DAVIS, ARTHUR AND HERBERT ADLER Synagogue Service for Day of Atonement
BREWER, H. BRYAN; THOMAS BRONZERT Fractions: 1977 No. 1: Human Plasma Lipoproteins (Feature Article)
COLE, HUBERT Beau Brummell (Review Copy)
KAHAN, AHARON YISRAEL The Taryag Mitzvos: A New, Concise Compilation of All 613 Commandments Culled from Talmudic, Midrashic and Rabbinic Souces
MACHTEI, MAX This Is My God: A Primer for an Abiding and Sustaining Faith
Tractate Bava Metzia 3 Volumes
DICK, MARCUS Portrait of Oxford: A Selection of Photographs
MILTON, DAVID; NANCY DALL MITON The Wind Will Not Subside: Years in Revolutionary China, 1964-1969
Short Stories from the New Yorker
BIALA, RABBI REUVEN Guide to the Laws of the Month of Elul Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Plus 18 Ways to Motivate Your Children
LAVINE, EVIATAR; YAACOV SHIMONI & EVYATAR LEVINE (EDITORS) Political Dictionary of the Middle East in the Twentieth Century
PETERSON, LIZETTE; HARBECK, CYNTHIA The Pediatric Psychologist: Issues in Professional Development and Practice
EPSTEIN, ARYEH LEIB Darke Eeshus V'minhageha: Al Pi Toras Yisrael (Sex in the Jewish Law)
DRUCKER, HAL From the Desk of
BONDY, RUTH; OHAD ZMORA; RAPHAEL BASHAN (EDITORS) Mission Survival: The People of Israel's Story in Their Own Words: From the Threat of Annihilation to Miraculous Victory
Aerospace Science: History of Air Power
KAHANE, MEIR The Voice of Judea - October 2002
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