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PTY00010: ADAMS, RICHARD - Legend of Te Tuna
SAF00081: ADEDEJI, ADEBAYO, EDITOR - Indigenization of African Economies
SAF00075: ADEJUYIGBE, OMOLADE - Boundary Problems in Western Nigeria, a Geographical Analysis
SFC00022: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - A Romance of the Equator: Best Fantasy Stories
SFC00067: ALDISS, BRIAN W. & WINGROVE, DAVID - Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction
ART00054: ALSTON, ROWLAND. - The Mind And Work Of G. F. Watts.
ART00003: D'ANCONA, PAOLO. - Leonardo Da Vinci.
CHD00027: ANDERSEN, HANS - Tales from Hans Andersen
CHD00089: ANDERSEN, HANS - The Ugly Duckling
SFC00060: ANDERSON, POUL - Winter of the World
EST00190: ANTHONY, CARL K. - A Guide to the I Ching
SFC00025: ANTHONY, PIERS - Man from Mundania
CHD00003: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim to the Rescue
CHD00008: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim to the Rescue
CHD00014: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim to the Rescue
CHD00125: ARNOLD, NICK - Chemical Chaos (SIGNED COPY)
EST00037: ASHE, GEOFFREY - The Finger and the Moon
EST00189: ASHE, GEOFFREY - Avalonian Quest
HST00052: AUTY, ROBERT; OBOLENSKY, DIMITRI - An Introduction to Russian History - (Companion to Russian Studies)
EST00051: AYTON, MARGARET - The Voice Within: A Collection Of Inspirational Poetry And Thoughts (SIGNED COPY)
ART00042: BALDRY, A. L. - Sir Joshua Reynolds : (Newnes Art Library)
CHD00177: BANTOCK, NICK - Wings: A Pop-up Book of Flight
THG00054: WATTERSON BARBARA - Coptic Egypt.
BOG00014: BARNARD, MARY - Diary of an Optimist
NAT00026: BARNES, JOHN A. G. - Titmice of the British Isles
TOP00071: BARR, DAVID - A Family Way
EST00048: BARRETT, ROSA M. (EDITOR) - The Seekers - Talks By 'Dr Lascelles'
MUS00018: BEAMENT, JAMES - The Violin Explained : Components, Mechanism, and Sound (SIGNED COPY)
SFC00024: BEAR, GREG - Psychlone
EST00129: BEARD, PAUL - Survival of Death
EST00158: RADHA SOAMI SATSANG BEAS - A Spiritual Primer
ART00025: BELL, CLIVE - An Account of French Painting
ART00046: BELL, CLIVE - Art
CRM00076: BENTLEY, NICOLAS - The Events of That Week
SAF00016: BERNHEIM, MARC & EVELYNE - The Drums Speak - The Story of Kofi, a Boy of West Africa
SFC00037: BESTER, ALFRED - Extro
TVL00031: BEURDELEY, JEAN - Provins
TOP00045: BEVIS, TREVOR ALLEN - The Fens and West Norfolk: Selected Places of Interest Incorporating a History of Wisbech Castles
TVL00024: BHARDWAJ, SURINDER MOHAN - Hindu Places of Pilgrimage in India: A Study in Cultural Geography
THG00023: BLASS, FRIEDRICH - Grammar of New Testament Greek
EST00151: BLOFELD, JOHN - The Wheel of Life : The Autobiography of a Western Buddhist
CHD00150: BLYTON, ENID - The Knights of the Round Table
SCE00037: BOBBETT, DAVID G. (EDITOR) - World Radio TV Handbook : The Directory of International Broadcasting
PLG00014: BOISSIERE, ROBERT - Meditations with the Hopi
MUS00004: BOYCE-TILLMAN, JUNE - Constructing Musical Healing: The Wounds That Sing
PLG00031: BOYD, LOREE - Spirit Moves : The Story of Six Generations of Native Women
WST00002: BRAND, MAX - Tenderfoot
SPT00014: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Gundogs : Their Care and Training
HST00060: BRANDON, PETER & SHORT, BRIAN - South East from 1000 A. D.
CFT00007: BRAUN, HUGH - English Medieval Architecture
CHD00132: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Jo to the Rescue
CHD00134: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Janie Steps in
PLY00020: BRIDIE, JAMES - A Sleeping Clergyman and Other Plays
CHD00194: O'BRIEN, D. V. - The Three at St. Christopher's
CHD00206: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - Quand Souffle Le Vent
CHD00189: BROADBENT, HELEN - The Dew-Babies
ART00051: BROWN, J. HULLAH - Elementary Water-Colour Painting
CFT00003: BROWN, R. J. - English Village Architecture
SAF00104: BUFORD, BILL (EDITOR) - Granta (The Magazine of New Writing) No. 48 - Autumn 1994 - Africa
SAF00105: BULPIN, T. - Tavern of the Seas: The Story of Cape Town, Robben Island and the Cape Peninsular
CHD00074: BUNYAN, JOHN - A Book for Boys and Girls; or, Country Rhymes for Children
CHD00175: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - The Little Hunchback Zia
CHD00085: BURROUGHES, DOROTHY - How Nature Helps You
THG00053: BUTLER, JOHN - The Quest for Becket's Bones : The Mystery of the Relics of St Thomas Becket of Canterbury
TQS00005: CAMPANA, MICHELE - Oriental Carpets
SCE00009: CANNON, ROBERT L. & BANKS, MICHAEL A. - The Rocket Book: A Guide to Building and Launching Model Rockets for Students and Teachers of the Space Age
EST00075: CARROLL, PETER J. - Liber Kaos
CHD00064: CARRUTH, JANE - Dougal & the Cheeky Rabbit
CHD00066: CARRUTH, JANE - Dougal & the Space Rocket
CHD00067: CARRUTH, JANE - Dougal, the Best Detective
CHD00065: CARRUTH, JANE - Look Out, Dougal
CHD00068: CARRUTH, JANE - Florence & the Magic Bean
LNG00001: CARTER, RONALD - Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives
PLG00040: CATLIN, GEORGE - Life Among the Indians
SCE00031: CHAPPELL, ALAN, EDITOR; - Optoelectronics : Theory and Practice
TQS00006: CHRISTIE'S - Oriental Rugs and Carpets (from various sources) April 30 1998
PLY00019: CLARK, BARRETT H. (SELECTED BY) - World Drama Vol. 2 : An Anthology
TOP00098: CLARK, WENDY - Once around Wandlebury (SIGNED COPY)
CHD00075: CLARKE, COVINGTON - Desert Wings
SFC00039: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Expedition to Earth
SFC00064: CLARKE, ARTHUR C & BAXTER, STEPHEN - Time's Eye (A Time Odyssey: Book One)
COM00006: CLEAVENGER, DORIAN - Trinity : The Works and Visions of Dorian Cleavenger
THG00033: CLEOBURY, F H. - A Study in Christian Apologetic (Supplement to Faith & Thought Vol. 00) (SIGNED COPY)
PLG00069: CLIFTON, JAMES A. (EDITOR) - Being and Becoming Indian: Biographical Studies of North American Frontiers
SCE00003: COCHRANE, PETER - Tips for Time Travellers: Visionary Insights into New Technology, Life and the Future by One of the World's Leading Technology Prophets (SIGNED COPY)
NAT00014: COLE, F. J. - A History of Comparative Anatomy from Aristotle to the Eighteenth Century
SCE00051: COLE, HENRY W. - Understanding Radar
CHD00216: COLFER, EOIN - Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
CHD00168: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Matty Doolin
CHD00167: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Matty Doolin
CHD00080: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy
EST00224: COOPER, DIANA - A Little Light on Spiritual Laws
3778: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Skirmish (Special Limited Edition)
HST00001: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Bull of Minos
CHD00076: CRESSWELL, HELEN - Pietro and the Mule
PLG00067: CRONYN, GEORGE W. [EDITOR] - American Indian Poetry: An Anthology of Songs and Chants
THG00034: CUPITT, DON - The Sea of Faith: Christianity in Change (SIGNED COPY)
HST00045: CURTAYNE, ALICE - Patrick Sarsfield
HST00058: DAVENPORT, HESTER - Writers in Windsor
ART00044: DAVEY, RICHARD - Botticelli
SAF00071: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Africa in Modern History: The Search for a New Society
SAF00087: DAVIDSON, BASIL - The African Past: Chronicles from Antiquity to Modern Times
PTY00001: LEWIS C. DAY - A Time to Dance and other Poems
CHD00025: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
TOP00103: COUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT - Bedfordshire River Valleys: Sector Study One
NAT00012: DETHIER, V. G. - The Physiology of Insect Senses
CHD00097: DICKINSON, PETER - Merlin Dreams
SCE00012: DODD, PETER (G3LDO) - The Antenna Experimenter's Guide
SCE00021: DODD, PETER (G3LDO) - The Antenna Experimenter's Guide
3783: DOHERTY, RICHARD - Wall of Steel. The History of the 9th (Londonderry) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
EST00090: DONNER, FLORINDA - Being-in-Dreaming: An Initiation into the Sorcerers' World
3784: DORAN, W. E. - The Great Ouse Flood Protection Scheme: Drainage and Engineering Works in the Fens
SAF00022: DRYSDALE, HELENA - Dancing with the Dead. A Journey through Zanzibar and Madagascar (SIGNED COPY)
SCE00006: DUCHENE, CAPTAIN, TRANS. BY JOHN H. LEDEBOER AND T. O'B. HUBBARD - The Mechanics of the Aeroplane: A Study of the Principles of Flight
ART00013: DUMAS, F.G.. - 1883 Annuaire illustre des Beaux-Arts et Catalogue Illustre De L'exposition Nationale.
PLG00009: DUTTON, BERTHA & OLIN, CAROLINE - Myths and Legends of Indians of the Southwest Book 2
CRM00043: WALLACE EDGAR - The Twister
NOV00034: ESMOND, HARRIET - The Eye Stones
PLY00013: EURIPIDES; MURRAY, GILBERT (TRANS.) - The Alcestis: Translated Into English Rhyming Verse with Explanatory Notes
TOP00010: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - The Pattern under the Plough
TOP00011: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - Where Beards Wag All : The Relevance of the Oral Tradition.
SAF00001: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - Historic Farms of South Africa
SFC00016: FEIST, RAYMOND E. - Shards of a Broken Crown;: Vol. IV of the Serpent War Saga
CHD00163: FINE, ANNE - Frozen Billy
3777: FONTAINE, JEAN DE LA (WITH NOTES BY MME. AMABLE TASTU) - Fables de La Fontaine Avec des notes par Mme Amable Tastu
EDC00001: FORSTER, F. MARGARET - School for Life: A Study of the People's Colleges in Sweden
ART00053: FOSTER, MARCIA LANE - Let's Do It: Sketches of Children.
EST00121: FRASER, ELISABETH - Fragments: My Life and Death in a Cult
CHD00154: FRIGOUT, R. DE B. - The Smugglers' Hole - A Story for Brownies
PTY00012: FULLER, ROY - Reign of Sparrows
CRM00013: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Smoking Chimney
EST00195: GARDNER, JOY - Color and Crystals : A Journey Through the Chakras
CHD00131: GERARD, GEOFFREY - The Young Man's Guide to Electrical Engineering
BOG00005: GÉRIN, WINIFRED - Horatia Nelson
PLG00010: GIBSON, MICHAEL - The American Indian from Colonial Times to the Present
SAF00061: GLEAVE, M. B., & WHITE, H. P. - Agricultural Systems and Pastoralism in Tropical Africa
SAF00062: GLEAVE, M. B - Population & Settlement in Tropical Africa
TOP00052: GOODWYN, E.A. - East Anglian Literature: A Survey from Crabbe to Adrian Bell
ANL00013: GRANT, ALAN & WAGNER, JOHN - Judge Dredd Annual 1987
ANL00014: GRANT, ALAN & WAGNER, JOHN - Judge Dredd Annual 1989
ANL00015: GRANT, ALAN & WAGNER, JOHN - Judge Dredd Annual 1990
ANL00011: GRANT, ALAN & WAGNER, JOHN - Judge Dredd Annual 1985
LIT00007: GRANVILLE-BARKER, HARLEY. (EDITOR) - The Eighteen-Seventies: Essays By Fellows of the Royal Society of Literature
TOP00113: GRAY, ARTHUR BEALES - Cambridge Revisited
TOP00100: GREEN, DAVID - A Berkshire Christmas
CHD00002: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Little Steamroller
CHD00010: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Little Horse Bus
TRN00004: GREENLY, HENRY - Model Electric Locomotives and Railways: their Details and Practical Construction
PLY00005: GREIN, J. T. - The New World Of The Theatre 1923-1924
TVL00010: GREW, EDWIN AND MARIAN SHARPE - Rambles in Holland
EST00084: GRUMBINE, J.C.F. - Clairvoyance: The System of Philosophy Concerning the Divinity of Clairvoyance. Also a Treatise on Divination and Crystal Reading
SAF00015: GRUTTER, WILHELM - A Name Among Seafaring Men - a history of the training ship General Botha.
CHD00095: HALE, KATHLEEN - Orlando (the Marmalade Cat) Keeps a Dog
EST00212: HALL, MANLY PALMER - Buddhism & Psychotherapy: The Healing of Heart Doctrine
HST00031: HAMILL, THOMAS & BROWN, PAUL T.(EDITED BY LANGSTON, JAY T.) - Escape In Iraq: The Thomas Hamill Story
COM00003: VAN HAMME, JEAN - Lune de Guerre
PLY00011: HAMPDEN, JOHN (ED.) - Eighteenth-Century Plays [Everyman's Library No. 818]
PET00002: HANES, COLONEL BAILEY C. - The New Complete Bulldog
CHD00190: HARDING, ROBERT - The Island of Despair - (The Banner of the Prophet )
PLY00015: HARDY, THOMAS - The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyonesse: A New Version of an Old Story Arranged as a Play for Mummers, in One Act, Requiring No Theatre or Scenery
SFC00032: HARRISON, HARRY - The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You
CHD00218: HAWCOCK, DAVID & MONTGOMERY, LEE - Ant (Bouncing Bugs)
CHD00106: HAYENS, HERBERT - For the Colours - a Boys' Book of the Army
TOP00093: HAYLOCK, CHARLIE - Sloightly on Th' Huh!: an Affectionate Look at the Suffolk Dialect
LIT00003: HEPPENSTALL, RAYNER & INNES, MICHAEL - Three Tales of Hamlet
NOV00026: HESSE, HERMANN; LINDLEY, DENVER (TRANSLATOR) - Autobiographical Writings [of] Hermann Hesse
TOP00064: HILL, DAVID - A Living in the Past: An East Anglia Venture in Antiques & Bygones
THG00001: HILTON, RABBI MICHAEL WITH MARSHALL, FR. GORDIAN - The Gospels and Rabbinic Judaism: A Study Guide
ART00004: HIND, CHARLES LEWIS - Adventures Among Pictures
CHD00183: HOBAN, RUSSELL - The Last of the Wallendas
SAF00054: HODDER-WILLIAMS, RICHARD & WOODWARD, PETER - African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 86, No. 345. October, 1987
SAF00057: HODDER-WILLIAMS, RICHARD & WOODWARD, PETER - African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 87, No. 348. July, 1988
SAF00056: HODDER-WILLIAMS, RICHARD & WOODWARD, PETER - African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 87, No. 349. October, 1988
SAF00055: HODDER-WILLIAMS, RICHARD & WOODWARD, PETER - African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 86, No. 345. October, 1987
SAF00060: AGBOOLA S A AND HODDER B W - West Africa in Its Continent. A Regional Geography
SAF00102: HOPE, CHRISTOPHER - White Boy Running
THG00061: HUME, (CARDINAL) BASIL - Towards a Civilisation of Love: Being Church in Today's World
EST00143: HUMPHREYS, CHRISTMAS - The Wisdom of Buddhism
HST00003: HUNTER-DUVAR, JOHN - The Stone, Bronze & Iron Ages. A Popular Treatise on Early Archaeology
ART00016: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - Tait McKenzie A Sculptor of Youth
PLY00018: IBSEN, HENRIK: TRANSLATED FROM THE NORWEGIAN BY ANDERS ORBECK - Early Plays: Catiline, The Warrior's Barrow, Olaf Liljekrans
NOV00023: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Mr. Norris Changes Trains (SIGNED COPY)
NOV00006: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Down There on a Visit
EST00019: KORNFIELD JACK - A Path With Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life
CRM00057: JAMES, P.D. - The Skull Beneath the Skin
CHD00051: JANSSON, TOVE - Who Will Comfort Toffle ?
SPT00011: JENKINS, ALAN C. - The Sporting Life
NOV00011: JEPSON, EDGAR - Kitty Brown's Princes
HST00004: JESSUP, RONALD - Anglo-Saxon Jewellery
SPT00021: RAWLE. JOHN - Cod Fishing
CHD00147: JOHNS, CAPT. W. E. - The Quest for the Perfect Planet
3782: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - (INTRODUCTORY ESSAY BY T. S. ELIOT) - London: A Poem and The Vanity of Human Wishes. with an introductory essay by T. S. Eliot (Haslewood Books.)
CFT00011: JOHNSON, AUDREY - How to Make Dolls' Houses
EST00114: JOHNSTONE, MICHAEL - The Book of Spells: Positive Enchantments to Enhance Your Life
LAW00002: JONES, CHRISTOPHER - E. C. Competition Law Handbook 2002/2003
SAF00080: KAYSER, HERAUSGEGEBEN VON K. & HETZEL, W - Stadte Markte Zentren in Afrika (SIGNED COPY)
TVL00028: KEAY, JOHN - When Men and Mountains Meet : The Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1820-75
SAF00065: O'KEEFE, PHIL & WISNER, BEN - Landuse and Development
PTY00024: KELLEHAR, CECIL - Harvest: Light Verses (SIGNED COPY)
PTY00023: KELLEHAR, CECIL - Gleanings : An Anthology of Verse
THG00064: KELLER, WERNER - The Bible As History: Archaeology Confirms the Book of Books
PLG00047: KELLY, FANNY - My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians
SCE00014: KENNEDY, GEORGE; DAVIS, BERNARD - Electronic Communication Systems
SAF00063: KIMBLE, DAVID AND HELEN. EDITORS - The Journal of Modern African Studies; Volume 2 Number 3, November 1964
EST00207: KING, TERI - Your Child and the Zodiac
CHD00248: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho! or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the county of Devon, in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth
CHD00021: KINGSTON, W.H.G. - True Blue
SAF00092: KJERSMEIER, CARL - Afrikanske Negerskulpturer/African Negro Sculptures
SFC00072: KNIGHT, DAMON - The World and Thorinn
NOV00012: VONNEGUT JR. KURT - Wampeters Foma & Granfalloons
SFC00051: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The King's Justice
SFC00052: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The Quest for Saint Camber
HST00007: LAING, LLOYD & JENNIFER - A Guide to the Dark Age Remains in Britain
THG00051: LAMPE, G.W.H. - The Seal of the Spirit : A Study in the Doctrine of Baptism and Confirmation in the New Testament and the Fathers. (Second Edition: 1967 With a New Introduction and Bibliography. )
PLG00022: CHIEF BUFFALO CHILD LONG LANCE - Long Lance: The Autobiography of a Blackfoot Indian Chief
CHD00040: LARSON, GARY - There's a Hair in My Dirt (A Worm's Story)
SAF00007: LAURENCE, JOHN - The Seeds of Disaster (SIGNED COPY)
AUS00001: LAWSON,HENRY - The Romance Of The Swag
HST00064: LAYTON, R; STONE, P. & THOMAS, J. (EDITORS) - The Destruction and Conservation of Cultural Property
EST00122: LEADBEATER, CHARLES WEBSTER - Le Côté Caché des Choses - tome 1
TVL00027: LEAR, EDWARD - Journals of a Landscape Painter in Greece and Albania
EST00022: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Psychedelic Prayers After the Tao Te Ching
EST00066: LESHAN, LAWRENCE - The Science of the Paranormal: The Last Frontier
3779: LESSING, DORIS - The Memoirs of a Survivor (SIGNED inscription by Julie Christie)
PLG00065: LEVY-BRUHL, LUCIEN - The 'Soul' of the Primitive
THG00029: LEWIS, C.S. - Selected Books
EST00167: LILLY, WILLIAM - An Introduction to Astrology: with Numerous Emendations, Adapted to the improved State of the Science
TRN00003: VAUXHALL MOTORS LIMITED - Vauxhall Victor Owner's Handbook TS 542/4
SCE00004: LINDQVIST, SVANTE (EDITOR) - Center on the Periphery: Historical Aspects of 20th-Century Swedish Physics
THL00001: LINDSAY, JACK (ED.) - Inspiration an Anthology of Utterances By Creative Minds Defining the Creative Act and Its Lyrical Basis in Life
SCE00042: LOCKYER, K. G. - An Introduction to Critical Path Analysis
CHD00257: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Garden
TOP00117: LORD HARLECH, THE RT. HON. - s to Ancient Monuments : East Anglia & the Midlands (Illustrated Regional Guide No. 3)
CHD00096: LOVE, BRIAN - Play the Game
SPT00025: LUNN, ARNOLD - Mountains of Memory
CHD00199: LUSSERT, ANNELIESE; BELL, ANTHEA(TRANS) - The Farmer and the Moon
SFC00046: MACLEOD, IAN R - The House of Storms
PLY00014: MACNEICE, LOUIS - Dark Tower, The
TOP00032: MADAN, FALCONER (PART 1) & W. M. PALMER (PART 2) WITH INDEX BY J. H. BULLOCK & G.J. GRAY. - Notes on Bodleian Manuscripts relating to Cambridge: Part 1: Town & University. Part 2: County. (Octavo Publications, No. LII.)
WST00004: MADISON, HANK - Blood on the Saddle
CRM00068: MAGUIRE, MIKE & CORBETT, CLAIRE - The Effects of Crime and the Work of Victims Support Schemes
CHD00244: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH - Sir Green Hat and the Wizard
CHD00053: MANWELL, M.B. - The Girls of Dancy Dene
CRM00067: GRIMES. MARTHA, - The Old Fox Deceiv'd
SCE00023: MARTIN, A. V. J. - Technical Television
THG00042: MARTIN, MALACHI - Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Living Americans
SCE00029: MASSEY, B.S. - Mechanics of Fluids
PLG00039: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Indian Country
PLG00006: MCCARY, BEN C. & ROUSE, JR., PARKE - Virginia Indians; Before and After Jamestown
EST00081: MCCOY, EDAIN - Making Magick: What It Is and How It Works
SFC00054: MCKILLIP, PATRICIA A. - The Sorceress and the Cygnet
SAF00073: MEAKINS, ROBIN H. - Development, Disease & the Environment. (SIGNED COPY)
TQS00009: MERCK, ROBERT M. - Deck the Halls: Treasures of Christmas Past
SAF00058: MIKESELL, MARVIN W. - Northern Morocco: a Cultural Geography
TOP00050: MILLER, ALICE GRUBB - There's Life in the Old Land Yet
HST00046: MILLIS, WALTER - Arms and Men: A Study of American Military History
MDC00008: MINETREE, HARRY - Cooley: The Career of a Great Heart Surgeon. (SIGNED COPY)
EST00225: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - Bhagavad Gita : A New Translation
SAF00024: MOFFETT, J P, EDITOR - Handbook of Tanganyika
CHD00174: MOLE, JOHN - Back By Midnight (SIGNED COPY)
CRM00008: MORGAN, FIDELIS - Unnatural Fire (SIGNED COPY)
CHD00226: MOSELEY, KEITH & WHITEHOUE, ALAN - Steam Locomotives: a Three Dimensional Book
TRN00006: MOULTON, R G - Flying Scale Models
ART00034: MUNRO, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism. Volume 14 No. 4. (June, 1956)
CHD00078: MURPHY, JILL - Geoffrey Strangeways
PLG00016: MURRAY, DAVID - Modern Indians: Native Americans in the twentieth Century
PLG00025: NABOKOV, PETER (EDITOR) - Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-2000
PLY00012: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Selected Plays of Eugene O'Neill
ART00102: NELSON, PHILIP - Ancient Painted Glass in England 1170-1500 . "The Antiquaries Books" Series
MUS00017: NEMESSURI, MIHALY & SZENDE, OTTO - The Physiology of Violin Playing
CHD00070: NESBIT, E - Five of Us and Madeline
CHD00214: NEWING, F.E. & BOWOOD, RICHARD - Levers, Pulleys and Engines. A Ladybird Junior Science Book
CHD00229: NISTER, ERNEST - The Children's Picture Book
CHD00230: NISTER, ERNEST - Keepsake Carousel
PTY00021: NIYAZI, SHOVKAT: (EDITOR) - Voices of Friends: Soviet Poets
CRM00005: ORIOL, LAURENCE - A Murder to Make You Grow Up Little Girl
EST00065: OSHO - Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within (Insights for a New Way of Living.)
CHD00116: PADMA, MANJULA - Mouse Attack
PLG00044: PARKHILL, FORBES - The Last of the Indian Wars
CHD00079: DE LA PASTURE, MRS. HENRY - The Unlucky Family - a Book for Children
NAT00020: PETRY, LOREN C. - A Beachcomber's Botany
ART00026: PHILLIPPS, EVELYN MARCH - Pintoricchio
SCE00005: PITTACOS, BASIL D. - Is Materialism an Illusion? (What Occurred Just Before the Big Bang and the Beginning of the Cosmos).
TVL00032: PITTMAN, G. P. - Village India.
CHD00195: POCOCK, DORIS A - Judy Sees It Through
EST00052: PORTER, BILL - Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits
SAF00014: VAN DER POST, LAURENS. - The Voice of the Thunder
TOP00114: POTTER, DENNIS - Changing Forest, The
CHD00155: POWER, EILEEN & RHODA - Boys & Girls of History
EST00185: PRICE. A,F. & MOU-LAM, WONG (TRANSLATORS) - Diamond Sutra and Sutra of Hui Neng
TVL00001: PRIESTLEY, J.B. & HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Journey Down a Rainbow
PSY00008: INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROJECT - Abraham H. Maslow: A Memorial Volume
EST00024: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE; (COMPILER - PATHIK, AMRIT; EDIT. - DEVA, SATYA) - The Mustard Seed: Discourses on the Sayings of Jesus Taken from the Gospel According to Thomas
3780: RAKOV, VITALIY A. - Lokomotivy Otechestvennyh Zheleznyh Dorog 1845-1955 / Locomotives of (Russian) Domestic Railways 1845-1955
TOP00104: REED, A. G. (EDITOR) - Handbook of Thames Information
CRM00021: RENDELL, RUTH - Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
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