SHINKOKAI, KOKUSAI BUNKA Introduction to contemporary Japanese literature
KUHNEL, E. Miniaturmalerei im Islamischen Orient
AZZAM, HENRY, T. The Arab world facing the challenge of the new millenium
KOGLER, H. H. Michel Foucault
GLENN, C. AND GROOF, J. DE Finding the right balance. Freedom, Autonomy and accountability in education volume II
DOSTOJEWSKI, F. M. Verzamelde werken deel I- tien romans en verhalen
KAINZ, H. P. Active and passive potency in Thomistic Angelology
CIANCIOTTA, FRANCESCO A Journey apart inside and outside airports - Un viaggio a parte fuori e dentro gli aeroporti
HALPERIN DONGHI, TULIO Historia de America Latina, 3. Reforma y disolucion de los imperios ibericos 1750-1850
ELLIOTT, M. Azerbaijan with Georgia
KAUTSKY, K. Ethiek en materialistische geschiedenisbeschouwing
HERTZBERGER, MENNO Short-title catalogue of books written and edited by Herman Boerhaave
SABLE, M. H. Latin-American Studies in the Non-Western World and Eastern Europe
GREEN, J. Ce qui reste de jour journal 1966-1972
BERNSTEIN, D. J. The Mystery of the Bayeux Tapestry
CLEMEN, DAVID M. Hydro Plant Electrical Systems
CHARCHOT, J. M. ET RICHER, P. Les Demoniaques dans L' Art
BROWN, EDWARD J. The proletarian Episode in Russian Literature 1928-1932
REAL, LESLIE A. Ecological Genetics
WEBER, C. M. VON Euryanthe, oper in 3 akten - Partitions d'Operas por piano seul
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