KEMPIS, THOMAS A De Imitatione Christi Libri Quatuor
KENNEDY, G.A. STUDDERT Why Aren't All the Best Chaps Christians?
BURNS, SIR ALAN Colonial Civil Servant
PETITOT, M. Répertoire du Théatre François ou recueil des tragédies et comédies restées au théatre depuis Rotrou pour faire suite aux éditions in-octavo de Corneille, Moliere, Racine, Regnard, Crébillon, et au théatre de Voltaire. Nouvelle édition. 25 Volumes
PERKINS, HENRY; SWANTON, E.W.; RAYVERN, ALLEN Scores of the Cricket Matches Between Oxford & Cambridge from the Commencement up to Date TOGETHER WITH The Test Matches of 1953 TOGETHER WITH The Second Lord s Cricket Ground, Home of MCC 1811-1813 (Lot of three (3) publications
MILNE, J. HOGARTH Great Britain in the Coronation Year. Being a historical record of the crowning of Their Imperial Majesties King George the Fifth and Queen Mary together with a chronicle of the various clerical noble naval military diplomatic and civil personages attendant thereat illustrated by scenes and portraits from contemporary photographs
HUNT, JOHN A A General Survey of the Somaliland Protectorate 1944-1950
AMERICO PALFREY MARRAS The Secret Fraternities of the Middle Ages
BERGHE, PIERRE L. VAN DEN Power and Privilege at an African University
ROBINSON, CHARLES HENRY Hausaland or Fifteen Hundred Miles Through the Central Soudan
N.A. 't Groot Hoorns, Enkhuyser en Alkmaerder Liede-Boeck, versiert met veel mooye Bruylofts-liedekens en Gesangen
LANDER, RICHARD Records of Captain Clapperton's Last Expedition to Africa: By Richard Lander, his faithful attendant, and the only surviving member of the expedition: with the subsequent adventures of the author. In two volumes
PERHAM, MARGERY & BULL, MARY (EDITORS) The Diaries of Lord Lugard: Nigeria 1894-5 and 1898. Volume Four
STENNING, DERRICK J. Savannah Nomads: A study of the Woodaase Pastoral Fulani of Western Bornu Province Northern Region, Nigeria
ANONYM Les Causeries de Lucine. Etudes de Psychologie Sexuelle. Preface du Docteur Minime
N.A. Souvenir de Moscou. Opisanie goroda Moskvy su vidami
RAFFRAY, ACHILLE Les Eglises Monolithes de la Ville de Lalibela (Abyssinie)
HOOD, THOMAS The Headlong Career and Woful Ending of Precocious Piggy
MOREL, E.D. Nigeria. Its Peoples and its Problems
VERLAINE, PAUL Poemes Saturniens - Binding Jacques Weckesser #44/50 sur Japon
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