TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM A Hundred Masterpieces of Chinese Ceramics from the Percival David Foundation Collection
JOHNS, CHRISTOPHER M. China and the Church : Chinoiserie in Global Context
CHANG, H.C. Imperial Hongwu and Yongle Porcelain Excavated at Jingdezhen
MENZHAUSEN, INGELORE Alt-Meissner Porzellan in Dresden
BERNET KEMPERS, A.J. Ancient Indonesian Art
POLY AUCTION The Yun Shui Shan Fang Collection of Important Tambac
LEMPERTZ Asian Art - Asiatische Kunst
BUSHELL, R. The Netsuke Handbook of Ueda Reikichi
MYRTLE, HEPBURN Late Chinese Imperial Porcelain
NOETZEL, O.H. Netsuke - Geschichte Meister Motive
PEYREFITTE, ALAIN China en het Westen. Kroniek van een Historische Ontmoeting.
MINO, YUTAKA Pre-Sung Dynasty - Chinese Stonewares - In the Royal Ontario Museum
PAUL GRAUPE Japansammlung Exz. Solf, Berllin. Farbenholtzschnitte, Surimono, Chawan, Netsuke und Kakemono
POPE, J.A. Chinese Porcelains from the Ardebil Shrine
SOTHEBY'S NEW YORK Chinese Art through the Eyes of Sakmoto Goro - Song Ceramics
MACGOWAN, JOHN, MISSIONARY Sidelights on Chinese Life
GEMEENTE MUSEUM DEN HAAG Chinese porcelain of the 14th - 19th centuries. Chinees porselein 14e - 19e eeuw.
TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM The Japanese Sword. Iron Craftsmanship and the Warrior Spirit. A Special Exhibition
BONDY, W. Kang Hsi
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