REVEREND DOMINIQUE (ABB?) Memoires Historiques du Comte Betlem-Niklos, contenant l Histoire des derniers troubles de Transilvanie
BEAUMONT, ANDRE Mes Trois Grandes Courses
HINSLEY, F.H. British Intelligence in the Second World War. Volume One
FRITSCH, K.E.O. Denkmäler Deutscher Renaissance
AMERICO PALFREY MARRAS The Secret Fraternities of the Middle Ages
N.A. Report on the Trade of the New Hebrides for 1905. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of his Majesty. January, 1907
KEMPIS, THOMAS A De Imitatione Christi Libri Quatuor
N.A. Sotheby's. Russian Avant-Garde and Soviet Contemporary Art. Moscow, Thursday 7th July 1988
N.A. Gud Nyus Bilong Jisas Krais. We Matuy, Mo Mak, Mo Luk, Mo Jon Oli Raitem. The Four Gospels in New Hebrides Bislama
HAILEY An African Survey. A Study of Problems Arising in Africa South of the Sahara
PILON, EDMOND La Vie de Famille au Dix-huitieme Siecle - Art Deco binding
RODMAN, MARGARET & KRAEMER, DANIELA & BOLTON, LISSANT & TARISESEI, JEAN House-Girls Remember. Domestic Workers in Vanuatu
PATON, MAGGIE WHITECROSS Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides
LAMANDE, ANDRE & NANTEUIL, JACQUES La Vie de Ren? Caillie. Vainqueur de Tombouctou
LEBRUN, HENRI Voyages en Abyssinie et en Nubie
SCHLIPPE, PIERRE DE Shifting Cultivation in Africa. The Zande System of Agriculture
SINGER, SAMUEL WELLER Researches into the history of playing cards. With illustrations of the origin of printing and engraving on wood
JONES, J.D. The Power to Endure
JUEL-HANSEN, N. De Japanneezen: Vertelling voor de Jeugd
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