LARYMORE, CONSTANCE A Resident s Wife in Nigeria. With Forty-one illustrations and a portrait of the author
LYONS, EUGENE Assignment in Utopia
LANCE, ADOLPHE Dictionnaire des Architectes Francais
HINSLEY, F.H. British Intelligence in the Second World War. Abridged Edition
NADOLNY, STEN De ontdekking van het langzame leven
HUDSON, PETER J. Grouse in Space and Time: The Population Biology of a Managed Gamebird LIMITED EDITION #6 of 200 Leather binding
FRITSCH, K.E.O. Denkmäler Deutscher Renaissance
JOHNSON, HEWLETT Soviet Strength. Its source and challenge
DIDEROT Les Bijoux Indiscrets. Nouvelle Edition Augmentee d une notice et de notes et de figures gravees
CRANKSHAW, EDWARD Russia and Britain
BOAHEN, A. ADU Britain, the Sahara and the Western Sudan 1788-1861
MANDER, LINDEN A. Some Dependent Peoples of the South Pacific
PATON, MAGGIE WHITECROSS Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides
SHINEBERG, DOROTHY They Came for Sandalwood: A Study of the Sandelwood Trade in the South-West Pacific 1830-1865
PURCELL, THEOBALD ANDREW Our Neighbourhood or sketches in the Suburbs of Yedo
REGNIER, HENRI DE Binding - La Pecheresse
CASSIUS (MICHAEL FOOT) Brendan & Beverly. An Extravaganza
VERLAINE, PAUL Poemes Saturniens - Binding Jacques Weckesser #44/50 sur Japon
RENARD, JULES; TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, H. DE (ILL.) Histoires naturelles
HINSLEY, F.H. British Intelligence in the Second World War. Volume 4 (Security and Counter-Intelligence)
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