JACKSON HARRY Harry Jackson : 30 Anni di Attivita in Versilia
MOORE, PATRICK Men of the Stars : The Story of the Men Who Charted the Heavens and the Discoveries They Made
RIDPATH, IAN (ED.) Norton's 2000.0 : Star Atlas and Reference Handbook
WORTHINGTON, JAMES D. You're Speeding 18-1/2 Miles Per Second
VERDERAME, JOHN P. StarGeezer! : A Life's Journey Through the Telescope
BLACKFORD, TAMI (ED.) Yellowstone Science Vol. 16 No. 2, 2008 : Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
BENSON, MICHAEL Beyond : Visions of the Interplanetary Probes
COHN, NORMAN Noah's Flood : The Genesis Story in Western Thought
NICKEL, JAMES Lift Up Your Eyes on High : Understanding the Stars
ALDRIN, BUZZ; DAVID, LEONARD Mission to Mars : My Vision for Space Exploration
COLLODI, C. Pinocchio : The Tale of a Puppet
VERDERAME, JOHN P. The Ten Commitments of Creationism
VERDERAME, JOHN P. Yes God Exists and Yes You Are in Trouble : A Challenge to Atheists, Other God-haters and Skeptics
DOBSON, JOHN L. Astronomy for Children Under Eighty
RING, BOB; RING, AL; CAHOON, TALLIA Ruby, Arizona : Mining, Mayhem, and Murder
HAMILTON, CAROLINE Decorative Dollhouses [ Dolls' Houses ] : Original Interiors for Twenty Five Dolls' Houses
WYOMING GAME & FISH COMMISSION Our Feathered Friends : A Game & Fish Commission Publication
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