DIEHL, GASTON The Moderns, A Treasury of Painting Throughout the World.
WHEELER-BENNETT, JOHN W. The Nemesis of Power, The German Army in Politics 1918-1945.
LOWTHER, E.H.N. A Bird Photographer in India.
GREENER, W.W. Sharp Shooting for Sport and War.
, Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India. Vol II. Supplement A, Operations Against the Zakka Khel Afridis.
SÉDILLOT, CH. Traité de Médecine Opératoire, Bandages et Appareils.
HOLDICH, THOMAS Tibet the Mysterious.
DANA, R.W. Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects Volume LXIV.
FARRELL, FRED A. The 51st (Highland) Division War Sketches.
WEDGWOOD, C.V. Strafford.
BROWN, J.C. People of Finland in Archaic Times, being sketches of them given in the Kalevala, and in other national works..
ALDRED, CYRIL Egyptian art.
PONTEY, W. The Profitable Planter..
D'ARNIS, W.-H. MAIGNE Lexicon Manuale ad Scriptores Mediae et Infimae Latinitatis.
NATHAN, DR PETER Dr Fritz Nathan und Dr. Peter Nathan 1922-1972.
SYNGE, PATRICK M. In Search of Flowers.
CHIPPERFIELD, TOM Between Two Wars and After, Tom Chipperfield's Account of Old Oulton and Oulton Broad.
JESPERSEN, POUL The Breeding Birds of Denmark.
KRAEMER, GLYN The Heyday of Maidstone and District.
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