ROCKWELL, F.F & GRAYSON, ESTHER The complete book of flower arrangement: for home decoration, for show competition
KAY, JEREMY The secret laboratory journal of Dr. Victor Frankenstein
DALE, T.F. The stable handbook
MAYS, NICHOLAS & POPE, CATHERINE (EDS) Qualitative research in health care
RADER, DOTSON I ain't marchin' anymore!
CONAWAY, JIM Deadlier than the male
KOTTER, JOHN P / WOOD, J.C & WOOD, M.C. (EDS) John P Kotter: critical evaluations in business and management, volume 1
ALLEN, GERALD R. Damselfishes of the South Seas
THORNTON, JOHN L John Abernethy: A biography
GORDON, COLIN Beyond the looking glass: reflections of Alice and her family
TWAIN, MARK Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1
RADNOR, ALAN Possessed
GARDINER, WILLIAM The flora of Forfarshire
BUTTERWORTH, NEIL The American symphony
RICHARDS, FRANK Bunter's orders
The retrospective exhibition of Shoji Hamada
JOHNS, W.E. Some milestones in aviation
BRITISH BLOODSTOCK AGENCY The Bloodstock Breeders' Review: an illustrated annual devoted to the British Thoroughbred, volume XLVI (1957)
SCHIFF, THOMAS R. Wright Panorama: Elements of Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture in 360 Degrees
ALDISS, BRIAN Helliconia Summer
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