LEVI-STRAUSS, C. Tristes tropiques
BRIER, BOB Egyptian Mummies. Unravelling the Secrets of an Ancient Art.
SCHECHNER, RICHARD Performance Studies: An Introduction.
SHRINGY, R. K. The Philosophy of J. Krishnamurti, a Systematic Study.
YOUNG, PERCY M. Keyboard Musicians of the World.
HIMANEN, PEKKA De hacker-ethiek. En de geest van het informatietijdperk.
RAMDAS, SWAMI In Quest of God.
WOLF, FRED ALAN Mind and the New Physics.
GREENE, HERB Mind and Image. An Essay on Art and Architecture.
RIBBENS, ARJEN(EDITOR) The Other Side of Photography. Profiles of Education.
SCHAFFER, SIMON & STEVEN SHAPIN Wetenschap is cultuur.
WALLACE, ALAN EN STEVEN WILHELM Inzicht in het Tibetaans boeddhisme. Een praktische benadering.
JOHNS CATHERINE Sex or Symbol? Erotic Images of Greece and Rome.
NICOLELIS, MIGUEL Beyond Boundaries. The New Neuroscience of Connecting Brains with Machines-and How It Will Change Our Lives
CLIFFORD, FRANK British Entertainers - The Astrological Profiles.
WEINBERG, THOMAS & G. W. LEVI KAMEL(EDITORS) S and M: Studies in Sadomasochism.
ELSENAAR, EVERT De saxophone : haar ontstaan, ontwikkeling, bouw, acoustische verhoudingen, enz.
DROSTE, FLIP G. Denken en spreken. De talige mens.
BLUM, HAROLD P. Female Psychology: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Views
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