King George I 1725. Customs, etc., Revenues Act 1725 c. 28. An act for the improvement of his Majesty's revenues of customs, excise and inland duties.
Country Life Magazine Halswell Park, Somerset. A Seat of Mr. C.T.H. Kemeys-Tynte. Several pictures and accompanying text, removed from an original issue of Country Life Magazine, 1908.
King William IV 1832. Cap. Xxiv. An Act to Permit such Persons in Great Britain as have Omitted to make and File Affidavits of The Execution of Indentures of Clerks to Attornies and Solicitors.
A.W. Clapham Six Early Carved Stones from South Kyme Church, Lincolnshire. An original article from The Antiquaries Journal, 1923.
A.F. Pollard and Marjorie Blatcher The Parliament of 1597-98. Hayward Townshend's Journals. An original article from the Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, 1935.
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