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12110: - Nautical Mind Reference Book of Nautical Titles
17442: - Socio
16905: N/A - World's Biggest Potlatch: Aboriginal Participation in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games
18645: - About Indians a Listing of Books
16974: - The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory Victoria B.C. A Brief Non
11306: - Scott of the Antarctic; the Journals of Captain Scott's Last Polar Exhibition
20279: - Citizens Plus the Nishga People of the Naas (Nass) River Valley in Northwestern British Columbia
19084: - Synopses of the Laws Relating to the Mineral Industry of British Columbia
11549: - Notes on the Materials of Engineering; Part 1 Non
20043: - Aneroid 1905-1980 the Rising Barometer
16954: N/A - Publications Du Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian; Catalogue Exhaustif
16361: - Fine Canadian Art
16359: - Fine Canadian Art
16358: - Fine Canadian Art
13448: - Geliebte Korsarin
18608: N/A - Ibhayibheli Elicwengileko
13472: - Ino Erobert Die Welt; Eine Erzahlung
13518: - Five Novellas; the Rite of Youth, a Balkan Epic, a Soldier's Life, the Specters of St. John's, Notes to Poland
20935: - Andrew Graham's Observations on Hudson's Bay 1767
16651: - Physics Letters B , Review of Particle Physics July 2008
20846: - Practical Electricity with Questions and Answers
16357: - Fine Canadian Art
10208: - Loch Lomond; the Maid and the Loch
18243: - Pictures in Colour of Oxford with Its University and Colleges
12459: - Analytical Mechanics for Engineers
12265: N/A - Under King and Emperor Or How the Gospel Reached Scotland and the Empire of India, with the Life Stories of the Pioneer Missionaries Who Carried It Thither
11972: - *100 Years of Mining Johannesburg Centenary So Rich an Inheritance
20548: - Aircraft Recognition for the Ground Observer Af Manual 355
10735: - Lloyd's Calendar 1929
16363: - Fine Canadian Art
11547: - Materials of Engineering; Metals and Alloys
15568: N/A - How to Play Chinese Chess
17866: - Guide to Placer Staking
20141: N/A - *in the Isles of the Far North; the Story of the Gospel's Entrance Into Greenland, Iceland, Lapland and Labrador, with Peeps at the Natives, Their Homes and Their Habits
16362: - Fine Canadian Art
11303: - A Biographical Register of Old Mancunians 1888
20766: N/A - Shawnigan Lake School and Strathcona Lodge School
20767: - Op Harmony Dispatches 1ppcli Battalion Group Croatia April
19030: N/A - Michipicoten Memories
20661: - Tales from the Queen Charlotte Islands
17121: - Look Magazine December 31, 1963 in Memory of John F. Kennedy
20864: - Inuvialuit Pitqusiit the Culture of the Inuvialuit
14820: - Madame Tussaud's Exhibition
11163: - Statutes of the Province of British Columbia 1929
17312: - Annual Report of the Government of the Northwest Territories, Council in Transition 1976/ Conseil En Transition, Rapport Annuel Du Gouvernement Des Territoires Du Nord
18595: - Ranger Handbook Not for the Weak Or Fainthearted
16881: N/A - 18th Inuit Studies Conference; Arctic Inuit Connections Learning from the Top of the World
18587: - B.C. Hydro and Power Authority Burrard Thermal Generating Plant
18661: - Ticknor's Maritime Provinces a Handbook for Travellers
15399: N/A, - Bombardier ; a Dream with International Reach 1942
17781: N/A - The Queen's Printer for British Columbia a History 1859
16862: N/A - Le Deuxième Bataillon Royal 22e Régiment Et la Batterie 'q' 5e Régiment D'artillerie Légère Du Canada à Chypre 1975
19461: - *Gesangbuch Der Mennoniten Brüdergemeinde Herausgegeben IM Auftrage Der Bundeskonferenz
3471: E. W. - The Jewish Converts
19846: - Green Branches and Fallen Leaves - the Story of Shawnigan Lake 1887
19651: - Souvenir Book of Views Kamloops British Columbia, Canada
20833: - Customs of the Canadian Military Engineers
15827: - Chinese Bible Shen Edition
20538: N/A - Salmonid Enhancement Facts and Figures
9761: - The Canadian Army at War the Canadians in Britain 1939
7979: - Verdun
7926: - Manifesto Against Conscription and the Military System
10993: - Second Annual Report of the Canadian Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Program
18165: - Bartholomew's Road Atlas of Great Britain
18239: - Montreal, Canada Expo67 Souvenir Album Book
19102: - Idegen Szavak Szótára (Hungarian Edition)
19780: - Motor Roads to London
14720: - The Weavers a Tale of England and Egypt of Fifty Years Ago
11478: - 1965 Book of Astm Standards with Related Material Part 26 Plastics-
11479: - 1965 Book of Astm Standards Part 30 General Testing Methods Fatigue Statistical Methods Appearance Tests Temperature Measurement Effect of Temperature
20322: - Saddles Sleighs and Sadirons
20317: ABBOT (1863-1934), WILLIS JOHN - Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose a Complete Story of Panama, As Well As the History, Purpose and Promise of Its World-Famous Canal
17190: ABELLA, IRVING M - None Is Too Many Canada and the Jews of Europe, 1933
19576: ABRAHAM, GEORGE DIXON - Mountain Adventures at Home and Abroad
19849: ABRAHAM, DOROTHY - Romantic Vancouver Island Victoria Yesterday and Today
16030: ABRAHAMS, EUGENE & GREGORY ROCKMAN - Rockman One Man's Crusade Against Apartheid Police
20475: ABRAMS, DAN & DAVID FISHER - Kennedy's Avenger Assassination, Conspiracy, and the Forgotten Trial of Jack Ruby
17921: D'ABRO, A. - Rise of the New Physics, Vol II Its Mathematical and Physical Theories
15166: ACHARD, AMéDéE, RICHARD DUFFY (TRANSLATOR) - The Dragoons of la Guerche
18534: ACKERMAN, KENNETH D. - The Gold Ring Jim Fisk, Jay Gould, and Black Friday, 1869.
18411: ACKROYD, PETER - The Plato Papers
17773: ACZEL, J. & J. DHOMBRES - Functional Equations in Several Variables with Applications to Mathematics, Information Theory and to the Natural and Social Sciences
19056: ADAMS, JOHN - Historic Guide to Ross Bay Cemetery; Victoria B.C. Canada
17161: ADAMS, ANNETTE & FRANKLIN GRAHAM - The Desert Rat the Remarkable Story of Aileen Coleman
20075: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy a Trilogy in Five Parts
7023: ADAMS, MARION - Marjorie's Enemy
17171: ADAMS, CINDY HELLER & SUSAN CRIMP - Iron Rose the Story of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and Her Dynasty
17122: ADELSON, ALAN - The Ruby
18370: ADLER, ALFRED - The Science of Living
19481: ADLER-OLSEN, JUSSI - The Purity of Vengeance a Department Q Novel
14593: ADOLPH, VAL - In the Context of Its Time a History of Woodlands
20191: AFFLECK, GEORGE ALLAN - Paper Trails a History of British Columbia and Yukon Community Newspapers
10349: AGRAWAL, GOVIND P. - Fiber
3907: AIRNE, C. W. - The Story of Hanoverian and Modern Britain Told in Pictures
14817: AIRNE, C. W - The Story of Mediaeval Britain Told in Pictures,
17639: AKRIGG, G. P. V & HELEN B. AKRIGG - British Columbia Chronicle, 1788
20453: AKRIGG, G. P. V. AND HELEN B. AKRIGG - Hms Virago in the Pacific 1851
16393: AKRIGG, G. P. V & HELEN B. AKRIGG - British Columbia Chronicle, 1788
20385: AKRIGG, G. P. V - British Columbia Chronicle, 1847
19427: AKURGAL, EKREM & JOHN WHYBROW TRANSLATOR - Ancient Civilizations and Ruins of Turkey from Prehistoric Times Until the End of the Roman Empire. Plan of Ancient Troy. Troy II to Troy Viia.
12009: ALCOCK, DEBORAH - Crushed Yet Conquering; a Story of Constance and Bohemia
18542: ALDISS, BRIAN W. & IAN POLLOCK (ILLUSTRATOR) - Brothers of the Head
19146: ALEXANDER, BRYAN & CHERRY - The Inuit Hunters of the North
16262: ALEXANDER, (PC ONT), LINCOLN WITH HERB SHOVELLER - Go to School, You're a Little Black Boy the Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander: A Memoir
16856: ALEXANDER, LLOYD - The Gawgon and the Boy
19144: ALEXANDER, ROY - The Cruise of the Raider Wolf
19136: ALLCORN, WILLIAM & CHRIS TAYLOR - The Maginot Line 1928
18962: ALLEN, FREDERICK S. - The Supreme Command in England 1640
17286: ALLISON, LES. - Canadians in the Royal Air Force
16026: ALLISTER, WILLIAM - A Handful of Rice
19575: ALLMAN, GEORGE JOHNSTON - Greek Greometry from Thales to Euclid
15986: ALOTTA, ROBERT I. - CIVIL War Justice Union Army Executions Under Lincoln
7935: ALSTON, ROBERT (COMPILER) - Lancaster and the Lune Valley
17103: ALTHOFF, WILLIAM F. - Drift Station Arctic Outposts of Superpower Science
15346: ALTOBELLO, PETER DAVID - Lakers : Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes
20046: ALUNIK, ISHMAEL & EDDIE D. KOLAUSOK & DAVID MORRISON - Across Time and Tundra the Inuvialuit of the Western Arctic
2809: THE ARCTIC INSTITUTE OF NORTH AMERICA - Arctic, Volume 1, Issues No. 1 & 2
20835: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - Jubal Sackett
17703: ANASTASAKIS, OTHON & KALYPSO NICOLAIDIS & KEREM OKTEM - *in the Long Shadow of Europe Greeks and Turks in the Era of Postnationalism
18912: ANDERSEN, DORIS - Blood Brothers
20787: ANDERSEN, DORIS - Ways Harsh and Wild
14790: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - The Hope Slide Story
19948: ANDERSON, JOHN LORENZO - Night of the Silent Drums
15498: ANDERSON, PAUL - Hunger's Brides
16201: ANDERSON, DORIS - Rough Layout
4738: ANDERSON, FRANK - Bill Miner. . . Stagecoach & Train Robber
19358: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - The Fraser Canyon Valley of Death
12783: ANDERSON, CHARLES; LORI CULBERT; SHELLEY FRALIC (ED.) - Wildfire; British Columbia Burns
18480: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Outlaws of Manitoba
19807: ANDERSON-DARGATZ, GAIL - Turtle Valley
4681: ANDERSON, FRANK - The Riel Rebellion 1885
14739: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Frontier Guide to Mystic Jasper and the Yellowhead Pass, Frontier Book No. 30
1265: ANDERTON, BASIL - Sketches from a Library Window
18644: ANDREWS, G. S - Metis Outpost Memoirs of the First Schoolmaster at the Metis Settlement of Kelly Lake, B.C. , 1923
19087: ANDRIESSEN, J. H. J. - World War I in Photographs
18405: ANDRIEUX, JEAN-PIERRE - Shipwreck! Marine Misadventure in Story and Picture Along the Rocky Shores and Shoals of Saint Pierre and Miquelon
8335: ANFOSSI, J. LEO - Ships That No Longer Go Down to the Sea
20262: ANGLIM, SIMON & ROBERT B. BRUCE & PHYLLIS G. JESTICE & STUART REID & ROB S. RICE & FREDERICK C. SCHNEID - Fighting Techniques of the Colonial Era 1776-
12958: ANNIS, THOMAS A. - Annis' Ready Reference for Enginemen: A Complete and Plain Treatise on the Westinghouse Air Brake with a Full List of Questions and Answers Appended; Also a Thorough, Practical Knowledge of the Locomotive Both Compound and Piston
10772: ANON. - Zeus; Master of Olympus (Game Guide)
1542: ANON. - Great Britain Overprints
8363: ANON. - Old Mission
14782: ANON. - Canadian Register of Heritage Properties; First Annual Report 1992
14932: ANON. - Fort and Ossuary of Douaumont
14931: ANON. - The Fort of Vaux
3905: ANON. - Britain's Story Told in Pictures
7419: ANON. - Letts's Interest Time Tables
8388: ANON. - Cornwall County Museum
8188: ANON. - The Pioneers - Mcdougall Church
11456: ANSTEY, T. H. - One Hundred Harvests Research Branch Agriculture Canada 1886
15450: APPS, MICHAEL - The Four Ark Royals
15463: ARBOUR (COMMISSIONER), THE HONOURABLE LOUISE - Commission of Inquiry Into Certain Events at the Prison for Women in Kingston
17535: ARCHBOLD, RICK - Hindenburg an Illustrated History
19985: ARCHER, LAURENCE V. - *British Yeomanry Uniforms an Album of Coloured Prints By Richard Simkin
18132: ARCHIBALD, JO-ANN - Upper Sto: Lo Communities and People
17182: ARCHIBALD, E.H.H. & RAY WOODWARD - *the Fighting Ship of the Royal Navy, 897
20885: JOHN STEWART OF ARDVORLICH - The Camerons a History of Clan Cameron
18153: ARLIDGE (EDITOR), WIN - Ubc Forester 1951
20295: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - A Ring Has No End
19378: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Pilling Always Pays
15804: ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER - The Revenge of the Methodist Bicycle Company Sunday Streetcars and Municipal Reform in Toronto, 1888
17818: ARONSON, JERROLD L. & ROM HARRE & EILEEN CORNELL WAY - Realism Rescued How Scientific Progress Is Possible
19404: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Early Firearms of Great Britain and Ireland from the Collection of Clay P. Bedford
18440: ASH, MARINELL & ELIZABETH HULSE (EDITOR) - Thinking with Both Hands; Sir Daniel Wilson in the Old World and the New
14528: ASHLEE, TED - Voyage Into Danger; Adventure in the Queen Charlotte Islands
19496: ASHWORTH, MARY - The Forces Which Shaped Them a History of the Education of Minority Group Children in British Columbia
15480: ASQUITH, H.H. - H.H. A. Letters of the Earl of Oxford and Asquith to a Friend: First Series
20236: ASSAF, BETTY & MARILYN ASSAF - A History of Nanoose Bay
18647: ASSOCIATES, THE IVERSEN - The Four Translation New Testament
14770: NICOLA VALLEY ARCHIVES ASSOCIATION - Merritt & the Nicola Valley an Illustrated History
16582: RESEARCH AND EDUCATION ASSOCIATION - The Essentials of Electronic Communications I (V. 1)
20273: ASSOCIATION, PPCLI - The Ric-a Dam-Doo 2ppcli Cyprus March
16841: ASTON, F.W. - Isotopes
15783: ASTOR, GERALD - The Jungle War Mavericks, Marauders, and Madmen in the China-Burma
19688: ATKINSON, RICK - The Guns at Last Light the War in Western Europe, 1944
20491: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Margaret Atwood Omnibus
17559: AUBé (EDITOR), JEFFREY - Synthetic Probes for the Study of Biological Function
18481: AUMANN, MOSHE & CARTA EDITORS - Carta's Historical Atlas of Israel a Survey of the Past & Review of the Present
20942: AUSTIN, LEWIS - Saints & Samurai the Political Culture of the American and Japanese Elites
11929: AUSTIN, ALEXANDER BERRY - We Landed at Dawn; the Story of the Dieppe Raid
17927: AUTON, JIM - Raf Liberator over the Eastern Front a Bomb Aimer's Second World War and Cold War Story
13536: AVAKIAN, ARRA S.; ARA JOHN MOVSESIAN - Armenia; a Journey Through History
11333: AXEN, DAVID; DOUGLAS BRYMAN AND MARTIN COMYN (EDITORS) - The Vancouver Meeting, Particles & Fields '91, Volume 2: Vancouver, B.C. , Canada, 18
19835: AYTOUN, JAMES - Redcoats in the Caribbean
19833: BABINEAU, RENE - Brief History of Acadia 1604
15639: BACH, METTE - Off the Highway : Growing Up in North Delta
18429: BACKHOUSE, CONSTANCE - Colour-Coded a Legal History of Racism in Canada, 1900
15485: BADAMI, ANITA RAU - Tell It to the Trees
11397: BADAMI, ANITA RAU - Tamarind Mem
17615: BADAMI, ANITA RAU - Tamarind Mem
1648: BAERLEIN, HENRY - Box O' Lights
15014: BAGBY, GEORGE & AARON MARC STEIN - Killer Boy Was Here
20388: BAIKIE, WALLACE - Rolling with the Times
15130: BAIN, DAVID (EDITOR) - British Columbia the Magic Mine
15056: BAINE, RODNEY M. - Daniel Defoe and the Supernatural
20508: BAIRD, IAN & PETER SMITH - Ghosts on the Grade ; Hiking and Biking Abandoned Railways on Southern Vancouver Island
19558: BAK, BORGE - Elementary Introduction to Molecular Spectra
20704: BAKER, STEPHAN - Chilliwack. . . Adventure Outdoors
19502: BAKER, NICHOLSON - Human Smoke the Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization
14695: BAKEWELL, JACK - Tnt Bc Temporize Not Terrorize Bc
20953: BALCHEN, BERNT, COREY FORD, OLIVER LA FARGE - War Below Zero the Battle for Greenland
14704: BALL, NORMAN R. - "Mind, Heart and Vision" Professional Engineering in Canada 1887 to 1987
20703: BALLAM, M. L. - Fair Fields Settling on Fairfield Island
15917: BALLANTYNE, R. M - The Fugitives Or the Tyrant Queen of Madagascar
580: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Chasing the Sun Or Rambles in Norway
17183: BALLARD, ROBERT D. - Graveyards of the Pacific from Pearl Harbour to Bikini Atoll
14186: BALLARD, MICHAEL B. - U.S. Grant the Making of a General, 1861
20135: BALLENTINE, DAVID A. - Gunbird Driver a Marine Huey Pilot's War in Vietnam
15569: BALOFSKY, MEIR D. & DONNIE FRIEDMAN & JACK LIPINSKY - Telling Our Story ; a History of the Jews in Canada to 1920
12972: BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE - The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Vol. XXXIII. History of Alaska, 1730
18199: BAND, DAWSON INDIAN - Han Indians; People of the River.
17309: BANKS, RUSSELL - Hamilton Stark
11236: BAPTIE, SUE - First Growth; the Story of British Columbia Forest Products Limited
19115: BAR-ZOHAR, MICHAEL - Beyond Hitler's Grasp the Heroic Rescue of Bulgaria's Jews
15807: BARBEAU, MARIUS - Alaska Beckons
15335: BARBER, D.H. - And Ludlow Fair Again a Family Tale
12101: BARBER, MALCOLM - The Two Cities Medieval Europe, 1050
19266: BARBER, LUCY LOMBARDI - Nursery History of the United States,
19940: BARBOSA, DIAN RUY - *Love Is His Co-Pilot a Jungle
16516: BARDENSTEIN, CAROL - Translation and Transformation in Modern Arabic Literature the Indigenous Assertions of Muhammad Uthman Jalal
11118: BARFOOT, JOAN - Getting over Edgar
19703: BARING-GOULD, WILLIAM S. (EDITOR) - The Annotated Sherlock Holmes Vol II Only
19628: BARKER, RALPH - The Royal Flying Corps in France
13007: THE MANITOBA METIS FEDERATION & SAMUEL W. CORRIGAN & LAWRENCE J. BARKWELL - The Struggle for Recognition Canadian Justice and the Metis Nation
20189: BARLEE, N.L. - Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns East Kootenay, Boundary, West Kootenay, Okanagan and Similkameen
20664: BARLEE, N. L. - The Guide to Gold Panning in British Columbia Gold Regions, Methods of Mining and Other Data
20666: BARLEE, N.L. - The Guide to Gold Panning in British Columbia
19782: BARLEE, N.L. - The Guide to Gold Panning
20546: BARLEE, N. L. - Gold Creeks & Ghostowns
20642: BARLEE, N.L. - Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns East Kootenay, Boundary, West Kootenay, Okanagan and Similkameen
20545: BARLEE, N.L. - The Guide to Gold Panning
20665: BARLEE, N. L. - The Guide to Gold Panning in British Columbia Gold Regions, Methods of Mining and Other Data
9036: BARLOW, ALFRED ERNEST - Reprint of a Report on the Origin, Geological Relations and Composition of the Nickel and Copper Deposits of the Sudbury Mining District Ontario, Canada
20483: BARMAN, JEAN - The Remarkable Adventures of Portuguese Joe Silvey
5369: BARMAN, R. J. - A History and Guide to the Parish Church of Melbourne Derbyshire
20314: BARMAN, JEAN - Stanley Park's Secret the Forgotten Families of Whoi Whoi, Kanaka Ranch and Brockton Point
20806: BARNARD, SANDY: EDITOR - Greasy Grass Volume 25 May 2009
20807: BARNARD, SANDY: EDITOR - Greasy Grass Volume 26 May 2010
20808: BARNARD, SANDY: EDITOR - Greasy Grass Volume 11 May 1995
20803: BARNARD, SANDY: EDITOR - Greasy Grass Volume 21 May 2005
20804: BARNARD, SANDY: EDITOR - Greasy Grass Volume 22 May 2006
20801: BARNARD, SANDY: EDITOR - Greasy Grass Vol. 16 May 2000
20802: BARNARD, SANDY: EDITOR - Greasy Grass May 2004 Volume 20
11129: BARNES, MICHAEL - Gateway City the North Bay Story
12911: BARNHART, MICHAEL A. - Japan and the World Since 1868
19773: BARNHOLDEN, MICHAEL - Circumstances Alter Photographs Captain James Peters' Reports from the War of 1885
19351: BARON, AINA - Stumbling Along on the Trail to the Past
19646: BARON, SID - The Way It Was Growing Up in Wartime Holland
5512: BARR, CAPTAIN JAMES - Ferry Across the Harbor
20694: BARR, NIALL. - Pendulum of War Three Battles at El Alamein
15247: BARRATT, GLYNN - Russian Shadows on the British Northwest Coast of North America, 1810
12729: BARRETT, ANTHONY A.; RHODRI WINDSOR LISCOMBE - Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia Architecture and Challenge in the Imperial Age
20568: BARRETT, HARRY & CLARENCE F. COONS - Alligators of the North the Story of the West & Peachey Steam Warping Tugs
20159: BARRIS, TED - Victory at Vimy Canada Comes of Age, April 9
20348: TERENCE BARROW PH. D - Captain Cook in Hawaii
20868: BARTH, JOHN - The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
16111: BARTHORP, MICHAEL - Queen Victoria's Commanders
17209: BARUTH-WALSH, MARY E.; WALSH, G. M. - Strike! 99 Days on the Line : The Workers' Own Story of the 1945 Windsor Ford Strike
18556: BASHOW, DAVID - No Prouder Place Canadians and the Bomber Command Experience, 1939
16768: BASQUE, GARNET - Frontier Days in the Yukon
15219: BASQUE, GARNET - Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the Boundary Country
19726: BASQUE, GARNET - Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of the Boundary Country
16769: BASQUE, GARNET - Frontier Days in the Yukon
20302: BASQUE, GARNET - Canadian West
17123: BASQUE, GARNET - West Kootenay the Pioneer Years
20417: BASRAN, GURCHARN S. & B. SINGH BOLARIA - The Sikhs in Canada Migration, Race, Class, and Gender
19100: BASSETT, JAN - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Australian History
13304: BASSON, W. P. - Pivotal Catalogues in the Aeneid
17540: BATE, GEOFF - The Places of Kettle Valley
19296: BATES, H. E. - Country and Other Matters (6 Volume Box Set); Dulcima, the Four Beauties, the Wild Cherry Tree, Seven By Five, the Triple Echo and Fair Stood the Wind for France
12743: BAUER, WALTER - Liebe Zu Deutschland Heisst Leiden an Deutschland Briefe Aus Kanada 1962-1976
20675: BAUER, GWEN; NOAKES, ESTELLE - Seymour Arm Historical Gem of Shuswap
18404: BAUM, CLAIRE - Hidden Package
18585: BAXTER, JOHN & ISAAC ASIMOV INTRO - The Fire Came By the Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion
13322: BAZILEVIC, I. E & V. G. BOLTJANSKIF - Thirteen Papers on Algebra, Topology, Complex Variables and Linear Programming
20906: BEADLE, MURIEL - These Ruins Are Inhabited
11557: BEAMES, JOHN - Army without Banners; a Vivid Social Comedy About Pioneering Life in the Northwest at the Turn of the Century
19884: BEATON M. C. - Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor
19817: BEATTIE, JESSIE LOUISE - Black Moses the Real Uncle Tom
20515: BEATTIE, J. M - Attitudes Towards Crime and Punishment in Upper Canada, 1830
20650: BEATTY, PATRICIA - Rufus, Red Rufus
9910: BECK, J. MURRAY - Joseph Howe, Anti
9220: BECK, JAMES M - The Evidence in the Case; a Discussion of the Moral Responsibility for the War of 1914, As Disclosed By the Diplomatic Records of England, Germany, Russia, France, Austria, Italy and Belgium,
19649: BEDNARIK, ROBERT G. - Rock Art Research the Journal of the Australian Rock Art Research Association (Aura) November 1988
12125: BEECH, MARGARET - Peter and Veronica Spring
20823: BEECHING, WILLIAM C. - Canadian Volunteers
16143: VAN BEEK, FLORY - Flory a Miraculous Story of Survival
14995: BELL, GORDON - We Went Where They Sent Us. . . And Did As We Were Told (Most of the Time)
19918: BELL, KEN; C. P. STACEY - 100 Years; the Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883
10924: BELL, ROBERT - Report on the Geology of the Basin of Nottaway River, with a Map of the Region, 1900,
17073: BELLEC, FRANCOIS - Unknown Lands the Log Book of the Great Explorers
15317: BELLOW, SAUL - Herzog
13336: BENABO, BRIAN & MICHAEL JUPP - Moonlight Kingdom
19819: BENNETT, NORMA V - Pioneer Legacy Chronicles of the Lower Skeena River Vol. 1
17035: BENNETT, C.M. - A Buccaneer's Log
14218: BENNETT, WILF - Pony Tracks; in Honour of Our People
13313: BENNETT, FRANCIS OSWALD - March of the Little Men
18082: BENSON, E. F - Dodo: Dodo, Dodo the Second and Dodo Wonders
16902: BENSON, DORIS - A Place Called Hecla
15052: BENTALL, SHIRLEY - The Charles Bentall Story
19721: BENTLEY, MARY & TED BENTLEY - Gabriola: Petroglyph Island
6475: BERCOVICI, HARI & FOIAS, CIPRIAN - Nonselfadjoint Operator Algebras, Operator Theory, and Related Topics
17666: BERCUSON, DAVID J. & J. L. GRANATSTEIN - Dictionary of Canadian Military History
20361: BERCUSON, DAVID J - The Patricias the Proud History of a Fighting Regiment
18173: BERCUSON, DAVID J. & J. L. GRANATSTEIN - Dictionary of Canadian Military History
18727: BERCUSON, DAVID & HOLGER H. HERWIG - The Destruction of the Bismarck
20023: BERCUSON, DAVID J - The Secret Army the Incredible Story of the Foreign Volunteers Who Formed One of the Toughest Modern Armies in the World and Fought for the Establishment of a Jewish State
20143: BERCUSON, DAVID J - The Patricias the Proud History of a Fighting Regiment
20104: BERCUSON, DAVID JAY - Battalion of Heroes the Calgary Highlanders in World War II
18421: BERGER, CARL - Conscription, 1917
19565: BERGMANN, LUDWIG & CLEMENS SCHAEFER & WILHELM RAITH - Constituents of Matter Atoms, Molecules, Nuclei and Particles
20628: BERGREN, MYRTLE - Tough Timber the Loggers of B.C. , Their Story
16539: BERKSON, WILLIAM - Fields of Force the Development of a World View from Faraday to Einstein
16958: BERNHARDI, FRIEDRICH VON (1849-1930) - How Germany Makes War
20047: BERR, HELENE - The Journal of HéLène Berr
11710: BERRY, ELLEN THOMAS; DAVID ALLEN BERRY - Our Quaker Ancestors Finding Them in Quaker Records
19678: BERTON, PIERRE - Klondike the Life & Death of the Last Great Gold Rush
18392: BERTON, PIERRE - Just Add Water and Stir
12322: BERTON, PIERRE - Klondike; the Life & Death of the Last Great Gold Rush
20670: BERTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home
17028: BERTON, PIERRE - The Dionne Years a Thirties Melodrama
10588: BESANT, WALTER & JAMES RICE - The Chaplain of the Fleet
19695: BEST, CHRISTOPHER - The Kitsilano Boys' Band from 1895 to 1982 the Most Famous Boys Band in the World
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16721: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Wars
7622: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Pilgrim
16674: FINLAY, JOY & CAM FINLAY - Ocean to Alpine a British Columbia Nature Guide
17784: FIRBY, P. A. & CYRIL F. GARDINER - Surface Topology
20733: FIRSTBROOK, PETER - Lost on Everest the Search for Mallory and Irvine
20528: FISH, GORDON - Dreams of Freedom Bella Coola, Cape Scott, Sointula
16646: FISHER, ROBIN - Duff Patullo of British Columbia
18632: FISHER, GEORGE P. - The Grounds of Theistic and Chrisitian Belief
19823: FISK, ROBERT - The Great War for Civilisation the Conquest of the Middle East
19960: FISKE, AMOS KIDDER - The West Indies a History of the Islands of the West Indian Archipelago, Together with an Account of Their Physical Characteristics, Natural Resources and Present Condition

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