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19197: GOUK, PENELOPE - Music, Science, and Natural Magic in Seventeenth
16995: GOULD, ED; RALPH EDWARDS - Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake
19150: GOULD, ED - Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake
17475: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Individual in Darwin's World the Second Edinburgh Medal Address
6729: GOULD, ED - The Lighthouse Philosopher
18786: GOULD, ED - Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake
17738: GOWER, BARRY - Scientific Method an Historical and Philisophical Introduction
16512: GRAHAM, ELIZABETH - Medicine Man to Missionary 'missionaries As Agents of Change Among the Indians of Southern Ontario, 1784
18543: GRAHAM, COLONEL W. A. - The Custer Myth a Source Book of Custeriana; to Which Is Added Important Items of Custeriana and a Complete and Comprehensive Bibliography By Fred Dustin
19261: GRAHAM, ANGUS - The Golden Grindstone the Adventures of George M. Mitchell
16551: GRANFIELD, LINDA - Brass Buttons and Silver Horseshoes Stories from Canada's British War Brides
10994: GRANNAN, MARY - More Just Mary Stories
10538: GRANNAN, MARY - Kim and Katy on Their Holidays (Their Summer Holiday)
16794: GRANT, SHELAGH D. - Arctic Justice on Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet, 1923
18025: GRANT, REV. GEORGE MONRO - Ocean to Ocean
17759: GRAY, T.J. & D.P. DETTWILER & D.E. RASE & W. G. LAWRENCE - The Defect Solid State
17105: GRAY, JAMES H. - R.B. Bennett the Calgary Years
16186: GRAY, TONY - The Lost Years Emergency in Ireland, 1939
19386: GRAY, JAMES H. - Men Against the Desert
18415: GRAYSMITH, ROBERT - Black Fire the True Story of the Original Tom Sawyer--and of the Mysterious Fires That Baptized Gold Rush
13884: GREEN, EDWIN - Air Monster
18803: GREEN, PETER - Alexander of Macedon, 356
16790: GREEN, BOB - Eavesdroppings Stories from Small Towns When Sin Was Fun
16519: GREENE, GRAHAM - Doctor Fischer of Geneva Or the Bomb Party
16173: GREENE, TREVOR - Bad Date the Lost Girls of Vancouver's Low Track
18735: GREENE, BETTE - Summer of My German Soldier
16245: GREENFIELD, NATHAN M. - Baptism of Fire : The Second Battle of Ypres and the Forging of Canada, April 1915
17689: GREENWOOD, SEAN - Titan at the Foreign Office Gladwyn Jebb and the Shaping of the Modern World
19377: GREER, GERMAINE - The Madwoman's Underclothes Essays and Occasional Writings, 1968
15133: GRENFELL R.N., CAPT. RUSSELL - Main Fleet to Singapore
18653: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Off the Rocks Stories of the Deep
16868: GRESKO, JACQUELINE & RICHARD HOWARD - Fraser Port Freightway to the Pacific 1858
18313: GRETZKY, WAYNE & KIRSTIE MCLELLAN DAY - 99 Stories of the Game
17435: GREUL, CHARLES B. - Pacific Northwest Indian Motifs 14 Reproductions from Originals
19037: GREY, ZANE - The Young Forester
18155: GREY, ZANE - Wild Horse Mesa
15930: GRIFFITH, J.W. & ARTHUR HENFREY - The Micrographic Dictionary
18183: GRIFFITHS, BUS & JACK HODGINS - Now You're Logging
15813: GRIFFITHS, BUS - Now You're Logging
15525: GRIFFITHS, PERCIVAL JOSEPH - A History of the Inchcape Group
14827: GRIFFITHS, RUDYARD (PREFACE) - Our Story; Aboriginal Voices on Canada's Past
18908: GRIFFITHS, PHYLLIS & BARNETT, CHRISTINE - City of Colwood Heritage Inventory
17293: GRODEN, ROBERT J. & OLIVER STONE - The Killing of a President the Complete Photographic Record of the Assassination, the Conspiracy, and
16815: GRODEN, ROBERT J. - The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald a Comprehensive Photographic Record
16298: DE GROOT, GERARD J. - Douglas Haig, 1861
18124: GROSE, PETER - A Good Place to Hide How One French Community Saved Thousands of Lives in World War II
18460: GROVE, S.E. - The Glass Sentence
17775: GROVE, ERIC & GRAHAM THOMPSON - Battle for the Fiords
17804: GUICCIARDINI, NICCOLÒ - Isaac Newton on Mathematical Certainty and Method
19083: GUNN, S. W. A. - Kwakiutl House and Totem Poles
16820: GUNTHER, JOHN - Inside Asia
18040: GUNTHER, MAX - D.B. Cooper What Really Happened
18664: GURNEY, JAMES - Dinotopia Journey to Chandara
13274: GUTHKE, KARL S. - Trails in No
10013: GUTHRIE, TYRONE; ROBERTSON DAVIES - Twice Have the Trumpets Sounded; a Record of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada, 1954
18175: GUTMANIS, JUNE - Na Pule Kahiko Ancient Hawaiian Prayers
16734: GYORFFY, GYORGY - Wirtschaft Und Gesellschaft Der Ungarn Um Die Jahrtausendwende (German Edition)
12478: GZOWSKI, PETER - The Morningside Years (with Cd)
16579: HAAGENSEN, BORGE - Echoes from a Frozen Land
15864: HABE, HANS - Der Tod in Texas Eine Amerikanische Tragodie
18452: HACKING, NORMAN - Prince Ships of Northern Bc Ships of the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian National Railways
19237: HADLEY, MICHAEL - God's Little Ships a History of the Columbia Coast Mission
19200: O'HAGAN, MICHAEL - To Steal an Air Force
19020: HAGELUND, BILL - Dowager Queen the Hudson's Bay Ss Beaver
13898: HAGEN, DARRIN - The Edmonton Queen
15954: HAGEN, JUDY - Comox Valley Memories: Reminiscences of Early Life in Central Vancouver Island
17413: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - The Ivory Child
16729: HAIG, JOHN - Whistler
17280: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - Measure of the Year
18292: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - Return to the River a Story of the Chinook Run
18856: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - The Living Land an Account of the Natural Resources of British Columbia
19346: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK LANGMERE - Woods and River Tales from the World of Roderick Haig
17210: HAK, GORDON H. - Turning Trees Into Dollars the British Columbia Coastal Lumber Industry, 1858
17438: HALE, LUCRETIA P. - The Peterkin Papers
19283: HALEY, P. & D. KILLICK - Crofton the Early Years
16751: HALL, DAVID & KRISHNA RAO - Photosynthesis
17550: HALL, MALCOLM - In Enemy Hands; a British Territorial Soldier in Germany 1915
16861: HALL, CLIFFORD J. & JOHN P. LEHN - York County in the World War 1914
17649: HALLIDAY, HUGH A - No. 242 Squadron, the Canadian Years the Story of the Raf's All
13717: HALPENNY, FRANCESS G. & JEAN HAMELIN - Dictionary of Canadian Biography / Dictionaire Biographique Du Canada Volume X, 1871
18948: HALPERIN, MAURICE - The Taming of Fidel Castro
7996: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA - M.C. Higgins, the Great
16091: HAMILTON, BEA - Salt Spring Island
18584: HAMILTON-EDWARDS, GERALD - In Search of Scottish Ancestry
19366: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - The Dashiell Hammett Omnibus the Thin Man ; the Maltese Falcon ; the Glass Key ; the Dain Curse ; Red Harvest & Four Short Stories
18773: HANCOCK, W. K - Smuts ; the Fields of Force, 1919
18071: HANDLEY, J. R. F. - Historic Overview of the Witwatersrand Goldfields a Review of the Discovery, Geology, Geophysics, Development, Mining, Production and Future of the W
19306: HANSEN, RICK & JIM TAYLOR - Rick Hansen Man in Motion
18120: HANSEN, RICK, PH.D. & JIM TAYLOR - Rick Hansen Man in Motion
11808: O'HARA, KENNETH - Nightmare's Nest
18464: O'HARA, PEGGY - From Romance to Reality; the Story of Canadian Wwii Brides
15738: HARCOURT, MIKE & JOHN LEKICH - Plan B One Man's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph
19163: HARCOURT, MIKE & JOHN LEKICH - Plan B One Man's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph
16388: HARCOURT, MIKE & JOHN LEKICH - Plan B One Man's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph
16170: HARDING, RICHARD - The Royal Navy 1930
10885: HARDY, THOMAS - A Changed Man; the Waiting Supper and Other Tales; Concluding with the Romantic Tales of a Milkmaid
694: HARDY, THOMAS - The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyonesse a New Version of an Old Story Arranged As a Play for Mummers in One Act Requiring No Theatre Or Scenery
17905: HARE, GREG & RUTH GOTTHARDT - A Look Back in Time the Archaeology of Fort Selkirk
15228: HARFIELD, MAJOR A. G - Headdress, Badges & Embellishments of the Royal Corps of Signals
14984: HARGREAVES, REGINALD - This Happy Breed; Sidelights on Soldiers and Soldiering
7749: HARLOW, ROBERT - Paul Nolan
17363: HARMON, THOMAS C. - Determining and Modeling Diffusion
17004: HARNWELL, G. P. & LIVINGOOD, J. J. - Experimental Atomic Physics
16678: HARPER, JOAN - He Moved a Mountain the Life of Frank Calder and the Nisga'a Land Claims Accord
18750: HARRIS, ROBERT - An Officer and a Spy
17467: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - The Trouble with Adventurers
17468: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - Once Upon a Totem
17650: HARRIS, STEPHEN L. - Duty, Honor, Privilege New York's Silk Stocking Regiment and the Breaking of the Hindenburg Line
15811: HARRIS, JOHN - North Strike ; a Novel of the Narvik Campaign
16912: HARRIS, JOHN - Small Rain
14922: HARRIS, CHRISTIE; LOU CROCKETT (ILLUSTRATOR) - Mystery at the Edge of Two Worlds
14507: HARRIS, LORRAINE - British Columbia's Own Railroad
17850: HARRIS, DAVID R. - The Origins and Spread of Agriculture and Pastoralism in Eurasia
16615: HARRIS, CHRIS - Bc Rail British Columbia's Great Train Adventure
17294: HARRIS, BILL - John Fitzgerald Kennedy a Photographic Tribute
16253: HARRIS, JOHN - Corporal Cotton's Little War a Novel of the Aegean Campaign, 1941
19321: HARRIS, R. COLE - Historical Atlas of Canada Vol I: From the Beginning to 1800
14947: HARRISON, D. PHYLLIS - Life at the Edge of Big Ice
18981: HARRISON, HARRY - Winter in Eden
18306: HARROD-EAGLES, CYNTHIA - Gone Tomorrow
17375: HART, SYDNEY - Submarine Upholder
16502: HART, MATTHEW - Golden Giant Hemlo and the Rush for Canada's Gold
18394: HART, JULIA C.B. & DOUGLAS G. LOCHHEAD - St. Ursula's Convent Or the Nun of Canada
16158: HARTE, BRET - Her Letter : His Answer & Her Last Letter
18975: HARTE, BRET - The Twins of Table Mountain
17360: HARTMANN, SIEGLINDE & ULRICH MÜLLER (EDITORS) - Jahrbuch Der Oswald Von Wolkenstein Gesellschaft Band 12 2000
17361: HARTMANN, SIEGLINDE & ULRICH MÜLLER (EDITORS) - Jahrbuch Der Oswald Von Wolkenstein Gesellschaft Band 13 2001/2002
17362: HARTMANN, SIEGLINDE & ULRICH MÜLLER (EDITORS) - Jahrbuch Der Oswald Von Wolkenstein Gesellschaft Band 15 2005
18771: DE HARTOG, JAN - Het Uitverkoren Volk & de Oorlog Van Het Lam
10007: HARVEY, KENNETH J - Brud a Parable
17022: HARVEY, NIGEL - Fields, Hedges and Ditches
17570: HASKEW, MICHAEL E. - Tanks Inside out
17282: HASLER, ALFRED A. & CHARLES LAM MARKMANN (TRANSLATOR) - The Lifeboat Is Full Switzerland and the Refugees, 1933
17690: HASNAWI, AHMAD & REGIS MORELON (EDITORS) - De Zenon D'elee a Poincare Recueil D'etudes En Hommage a Roshdi Rashed
16132: HASSRICK, ROYAL B. - The Sioux Life and Customs of a Warrior Society
4721: HASTINGS, BROOK - The Demon Within
18618: HATTERSLEY, C. MARSHALL - Wealth, Want and War
8824: HAULTAIN, W.F.T. & KENNEDY, CLIFFORD - A Practical Handbook of Midwifery and Gynaecology for Students and Practitioners
15506: HAUN, GARY - Vision from the Heart
17733: HAVIL, JULIAN - Nonplussed! Mathematical Proof of Implausible Ideas
17735: HAVIL, JULIAN - Impossible? Suprising Solutions to Counterintuitive Conundrums
16067: HAVRAN, MARTIN JOSEPH - Caroline Courtier Life of Lord Cottington
17491: HAWCOCK, DAVID & GARRY WALTON - Shipwrecks a 3
16167: HAY, PETER - Pre
16917: HAYASHI, SEIZO & HENRY TRUBNER - Chinese Ceramics from Japanese Collections T'ang Through Ming Dynasties
18599: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Spode & His Successors; a History of the Pottery Stoke-on-Trent, 1765
18315: HAYDON, A. L - The Riders of the Plains; a Record of the Royal North-West Mounted Police of Canada 1873
17285: HAYES, DEREK - Historical Atlas of Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley
15848: HAYES, PAUL - Quisling the Career and Political Ideas of Vidkun Quisling, 1887
17897: HAYES, DAVID - The Lost Squadron
14950: HEAPY, PAUL; ET AL - Gollancz Sunday Times Sf Competition Stories
18403: HEARNE, SAMUEL - A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean in the Years 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772 Undertaken By Order of the Hudson's Bay Company for the Discovery of Copper Mines, a North West Passage, Etc. In the Years 1769, 1770, 1771, & 1772
16580: HEATH, SIR THOMAS - A History of Greek Mathematics, Vol. 1 from Thales to Euclid
16581: HEATH, SIR THOMAS - A History of Greek Mathematics, Volume II from Aristarchus to Diophantus
18364: HEATHCOTE, BLAKE - A Soldiers View the Personal Photographs of Canadians at War 1939
17563: HECKSTALL-SMITH, ANTHONY - Murder on the Brain
12496: HEINECK, HERMANN - Das Tausendjährige Nordhausen Zur Jahrtausendfeier Herausgegeben Vom Magistrat; Zweiter Band / the Thousand Year Old Nordhausen's Millennial Celebration As Authorised By the Magistrate Volume 2
14964: HEINONEN, ARVI I - Finnish Friends in Canada
16110: HELD, JOHN JR. - The Saga of Frankie and Johnny
16435: HELIN, CALVIN - Dances with Dependency Indigenous Success Through Self
17677: HELM, GEORG & R.J. DELTETE - The Historical Development of Energetics
17902: HELPRIN, MARK - Winter's Tale
17273: HEMBROFF-SCHLEICHER, EDYTHE - M.E. : A Portrait of Emily Carr
14942: HEMING, EILEEN - Joan's Crusade
19345: HEMSWORTH, WADE - Both My Legs the Love Song of Howard Lovell
18894: HENCKEN, HUGH - Tarquinia and Etruscan Origins
15575: HENDRIE, ANDREW - Canadian Squadrons in Coastal Command
17598: HENRY, ALEXANDER - Travels & Adventures in Canada and the Indian Territories between the Years 1760 and 1776 Parts I & II
16035: HENRY, O - Selected Stories
17257: HENRY, MAJOR W.A. (EDITOR) - The Strathconian Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Canadian Contingent United Nations in Cyprus
18784: HENRY, MARGUERITE - Mustang Wild Spirit of the West
19194: HENRY, TOM - The Good Company an Affectionate History of the Union Steamships
15812: HENSON JR, CURTIS T. - Commissioners and Commodores ; the East India Squadron and American Diplomacy
12864: HENTY, G. A - Held Fast for England; a Tale of the Siege of Gibraltar
18235: HENTY, G. A. - The Lion of St. Mark a Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century
18236: HENTY, G.A. - The Treasure of the Incas ; a Story of Adventure in Peru
5561: HERBERT, RALPH J. - Multiple Points of Immersed Manifolds (Memoirs of American Mathematical Society No. 250)
15004: HERBERT, XAVIER - Capricornia
19049: HERMAN, JAN K. - Battle Station Sick Bay Navy Medicine in World War II
17722: HERMANN, ROBERT & M. ACKERMAN (TRANSLATION) - Sophus Lie's 1884 Differential Invariant Paper
18575: HESS, JULIUS - Infant Feeding, a Handbook for the Practitioner
18218: HESS, W. N. - Allied Aces of World War II
18763: HESSEL, PETER - The Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman
15580: HEWER, HOWARD - In for a Penny, in for a Pound the Adventures & Misadventures of a Wireless Operator in Bomber Command
19301: HEWISON, ROBERT - Under Siege Literary Life in London 1939
18276: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Royal Escape
17248: HEYM, STEFAN - Hostages
17505: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Destruction of Lord Raglan a Tragedy of the Crimean War 1854
8958: HICHENS, ROBERT - The Bacchante and the Nun
16782: HICK, W. B. M. - Hays' Orphan the Story of the Port of Prince Rupert
14442: HIEBERT, MARGARET (OLAFSON) - 100 and Onward; Murrayville School 1890
13739: HILDRETH, RICHARD & ERNEST WILSON CLEMENT & WM. ELLIOT GRIFFIS - Hildreth's "Japan As It Was and Is"; a Handbook of Old Japan
349: HILL, ARNOLD VICTOR - Tides of Change: A Story of Fishermen's Co
7548: HILL, REGINALD - No Man's Land
18914: HIND, PATRICK O. - Point No Point and Its Railway
16408: HOBBS, MAISIE - Echoes Along the Ribstone
18264: HOBSON JR., RICHMOND P. - Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
18064: HOBSON JR., RICHMOND P. - Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
15385: HOCKING, MARY - He Who Plays the King
13556: HOCKING, ANNE - Epitaph for a Nurse
1730: HOCKING, SILAS K. - God's Outcast
19315: HOCKING, SILAS K - Gripped
18197: HODGES, F.J. - Men of 18 in 1918
9058: HODGSON, FRED T. - Hodgson's Modern Estimator and Contractors' Guide for Pricing All Builders' Work
16544: HOERDER, DIRK - From the Study of Canada to Canadian Studies to Know Our Many Selves Changing Across Time and Space
17875: HOFER, HELMUT & EDUARD ZEHNDER - Symplectic Invariants and Hamiltonian Dynamics
18431: HOFFMAN, CARL - Hunting Warbirds the Obsessive Quest for the Lost Aircraft of World War II
16399: HOFFMAN, JOHAN & CLAES JOHNSON & ANDERS LOGG - Dreams of Calculus Perspectives on Mathematics Education
15721: HOLLAND, CECELIA - Floating Worlds
14249: HOLLAND, CECELIA - Valley of the Kings; a Novel of Tutankhamun
18355: HOLLANDERSKY, ABE - Abe the Newsboy Hero of a Thousand Fights
18952: HOLLAS, J. MICHAEL - Modern Spectroscopy
17449: HOLLOWAY, SAMUEL D. - Life on the Creeks Hard Luck Tales of a Yukon Gold Miner
18420: HOLMAN-HUNT, DIANA - Latin Among Lions Alvaro Guevara
3961: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Over the Teacups
2934: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Elsie Venner a Romance of Destiny
17608: HOLMES, HARRY - The Last Patrol
13117: HOLMES, PEGGY - It Could Have Been Worse; the Autobiography of a Pioneer
18422: HOLMES, W. LESLIE & BRUCE NORTHORP - Where Shadows Linger the Untold Story of the Rcmp's Olson Murders Investigation
16028: HOLZAPFEL, RICHARD NEITZEL; R. Q. SHUPE - Brigham Young Images of a Mormon Prophet
19213: HOMBERGER, ERIC - The Historical Atlas of New York City a Visual Celebration of Nearly 400 Years of New York City's History
14010: HOME, MICHAEL - That Was Yesterday
711: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - The Case of Kinnear
17281: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - Vignettes of Vancouver and Some Vagrant Verses
12071: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - Life and Works of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Thompson P.C. , K.C. M.G. , Q.C. Prime Minister of Canada
18897: HORA, Z. D. & MILLER, L. B. - Dimension Stone in Victoria, B.C. A City Guide and Walking Tour
18827: HORGAN, PAUL - The Peach Stone Stories from Four Decades
17099: HORN, COLONEL BERND & STEPHEN HARRIS - Warrior Chiefs Perspectives on Senior Canadian Military Leaders
19341: HORN, COLONEL BERND & STEPHEN HARRIS - Warrior Chiefs Perspectives on Senior Canadian Military Leaders
17270: HORNSTEIN, R. A. - It's in the Wind
18854: HORSFIELD, MARGARET - Voices from the Sound Chronicles of Clayoquot Sound and Tofino, 1899
16009: HORSFIELD, MARGARET - Voices from the Sound Chronicles of Clayoquot Sound and Tofino, 1899
10932: HORSLEY, REGINALD - Hunted Through Fiji, Or, 'twixt Convict and Cannibal
18829: HORTIE, CARL - Annie
17648: HORWOOD, WILLIAM & PATRICK BENSON - Toad Triumphant
15699: HORWOOD, HAROLD; ED BUTTS - Bandits and Privateers; Canada in the Age of Gunpowder
18909: HORWOOD, JOAN - Massacre at Beaumont Hamel
16449: HOSSEINI, KHALED - The Kite Runner
18731: HOSSEINI, KHALED - The Kite Runner
18625: HOUSTON, CECIL J. & WILLIAM J. SMYTH - Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement Patterns, Link, and Letters
12304: HOWALD, BRIAN - The Chopper of Lucy Electra
18581: HOWAY, F. W. & E.O.S. SCHOLEFIELD - British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present Volume 2 Only
19347: HOWAY, F. W. - British Columbia the Making of a Province
11248: HOWE, C. D; J. H. WHITE - Trent Watershed Survey; a Reconnaissance
18170: HOWE, GORDIE & COLLEEN HOWE & TOM DELISLE - And . . . Howe! an Authorized Autobiography
19369: HOWE, GORDIE & COLLEEN HOWE - And . . . Howe! an Authorized Autobiography
18121: HOWE, GORDIE & COLLEEN HOWE & TOM DELISLE - And . . . Howe! an Authorized Autobiography
16208: HOWZE, HAMILTON H. - Cavalrymans Story ; Memoirs of a Twentieth Century Army General
18135: HSUN, LU & YANG HSIEN-YI & GLADYS YANG - A Brief History of Chinese Fiction
16872: HUBBARD, R.H. - The Development of Canadian Art
16409: HUBBARD, LIZ - Gutermann Thread Painting
19272: HUBBARD-BURRELL, JOAN - What Really Happened? Jfk Five Hundred & One Questions and Answers
15239: HUBERMAN, IRWIN - The Place We Call Home a History of Fort Mcmurray, As Its People Remember, 1778
18904: HUBERT, CAM - Dreamspeaker and Tem Eyos Ki and the Land Claims Question
16644: HUCK, BARBARA - In Search of Ancient British Columbia
12734: HUCULAK, MYKHAYLO - When Russia Was in America; the Alaska Boundary Treaty Negotiations, 1824
17800: HUGHES, I. S. - Elementary Particles
16134: HUMBLE, RICHARD - Napoleon's Peninsular Marshals a Reassessment
15823: HUME, STEPHEN - Raincoast Chronicles 20 Lilies and Fireweed: Frontier Women of British Columbia
18545: HUME, STEPHEN - Bush Telegraph Discovering the Pacific Province
18365: HUME, PROFESSOR EDGAR ERSKINE - Medical Works of the Knights Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem
17211: HUME, MARK & RICK BLACKLAWS - Adam's River Exploring the Mystery of the Adams River Sockeye
16578: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF - Traditional Dress Knowledge and Methods of Old
17268: HUNTER, GUY - The New Societies of Tropical Africa a Selective Study
17195: HUNTER, MILTON R. - Utah Indian Stories
18116: HUNTER, AISLINN - The World Before Us
16665: HUNTER, CHRIS - Eight Lives Down the World's Most Dangerous Job in the World's Most Dangerous Place
16910: HUNTER, DON - Spinner's Inlet
15365: HURE, ANNE - The Two Nuns
14893: HUTCHEON, PAT DUFFY - Leaving the Cave Evolutionary Naturalism in Social
16596: HUTCHERSON, W - Sparks in the Parks the Experiences of a Canadian Radio Officer While Serving on the Wartime Built Deep
19209: HUTCHINSON, A. S. M. - If Winter Comes
719: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - Mackenzie King: The Incredible Canadian
19206: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - The Fraser
18277: HUTCHISON, MARGARET - Tamarac
14994: HUTTEN, HORST G - Impressions of Liberia = Mit Dem Zeichenstift Afrika : From the Sketch
19028: HUXLEY, H. H. - Virgil Georgics I & IV. [Methuen Classical Texts]
18048: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Genius and the Goddess
15064: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Solitary in the Ranks Lawrence of Arabia As Airman and Private Soldier
16918: HYDE, SUSAN & MICHAEL BIRD - Hallowed Timbers the Wooden Churches of Cape Breton
19186: HYLAND, GARY & ANTON GILL - Last Talons of the Eagle Secret Nazi Technology Which Could Have Changed the Course of World War II
18643: IGNACE, MARIANNE B. - Handbook for Aboriginal Language Program Planning in British Columbia
14809: ANON. & B&W AND COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS - The 1969 Stratford Festival
17720: IMHOF, ARTHUR E. - Lost Worlds How Our European Ancestors Coped with Everyday Life and Why Life Is So Hard Today
16718: INNIS, MARY (QUAYLE) - The Clear Spirit; Twenty Canadian Women and Their Times,
18800: INNIS, HAROLD ADAMS - History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
16129: IRANI, ANOSH - The Song of Kahunsha
273: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Esq.
1229: ISHAM, FREDERIC S. - A Man and His Money
7065: ISRAËL, B. M. - Rare Books, Autographs and Prints on the Sea
16320: ISRAELACHVILI, JACOB N. - Intermolecular and Surface Forces with Applications to Colloidal and Biological Systems
18018: ITANI, FRANCES - Requiem
17520: ITO, ROY - We Went to War the Story of the Japanese Canadians Who Served During the First and Second World Wars
16987: IVERSON, NOEL & MATTHEWS, D. RALPH - Communities in Decline an Examination of Household Resettlement in Newfoundland
18220: JACK, DONALD LAMONT - Me Bandy, You Cissie
18221: JACK, DONALD - Me So Far
14364: JACK, DONALD - Me Too
16572: JACKSON, E. ATLEE - Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics Volume 2
16571: JACKSON, E. ATLEE - Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics
17541: JACKSON, ROBERT - Douglas Bader; a Biography
16141: JACOBSON, DIANE - My Life in a Kwagu'L Big House
16984: JACOBSON, NATHAN - Lectures in Abstract Algebra Volume 1
18921: JACQUES, BRIAN - Loamhedge a Tale from Redwall
18156: JAKUBOWSKI (EDITOR), MAXIM - Crime Yellow Gollancz New Crimes 1
18896: JAMES, P.D. - The Private Patient
16792: JAMES, C.L.R. - The Black Jacobins Toussaint L'ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution
16655: JAMES, RICK - West Coast Wrecks and Other Maritime Tales
17874: JAMES, JAMIE - The Music of the Spheres Music, Science, and the Natural Order of the Universe
18977: JAMIESON, ERIC - Tragedy at Second Narrows the Story of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
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18903: NORTH, CLAIRE - The Sudden Appearance of Hope
17532: NORTH, GEORGE - A Ripple, a Wave the Story of Union Organization in the B.C. Fishing Industry
18657: NORTH, STERLING - The Wolfling a Documentary Novel of the Eighteen
1970: NORWOOD, GILBERT - Spoken in Jest
16349: NOVIKOV, IGOR & VITALY KISIN - Black Holes and the Universe
13237: NYE, ROBERT - The English Sermon, Volume 3 1750
13238: NYE, ROBERT - The English Sermon, Volume 3 1750
18366: NYKVIST, NILS-ERIK - Sextiettan Infanteriregemente 61, 1941
17365: OCHIAI, EMIKO (EDITOR) & VARIOUS - The Logic of Female Succession Rethinking Patriarchy and Patrilineality in Global and Historical Perspective.
17961: OGILVIE, WILLIAM G - Umty-Iddy
13287: OGILVIE, WILLIAM EDWARD - Pioneer Agricultural Journalists Brief Biographical Sketches of Some of the Early Editors in the Field of Agricultural Journalism
19138: OGLEY, BOB - Biggin on the Bump the Most Famous Fighter Station in the World
18616: OKE, TIM & HAY, JOHN HAY - The Climate of Vancouver
16746: OKUN, L. B. - Leptons and Quarks
15482: OLAFSEN, JAKE - Wearing the Green Beret a Canadian with the Royal Marine Commandos
16547: OLMERT, MICHAEL - The Smithsonian Book of Books
18775: OMER-COOPER, JOHN D. - The Zulu Aftermath a Nineteenth
16561: ONDAATJE, CHRISTOPHER - Sindh Revisited a Journey in the Footsteps of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton 1842
17947: ONLEY, TONI - Onley's Arctic Diaries and Paintings of the High Arctic
15644: ONYEAMA, DILLIBE - Secret Society
17172: OPPENHEIMER, JERRY - The Other Mrs. Kennedy Ethel Skakel Kennedy : An American Drama of Power, Privilege, and Politics
19286: ORAM, EDNA & SHEPHARD, JOHN - Ninety Years of Vernon
18338: ORCHARD, IMBERT - Floodland and Forest Memories of the Chilliwack Valley
18140: ORCHARD, IMBERT - Floodland and Forest Memories of the Chilliwack Valley
17031: ORCZY, BARONESS - Sir Percy Hits Back an Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel
17932: ORMSBY (EDITOR), WILLIAM & CHARLES GREY - Crisis in the Canadas 1838
15590: ORMSBY, MARGARET A. - British Columbia; a History
14349: OSTENSO, MARTHA - There's Always Another Year

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