BARKER, NICOLAS; FERGUSSON, JAMES [EDS.] The Book Collector. Volume 64. No. 3. Autumn 2015
MORRIS, MARCUS [ED.] Girl Annual No. 3. 1955
ALI, MUHAMMAD; ATYEO, DON; DENNIS, FELIX Muhammad Ali. The Holy Warrior
BELLINGERI, CARLO FRANCESCO Ragionamenti, Sperienze Ed Osservazioni Patologiche Comprovanti L'Antagonismo Nervoso
HAMMERTON, JOHN A Books and Myself. Memoirs of an Editor
RULE, GEORGE Northern Ballads, and Other Poems: Political, Occasional, in Memoriam, Humorous, Etc
DOBSON, H G From Tynemouth to the Tweed
SIRAGAS, NIKOS; WILDERY, FRANCES From Tree to Gallery. Wood Art from Crete
THOMAS, IRENE [ED.] The Key Frame: The Quarterly Journal of the Fair Preservation Society. Summer & Autumn 1973
POTTER, LEWIS The Art of Gunsmithing - the Shotgun
BAILEY, MARTIN [ED.] The Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Paintings
BROOKS, ALFRED H; VEATCH, A C; ARNOLD, RALPH &C United States Geological Survey. Professional Papers 45-47
LIEBIG, G A; ROHE, GEORGE H Practical Electricity in Medicine and Surgery
VARIOUS Moments in Time. Volume 1
FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers. History Book Club Edition 1972
ELTON Among Others. Some Pages of Autobiography
LANG, ANDREW [ED] The True Story Book
ALDAM, W H [ED] A Quaint Treatise on "Flees and the Art a Artyfichall Flee Making" by an Old Man Well Known on the Derbyshire Streams As a First-Class Fly-Fisher a Century Ago
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