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3919: Robb, T. D. (editor) - The Thre Prestis of Peblis, how thai tald thar talis. Edited from the Asloan and Charteris texts
ART00090: Gibbings Robert - Trumpets from Montparnasse
4455: Roberts,, Jane with notes by Robert F. Butts - Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
4246: Roberts, S. C. - British Universities [Britain in Pictures series]
4785: Roberts, Michele - Daughters Of The House (SIGNED COPY)
4196: Roberts, Michèle - Flesh and Blood (SIGNED COPY)
4589: Robertson, Charles Grant - Voces Academicae
4768: Robertson, J. M. - Hamlet Once More
CHD00151: Robertson, Geraldine - The Seymour Girls
4724: Robinson, Robb - A History of the Yorkshire Coast Fishing Industry, 1760-1914.
4374: Robinson, Debby - Medieval Needlepoint: Twenty-Four Easy-to-Make Projects for the Home
3970: Roffey, Mabel & Charlotte S. Cross - Rush-Work (Pitman's Craft For All Series)
THG00075: Rogeri, episcopi quondam Londinensis - De Bono Paupertatis seu de contemptu et vanitate mundi aureus libellus, erutus olim e membranis scholiisque illustratus, opera et studio A. Schott, et ab eodem Coloniae an. 1619 editus, nune vero novis curis in lucem emissus, ab J.B. Malou.
THG00004: Rogerson, Alan - Millions Now Living Will Never Die: A Study of Jehovah's Witnesses
4331: Roper, Timothy J. - Badger (New Naturalist 114)
CRM00065: Rose, Jonathan; Panter, Steve; Wilkinson, Trevor - Innocents : How Justice Failed Stefan Kiszko and Lesley Molseed
HST00077: Roseboom, Eugene - A Short History of Presidential Elections
CHD00043: Rosen, Michael - Poems for the Very Young
SCE00052: Ross, Douglas A. - Optoelectronic Devices and Optical Imaging Techniques
3467: Rossbach, Sarah - Feng Shui: Ancient Chinese Wisdom on Arranging a Harmonious Living Environment
4284: Rossbach, Sarah - Interior Design With Feng Shui: How to apply the Ancient Chinese Art of Placement
4407: Roth, Arlen - Beginning Blues Guitar: Everything You Need to Know to Become an Accomplished Performer of Blues Guitar
PHL00009: Roubiczek, Paul - Existentialism For and Against
TOP00223: Rouse, Michael - Ted Mott's Cambridge: A Portrait of the City in Old Photographs
3719: Rowse, A. L. - Christopher Marlowe: A Biography
CHD00290: Rowsell, Mary C. - The Sea-King's Son and Fisherman Grim
ART00011: Rubens - The Masterpieces of Rubens
4106: Ruddock, Dr E. H. - The Stepping-Stone to Homoeopathy and Health (with Clinical Directory)
HST00008: Rudgley, Richard - Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age.
4161: Ruskin, John (edited by John Lewis Bradley] - The Letters of John Ruskin to Lord and Lady Mount-Temple
4825: Rye, James - A Popular Guide to Suffolk Place-Names
4871: Säuberlich, Helmut - Eisenbahnfotograf der Stunde Null / Zero Hour Railway Photographer
4745: Saint-Exupery, Antoine de - Le Petit Prince, avec des aquarelles de l'auteur
4778: Saintsbury, George - The Peace of the Augustans : A Survey of Eighteenth Century Literature as a Place of Rest and Refreshment
4061: Sakoian, Francis, & Louis S. Acker - The Astrologer's Handbook: The Indispensable Do it Yourself Guide to Your Stars
SST00008: Salmond J B - My Man Sandy
PLY00024: Sardou, Victorien - Rabagas; Andrea; & Les Pres Saint-Gervais
SFC00084: Sargent, Pamela - Firebrands : The Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy
EST00032: Sargent, Carl - The Astrology of Rising Signs
TOP00003: Sayle, Charles - Cambridge Fragments.
4425: Scarfe, Gerald - Scarfe's Seven Deadly Sins
TVL00020: Scheffler, Karl - Paris: Notizen von Karl Scheffler
POL00012: Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr. - Violence: America In The Sixties
SAF00090: Schoeman, Karel - Promised Land
3912: Schuhl, Pierre-Maxime - Platon et l'art de son temps: Arts Plastiques (Plato and the Art of his time: Plastic Arts)
PTY00047: Scott, Patrick (editor) - Victorian Poetry 1830 - 1870
4593: Scott, George Bodley - Foundations of Quality (W. S. Cowell Ltd. - Ipswich Printers)
CHD00031: Scott, Sir Walter - Quentin Durward
CHD00030: Scott, Sir Walter - Quentin Durward
3025: Scott, Winfield Townley - The Dark Sister
NAT00024: Scott, Peter - Wild Geese and Eskimos, A Journal of the Perry River Expedition of 1949
2480: Seaby, Allen W. - Omrig And Nerla. A Tale Of The Bronze Age
2622: Sealy & Gray, George & Ronald - Emmanuel College Buildings And Gardens
4169: Searle, Ronald - The Female Approach - With masculine sidelights. With a letter from Max Beerbohm
NAU00001: Seaton, A E and Rounthwaite, H M - A Pocket Book of Marine Engineering Rules and Tables. (SIGNED COPY)
SPT00022: Sedgwick, Noel M - Shooting Man's Year, A
4870: Selby, Isabella De Lisle - Wrist Watches - The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Acquiring and Enjoying New and Vintage Wrist Watches
4955: Sellar, W. C & R. J. Yeatman - Garden Rubbish And Other Country Bumps
CRM00001: Selwyn, Francis (Donald Serrell Thomas) - Sergeant Verity and the Imperial Diamond
3005: Service, Robert W. - The Spell of the Yukon and The Ballads of a Cheechako. (Also: The Terrible Solomons by Jack London.)
4586: Seward, A. C. - Links with the Past in the Plant World
3466: Seyfang, Gill (editor) with Gary Alexander, David Eastaugh, Madeline Lees, Steve Seekings, & Marion Fanning - The Rising Sun: Celebrating Dance Camp East
4933: Shah, Idries - Caravan of Dreams
4934: Shah, Idries - Tales of the Dervishes: Teaching-stories of the Sufi masters over the past thousand years, selected from the Sufi classics, from oral tradition, from unpublished manuscripts and schools of Sufi teaching in many Countries
4946: Shah, Idries - Knowing How to Know: A Practical Philosophy in the Sufi Tradition
4947: Shah, Idries - Magic Monastery
4948: Shah, Idries - The Natives are Restless: Adventures Among the English -and Others . . .
4952: Shah, Idries (collected by) - World Tales: The extraordinary coincidence of stories told in all times, in all places
4950: Shah, Idries - Thinkers of the East
4920: Shah, Idries - A Perfumed Scorpion
4941: Shah, Idries - The Commanding Self
4944: Shah, Idries - The Englishman's Handbook: or How to Deal with Foreigners
4936: Shah, Idries - The Way of Sufi
4937: Shah, Idries - Reflections
4938: Shah, Idries - Reflections (SIGNED COPY)
4945: Shah, Idries - The Hundred Tales of Wisdom
4935: Shah, Idries - Wisdom of the Idiots
4896: Shah, Idries - The Sufis (Introduction by Robert Graves)
4942: Shah, Idries - Darkest England: Adventures, Facts & Fantasy in
4943: Shah, Idries - The Dermis Probe
PLY00023: Shakespeare, William - The Royal Shakespeare: The Poet's Works in Chronological Order From the Text of Professor Delius with 'The Two Noble Kinsmen' and 'Edward III' and an Introduction by F.J. Furnivall. (Vol. 2)
PLY00022: Shakespeare, William - The Royal Shakespeare: The Poet's Works in Chronological Order From the Text of Professor Delius with 'The Two Noble Kinsmen' and 'Edward III' and an Introduction by F.J. Furnivall. (Vol. 1)
PLY00010: Shakespeare, William - Shakespeare's Histories and Poems
3781: Shakespeare, William (Victor Hugo - translator) - Le Théatre Complet de William Shakespeare en 3 Volumes
4411: Sharp, Cecil J. - Country Dance Tunes from the English Dancing Master (1650-1686), set III: Pianoforte Solo
4666: Shaw, Giles - In the Long Run:Tales of a Yorkshire Life
MDC00023: Shaw, Sir William Fletcher - Twenty-Five Years : the Story of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 1929-1954 (SIGNED COPY)
3326: Shelley, Percy Bysshe (edited by Thomas J. Wise) - Hellas : a lyrical drama / by Percy Bysshe Shelley; a reprint of the original edition published in 1822, with the author's prologue and notes by various hands, edited by Thomas J. Wise.
2773: Shephard, Michael - Come and Fish (Sporting Scene series)
SPT00010: Shepherd, Nigel - The Complete Guide to Rope Techniques (A Constable guide)
4716: Sheppard, Thomas - Illustrated Catalogue of the Museum of Fisheries and Shipping, Pickering Park, Hull (Hull Museum Publications No 87) Eighth Edition Revised
4717: Sheppard, Thomas - Illustrated Catalogue of the Museum of Fisheries and Shipping, Pickering Park, Hull Seventh Edition
3744: Sheppard, Thomas - Hull Museum Quarterly Record of Additions No's. XIX (December, 1906) to XXII (March, 1908) (bound edition)
3743: Sheppard, Thomas - Hull Museum Quarterly Record of Additions No's. IV (March, 1903) to XII (March, 1905) (bound edition) including two (bound in) compliments slips with notes in Sheppards hand.
4616: Sherriffs, Robert - Sherriffs at the Cinema. A Collection of Caricatures from the World of Film
EST00140: Sherrill, W. A. (editor); Chu, W.K. (translator) - The Astrology of I Ching : Translated from the `Ho Map Lo Map Rational Number Manuscript
4826: Shirreff, David - The Walberswick Frigate: (The Story Of HMS Guernsey)
4519: Shorten, Monica - Squirrels (New Naturalist Monographs M12)
4031: Shorthouse, Joseph Henry - John Inglesant: A Romance (in two volumes)
MDC00038: Shreeve, Dr. Caroline M. - The Alternative Dictionary of Symptoms and Cures
3536: Shulman, Sandra - Dreams - the Interpretation of Dreams and Nightmares: A Modern Survey
3369: Shute, Nevil - A Town Like Alice
CHD00118: Sielaff, Erich - The Wise Men of Schilda
SFC00099: Silverberg, Robert - Collision Course
SFC00096: Silverberg, Robert - Shadrach in the Furnace
SFC00101: Silverberg, Robert - World's Fair 1992
SFC00106: Silverberg, Robert - The Second Trip
SFC00107: Silverberg, Robert - The Time-Hoppers
SFC00109: Silverberg, Robert - Those Who Watch
SFC00104: Silverberg, Robert - The Silent Invaders
SFC00105: Silverberg, Robert - Stepsons of Terra
SFC00102: Silverberg, Robert - Valentine Pontifex: (The Majipoor Trilogy Vol. 3)
3139: Simenon, Georges - The Shadow Falls
4856: Sims, C. A. - British Aviation Illustrated: With references to International Aviation (With Seventy Illustrations in Photogravure)
3694: Simunek, Chris - Paradise Burning : Adventures of a High Times Journalist
4963: Sinel, Joseph - Prehistoric Times and Men of the Channel Islands
4470: Singer, Isaac Bashevis - Meshugah
EST00157: Singh, M.F. - Honest Living: A Means to an End
3448: Sitwell, Osbert - Who Killed Cock-Robin? Remarks on Poetry, on its criticism, and, as a sad warning, the story of Eunuch Arden.
3910: Skeat, Rev. Walter W. (edited by) - The Kingis Quair: Together with A Ballad of Good Counsel: by King James I. of Scotland.
4285: Skinner, Stephen - The Living Earth Manual of Feng-Shui: Chinese Geomancy
NOV00024: Slovo,, Gillian - Red Dust
MDC00011: Smith, Michael Valentine - Psychedelic Chemistry
4592: Smith, Guy N. - Tobacco Culture: A D.I.Y. Guide
EST00160: Smith, Erica & Wilks, Nicholas - Meditation: A Practical Introduction to the Techniques, the Traditions and the Benefits
3388: Smith, S. C. Kaines - Looking at Pictures
ART00140: Smith, Ray Campbell - Introduction to Acrylics, An
4377: Smith, Stuart - The Yellow Wagtail (New Naturalist Monographs No. 4)
3742: Smith, Rev. A. - Taking Hold in Holderness
MDC00041: Smith, Gilbert; & Caroline Cantley - Assessing Health Care : A Study in Organizational Evaluation
ART00073: Smyth, G. Ingram (Editor) - Art Prices Current 1915-1916. (Vol. IX) Being a record of sale prices at Christie's during the season; together with representative prices from the sales of Messrs. Sotheby and Messrs. Puttick & Simpson.
ART00072: Smyth, G. Ingram (Editor) - Art Prices Current 1914-1915. (Vol. VIII) Being a record of sale prices at Christie's during the season; together with representative prices from the sales of Messrs. Puttick & Simpson.
4444: Snell, Lawrence L. (editor) - London & Middlesex Archaeological Society (Incorporating the Middlesex Local History Council) - Transactions Volume 27 - 1976
4410: Brentford and Chiswick Local History Society - Brentford and Chiswick as it Was
3397: Sommerhoff, Gerd - In and Out of Consciousness: The Intimate History of a Search for Certainties (SIGNED COPY)
3198: Souza, Marcio - Parque Nacional Jau, Amazonas / Jau National Park : O Medio Rio Negro / The Middle of the Rio Negro (English and Portuguese Edition)
2867: Spalding, Frances - Stevie Smith: A Critical Biography
4384: Sparrow, Violet - Yesterday's Stortford : an album of memories and curiosities
4645: Spender, Stephen - World Within World (Edwin Morgan's copy with his signature)
4801: The General Assembly of Spiritualists - Spiritualist Manual
CRM00025: Spring, Michelle - Standing in the Shadows (SIGNED COPY)
CRM00066: Spring, Michelle., 0752825755 - Every Breath You Take (SIGNED COPY)
CRM00061: Spring, Michelle. - Every Breath You Take (SIGNED COPY)
CRM00055: Spring, Michelle - In the Midnight Hour (SIGNED COPY)
3867: Spring, Michelle - Nights in White Satin (SIGNED COPY)
4537: Stables, Dr Gordon; Hicks, C. Stansfeld; Maskelyne, J. N.; Jones, Rev. Harry; Stradling, Dr; Crawley, Captain; Malan, Rev. A. N. & many others. - Boy's Own Bookshelf: Indoor Games and Recreations - Ilustrated - A Popular Encyclopaedia for Boys (edited by G. A. Hutchison)
4332: Stace, Clive A. & Michael J. Crawley - Alien Plants (New Naturalist 129)
CRM00004: Stallwood, Veronica - Oxford Double
4715: Stamp, Tom - Collected Whitby Poems
4709: Stamp, Cordelia (compiler) - Silent Witnesses: War Memorials of Whitby and District
TOP00207: Standley, Philip - Norwich Then and Now
CHD00173: Stannard, Russell - The Time And Space Of Uncle Albert (SIGNED COPY)
4779: Starkie, Enid - Arthur Rimbaud
2907: Steele, Richard - The Christian Hero: An Argument Proving that no Principles but those of Religion are Sufficient to make a Great Man
MAG00016: Steen, Bill (editor) - Christ's College Magazine No.227 2002
CRM00089: Steinbrunner, Chris; & Penzler, Otto; (editors) - Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection
4286: Steiner, Rudolf - Theosophy: An Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the World and the Destination of Man
2701: stephenson, Frank - The Story Of Blakeney
TOP00168: Stephenson, Andrew - The Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich
LIT00021: Stern, Joseph Peter - Idylls & Realities : Studies in Nineteenth-Century German Literature (SIGNED COPY)
4137: Stevenson, Robert Louis - Brave Words about Death from the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson
3878: Stevenson, Robert Louis (& Arthur Quiller-Couch) - St. Ives - (Everyman's Library Volume 904) Introduction by Ernest Rhys
FRM00004: Stewart, Katharine - Crofts and Crofting
ART00043: Stokes, Hugh - Van Dyck
4686: Stone, Douglas - Our Fenland Heritage (SIGNED COPY)
2456: Storm, Theodor - Sämtliche Werke in zwei Bänden: Hrsg. v. Friedrich Düsel, m. e. Einleitung v. Thomas Mann.
CHD00037: Strang, Herbert - Round the World in Seven Days
CHD00017: Strang, Herbert - The Motor Scout
CHD00019: Strang, Herbert (Editor) - The Big Book for Boys
CHD00015: Herbert Strang - The New Herbert Strang Omnibus
4574: Strang, Herbert & Richard Stead - With the Black Prince. A Story of the Reign of Edward III
MDC00030: Stranks, Jeremy - Occupational Health and Hygiene : (Health & Safety in Practice Guide)
2619: Stratford, Miss A. M. (Editor) - King's Lynn Town Guide (Sixth Edition)
CHD00072: Stredder, Eleanor - Alive in the Jungle - (a Story for the young)
4536: Strong, Roy - A Small Garden Designer's Handbook.
2580: Strong, Marilee - A Bright Red Scream: Self-mutilation and the Language of Pain (A Virago V)
ART00012: Strong, Roy C. - Holbein's Cartoon for the Barber-Surgeons Group Rediscovered -A Preliminary Report.
3339: Stroobant, Frank - One Man's War. The Dramatic True Story of Life in the Channel Islands Under the Jackboot of German Occupation (SIGNED COPY)
4401: Struve, Gleb (editor) - Russian Stories/Pycckne Paccka3bI (A Bantam Dual-Language Book)
SCE00001: Stuart, Barabara - Biological Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy
2551: Stubbings, Frank - Bedders, Bulldogs and Bedells: A Cambridge Glossary
SFC00012: Sturgeon, Theodore - Sturgeon in Orbit
SFC00013: Sturgeon, Theodore - More Than Human
4788: Supple, Barry E. (editor) - The Experience of Economic Growth: Case Studies in Economic History
3883: Surtees, Robert Smith - Jorrocks' Jaunts And Jollities - (Everyman's Library Volume 817)
2520: Sweet, Henry - Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Primer
4504: Swift, Jonathan (editor: Ernest Rhys) - Journal to Stella (Everyman's Library No. 757)
3880: Swinnerton, Frank - The Georgian Literary Scene - (Everyman's Library Volume 943)
3209: Sykes, Lieut. Col. P. M. [Sir Percy Molesworth] - A History of Persia (2 volumes)
4546: Symonds, John Addington - Sir Philip Sidney bound with Spenser by R. W. Church (both English Men of Letters series) in a presentation leather binding
CHD00254: Symonds, John - The Stuffed Dog
PLY00036: Synge, John M. - Plays by John M. Synge: Riders to the Sea: Deirdre of the Sorrows: The Well of the Saints
SPT00032: Tambs, Erling - The Cruise of the Teddy: The Mariner's Library
SST00001: Tammuz, Benjamin & Yudkin, Leon (Editors) - Meetings with the Angel : Seven Stories from Israel
PTY00034: Tasso, Torquato - La Gerusalemme Liberata (4 volume set)
4535: Taylor, Jasmine ( Editor ) - Conservatories and Garden Rooms
4685: Taylor, James W. - Reminiscences of a Fenman (SIGNED COPY)
HST00190: Taylor, Alison (editor) - Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society (Incorporating the Cambs. & Hunts. Archaeological Society) Vol. LXXIV for 1985
4288: Taylor, Terry Lynn - Creating With the Angels: An Angel-Guided Journey into Creativity
4907: Taylor, Paul Beekman - The Shadows of Heaven: Gurdjieff and Toomer
4628: Taylor, Kent - Cleveland Dreams
4906: Taylor, Paul Beekman - Gurdjieff and Orage
2460: Taylor, Griffith - Canada: a Study of Cool Continental Environments and Their Effect on British and French Settlement
4514: Tchekhoff, Anton - The Seagull and the Cherry Orchard (Travellers' Library No. )
4254: Temple, Steve & Alan Eade - Impington Mill: its History & Restoration
SCE00062: Thebtaranonth, Chachanat & Thebtaranonth, Yodhathai - Synthesis of Enones
4119: Theobalds, Prue (editor) - The Teddy Bear (SIGNED COPY)
EST00153: Thera, Nyanaponika - The Heart of Buddhist Meditation: a Handbook of Mental Training Based on the Buddhist Way of Mindfulness
4183: Thomas, William & Kate Pavitt - The Book of Talismans: Amulets and Zodiacal Gems
4671: Thomas, Helen (edited by Myfanwy Thomas) - Time and Again: Memoirs and Letters
EST00082: Thomas, Andy & Bura, Paul - Quest for Contact: A True Story of Crop Circles, Psychics and UFOs
4762: Thompson ,, Bruce, Ryan Johnson and Laura McGrane - Stanford Humanities Review: Critical History: The Career of Ian Watt.
TOP00137: Thompson, Leonard P. - Norwich Inns
2655: Thompson, C. J. S. - The Mystery and Romance of Astrology
4924: Thring, Brynhild Wooldridge - Flying saucer: Gurdjieff Revisits Earth
REF00004: Thurston, E. J. (compiler) - Magistrates of England and Wales, The: Western Circuit: Cornwall; Devonshire; Dorsetshire;; Hampshire; Somersetshire; Wiltshire
3390: Tibbs, Rodney - Fenland River: The Story of the Great Ouse and Its Tributaries
TQS00019: Tilley, Frank - English Pottery and Porcelain, of the Eighteenth Century, a preliminary guide for the collector with over 50 illustrations, The Connoisseur Booklets Series
3301: Tillotson, Dr. John - The Works Of the Most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, Late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury: Containing Two Hundred Sermons and Discourses, On Several Occasions. Volume the Second. (ONLY)
4969: Titiev, Mischa - Old Oraibi: A Study of the Hopi Indians of Third Mesa
4737: Tolle, Eckhart - The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.
3713: Tompkins, Sue - Aspects in Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Interpretation
4333: Toms, Mike - Owls: A Natural History of the British and Irish Species (New Naturalist 125)
ART00129: Tonomura, S - Book of Jizo (SIGNED COPY)
LIT00023: O'Toole, John - The Process of Drama
4925: Tracol, Henri - The Taste for Things That Are True: Essays and Talks by a Pupil of G. I. Gurdjieff
FSH00006: Trasko, Mary - Heavenly Soles : Extraordinary Twentieth-Century Shoes
4454: Trench, Brinsley Le Poer - Secret of the Ages - UFOs from Inside the Earth
3861: Norfolk Naturalists Trust - Nature in Norfolk: a Heritage in Trust
2591: Turgenev, Ivan - On the Eve
SFC00074: Turnbull, Gerry (Edit.) - A Star Trek Catalog
3749: Turnbull, Harry - Yorkshire Artists: A Short Dictionary (Artists Born Before 1921)
4835: Turner, Jean - East Anglian Privies: A Nostalgic Trip Down the Garden Path
3723: Turner, Peter - By Rail to Mildenhall: Story of the Cambridge to Mildenhall Railway
SAF00044: Twaddle, Michael & Hodder-Williams, Richard - African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 82, No. 327. April, 1983
SAF00047: Twaddle, Michael & Hodder-Williams, Richard - African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 84, No. 335. April, 1985
4525: Tweedie, Irina - Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master (Paperback)
3768: Twofeathers, Manny - My Road to the Sundance: My Vision Continues
SAF00039: Udo, Reuben K - A Comprehensive Geography of West Africa
SAF00076: Udo, Reuben K - Migrant Tenant Farmers of Nigeria (SIGNED COPY)
REF00003: Cambridge University - The Annual Register of the University of Cambridge for the Year 1960-61
4590: Cambridge University - The Student's Handbook to the University and Colleges of Cambridge 1957-58
4588: Cambridge University - The Cambridge University Calendar for the Year 1947-1948
MAP00022: Various / Unstated - The Times General Election Map - 1950
TOP00167: Various / Unstated - Norwich Planning Handbook
MAP00019: Various / Unstated - Ordnance Survey, Okehampton, New Popular Edition One-Inch Map of England & Wales Sheet 175
MAP00007: Various / Unstated - Ordnance Survey One-inch Map Fifth Edition, Land's End and Lizard Sheet 146
MAP00015: Various / Unstated - Ordnance Survey, Aldershot, New Popular Edition One-Inch Map of England & Wales Sheet 169
MAP00005: Various / Unstated - Ordnance Survey Contoured Road Map of Watford - Popular Edition No 106 - 1 inch to 1 Mile
ANL00001: Various / Unstated - Blue Peter Fourth Book
ANL00002: Various / Unstated - The Dandy Book 1975
ANL00008: Various / Unstated - Rupert Annual 1979
CHD00275: Various / Unstated - Stories from the Arabian Nights : Selected and Edited for Children.
MAG00002: Various / Unstated - The Northern Counties Magazine. March, 1901 (No.6. Vol.1.)
3601: Various / Unstated - Ordnance Survey (Metric) Map of Isle of Man Sheet 95 (Paper) 1:50,000 First Series
3606: Various / Unstated - The Visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother to the Isle of Man July 4th-7th 1963
THL00005: Various / Unstated - Sixth Reader (Blackie's Graded Readers)
TOP00162: Various / Unstated - Official Guide To the City of Norwich
HST00187: Various / Unstated - Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society (Incorporating the Cambs. & Hunts. Archaeological Society) Vol. LXX 1980
SCE00061: Various / Unstated - Organic Chemistry of Life : Readings from Scientific American
HST00186: Various / Unstated - Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society (Incorporating the Cambs. & Hunts. Archaeological Society) Vol. LXIX 1979
TOP00161: Various / Unstated - Official Guide To the City of Norwich
HST00183: Various / Unstated - Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 25th April - 23rd May 1910 with Communications Made to the Society Easter Term 1910 - No. LVII Being No. 3 of the 14th Vol. (8th Vol. of New series)
THG00068: Editor/Compiler Unstated - The Four Gospels Arranged in a Series of Tabular Parallels on a New Principle
EST00016: Various / Unstated - Raphael's Table of Houses for Great Britain
ART00099: Various / Unstated - Ventiquattro Opere della Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Torino.
TOP00105: Various / Unstated - Holkham: CD-ROM The Grand Tour (Seat of the Earls of Leicester)
ART00060: Various / Unstated - Art Treasures From Vienna: An Illustrated Supplement to The Catalogue Of An Exhibition Held At The Tate Gallery London
SCE00018: Various / Unstated - The 1998 ARRL Handbook for the Radio Amateur
CHD00292: Various / Unstated - Roger and Antony : A Tale of Two Young Apprentices
3647: Author Unstated - Star Trek: Giant in the Universe (Star Trek Pop-Up)
ART00021: Various / Unstated - Children from the National Gallery
ANL00023: Various / Unstated - 2000 A. D. Annual 1989
POL00016: Vaillancourt, Emile - Knots (Inscribed Copy) (SIGNED COPY)
CFT00017: De-Val, David - Lock Picking (Part 1)
SFC00110: Vardeman, Robert E. & Milan, Victor - War of Powers
SFC00111: Vardeman, Robert E. & Milan, Victor - War of Powers (part two) Istu Awakened
4555: Various - The Seeker Magazine Quarterly : Official Organ of The Seekers and The Harmony Prayer Circles (11 issues & 2 members' supplements from the years 1938 to 1941)
3471: Various:, Dr. Hawkesworth; Clara Reeve; Dr. Smollett & M. Gueulette - Select Novels Volume 1: Almoran and Hamet; The Old English Baron; Sir Launcelot Greaves; & Tartarian Tales
3858: Various - Bibeln, eller Den Heliga Skrift, innehallande Gamla Och Nya Testamentets Kanoniska Bocker. (Swedish Bible)
3857: Various - Biibli Raamat fee on foif Wana ja Uue Seaduse [Estonian Bible]
4864: Various - The British Film Annual 1949 : Daily Mail National Film Award
4310: Various - The Ramayana and The Mahabharata: Condensed Into English Verse by Romesh C. Dutt
2840: Various - Manchester Quarterly: An Illustrated Journal of Literature and Art Vol. V 1886
2985: Various - Oxford University Boat Club, The Eights: May 25th to May 28th 1988
4865: Various - The Quarterly of Film, Radio and Television - Volume IX, Number 4 - Summer 1955
4802: Various - The New Yorker Magazine. April 2, 1979
3806: Various - Batman V The Joker: The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told
4862: Various - The B.B.C. Year Book 1947
CHD00172: Various - Schoolgirls' Adventure Book:(Thrilling Stories Fully Illustrated)
4249: Various - Stourbridge Worcestershire: A Comprehensive Review of the Civic & Industrial Activities of this Ancient Worcestershire Town
2511: Various - East Anglia's Humour
3730: Various - More East Anglian Humour
2510: Various - The East Anglian and His Humour
3708: Various - The Poetry Review. Vol. 1 No. XI November 1912:
3706: Various - The Poetry Review. Vol. 1 No. VI June 1912:
3268: Various - The Primitive Methodist Juvenile Magazine for 1855 Vol. IV
2923: Various - Tributes to the Memory of Robert C. Winthrop, by The Massachusetts Historical Society
2941: Various - Buttercups and Daisies Story Book
4736: Vaughan-Lee, Llewellyn - Sufism: The Transformation of the Heart
4020: Vaughan, Robert Alfred - Hours with the Mystics: A Contribution to the History of Religious Opinion (Two Volume Set)
4618: Ventura, Michael - Marilyn Monroe: From Beginning to End - Newly Discovered Photographs by Earl Leaf from the Michael Ochs Archives
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