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4840: N/A - Ancient Britain: South Sheet - a map of the major visible antiquities of Great Britain older than A. D. 1066 (Foreword, introduction and combined index to north and south sheets.)
CFT00018: Acanthus (Hoar, Frank) - Ancestral Manners.
4617: Adams, Leith & Keith Burns (editors) - James Dean: Behind The Scene
SAF00081: Adedeji, Adebayo, Editor - Indigenization of African Economies
SAF00075: Adejuyigbe, Omolade - Boundary Problems in Western Nigeria, a Geographical Analysis
4203: Adler, Margot - Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today
4156: Agnew, Georgette - Let's Pretend
SFC00067: Aldiss, Brian W. & Wingrove, David - Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction
SFC00022: Aldiss, Brian W. - A Romance of the Equator: Best Fantasy Stories
2763: Aldrich-Ruenzel, Nancy (editor) - Designer's Guide to Print Production: A Step-by-Step Publishing Book
3472: Alexander, Adam - A summary of Geography and History, both ancient and modern: Containing an account of the Political State, and principal revolutions of the most illustrious nations in ancient and modern times; Their manners and customs: Local Situation of Cities; especially of such as have been distinguished by memorable events: with an abridgement of the Fabulous History of Mythology of the Greeks. Sixth Edition (Corrected)
2595: Alexander & Pullinger, John & Joyce - Roman Cambridge: Excavations on Castle Hill 1956-1988 (Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society Volume LXXXVIII)
4839: Alexander, Jonathan James Graham - The Decorated Letter
PLY00026: Alfieri, Vittorio - Tragedie. Vol. III
PLY00027: Alfieri, Vittorio - Tragedie. Vol. II
4312: Alford, David V. - Plant Pests: A Natural History of Pests of Farms and Gardens (New Naturalist 116)
4412: Alkallay, Rachel (compiler) - The Bimetallic Question: a Celebration of the Montreal Sherlock Holmes Society
3395: Allard, Bert E. - Can Your Mother Skin a Rabbit?: Tales of a Suffolk Lad (SIGNED COPY)
4661: Allison, K. J. (Editor) - The Victoria History of the County of York East Riding. Volume I: The City of Kingston upon Hull
4313: Allott, Andrew - The Marches (New Naturalist 118)
ART00054: Alston, Rowland. - The Mind And Work Of G. F. Watts.
2879: Amamoo, Joseph G. - Chocolate Lady (SIGNED COPY)
2881: Amamoo, Joseph G. - The Ghanaian Revolution (SIGNED COPY)
4047: Amos, Andrew - The Great Oyer of Poisoning: The Trial of the Earl of Somerset for the Poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury in the Tower of London and various matters connected therewith from contemporary MSS
4962: L'amy, John H. - Jersey Folk Lore
ART00003: D'Ancona, Paolo. - Leonardo Da Vinci.
CHD00089: Andersen, Hans - The Ugly Duckling
CHD00027: Andersen, Hans - Tales from Hans Andersen
SFC00060: Anderson, Poul - Winter of the World
3965: Anderson, M. L. (Editor) - The James Carmichaell Collection of Proverbs in Scots : From the Original Manuscript in the Edinburgh University Library
2449: Andrews, Ewart S - An Introduction to Applied Mechanics (Cambridge Technical Series)
3288: Andrews, Ted - Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate With Nature Spirits and Elementals
4550: Anon - The Morning Service, For the Sundays And Other Holy-Days Throughout The Year, Arranged From The Book Of Common Prayer
3599: Anon - An Island Race: A Ballad for the TT
4361: anon - A Guide to Glastonbury and its Abbey. A Short History of the Abbey Ruins and other Notable Buildings; together with Ground Plan.
SFC00080: Anthony, Piers - Heaven Cent
SFC00079: Anthony, Piers - Vale of the Vole
SFC00025: Anthony, Piers - Man from Mundania
EST00127: D'Arès, Jacques - Encyclopédie de L'Esotérisme: Tome 4: Au delà du Christianisme
4408: Archer, Fred - The Tibblestone Hundred: Journey through an English Village
CHD00008: Ardizzone, Edward - Tim to the Rescue
4435: Armstrong, A M; A. Mawer; F. M. Stenton; & Bruce Dickins, - The Place-Names of Cumberland, Part I: Eskdale, Cumberland and Leath Wards (English Place-Name Society. Volume XX.)
CHD00125: Arnold, Nick - Chemical Chaos (SIGNED COPY)
3969: Arnold, Matthew - Irish Essays and Others
3717: Arnold, Edmund C. - Ink On Paper: A Handbook of the Graphic Arts
2468: Arrecgros, J. - Petit Guide Panoramique De La Flore Mediterraneenne
THG00076: Arvisenet, Claudio - Memoriale Vitae Sacerdotalis
4205: Ashcroft-Nowicki, Doloras - First Steps in Ritual
3690: Ashe, Geoffrey - The Tale of the Tub: A Survey of the Art of Bathing Through the Ages
3997: Ashe, Robert Pickering - Chronicles of Uganda
EST00189: Ashe, Geoffrey - Avalonian Quest
ART00146: Astin, David et al. - Learn to Paint and Draw
4418: Auden, W. H. & Benjamin Britten (set to music by) - Paul Bunyan: An Operetta in Two Acts and a Prologue
PTY00044: Ault, Norman, (chosen, edited and arranged by) - Elizabethan Lyrics from the Original Texts
4299: Aurobindo, Sri - Letters on Yoga : Part Four - Sri Aurobindo
MAP00033: No Author - The City of Cambridge : Official Guide 1957
ART00149: No Author - Fitzwilliam Museum Annual Report 1992
3114: author n/a. - Imray Yachting Chart: Y16 Rivers Stour and Orwell
3120: author n/a. - Geographia Road Map Of England And Wales
HST00052: Auty, Robert; Obolensky, Dimitri - An Introduction to Russian History - (Companion to Russian Studies)
4403: Ayer, A. J. - Privacy [Annual Philosophical Lecture, British Academy, 1959]
4413: Ayer, A. J. - Man as a Subject for Science
EST00051: Ayton, Margaret - The Voice Within: A Collection Of Inspirational Poetry And Thoughts (SIGNED COPY)
PSY00012: Baddeley, Alan D. - The Psychology of Memory
3830: Bagot, Annette & Julian Munby (editors) - 'All Things is Well Here' Letters From Hugh James of Levens to James Grahme, 1692-95 (CWAAS Record Series Vol. X)
MDC00025: Bailey, Rosemary E - Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing
4857: Baker, Theodore - Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians
4843: Baker, Margaret - Folklore and Customs of Rural England
ART00042: Baldry, A. L. - Sir Joshua Reynolds : (Newnes Art Library)
2581: Ball, Brian N. - Timepiece
4726: Bamford, Thomas William - University of Hull: First Fifty Years (University Hull Publications)
4458: Bamforth, Nick - Trusting the Healer Within
2766: Bannatyne-Cugnet, Jo - A Prairie Year
CHD00177: Bantock, Nick - Wings: A Pop-up Book of Flight
ART00144: Barber, Barrington - The Fundamentals of Drawing Portraits: A Practical and Inspirational Course
SAF00077: Barber, James; Blumenfeld, Jesmond and Hill, Christopher R. - The West & South Africa
4538: Barker, Kathleen Frances - Nothing but Dogs - with One Hundred Drawings by the Author
3062: Barlay, Stephen - Aircrash Detective: the Quest for Aviation Safety: An International Report
HST00181: Barnard, E.A.B. (Editor) - Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, October 1931- October 1932 with Communications Made to the Society - Vol XXXIII
BOG00014: Barnard, Mary - Diary of an Optimist
TOP00140: Barnes, Alison - Essex Eccentrics
3940: Barnett, T. Ratcliffe - The Makers of the Kirk
4832: Barrett, Hugh - Early to Rise: A Suffolk Morning
HST00098: Bartlett, Richard A. - The New Country : A Social History of the American Frontier 1776-1890
4758: Barton, Peter in association with the Imperial War Museum with research by Jeremy Banning - Arras: The Spring 1917 Offensive in Panoramas Including Vimy Ridge and Bullecourt
3353: Bass, Anthony David - Poems
3080: Batcheler, Kenneth C. - A Century of Cambridgeshire Parish Councils, 1894-1994
3838: Beaglehole, Ernest - Property: A Study in Social Psychology
MUS00018: Beament, James - The Violin Explained : Components, Mechanism, and Sound (SIGNED COPY)
EST00158: Radha Soami Satsang Beas - A Spiritual Primer
4432: Beebe, William - Jungle Peace
4314: Beebee, Trevor J. C. & Richard Griffiths - Amphibians and Reptiles (New Naturalist 87)
2832: Bell, Robert - Wisbech: Town and City Memories
ART00046: Bell, Clive - Art
ART00025: Bell, Clive - An Account of French Painting
3863: Beloe, Edward Milligen - Guide to the Contents of the Greenland Fishery Museum (King's Lynn, Norfolk)
POL00013: Beloff, Max - Thomas Jefferson and American Democracy
4261: Benares, Camden - Zen without Zen masters
3195: Beningfield, Gordon - Poems of the Seasons - (Pictures by Gordon Beningfield)
4899: Bennett, J.G. - Dramatic Universe (Volume 2): The Foundations of Moral Philosophy
4911: Bennett, John G. - Gurdjieff: Making a New World
4912: Bennett., J. G - Transformation
4913: Bennett, J. G. - The Dramatic Universe: Volume 1 - Foundations of Natural Philosophy
4914: Bennett, John G - Gurdjieff Today (Transformation of Man series - No. 1)
4915: Bennett, John G. - Creative Thinking
2826: Bennett, David - True to Form (Wildlife Art Series)
4725: Benson, George - York [Beautiful England Series] described by George Benson, pictured by E. W. Haslehust
4771: Benson, E. F. - Henry James: Letters to A C Benson and Auguste Monod; now first published, and edited with an Introduction by E F Benson (LIMITED EDITION)
CRM00076: Bentley, Nicolas - The Events of That Week
4460: Benton, Ted - Grasshoppers and Crickets (New Naturalist No. 120)
4680: Berlin, Isaiah - Karl Marx: His Life and Environment (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge Series)
4118: Berlioz, Hector - The Memoirs of Hector Berlioz: The Complete Work Newly Translated, Edited and Introduced by David Cairns including His Travels in Italy, Germany, Russia and England 1803-1865
SAF00016: Bernheim, Marc & Evelyne - The Drums Speak - The Story of Kofi, a Boy of West Africa
3958: Besant, Annie - Talks with A Class
3957: Besant, Annie - The Ideals of Theosophy: Four Lectures delivered at the Thirty-sixth Annual Convention of the Theosophical Society, held at Benares, on December 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th, 1911.
4873: Bestall, Alfred - The New Rupert Book
SFC00037: Bester, Alfred - Extro
3487: Beth, Rae - The Green Hedge Witch: A Guide to Wild Magic
TVL00031: Beurdeley, Jean - Provins
TOP00045: Bevis, Trevor Allen - The Fens and West Norfolk: Selected Places of Interest Incorporating a History of Wisbech Castles
TVL00024: Bhardwaj, Surinder Mohan - Hindu Places of Pilgrimage in India: A Study in Cultural Geography
4445: Bird, Joanna; Hugh Chapman & John Clark (editors) - Collectanea Londiniensia : Studies in London Archaeology and History presented to Ralph Merrifield (Special Paper No. 2 - London and Middlesex Archaeological Society)
3312: Birrell, Augustine - Collected Essays: Volume I & Volume II
4700: Bishop, Billy - Cley Marsh and Its Birds: Fifty Years as Warden
3734: Bishop, Peter - The Sacred and Profane History of Bury St. Edmunds
HST00083: Bishop, James Alonzo - The Day Lincoln Was Shot
4096: Blacker, J. F. - The ABC of English Salt-Glaze Stone-Ware from Dwight to Doulton
3082: Blair, Betsy - The Memory of All That
4244: Blake, George - British Ships and Shipbuilders [Britain in Pictures Series]
THG00023: Blass, Friedrich - Grammar of New Testament Greek
4422: Blixen, Karen - Out of Africa
4461: Bloom, William - Psychic Protection: Creating Positive Energies for People and Places
CHD00150: Blyton, Enid - The Knights of the Round Table
4799: Boas, Adrian J. - Crusader Archaeology: The Material Culture of the Latin East
4094: Bobbitt, Mary Reed - With Dearest Love to All: The Life and Letters of Lady Jebb
3462: Bobo, J. B. - Modern Coin Magic: 116 Coin Sleights and 236 Coin Tricks
MDC00036: Bodman, Dr. Francis Hervey - Insights into Homoeopathy
4462: Bogliolo, Karin & Carly Newfeld - In Search of the Magic of Findhorn
PLG00014: Boissiere, Robert - Meditations with the Hopi
4753: Bokhanov, Alexander N. & Dr Manfred Knodt; Vladimir Oustimenko; Zinaida Peregudova; Lyubov Tyutyunnik & Translator]: Lyudmila Xenofontova - The Romanovs: Love, Power & Tragedy
4719: Bolton,, G. Douglas - Yorkshire Revealed
ART00136: Bolton, Richard - Texture and Detail in Watercolor
4965: Bonnard, Brian - Channel Island Plant Lore
HST00076: Boorstin, Daniel J - The Americans; 2 Vols. (1 - The Colonial Experience; 2 - The National Experience)
4185: Bor, Eleanor - Adventures of a Botanist's Wife
3947: Borrow, George - Lavengro: the Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest - by George Borrow with twelve illustrations in colour by Edmund J. Sullivan
4703: Bounford, Julie E. - This Book is About Heffers: The Bookshop That is Known All Over the World (SIGNED COPY)
2858: Bowyer, Michael J.F. - Action Stations 1: Wartime Military Airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945
MUS00004: Boyce-Tillman, June - Constructing Musical Healing: The Wounds That Sing
PLG00031: Boyd, Loree - Spirit Moves : The Story of Six Generations of Native Women
4718: Boyne, William - The Yorkshire Library - A Bibliographical Account of books on Topgraphy, Tracts of the 17th Century, Biography, Spaws, Geology, Botany, Maps, Views, Portraits and Miscellaneous Literature relating to the County of York, with collations and notes on the books and authors
LIT00031: Bradbrook, M. C. - The Tragic Pageant of 'Timon of Athens'
WST00002: Brand, Max - Tenderfoot
4672: Brandon, Ruth - Being Divine: A Biography Of Sarah Bernhardt
HST00060: Brandon, Peter & Short, Brian - South East from 1000 A. D.
4464: Brandon-Jones, David - Practical Palmistry
BUS00001: British Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Brazil - Doing Business in Brazil
HST00065: Breitmeyer, Hugo ( Introduction by ) - Two Accounts of the Life and Adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew, the King of the Beggars
4197: O'Brian, Patrick - The Golden Ocean
CHD00194: O'Brien, D. V. - The Three at St. Christopher's
4773: Brinley, Rosemary - Artificial Flower Making
4554: Bristow, Sophie & Tom Hiscocks - The Queens Beasts (SIGNED COPY)
4466: Bristowe, W. S. - The World of Spiders (New Naturalist No. 38)
4405: Broad, C. D. - Hume's Doctrine of Space [Dawes Hicks Lecture on Philosophy, British Academy, 1961]
CHD00189: Broadbent, Helen - The Dew-Babies
SCE00059: Brock, William H. - History of Chemistry
4659: Brockway, Fenner - Towards Tomorrow : the Autobiography of Fenner Brockway (SIGNED COPY)
4841: Brooke, Rupert - 1914 and other Poems
3214: Brooks, Pamela - Norwich: Stories of a City (SIGNED COPY)
3776: Brooks, F. W. (editor) - Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series Volume CV: The First Order Book of the Hull Trinity House 1632-1665
3773: Brooks, F. W, (editor) - Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series Vol.CXVI (being the second volume for the year 1949), Miscellanea Vol.V.
4777: Brooks, Cleanth - The Well Wrought Urn : Studies in the Structure of Poetry
4605: The Christian Brothers - Aids to Irish Composition
4607: The Christian Brothers - First Irish Grammar. Revised and Enlarged
4041: Brown, Shirley/Trumpington Local History Group - Trumpington Past and Present (Britain in Old Photographs)
4720: Brown, Alfred J. - Striding Through Yorkshire
PLG00073: Brown, Joseph Epes - Animals of the Soul : Sacred Animals of the Oglala Sioux
LIT00013: Browning, Robert - Balaustion's Adventure Including a Transcript from Euripides
SFC00115: Brunner, John - The Stone That Never Came Down
4775: Buchan, John - Some Notes on Sir Walter Scott (English Association Pamphlet No 58)
4774: Buchan, John - The Novel and the Fairy Tale (English Association Pamphlet No 79)
4812: Buitenen, J. A. B. Van - Ramanuja on the Bhagavadgita: A Condensed Rendering of his Gitabhasya with Copious Notes and an Introduction
SAF00105: Bulpin, T. - Tavern of the Seas: The Story of Cape Town, Robben Island and the Cape Peninsular
CHD00074: Bunyan, John - A Book for Boys and Girls; or, Country Rhymes for Children
4761: Burgess, Anthony - Flame into Being: The Life and Work of D H Lawrence
4057: Burnet, Bishop Gilbert - Bishop Burnet's History of His Own Time: With Notes by the Earls of Dartmouth and Hardwicke, Speaker Onslow, and Dean Swift, to which are added other notations. Volume IV only (Second Edition Enlarged)
CHD00175: Burnett, Frances Hodgson - The Little Hunchback Zia
4636: Burroughs, William, Jnr. - Kentucky Ham
4165: Bush, Christopher - The Case of the Seven Bells: A Ludovic Travers Mystery
4362: Bush-Fox, J. P. - Old Sarum, Wiltshire
4910: Butkovsky-Hewitt, Anna with assistance from Mary Cosh & Alicia Street - With Gurdjieff in St. Petersburg and Paris
4381: Butler, John - Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment
4316: Cabot, David & Ian Nisbet - Terns (New Naturalist 123)
4317: Cabot, David - Wildfowl (New Naturalist 110)
PLY00028: Calderón de la Barca, Pedro - Casa con dos puertas, mala es de guardar-La dama duende-Mañanas de Abril y Mayo
2552: Callaghan, Helen - Britain in Old Photographs: Cambridge University
4691: Calvert, E. M. - The History of Hunstanton Lighthouse
3431: Calvino, Italo - Adam, One Afternoon & Other Stories
LIT00014: Campagnac, E. T. (Editor) - Prose Selections from Matthew Arnold
LIT00008: Carducci, Giosue - Il Libro Delle Prefazioni
2588: Carnie, T. West - In Quaint East Anglia
CHD00067: Carruth, Jane - Dougal, the Best Detective
CHD00068: Carruth, Jane - Florence & the Magic Bean
CHD00064: Carruth, Jane - Dougal & the Cheeky Rabbit
CHD00065: Carruth, Jane - Look Out, Dougal
CHD00066: Carruth, Jane - Dougal & the Space Rocket
3107: Carruthers, Leslie & Ronald Ginns - Echeverias: A Guide to Cultivation and Identification
LNG00001: Carter, Ronald - Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives
4446: Casey, John and Richard Reece - Coins and the Archaeologist (British Archaeological Reports 4 - 1974)
4263: Castaneda, Margaret Runyan - A Magical Journey With Carlos Castaneda
3425: Cather, Willa - My Mortal Enemy
MAP00034: Cave, E. (editor) (City Librarian) - The City of Cambridge : Official Guide 1963
3170: Cecil, Henry - Unlawful Occasions
2939: Cesaresco, Count Eugenio Martinengo - The Psychology and Training of the Horse
4469: Chaitow, Leon - Relaxation and Meditation Techniques: A Complete Stress-proofing System
3939: Chambers, Robert - Traditions of Edinburgh
3477: Chance, Toby & Peter Williams: - Lighthouses : the Race to Illuminate the World
4693: Chandakitthi, Venerable Talalle (translator - Miss ilake)S. Gunath - Let us Travel this Empty World Unarmed to a Full Life
4635: Charters, Ann - Kerouac: A Biography
PHL00006: Charton, William (translator) - 'Philoponus' On Aristotle On the Soul 3.9-13 (with 'Stephanus' On Aristotle On Interpretation)
3894: Chase, Mary Ellen - Victoria: A Pig In A Pram
4194: Chaundler, Christine - Every Man's Book of Superstitions
4520: Chesterton, G. K. - What I Saw in America (People's Library edition)
4782: Chesterton, G. K. - Essays of Today and Yesterday
4024: Chiari, Joseph - T. S. Eliot: Poet and Dramatist.
4698: Chopra, Dr Deepak - The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
4264: Chopra, Deepak - The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents: Guiding Your Children to Success and Fulfillment
EST00262: Choquette, Sonia - Balancing Your Chakras : How to Balance Your Seven Energy Centres for Health and Wellbeing
TQS00006: Christie's - Oriental Rugs and Carpets (from various sources) April 30 1998
ART00138: Christy, G. - Step by Step Pastel
4612: St. George s Church - More Suffolk Cooking By George! A Collection of Favourite Recipes including Wines, Pickles & Preserves
4639: Cirke, Hayward (Selected by) - Thirty-two Picture Postcards of Old New York. Ready to Mail. Selected by Hayward Cirker
4909: Cirlot, Juan Eduardo - A Dictionary of Symbols
3899: Clark, Sir Kenneth (editor) - Stanley Spencer (The Penguin Modern Painters).
PLY00019: Clark, Barrett H. (selected by) - World Drama Vol. 2 : An Anthology
2537: Clark, John Willis - Cambridge: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes
4883: Clarke, Arthur C. - The Lion of Comarre; and; Against the Fall of Night
4884: Clarke, Arthur C. - Voices From the Sky
CHD00075: Clarke, Covington - Desert Wings
SFC00039: Clarke, Arthur C. - Expedition to Earth
4885: Clarke, Arthur C. - The Space Dreamers
4881: Clarke, Arthur C. - The Deep Range (Harbrace Paperbound Library)
4882: Clarke, Arthur C. [Editor] Robert Silverberg; Roger Zelazny; James Blish. - Three For Tomorrow: (How it Was When the Past Went Away; The Eve of Rumoko; We All Die Naked)
COM00006: Cleavenger, Dorian - Trinity : The Works and Visions of Dorian Cleavenger
THG00033: Cleobury, F H. - A Study in Christian Apologetic (Supplement to Faith & Thought Vol. 00) (SIGNED COPY)
PLG00069: Clifton, James A. (editor) - Being and Becoming Indian: Biographical Studies of North American Frontiers
4591: Christ's College Club - Christ's College Club: List of Past and Present Members of Christ's College, Cambridge with some notes on the History of the College 1937-1954
3685: Cobain, Kurt - Kurt Cobain: Journals (Nirvana)
SCE00003: Cochrane, Peter - Tips for Time Travellers: Visionary Insights into New Technology, Life and the Future by One of the World's Leading Technology Prophets (SIGNED COPY)
3945: Cockburn, Henry - Memorials of His Time 1779-1830 - New Edition with Introduction by his Grandson Harry A. Cockburn
EST00260: Cockell, Jenny - Past Lives, Future Lives
4669: Cockton, Henry - The Life And Adventures Of Valentine Vox The Ventriloquist
ART00041: Cogniat, Raymond - Gauguin
4668: Cohen, Victor - The Nineteenth Century: a Biographical History
4714: Colbeck, Maurice - Queer Folk: A Comicality of Yorkshire Characters
SCE00051: Cole, Henry W. - Understanding Radar
NAT00014: Cole, F. J. - A History of Comparative Anatomy from Aristotle to the Eighteenth Century
3406: Coleman, A. P. & W. A. Parks - Elementary Geology with special reference to Canada
CHD00216: Colfer, Eoin - Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
4916: Collin, Rodney - The Mirror of Light (from the notebooks of Rodney Collin)
LIT00009: Collins, J Churton (edited by) - Sidney's Apologie for Poetrie
4064: Colmer, Michael - Aztec Astrology: An Introduction
PTY00042: Colum, Padraic (Editor) - The Poems of Jonathan Swift
3385: Conlay, Iris & Peter F. Anson - The Art Of The Church (Volume 11 in The New Library of Catholic Knowledge)
3283: Conway, D. J. - Celtic Magic
ANL00026: Conway, Gerry - Superman Official Annual 1980
4797: Cook, H. Caldwell - The Play Way: An Essay in Educational Method
CHD00080: Cookson, Catherine - Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy
CHD00167: Cookson, Catherine - Matty Doolin
CHD00168: Cookson, Catherine - Matty Doolin
EST00224: Cooper, Diana - A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws
4073: Cooper, Diana - A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws
4266: Cooper, Diana & Kathy Crosswell - The Keys to the Universe: Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos
4318: Corbet, Philip & Stephen Brooks - Dragonflies (New Naturalist 106)
4450: Cornforth, John - Country Houses Of England, The 1948-1998
4626: Corso, Gregory - Gasoline (City Lights Pocket Poets Series)
LIT00024: Cottle, Basil - The Triumph of English 1350-1400 (History and Literature Series)
4795: Cox, Charles Brian & Anthony Edward Dyson (editors) - Black Paper 1: Fight for Education. Black Paper 2: Crisis in Education. Black Paper 3: Goodby Mr. Short.
4386: Cozens, David - Huntingdon: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
HST00154: Craven, Avery - An Historian and the Civil War.
4838: Craven, A. B. - Victorian and Edwardian Yorkshire from old photographs
ART00132: Crawshaw, Alwyn - Oil Painting Course
ART00135: Crawshaw, Alwyn - Crawshaws Watercolour Studio
4967: Cregeen, Archibald - A Dictionary of the Manks Language, with the Corresponding Words or Explanations in English; Interspersed with Many Gaelic Proverbs: the Parts of Speech. the Genders, & the Accents of the Manks Words are Carefully Marked; with some Etymological Observations never before published.
CHD00076: Cresswell, Helen - Pietro and the Mule
4012: Croker, Thomas Crofton - Legends of the Lakes: Or, Sayings and Doings at Killarney. Collected chiefly from the manuscripts of R. Adolphus Lynch, Esq. H. P. King's German Legion (two volume set)
PLG00067: Cronyn, George W. [editor] - American Indian Poetry: An Anthology of Songs and Chants
4128: Cross, Thomas - The Autobiography of a Stage Coachman (Limited & Numbered Edition - 2 Volumes)
3058: Cumming, Michael - The Powerless Ones: Gliding in Peace & War
HST00092: Cunliffe, Marcus - George Washington: Man and Monument
3797: Cusack, Dymphna and Florence James - Four Winds and A Family
4581: Dale, Harrison - Vanishing Trails: Ten Years of a Wanderers Life
4512: Daudet, Alphonse - Tartarin of Tarascon and Tartarin on the Alps (Everyman's Library No. 423)
HST00058: Davenport, Hester - Writers in Windsor
ART00044: Davey, Richard - Botticelli
4452: David, Jay - The Flying Saucer Reader
SAF00071: Davidson, Basil - Africa in Modern History: The Search for a New Society
3482: Davies, Rodney - From the Other World: Disembodied Voices
3836: Davis, Denys - Cine Hints, Tips and Gadgets
4760: Davis, Philip - In Mind of Johnson: A Study of Johnson the Rambler
3193: Davis, Courtney. (Text by Helena Paterson) - Celtic Mandalas
PTY00001: Lewis C. Day - A Time to Dance and other Poems
4929: Day, J. Wentworth - Farming Adventure: A Thousand Miles through England on a Horse
PTY00033: De’ Medici, Lorenzo - Poesie
3891: Dearmer, Geoffrey (Compiled by) - Told on the Air: Broadcast Stories for Children (SIGNED COPY)
4472: Dearsley, Linda - A Tribute to Doris Stokes
3674: Debo, Angie - A History Of The Indians Of The United States
2525: Deer, W. A. (Editor) - List of Members of Trinity Hall Cambridge Showing the Members of the Trinity Hall Association 1967
CHD00025: Defoe, Daniel - Robinson Crusoe
3791: Dekker, Thomas (edited, with an introduction and notes, by Ernest Rhys) - The Best Plays of the Old Dramatists: Thomas Dekker (Mermaid Series)
3398: O'Dell, Damien - Ghostly Bedfordshire Reinvestigated: A Haunted History (SIGNED COPY)
TOP00103: County Planning Department - Bedfordshire River Valleys: Sector Study One
NAT00012: Dethier, V. G. - The Physiology of Insect Senses
HST00172: Devereux, Paul - Secrets of Ancient and Sacred Places: The World's Mysterious Heritage
4267: Devereux, Paul - Living Ancient Wisdom: Understanding and Using Its Principles Today
4652: Diaper, Captain Tom - Tom Diaper's Log: Memoirs Of A Racing Skipper.
3329: Dibdin, Thomas Frognall - Bibliophobia: Remarks on the Present Languid and Depressed State of Literature and the Book Trade. In a Letter Addressed to the Author of the Bibliomania
4727: Dickens, A.G. - The East Riding of Yorkshire with Hull and York
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ART00026: Phillipps, Evelyn March - Pintoricchio
4511: Photiou, Tycho - Inspirational Thoughts: A Compilation of Wonderful Quotations for Your Personal Growth (Volume 1)
HST00091: Pierson, George Wilson - The Moving American (plus: The M-Factor in American History) (SIGNED COPY)
4107: Pignata, Giuseppe (Arthur Symons - translator) - The Adventures of Giuseppe Pignata Who Escaped from the Prisons of the Inquisition of Rome.
3459: Pinkson, Tom Soloway Ph.D. - The Flowers of Wiricuta: A Journey to Shamanic Power With the Huichol Indians of Mexico
3437: Pinto, Edward H. - Wooden Bygones of Smoking and Snuff Taking
SCE00005: Pittacos, Basil D. - Is Materialism an Illusion? (What Occurred Just Before the Big Bang and the Beginning of the Cosmos).
TVL00032: Pittman, G. P. - Village India.
CLS00018: Plato - Das Gastmahl
CLS00017: Plato - Die Verteidigung des Sokrates
CHD00195: Pocock, Doris A - Judy Sees It Through
3871: Pocock, Guy & M M Bosman (chosen & edited by) - Modern Humour: A Nosegay of Contemporary Wit - (Everyman's Library Volume 957)
4877: Pohl, Frederik - The Cool War (First UK Edition)
3169: Pope, Arthur Upham - An Introduction to Persian Art Since the Seventh Century A.D.
EST00052: Porter, Bill - Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits
NAT00045: Portielje, A.F.J. - Mun Aquarium Door
3827: Portway, Colonel Donald - Talks to Future Officers
SAF00014: Van Der Post, Laurens. - The Voice of the Thunder
POL00007: Potter, Allen Meyers - American Government and Politics
TOP00114: Potter, Dennis - Changing Forest, The
4595: Poucher, W.A. - The Lakeland Peaks: A Pictorial Guide to Walking in the District and to the Safe Ascent of its Principal Mountain Groups
HST00160: Powell, Lawrence N. - New Masters : Northern Planters During the Civil War and Reconstruction
4543: Power, William A. - The Log of the Olivia, by William A. Power, a Victorian Yachtsman
CHD00155: Power, Eileen & Rhoda - Boys & Girls of History
4513: Praagh, James Van - Talking To Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death
PLY00044: Pratchett, Terry; (adapted by Briggs, Stephen) - Johnny and the Dead (Oxford Playscripts)
3125: Pratchett, Terry - Making Money (a Discworld Novel) with one Discworld Banknote
2679: Prevost, Abbe (Translated by L. W. Tancock) - Manon Lescaut
4025: Price, Martin (editor) - Restoration and the Eighteenth Century
4783: Priestley, J. B. - Talking: Being One of a Series of Essays Entitled These Diversions
2584: Pringle, David. (Foreword Brian Aldiss) - Modern Fantasy : The Hundred Best Novels: An English-Language Selection, 1946-1987
3748: Procter, Frances & Philippa Miller - Village Signs: the Story of Village and Town Signs in Norfolk (SIGNED COPY)
4329: Proctor, Michael - Vegetation of Britain and Ireland (New Naturalist 122)
HST00173: Pryde, George S. - Central and Local Government in Scotland Since 1707
4890: Pullman, Philip - Puss in Boots: the adventures of that most enterprising feline,
4766: Punter, David - The Literature of Terror: History of Gothic Fiction from 1765 to the Present Day
2767: Pursehouse, Eric - Waveney Valley Studies: Gleanings from Local history
3366: Purves, Libby - This Cruising Life: A Collection of Amusing Stories from the Popular Yachting Monthly Column (World of Cruising) (SIGNED COPY)
4402: Quatremain, W. W. & Annie L. Pressland - Easton Lodge from Original Water Colour Paintings
3851: Queen, Carol - Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot
TVL00046: Röttger, Bernh. Hermann - Die Stadt Würzburg/The City of Wuerzburg
3866: Racine, Jean - Tragedies Choisies De Racine
2880: Southern Railway - Southern Railway Passenger Services: October 6th, 1947 until further notice (Facsimile of Original 1947 Edition)
EST00024: Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree; (Compiler - Pathik, Amrit; Edit. - Deva, Satya) - The Mustard Seed: Discourses on the Sayings of Jesus Taken from the Gospel According to Thomas
3589: Ralfe, Picher G. (Compiler) - Sixty Years of Banking: The History of the Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited 1865-1925
3588: Ralfe, Picher G. (Compiler) - Sixty Years of Banking: The History of the Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited 1865-1925
4540: Ramos-Poqui, Guillem - The Technique of Icon Painting
4309: Rampa, T. Lobsang - You - Forever
4385: Randle, Dave - Hertfordshire in Old Photographs
THG00078: Rasmussen, Larry (ed) - Reinhold Niebuhr: Theologian of Public Life
4457: Raven, John & Max Walters - Mountain Flowers (New Naturalist No. 33)
HST00194: Ravensdale, J.R. - History on Your Doorstep
3220: Rawcliffe, Carole & Richard Wilson (Editors) with Christine Clark - Norwich Since 1550
4517: Rayner, Ronald - The Voyages of Joseph of Avalon; The Boy Jesus and the Crystal Skull; Foretelling the Future for the Planet; Armageddoon; Aliens; Loch Ness (SIGNED COPY)
4516: Rayner, Ronald - Joseph Escapes to Glastonbury
4515: Rayner, Ronald - The Clintons and the Glastonbury Connection
4283: Redfield, James - The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
3686: Ree, Harry - Educator Extraordinary: the Life and Achievement of Henry Morris
CFT00014: Reed, G.H. - The Third Book of Architecture. Ecclesiastical Architecture Based on the Development of the Parish Church.
CFT00013: Reed, G.H. - A Second Book of Architecture Military and Domestic
2821: Reeve, F. A (Introduction and Commentaries by) - Victorian and Edwardian Cambridgeshire from Old Photographs
3977: Reeve, F. A (Introduction and Commentaries by) - Victorian and Edwardian Cambridge from Old Photographs
2624: Reeve, Frank Albert - Cambridge College Walks.
4830: Regan, Dean - Windmills of Suffolk: Illustrations of the remaining Windmills of Suffolk
POL00010: Reich, Charles Alan - The Greening of America
4004: Reid, Lori - How to Read Hands: A Step-by-step Guide to Modern Hand Analysis
4243: Reid, Ian - A Game Called Survival: The Story of Betty di San Marzano and Her Children in Wartime Italy
CRM00021: Rendell, Ruth - Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
CRM00052: Rendell, Ruth - Road Rage (SIGNED COPY)
CHD00119: Rentoul, Annie R. & Outhwaite, Ida Rentoul - The Little Green Road to Fairyland
4132: Reynardson, Charles Thomas Samuel Birch - Down the Road or the Reminiscences of a Gentleman Coachman
4923: Reyner, J. H. - Ouspensky: The Unsung Genius
3446: Reynolds, Joshua - Seven Discourses Delivered in the Royal Academy by the President 1778
TVL00015: Reynolds-Ball, Eustace - Rome a Practical Guide to Rome and Its Environs
PLY00004: Rice, Elmer - See Naples and Die - a comedy in three Acts
ART00007: Rice, D.Talbot - English Art 871 - 1100.
3007: Richards, C. J. - The Burman: an Appreciation
HST00198: Richardson, Heather - Burwell: A Stroll Through History
4869: Richardson. ., J. Hall - From the City to Fleet Street: Some Journalistic Experiences of J. Hall Richardson
MDC00039: Richberg, Inga-Maria - Gentle Healing with Homeopathy : A Practical Primer to Self-Treatment of Common Ailments
SCE00040: Rickards, Teresa - Cambridge Illustrated Thesaurus of Physics
4045: Rimbault, Edward F. - The Miscellaneous Works in Prose and Verse of Sir Thomas Overbury, Knt. Now First Collected. Edited with Notes, and a Biographical Account of the Author.
NOV00022: Ringuet - Thirty Acres
4354: Rinpoche, Sogyal - The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: A New Spiritual Classic from One of the Foremost Interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism to the West

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