LORIMER, NORMA By the Waters of Carthage
JOHN MARQUIESS OF BUTE (= JOHN CRICHTON-STUART, 3RD MARQUIESS OF BUTE) On the Ancient Language of the Natives of Tenerife
LEBRUN, HENRI Voyages en Abyssinie et en Nubie
JOHNSON, HEWLETT Soviet Strength. Its source and challenge
SLADEN, DOUGLAS Segesta, Selinunte, and the West of Sicily. Embracing Segesta, Selinunte, Castelvetrano, Marsala, Motya, Trapani and Mt. Eryx
ESPIRAT, JEAN-JACQUES; GUIART, JEAN; LAGRANGE, MARIE-SALOME; RENAUD, MONIQUE Systeme des Titres dans les Nouvelles-Hebrides Centrales d
ABLAING VAN GIESSENBURG, W.J. D' De ridderschap van Veluwe, of geschiedenis der Veluwsche jonkers, opgeluisterd door hunne acht stamdeelen, huwelijken, kinderen en wapens. Hoofdzakelijk getrokken uit de verzameling van handschriften van wijlen den Rijks-vrijheer W.A. van Spaen
ATKINSON, THOMAS WITLAM Oriental and Western Siberia: A narrative of Seven Years' Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Central Asia
HAILEY, LORD An African Survey. Revised
SHERRARD, O.A Lord Chatham Volume I. A Minister in the Making (1952) Volume II. Pitt and the Seven Years' War (1955) Volume III. Lord Chatham and America (1958)
GARRISON, RITCHIE Task Force 9156 and III Island Command. A Story of South Pacific Advanced Base During World War II Efate, New Hebrides
BOAHEN, A. ADU Britain, the Sahara and the Western Sudan 1788-1861
BLONDEL, SPIRE L'Art Intime et le Gout en France (Grammaire de la Curiosite)
FEITH, JAN Een Week als Vliegmensch
KUCZYNSKI, J?RGEN The Condition of the Workers in Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union 1932-1938
N.A. Colonial Annual Reports. Northern Nigeria 1900-1911
MEISTER, GEORGE Der Orientalisch-Indianische Kunst- und Lust-Gaertner
DEMOUGEOT, A. Rene Caillie (1798-1838)
LORD, W.B. & BAINES, THOMAS Shifts and expedients of camp life, travel, and exploration
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