Imprisonment And Obtaining Money Under False Pretences. - Price Sixpence. - Printed from the Notes of the Official Shorthand Writer.
20888: TATFORD, FREDK. A. - Five Minutes to Midnight.
20538: TATHAM, C.S. - Let us keep the Feast. (Illustrated by Peter Strange).
19521: TATIC-DJURIC, MIRJANA. - Image of the Angels. (Translated by George H. Genzel & Hans Rosenwald.)
15986: TATLOCK, REV. RICHARD. - A Book of Prayers for General Use. (Foreword by the Rt. Rev. & Rt. Hon. R.W. Stopford).
7226: TAVENER, WALLACE. - The Path of Humanism.
40784: TAVERNER, ERIC & BARRINGTON BROWNE, W. - The Running of the Salmon.
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20889: TAYLOR, RICHARD. - Christians in an Industrial Society.
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27803: TAYLOR, DANIEL. - The Healing Power of Stories. Creating Yourself Through the Stories of Your Life.
12029: TAYLOR, ALISON G. - Simeon's Bride.
1575: TAYLOR, JOHN V. - Kingdom Come.
1576: TAYLOR, VINCENT. - The Person of Christ in New Testament Teaching.
1577: TAYLOR, VINCENT. - Jesus and his Sacrifice. A study of the passion-sayings in the gospels.
1578: TAYLOR, VINCENT. - The Life and Ministry of Jesus.
44182: TAYLOR, GEO. - Masonic Gatherings: Edited by Bro. Geo. Taylor. Containing historical records of freemasonry from the earliest to the present time, &c. &c.
24148: TAYLOR, RHENA. - Every Single Blessing.
11692: TAYLOR, KENNETH. - The Living New Testament.(Paraphrased).
18582: TAYLOR, JOHN B. - Thinking about Islam.
12759: TAYLOR, T.F. - A Profest Papist. Bishop John Gordon.
4366: TAYLOR, JOHN. V. - Kingdom Come.
17356: TAYLOR, HILDA BIDDELL. - Pigeon-Holed.
2800: TAYLOR, A.E. - Does God Exist?
4162: TAYLOR, DAVID BRUCE. - Marks Gospel as Literature and History.
16152: TAYLOR, MONICA J. - Research Papers in Education. Policy and Practice. (Vol 7 no 3) Post -16 Options: Young people's awareness, attitudes, intentions and influences on their choice.
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18372: TAYLOR, JEREMY. - The Life and Death of the Ever Blessed Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. With Considerations and Discourses upon the several parts, and Prayers fitted to the Several Mysteries. 2 Vols.
26702: TAYLOR, FLORENCE. - The Church and Its Furniture.
18315: TAYLOR, MOSS. - The Birds of Sheringham. (Illustrated by Bryan Bland).
27960: TAYLOR, KEN/ WORLD HOME BIBLE LEAGUE. - The Greatest is Love. (Marked edition of The Living New Testament).
27961: TAYLOR, KENNETH N. - Creation and the High School Student.
33970: TAYLOR, JOHN B. - Preaching on God's Justice.
49781: TAYLOR, JOHN / POTTER, JOHN . - 1676 Colchester Essex 17th century manuscript Vellum Document Latin and English .
4754: TAYLOR, JOHN. V. - A Matter of Life and Death.
32950: TAYLOR, WILLIAM. - The Ministry of the Word.
38989: TAYLOR, JEREMY. - The Worthy Communicant. A Discourse of the Nature Effects and Blessings Consequent to the Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper.
7761: TAYLOR, JOHN V. - Enough is Enough.
4680: TAYLOR JOHN V., GRAHAM ALEC, SELBY PETER ETC. - Bishops on the Bible. Eight Bishops on the role of the Bible today.
39901: TAYLOR, IAN; WALTON, PAUL AND YOUNG, JOCK. - The New Criminology: For a Social Theory of Deviance.
29118: TAYLOR, MICHAEL H. - The Sermon on the Mount.
47036: TAYLOR, JAMES. - The Scottish Covenanters.
3048: TAYLOR, JOHN. - Man in the Midst.
3049: TAYLOR, F.JOHN. - The Church of God. Preface by the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man.
32606: TAYLOR, LAURIE/MORRIS, ALISON AND DOWNES, DAVID. - Signs of Trouble. Aspects of Delinquency.
35195: TAYLOR, ROSEMARY. - Exploring the East End. (Walks Through History series).
29581: TAYLOR, HENRY. - The Statesman.
29582: TAYLOR, JOHN B. - Ezekiel: An Introduction and Commentary.
49573: TAYLOR, CRAIG. - Return to Akenfield. Portrait of an English Village in the 21st Century.
49565: TAYLOR, MARTYN. - Secret Bury St Edmunds.
47119: FATHER DIGNAM / MOTHER MAGDALEN TAYLOR. (COMPILER). - Conferences Given by Father Dignam of the Society of Jesus.
41283: TAYLOR, JOHN. (CONSULTING LAUNDRY ENGINEER). - The Steam Laundry. Its Construction, Equipment and Management.
45464: TAYLOR, REV. MATTHEW . - England's Bloody Tribunal: Or, An Antidote Against Popery. Containing a complete account of the lives, religious principles, cruel persecutions, sufferings, tortures, and triumphant deaths of the most pious English Protestant martyrs...
44404: TAYLOR, ANN AND JANE AND O'KEEFFE, ADELAIDE. - The Original Poems and Others. (Illustrated by F.D.Bedford).
39618: TAYLOR, HEATHER. - Fallen Fighters: Brief Biographies of the Great Bentley Men who Died in Action in the 1914-1918 War.
37596: TAYLOR, W.BRO. G.T.(ARRANGER). - A Complete Musical Service of the Three Degrees of Craft Masonry.
8428: TAYLOR, S.E.C. - Tongues of Fire.
8720: TAYLOR, MICHAEL. - Good for the Poor.
9919: TCHEHOV, ANTON. - Three Plays: The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, The Wood Demon.
40159: TEASDEL, ROBERT HENRY . - The History of United Friends Lodge No. 313 Great Yarmouth 1797 to 1930 By Robert Henry Teasdel P.M. 313 and 3905, P.P.J.G.W. and P.P.G.J. Norfolk .
21950: PROJECT TECHNOLOGY. - Control Technology. Pupils' Assignments.
5119: HARRISON TED. - The Durham Phenomenon. Postscript by Rupert E. Davies.
7305: TEEVAN, RICHARD C., & BIRNEY, ROBERT C. (EDITORS). - Theories of Motivation in Personality and Social Psychology.
45626: TEGG, WILLIAM. - The Mixture for Low Spirits.
16153: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE. - Hymn of the Universe.
6670: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE. - Man's Place in Nature. The Human Zoological Group. (Translated by Rene Hague).
3050: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE. - Le Milieu Divin. An essay on the Interior Life.
26703: TEJADA, CARLENE AND LATHAM, CARROLL. - Cooking with Stored Foods.
3169: TELFER, WILLIAM. - The Forgiveness of Sins. An essay in the History of Christian Doctrine & Practice.
31549: TELFER, GLENN. - William Wallace: A Scots Life.
45181: TELFORD, JOHN. (EDITOR). - Sayings and Portraits of Charles Wesley.
32084: TELTSCHER, HENRY O. - Handwriting: The Key to Successful Living. An Introduction to Psychographology.
36584: KNIGHTS TEMPLARS . - Bye-Laws And Regulations Of The "Royal Sussex" Encampment Of Masonic Knights Templars, Stationed at Devonport, Agreed on in open encampment, held at the rooms of Lodge Fidelity, 230. February 28th, A.L. 5870. A.D. 1866, A.O. 748. A.C. 552.
37590: INDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD TEMPLARS. - Ritual for Subordinate Lodges of the Independent Order of Good Templars.
25777: TEMPLE, FREDERICK. - Thoughts on the Divine Love.
2701: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - The Resources and Influence of English Literature. National Book Council First Annual Lecture.
26125: TEMPLE, ARTHUR. - Hymns We Love: Stories of the Hundred Most Popular Hymns.
26267: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - Christianity as an Interpretation of History.
21971: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - Christ's Revelation of God. Three Lectures.
28990: TEMPLE, WILLIAM./ROBERTS, ROGER L. - Christian Faith and Life: (Treasures from the Spiritual Classics. 6).
37884: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - Social Witness and Evangelism.
3053: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - Personal Religion and the Life of Fellowship.
13131: TENENT, ROSE. - The Pan book of Cats.
3054: TENNANT, F.R. - The Nature of Belief.
34181: TENNANT, F.R. - The Sources of the Doctrines of the Fall and Original Sin.
13480: TENNEY, MERRILL C. - New Testament Times.
4938: TENNEY, MERRILL C.(EDITOR). - The Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary.
37085: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD. (POET LAUREATE). - Enoch Arden and In Memoriam.
39181: TENNYSON, ALFRED . - Ye "Olde Cock Tavern."
48979: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - MINIATURE BOOK . - The Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson .
4181: CARD TERENCE. - Priesthood & Ministry in Crisis.
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13608: TOPPING, FRANK. - Grappling with God on the M25. A Theology for Everyday Life.
6082: TOPPING, FRANK. - Lord of the Morning.
11693: TOPPING, FRANK. - Lord of my days. Illustrations by (Noeline Kelly).
11694: TOPPING, FRANK. - Working at Prayer. (Illustrations by Noeline Kelly).
49065: TORA, BRIAN. - The Second Financial Services Revolution.
16249: ZEN BUDDHIST TEMPLE TORONTO. - Spring Wind, Buddhist Cultural Forum, Spring/Summer 1985 Vol. 5 No. 1/2. Buddhism in India Today
28429: TORRE, ED DE LA. - The Philippines: Christians and the Politics of Liberation.
17296: TOURNIER, PAUL. - The Violence Inside.
18039: TOURNIER, PAUL. - Escape from Loneliness.
15076: TOURNIER, PAUL. - The Meaning of Persons. Reflections on a Psychiatrist's Casebook.
11650: TOURNIER, PAUL. - Escape from Loneliness. Translated by John S. Gilmour.
13874: TOURNIER, PAUL. - The Gift of Feeling.
42715: TOURNIER, PAUL. - The Strong and the Weak.
14823: TOVEY, PHILLIP. - Inculturation: The Eucharist in Africa. (Liturgical Study 7).
14825: TOVEY, PHILLIP. - Communion Outside the Eucharist. (Liturgical Study 26).
25025: TOWERS, BERNARD. - Teilhard De Chardin.
21012: TOWERS, BERNARD. - Concerning Teilhard and Other Writings on Science and Religion.
46176: TOWNEND, MATTHEW. - Viking Age Yorkshire.
16887: TOWNROE, S.C. - The Arthurs, Nelsons and Schools of the Southern.
48025: TOWNROE, B.S.. - Nottingham University College. A Record of its History and an Appreciation of the New Buildings.
25026: TOWNSEND, ANNE J. - Families Without Pretending.
22232: TOWNSEND, ANNE. - Good Enough for God.
35698: TOWNSEND, PETE. - Parallels: A Contemporary Look at Lent for Youth.
13392: TOWNSEND, MICHAEL J. - Our Tradition of Faith.
12219: TOWNSEND, JOHN ROWE. - A Sounding of Storytellers. New and Revised Essays on Contemporary Writers for Children.
20894: TOWNSEND, ANNE J. - Prayer without Pretending.
29197: TOWNSEND, C.M. - The Mind of John Gibb. A Miniature Portrait.
18932: TOY, CANON JOHN. - The Virgin Birth. The Nature Miracles. The Resurrection of Christ. (Three York Minster Lectures).
1609: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD. - An Historian's Approach to Religion. Based on the Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the years 1952 and 1953.
30654: TOYNBEE, POLLY. - Lost Children. The Story of Adopted Children Searching for Their Mothers.
26351: TRACY, JOSEPH. - The Great Awakening. A History of the Revival of Religion in the time of Edwards & Whitefield.
45575: TRAGER, HANNAH. - Stories of Child Life in a Jewish Colony in Palestine.
7342: TRAHERNE, THOMAS. (EDITED BY BERTRAM DOBELL). - Centuries of Meditations by Thomas Traherne (1636?-1674).
6406: TRAINOR, MICHAEL. - Befriending the Text. A beginner's guide to the Bible.
43325: TRANTER, NIGEL . - The Gilded Fleece.
47449: TRAPP, JOHN (1601-1669) . - Solomonis [ panaretos - Greek text ] , or, A Commentarie Upon the Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, And the Song of Songs ... By John Trapp, M.A. Pastour of Weston upon Avon in Glocestershire.
30859: TRASK, R.L. - Mind The Gaffe. The Penguin Guide to Common Errors in English.
48725: TRAVELS, BEN. - A Cuckoo in the Nest.
27003: TRAVERS, ALISON. - Liturgy of the Word for Children.
27004: TRAVERS, ALISON. - More Liturgies of the Word for Children.
46715: TRAVERS, BENJAMIN 1783-1858 - Observations In Surgery. By Benjamin Travers, Jun., F.R.C.S. [ Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia ] .
12925: TRAVIS, STEPHEN. - The Jesus Hope.
35800: TRAVIS, LORRAINE.(EDITOR). - The British Driving Society Journal 1994.
23683: TREASURE, GEOFF. - The Book That Jesus Read.
21111: TREASURE, GEOFF. - What Me Sir? Episodes in the life of a young teacher fresh from college.
24152: TREASURE, GEOFF. - The Man Who Said No. The Story of Jonah.
18317: TREASURE, GEOFF. - Living Out a Revolution.
24389: TREASURE, GEOFF. - Meet Jesus.
34092: TREASURE, CATHERINE. - Walking on Glass: Women Deacons Speak Out.
49200: TREBLE, H.A. (EDITOR). - The Most Delectable History of Reynard the Fox.
39462: MASONIC TREEN. - Bowls Marker.
11213: TREHARNE, R.F. - The Glastonbury Legends.
16595: TREMAIN, ROSE. - Music and Silence.
45883: TREMAINE, BESSIE. - Washing and Cleaning. A Manual for Domestic Use.
49295: TREMAYNE, HAROLD. - Reminiscences of a Gentleman Horse Dealer.
32284: TREMLETT, GEORGE. - Homeless - But For St Mungo's.
12340: TRENCH, BRINSLEY LE POER. - Temple of the Stars.
47451: TREPMAN, PAUL. - Among Men and Beasts.
9461: TRESIDDER, EILEEN A.H. - Worship with Elevens to Fourteens.
21562: TRETHEWY, YVONNE. - Successful Cooking. What to Buy and How to Cook it.
14632: TRETHOWAN, DAVID. - Target Setting. Management in Education.
16097: TREVELYAN, G.P. - A Guide for Lent.
45919: TREVES, SIR FREDERICK. - The Land That is Desolate. An Account of a Tour in Palestine.
29928: TREVETT, CHRISTINE. - Previous Convictions and End-of-the- Millennium Quakerism. (1997 Swarthmore Lecture).
5412: BEESON TREVOR. - An Eye for an Ear.
28187: TREVOUR, WILLIAM. - The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories.
49317: TREWEEK, JO. - Ecological Impact Assessment.
14745: TREWIN, J.C. (EDITOR). - The Pomping Folk in the Nineteenth Century Theatre.
27968: TRIBE, IAN. - The Plant Kingdom. (Illustrated by Henry Barnett).
45673: TRIBE, DAVID. - President Charles Bradlaugh MP.
11763: TRICKER, ROY. - Suffolk Churches Ancient & Modern.
31690: TRICKER, ROY. - Chalk and Churches.
39872: TRICKER, ROY. - Cheek and Churches.
14545: TRICKETT, JOHN, & STEPHENSON, EDGAR. - The Christian Faith in the Secondary School: A scheme of work for schools.
47228: TRIGG, THOMAS . - Copy of Articles of Agreement... between the Mayor and Burgessess of the Town and County of Nottingham regarding 'wholsome water', watermills on the River Leen
17491: TRILLING, WOLFGANG. - A Conversation with Paul.
26532: TRIMBLE, WILLIAM R. - The Catholic Laity in Elizabethan England. 1558-1603.
48389: TRIMBLE, WILLIAM R. - The Catholic Laity in Elizabethan England 1558-1603.
42522: TRINDER. I.F. - The Royal National Life-Boat Institution [R.N.L.I] and the Masonic Lifeboats: A Century of Association.
3064: TRINE, RALPH WALDO. - In Tune with the Infinite. or Fullness of Peace,Power, and Plenty.
30738: TRIPP, CHARLES. - A History of Iraq. (Second edition).
17297: TRITON, A.N. - Living and Loving.
10762: TRITON, A.N. - Whose World? The Christian's Attitude to the Material World, to Culture, Politics, Technology, Society...
49753: TRITTON, PAUL. - The Godfather of Rolls-Royce. The Life and Times of Henry Edmunds, Science and Technology's Forgotten Pioneer.
3639: TROBISCH, INGRID HULT. - On Our Way Rejoicing!
6772: TROCME, ETIENNE. - The Childhood of Christianity. (Translated by John Bowden).
3844: TROCME, ETIENNE. - The Formation of the Gospel According to Mark. Translated by Pamela Gaughan.
8332: TROELTSCH, ERNST. - The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches. Translated by Olive Wyon. 2 Volumes.
45913: TROTMAN, S.R. AND THORP, E.L. - The Principles of Bleaching and Finishing of Cotton.
46834: TROTSKY, LEON. - My Life. An Attempt at an Autobiography.
47424: TROTSKY, LEON. - 1905.
34042: TROTT, CELIA. - The Story of Uxbridge Quakers from 1658.
24646: TROUNCER, MARGARET. - Charles de Foucauld.
12826: TROUP, FREDA. - In Face of Fear. Michael Scott's Challenge to South Africa.
14685: TROUP, W. ANNANDALE. - Therapeutic Uses of Infra-Red Rays. With a Chapter on The Treatment of Sinusitis by Radiotherapy.
13197: TROWELL, HUGH. - The Unfinished Debate on Euthanasia.
27745: TRUBY, DAVID W. - Congo Saga. An Authentic Record of the Heroes of the Cross during the Simba Rising.
24153: TRUDINGER, RON. - Built to Last. Biblical Principles for Church Restoration.
14059: TRUDINGER, RON. - Cells for Life. Home Groups: God's Strategy for Church Growth.
3526: TRUEBLOOD, ELTON. - Your Other Vocation.
22538: TRUMPER, PETER. - Glory Over Calvary.
48394: THE LETTERING ARTS TRUST. - Orchestra of Letters.
15160: NATIONAL TRUST. - A Guide to Wicken Fen.
30262: THE NATIONAL TRUST. - Ham House.
49510: SUFFOLK GARDENS TRUST. - Pastime of Pleasure.
28681: TRUTH, JOHN. - A Priest's Nightmare. (Illustrations by C. Raymonde and G. Waller.)
28570: TUCKER, JOHN. - Start Here. A Book for those who want to read the Bible.
12928: TUCKER, PAUL. - Jesus Crucified for Me. Christ's Words from the Cross.
28995: TUCKER, JOHN. - Start Here. A Book For Those Who Want to Read the Bible.
46174: NORTH BOURNE OF TUCKER. (COMPILER). - The Factor Families of Bermuda.
6014: TUCKEY, T.G. - Building New Orders. Christian Essays in Social Reconstruction.
13947: TUCKWELL, JAMES HENRY. - The Faith of the Future. A Short Study in Religious Evolution.
49028: TUGWELL, SIMON. - Prayer in Practice.
7872: TUGWELL, SIMON,ET AL. - New Heaven? New Earth? An Encounter with Pentecostalism.
29177: TULLETT, TOM. - Inside Dartmoor.
25376: TULLOCH, JOHN. - Movements of Religious Thought in Britain during the Nineteenth Century. (Introduction by A.C. Cheyne.)
21716: TULLY, MARK. - No Full Stops In India.
11397: TULLY, MARK. - The Heart of India.
23207: TUNNADINE, L.P.D. - Contraception and Sexual Life. A Therapeutic Approach.
44779: TUNSTALL, JEREMY. - The Media are American. Anglo-American Media in the World.
39456: TUOMI, ILKKA. - Networks of Innovation. Change and Meaning in the Age of the Internet.
22028: TUPPERWARE. - Microwave Stack Cooking. (Micro 3 Tupperware.)
15817: TURGENEV, IVAN. - Sketches from a Hunter's Album.
18104: TURING, H.D. - Trout Fishing. Volume 6.
25108: TURNBULL, ANDREW. - Thomas Wolfe. A Biography.
49460: TURNER, PETER. - By Rail to Mildenhall. The Story of the Cambridge to Mildenhall Railway.
13610: TURNER, JOHN. - The Healing Church.
11138: TURNER, BARRY. - The Writer's Handbook 2000.
27116: TURNER, H.E.W. - Why We Believe in Jesus Christ. (Christian Discussion Groups No.3).
27117: TURNER, JOHANNA. - Cognitive Development.
18537: TURNER, NICHOLAS. - Handbook for Biblical Studies.
19432: TURNER, H.W. - Living Tribal Religions.
4924: TURNER, H. E. W. - Why Bishops? Their Origin, Functions and Traditions.
1615: TURNER, H. E. W. - Jesus Master and Lord. A study in the Historical Truth of the Gospels.
48660: TURNER, MARY. - From Chattel Slaves to Wage Slaves. The Dynamics of Labour Bargaining in the Americas.
16098: TURNER, VIDA., YOUNG, JACK & EDNA AND GRIFFIN, GILBERT. - Prayers to use with 11-13s.
47710: TURNER, DAWSON. (EDITOR). - Sketch of the History of Caister Castle, near Yarmouth...
44535: TURNER CHOI, THE REVEREND BERYL. - A Brief History of the Origins of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America,
38084: TURNER, JEAN. - No Time Like the Past.
39003: TURNER, BARRY. - The Long Horizon. 60 Years of CBF World Jewish Relief.
29200: TURNER, SAMUEL. - From War to Work.
46460: TURNER, BY N.H.P. (EDITOR) / JONES, D.L. (EDITOR) . - Selig Suffolk: Catalogue of Religious Art edited by N.H.P. Turner and D.L. Jones .
4372: TURNER, H. J. M. - Ordination and Vocation. Yesterday and Today.
44705: TURNER, ANITA MARY. - Tatterdemalion.
29758: TURNER, NICHOLAS. - Handbook for Biblical Studies.
8862: TURNER, H.W. - Living Tribal Religions.
48806: TURNEY, A. H. (EDITOR) . - Happy Hertfordshire
47465: TURNHAM, MARGARET H. - Catholic Faith and Practice in England 1779-1992. The Role of Revivalism and Renewal.
25297: TURNLEY, DAVID & PETER (PHOTOS). ROSENBLUM, MORT. - Moments of Revolution. Eastern Europe.
25027: TUROFF, STEPHEN. - Seven Steps to Eternity. The True Story of one Man's Journey into the Afterlife.
20180: TUTE, WARREN. - The Deadly Stroke. (Introduction by John Colville).
36004: TUTELA LODGE - SMITH, DEREK / BURTON, KENNETH / WITHAMS, MICHAEL / COOPER, RONALD . - Tutela Lodge No. 6559 1947 to 1997. The First fifty Years.
40488: TUTTIETT, REV. L. - Through the Clouds. Thoughts in Plain Verse.
4925: TUTU, DESMOND MPILO. COMPILED BY MOTHOBI MUTLOATSE. (EDITED BY J. WEBSTER.) - Hope and Suffering. Sermons and Speeches.
17792: ANGLIA TV. - About Anglia '75.
16542: TWAIN, MARK. (EDITED BY CHARLES NEIDER). - The Complete Humorous Sketches and Tales of Mark Twain.
16543: TWAIN, MARK. (EDITED BY CHARLES NEIDER). - The Adventures of Colonel Sellers. A Novel.
15180: TWAIN, MARK. - Roughing It.
42313: TWEEDY, DONALD. - Manual of Harmonic Technic. Based on the Practice of J.S.Bach.
9066: TWIGG, SISTER BLANCHE, M.H.S.H. - God Calls a People: A Journey Through the Old Testament.
49543: TWINING, E.W. - Indoor Model Railways. (HO and OO Gauges).
14877: TWYCROSS, R.G. - The Dying Patient.
42403: TWYCROSS, DR ROBERT ET AL (WORKING PARTY). - Mud & Stars, The Impact of Hospice Experience on the Church's Ministry of Healing.
36814: TYDEMAN, RICHARD . - Prestonian Lecture 1971 - Masters And Master Masons. A Theory Of The Third Degree. By Richard Tydeman, P.G. Chaplain. Past Master of Phoenix Lodge No. 516, in Royal Athelstan Lodge No. 19 and Suffolk Installed Masters Lodge No. 3913 .
48861: TYDEMAN, RICHARD. - The Kingdom of Solomon.
36545: TYDEMAN, RICHARD. - The Kingdom of Solomon.
43512: TYDEMAN, RICHARD. - Happy Choice. A Booklet of Humour, Thought and Information.
17021: TYDINGS, JUDITH. - Gathering a People. Catholic Saints in Charismatic Perspective.
41039: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER. - A History of Harrow School. 1324-1991.
4792: TYLER, BENNET. - Nettleton and His Labours. The Memoir of Dr Asahel Nettleton. Remodelled in some parts by Andrew A. Bonar.
23493: TYLER, LOUISE. - Fast and Fabulous. (Weight Watchers).
49737: TYLER, JAMES ENDELL 1789-1851. - Henry of Monmouth : Or, Memoirs of the life and character of Henry The Fifth, as Prince of Wales and King of England. By J. Endell Tyler. In Two Volumes .
9463: TYLER, J. E. A. - The Tolkien Companion.
45139: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA. (EDITOR). - Analecta Husserliana. The Elemental Passions of the Soul. Poetics of the Elements in the Human Condition. Part 3.
48468: TYMMS, SAMUEL (1808-1871) . - A Handbook Of Bury St. Edmund's, In The County Of Suffolk : "Sacrarium Regis, Cunabula Legis." By The Late Samuel Tymms, F.S.A., With Additions By J. R. Thompson. Eighth Edition.
29243: TYNDALE, WILLIAM.(TRANSLATOR)/ COOPER, W.R. (EDITOR). - The New Testament. 1526. (Original Spelling Edition).
44955: TYRRELL, ROBERT YELVERTON. (EDITOR). - Dublin Translations into Greek and Latin Verse.
9552: TYRRELL, G.N.M. - The Personality of Man. New Facts and Their Significance.
1622: TYRWHITT, REV. R. ST. JOHN. - Art Teaching of the Primitive Church. With an Index of Subjects, Historical and Emblematic.
49896: UDEN, GRANT. - The Loss of the Royal George.
39902: UILDRIKS, NIELS AND MASTRIGT, HANS VAN. - Policing Police Violence.
15624: UJHAZY, MARIA. - Herman Melville's World of Whaling.

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