JENYNS, S. Later Chinese Porcelain - the Ch'ing Dynasty
MOSS, HUGH Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Collection of the Rt. Hon. The Marquess of Exeter, K.C.M.G.
TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART Exhibition of East Asiatic Glass
BROWN, CLAUDIA & RABINER, DONALD Chinese Glass of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) - The Robert H. Clague Collection
CASSIRER & HELBING Aus Königlich Sächsischem Besitz im Auftrage des Hauses Wettin Albertinische Linie E.V.
MEDLEY, MARGARET Illustrated catalogue of Celadon Wares
MEINERTZHAGEN, FREDERICK M. The Art of the Netsuke Carver
AYERS, JOHN Far Eastern Ceramics - in the Victoria and Albert Museum
BARRY DAVIES ORIENTAL ART Netsuke and Inro from European Collections
VAINKER, S.J. Chinese Pottery and Porcelain - From Prehistory to Present
BERGHOFER, WOLFGANG Schätze Chinas aus Museen der DDR
BRINKER, H. & LUTZ, A. Chinesisches Cloisonne - Die Sammlung Pierre Uldry
KOPPLIN, MONIKA Russische Lackkunst - Von Peter den Grossen bis zur Grossen Revolution
MEDLEY, M. Metalwork and Chinese Ceramics
FICKE, ARTHUR DAVISON Chats on Japanese Prints
CHRISTIES Imperial Treasures from the Fonthill Collection Hong Kong December 1, 2010
SPINK Far Eastern Art at Spink: Summer 1993
DE CASTRO, NUNO Chinese Porcelain and the Heraldry of the Empire
MOSS, SYDNEY L. The Literati Mode: Chinese Scholar Paintings, Calligraphy and Desk Objects
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