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18116: HUNTER, AISLINN - The World Before Us
17195: HUNTER, MILTON R. - Utah Indian Stories
719: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - Mackenzie King: The Incredible Canadian
19402: HUTTON, JOSEPH BERNARD - The Great Illusion Stalin's Russia 1934
10783: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Time Must Have a Stop
9470: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brief Candles
15064: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Solitary in the Ranks Lawrence of Arabia As Airman and Private Soldier
16918: HYDE, SUSAN & MICHAEL BIRD - Hallowed Timbers the Wooden Churches of Cape Breton
19186: HYLAND, GARY & ANTON GILL - Last Talons of the Eagle Secret Nazi Technology Which Could Have Changed the Course of World War II
10050: HYLTON, STUART - Their Darkest Hour the Hidden History of the Home Front 1939
16718: INNIS, MARY (QUAYLE) - The Clear Spirit; Twenty Canadian Women and Their Times,
16129: IRANI, ANOSH - The Song of Kahunsha
14556: IRELAND, ANN - Exile a Novel
8323: IRVINE, A. A. - Land of No Regrets
273: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Esq.
19772: IRWIN, JANE - Old Canadian Cemeteries Places of Memory
1229: ISHAM, FREDERIC S. - A Man and His Money
7065: ISRAËL, B. M. - Rare Books, Autographs and Prints on the Sea
18018: ITANI, FRANCES - Requiem
18220: JACK, DONALD LAMONT - Me Bandy, You Cissie
14364: JACK, DONALD - Me Too
18221: JACK, DONALD - Me So Far
16572: JACKSON, E. ATLEE - Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics Volume 2
16571: JACKSON, E. ATLEE - Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics
17541: JACKSON, ROBERT - Douglas Bader; a Biography
16141: JACOBSON, DIANE - My Life in a Kwagu'L Big House
18921: JACQUES, BRIAN - Loamhedge a Tale from Redwall
18156: JAKUBOWSKI (EDITOR), MAXIM - Crime Yellow Gollancz New Crimes 1
17874: JAMES, JAMIE - The Music of the Spheres Music, Science, and the Natural Order of the Universe
12548: JAMES, LAWRENCE - The Golden Warrior: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
16655: JAMES, RICK - West Coast Wrecks and Other Maritime Tales
18896: JAMES, P.D. - The Private Patient
16792: JAMES, C.L.R. - The Black Jacobins Toussaint L'ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution
18977: JAMIESON, ERIC - Tragedy at Second Narrows the Story of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
14500: JANE, PAMELA - Noelle of the Nutcracker
18505: JANTZ, HAROLD - Leaders Who Shaped Us; Canadian Mennonite Brethren 1910
7122: JARDINE, QUINTIN - Wearing Purple
19211: JARDINE, QUINTIN - The Loner
14409: JARDINE, QUINTIN - Fallen Gods
18333: JARMAN, ROSEMARY HAWLEY - Crown in Candlelight
19690: JEAL, TIM - Explorers of the Nile the Triumph and Tragedy of a Great Victorian Adventure
19961: JEANS, JAMES, SIR - Through Space & Time
19302: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Wood Magic
15376: JENKINS, GEOFFREY - The Watering Place of Good Peace
19953: JENKINS, CHARLES F. - Tortola a Quaker Experiment of Long Ago in the Tropics
19754: JENKINS, NANCY - The Boat Beneath the Pyramid King Cheops' Royal Ship
17571: JENKINS, MCKAY - Bloody Falls of the Coppermine Madness, Murder, and the Collision of Cultures in the Arctic, 1913
16528: PU YI; W.J.F. JENNER (TRANSLATOR) - From Emperor to Citizen the Autobiography of Aisin
19654: JENNINGS, GARY - The Journeyer
16107: JENSEN, VICKIE - Where the People Gather Carving a Totem Pole
16737: JENSEN, VICKIE - Saltwater Women at Work in Their Own Words
15019: JESSUP, RICHARD - The Hot Blue Sea; a Novel
19850: JOE, RITA - Lnu and Indians We're Called
13297: JOE, WANNE J.; HONGKYU A. CHOE (EDITOR) - Traditional Korea a Cultural History
18703: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W.E. - Biggles' Secret Assignments Biggles' Second Case, Biggles Breaks the Silence & Biggles Follows on
16667: JOHNSON, GARRY & CHRISTOPHER DUNPHIE - Brightly Shone the Dawn Some Experiences of the Invasion of Normandy
18588: JOHNSON, DUNCAN - Scenes of the Canadian Rockies
19811: JOHNSON, HAYNES - The Bay of Pigs the Leaders' Story of Brigade 2506
6491: JOHNSTON, MARY - Lewis Rand
14446: JOLL, JAMES (ED.) - Britain and Europe Pitt to Churchill, 1793
17338: JOLLY, W. P - Sir Oliver Lodge
19025: JONES, JAMES - Go to the Widow
19653: JONES, J. W - Membership Relations of Cooperative Associations Some Methods and Costs of Membership Contacts
12485: JONES, BERYL MAUD - Stories from the Enchanted Harp
2604: JONES, C. H. - Interesting and Instructive Reading for the Young
15594: JONES, MAX & JOHN CHILTON - Louis the Louis Armstrong Story 1900
16415: JONES, HARLO L. - O Little Town: Remembering Life in a Prairie Village
14841: JONSSON, REIDAR - My Life As a Dog
17623: JUKES, GEOFFREY - The First World War the War to End All Wars
9235: JUROME, WILLIAM BRADLEY - Sun, Sage & Sand. Volume 2
19667: KAHN, CHARLES - Salt Spring the Story of an Island
17816: KALLA, DANIEL - Of Flesh and Blood
19580: KANE, PAUL - Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America Among the Indians of North America from Canada to Vancouver's Island and Oregon Through the Hudson's Bay Company's Territory and Back Again
18889: KANE, GORDON - Supersymmetry Squarks, Photinos and the Unveiling the Ultimate Laws of Nature
15373: KAPLAN, ALICE - The Interpreter
15171: KARAMANSKI, D.J. - Fur Trade and Exploration : Opening the Far Northwest 1821
15530: KARCHMAR, JANE & J. GORDON MUMFORD - The Black Pit. . . And Beyond
13876: KARRES, ERIKA V. SHEARIN - A German Tale; a Girl Surviving Hitler's Legacy
6906: KATZ, WELWYN WILTON - Whalesinger
19062: KAY, DAVE - Fort Steele, Frontier Mining Town of the Kootenays, North West Mounted Police Post in 1887 Its Rise, Its Decline and Its Rebirth
18596: KEATING, NORMA - Mr Chu
14531: KEDDELL, GEORGINA - The Newspapering Murrays
12777: KEDDELL, GEORGINA - The Newspapering Murrays
16305: KEEGAN, JOHN - The Book of War 25 Centuries of Great War Writing
15540: KEEN, MARY - We Will Remember Them the Lives Behind the Richmond Cenotaph
16175: KEENAN, BRIAN; JOHN MCCARTHY - Between Extremes
15153: KEIM, CHARLES J - Aghvook, White Eskimo; Otto Geist and Alaskan Archaeology,
17343: KEITH, MARIAN - Duncan Polite the Watchman of Glenoro
16594: KELLER, BETTY - Sea-Silver Inside British Columbia's Salmon
13459: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Prayers for the Dead
16304: KEMPE, FREDERICK - Berlin 1961 Kennedy, Khruschev, and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth
17496: KENDRICK, ALEXANDER - The Wound Within America in the Vietnam Years, 1945
19637: KENNAWAY, JAMES - Tunes of Glory
15994: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Burden & the Glory, Hopes & Purposes of President Kennedy's Second & Third Years in Office Revealed in His Public Statements and Addresses
14194: KENNEDY, BARRY - Rock Varnish
19806: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - The Airman and the Carpenter
15725: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Pursuit the Sinking of the "Bismarck"
19348: KENT, ALEXANDER - The Inshore Squadron
11980: KENT, ALEXANDER - In Gallant Company
19761: KENT, ALEXANDER - Second to None
9869: KENT, WILLIAM - My Lord Mayor
19763: KENT, ALEXANDER - Man of War
16928: KEPLER, JOHANNES - Epitome of Copernican Astronomy and Harmonies of the World
15182: KERR, AUBREY - Leduc
19389: KERSHAW, IAN - The End the Defiance and Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1944
19885: KIDD, KENNETH E. - Canadians of Long Ago; the Story of the Canadian Indian
16155: KIELY, BENEDICT - Yeats' Ireland an Illustrated Anthology
1889: KILIAN, CRAWFORD - Tsunami
10121: KILIAN, CRAWFORD - Tsunami
12178: KILWORTH, GARRY - Abandonati
13574: KILWORTH, GARRY DOUGLAS - The Bronte Girls
15776: KIMBER, STEPHEN - Sailors, Slackers and Blind Pigs Halifax at War
16442: KING, DEAN - Patrick O'brian a Life Revealed
16487: KINSELLA, W P - Miss Hobbema Pageant
17457: KINSELLA, STEVEN R. - 900 Miles from Nowhere Voices from the Homestead Frontier
18178: KINSELLA, W. P. - Red Wolf, Red Wolf
3602: KINSELLA, W. P. - The Moccasin Telegraph and Other Indian Tales
15500: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Around the World with Kipling
17753: KIPPENHAHN, RUDOLF - Discovering the Secrets of the Sun
19038: KIRBY, WILLIAM - The Golden Dog a Romance of Old Quebec
19844: KLASSEN, AGATHA E. (EDITOR) - Yarrow a Portrait in Mosaic
19638: KLASSEN, A. J. EDITOR - The Church in the Heart of the Valley 1892
19506: KLEIN, FELIX - Lie Groups: History, Frontiers and Applications (English Translation)
8798: KNIGHT, ANN & KINSELLA, W. P. - Even at This Distance
19764: KNIGHT, ROLF - Along the No. 20 Line Reminiscences of the Vancouver Waterfront
16598: KNOPP, GUIDO - Hitlers Krieger
19509: KNORR, W. R. - Textual Studies in Ancient and Medieval Geometry
19479: KNOX, ALEXANDER - The Kidnapped Surgeon
19480: KNOX, ALEXANDER - Raider's Moon
17415: KNOX, OLIVE - John Black of Old Kildonan
16229: KOCH, ERIC - Hilmar and Odette Two Stories from the Nazi Era
17039: KOGAWA, JOY - Itsuka
18267: KOHL, CRIS & ADAM HENLEY - Dive Ontario Two! More Ontario Shipwreck Stories
18329: KOLLWITZ, KÄTHE - Ich Sah Die Welt Mit Liebevollen Blicken Ein Leben in Selbstzeugnissen
18160: KOLYSHKIN, REAR ADMIRAL IVAN - Submarines in Arctic Waters Memoirs
16742: KONSALIK, HEINZ G. - Die Drohung Roman
16743: KONSALIK, HEINZ G. - Der Arzt Von Stalingrad
13567: KONSALIK, HEINZ G - Die Schone Vom Nil
15241: KONSALIK, HEINZ G. - Der Himmel über Kasakstan
13963: KOOB, THEODORA & LEONARD VOSBURGH - Benjy Brant Dragooning with the Swamp Fox
16140: KOPAS, CLIFF - Packhorses to the Pacific a Canadian Wilderness Adventure
18336: KORYTA, MICHAEL - Last Words
19364: KOSTOVA, ELIZABETH - The Shadow Land
16532: KOURGANOFF, V. - Introduction to the General Theory of Particle Transfer
16230: KRAMER, CLARA - Clara's War a Young Girl's True Story of Miraculous Survival Under the Nazis
20009: KRAUSS, BOB - Historic Waianae "a Place of Kings"
5321: KREISEL, HENRY - The Almost Meeting and Other Stories
17436: KREISEL, HENRY - The Betrayal
18886: KREPPS, REX G. - Sparks of Flame
16053: KROMHOUT, JAN - Afrikaans-English/English
17764: KRUPP, E. C. - Skywatchers, Shamans & Kings Astronomy and the Archaeology of Power
17142: KUNHARDT, PHILIP - Life in Camelot the Kennedy Years
17881: LABAND, J.P.C. & IAN KNIGHT - Anglo
17717: LAFORE, LAURENCE - The Long Fuse an Interpretation of the Origins of World War I
12413: LAIRD, ROSS - Grain of Truth the Ancient Lessons of Craft
11892: LAMONT, GWEN - Early Sketches 1932
19977: LAMPE, DAVID - The Savage Canary; the Story of Resistance in Denmark
12572: LANDS, FORESTS & WATER RESOURCES, BC DEPARTMENT OF - Annual Report of the British Columbia Lands Service 1966
16338: LANDSBERG, PETER T. - Seeking Ultimates an Intuitive Guide to Physics
5312: LANE, JANE - Farewell to the White Cockade
11520: LANE, MYRTLE E & MARGARET G. STEER & MARY CARR WRIGHT - Land of Shining Mountains; British Columbia in Legend and Story
17602: LANG, JIM - Papa X
14452: LANGFORD, ERNEST - Rendezvous at Dieppe
16733: LANGILLE, HOWARD PETER - Changing the Guard Canada's Defence in a World in Transition
19759: LANGLOIS, W.J. (ED.) - Nut·Ka·
18987: LARABEE, ANN - The Dynamite Fiend the Chilling Story of Alexander Keith Jr. , Nova Scotian Spy, Con Artist, & International Terrorist
19133: LARGE, RICHARD GEDDES - The Skeena: River of Destiny
18966: LARSON, ETHEL - Pioneer of the North the Story of Rolla and Elsie Richmond As to to George R. Upton
15753: LAU, EVELYN - Fresh Girls & Other Stories
17844: LAUGWITZ, DETLEF & ABE SHENITZER - Bernhard Riemann 1826
15214: LAUNIUS, ROGER D. & LOUIS L. SNYDER (EDITOR) - Nasa a History of the U.S. CIVIL Space Program
19622: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Diviners
19791: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Diviners
11561: LAUT, AGNES C - The Story of the Trapper,
12242: LAVENDER, EMERSON & NORMAN SHEFFE - The Evaders; True Stories of Downed Canadian Airmen and Their Helpers in World War II
19632: LAVIGNE, YVES - Hell's Angels Taking Care of Business
19943: LAWAETZ, EVA - Black Education in the Danish West Indies from 1732 to 1853 the Pioneering Efforts of the Moravian Brethren
18414: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN R. - Pendragon
19303: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN - The Silver Hand
18510: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN R. - Pendragon
17108: LAWLISS, CHARLES - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1929
12739: LAWRENCE, BARB & JUDY ROBB - Where Eagles Flew an Early History of the Chilliwack Flying Club
16762: LAWRENCE, R. D. - The Shark Nature's Masterpiece
12738: LAZEO, LAURENCE ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Winter Ceremonial of the Kwakiutl (from Report of the National Museum 1895)
18070: LEACH, NORMAN - Passchendaele Canada's Triumph and Tragedy on the Fields of Flanders
3968: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Behind the Beyond
17232: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
13129: O'LEARY, MICHAEL - California High Warbirds of the West Coast
19988: LEBECH, MOGENS - Hjejlen, "the Golden Plover" Denmark's Oldest Steamship and the Navigation of the Himmelbjerg Lakes and the Guden River
13966: PATRICIA E. GALLAGHER LEBLANC - From Tropical White to Battleship Grey
18443: LECKIE, ROBERT - "a Few Acres of Snow" the Saga of the French and Indian Wars
18280: LEE, STAN & STUART MOORE & ANDIE TONG - The Zodiac Legacy Convergence
18980: LEE, NORMAN - Klondike Cattle Drive the Journal of Norman Lee
14311: LEES, ROBERT JAMES - Reise in Die Unsterblichkeit, Bd. 1, Das Leben Jenseits Der Nebelwand
14312: LEES, ROBERT JAMES - Reise in Die Unsterblichkeit, Bd. 2
12876: LEGGET, ROBERT FERGUSON - Canals of Canada
14381: LEHANE, DENNIS - Mystic River a Novel
17930: LEHNERT, B (EDITOR) - Electromagnetic Phenomena in Cosmical Physics
16347: LENIHAN, J - The Crumbs of Creation Trace Elements in History, Medicine, Industry, Crime and Folklore
19399: LENIN, V. I. & ALEXANDER TRACHTENBERG - V.I. Lenin, Collected Works
19178: LEON, DONNA - The Temptation of Forgiveness a Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery
17098: LEONARD, JOHN W. - The Gold Fields of the Klondike
16832: LEONG, SOW-THENG - Sino-Soviet Relations, the First Phase 1917
16023: LESSING, DORIS - Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire
16192: LESSING, DORIS - The Sirian Experiments the Report By Ambien II, of the Five
18780: LESSING, DORIS - A Man and Two Women; Nineteen Stories
14360: LETEMENDIA, CLAIRE - The Best of Men
19328: LETHEM, JONATHAN - Chronic City a Novel
18789: LETHEM, JONATHAN - The Fortress of Solitude a Novel
16068: LEVINE, JOSHUA - Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle of Britain a New History in the Words of the Men and Women on Both Sides
19883: LEVINE, DAVID D. - Arabella of Mars
19179: LEWIS, LAURENCE - Echoes of Resistance British Involvement with the Italian Partisans
17486: LEWIS, C. S. - A Year with C.S. Lewis Daily Readings from His Classic Works
17075: LILLARD, CHARLES - The Ghostland People a Documentary History of the Queen Charlotte Islands, 1859
14674: LILLARD, CHARLES - Seven Shillings a Year the History of Vancouver Island
17726: LIN, QUN - Free Calculus a Liberation from Concepts and Proofs
19805: LINDBERGH, REEVE - Under a Wing a Memoir
16978: LINDSAY, F. W. - The Cariboo Dream
12961: LINGARD, JOAN - Tug of War
14393: LÍNQUEZ, JATVÍGO; INGE OTT (EDITOR) - Der Cid; Das Leben Und Die Heldentaten Des Berühmten Spanischen Ritters Rodrigo Díaz Von Vivar
15604: LINTON, JAMES M.; CALVIN W MOORE - The Story of Wild Goose Jack the Life and Work of Jack Miner
19836: LISTER, ANDREA - Commitment to Caring Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary's 100 Years, 1911
19642: LITTELL, ROBERT - The Once and Future Spy
6161: LITTLE, JEAN - Home from Far
12926: LITTLE, DARAN & GREEN , CHRISTINE - Coronation St.
10960: LIVINGSTONE, HARRISON EDWARD - High Treason 2 the Great Cover
16417: LIVIO, MARIO (EDITOR) - The Dark Universe Matter, Energy and Gravity
8226: LLEWELYN (ARRANGER) - The Orpheus Collection of Male Quartettes
16277: LLOYD, S. L. & M. G. GREEN & D. R. WARD - Electron
19567: LLOYD, HUMPHREY - Miscellaneous Papers Connected with Physical Science
17592: LLOYD, IAN & PETER PUGH - Hives and the Merlin
11744: LOCKHART, SIR ROBERT BRUCE - Marines Were There; Story of the Royal Marines in the Second World War
19236: LOCKLEY, R. M - The Island
15078: LODGE, OLIVER - Phantom Walls
13706: LODGE, SIR OLIVER JOSEPH - Making of Man
13128: LOGAN, J. D. & DONALD G. FRENCH - Highways of Canadian Literature
16508: LOKAR, DANE - Zakopani Kip (Buried Statue)
11240: LONG,J. - Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader
16278: LONGAIR, MALCOLM S. - Confrontation of Cosmological Theories with Observational Data
18634: LORD, WALTER - Day of Infamy Pearl Harbour
11455: LOTZ, JIM - Cape Breton Island,
19295: LOVE, J. A. - Canadian National in the West, Vol. 1
12676: LOWER, J.ARTHUR - Ocean of Destiny; a Concise History of the North Pacific 1500
13089: LOWER, ARTHUR REGINALD MARSDEN - Canadians in the Making; a Social History of Canada
16086: LOWRY, THOMAS P. - Don't Shoot That Boy! Abraham Lincoln and Military Justice
19951: LUCAS, C. P. - A Historical Geography of the British Colonies Vol. II. The West Indies
17152: LUDDITT, FRED W. - Campfire Sketches of the Cariboo
19838: LUDWIG, EMIL - Mackenzie King Esquisse D'un Portrait
19916: LUKACS, JOHN - Five Days in London, May 1940
15094: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship; a Square
14602: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship a Square
19837: LUNNY, JUNE CRUIKSHANK - Spirit of the Yukon
18990: LYNCH, THOMAS G. - Canada's Flowers History of the Corvettes of Canada, 1939
14600: LYNCH, GERALD - Troutstream
17094: LYSAK-MARTYNKIW, RUTH - Homegrown Vignettes About Manufacturing Agricultural Implements in Alberta, 1890
13114: MACDERMAID, ANNE & GEORGE F. HENDERSON EDITORS - A Guide to the Holdings of Queen's University Archives Vol 2 Audio
17810: MACDONALD, IAN & BETTY O'KEEFE - Canadian Holy War a Story of Clans, Tongs, Murder and Bigotry
18580: MACDONALD, SIR RODERICK & ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET LORD LEWIN (FOREWORD) - The Figurehead; a Story of Conflict and Loyalty at Sea in World War II
17016: MACDONALD, CHARLES B. - Company Commander
16896: MACDONALD, LAURA M. - Curse of the Narrows the Halifax Explosion 1917
19601: MACDONALD, BETTY - Onions in the Stew
15261: MACDONALD, JOHN D - Shades of Travis Mcgee the Quick Red Fox, Pale Gray for Guilt, Dress Her in Indigo
910: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - Free Fall in Crimson
15891: MACDONALD, LAURA M. - Curse of the Narrows the Halifax Explosion 1917
6895: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Underground Man
11351: MACDONALD, ANN-MARIE - Fall on Your Knees a Novel
18412: MACDONALD, BETTY - Onions in the Stew
17463: MACDONALD, WILSON - A Flagon of Beauty
18059: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - Down North
634: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Feeding of Farm Animals
17192: MACEWAN, GRANT - Sitting Bull; the Years in Canada
13694: MACEWAN, GRANT - Entrusted to My Care
14583: MACGREGOR, JAMES - Macgregor V. C Goodbye Dad : Biography of the Man Who Won More Prestigious Awards for Valour Than Any Other Canadian Soldier
16986: MACGREGOR, JAMES GRIERSON - Father Lacombe
15989: MACINTYRE, D. E. - End of Steel
15134: MACINTYRE, DONALD - U-Boat Killer Fighting the U
18202: MACINTYRE, LINDEN - Punishment
19832: MACISAAC, RON AND ANNE CHAMPAGNE, EDS - Clayoquot Mass Trials Defending the Rainforest
18455: MACKAY, DONALD - Scotland Farewell the People of the Hector
15033: MACKENZIE, JOHN - English
16771: MACKIE, RICHARD & GRAEME WYNN - Home Truths Highlights from Bc History
15549: MACLAREN, ROY - Canadians Behind Enemy Lines 1939
16874: MACLEAN, HOPE - Indians, Inuit, and Métis of Canada
15724: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR / SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE / DAVID NIVEN - Call to Arms Classic War Stories
15215: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD; JOHN BELL (EDITOR) - At the Harbour Mouth
16084: MACOMBER, ROBERT N - At the Edge of Honor a Novel of the Naval CIVIL War
6583: MADLEY, LEWIS G. - James Bay Athletic Association: The First 100 Years, 1886
17746: MAHONEY, MICHAEL SEAN - The Mathematical Career of Pierre de Fermat, 1601
16673: MAIER, CHARLES S. - The Unmasterable Past History, Holocaust, and German National Identity, with a New Preface
18748: MAILER, NORMAN - Oswald's Tale an American Mystery
15887: MAILLARD, KEITH - Two Strand River
18127: MAIN, J. R. K. - Voyageurs of the Air a History of CIVIL Aviation in Canada, 1858
16629: MAINZER, KLAUS - Thinking in Complexity the Complex Dynamics of Matter, Mind, and Mankind
18787: MAIR, RAFE - The Last Cast Fishing Reminiscences
15784: MAJOR, KEVIN - No Man's Land
19779: MALLINSON, ALLAN - A Regimental Affair
19995: MALORY, THOMAS & SIDNEY LANIER - The Boy's King Arthur Sir Thomas Malory's History of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
9820: MANDELMAN, AVNER - Talking to the Enemy
11396: MANDER, JERRY - In the Absence of the Sacred; the Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations
19519: MANDOLESI, N. & N. VITTORIO - The Cosmic Microwave Background: 25 Years Later Proceedings of a Meeting on ‘the Cosmic Microwave Background: 25 Years Later’, Held in L’Aquila, . . . 1989
17976: MANKELL, HENNING & EBBA SEGERBERG & LAURIE THOMPSON - Pyramid and Four Other Kurt Wallander Mysteries
17975: MANKELL, HENNING & EBBA SEGERBERG (TRANSLATOR) - Before the Frost a Linda Wallander Mystery
18109: MANN, JESSICA - Out of Harm's Way the Wartime Evacuation of Children from Britain
17771: MANN, A.K. & D.B. CLINE - Discovery of Weak Neutral Currents the Weak Interaction Before and After: Proceedings of the Conference Held in Santa Monica, Ca, February 1993
19323: MANN, WILLIAM E. - Sect, Cult & Church in Alberta
13982: MANSBRIDGE, FRANCIS - Launching History the Saga of the Burrard Dry Dock
17730: MANSFIELD, ELIZABETH LOUISE - A Practical Guide to the Invariant Calculus
18811: MAR, ALEX - Witches of America
15791: MARC, JACQUES F - Historic Shipwrecks of Northeastern Vancouver Island
17410: MARCHAK, M. PATRICIA - Logging the Globe
17987: MARCUS, G.J. - Heart of Oak Survey of British Sea Power in the Georgian Era
16924: MARGOLIN, VICTOR & GEORGE RICHARD BUCHANAN - The Idea of Design a Design Issues Reader
12105: MARGOLIS, ERIC S. - The War at the Top of the World
17382: MARIKA, WANDJUK & JENNIFER ISAACS - Wandjuk Marika Life Story
15320: MARK, JAN (EDITOR) - The Oxford Book of Children's Stories
19867: MARQUIS, T. G. - Canada's Sons on Kopje and Veldt; a Historical Account of the Canadian Contingents
2740: MARSH, LEONARD - A Regional College for Vancouver Island
19145: MARSH, WINIFRED PETCHEY - People of the Willow Padlimiut Tribe of the Caribou Eskimo
18885: MARSHALL, JAMES STIRRAT & CARRIE MARSHALL - Adventure in Two Hemispheres Including Captain Vancouver's Voyage to the Pacific Coast and Hawaiian Islands
19700: MARSHALL, DENIS - Photographic Memory Salmon Arm's Past in Essays and Pictures
8949: MARSHALL D. LITT., REV. ALFRED - New Testament Greek Primer
19619: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - The Lands of Ice and Fire Maps from King's Landing to Across the Narrow Sea (a Song of Ice and Fire)
19657: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Dance with Dragons
19824: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Clash of Kings
13018: MARTIN, PAUL - European Military Uniforms a Short History
19856: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - Fire & Blood 300 Years Before a Game of Thrones (a Song of Ice and Fire)
19324: MARTIN, GILBERT - Holocaust Journey Travelling in Search of the Past
19656: GEORGE R. R. MARTIN - A Feast for Crows
18619: MARX, ROBERT F. - In the Wake of Galleons
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19858: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon in the Ice Kingdom of Mongo
16499: RAYNER-CANHAM, MARELENE F. & GEOFFREY W. RAYNER-CANHAM - A Devotion to Their Science Pioneer Women of Radioactivity
15810: RAYNER, CLAIRE - Fifth Member
19113: RAYNOR, ED - Debunking History 151 Popular Myths Exploded
16050: RAZZELL, MARY - Haida Quest
2341: READ, ELFRIEDA - Twin Rivers
8362: REDMOND-HOWARD, L.G. - Home Rule
3199: REEKIE, ISABEL M. - Red Paddles
19886: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - The Iron Pirate
19671: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Badge of Glory
15797: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - The Iron Pirate
14504: REID, W. STANFORD (EDITOR) - The Scottish Tradition in Canada
18713: REID, STUART & PAUL CHAPPELL - King George's Army 1740 – 1793: (1) Infantry
14717: REID, GORDON - There's Love in the North 1979
18711: REID, STUART & PAUL CHAPPELL - King George's Army 1740 – 1793: (2)
14716: REID, GORDON - Notes of the North
18712: REID, STUART & PAUL CHAPPELL - King George’S Army 1740
14715: REID, GORDON - Frontier Notes
17290: REIDY, JOHN P. & NORMAN RICHARDS - John F. Kennedy
19610: REIMER, AL - My Harp Is Turned to Mourning
18879: REITH, JOHN (LORD) - Wearing Spurs
14419: RENDELL, RUTH - The Monster in the Box
16422: RENN, JURGEN (EDITOR) - Galileo in Context
19510: RENN (EDITOR), JÜRGEN - The Genesis of General Relativity 4 Volumes Sources and Interpretations
19254: PIONEER RESEARCHERS (COMPILED BY) - Memories Never Lost Stories of the Pioneer Women of the Cowichan Valley and a Brief History of the Valley, 1850
12573: DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND RESOURCES - Mining; Geology and Mineralogy, Textbooklet No. 1
18654: REYNOLDS, CHARLES - Punjab Pioneer
17385: RHODES, RICHARD - Dark Sun the Making of the Hydrogen Bomb
15856: VAN DER RHOER, EDWARD - Deadly Magic ; a Personal Account of Communications Intelligence in World War II in the Pacific
19385: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Notes on an Endangered Species
19485: RICHLER, MORDECAI - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
10087: RIDDELL, WILLIAM RENWICK - The Constitution of Canada in Its History and Practical Working
14485: RIDINGTON, ROBIN - Trail to Heaven Knowledge and Narrative in a Northern Native Community
16875: VON RIEKHOFF, HARALD & HANSPETER NEUHOLD - Unequal Partners a Comparative Analysis of Relations between Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany and between Canada and the United States
17723: RINGSTROM, HANS - The Cauchy Problem in General Relativity
10870: RIPLEY, GORDON & ANNE MERCER - Who's Who in Canadian Literature, 1992
15381: RITCHIE, CHARLES - An Appetite for Life the Education of a Young Diarist, 1924
19697: ROBERTS, ROBERT - Christendom Astray: Popular Christianity (Both in Faith and Practice) Shewn to Be Unscriptural; and the True Nature of the Ancient Apostolic Faith Exhibited Eighteen Lectures
14655: ROBERTSON, HEATHER - Measuring Mother Earth How Joe the Kid Became Tyrrell of the North
18436: ROBERTSON, TERENCE - The Shame and the Glory
13849: ROBINSON, PETER - Friend of the Devil
11632: ROBINSON, RALPH; MUNROE SCOTT (ED.) & MAP ENDPAPERS - Educating Victoria County; a Local History of Public Education
18449: ROBINSON, PETER - When the Music's over
18819: ROBINSON, A. B. - Witch Hunt in the B.C. Woods
16509: ROBINSON, C.E. - Romani a Reader for the Third Stage of Latin
16001: ROBINSON, PETER - Watching the Dark
16939: ROBINSON, PETER - The Price of Love and Other Stories
14346: ROBINSON, A. B - Witch Hunt in the B.C. Woods
13176: ROBINSON, PETER - Piece of My Heart
9670: ROBINSON, PETER - Cold Is the Grave
19132: ROBINSON, GEOFFREY; ROBINSON, DOROTHY - It Came By the Boat Load Essays on Rum Running
18495: ROBINSON, PETER - Children of the Revolution
19527: ROBSON, ELEANOR - Mesopotamian Mathematics 2100
18568: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Renny's Daughter
19652: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Young Renny
19880: ROCKWELL, WILSON - We Hold These Truths
19182: ROGERS, FRED - Shipwrecks of British Columbia
19907: ROHAN, JULIA K. - Pioneers in Petticoats the Trethewey Women 1800 to 1900
16852: ROHNER, RONALD P. - The Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia
15645: ROLFE, SHEILA - Amulets and Arrowheads
12974: ROLLINS, RICHARD; EDITOR - Pickett's Charge Eyewitness Accounts
19771: ROMPKEY, RONALD - Labrador Odyssey the Journal and Photographs of Eliot Curwen on the Second Voyage of Wilfred Grenfell, 1893 . . . The History of Medicine, Health, and Society)
18362: ROSADO, JORGE - Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions 1939
19602: ROSENBERG, LIZ - House of Dreams the Life of L.M. Montgomery
11612: ROSENBLATT, JOE - Brides of the Stream
17300: ROSENSAFT, MENACHEM Z. - Life Reborn Jewish Displaced Persons, 1945-1951 : Conference Proceedings, Washington, D.C. January 14
11938: ROSKOLENKO, HARRY - Black Is a Man
17829: ROSS, IAN SIMPSON - The Life of Adam Smith
15176: FRED BERTHOLD JR. & ALAN W. CARLSTEN & KLAUS PENZEL & JAMES F. ROSS - Basic Sources of the Judaeo
18099: ROSS, RUPERT - Dancing with a Ghost Exploring Indian Reality
19061: ROSS, MARTIN - The Boom & Bust of Fort Steele a Self
14846: ROSS, SINCLAIR - Whir of Gold
17196: ROSS, SINCLAIR - Sawbones Memorial
15574: ROSSITER, SEAN - Otter & Twin Otter the Universal Airplanes
19801: ROSSITER, SEAN - Otter & Twin Otter the Universal Airplanes
18714: ROTHERO, CHRISTOPHER - Armies of Crecy and Poitiers
18715: ROTHERO, CHRISTOPHER - The Armies of Agincourt
19733: ROTTMAN, GORDON L. - Fubar, F--
19477: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
19613: ROWLING, J. K. & JACK THORNE & JOHN TIFFANY - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script
14205: ROY, REGINALD H. - The Vancouver Club First Century 1889
14395: ROY, GABRIELLE; ALAN BROWN TRANSLATOR - Fragile Lights of Earth Articles and Memories, 1942
19609: ROYCE, KENNETH - The Miniatures Frame
19742: RUPPENTHAL, KARL M. & THOMAS KEAST - The British Columbia Railway
18620: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Joseph Anton a Memoir
13974: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh
247: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Is Nothing Sacred? (Herbert Read Memorial Lecture Feb 6 1990)
14352: RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL, LORD - The Knights of Bushido; a Short History of Japanese War Crimes
18476: RUSSELL, JAN JARBOE - The Train to Crystal City Fdr's Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America's Only Family Internment Camp During World War II
19560: RUTHERFORD, LORD & SIR JAMES CHADWICK - Collected Papers of Lord Rutherford of Nelson, 3 Volumes Published Under the Scientific Direction of Sir James Chadwick.
19549: RUTHERFORD, E. - Radioactive Substances and Their Radiations
19548: RUTHERFORD, ERNEST - Radioactive Transformations,
5126: RYGA, GEORGE - Ballad of a Stone Picker
12155: SAGER, ERIC W. - Ships and Memories Merchant Seafarers in Canada's Age of Steam
19521: SAIDAN, A. S. - The Arithmetic of Al-Uqlidisi the Story of Hindu-Arabic Arithmetic As Told in Kitab Al-Fusul Fi Al-Hisab Al
17865: SALEM-MURDOCK, MUNEERA - Arabs and Nubians in New Halfa a Study of Settlement and Irrigation
16574: SALZBERG, HUGH W. - From Caveman to Chemist Circumstances and Achievements
6169: SANDERS, WILBUR - The Big Wolves
18888: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - The First Deadly Sin
19787: SANDFORD, JOHN & CTEIN - Saturn Run
19798: SANDISON, JAMES M. - Schools of Old Vancouver Occasional Paper Number 2
17277: SANFORD, BARRIE - Mcculloch's Wonder the Story of the Kettle Valley Railway
15467: SANFORD, BARRIE - Mcculloch's Wonder the Story of the Kettle Valley Railway
16413: SANFORD, BARRIE - Mcculloch's Wonder; the Story of the Kettle Valley Railway
15212: SANFORD, BARRIE - Pictorial History of Railroading in British Columbia
17855: SATCHLER, G.R. - Introduction to Nuclear Reactions
12903: SATOKO, AKIO - Destiny’S Eldest Daughter: The Early Life of Sukarno’S Daughter Megawati
18472: SAWYER, P.H. - Kings and Vikings Scandinavia and Europe, A.D. 700
15087: SCHEIDEMAN, CHARLES - Policing the Fringe the Curious Life of a Small
18035: SCHEIM, DAVID E. - Contract on America the Mafia Murder of President John F. Kennedy
18788: SCHMEMANN, SERGE - Echoes of a Native Land Two Centuries of a Russian Village
15943: SCHMIDT, RALPH - The History of Cowichan Lake Research Station
19255: SCHOOLER, LYNN - The Last Shot the Incredible Story of the C.S. S. Shenandoah and the True Conclusion of the American CIVIL War
19820: SCHORER, MARK - Sinclair Lewis: An American Life
10019: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS AND RUDY WIEBE - Stories from Pacific & Arctic Canada a Selection
13541: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS & RUDY WIEBE - Stories from Pacific & Arctic Canada a Selection
17005: SCHUSTER, ARTHUR - An Introduction to the Theory of Optics
13330: SCHUVER, JUAN MARIA; (GERD BAUMANN, DOUGLAS H. JOHNSON & WENDY JAMES EDITORS) - Juan Maria Schuver's Travels in North East Africa 1880
19538: SCHWARTZ, JACOB T. - Nonlinear Functional Analysis
19319: SCHWARZ, HERBERT - Tales from the Smokehouse
11441: SCHWARZ, DANIEL R. - Imagining the Holocaust
15911: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - On the Edge of the Primeval Forest Experiences and Observations of a Doctor in Equatorial Africa
16202: SCOTT, A.F. - The Stuart Age Commentaries of an Era
16204: SCOTT, A.F. - The Tudor Age ; Commentaries of an Era
15181: SCOTT, BRIAN & GUY ADAMS - Marine Link Exploring the Working Bc Coast
14399: SCOTT, JACK DAVID - From Our Town
19898: SCOTT, WALTER - Diamonds from Scott
18849: SCOTT, CHARLES W. - Pieces of the Game the Human Drama of Americans Held Hostage in Iran
19322: SCOTT, DONALD P. - The Seven Dimensions As the Keys to a General Theory of the Universe
11791: SEARY, VICTOR PERRIN - A Postage Stamp History of Canada
17876: ARMY HISTORICAL SECTION - The Regiments and Corps of the Canadian Army Volume 1 of the Canadian Army List
18318: SEED, JENNY - The Great Thirst
19515: SEKIDO, YATARO & HARRY ELLIOT - Early History of Cosmic Ray Studies Personal Reminiscences with Old Photographs
18717: SEKUNDA, NICHOLAS & ANGUS MCBRIDE (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Army of Alexander the Great
12099: SENSEL, JONI - Traditions Through the Trees Weyerhaeuser's First 100 Years
19604: SERVICE, ROBERT - More Collected Verse
15039: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Raggylug and Other Stories from Wild Animals I Have Known Being the Personal Histories of Raggylug, the Springfield Fox, the Pacing Mustang, Wully
18244: SEWARD, ROY S. - The Halfbreed Clown Bear Lore
17714: SHAPIN, STEVEN - A Social History of Truth Civility and Science in Seventeenth
12561: HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE OF SHARON - 1990 and Counting, a History of Sharon United Church, Murrayville, B.C.
14634: SHAW, BOB - The Two
16483: SHAW, BILL - Nostalgic Moments of a Lifetime in Paradise and Belated Confessions Book 1, the First in a Series Under the Heading : A Lifetime in Paradise
16286: SHEA, WILLIAM R - Galileo's Intellectual Revolution Middle Period, 1610
19184: O'SHEA, STEPHEN - Back to the Front
17079: SHEERS, OWEN - Resistance
19181: SHEFFER, EDITH - Asperger's Children the Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna
17221: SHEFFIELD, R. SCOTT - The Red Man's on the Warpath the Image of the Indian and the Second World War
19840: SHEILA NICKOLS; DAPHNE SLEIGH, VIOLET BOKSTROM ET AL - Maple Ridge a History of Settlement
13823: SHELFORD, CYRIL - From War to Wilderness
17959: SHERET, R. - Smoke Ash and Steam, Steam Engines on the West Coast of North America
17667: SHERWOOD, JAY - Furrows in the Sky the Adventures of Gerry Andrews
10838: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Collected Stories
14139: SHIELDS, CAROL - Swann
20006: SHOALTS, ADAM - A History of Canada in Ten Maps Epic Stories of Charting a Mysterious Land
17763: SHUBNIKOV, A. V. & V. A. KOPTSIK & DAVID HARKER & G. D. ARCHARD - Symmetry in Science and Art
17878: SIDGWICK, NEVIL VINCENT - The Electronic Theory of Valency
16648: SIEBERT, MYRTLE RAE - From Fjord to Floathouse One Family's Journey from the Farmlands of Norway to the Coast of British Columbia
17859: SIEGBAHN, MANNE - The Spectroscopy of X
18270: SIEMBIEDA, KEVIN - The Sentinels
12228: SIEMENS, ALFRED H.: EDITOR - Lower Fraser Valley
17572: SIGGINS, MAGGIE - Bitter Embrace: White Society's Assault on the Woodland Cree
5408: SILVER, HULBERT K. B. (ED.) - Interferons in Cancer Treatment
19705: SILVER, MITCH - The Bookworm a Novel
4853: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Born with the Dead
16773: SILVERSIDES, BROCK - Waiting for the Light Early Mountain Photography in British Columbia and Alberta, 1865
15695: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - Where the Evil Dwells
6861: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - The Fellowship of the Talisman
10559: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D - Shakespeare's Planet
19334: SIMONS, PAULLINA - Tully
19753: SIMPKIN, ALBERT & DAVID VENNER (EDITOR) - Despatch Rider on the Western Front 1915–18 the Diary of Sergeant Albert Simpkin MM
11554: SIMPSON, ANDREW - Summer Pudding
18417: SINCLAIR, UPTON - They Call Me Carpenter a Tale of the Second Coming
19994: SINGER, KURT - Spies and Traitors of World War II
19799: SINGH, JAGMEET - Love & Courage My Story of Family, Resilience, and Overcoming the Unexpected
15648: SIODMAK, CURT - City in the Sky
10133: SIVARAMAKRISHNAN, K. C. - Indian Urban Scene
15697: SKELTON, ROBIN - Collected Longer Poems 1947
15884: SKELTON, ROBIN - They Call It the Cariboo
17417: SKENE, WAYNE - Ubc a Portrait
17041: SKOLNIK, MICHAEL L. (EDITOR) - Viewpoints on Communities in Crisis
14471: SLADE, MICHAEL - Hangman
17368: SLADE, MICHAEL - Ghoul
19863: SLEIGH, DAPHNE - Walter Moberly and the Northwest Passage By Rail
19999: SLEIGH, DAPHNE - One Foot on the Border the History of Sumas Prairie and Area
19092: SLEIGH, DAPHNE - Go Ahead Or Go Home the Trethewey Story
8725: SLICK, SAM (PSEUD. OF THOMAS HALIBURTON) - The Old Judge Or Life in a Colony
14825: SLOBODIAN, SOPHIA - The Glistening Furrow
18287: SLOMAN, REV. A. & TERENCE - P. Terenti Phormio
17193: SLUMAN, NORMA - Blackfoot Crossing
18463: SMEETON, MILES - ". . . Because the Horn Is There. . . "
17136: SMEETON, MILES - 'because the Horn Is There. . . '
18027: SMEETON, MILES - . . . Because the Horn Is There. . .
19762: SMITH, WILBUR - The Leopard Hunts in Darkness
5328: SMITH, WILBUR - A Time to Die
16708: SMITH, TOBY - Little Gray Men Roswell and the Rise of a Popular Culture
15245: SMITH, WILBUR - Gold Mine, the Dark of the Sun, the Eye of the Tiger
13878: SMITH, FRANK - Dragon's Breath
19204: SMITH, STARR & STEVE GANSEN - Jimmy Stewart Bomber Pilot
19647: SMITH, STANLEY J. - The Life and Lines of a Pioneer
5032: SMITH, DOUG - Memoirs of an Old Sweat
18391: SMITH, STANLEY J. - The Life and Lines of a Pioneer
11761: SMITH, JAMES K - The Mackenzie River Yesterday's Fur Frontier, Tomorrow's Energy Battleground
17303: SMITH, FRANKLIN HYRUM & TRUDI CHRISTENSEN - Beneath the Eagle's Eye
7394: SMITH, GENE - The Horns of the Moon
12898: SMITH, MABELL S.C. & ILLUSTRATED - Ethel Morton and the Christmas Ship
18490: SMITH, DONALD B - Long Lance the True Story of an Impostor
19731: SMITH, WILBUR - The Angels Weep
19781: SMITH, BLAKE W - Wings over the Wilderness They Flew the Trail of '42
18938: SMITH, WILBUR - The Leopard Hunts in Darkness
15892: SMITH, GRAHAM - Suffolk Airfields in the Second World War
19987: SMITHERMAN, P. H. - British Military Uniforms a Selection
19035: SMUCKER, BARBARA - Incredible Jumbo
18133: SNIDERHAN, MIKE - 404 Squadron History
18605: SNYDER, LOUIS L. - Hitler's German Enemies Portraits of Heroes Who Fought the Nazis
16431: SNYDER, DON J. - A Soldier's Disgrace
19786: SOCIETY, ALDERGROVE HERITAGE - The Place between Aldergrove & Communities 1860
18633: KOREAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Holy Bible Hankul and Revised 1987
8592: ALBERNI DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Place Names of the Alberni Valley
16479: SOCIETY, ONTARIO HISTORICAL - Index to the Publications of the Ontario Historical Society, 1899
19992: SPARKS, EDWIN ERLE PHD. - The United States of America Part 1 1783
13436: SPARROW, JUDGE GERALD - The Great Assassins
19874: SPIEGL, FRITZ - An Illustrated Everyday History of Liverpool and Merseyside 432 A.D. To 1939
17177: SPOTO, DONALD - Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis a Life
16590: SPRADLEY, JAMES P. & JAMES SEWID - Guests Never Leave Hungry the Autobiography of James Sewid, a Kwakiutl Indian
14288: SPRINGER, ANTON; WOLF MICHAELIS - Handbuch Der Kunstgeschichte
19528: SPRINGFORD, MICHAEL - Electron a Centenary Volume
16989: SPURR, RUSSELL - Enter the Dragon China at War in Korea
17238: STACEY, DUNCAN & SUSAN STACEY - Salmonopolis the Steveston Story
15439: STACEY, DUNCAN & SUSAN STACEY - Salmonopolis the Steveston Story
17638: STACEY, DUNCAN - Blondies and Hairpins; the Salmon Net Fishery of British Columbia
17629: STAFFORD, DAVID - Camp X Canada's School for Secret Agents 1941
18006: STAMP, TOM & CORDELIA STAMP - James Cook, Maritime Scientist
16197: STANLEY, MEG & BOB ELTON - Voices from Two Rivers Harnessing the Power of the Peace and Columbia
18989: STANTON, JAMES B. - Impression of an Age
19643: STANTON, SHELBY L. - The Rise and Fall of an American Army U.S. Ground Forces, Vietnam, 1965
6725: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - Wizard in a Feud
19523: STEDALL, JACQUELINE A. - A Discourse Concerning Algebra English Algebra to 1685
14701: STEDMAN, AIR VICE-MARSHALL ERNEST W. - From Boxkite to Jet; Memoirs of Air Vice
16105: STEEL, R. JAMES - The Men Who Marched Away Canada's Infantry in World War I 1914
12395: VAN STEEN, MARCUS - Pauline Johnson Her Life and Work
15541: STEIN, HARRY - Old Growth, New Directions 150 Years of Pope & Talbot
17967: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Red Pony
11695: STENSON, FRED - Lightning
17719: STEPHENS, THOMAS B. - Order and Discipline in China the Shanghai Mixed Court 1911
14546: STEVENS, RICHARD L. - Mission on the Ho Chi Minh Trail Nature, Myth, and War in Vietnam
19822: STEVENSON, YVONNE HELEN - Burns and His Bonnie Jean the Romance of Robert Burns and Jean Armour
19911: STEWART, MARY - The Last Enchantment
19912: STOCKTON, FRANK R - The Lady, Or the Tiger? and Other Stories
19937: STODDARD, CHARLES AGUSTUS - Cruising Among the Caribbees Summer Days in Winter Months
18557: STONE, J. F. S. - Wessex
11344: STONE, HAMPTON - The Needle That Wouldn't Hold Still
14673: STONIER-NEWMAN, LYNNE - Policing a Pioneer Province the B.C. Provincial Police, 1858
12300: STOUT, REX - Please Pass the Guilt
7578: STOUT, REX - Even in the Best Families
19769: STRANGE, WILLIAM - Canada, the Pacific and War
12445: STRANIX, DOROTHY MARGUERITE DICKS - Notes and Quotes; a Brief Historical Record of Colwood, Langford, Metchosin, Happy Valley
15631: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - A Daughter of the Land
17788: STRICHARTZ, ROBERT - A Guide to Distribution Theory and Fourier Transforms
16940: STRUTHERS, JAMES - No Fault of Their Own Unemployment and the Canadian Welfare State, 1914
11302: STUBBS, ROY ST. GEORGE - Four Recorders of Rupert's Land; a Brief Survey of the Hudson's Bay Company Courts of Rupert's Land
17447: STUCK, HUDSON - Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled Narrative of Winter Travel in Interior Alaska
12376: STUCKERT, LIC. C. (PFARRER IN SCHAFFHAUSEN) - Die Propheten Israels Für Die Jugend Dargestellt
17269: STURSBERG, PETER - Lester Pearson and the Dream of Unity
19076: STYRON, WILLIAM - Sophie's Choice
19516: SULLIVAN, W. T. - Classics in Radio Astronomy
12842: SUPREE, BURTON AND ANN ROSS - Bear's Heart Scenes from the Life of a Cheyenne Artist of One Hundred Years Ago with Pictures By Himself
19650: SURTEES, URSULA - Sunshine and Butterflies a Short History of Early Fruit Ranching in Kelowna
10895: GORDON SUSSEX - Mail Boat
18642: SUTHERLAND, ALICE GIBSON - Canada's Aviation Pioneers 50 Years of Mckee Trophy Winners
5103: SUTHERLAND, JOAN - Adrian Grey
10020: SUTHREN, VICTOR - In Perilous Seas
19971: SUTTON, JEFF - Apollo at Go
14251: SVENDSEN, LINDA - Marine Life
3413: SWAN, ANNIE S. - The Collected Short Stories of Annie S. Swan
3412: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Corroding Gold
3376: SWAN, ANNIE S. - The Land I Love
19414: SWAN, ALAN - House Calls By Float Plane Stories of a West Coast Doctor
19668: SWANSON, ROBERT - Whistle Punks & Widow
18529: SWANSON, ROBERT & KEN DRUSHKA - Whistle Punks & Widow
18603: SYMONDS, CRAIG L. & WILLIAM J. CLIPSON - A Battlefield Atlas of the CIVIL War
19126: SYMONS, R. D - North By West Two Stories from the Frontier
16453: SYMPOSIUM, CIBA FOUNDATION - Peptide Transport and Hydrolysis
14325: SYOMUSHKIN, TIKHON; B. ISAACS (TRANSLATOR) - Alitet Goes to the Hills a Novel
18725: SZABÓ, ISTVÁN - Höhere Technische Mechanik Nach Vorlesungen Von Dr.
11542: TAISHUKAN - Taishukan's Fresh Genius English
18379: TANNER, MARCUS - Ireland's Holy Wars the Struggle for a Nation's Soul, 1500
19950: TANSILL, CHARLES CALLAN - The Purchase of the Danish West Indies
2895: TARKINGTON, BOOTH - Monsieur Beaucaire
16538: TAUB, LIBA CHAIA - Ptolemy's Universe the Natural Philosophical and Ethical Foundations of Ptolemy's Astronomy
10207: TAUTORAT, HANS-GEORG - Um Des Glaubens Willen; Toleranz in PreußEn
17761: TAYLOR, PETER O. - Observing the Sun
12814: TAYLOR, GEOFFREY W. - Builders of British Columbia; an Industrial History
11600: TAYLOR, ALBINE - The Spider and the Web
18409: TAYLOR, FRED - The Kinder Garden
13692: TAYLOR, TIMOTHY - Story House
19486: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD - The Six Iron Spiders an Asey Mayo Mystery
19633: TAYLOR, BLAINE - Reich Rails Royal Prussia, Imperial Germany and the First World War, 1825
19436: TAYLOR, STEPHEN - Livingstone's Tribe
17026: TEIWES, HELGA - Hopi Basket Weaving Artistry in Natural Fibers
19963: TERMAN, MAX R. - Hiram's Honor Reliving Private Terman's CIVIL War
19993: TETLOW, EDWIN - The Enigma of Hastings
15888: THACKRAY, WILLIAM S. - The Kirk That Faith Built St. Andrew's on Douglas Street, 1890
18007: THADEN, EDWARD C. - Russia Since 1801 the Making of a New Society
5730: THAYER, TIFFANY - The Old Goat, Simple Picture of Home Life in America
18579: THOM, JAMES ALEXANDER - The Children of First Man
19491: THOMAS, EDWARD - The Complete Fairy Tales of Edward Thomas
19335: THOMAS, D. M - Swallow
19816: THOMAS, MORRIE - Fifty Years - Three and a Half Million Cattle a History of Bc Livestock Producers Co-Operative Association 1943
19607: THOMPSON, ROBERT NORMAN - Liberation
13283: THOMPSON, E.V. - Lewin's Mead
9358: THOMPSON, DOROTHY BURR (EDITOR) - Swans and Amber Some Early Greek Lyrics
12996: THOMPSON, E.V. - The Tolpuddle Woman
4256: THOMPSON, SYLVIA - The Battle of the Horizons
15877: THOMPSON, SYDNEY - The Sailor
19545: THOMSON, G. P. & W. COCHRANE - Theory & Practice of Electron Diffraction
19568: THOMSON, J. J. - The Discharge of Electricity Through Gases
18659: THOMSON, RUPERT - Death of a Murderer
18621: THWAITE, M. F. - From Primer to Pleasure an Introduction to the History of Children's Books in England from the Invention of Printing to 1900

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