Zahar,Marcel RENOIR
Spyri, Johanna (1827-1901) AUS DEN SCHWEIZER BERGEN Drei Geschichten fur Kinder und auch fur Solche, welche die Kinder lieb haben.
Malham, John (1747–1821) THE GRAND NATIONAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, Civil and Ecclesiastical, From the Earliest Period of Genuine Record to the Year 1816; Comprehending A Faithful Narrative of Historical Occurrences from the First Sources, Their Causes, and the Consequences and Events therewith Connected; Describing with the Strictest Impartiality, the Various Changes and Revolutions which have been Effected in the British Dominions, and the True Principles by which they have been Occasioned; Including the Modern History of Europe, From the Commencement of the Reign of King George the Third, So far as it is connected with a faithful Representation of these Realms and the Government of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland; and containing a copious Display of Interesting Anecdote, of biographical Character, of instructing Narrative, and of authentic History, founded on the best Information and Authority. Second Edition, Enlarged, with An Appendix, Containing an Account of the Progress of the Sciences, from the Earliest Times .. Embellished with Whole-Length Portraits of all the Monarchs, with their respective Dresses, and Coats of Arms; also Exact Representations of the Great Seals and English Coins, from Egbert to His Present Majesty, and numerous other Engravings illustrative of British History ..
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