Walpole, Horace (1717-1797) HISTORIC DOUBTS ON THE LIFE AND REIGN OF KING RICHARD the Third. By Mr. Horace Walpole.
Author of "The Travelling Sixpence" etc. SIX CHINA TEA-CUPS
Cassius Dio (in the Epitome of Joannes Xiphilinus the Younger) DIONIS NICAEI RERUM ROMANARUM A POMPEIO MAGNO AD ALEXANDRUM MAMAEAE EPITOME Authore Ioanne Xiphilino. [and same in Greek above this Latin title]. EX BIBLIOTHECA REGIA.
Macmillan (publishers) LIST OF BOOKS FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS and Central Schools June 1935
Hughes, Mary Robson] (no author given but address signed Mary) AUNT MARY'S TALES for the entertainment and improvement of Little Boys.
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