SOTHEBY'S Chinese Snuff Bottles comprising porcelain snuff bottles, bottles in various materials including cinnebar lacquer, lacque burgaute, metal, cloisonné enamel, ivory snuff bottles, various hardstone snuff bottles, agate and chalcedony snuff bottles, nephrite and jadeite snuff bottles ... Day of Sale Tuesday 9th October 1979
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Portrait Miniatures. Wednesday 19th June 1996
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Antique & Modern Guns & Militaria. Thursday, 24th February 2000
CHRISTIE'S Catalogue of Titania's Palace. The property of the trustees of Titania's Palace Trust sold in aid of children's charities ... on Thursday, October 26, 1967
CHRISTIE'S The Nineteenth Century. The properties of the late Mrs. B.L Goodwin, Lady Olivia Waldron, the late Dowager Countess Howe, the late Sir Basil Fraser, 2nd Baronet of Cromarty, the late Leonard Gold, Esq., the late Dr. Daniel McLean McDonald, the late Mrs. S.N. Summerfield and from various sources. Thursday, 29 October 1992 (FRONTON-4860)
SOTHEBY'S Fine Japanese works of art including netsuke, inro, lacquer, ceramics, swords, sword fittings and decorative works of art ... Day of Sale: Wednesday, 19th October 1983 ... and Thursday, 20th October 1983 "Nanten"
OAK KNOLL BOOKS Private Press and Fine Printing. Catalogue 234. Oak Knoll Books
OLYMPIA FINE ART AND ANTIQUES FAIRS The Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Fairs. Olympia London 2-12 June 1994
SOTHEBY & CO. Catalogue of English Porcelain comprising Derby Wares also figures and groups both enamelled and in biscuit. First Period Worcester including a pair of yellow-ground baskets and many pieces with blue-scale decoration. 19th Century Porcelain including a pair of Minton pâte-sur-pâte plaques by L. Solon. Services from the Coalport, Derby, Davenport and Worcester factories for tea, dinner and dessert ... Day of Sale: Tuesday, 21st April, 1970
BONHAMS CHELSEA Decorative and Modern Prints and Books. English and Continental Watercolours and Drawings. Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd November 1995
SHANGHAI JIATAI AUCTION Porcelain and Works of Art. Monday, Jun 23, 2008. Jiatai 2008 - Spring Art Auction
CHRISTIE'S Catalogue of English pottery of the 18th and 19th centuries. The properties of Mrs. F.J. Arnold, Mrs. Mary Armstrong, F.C. Stuart, Esq., Dr. T.W.F. Brown and from various sources which will be sold at auction ... on Monday, March 9, 1970
CHRISTIE'S The Nineteenth Century. Thursday, 14 May 1998 (FALCINI-5951)
BONHAMS The sporting sale. Tuesday, 3 June 2003. Knightsbridge, London
BONHAMS CHELSEA Pictures and Frames. Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th November 1995
CHRISTIE'S Catalogue of the Joyce Collection of Victorian Staffordshire Portrait Figures (Part IV). Portrait Figures from various sources. Fairings and Pottery of the Arts and Craft Movement from various sources ... Monday, April 27, 1970 "Rush"
SOTHEBY'S 19th and 20th Century Furniture and Decorations. Belle Époque Series. Sale LN5127. Day of Sale: Friday, 3rd March, 1995
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Portrait Miniatures and Silhouettes. Wednesday 9th September 1998
BONHAMS Fine continental furniture. Sculpture and Works of Art. Wednesday 25 November 2009
CHRISTIE'S Important European Furniture, Sculpture, Tapestries and Carpets. Thursday 12 December 2002 ... Finale-6654
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