NICOLAS, M. A. Bibliographie Anatomique. Revue Des Travaux En Langue Francaise. Anatomie - Histologie - Embryologie - Anthropologie; Tome VIII, 1900
(THEODORE ROOSEVELT) Stereo View of President Roosevelt Taking the Oath of Office - Brilliant Inaugural at the Capitol, Washington D.C.
LOWENSTEIN, ROGER America's Bank. The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve
ABBOTT, LYMAN Silhouettes of My Contemporaries
KIPLING, RUDYARD The Fringes of the Fleet; a Companion Volume to "France at War
JOHNSON, CHARLENE R. Florida Thoroughbred
ROBERTS, THOMAS SADLER Bird Portraits in Color, Two Hundred Ninety-Five North American Species
PLYMOUTH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Plymouth; Places to Go - Things to See - Industrial and Homebuilding Opportunities
CAINE, HALL The Drama of 365 Days
LABAREE, D. D., BENJAMIN Middlebury College; a Baccalaureate Discourse Delivered at Middebury Vermont, August 6, 1865; on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of His Presidency
SMITH, GEORGE H. Law of Private Right
ALMY, GERALD Tying and Fishing Terrestrials; Introduction by Charles K. Fox
NELSON, E. CHARLES AND EILEEN M. MCCRACKEN The Brightest Jewel: History of the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin
RIGGS, STEPHEN R. Tah-Koo Wah-Kaně; or, the Gospel Among the Dakotas; with an Introduction by S.B. Treat
SHORE, JANE Happy Family: Poems by Jane Shore
Theodore Roosevelt's Labor Record; Does Labor Get a Square Deal? It Has from Roosevelt. .
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