RAE, JOHN The Custard Boys
POTTER, BEATRIX AND ADAPTED BY E. HARCOURT WILLIAMS Ginger and Pickles. A Play in One Act from the Story by Beatrix Potter
SOUHAMI, DIANA Gluck 1895 - 1978 : Her Biography
THOMSON, D.C. The Broons
MOORE, JOHN A View of Society and Manners in Italy. With Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters. In Two Volumes
MITCHELL, SALLY The Dictionary of British Equestrian Artists
FARZAAD, M. Haafez and His Poems
O' BYRNE, ROBERT A Supplemental Apology for the Believers in the Shakespeare Papers; Being a Reply to Mr Malone's Answer Which Was Early Announced But Never Published
DIEPRAAM, WILLEM The Dutch Caribbean : Foto's Uit Suriname en de Nederlandse Antillen
HARE, AUGUSTUS J C Biographical Sketches
HAY, SUSAN; BENSON, SUSAN PORTER; PARMAL, PAMELA A.; HAY, SUSAN ANDERSON; BRIGGS, JOHN W.; SHAW, MADELYN From Paris to Providence: Fashion, Art and the Tirocchi Dressmakers Shop, 1915-1947
JENSEN, JOHANNES V. The Cimbrians. The Long Journey - II
BROOKS, DIANA Thomas Allom (1804-1872)
COMITATO RAFFAELLO E SEICENTO FIORENTINO IL Seicento Fiorentino: Arte a Firenze Da Ferdinando I a Cosimo III Palazzo Strozzi 21 Dicembre 1986-4 Maggio 1987
REVAI, ANDREW (EDITOR) Sutherland. Christ in Glory in the Tetramorph. The Genesis of the Great Tapestry in Coventry Cathedral
DICKENS, CHARLES Oliver Twist. In Three Volumes
GESNER, SALOMON Oeuvres Complettes de Gesner
HAINSWORTH, PETER Petrarch the Poet: An Introduction to the Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta
IBSEN, HENRIK En Folkefiende : Skuespil I Fem Akter
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