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22028: TUPPERWARE. - Microwave Stack Cooking. (Micro 3 Tupperware.)
15817: TURGENEV, IVAN. - Sketches from a Hunter's Album.
18104: TURING, H.D. - Trout Fishing. Volume 6.
40866: TURK, FRANCES. - The Five Grey Geese.
25108: TURNBULL, ANDREW. - Thomas Wolfe. A Biography.
11138: TURNER, BARRY. - The Writer's Handbook 2000.
1615: TURNER, H. E. W. - Jesus Master and Lord. A study in the Historical Truth of the Gospels.
4924: TURNER, H. E. W. - Why Bishops? Their Origin, Functions and Traditions.
4372: TURNER, H. J. M. - Ordination and Vocation. Yesterday and Today.
27541: TURNER, H.E.W. - The Life and Person of Jesus Christ. (Christian Discussion Groups No.4).
27116: TURNER, H.E.W. - Why We Believe in Jesus Christ. (Christian Discussion Groups No.3).
8862: TURNER, H.W. - Living Tribal Religions.
19432: TURNER, H.W. - Living Tribal Religions.
27117: TURNER, JOHANNA. - Cognitive Development.
13610: TURNER, JOHN. - The Healing Church.
29758: TURNER, NICHOLAS. - Handbook for Biblical Studies.
18537: TURNER, NICHOLAS. - Handbook for Biblical Studies.
13004: TURNER, PAUL. - Escape from Loneliness.
29200: TURNER, SAMUEL. - From War to Work.
16098: TURNER, VIDA., YOUNG, JACK & EDNA AND GRIFFIN, GILBERT. - Prayers to use with 11-13s.
42407: TURNER, SIMON. - Beating the Devil.
3067: TURNER, J.E. - The Nature of Deity. (A sequel to Personality and Reality).
38084: TURNER, JEAN. - No Time Like the Past.
39003: TURNER, BARRY. - The Long Horizon. 60 Years of CBF World Jewish Relief.
44535: TURNER CHOI, THE REVEREND BERYL. - A Brief History of the Origins of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America,
44705: TURNER, ANITA MARY. - Tatterdemalion.
25297: TURNLEY, DAVID & PETER (PHOTOS). ROSENBLUM, MORT. - Moments of Revolution. Eastern Europe.
25027: TUROFF, STEPHEN. - Seven Steps to Eternity. The True Story of one Man's Journey into the Afterlife.
37743: TURQUET-MILNES, G. - The Influence of Baudelaire in France and England.
20180: TUTE, WARREN. - The Deadly Stroke. (Introduction by John Colville).
36004: TUTELA LODGE - SMITH, DEREK / BURTON, KENNETH / WITHAMS, MICHAEL / COOPER, RONALD . - Tutela Lodge No. 6559 1947 to 1997. The First fifty Years.
40488: TUTTIETT, REV. L. - Through the Clouds. Thoughts in Plain Verse.
4925: TUTU, DESMOND MPILO. COMPILED BY MOTHOBI MUTLOATSE. (EDITED BY J. WEBSTER.) - Hope and Suffering. Sermons and Speeches.
17792: ANGLIA TV. - About Anglia '75.
15180: TWAIN, MARK. - Roughing It.
16543: TWAIN, MARK. (EDITED BY CHARLES NEIDER). - The Adventures of Colonel Sellers. A Novel.
16542: TWAIN, MARK. (EDITED BY CHARLES NEIDER). - The Complete Humorous Sketches and Tales of Mark Twain.
42313: TWEEDY, DONALD. - Manual of Harmonic Technic. Based on the Practice of J.S.Bach.
43125: TWIGG, ROGER S. - Change Not Decay. The Development and Care of Ecclesiastical Dress.
9066: TWIGG, SISTER BLANCHE, M.H.S.H. - God Calls a People: A Journey Through the Old Testament.
38065: TWINCH, CAROL. - Great Suffolk Stories.
41539: TWISLETON, JOHN. - Empowering Priesthood. A Celebration of the Ministerial Priesthood Representing Christ to Help Form His Body.
14877: TWYCROSS, R.G. - The Dying Patient.
42403: TWYCROSS, DR ROBERT ET AL (WORKING PARTY). - Mud & Stars, The Impact of Hospice Experience on the Church's Ministry of Healing.
36606: TYACKE, REV. RICHARD T. - A Sermon Preached In St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, By The Rev. Richard T. Tyacke, B.A., On The Occasion Of Laying The Foundation Stone Of The New Masonic Hall And Club, Princess Square, Plymouth Wednesday, December 28th, 1887 .
43512: TYDEMAN, RICHARD. - Happy Choice. A Booklet of Humour, Thought and Information.
36814: TYDEMAN, RICHARD . - Prestonian Lecture 1971 - Masters And Master Masons. A Theory Of The Third Degree. By Richard Tydeman, P.G. Chaplain. Past Master of Phoenix Lodge No. 516, in Royal Athelstan Lodge No. 19 and Suffolk Installed Masters Lodge No. 3913 .
36545: TYDEMAN, RICHARD. - The Kingdom of Solomon.
17021: TYDINGS, JUDITH. - Gathering a People. Catholic Saints in Charismatic Perspective.
41039: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER. - A History of Harrow School. 1324-1991.
4792: TYLER, BENNET. - Nettleton and His Labours. The Memoir of Dr Asahel Nettleton. Remodelled in some parts by Andrew A. Bonar.
23493: TYLER, LOUISE. - Fast and Fabulous. (Weight Watchers).
9463: TYLER, J. E. A. - The Tolkien Companion.
44075: TYLOR, EDWARD B. (EDWARD BURNETT TYLOR 1832-1917) . - Anthropological Essays Presented to Edward Burnett Tylor in Honour of His 75th Birthday, Oct. 2, 1907
9552: TYRRELL, G.N.M. - The Personality of Man. New Facts and Their Significance.
20436: TYRRELL, MARLA. - Babies of the Woods. (Illustrated by Eileen A. Soper).
1622: TYRWHITT, REV. R. ST. JOHN. - Art Teaching of the Primitive Church. With an Index of Subjects, Historical and Emblematic.
17301: UBER, BETTY. - That Badminton Racket.
39902: UILDRIKS, NIELS AND MASTRIGT, HANS VAN. - Policing Police Violence.
15624: UJHAZY, MARIA. - Herman Melville's World of Whaling.
19708: ULANOV, ANN & BARRY. - Religion and the Unconscious.
15883: ULANOV, BARRY. - The Making of a Modern Saint. A Biographical Study of Therese of Lisieux.
19962: ULEYN, ARNOLD. - The Recognition of Guilt. A Study in Pastoral Psychology. (Translated by Mary Ilford.)
15077: ULLMANN, WALTER. - A Short History of the Papacy in the Middle Ages.
41828: ULLSTEIN, HERMAN. - The Rise and Fall of the House of Ullstein.
21313: UMNON, YEVGENY (PHOTOGRAPHS). - Moiseyev's Dance Company.
28999: UNDERHILL, EVELYN./ROBERTS, ROGER L. - Light of Christ: (Treasures from the Spiritual Classics 7).
28998: UNDERHILL, EVELYN./ROBERTS, L. - The Fruits of the Spirit: (Treasures from the Spiritual Classics. 9).
27542: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS. - How to Pray.
3071: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS. (BISHOP OF BATH AND WELLS). - Christian Life in the Modern World.
42171: UNDERHILL, EVELYN / ROBERTS, ROGER L.(COMPILER). - Abba: Evelyn Underhill. (Treasures from the Spiritual Classics No.8).
43283: UNDERHILL, EVELYN. - The Spiritual Life.
20080: UNDERHILL, EVELYN. - Worship.
2358: UNDERWOOD, A.C. - A History of the English Baptists.
37109: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Jenny. (Translated from the Norwegian by W.Emme).
13749: UNGER, MERRILL F., & WHITE, WILLIAM, JR. (EDITORS). - Nelson's Expository Dictionary of the Old Testament.
32470: CHURCH UNION. - All Things New: Church Union Congress.
41901: THE CHURCH UNION. - Easter Vigil.
3444: MOTHERS UNION. - Fifty Years.
12455: MOTHERS UNION. - Enriched by Prayer.
27090: NATIONAL ADULT SCHOOL UNION. - Living in the Sixties.
22772: SCRIPTURE UNION. - Encounter with God. In-depth Bible notes.
33104: JOINT COMMISSION ON CHURCH UNION. - The Church: Its Nature, Function and Ordering.
39626: LONDON STRATEGIC POLICY UNIT. - Police Response to Domestic Violence. (Police Monitoring and Research Group Briefing Paper No.1).
21743: BOARD FOR MISSION AND UNITY. - Anglicans in Dialogue.
26633: COUNCIL FOR CHRISTIAN UNITY. - The Porvoo Declaration. Reference to the Diocesan Synods. Memorandum by the Standing Committee and Study Guide.
14341: OPEN UNIVERSITY. - Parents and Teenagers.
12341: UNTERMEYER, LOUIS. - The Pan Book of Limericks.
41769: UNTERMEYER, LOUIS.(EDITOR). - American Poetry. From the Beginning to Walt Whitman.
25783: UNWIN, F.T. - The Magic Book for Cats. (Drawings by Francis Richardson).
12117: UNWIN, FRED A. - How to Swim.
31920: UNWIN, FRANCIS SYDNEY. - The Decorative Arts in the Service of the Church. (with 46 illustrations).
15625: UPDIKE, JOHN. - Bech: A Book.
15626: UPDIKE, JOHN. - Buchanan Dying. A Play.
15628: UPDIKE, JOHN. - Marry Me. A Romance.
34063: UPDIKE, JOHN. - Rabbit Redux.
39895: UPHAM, THOMAS C. - Life, Religious Opinions and Experience of Madame Guyon. Including an Account of the Personal History and Religious Opinions of Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray.
44505: UPJOHN, SHEILA. - Edith Cavell. The Story of a Norfolk Nurse.
35018: UPTON, CYRIL. - What is Wisdom?
18643: URBAN, WILBUR MARSHALL. - Humanity and Deity.
20584: URLIN, R. DENNY. - The Churchman's Life of Wesley.
42024: URLING-SMITH, F.M. AND FAUCETT, L.W. - Mungo Park in Africa 1795-7.
5977: URQUHART, CAROLINE. - His God, My God.
29178: URQUHART, FRED. - The Dying Stallion and other stories (The Collected Stories Volume 1.)
29913: URQUHART, JANE. - The Underpainter.
41358: FREEMASONRY - USA . - Constitutions and by-laws of the M.W. Grand Lodge of ancient, free and accepted masons of the state of Illinois. In force October 6th, 1874
31312: USTINOV, PETER. - Quotable Ustinov.
41406: UTTLEY, ALISON. - Grey Rabbit's May Day. (Pictures by Margaret Tempest).
17912: UTTLEY, ALISON. - Lavender Shoes. Eight Tales of Enchantment. (Illustrated by Janina Ede).
31432: UTTLEY, ALISON. - Sam Pig and Sally. (Illustrated by A.E.Kennedy).
44398: VAANANEN-JENSON, INKERI. (TRANSLATOR). - Finnish Proverbs.
34211: VACHER, POLLY. - Wings Around the World.
12220: VAIL, ALBERT, & VAIL, EMILY MCCLELLAN. - Transforming Light. The Living Heritage of World Religions.
30778: VAIL, LEROY AND WHITE, LANDEG. - Power and the Praise Poem: Southern African Voices in History.
26428: VAISEY, HARRY BEVIR. - "Establishment" A Plea for its Continuance.
11697: VAIZEY, JOHN. - Britain in the Sixties. Education for Tomorrow.
18416: VALE, ALLISTER. (EDITOR). - Our National Life. A Christian perspective on the state of the Nation. (Published to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the National Club.)
23209: VALE, J.A. - Medicine and the Christian Mind.
25784: VALE, WALTER S. - Plainsong. An Outline of its Theory and Interpretation with certain References to its Use in the Church of England.
9464: VALENTE, MICHAEL F. - Sex. The Radical View of a Catholic Theologian.
3475: VALENTINE, FERDINAND. - The Art of Preaching. A Practical Guide.
15215: VALENTINE. C. W. - The Normal Child and some of his abnormalities. A General Introduction to the Pschology of Childhood.
10893: VALLES, CARLOS. - Mastering Sadhana. On retreat with Anthony de Mello.
2062: VALLOIS,G.M. - First Steps in Collecting.
23210: VANAUKEN, SHELDON. - A Severe Mercy. C.S. Lewis and a Pagan Love Invaded by Christ, Told by one of the Lovers.
32331: VANDEN HEUVEL, WILLIAM J.(EDITOR). - The Future of Freedom in Russia.
13298: VANDERBREGGEN, CORNELIUS. - Soon the War is Ending.
11214: VANIER, JEAN. - Eruption to Hope.
28431: VANIER, JEAN. - Finding Peace.
32444: VANIER, JEAN. - Followers of Jesus.
32695: VANIER, JEAN. ((INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION). - The Challenge of L'Arche.
35672: VANIER, JEAN. - Man and Woman He Made Them.
8723: VANIER, JEAN. - The Broken Body.
38054: VANLINT, E.G. - A Year in the Wilds of Suffolk.
3075: VANN, GERALD AND MEAGHER, P.K. - Stones or Bread? A Study of Christ's Temptations.
16241: VANNS, MICHAEL A. - Signalling in the Age of Steam.
7524: VANSTONE, W.H. - Love's Endeavour, Love's Expense. The Response of Being to the Love of God.
33962: VARDY, PETER. - And If It's True?
44362: VARIAS, ALEXANDER. - Paris and the Anarchists. Aesthetes and Subversives During the Fin de Siecle.
13951: VARIOUS. - Then and Now. A Selection of articles, stories & poems, taken from the first 50 numbers of 'Now & Then' 1921-35.
26244: VARIOUS. - Life and Letters. October, 1934. (VolXI. No.58).
11008: VARIOUS - Writers & Artists Yearbook 1999.
10894: VARIOUS, - The Grown-ups Book of Books.
22234: VARIOUS. - A Goodly Heritage. The Puritan Conference.
22239: VARIOUS. - Approaches to Reformation of the Church.
26856: VARIOUS. - Christ and the Christian. A Course of Sermons on Evangelism in the Church Preached in the Chapel of Pusey House, Oxford.
12394: VARIOUS. - Difficulties. Questions on Religion with Answers by prominent Churchmen.
13950: VARIOUS. - Fear No More. A Book of Poems for the Present Time by Living English Poets.
26857: VARIOUS. - History Workshop. A Journal of Socialist Historians. Issue II. Spring 1981.
29000: VARIOUS. - I Remember When.......
22251: VARIOUS. - Increasing in the Knowledge of God. Puritan papers read at the Puritan and Reformed Studies Conference, 20th and 21st December, 1960.
20542: VARIOUS. - Lenten Counsellors. A Catena of Lent Sermons for Devotional Reading.
14634: VARIOUS. - Love Unfolding.
20543: VARIOUS. - Men, Money and the Ministry. A Plea for Economic Reform in the Church of England.
29759: VARIOUS. - Origins: Personal Stories of Crossing the Seas to Settle in Britain.
28194: VARIOUS. - Poems by Bentley Folk.
20544: VARIOUS. - Press Toward The Mark.
21719: VARIOUS. - Report Writing.
31448: VARIOUS. - Russia, Ukraine & Belarus. (Lonely Planet Guide).
9696: VARIOUS. - Science News 6.
22260: VARIOUS. - Spiritual Worship. (Westminster Papers).
22262: VARIOUS. - The Christian and the State in Revolutionary Times. (Westminster Papers).
14363: VARIOUS. - The Christian Testament since the Bible. Part III.
13875: VARIOUS. - The Cross and the Bomb - Christian Ethics and the Nuclear Debate.
24155: VARIOUS. - The Ideal Church. Papers Read at the Carey Conference.
21150: VARIOUS. - The Light of Experience.
7405: VARIOUS. - The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief.
26736: VARIOUS. - The Marprelate Tracts. 1588-1589.
23799: VARIOUS. - The Peasants' Revolt in Hertfordshire 1381. The Rising and its Background.
22811: VARIOUS. - The Wisdom of our Fathers. Puritan Conference. 1956.
23496: VARIOUS. - The Word of God and Fundamentalism. The Addresses given at the Oxford Conference of Evangelical Churchmen 19th to 21st September 1960.
18417: VARIOUS. - The World's Need of Religion. Being the Proceedings of the World Congress of Faiths, Oxford 1957.
21460: VARIOUS. - When People Pray. (Living Testimonies Series).
21461: VARIOUS. - When the Roof Caves In. (Living Testimonies Series).
33366: VARIOUS. - The Ministry of Women: A Report by a Committee Appointed by his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury.
33671: VARIOUS. - Fungicides in Agriculture and Horticulture. (S.C.I. Monograph No.15).
33670: VARIOUS. - Plant Growth Regulators. (S.C.I. Monograph No.31).
41433: VARIOUS. - The King's Servant. Papers read to The Thomas More Society of London.
35651: VARIOUS. - John Henry Newman: Centenary Essays.
35138: VARIOUS. - Haileybury Verses.
44257: VARIOUS. - The Temperance Speaker's Companion. (Volume I).
41669: VARIOUS. - The Police Journal. Volume 1 No.2.
40077: VARIOUS. [INCLUDING T.S.ELIOT]. - Catholicity: A Study in the Conflict of Christian Traditions in the West.
44517: VARIOUS . - Poetical Translations.
42042: VARIOUS. - Your Radio and Television. How to Make the Most of Them.
21839: VASEY, MICHAEL. - Evangelical Christians and Gay Rights (Grove Ethical Studies No 80).
26859: VASEY, F.P. - Lessons from the Crucifix.
18935: VASEY, MICHAEL. - Reading the Bible at the Eucharist. (Grove Worship Series No.94).
41612: VASEY, MICHAEL/ JAMIESON, IAN AND LYN; AND YOUNG, DAN AND SUE. - Family Festivals: An Approach to Worship in the Home. (Grove Worship Series No.73).
22271: VASSULA. - True Life in God. Vassula: Conversations with Jesus.
37080: VATICAN. - Pontifical Museums and Galleries. V. Guide to the Picture Galleries.
33903: LA COMMISSION DE JEUNESSE DE L'EGLISE NATIONALE VAUDOISE. - Pleines Voix. Chansonnier Pour la Jeunesse Protestante Romande.
27619: VAUGHAN, ELIZA. - The Essex Village in Days Gone By. (with 12 illustrations).
29915: VAUGHAN, DAVID. (COMPILER.) - A Faith for the New Age.
29976: VAUGHAN, JOHN. - The English Guide Book. c.1780-1870. An Illustrated History.
42289: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, RALPH AND HOLST, GUSTAV. - Heirs and Rebels. Letters Written to Each Other and Occasional Writings on Music.
36593: VAUGHAN, HERBERT MILLINGCHAMP. - National Library of Wales Catalogue (with notes) of the Aneurin Williams Collection of Book Plates.
12467: VAUS, ALICE. - They Called my Husband a Gangster.
24913: VAUX, ROLAND DE. - The Bible and the Ancient Near East. (Translated by Damian McHugh.)
41865: VAUX, J.E. - Church Folk Lore.
7340: VAWTER, BRUCE. - The Four Gospels. An Introduction.
32103: VEESER, H. ARAM.(EDITOR). - The New Historicism.
35892: VEGACARPIO, LOPE FELIX DE. - Obras Escogidas. Tomo I. Teatro.
3085: VELIKOVSKY, IMMANUEL. - Worlds in Collision.
43139: VELLERE, EDOUARD RAPHAEL WELLER. - King and Rebel, A Historical Drama... / Meted Out. An Original Modern Drama.... by Dr Vellère.
1628: VELTEN, GEORGES. - Mission in Industrial France.
34943: VENABLES, ETHEL. - Counselling.
35254: VENERONI, SIEUR DE, 1642-1708. - The Complete Italian Master : Containing the best and easiest rules for attaining that language by Signor Veneroni, to which are added, extracts from the Italian poets. The whole properly accented, to facilitate the pronunciation of learners.
21422: LA VERDIERE, EUGENE. - A Church for all Peoples. Missionary Issues in a World Church.
10987: LA VERDIERE, EUGENE. - Luke New Testament Message 5.
18042: VERE, DUNCAN W. - Voluntary Euthanasia - Is there an alternative?
28722: VERGIL - DAVIES, MARTIN & JOHN GOLDFINCH (EDITORS). - Vergil: A Census of Printed Editions, 1469-1500. Occasional Papers of the Bibliographical Society Number 7.
7950: VERHEIJ, ARIAN J.C. - Grammatica Digitalis 1.
24156: VERHEUL, AMBROSIUS. - Introduction to the Liturgy. Towards a Theology of Worship.
40599: VERKUYL, PROF. DR.J. - A Few Observations Concerning Ideologies and Their Function in "Developing Countries".
13484: VERMEIL, EDMOND. - The German Scene. (Social, Political, Cultural) 1890 to the Present Day. (Trans. by L.J. Ludovici).
9204: VERMES, G. - The Dead Sea Scrolls in English.
7653: VERMES, GEZA. - The Dead Sea Scrolls. Qumran in Perspective.
28576: VERMEULE, EMILY. - Greece in the Bronze Age.
25299: VERMEYLEN, JACQUES. - Ten Keys for Opening the Bible.
43310: VERNE, JULES. - Adventures in Southern Africa.
30055: VERNEY, L.J. - The Harrow School Register 1971.
12120: VERNEY, STEPHEN. - Fire in Coventry.
35485: VERNON, MARJORIE. - The Strong and the Cherished.
18937: VERNON, PHILIP E. - Intellicence and Cultural Environment.
19190: VERNON, PHILIP E. - Personality Assessment. A Critical Survey.
11800: VERNON, PHILIP E. - The Structure of Human Abilities.
36055: VERNON, W.FRED. - History of Freemasonry in the Province of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirkshires, from 1674 to the Present Time.
38588: VERNON, W. FRED. / HUGHAN, WILLIAM JAMES [INTRODUCTION] . - History of Freemasonry in the Province of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirkshires, from 1674 to the Present Time by W. Fred Vernon ; with an introduction by William James Hughan
42441: VERRIER, FRANCOIS, GRAND SECRETARY - Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana. Grand Annual Communication, First Quarterly Session 1849: Report of the Labours of the Grand Lodge During the Elapsed Year 5848-5849...
44583: BIBLE - AUTHORIZED VERSION - The Holy Bible Containing the Old Testament and The New; Newly translated out of the original Tongues: and with the former tranlations diligently compared and revised .
40172: 17TH CENTURY BIBLE - KING JAMES VERSION . - The Holy Bible : containing the Old Testament and the New newly translated out of the originall tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and reuised by his Maiesties speciall commandement : Appointed to be read in churches.
38865: BIBLE - 17TH CENTURY - GENEVA VERSION . - The Bible: Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in divers languages. With mnost profitable annotations upon all the hard places, and other things of great importance...
38856: 17TH CENTURY "BREECHES" BIBLE - GENEVA-TOMSON-JUNIUS VERSION. - THE BIBLE: THAT IS THE HOLY SCRIPTURES conteined in the Old and New TESTAMENT. Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best Translations in divers Languages. With most profitable Annotations upon all hard places....
36722: BLACK LETTER BIBLE - KING JAMES / AUTHORIZED VERSION . - The Holy Bible : containing the Old Testament and the New: Newly translated out of the originall tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by his majesties speciall command. Appointed to be read in churches.
40181: 17TH CENTURY BIBLE - GENEVA VERSION . - The Bible.Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages. With most profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things of great importance, as may appeare in the Epistle...
40147: 17TH CENTURY BIBLE - GENEVA VERSION . - The Bible.Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages. With most profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things of great importance, as may appeare in the Epistle...
40188: 17TH CENTURY BIBLE - GENEVA VERSION . - The Bible: Translated according to the Hebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages ; with most profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things of great importance...
38893: BIBLE - 17TH CENTURY - GENEVA VERSION . - The Bible: Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in divers languages. With mnost profitable annotations upon all the hard places, and other things ofgreat importance...
38897: BIBLE - GENEVA VERSION (WITH TOMSON'S NEW TESTAMENT, BUT WITH JUNIUS' REVELATION) . - The Bible, That is The holy Scriptures conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament, Translated According to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in divers languages. With most profitable Annotations upon all the hard places...
38898: BIBLE - GENEVA VERSION . - [ The Holy Bible... ] .
44508: BIBLE - GENEVA VERSION (WITH TOMSON'S NEW TESTAMENT, BUT WITH JUNIUS' REVELATION) . - The Bible, That is The holy Scriptures conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament, Translated According to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in divers languages. With most profitable Annotations upon all the hard places...
30439: VERWER, GEORGE. (WITH TONY COLLINS.) - No Turning Back. The Path of Christian Discipleship.
8995: VESEY, G.N.A.(EDITOR). - Body and Mind. Readings in Philosophy.
11263: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN. - A Third Book of British Birds and their nests. Illustd. by Roland Green.
3322: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN. - The New Naturalist. British Game. With 28 reproductions in colour and 81 b/w photographs.
570: EARTHERN VESSEL - The Earthern Vessel; and Christian Record and Review, for 1856. Volume XII .
42446: VEST, NORVENE. - Friend of the Soul. A Benedictine Spirituality of Work.
9145: VIALAR, PAUL. - Destination Berlin. (Translated from the French by Philip John Stead).
36729: VIBERT, LIONEL (EDITOR) . - New Series Vol. IV., No. 5 - Miscellanea Latomorum or Masonic Notes and Queries . A Serial intended to facilitate Intercommunication between Masonic Students on matters of interest in connection with Freemasonry. October, 1919 .
40284: VIBERT, WOR.BRO. LIONEL. - The Story of the Craft. A Simple Account of the Development of Freemasonry.
41476: VICCHIO, STEPHEN. - Pieces of an Examined Life. Essays and Stories. (Signed).
14673: VICKER, RAY. - The Realms of Gold.
23213: VICKERS, JOHN A. - Wisdom and Wit. An Anthology from the Writings of Gordon Rupp.
5081: COSSTICK VICKY (EDITOR). - Aids. Meeting the Community challenge. Preface by Cardinal Basil Hume.
5788: VIDLER, ALEC R. - The Church in an Age of Revolution. 1789 to the Present Day.
25984: VIDLER, A.R. - Traditional Virtues Reassesed.
3086: VIDLER, A.R.(EDITOR). - Soundings. Essays concerning Christian Understanding.
26129: VIDLER, ALEC R. - 20th Century Defenders of the Faith: Some Theological Fashions Considered in the Robertson Lectures for 1964.
9465: VIDLER, ALEC R. - 20th. Century Defenders of the Faith.
6332: VIDLER, ALEC R. - Christian Belief. An Exposition of the Basic Christian Doctrines.
1631: VIDLER, ALEC R. - Prophecy and Papacy. A study of Lamennais The Church and the Revolution.
15990: VIDLER, ALEC R. - The Orb and the Cross. A Normative Study in the Relations of Church and State with reference to Gladstone's early writings.
17022: VIDLER, ALEC. - Read, MARK, Learn.
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7527: WHITE, E.G. - Steps to Christ.
6580: WHITE, JAMES F. - Intoduction to Christian Worship.
27122: WHITE, JAMES F. - Introduction to Christian Worship.
20903: WHITE, JOHN. - Excellence in Leadership. The pattern of Nehemiah.
13619: WHITE, JOHN. - People in Prayer. Portraits from the Bible.
16104: WHITE, JOHN. - The Cost of Commitment.
13880: WHITE, JOHN. - The Fight. A Practical Handbook of Christian Living.
27747: WHITE, KENNETH. - The Attractive Church. (Grove Ministry and Worship. No.69).
23222: WHITE, MERVYN. - John Wesley and Lincolnshire Methodist.
19082: WHITE, MICHAEL M. - Opportunity in Crisis. Money & Power in World Politics 1986-88. (Foreword by Sir William Rees-Mogg.)
25606: WHITE, MICHAEL, & GRIBBIN, JOHN. - Einstein. A Life in Science.
22613: WHITE, MICHAEL. - Leonardo. The First Scientist.
32540: WHITE, PAUL. - Jungle Doctor Sees Red.
32339: WHITE, PAUL. - Jungle Doctor's Rhino Rumblings.
24393: WHITE, R.E.O. - 52 More Stories for Children.
22394: WHITE, R.E.O. - A Relevant Salvation. (Preaching for Today).
24395: WHITE, R.E.O. - Matthew Lays it on the Line.
22817: WHITE, R.E.O. - The Answer is the Spirit.
25031: WHITE, RICHARD AND OWEN, DAI (ILLUSTRATOR). - Abbeys. A Cartoon Guide.
7106: WHITE, STEPHEN ROSS. - Don Cupitt and the Future of Christian Doctrine.
33842: WHITE, T.H. - The Elephant and the Kangaroo.
4376: WHITE, ELLEN. G. - Confrontation.
38416: WHITE, WILLIAM HENRY. - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons. Containing the Charges, Regulations, etc.
15079: WHITE, E.G. - America in Prophecy.
39985: WHITE, NICK. - Home Visiting. Opening Doors to Children's Evangelism. (Grove Evangelism 81).
42383: WHITE, WILLIAM HENRY (SIGNED COPY) . - Constitutions Of The Antient Fraternity Of Free And Accepted Masons : Containing The Charges, Regulations, &c. &c. Published, By The Authority Of The United Grand Lodge, By William Henry White, as Grand Secretary .
44176: WHITE, SUSAN J. - Groundwork of Christian Worship.
42828: WHITE, RUTH AND SWAISON, MARY. - Gildas Communicates. The Story and the Scripts.
35037: WHITEBROOK, J.C./ KITCHEN, RT.REV. ANTHONY. - The Consecration of the Most Reverend Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury.
30908: WHITEHEAD, BRIAR. - God Speaks from a Little Box.
12344: WHITEHEAD, EVELYN EATON & WHITEHEAD, JAMES D. - Seasons of Strength. New Vision of Adult Christian Maturing.
16243: WHITEHEAD, JAN. - Business Skills for Secretaries.
23224: WHITEHEAD, MALCOLM AND GODFREE, VAL. - Hormone Replacement Therapy. Your Questions Answered.
18048: WHITEHEAD, MARY BETH (WITH SCHWARTZ-NOBEL, LORETTA). - A Mother's Story. The Truth about the Baby M. Case.
41413: WHITEHEAD, R.A. - The Beloved Coast and Suffolk Sandlings.
34711: WHITEHEAD, JOHN. - Guardian of the Grail. A New Light on the Arthurian Legend.
43627: WHITEHEAD, GEORGE. - A Brief Account of the Illegal Proceedings and Sinful Doctrines of James Bedford, Priest of Blunsome and Earith in Huntington Shire
44199: WHITEHEAD, NEIL L. - The Discoverie of the Large, Rich and Bewtiful Empyre of Guiana by Sir Walter Ralegh.
9206: WHITEHOUSE, MARY. - "Who does she think she is?"
13302: WHITEHOUSE, MARY. - Mighter than the Sword.
25540: WHITEHOUSE, MARY. - Mightier than the Sword.
11939: WHITELAW, STELLA. - More Cat Stories. (Illustrated by Marilyn Day).
33803: WHITELAW, REV. THOMAS. - The Patriarchal Times.
9638: WHITELEY, PETER. - Frontier Mission.
42689: WHITELEY, JOHN SCOTT. - Joseph Jongen and His Organ Music. (The Complete Organ No.2).
15327: WHITEMAN, YVONNE. (EDITOR). - A Treasury of Psalms.
17917: WHITEN, GEOFF AND FAITH. - Enjoy Gardening with the Whitens.
25541: WHITFIELD, RICHARD. - Families Matter. Towards a Programme of Action.
18237: WHITING, CHARLES. - Massacre at Malmedy. The story of Jochen Peiper's Battle Group Ardennes,December,1944.
26284: WHITING, REV. CANON. E. - The Ordination of Women. Examined in the light of History and Theology.
43316: WHITINGTON, FRED T. - Augustus Short: First Bishop of Adelaide. A Chapter of Colonial Church History.
44195: WHITLEY, W.T. - A History of British Baptists.
18366: WHITLOCK, RALPH. - Historic Forests of England.
25854: WHITLOCK, RALPH. - The English Farm.
39792: WHITMAN, CEDRIC H. - Euripides and the Full Circle of Myth.
13398: WHITNEY, BEN. - Through Darkened Glass. Thoughts on the possibility of prayer.
1691: WHITNEY, J.P. - Reformation Essays.
27614: WHITSON, ROBLEY EDWARD. - The Coming Convergence of World Religions.
38553: WHITTALL, W. - With Botha and Smuts in Africa.
1692: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier. With Memoir, notes, etc.
41421: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - Miriam and Other Poems.
27382: WHITTLE, MAJOR AND GUEST, REV. W.(EDITORS). - P.P.Bliss: His Life and Life Work.
2964: WHITWELL-WILSON, P. - The Christ We Forget. A Life of Our Lord for men of to-day.
37924: WHITWORTH, PATRICK. - Becoming Fully Human.
43744: WHYBRAY, R.N. - Ecclesiastes.
44659: WHYMPER, HENRY JOSIAH / HUGHAN, WILLIAM JAMES (INTRODUCTION) / SPETH, GEORGE WILLIAM (EDITOR) . - The Religion Of Freemasonry. By Bro. Henry Josiah Whymper Past Deputy District Grand Master, Punjab. With An Introduction By Bro. William James Hughan, Past Senior Grand Deacon Of England. Edited By Bro. George William Speth, P. M.
42231: WHYMPER, HENRY JOSIAH / HUGHAN, WILLIAM JAMES (INTRODUCTION) / SPETH, GEORGE WILLIAM (EDITOR) . - The Religion Of Freemasonry. By Bro. Henry Josiah Whymper Past Deputy District Grand Master, Punjab. With An Introduction By Bro. William James Hughan, Past Senior Grand Deacon Of England. Edited By Bro. George William Speth, P. M.
5642: WHYTE, ALEXANDER. - Bunyan Characters. Lectures delivered in St George's Free Church Edinburgh.
44020: WHYTE, ALEXANDER. - Characters and Characteristics of William Law, Nonjuror and Mystic.
3130: WICKENDEN, ARTHUR C. - The Concerns of Religion.
34119: WICKENS, DAVID C. - The Instruments of Samuel Green.
6658: WICKHAM, E.R. (BISHOP OF MIDDLETON). - Encounter with Modern Society.
41446: WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA.(EDITOR). - Fundamental Studies and the Future of Science.
41453: WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA. - Is Life an Astronomical Phenomenon?
22614: WICKS, BEN. - The Day They Took the Children.
27166: WICKS, ROBERT J. - Seeds of Sensitivity: Deepening Your Spiritual Life.
32980: WICKSTEED, HILDA M. - Jerry and Granpa.
43435: WIDDOWSON, PETER. - Thomas Hardy. (Writers and Their Work series).
43451: WIDDOWSON, PETER. - On Thomas Hardy. Late Essays and Earlier.
43452: WIDDOWSON, PETER.(EDITOR). - Thomas Hardy: Selected Poetry and Non-Fictional Prose.
8137: WIDYAPRANAWA, S.H. - The Lord is Savior. Faith in National Crisis. Isaiah 1-39.
31227: WIEBRACHT, DEAN. - The World Beyond Your Walls: A Manual for Mobilizing Your Church in Missions.
22818: WIEDERKEHR, MACRINA. - Seasons of your Heart. Prayers and Reflections (Revised and Expanded).
14065: WIEDRICH, WILLIAM W. - Not Simply Simon. Meditations on St. Peter.
39630: WIEL, ALETHEA. - The Story of Verona. Illustrated by Nelly Erichsen and Helen M. James.
6814: WIEMAN, HENRY N ET AL. - Religious Liberals Reply. By Henry N.Wieman; Arthur E.Murphy; Gardner Williams; Jay William Hudson; M.C.Otto; James Bissett Pratt; and Roy Wood Sellars.
10240: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - The Bumps are what You Climb On. Encouragement for difficult days.
8138: WIESER, THOMAS. - Planning for Mission.
3825: WIESNER, ELIZABETH P. - Pilgrim and Pioneer. A Journey with God.
36968: WIEWIÓRA, BOLESLAW. - The Polish-German Frontier in the Light of International Law.
35097: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS. - The Story of Patsy. (Illustrated by Cecil W. Quinnell).
40480: WIGGLESWORTH, V.B. - The Physiology of Insect Metamorphosisi.
25793: WIGLEY, JUDITH. - Out of Bounds. The Story of Malcolm Worsley Prisoner to Probation Officer.
31316: WIGMORE, ELIZABETH. (EDITOR). - Long Melford: The Last 2000 Years.
41848: WIGNALL, PAUL. - Taking Custody of the Future.
38776: WIGNALL, MARY. - Intentions.
8295: WIJNGAARDS, JOHN, M.H.M. - Inheriting the Master's Cloak. Creative Biblical Spirituality.
12772: WIJNGAARDS, JOHN. - Did Christ Rule Out Women Priests.
19907: WILBOURNE, EDMUND. - Healing - Its Place in Evangelism (Grove Evangelism No.2).
25542: WILCOCK, MICHAEL. - The Message of Chronicles. One Church, One Faith, One Lord.
17421: WILCOX, ROBERT K. - Shroud.
35093: WILCOX, COLLIN. - Long Way Down.
18049: WILD, RAY. - Production and Operations Management.
15630: WILDE, FRED. - The Music in the Streets. (Prefatory Note by Sir John Betjeman).
44691: WILDE, JIMMY. - The Art of Boxing.
3729: WILDER, AMOS N. - Early Christian Rhetoric. The Language of the Gospel.
24396: WILDISH, HAROLD. - Captive to Conqueror.
30265: WILDISH, HAROLD. - The Glorious Secret (A 'One Evening' Condensed Book).
31005: WILES, MAURICE. - A Shared Search. Doing Theology in Conversation with One's Friends.
4931: WILES, MAURICE. - The Remaking of Christian Doctrine. The Hulsean Lectures. 1973.
12508: WILES, MAURICE. - Working Papers in Doctrine.
33975: WILES, MAURICE. - Reason to Believe.
27547: WILES, MAURICE. - Explorations in Theology 4.
41555: WILK, CHRISTOPHER. - Frank Lloyd Wright: The Kaufmann Office.
23979: WILKERSON, DAVID & DON. - The Untapped Generation.
25310: WILKERSON, DAVID. - Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?
18106: WILKERSON, DAVID. - Purple Violet Squish.
29182: WILKES, PAUL. - Fitzgo: The Wild Dog of Central Park.
14081: WILKINS,V.E. - Research and the Land. An Account of Recent Progress in Agricultural and Horticultural Science in the United Kingdom.
28792: WILKINSON, ALAN, & COCKSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER. - An Anglican Companion. Words from the Heart of Faith.
18586: WILKINSON, ALAN, & COCKSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER. - An Anglican Companion. Words from The Heart of Faith.
27748: WILKINSON, ALAN. - Christian Choices. Parish Group Study Guides 3. Moral Issues.
29009: WILKINSON, ALAN. - More Ready to Hear. (Than we to Pray). Parish Group Study Guides: 2. Prayer and Worship.
14159: WILKINSON, ANDREW. - Language and Education.
21464: WILKINSON, DAVID. - God. The Big Band and Stephen Hawking. An Exploration into Origins.
21842: WILKINSON, HELEN AND MULGAN, GEOFF. - Freedom's Children: Work, relationships and politics for 18-34 year olds in Britain today.
21844: WILKINSON, JOHN L. - Church in Black and White. The Black Christian Tradition in 'Mainstream' Churches in England: A White Response and Testimony.
21613: WILKINSON, JOHN T. (EDITOR). - Arthur Samuel Peake (1865-1929). Essays in Commemoration and Selections from his Writings.
18948: WILKINSON, JOHN. - Jerusalem Prayers - Bible Readings and Prayers for Holy Places. (Illustrated by Kamal Boullata).
10962: WILKINSON, JOHN. - The Supper and the Eucharist. A layman's guide to Anglican revision.
7877: WILKINSON, JOHN. - Your Life is Theirs. The USPG Review of the Year.
29605: WILKINSON, MAJOR SIR NEVILE R. - Yvette in the U.S.A. with Titania's Palace. A True Fairytale.
7771: WILKINSON, PETER. - Belief in Joy. The Creed Not Dogma but Prayer.
15283: WILKINSON, R.S. - My Confirmation Search-Book.
6175: WILKINSON, RAYMOND. (CANON). - An Adult Confirmation. Candidate's Handbook. 4th Edition Revised.
29186: WILKINSON, W. CAMAC. - The Tuberculin Dispensary for the Poor.
7528: WILKINSON, WILF. - To Me Personally. Based on the broadcasts ''What the Bible Says.'
33107: WILKINSON, RT. REV. G.H. - Lent Lectures.
33457: WILKINSON, G.H. - For Quiet Moments. Devotional Readings. (Selected and Arranged by J.H.Burn, BD).
34010: WILKINSON, DAVID. - A Holiness of the Heart.
41947: WILKINSON, J. - Why, When, and Where. The Consecration of Samuel Seabury.
44444: WILKINSON, THOMAS . - A Suffolk Boy in East Africa .
44726: WILKINSON, THOMAS / SPEARE, WILLIAM (PREVIOUS OWNER !) - A Suffolk Boy in East Africa .
5791: WILKINSON, ALAN. - The Community of the Resurrection. A Centenary History.
38133: WILKINSON, GEORGE HOWARD. - Practical Counsels To Working Christians and Communicants.
14830: WILLAMS, CHARLES. - Many Dimensions.
44573: WILLASEY-WILSEY, COL. F. H. - A Brief Outline History of the 8th Gurkha Rifles By Col. F. H. Willasey-Wilsey, M.C. Commandent, Regtl, Centre 8th Gurkha Rifles. Illustrated By Lieut. H. Harry Sheldon .
28794: WILLCOCKS, DAVID. - Messiah. Highlights from Handel's Oratorio and other Christmas Music.
7825: BISHOP OF WILLESDEN. - New Dimensions. Report.
11400: WILLEY, BASIL. - Christianity Past & Present.
18949: WILLEY, BASIL. - Religion Today.
21321: WILLEY, BASIL. - Richard Crashaw. A Memorial Lecture (1612/3-1649).
27388: WILLEY, DAVID. - God's Politician. John Paul at the Vatican.
27974: WILLEY, ELDRED. - First Light. Prayers from New Christian Communities.
11705: WILLEY, BASIL. - Nineteenth Century Studies. Coleridge to Matthew Arnold.
36928: WILLEY, T. (1847-1930) - Melodies & Chants adapted to "Hymns for the Little Flock." Compiled by T. Willey. "And at Midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God, and the prisoners heard them." - Acts xvi. 25.
4215: MARXSEN WILLI. - The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.
6593: BARCLAY. WILLIAM. - A Beginner's Guide to the New Testament.
36478: BARCLAY. WILLIAM. - The Gospel of Mark. (The Daily Study Bible).
40818: WILLIAMS, VALENTINE. - Clubfoot The Avenger.
9207: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Place of the Lion.
39910: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Pedigree of Sir Thomas Browne.
41704: WILLIAMS, HUGO. - Freelancing. Adventures of a Poet.
41241: WILLIAMS, THOMAS JAY AND CAMPBELL, ALLAN WALTER. - The Park Village Sisterhood.
44523: WILLIAMS, J.D. - Audley End. The Restoration of 1762-1797.
5992: WILLIAMS, A.T.P. - The Anglican Tradition in the Life of England.
28795: WILLIAMS, ALBERT N. - John Mark: First Gospel Writer. (Heroes of God Series.)

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