SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY The Life and Speeches of Hon. Charles Warren Fairbanks: Republican Candidate for Vice-President
STEIG, WILLIAM Dreams of Glory and Other Drawings
THWAITES, RUBEN G. AND OTHERS Magazine of Western History
TENNYSON, ALFRED Idylls of the King
GREENE, GRAHAM The Basement Room, Short Stories; Home-Reading Library
MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT The Route of Columbus Along the North Coast of Haiti, and the Site of Navidad
WILLIAMS, BEN AND COMMENTARY BY CHARLEY WATERMAN American Wingshooting; a Twentieth Century Pictorial Saga
BEECHER, HENRY WARD Star Papers; or, Experiences of Art and Nature
ABERNATHY, ANN The Oak Park Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright
TEAGUE, MICHAEL Mrs. L, Conversations with Alice Roosevelt Longworth
DOUGHTY, CHARLES M. (T E LAWRENCE) Travels in Arabia Deserta; Introduction by T.E. Lawrence
(THEODORE ROOSEVELT) Souvenir of the Visit of Colonel Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, Ex-President of the United States of America, to Chile
HOFFMANN, DONALD The Architecture of John Wellborn Root
MUGGENTHALER, AUGUST KARL German Raiders of World War II
SPARGO, JOHN Early American Pottery and China
FIELD, EUGENE Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse
MARCHANT, F. M. Le Nouveau Conducteur de L'Etranger a' Paris En 1829 (the New Guide for the Stranger / Visitor in Paris)
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