HARE, AUGUSTUS J.C. Cities of Northern and Central Italy. In three volumes
MAXTON, JAMES If I Were Dictator
MISS TUCKER Abbeokuta; or, Sunrise within the Tropics: an outline of the origin and progress of the Yoruba mission
HINSLEY, F.H. British Intelligence in the Second World War. Volume 4 (Security and Counter-Intelligence)
ANONYM Les Causeries de Lucine. Etudes de Psychologie Sexuelle. Preface du Docteur Minime
DIXON, CAPTAIN CLIVE The Leaguer of Ladysmith Nov. 2nd 1899 to Feb 28th 1900
BURROWS & COLTON Concise Instructions in the Art of Retouching
LEWIS, I.M. A Pastoral Democracy. A study of pastoralism and politics among the Northern Somali of the Horn of Africa
DOUMAS, CHRISTOS G Thera. Pompeii of the ancient Aegean. Excavations at Akrotiri 1967-79
N.A. Ecole du Soldat et de Peloton Destinée à lusage et à l'instruction des milices du Canton de Vaud, ensuite de l'Arrête du Petit Conseil du 17 Novembre 1803
BERGHE, PIERRE L. VAN DEN Power and Privilege at an African University
REVEREND DOMINIQUE (ABB?) Memoires Historiques du Comte Betlem-Niklos, contenant l Histoire des derniers troubles de Transilvanie
COIFFIER, CHRISTIAN Traditional Architecture in Vanuatu
SCHIFFERS, HEINRICH Die Grosse Reise. Dr. Heinrich Barths Forschungen und Abenteuer 1850-1855
BOURRIENNE, M. DE Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte. An account of the important events of the hundred days, of Napoleon's surrender to the English, and of his residence and death at St. Helena. With anecdotes and illustrative notes from all the most authentic sources. In Four Volumes
LYONS, EUGENE Assignment in Utopia
PERHAM, MARGERY & BULL, MARY (EDITORS) The Diaries of Lord Lugard: Nigeria 1894-5 and 1898. Volume Four
N.O. = CUOQ, JEAN-ANDRE Etudes philosophiques sur quelques Langues Sauvages de l Amerique
VERLAINE, PAUL Oeuvres completes - set of eight volumes (8)
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