MINO, YUTAKA,& ROBINSON, JAMES Beauty and Tranquility: The Eli Lilly Collection of Chinese Art
BUSHELL, R. The Netsuke Handbook of Ueda Reikichi
WYLIE, HUGH The Gould Collection of Netsuke: Miniature Sculptures from Japan
HOWARD, D. S. New York and the China Trade
JIANG YI AND YANG XUEJUN Chinese Ivory Carvings in the Shangyi Shanfang Collection
SPINK Far Eastern Art at Spink: Summer 1993
HAYASHI ON ET AL Holland, Japan En De Liefde
Journal of the Classical Chinese Furniture Society - Summer 1994
PEROTTO Perotto Porcellane Cinesi Antiche
BROWN, CLAUDIA & RABINER, DONALD Chinese Glass of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) - The Robert H. Clague Collection
JAHSS, B. Inro and Other Miniature Forms of Japanese Lacquer Art
MÜNSTERBERG, OSKAR Chinesische Kunstgeschichte - 2 Volumes
GRAY, BASIL Loan Exhibition of the Arts of the Sung Dynasty
WIESNER, U. Chinesisches Porzellan - Die Ohlmer'sche Sammlung Im Roemer - Museum Hildesheim
LUNSINGH SCHEURLEER, PAULINE Asiatic Art in the Rijksmuseum
N/A Hokusai - Bridging East and West
KARMAY, SAMTEN Secret Visions of the Fifth Dalai Lama: The Gold Manuscript in the Fournier Collection. Foreword by His Holiness the Fourtheenth Dalai Lama
KINSEY, ROBERT O., Ojime - Magical Jewels of Japan
JOURNAL OF THE ASIAN SOCIETY IN THE NETHERLANDS Aziatisch Kunst - Volume 23 - 41 (lacking one issue).
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