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011348: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - The House on the Cliff
001619: DIZDAREVIC, ZLATKO - Sarajevo: a War Journal
003999: DOBBIN, MURRAY - The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen: Democracy Under the Rule of Big Business
000783: DOBBS, KILDARE - Away From Home: Canadian Writers in Exotic Places
013669: DOBBS, KILDARE - Away from Home: Canadian Writers in Exotic Places
017698: DOBBS, MICHAEL;KAROL, K. S.;TREVISAN, DESSA - Poland Solidarity Walesa
007916: DOBBS, FRED C. - The Golden Age of B.S.
008529: DOBIE, KATHY - The Only Girl in the Car: A Memoir
005875: DOBSON, JAMES C.; DOBSON, SHIRLEY - Night Light: a Devotional for Couples
004614: DOBSON, JAMES C. - Parenting Isn't for Cowards: Dealing Confidently With the Frustrations of Child-Rearing
002745: DODIC, N. J. - The Madness of History
002062: DODSON, JAMES - Faithful Travelers: a Father, a Daughter, a Fly-Fishing Journey of the Heart
016428: DODSON, JAMES - The Road To Somewhere - A Father, a Son, and a Journey Through Europe
000193: DODWELL, CHRISTINA - A Traveller in China
002107: DOERR, HARRIET - Consider This, Senora
019953: DOHERTY, ANGELA - Constant Friends
012983: DOHERTY, RICHARD - The Sons of Ulster: Ulstermen at War, from the Somme to Korea
005414: DOJNY, BROOKE; BARNARD, MELANIE - American Medical Association Family Health Cookbook
007016: DOLAN, DAVID - Holy War for the Promised Land: Israel's Struggle to Survive in the Muslim Middle East
018955: DOLBY, WILLIAM - Eight Chinese Plays from the Thirteenth Century to the Present
012922: DOLENZ, MICKEY;BEGO, MARK - I'm a Believer: My Life of Monkees, Music, and Madness
018140: DOLLOFF, F.;MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS BOSTON;PERKINSON, ROY L. - How to Care for Works of Art on Paper
004976: DOLNICK, BARRIE - The Executive Mystic: Psychic Power Tools for Success
007363: DOLPHIN, FRANK J. - Indian Bishop of the West: the Story of Vital Justin Grandin, 1829-1902
006983: DOM MORAES - Gone Away-an Indian Journal
010337: DOMALAIN, JEAN-YVES - Animal Connection: The Confessions of an Ex-Wild Animal Trafficker
019931: DOMINIC SANDBROOK - Seasons in the Sun - The Battle for Britain, 1974-1979
019643: DOMINIQUE ENRIGHT - The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill
016060: DON TAPSCOTT AND ANTHONY D. WILLIAMS - Wikinomics - how Mass Collaboration Changes Everything
000755: DON HUTCHINSON, EDITOR - Northern Frights 3
019956: DON MIGUEL RUIZ - The Toltec Art of Life and Death
017377: DON STARKELL - Paddle to the amazon- the Ultimate 12,000 Mile Canoe Adventure
000504: DON MCLAREN - Tales of Old Mosman
004682: DON MCLEAN - Time of the Seventh Fire-Pathways of Peace Through a Violent Age
008624: DON SHARKEY - The Woman Shall Conquer
016430: DON & CAROL RAYCRAFT - Price Guide to American Country Antiques
019127: DON & CAROL RAYCRAFT - Wallace-Homestead Price Guide to American Country Antiques
015730: DON DOOLEY, ET AL - Better Homes and Gardens Creative Crafts and Stitchery
018795: DON FERGUSON - Winnie the Pooh's a to Zzzz
019630: DON MIGUEL RUIZ - The Four Agreements - A Toltec Wisdom Book
019438: DON MIGUEL RUIZ - The Mastery of Love
014332: DON PENDLETON - Prairie Fire: Mack Bolan No. 68
015731: DONA Z. MEILACH - Macrame - Creative Design in Knotting
016365: DONALD CREIGHTON - The Story of Canada
011876: DONALD OLSON - Bears - Eyes on Nature
017353: DONALD G. COLEMAN - Woodworking Factbook
006430: DONALD BUCHANAN, EDITOR - This is Canada-a Book of Photographs
006838: DONALD KAGAN, ET AL - The Western Heritage-Vol. C: Since 1789
004474: DONALD JACK - The Story of Cfrb-Sinc, Betty, and the Morning Man
020091: DONALD STOKES; LILLIAN STOKES - Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region (Stokes Field Guides)
010070: DONALD JACK - Three cheers for Me - The Journal of Bartholomew Bandy - Vol. 1
010520: DONALD WEINSTEIN, EDITOR - The Renaissance and the Reformation 1300-1600
018395: DONALD KEENE - Japanese Literature - an Introduction for Western Readers
015891: DONALD POWELL WILSON - My Six Convicts - a Psychologist's Three Years in Fort Leavenworth
017234: DONALD MILLER - Through Painted Deserts - Light, God and Beauty on the Open Road
016321: DONALD R. BRANN - How to Add an Extra Bathroom - a Complete Guide to home Plumbing
015089: DONALDSON, TERRY - The Lord of the Rings Oracle
009489: DONALDSON, FRANCES - P.G.Wodehouse : A Biography
015215: DONALDSON, GORDON - Eighteen Men: The Prime Ministers of Canada
007097: DONDIEGO, BARBARA L. - Crafts for Kids: a Month By Month Idea Book
001866: DONEGAN, LAWRENCE - No News at Throat Lake
013261: DONEGAN, LAWRENCE - No News at Throat Lake: In Search of Ireland
009453: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Are You Listening, Rabbi Low
004042: DONNER GULLERS - Sweden
012081: DONNER, FLORINDA - Shabono
011765: DONOGHUE, EMMA - The Woman Who gave Birth to Rabbits - Stories
015651: DONOHUE, JOHN - Tengu: The Mountain Goblin
000269: DONOVAN, KATIE (EDITOR); ETC. (EDITOR) - Ireland's Women
000997: DORCAS S. MILLER. CLINT WILLIS, EDITORS - Rescue: Stories of Survival From Land and Sea
003874: DORCAS S. MILLER. CLINT WILLIS, EDITORS - Rescue: Stories of Survival From Land and Sea
011314: DORE OGRIZEK, J.G. RUFENACHT, EDITORS - Switzerland - The World in Color Series
008739: DORFF, FRANCIS - Simply Soulstirring: Writing As a Meditative Process
010949: DORION, HENRI;LAFRAMBOISE, YVES;LAHOUD, PIERRE - Le Quebec: 40 Sites Incontournables
007944: DORIS SHACKLETON - Power Town - Democracy Discarded
020202: DORIS ANDERSON - Rebel Daughter: An Autobiography
011067: DORIS LESSING - The Habit of Loving
017990: DORIS LESSING - Time Bites - Views and Reviews
016507: DORLING KINDERSLEY - Help Your Kids With Math - a Unique Step By step Visual Guide
019839: DOROTHY EDEN - Sleep in the Woods
005826: DOROTHY BLAIR SHIMER, EDITOR - The Mentor Book of Modern Asian Literature
007777: DOROTHY LAWLESS - Rug Hooking and Braiding - for Pleasure and Profit - a Standard Guide
007787: DOROTHY DANIEL - Price Guide to American Cut Glass
001279: DOROTHY KING - The Wright Brothers-the Story of the Conquest of the Air
005899: DOROTHY BURR THOMPSON - The Athenian Agora-an Ancient Shopping Center
000709: DOROTHY F. ZELIGS - The Story of Modern Israel-for Young People
000374: DOROTHY FARR - The St. Lawrence River Views By Nineteenth Century Artits
010454: DOROTHY EDWARDS SHUTTLESWORTH - Exploring Nature with Your Child - an Introduction to the Enjoyment and Understanding of Nature for All
010766: DOROTHY F. SOULE - Zoology Made Simple
019963: DOROTHY DUNCAN - Feasting and Fasting - Canada's Heritage Celebrations
005797: DORR, ROBERT F. -DAVID DONALD - Fighters of the United States Air Force
002610: DORSON, RICHARD MERCER - America in Legend: Folklore From the Colonial Period to the Present
016530: DOSSEY, LARRY M.D. - Meaning & Medicine: Lessons from a Doctor's Tales of Breakthrough and Healing
011741: DOSSEY, LARRY M.D. - Be Careful What You Pray For.You Might Just Get It: What We Can Do About the Unintentional Effects of Our Thoughts, Prayers, and Wishes
001415: DOUCETTE, LEONARD E. - Emery Bigot; Seventeenth-Century French Humanist
001587: DOUCETTE, DAVID - Strong at the Broken Places
003145: DOUCHAN GERSI - Faces in the Smoke-an Eyewitness Experience of Voodoo, Shamanism, Psychic Healing and Other Amazing Human Powers
005105: DOUG LANSKY, EDITOR - There's No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled
006749: DOUG SMITH - Bless 'Em All.
017909: DOUG MCCLELLAND - Down the Yellow Brick Road: The Making of the Wizard of Oz
019768: DOUG ABERLEY, EDITOR - Boundaries of Home: Mapping for Local Empowerment
004707: DOUGAL ROBERTSON - Survive the Savage Sea
013405: DOUGAL ROBERTSON - Survive the Savage Sea
006802: DOUGHTY, LOUISE - Fires in the Dark
017137: DOUGLAS BRINKLEY - The Quiet World - Saving Alaska's Wilderness Kingdom 1879-1960
005733: DOUGLAS PHILLIPS-BIRT - The History of Yachting
006295: DOUGLAS, SUSAN J. - Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media
007019: DOUGLAS GOLDRING - South Lodge-Reminiscences of Violent Hunt, Ford, Madox Ford and the English Review Circle
000083: DOUGLAS BAGLIN & DAVID MOORE - People of the Dreamtime, the Australian Aborigines
000131: DOUGLAS BROWN, ED., - Copperfield
018975: DOUGLAS COLLINS - A Tear for Somalia
015798: DOUGLAS CLUCAS - Dreams
014952: DOUGLAS, DOROTHY;BERNSTEIN, ALICE - Teachers Planbook & Calendar of Year-Round Activities
019267: DOUGLAS HUNTER - Half Moon - Henry Hudson and the Voyage That Redrew the Map of the New World
020115: DOUGLAS THOMPSON - The Dark Heart of Hollywood
010891: DOUGLAS LOCKWOOD -SIGNED - - I, The Aboriginal
011082: DOUGLAS STEWART AND NANCY KEESING - Australian Bush Ballads
015185: DOUGLAS BUKOWSKI - American History: A Concise Documents Collection To 1877 - Vol. I
002354: DOUGLASS, SARA - Beyond the Hanging Wall
008322: DOULIS, ALEX - My Blue Haven
006437: DOWBIGGIN, BRUCE - The Stick: a History, a Celebration, an Elegy
002582: DOWD, MAUREEN - Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk
020002: DOWLING, JESSICA - Glow-In-The-Dark Constellations
005256: DOWNER, LESLEY - Madame Sadayakko: the Geisha Who Seduced the West
008826: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE - Written in Stone: A Kingston Reader
010920: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE - And Some Brought Flowers: Plants in a New World
004034: DOWNING, JACK - Curiouser and Curiouser-Poems, Philosophy and Story
017375: DOWNING, ELISABETH - Keeping Goats
010121: DOWNING, DOUGLAS - Calculus the Easy Way
019802: DOWNS, ART - The Incredible Rogers Pass
002532: DOYLE, RODDY - The Van
003253: DOYLE, RODDY - The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
004485: DOYLE, RODDY - The Snapper
007062: DOYLE, RODDY - The Meanwhile Adventures
016220: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Original Illustrated: Arthur Conan Doyle
017397: DOYLE, JOHN - A Great Feast of Light : Growing up Irish in the Television Age
004036: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - When the World Screamed & Other Stories-Professor Challenger Adventures Volume II
002510: DOYLE, RODDY - A Star Called Henry
003904: DOYLE, EVELYN - Evelyn's Family
010226: DOYLE, CHARLES ALTAMONT;BAKER, MICHAEL - The Doyle Diary: The Last Great Conan Doyle Mystery with a Holmesian Investigation into the Strange and Curious Case of Charles Altamont Doyle
013161: DOYLE, CHRIS - Exploring the Windward Islands - a Complete Guide
010332: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Hound of the Baskervilles
012225: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes: 37 Short Stories Plus a Complete Novel Comprising the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, the Return of Sherlock Holmes - 37 Short Stories Plus a Complete Novel Comprising
017634: DOYLE, RODDY - A Star Called Henry - SIGNED
015968: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
000106: DR. K. SRI DHAMMANANDA - Buddhism for Human Life
004616: DR. JULIUS DINTENFASS - Chiropractic-a Modern Way to Health
006412: DR. RAINER HILDEBRANDT - It Happened at the Wall
006676: DR. H. D GROEN - Australian Parrakeets-Their Maintenance and Breeding in Europe
001835: DR. JUAN HERNANDEX - Poetry From Chile: 26 New Voices
007189: DR. R. DEAN AXELSON - Caring for Your Pet Bird
013422: DR. SEUSS - Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Classics
007925: DR. THOMAS GORDON - P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training - the Tested New Way to Raise Responsible Children
008006: DR. HENDRIE WEISINGER & NORMAN M. LOBSENZ - Nobody's Perfect (How to Give Criticism and Get results)
008025: DR. CHARLES F. POTTER - Is That in the Bible?
000090: DR. FREDERICK A. COOK AND COMMANDER ROBERT E. PEARY, U.S.N. - Discovery of the North Pole
000153: DR. C. LAMONT MACMILLAN - Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor
004770: DR. LEE SU JAN AND MAY LEE - The Fine Art of Chinese Cooking
016842: DR. PAM ALLEN-THOMPSON & DI ALLEN-THOMPSON, - The Beloved and 'Bent' - Families Learning to Accept Lesbians and Gays
017467: DR. EBRAHIM KAZIM - Contemplating Suratul Faatihah
009140: DR. JAMES A. HAXBY - The Royal Canadian Mint and Canadian Coinage - Striking Impressions
017215: DR. SADAN GOKOVALI - Ephesus
010308: DR. DAN KILEY - Keeping Kids Out of Trouble (Original Title: Nobody Said it Would be Easy)
015716: DR. JOHN HOWARD ET AL - Rusting Out, Burning Out, Bowing Out Stress and Survival on the Job
010807: DR. JOYCE TELLIER JOHNSON - Berries for Life - a Natural Way to Stay Younger
011146: DR. SEUSS - Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? - Book of Wonderful Noises
011147: DR. SEUSS - The Cat in the Hat
012725: DR. STEVE PRICE - Dream Making in a Dream-Taking World
012041: DR. JAMES DOBSON - Bringing Up Boys
012247: DR. SYED ALI - Let Us Converse in Arabic
015835: DR. MICHAEL MURRAY - The Immune Factor
004764: DRABBLE, MARGARET - The Genius of Thomas Hardy
004113: DRACHE, ARTHUR B. C.; SCHNEIDER, SUSAN WEIDMAN - Head and Heart: Financial Strategies for Smart Women
002072: DRAGU, MARGARET; HARRISON, A.S.A. - Revelations: Essays on Striptease and Sexuality
010046: DRAPER, DEREK - Blair's Hundred Days
019959: DRAVES, WILLIAM A. - How To Teach Adults
012019: DRAYSON, NICHOLAS - Confessing a Murder
005535: DRAYTON MAYRANT - A Sword From Galway
000989: DRENNAN, WILLIE - Off to the Field: the Ulster Troubles: a Historic Irish Approach
010085: DREW, DICK - The Canadian Achievers: How They Did It, How You Can Do It, Why You Should Do It
004154: DRIFF - Driff's Guide to All the Secondhand & Antiquarian Bookshops in Britain 1985-86
004532: DRINKWATER, CAROL - Olive Farm, the: a Memoir of Life, Love and Olive Oil
001742: DRISCOLL, FRANCES - The Rape Poems
019003: DROHOJOWSKA-PHILP, HUNTER - Full Bloom: The Art and Life of Georgia O'Keeffe
004262: DROMS, WILLIAM G. - Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers: All the Basics You Need to Know
010946: DRS. WILLY, VANDER AND FISHER, ET AL - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex
009129: DRUCKER, PETER - Peter Drucker on the Profession of Management
010857: DRUCKER, P. F. - The Changing World of the Executive
010537: DRUETT, JOAN - In the Wake of Madness: The Murderous Voyage of the Whaleship Sharon
002002: DRURY, MICHAEL - Counterclockwise: Reflections of a Maverick
002174: DRYDEN, KEN; MCCLELLAND & STEWART - In School: Our Kids, Our Teachers, Our Classrooms
019124: DRYDEN, KEN - The Game
010515: DRYDEN, KEN - The Moved and the Shaken - The Story of One Man's Life
016412: DRYDEN, KEN AND ROY MACGREGOR - Home Game - Hockey and Life In Canada
015504: DU CANN, CHARLOTTE; WATSON, MARK - Reality Is the Bug That Bit Me in the Galapagos : Trips in the Americas
013743: DU BOIS, W. E. B.;GATES, HENRY LOUIS;OLIVER, TERRI HUME - The Souls of Black Folk: Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism
010351: DUANE, DIANE - Dark Mirror
010480: DUANE, DIANE - Dark Mirror - Star Trek the Next Generation
015483: DUBE, JEAN-CLAUDE;RAPLEY, ELIZABETH - The Chevalier De Montmagny (1601-1657): First Governor Of New France
016845: DUBERMAN, MARTIN - Cures: A Gay Man's Odyssey
012061: DUBOS, RENE JULES - So Human an Animal
009371: DUBUS, ANDRE - Dancing After Hours: Stories
014388: DUBY, GEORGES - A History of Women in the West: From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints
006549: DUCHARME, MARY ANNE; CAPLAN, RONALD; CHISHOLM, ARCHIE NEIL - Archie Neil: From the Life and Stories of Archie Neil Chisholm of Margaree Forks, Cape Breton Biography, Oral History, Anthology
009725: DUCKWORTH, MARION - The Decisive Woman
016358: DUDLEY POPE - Ramage's Trial
002779: DUDMAN, MARTHA TOD - Augusta, Gone: a True Story
007439: DUDOVITZ, RESA L. - The Myth of Superwoman: Women's Bestsellers in France and the United States
013101: DUERK, JUDITH - Circle Of Stones: Woman's Journey To Herself
004365: DUFFY, DENNIS - A Tale of Sad Reality: John Richardson's Wacousta
008429: DUFFY, ANN;MANDELL, NANCY;PUPO, NORENE - Few Choices: Women, Work and Family
001428: DUGGAN, BILL - The Yachtsman's Guide to Better Maintenance
002167: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Count of Monte Cristo
013858: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Fernande: The Story of a Courtesan
006923: DUNCAN, DR. ALLEN - Medicine Madams and Mounties: Stories of a Yukon Doctor 1933-1947
007248: DUNCAN BRINE-INTRODUCTION BY - The Literary Garden: Recreating Literature's Most Beautiful Gardens in Your Own Backyard
003563: DUNCAN PRYDE - Nunaga: My Land, My Country
009506: DUNCAN PRYDE - NUNAGA:Ten Years of Eskimo Life
013023: DUNCAN, DOROTHY - Nothing More Comforting: Canada's Heritage Food
010608: DUNCAN GRINNELL-MILNE - Mad, is He? The Character and Achievement of James Wolfe
015225: DUNHAM, WILLIAM - Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics
001306: DUNLOP, IAN - Royal Palaces of France
019445: DUNMORE, SPENCER - Above and Beyond: The Canadians' War in the Air, 1939-45
016789: DUNMORE, SPENSER - In Great Waters: The Epic Story of the Battle of the Atlantic 1935-45
018373: DUNMORE, HELEN - Love of Fat Men
018693: DUNN, CHARLES - Highland Settler; A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Nova Scotia
013315: DUNNING, JOAN - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
018141: DUNNING, JOAN - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
010638: DUNNING, JOAN - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
011253: DUNNING, JOAN - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
014914: DURAND, LOUP - Daddy
012893: DURANT, WILLIAM JAMES, ARIEL DURANT - The Lessons of History
016131: DURBAND, ALAN - Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare Made Easy
017365: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Livia: Or, Buried Alive a Novel
004815: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Caesar's Vast Ghost: Aspects of Provence
004689: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Greek Islands
012228: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Balthazar
014461: DURRELL, GERALD;DURRELL, LEE - Whispering Land
015466: DURRELL, GERALD MALCOLM - The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium
017977: DURRELL, GERALD - The Stationary Ark
011637: DURSCHMIED, ERIK - Hinge Factor : How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History
017759: DUSICA KUNAVER AND BRIGITA LIPOVESK - Slovenian Customs and Songs from January to December
008505: DWORKIN, ANDREA - Intercourse
003679: DWYER, AUGUSTA - Into the Amazon: the Struggle for the Rain Forest
009331: DWYER, T. RYLE - Nice Fellow: A Biography of Jack Lynch
017421: DYER, GWYNNE - With Every Mistake
001706: DYER, CHARLES H. - The Rise of Babylon: is Iraq at the Center of the Final Drama?
016383: DYER, ROBERT L. - Jesse James and the Civil War in Missouri
003350: DYER, DR. WAYNE W. - Wisdom of the Ages: a Modern Master Brings Eternal Truths Into Everyday Life
016260: DYER, ARIEL M. - The Laird of Woodhill
017829: DYLAN THOMAS - Quite Early One Morning - Poems, Essays, Stories
011144: DYSON, KATIE - Making Things for Children
018105: E.M. GRANGER BENNETT - A Straw in the Wind
005557: E.P. STEBBING - Cross Country Riding
006374: E. NEWTON-WHITE - Hurt Not the Earth
000051: E.T. C. WERNER - Myths and Legends of China
007222: E. PAULINE JOHNSON (TEKAHIONWAKE) - Flint and Feather-the Complete Poems
003818: E. JEROME MCCARTHY, WILLIAM D. PERREAULT, JR - Applications in Basic Marketing: Clippings From the Popular Business Press
019164: E. E. REYNOLDS - B.P. The Story of His Life
003398: E J TYLER - Clocks & Watches-Historic Timepieces in 100 Fascinating Pictures
008232: E.E.HALLERAN - Shadow of the Big Horn
008270: E.L. GRANT WATSON - Animals in Splendour
002101: E.O. PARROTT, EDITOR - How to Become Absurdly Well-Informed About the Famous and Infamous-a Collection of Brief Biographies
004936: E. PAULINE JOHNSON (TEKAHIONWAKE) - Legends of Vancouver
008725: E.B. WHITE - Stuart Little
009003: E.D. NELSON - B.W. ROBINSON - Gender in the 1990s : Images, Realities and Issues
009164: E.L. KONIGSBURG - Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me, Elizabeth
010023: E. W. PARKER - Adventure Today
010255: E. C. HILLS AND R. T. HOLBROOK - French Short Stories
018426: E. PAULINE JOHNSON (TEKAHIONWAKE) - Flint and Feather - with Short Biographical Sketch of the Author
012462: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Golden Beast
010941: E.PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Traitors
010942: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Hillman
010944: E.PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Malefactor
010954: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Treasure House of Martin Hews
011179: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Lion and the Lamb
011199: E.PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - Prodigals of Monte Carlo
015289: E.V.THOMPSON - The Music Makers
013649: E.D.BENNETT, EDITOR - American Journeys - an Anthology of travel in the United States
013289: E.D. NELSON - B.W. ROBINSON - Gender in the 1990s : Images, Realities and Issues
015548: E. BARRINGTON - The Laughing Queen
014934: E.D. HIRSCH, JR. - What Your First Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good First-Grade Education
014931: E.D. HIRSCH, JR. - What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Fourth-Grade Education
015066: E.R. HAAS & KENT C. MADSON - Success on Purpose - The Starting Point for a Life of Happiness, Satisfaction & Significance
014932: E.D. HIRSCH, JR. - What Your Third Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Third-Grade Education
014933: E.D. HIRSCH, JR. - What Your Second Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Second-Grade Education
015493: E.B. WHITE - The Trumpet of the Swan
010306: EADES, MICHAEL R. M.D. - Protein Power
012419: EADONE, DONALD - Time Detectives - clues from our Past
017933: EAGLESON, JANET - Nature Hikes: Near-Toronto Trails and Adventures
000149: EAMES, DAVID; PING, APRIL G. (EDITOR) - San Francisco Street Secrets
010419: EAMES, ANDREW - The 8.55 to Baghdad
010169: EAMON, KELLY - Bridge of Feathers
001502: EAMONN MACTHOMAIS - Me Jewel and Darlin' Dublin
005543: EARL SCHENCK - Lean With the Wind-a Novel of the South Seas
014009: EARL OF HARWOOD AND ANTONY PEATTIE - The New Kobbe's Opera Book
014136: EARL G. INGERSOLL, EDITOR - Doris Lessing - Conversations
006993: EARLE, GEORGE H. - A Collection of Foolishness and Folklore
019314: EARLEY, CHRIS G. - Waterfowl of Eastern North America
020147: EARLEY, CHRIS G. - Hawks and Owls of the Great Lakes Region and Eastern North America
015436: EASON, CASSANDRA - A Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings: Explore the Mystical Realm of the Little People
008245: EASTON, ALAN - The Adventures of Captain Haylestone
006458: EBADI, SHIRIN; MOAVENI, AZADEH - Iran Awakening From Prison to Peace Prize: One Woman's Struggle at the Crossroads of History
009614: EBBUTT, MAUDE I. - The British - Myths and Legends
011034: EBERSPAECHER, ALEX - Vino Veritas : Not Another Wine Book
018364: EBERT, ROGER - The Great Movies
006068: EBERTS, MARJORIE; GISLER, MARGARET - Careers for Bookworms & Other Literary Types
003209: EBERTS, RAY; EBERTS, CINDELYN - The Myths of Japanese Quality
016337: ECCARDT, THOMAS - Secrets of the Seven Smallest States of Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City
011381: ECHLIN, KIM - Elizabeth Smart: A Fugue Essay on Women and Creativty
017823: ECHLIN, KIM - Elephant Winter - a Novel
010970: ECKERT, CARTER J.;LEE, KI-BAIK - Korea Old and New: A History
013693: ECKHART TOLLE - A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
016496: ECKHART TOLLE - Oneness with All Life - Inspirational Selections from a New Earth - Treasury Edition
013306: ECKHKART TOLLE - A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose - Oprah
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008181: ECO, UMBERTO;WEAVER, WILLIAM - The Island of the Day Before
019841: ED MIRVISH - How To Build Empire Orange Crate : Or 121 Lessons I Never Learned In School
000557: ED ARNOLD & GEORGE ELLIOTT - Our Peterborough
014462: ED SHEEHAN - Days of '41 - Pearl Harbor Remembered
018773: ED BUTTS - Stories of Canadian Battlefields
011757: ED WRIGHT - A Left-Handed History of the World
017127: ED GUNGOR - Hay Mucho Mas Sobre El Secreto
010686: EDDIE FISHER - Eddie, My life, My Loves
016502: EDDINGS, DAVID;EDDINGS, LEIGH - The Elder Gods: Book One of the Dreamers
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014440: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The Outlaw of Torn
001292: EDGAR ALMQUIST - How to Double the Performance of Your Car-Special Material By Vincent Lombardi
012185: EDGAR SNOW - People on Our Side
014441: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The Moon Men
014452: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The Monster Men
017411: EDGAR MCINNIS - The War - First Year
014451: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Tarzan Triumphant
014450: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The People That Time Forgot
009669: EDGAR SNOW - People on our Side
019050: EDGAR ALLAN POE - Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
014447: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The Warlord of Mars
016671: EDGAR ALLAN POE - Eight Tales of Terror
013194: EDGELL, STEVE;BROOKS, BRAD;PILCHER, TIM - The Complete Cartooning Course: Principles, Practices, Techniques
020126: EDISON MARSHALL - Caravan to Xanadu - a Novel of Marco Polo
004788: EDITH FOWKE, ALAN MILLS, HELMUT BLUME - Canada's Story in Song With Guitar and Piano Accompaniments
005813: EDITH E. SPROUL, M.D. - The Science Book of the Human Body-a Layman's Introduction to Human Anatomy
007672: EDITH M. MANUEL - Visits to World Workers Grade Four
010364: EDITH HAMILTON - The Echo of Greece
010654: EDITH PATERSON - tales of Early Manitoba from the Winnipeg Free Press
019408: EDITH B. LOWRY - Confidences - Talks with a Young Girl
013488: EDITH IGLAUER - The Strangers Next Door
002185: EDITH IGLAUER - The Strangers Next Door
019103: EDITH SITWELL - English Eccentrics
019967: EDITH WHARTON - Edith Wharton Abroad: Selected Travel Writings, 1888-1920
017523: EDITORS OF FC & A PUBLISHING - Easy Computing for Seniors - a Step By Step Handbook from Start Up to Shut Down
007280: EDMOND TAYLOR - Richer By Asia
007935: EDMOND J. FARRIS - Anatomy for the Artist
011448: EDMONDS, ROBERT - About Documentary: Anthropology on Film - a Philosophy of People and Art
017773: EDMUND IONS - Woodrow Wilson - Thte Politics of Peace and War
006364: EDMUND C. JAEGER - A Source Book of Biological Names and Terms
013372: EDMUND BURKE, III - Struggle and Survival in the Modern Middle East
006895: EDMUND FULLER ET AL - Adventures in American Literature Vol 2
016394: EDMUND SANDARS - A Bird Book for the Pocket
002780: EDMUND HILLARY - From the Ocean to the Sky
004722: EDMUND CHRISTOPHERSON - The Night the Mountain Fell-the Story of the Montana-Yellowstone Earthquake
019368: EDMUND L. BLANDFORD - Two Sides of the Beach: The Invasion and Defense of Europe in 1944
010321: EDMUND CATCHPOOL - JOHN SATTERLY - A Text Book of Sound - The Tutorial Physics Vol I
016667: EDMUND HILLARY - High Adventure
019396: EDMUNDSON, MARK - Why Read?
007778: EDNA FERBER - Great Son - a Novel of Character
016719: EDNA PAYSON BRETT - A Merry Scout and Other Stories
011585: EDOARDO BONECHI - Florence - a Complete Guide for Visiting the City
007825: EDRIC, ROBERT;ROBERT, EDRIC - The Broken Lands: A Novel of Arctic Disaster
005301: EDWARD EGGLESTON - The Hoosier Schoolmaster-a Story of Backwoods Life in Indiana
005468: EDWARD FITZGERALD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam of Naishapur
005554: EDWARD MCCOURT - The Yukon and Northwest Territories
005982: EDWARD MCCOURT - Saskatchewan-the Traveller's Canada
006102: EDWARD A. MCCOURT - The Canadian West in Fiction
004266: EDWARD SEIDENSTICKER - Low City, High City-Tokyo From Edo to the Earthquake: How the Shogun's Ancient Capital Became a Great Modern City 1867-1923
001076: EDWARD LEAR - Nonsense Songs & Stories
016261: EDWARD T. HALL - The Silent Language
007198: EDWARD T. C. WERNER - Ancient Tales and Folklore of China
007630: EDWARD BRAUNLICH - A Book of Braunlich
002965: EDWARD BOK - The Americanization of Edward Bok-an Autobiography
003113: EDWARD L SCHIEFFELIN - The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers
000175: EDWARD EVERETT HALE - Stories of Discovery-as Told By Discoverers
012861: EDWARD RUTHERFURD - The Rebels of Ireland - The Dublin Saga
008827: EDWARD J. KORMONDY - Concepts of Ecology
010106: EDWARD H. SIMS - The Aces Talk
010170: EDWARD WESTON - The flame of Recognition - His Photographs Accompanied By Excerpts from the Daybooks & Letters
014808: EDWARD A. STOUTE, S.C.M. - Glimpses of Old Barbados
012376: EDWARD J. HEGARTY - How to Succeed in Company Politics - The Strategy of Executive Success
010689: EDWARD FITZGERALD - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
016968: EDWARD WENHAM - Antiques A to Z - a Pocket Handbook for Collectors and Dealers By ..
012167: EDWARD HAROLD BEGBIE - Painted Windows - a Study in Religious Personality
011359: EDWARD LEWIS, EDITOR - A Treasury of Mark Twain
015972: EDWARD OSMOND - The Artist in Britain - from the 8th to the 20th Centuries
019855: EDWARD RUTHERFURD - New York - the Novel
013280: EDWARDS, KIM - The Memory Keeper's Daughter
004742: EDWARDS, TED - Fight the Wild Island: a Solo Walk Across Iceland
003678: EDWARDS, PETER - One Dead Indian: the Premier, the Police, and the Ipperwash Crisis
007715: EDWARDS, ANNE - Royal Sisters: Elizabeth and Margaret
002598: EDWARDS, CATERINA; STEWART, KAY - Eating Apples: Knowing Womens' Lives
009447: EDWARDS, ANNE - Streisand: A Biography
010276: EDWARDS, KIM - The Memory Keeper's Daughter
006507: EDWARDS, KIM - The Memory Keeper's Daughter
010708: EDWARDS, ANNE - Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret
010743: EDWARDS, ANNE - A Remarkable Woman: A Biography of Katharine Hepburn
011335: EDWARDS, ANNE - The Grimaldis of Monaco - the centuries of Scandal - the years of Grace
011634: EDWARDS, BERNARD - Salvo! : Classic Naval Gun Actions
015948: EDWIN B. STEEN AND ASHLEY MONTAGU - Anatomy and Physiology Volumes 1 & 2
004809: EDWIN ADAMS DAVIS AND WILLIAM RANSOM HOGAN - The Barber of Natchez; Wherein a Slave is Freed and Rises to a Very High Standing; Whereiting and the Twelfth Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical Hi: Wherein a Slave is Freed and Rises to a Very High Standing; Wherein the Former Slave Writes a Two-Thousa
006672: EDWIN WAY TEALE - The Golden Throng-a Book About Bees
002482: EDWIN M. SCHUR - Labelingj Women Deviant, Gender, Stigma and Social Control
004930: EDWIN VALENTINE MITCHELL, EDITOR - The Pleasures of Walking
016966: EDWIN G. WARMAN - 10th Antiques and their Current Prices
011002: EDWIN O. REISCHAUER - The Japanese
015732: EDWINN, GLORIA - Just for Starters: A Treasury of 350 of the World's Best Hors D'Oeuvres and Appetizers
011954: EGAN, JOHN - Baptism of Resistance Blood and Celebration a Road to Wholeness in the Nuclear Age
017858: EGGERS, DAVE - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius : A Memoir Based on a True Story
019515: EGGERS, DAVE - You Shall Know Our Velocity
015939: EGGERS, DAVE - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius : A Memoir Based on a True Story
005492: EGGERS, DAVE - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
018175: EGGERS, DAVE - You Shall Know Our Velocity!
016650: EGHRARI, MASSOUD - Massoud's Voyage
006079: EGLI, GLENN; CARRELL, JENNIFER - Making Love Last: 365 Ways to Say "I Love You"
007165: EGOFF, SHEILA WITH WENDY K. SUTTON - Once Upon a Time: My Life With Children's Books
018319: EHRENHALT, ALAN - The United States of Ambition: Politicians, Power, and the Pursuit of Office
018603: EHRENREICH, BARBARA - Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War
019036: EHRLICH, EUGENE - You'Ve Got Ketchup on Your Muumuu: An A-To-Z Guide to English Words from Around the World
006490: EHRMAN, BART D. - Truth and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code: a Historian Reveals What We Really Know About Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Constantine
003751: EHRMANN, HENRY W. - Politics in France
011117: EIGHNER, LARS - Travels With Lizbeth
004862: EILEEN JENNESS - The Indian Tribes of Canada
011488: EILEEN HEMING - The Open Door
012498: EILEEN POWER - Medieval People
015050: EILEEN POWER - Medieval People
016723: EILEEN MAYO - The Story of Living Things and their Evolution
000701: EILIS DILLON - The House on the Shore
002004: EISENBERG, LEE - The Number: How Much Do You Need for the Second Half of Your Life?
006640: EISENSTEIN, SERGEýI MIKHAýILOVICH - Notes of a Film Director
001451: EISENSTEIN, ZILLAH - Hatreds: Racialized and Sexualized Conflicts in the 21st Century
014795: EISENSTEIN, ELIZABETH L. - The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe
013141: EKER, T. HARV - Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Mastering The Inner Game Of Wealth
019312: EL BADRY, HALA - Muntaha: A Village Novel
005146: ELAINE RHOTON - The Ship Called Logos
004803: ELCOCK, MICHAEL - A Perfectly Beautiful Place
004110: ELDER, NORMAN - This Thing of Darkness-Elder's Amazon Notebooks
013002: ELDON, DAN - The Journey Is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon
013962: ELDREDGE, JOHN;ELDREDGE, STASI - Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul, Keepsake Edition
020162: ELDRIDGE CLEAVER - Soul on Ice
007536: ELEANOR Z. BAKER - The Australian Aborigines
018331: ELEANOR HERMAN - Sex with Kings - Five Hundred Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge
016187: ELEANOR CHLITHEROE, EDITOR - Women Rising: How Canadian Women Are Breaking Free from Criminal Pasts and Building a Better Future
011717: ELEANOR GRAHAM VANCE - Adventures of Robin Hood/Pinocchio
019046: ELEANOR VAN ZANDT - the Life and Works of Antoni Gaudi
017342: ELEK BENEDEK AND GYULA ILLYES - The Tree That Reached the Sky - Hungarian Folktales
010782: ELEY, GEOFFREY - Our Country Year : An East Midlands Month-By-Month Diary of Countryside Life
011787: ELGIN, SUZETTE HADEN - The Last Word on the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense
017908: ELGIN, SUZETTE HADEN - More on the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense
017483: ELGIN, DUANE - Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich
012773: ELIADE, MICREA - Myth and Reality
011860: ELIADE, MIRCEA - The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion
011011: ELIAS, JASON;KETCHAM, KATHERINE - In the House of the Moon: Reclaiming the Feminine Spirit of Healing
017690: ELIAS KHOURY - Gate of the Sun: Bab Al-shams
005316: ELICK MOLL - Mr. Seidman and the Geisha
008633: ELIE, PAUL - The Life You Save May be Your Own - An American Pilgrimage
009346: ELIOT, T. S. - T. S. Eliot : Selected Poems
009708: ELIOT, T. S. - T. S. Eliot : Selected Poems
014744: ELIOT, ALEXANDER - The Horizon Concise History of Greece
019243: ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS, M.D. - On Death & Dying What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy & Their Own Families
002177: ELISABETH, L. - Listen to the Hunger: Why We Overeat
019508: ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS, M.D. - On Death and Dying
011223: ELISABETH ELLIOT - Shadow of the Almighty - the Life & Testament of Jim Elliot
013867: ELISAVETA FEN - A Girl Grew Up in Russia
019422: ELISSA WALL - Stolen Innocence
002528: ELIZABETH FORSTER - Himalayan Solo
019836: ELIZABETH GEORGE - A Banquet of Consequences - a Lynley Novel
010601: ELIZABETH HAY - Late Nights on Air
018566: ELIZABETH HAY - The Only Snow in Havana
010727: ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING - Sonnets From The Portuguese
013699: ELIZABETH GRAY - Bermuda in a Nutshell
004834: ELIZABETH LONGFORD, EDITOR - The Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes
013967: ELIZABETH GILBERT - Eat, Pray, Love
001553: ELIZABETH R. MONTGOMERY - The Story Behind Musical Instruments
010284: ELIZABETH AND KLAUS GEMMING - around the World - Learning Through Stamps - vol. 2
010647: ELIZABETH HEIKE - Trauern Braucht Seine Zeit
013304: ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING - Sonnets from the Portuguese and Other Treasured Poems of
012365: ELIZABETH LESSER - Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help us Grow
010924: ELIZABETH P. ARMOUR - Juliana - Everybody's Sister
010960: ELIZABETH YATES - Up the Golden Stair
014519: ELIZABETH GILBERT - Eat, Pray, Love
013487: ELIZABETH PEPPER AND JOHN WILCOCK - A guide to Magical & Mystical Sites - Europe and the British Isles
011695: ELIZABETH BORTON DE TREVINO - The House on Bitterness Street - a Story of a Woman in the Mexican Revolution
013637: ELIZABETH HAY - Late Nights on Air
012460: ELIZABETH BRADY, EDITOR - Women in Conflict Zones - Canadian Woman Studies Vol 19 No. 4
015040: ELIZABETH GILBERT - Eat Pray Love
014549: ELIZABETH GILBERT - Committed - A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage
015970: ELIZABETH PEPLOW STAFF - Herbs and Herb Gardens of Britain - a Comprehensive Guide
019175: ELIZABETH CAMERON - A Wildflower Alphabet
019548: ELIZABETH ALEXANDER - Crave Radiance - New and Selected Poems 1990-2010
006348: ELKA SCHRIJVER - Glass and Crystal-From Earliest Times to 1850
009952: ELKIN, FREDERICK;HANDEL, GERALD - The Child and Society: The Process of Socialization
016894: ELKINS, CAROLINE - Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya
015159: ELLEN DAVIGNON - The Cinnamon Mine - Memories of an Alaska Highway Childhood
011536: ELLEN JAFFE - Writing Your Way - Creating a Personal Journal
009932: ELLEN VELVIN - Rataplan - A Rogue Elephant and Other Stories
008875: ELLENS, J. P. - Religious Routes to Gladstonian Liberalism: The Church Rate Conflict in England and Wales, 1832-1868
010271: ELLERY QUEEN - A Multitude of Sins
019039: ELLERY QUEEN - Origin of Evil
014149: ELLIOT, ELAINE;LEE, VIRGINIA - Maritime Flavours Cookbook
006248: ELLIOT, JASON - An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan
015491: ELLIOT, JASON - An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan
007345: ELLIOTT, PATRICIA - Rethinking the Future
008335: ELLIOTT, C. RUSSELL - As the Twig Is Bent
002903: ELLIOTT, DOUGLAS B. - Wildwoods Wisdom: Encounters With the Natural World
014090: ELLIOTT, LELAND;BRANTLEY, CYNTHIA - Sex on Campus: The Naked Truth About the Real Sex Lives of College Students
016724: ELLIOTT, GEORGE;REEVES, JOHN - God's Big Acre: Life in 401 Country
016315: ELLIOTT, GEORGE;REEVES, JOHN - God's Big Acre: Life in 401 Country
017859: ELLIOTT, WILLIAM - Tying Rocks to Clouds: Meetings and Conversations With Wise and Spiritual People
012813: ELLIS, ALICS THOMAS - Wales: An Anthology
000764: ELLIS, HARRY B. - Israel: One Land, Two Peoples
008444: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD - The Druids
018490: ELLIS, DEBORAH - Parvana's Journey
014837: ELLIS, RICHARD - Dolphins and Porpoises
019139: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD - A Brief History of the Celts
019712: ELLYNANNE GEISEL - The Apron Book - Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort
002689: ELOISE STREET - Sepass Poems, the Songs of Y-Ail-Mihth
000753: ELPHINSTONE, MARGARET - Voyageurs
019194: ELPHINSTONE, MARGARET - The Sea Road
015086: ELSA FALK - Akio and the Moon Goddess
008686: ELSHTAIN, JEAN BETHKE - Democracy on Trial
013933: ELSY, MARY;NORMAN, JILL - Travels in Alsace and Lorraine
003725: ELTON, GEOFFREY R. - England Under the Tudors
001178: ELVA SIMUNDSSON - Icelandic Settlers in America
003284: ELWIN, ROSAMUND - Tangled Sheets: Stories & Poems of Lesbian Lust
010732: ELWOOD, ROGER - Angelwalk - a Modern Fable
005945: ELWYN ALLEN SMITH - Men Called Him Master
015898: ELYOT, AMANDA - The Memoirs of Helen of Troy - A Novel
019543: EMANUEL CHERASKIN - Psychodietetics
004966: EMBREE, JESSE - Let Us Live: the Native Peoples of Canada
006995: EMECHETA, BUCHI - The Family
002040: EMERSON, GLORIA - Loving Graham Greene
009879: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Self-Reliance and Other Essays
015323: EMERSON, GLORIA - Loving Graham Greene
001805: EMERSON, GLORIA - Loving Graham Greene
016847: EMERSON, ROGER - Silverwolf
004950: EMILE ZOLA - Zest for Life
016823: EMILIE BUCHWALD, EDITOR - Toward the Livable City
008434: EMILIE BUCHWALD, EDITOR - Toward the Livable City
012675: EMILS SKUJENIEKS - Bethovena Ziemassvetki
013617: EMILY CARR - Growing Pains - the Autobiography of Emily Carr
005364: EMILY CARR - Hundreds and Thousands-the Journals of Emily Carr
019032: EMRYS JONES AND ELEANOR VAN ZANDT - The City: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
015378: EMSLEY, CLIVE - Crime And Society In England, 1750-1900
018877: ENDO, SHUSAKU - The Final Martyrs
011137: ENDO, SHUSAKU - Deep River
012854: ENEMIKEESE - the Indian Chief 1867 - an account of the Labours, losses, sufferings, and Oppression of Ke-zig-ko-e-ne-ne (David Sawyer) A Chief of the Ojibbeway Indians in the Canadian West
008468: ENGEL, HOWARD - There Was an Old Woman - A Benny Cooperman Mystery
014637: ENGEL, HOWARD - Crimes of Passion: An Unblinking Look at Murderous Love
009278: ENGELS, FRIEDRICH;MCLELLAN, DAVID - The Condition of the Working Class in England
000191: ENGLAND, ALLISON - Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby
015677: ENGLEHART, STEVE; - Easter Parade - Welcome sweet Springtime!
007531: ENGLEWOOD, R. - Words of the World's Religions: an Anthology
006408: ENGLISH, JOHN AND KENNETH MCLAUGHLIN - Kitchener: an Illustrated History
000627: ENGLISH STUDY COMMITTEE - The Uses of Film in the Teaching of English
009745: ENGLISH, BARBARA; LIPTON-DOUGLAS, KAREN - Fifty Fascinating Field Trips : To Museums, Art Galleries, Historical Sites, Natural History and Science Museums, Specialized Museums and Galleries in Metropolitan Toronto and Surrounding Areas
004779: ENID BLYTON - The Boy With the Loaves and Fishes
005399: ENID BLYTON - The Zoo Book
011233: ENID BLYTON - The Boy Who Turned Into an Engine and other Stories
001756: ENRIGHT, D.J., EDITOR - The Faber Book of Fevers and Frets
008600: ENRIGHT, ANNE - The Gathering
017201: ENRIQUEZ, JUAN - The Untied States Of America: Polarization, Fracturing, And Our Future
014433: ENSLER, EVE - The Good Body
019601: ENZENSBERGER, HANS MAGNUS - Europe, Europe - Forays Into a Continent
002584: EPHRON, AMY - White Rose: Una Rosa Blanca
008880: EPP, FRANK H. - Mennonites in Canada 1786-1920 The History of a Separate People
010833: EPPS, GLENN M.J. - Distortions of Reality: Let the Fool Be Fooled but Don't You Be the Fool
013139: EPSTEIN, JASON - Book Business: Publishing Past, Present, and Future
015938: EPSTEIN, ALAN - As the Romans Do: An American Family's Italian Odyssey
008500: EQUIPO STAFF - Historia Del Arte Comentarios de Obras Maestras
010268: ERASMUS - Ten Coloquies
002335: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Master Butcher's Singing Club
006524: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Painted Drum
007915: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Tracks: A Novel
003108: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Tales of Burning Love
001933: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Tracks
011251: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Bingo Palace
011286: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Tales of Burning Love : A Novel
014879: ERDSTEIN, ERICH - Inside the Fourth Reich - The real Story of The Boys from Brazil
014435: ERIC BENTLEY, EDITOR - The Theory of the Modern Theatre: An Introduction to Modern Theatre and Drama
002117: ERIC LINKLATER - Ripeness is All
006095: ERIC NEWBY - A Book of Travellers' Tales
006957: ERIC HALLADAY - The Emergent Continent-Africa in the 19th C.
007131: ERIC HISCOCK - Sou'Wes in Wanderer IV
007274: ERIC COWTHER - Friar's Corner
004718: ERIC HOFFER - Working and Thinking on the Waterfront-a Journal June 1958-May 1959
002116: ERIC LINKLATER - The Impregnable Women
008784: ERIC W & BRIGITT BAUER - Legendiges Deutsch
009928: ERIC NICOL & PETER WHALLEY - Say, Uncle - A Completely Uncalled - for History of the U.S.
016728: ERIC AMBLER - The Light of Day
018628: ERIC;SAAR, ERIK;NOVAK, VIVECA - Inside The Wire: A Military Intelligence Soldier's Eyewitness Account of Life at Guantanamo
018778: ERIC WILLIAMS - History of the Poeple of Trinidad and Tobago
017937: ERIC SLOANE - A Museum of Early American Tools
019918: ERIC C. HISCOCK - Around the World in " Wanderer III "
017528: ERIC ARTHUR - Toronto - No Mean City
010902: ERIC WIGHAM - What's Wrong with Unions?
016957: ERIC NEWBY - Departures and Arrivals
014076: ERIC IRIVUZUMUGABE - My Father, Maker of the Trees
020060: ERIC NEWBY - On the Shores of the Mediterranean
019420: ERIC WALTERS - Safe Houses
017004: ERIC CHALINE - Traveller's Guide to the Ancient World - Ancient Greece - Athens and Its Environs in the Year 415 BCE
005934: ERICH FROMM - The Sane Society
015576: ERICH MARIA REMARQUE - All Quiet on the Western Front
019744: ERICH VON DANIKEN - In Search of Ancient Gods - My Pictorial Evidence for the Impossible
010302: ERICH VON DANIKEN - In Search of Ancient Gods
019743: ERICH VON DANIKEN - Gods From Outer Space
019742: ERICH VON DANIKEN - The Gold of the Gods
002005: ERICKSON, GARY; LORENTZEN, LOIS ANN; LORENTZEN, LOIS - Raising the Bar: Integrity and Passion in Life and Business the Story of Clif Bar, Inc. a Journey Toward Sustaining Your Business, Brand, People, Community, and the
020116: ERIK LARSON - Thunderstruck
014533: ERIK ORSENNA - Portrait of the Gulf Stream - In Praise of Currents
001773: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Childhood and Society
009888: ERLE STANLEY GARDNER - A Perry Mason Omnibus
005459: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - The Biography of a Grizzly
005711: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Rolf in the Woods-the Adventures of a Boy Scout With Indian Quonab and Little Dog Skookum
005712: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Wild Animals at Home
005713: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Two Little Savages-the Exciting Adventures of Two Little Boys in the Woods
005722: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Lives of the Hunted-Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds & Three Birds, and in Elucidation of the Same
006638: ERNEST-VIVIAN COLTMAN - Birds of the Storm
002208: ERNEST J. GENTLE, LAWRENCE W. REITHMAIER, EDITORS - Aviation and Space Dictionary
007193: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Tiere Der Wildnis
018652: ERNEST R. GROVES ET AL - Sex Fulfillment in Marriage
016442: ERNEST HEMINGWAY - The Old Man and the Sea
015269: ERNEST HILLEN - A Weekend Memoir
011284: ERNEST SIMMONS - Through the glass of Soviet Literature - Views of Russian Society
015650: ERNLE BRADFORD - Drake - A Biography
007322: ERNST DOBLHOFER - Voices in Stone-the Decipherment of Ancient Scripts and Writings
007754: ERNST, E.;ERNST, EDZARD - Depression: Practical Ways to Restore Health Using Complementary Medicine
004535: ERNST, J. & ROBERT CUFF, EDITORS - An American History Reader
013489: ERNST, J. & ROBERT CUFF, EDITORS - An American History Reader
000999: ERRINGTON, FREDERICK KARL; GEWERTZ, DEBORAH B. - Articulating Change in the "Last Unknown
014631: ERVIN LASZLO - Quantum Shift in the Global Brain - How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and the World
012476: ERVIN J. FELIX - Let's Collect Stamps
006022: ERWIN HELMLE-GERHARD HERMES - Fatima-a Pictorial Book About the Country and the Miracles of Mary
000035: ERWIN A. BAUER - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
011064: ERWIN O. CHRISTENSEN - The History of Western Art
011662: ERZAHLT VON INGRID WILLER - Die Geschichte Von Jesus
018321: ESI EDUGYAN - Half-Blood Blues
000937: ESKIN, BLAKE; GEORGE MAGAZINE - The Book of Political Lists: From the Editors of George Magazine
010134: ESQUIRE MAGAZINE STAFF - Portrait of America
008889: ESSER, TERESA - The Venture Cafe: Secrets, Strategies, and Stories from America's High-Tech Entrepreneurs
001468: ESTENSEN, MIRIAM - Discovery: the Quest for the Great South Land
016044: ESTHER WARNER - New Song in a Strange Land
005880: ESTHER L. VOGT - The Sky is Falling
012849: ESTHER FRASER - The Canadian Rockies - Early Travels and Explorations
009987: ETHAN HAWKE - The Hottest State
005461: ETHEL DANIELS HUBBARD - Ann of Ava
012662: ETHEL B. WARING - Helps to Learning - a Progressive Series of Worthwhile Games Together with Workbook
004885: ETHEL MANNIN - The Living Lotus
009940: ETHEL M. DELL (1881-1939) - The Knave Of Diamonds
015263: ETHEL MANNIN - The Flowery Sword - Travels in Japan
005500: ETSU INAGAKI SUGIMOTO - A Daughter of the Samurai
000001: EUGENE FODOR, WILLIAM CURTIS EDS - Fodor's India 1975
018001: EUGENE EXMAN - The House of Harper - the Making of a Modern Publisher
014505: EUGENIO POMA WITH DR. JAMES B. PALMER, JR. - Journey to Dignity - The Autobiography of Bishop Eugenio Poma Anaguaya
014745: EVA ALVEY RICHARDS - Arctic Mood - A Narrative of Arctic Adventures
014060: EVAN HANDLER - It's Only Temporary - the Good news and the Bad news of Being Alive
013591: EVANOFF, VLAD - The Freshwater Fisherman's Bible
003192: EVANOFF, VLAD - The Freshwater Fisherman's Bible
002387: EVANS, KARIN - The Lost Daughters of China: Abandoned Girls, Their Journey to America, and the Search for a Missing Past
006708: EVANS, MARTINA - No Drinking, No Dancing, No Doctors
007473: EVANS, MARK; HUDSON, JOHN; TUCKER, PAUL - Peaceful Arts: Meditation. Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching
008910: EVANS, SARA M. - Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America
009192: EVANS, MIKE - Jerusalem Betrayed: Ancient Prophecy and Modern Conspiracy Collide in the Holy City
015006: EVANS, KARIN - The Lost Daughters of China: Abandoned Girls, Their Journey to America, and the Search for a Missing Past
014906: EVANS, PATRICIA - The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize It and How to Respond
007160: EVE POLLARD - Jack's Widow
020072: EVE BUNTING - One Green Apple
005454: EVELYN WAUGH - When the Going Was Good
006377: EVELYN M. RICHARDSON - Living Island
007656: EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN - The Sunny Side of the Street-a Story of Patient Waiting
000585: EVELYN HUANG WITH LAWRENCE JEFFERY - Chinese Canadians-Voices From a Community
002110: EVELYN WAUGH - When the Going Was Good
006724: EVERETT, JOHN - The Scrollsaw: Twenty Projects
007261: EVERETT F. BLEILER - Basic Japanese Grammar
014639: EVERSON, R.G. - Poems About Me
018450: EWANS, MARTIN - Afghanistan: A Short History of Its People and Politics
016822: EYLES, ALLEN - Humphrey Bogart
009183: EYLES, ALLEN - Humphre Bogart
010977: EYRES, HARRY - Cabernet Sauvignon - Guide to Grape Varieties
008012: EYSENCK, HANS JURGEN - Know Your Own Personality
010245: EYSENCK, HANS J. - Check Your Own I. Q.
010171: EZIO RENDA - New Practical Guide of Florence
005379: F.C. WHITEHOUSE - Sport Fishes of Western Canada and Some Others
005801: F.S. SMYTHE - Over Welsh Hills
005802: F.S. SMYTHE - Alpine Ways
006658: F. DEAVILLE WALKER - India and Her Peoples
012444: F.MARION CRAWFORD - The Primadonna
010524: F. H. WOODING - The Angler's Book of Canadian Fishes
008226: F.H. MACARTHUR - Legends of Prince Edward Island
000233: F. ANDERSON EDITOR - Crewel Embroidery
010060: F. WARNER HILL - Labradors
010327: F.F. ROCKWELL AND ESTHER C. GRAYSON - The Complete Book of Flower Arrangement
010355: F. VAN WYCK MASON - Harpoon in Eden
011185: F. MARION CRAWFORD - A Cigarette-Maker's romance and Khaled
011218: F. VAN WYCK MASON - Blue Hurricane
014279: FABIAN, STEPHEN - Clearing Away the Clouds: Nine Lessons for Life from the Martial Arts
018095: FABRIKANT, BENJAMIN; JULES BARRON; JACK D. KRASNER, PH.D'S - To Enjoy Is to Live: Pyschotherapy Explained
016483: FADIMAN, ANNE - The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures
007446: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - The Rape of the Nile: Tomb Robbers, Tourists, and Archaeologists in Egypt
014690: FAGAN, CARY - Daughter of the Great Zandini
014124: FAIR, MYRTLE - I Remember the One-Room School
013981: FAIR, MYRTLE - I Remember the One-Room School
006980: FAIRLEY, BRUCE - The Canadian Mountaineering Anthology
019596: FAITHFULL, MARIANNE; DALTON, DAVID - Faithfull: An Autobiography
001943: FALCONER, TIM - Watchdogs and Gadflies: Activism From Marginal to Mainstream
003028: FALL, BERNARD B. - Last Reflections on a War
009243: FALUDI, SUSAN - Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women
014856: FALUDY, GEORGE - Notes from the Rainforest
010318: FANNY E. COE - Makers of the Nation
018087: FANNY & ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Our Samoan Adventure
015521: FARACE, JOE - Re-Engineering the Photo Studio: Bringing Your Studio into the Digital Age
010700: FARHI, MORIS - The Last of Days
019555: FARLEY MOWAT - West Viking - the Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America
007300: FARLEY MOWAT - And No Birds Sang
007726: FARLEY MOWAT - The Polar Passion: the Quest for the North Pole-With Selections From Arctic Journals
013474: FARLEY MOWAT - And No Birds Sang
003611: FARRELL, WINSLOW - How Hits Happen: Forecasting Predictability in a Chaotic Marketplace
016287: FARRER-HALLS, GILL - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom
013564: FARRINGTON, TIM - The Monk Downstairs
006405: FARRINGTON, TIM - The Monk Downstairs
012349: FARROW, JOHN - Damien, the Leper - a Life of Magnificient , Courage, Devotion and Sacrifice.
003343: FARSON - Escapades
002302: FARYON, CYNTHIA - Unsung Heroes of the Royal Canadian Air Force: Incredible Tales of Courage and Daring During World War II
005610: FAST, JULIUS - The Omega-3 Breakthrough: the Revolutionary, Medically-Proven Fish Oil Diet, Including Menu Plans & Recipes
010519: FATHER BOB BEDARD - Reflections of a Veteran Priest
017492: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Human Traces
003898: FAVAZZA, ARMANDO R. M.D. - Bodies Under Siege: Self-Mutilation and Body Modification in Culture and Psychiatry
004676: FAWCETT, BRIAN - Gender Wars
007404: FAWCETT, BRIAN - Unusual Circumstances/Interesting Times: and Other Impolite Interventions
000621: FAWCETT, BRIAN - Cambodia: a Book for People Who Find Television Too Slow
019249: FAWN M. BRODIE - The Devil Drives: A life of Sir Richard Burton
009538: FAY, FRANCESCA;SMITH, KATHY - Childbearing After 35: The Risks and the Rewards
007970: FAZAKAS, RAY - The Donnelly Album: The Complete & Authentic Account of Canada's Famous Feuding Family
016890: FEDERICO G. GIL - The Political System of Chile
000337: FEDORUK, LARRY - In a Nutshell: Larry F. Cracks the Secrets of Everyday Life
008635: FEILER, BRUCE S.;FEILER, BRUCE - Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths
011294: FEILER, BRUCE - Walking The Bible: A Journey By Land Through The Five Books Of Moses
008385: FEILER, BRUCE S. - Learning to Bow: An American Teacher in a Japanese School
019680: FEIN, LEONARD - Against the Dying of the Light: A Parent's Story of Love, Loss and Hope
005687: FEIN, CHERI - New York Open to the Public
010277: FEININGER, ANDREAS - Successful Photography
014241: FEINSTEIN, JOHN - Open: Inside the Ropes at Bethpage Black
001913: FELDMAN, DAVID - Who Put the Butter in Butterfly? : and Other Fearless Investigations Into Our Illogical Language
015895: FELDMAN, DAVID - Why Do Pirates Love Parrots? - An Imponderables Book
019168: FELDSTEIN, PETER; GINGRAS, PIERRE - The Secret Lives of Birds
019951: FELIPE FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO - 1492 - the Year the World Began
007225: FELIX, ANTONIA - Laura: America's First Lady, First Mother
009771: FELIX, WERNER;BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN - Johann Sebastian Bach
013494: FELIX E. SCHELLING - THE ENGLISH DRAMA - The Channels of English Literature Series
003547: FELL, ALISON - The Pillow Boy of the Lady Onogoro
018086: FENIMORE COOPER - The Last of the Mohicans
019857: FENSTER, JULIE M. - Race of the Century: The Heroic True Story of the 1908 New York to Paris Auto Race
001863: FERDINANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE - Ferdinand & Isabella
003067: FERGUSON, GARY - Walking Down the Wild: a Journey Through the Yellowstone Rockies
018792: FERGUSON, WILL - Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw : Travels in Search of Canada
002996: FERGUSON, MARILYN - The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s
015241: FERGUSON, TED - A White Man's Country: An Exercise in Canadian Prejudice
019318: FERGUSON, WILL; FERGUSON, IAN - How to Be a Canadian
009329: FERGUSON, KITTY - Stephen Hawking: Quest for a Theory of Everything
013404: FERGUSON, WILL - Hitching Rides with Buddha : Travels in Search of Japan
017947: FERGUSON, IAN - Village of the Small Houses: A Memoir of Sorts
016799: FERGUSON, WILLIAM - The Edinburgh History of Scotland Vol. 4 : Sixteen Eighty-nine to the Present
007278: FERNAND GIGON - Colour of Asia
018923: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE - Columbus: And the Conquest of the Impossible
015966: FERNIE, DONALD - The Whisper & the Vision: The Voyages of the Astronomers
002135: FERREE, MYRA MARX; HESS, BETH B. - Controversy and Coalition: the New Feminist Movement Across Three Decades of Change
007757: FERRELL, ROBERT - Truman: A Centenary Remembrance
006393: FERRILL, ARTHUR - Caligula: Emperor of Rome
006509: FERRIS, TIMOTHY - The Whole Shebang: a State-of-the-Universes Report
004731: FERRIS, TIMOTHY - Galaxies-a Sierra Club Book
010142: FERRIS, PAUL - Richard Burton: An Arm's Length Biography
010834: FERRIS, PAUL - The House of Northcliffe: A Biography of an Empire
017739: FERRUCCI, FRANCO - The Life of God: (As Told by Himself)
007963: FESCHUK, DAVE - Every Highway : Riding Shotgun in the Big Rigs
011116: FETEKE, JOHN - Moral Panic: Biopolitics Rising
004599: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS - Running Away to Sea: Round the World on a Tramp Freighter
001666: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS - The Other China: Journeys Around Taiwan
001791: FETHERLING, GEORGE - Travels By Night: a Memoir of the Sixties
017347: FEUERSTEIN, GEORG - Holy Madness: The Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools, and Rascal Gurus
002164: FIELDING, HELEN - Cause Celeb: Library Edition
003915: FIELDING, HENRY - Joseph Andrews-Shamela
015239: FIELDING, ANN;ROBINSON, ED - An Underwater Guide to Hawai'i
018178: FIELDING, HENRY;SCANLON, PAUL - Joseph Andrews
012549: FIELDS, RICK - Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday Life
013753: FIELDS, RONALD;HIGGINS, SHAUN O'L - Never Give a Sucker an Even Break: W.C. Fields on Business
000971: FIENNES, RANULPH - Mind Over Matter-the Epic Crossing of the Antarctic Continent
011123: FIENNES, RICHARD - The Order of Wolves
007568: FIFE, CONNIE - The Colour of Resistance: a Contemporary Collection of Writing By Aboriginal Women
003627: FIFFER, STEVE - Tyrannosaurus Sue: the Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought Over T-Rex Ever Found
007007: FIFIELD, ADAM - A Blessing Over Ashes: the Remarkable Odyssey of My Unlikely Brother
017707: FIGES, EVA - Little Eden: A Child at War
019519: FILEY, MIKE - Toronto Sketches 5: The Way We Were (The Toronto Sketches Series) (No. 5)
001244: FILEY, MIKE - Toronto Sketches 3-the Way We Were
018405: FILEY, MIKE - Mount Pleasant Cemetery: An Illustrated Guide
018406: FILEY, MIKE - Toronto Sketches "The Way We Were"
011402: FILLION, KATE - Lip Service : The Truth about Women's Darker Side in Love, Sex and Friendship
003188: FILLMORE, STANLEY; SANDILANDS, R. W. - The Chartmakers: the History of Nautical Surveying in Canada
015197: FINCHER, SUSANNE F. - Creating Mandalas: For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression
011964: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Pilgrim
012431: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY;ISRAEL, CHARLES E. - The Newcomers-Inhabiting a New Land
004304: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - From Stone Orchard: a Collection of Memories
005053: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Spadework: a Novel
005565: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - You Went Away
006734: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - You Went Away
008203: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Stones
002092: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Inside Memory: Pages From a Writer's Workbook
002059: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - From Stone Orchard: a Collection of Memories
010528: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY;FINDLEY, TIM - Can You See Me Yet: A Play
017697: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Pilgrim - Signed
016940: FINE, JUDYLAINE - The Ultimate Back Book: Understand, Manage, and Conquer Your Back Pain
005923: FINEGAN, EDWARD - Language: Its Structure and Use
007860: FINEGAN, JAMES W. - Emerald Fairways and Foam-Flecked Seas: A Golfer's Pilgrimage to the Courses of Ireland
013865: FINLEY, MOSES I. - Early Greece: The Bronze and Archaic Ages
002280: FINN, DAVID - How to Look at Everything
002512: FINNEGAN, WILLIAM - Crossing the Line: a Year in the Land of Apartheid
014237: FINSTAD, SUZANNE - Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood
003667: FINUCAN, STEPHEN - Foreigners
019469: FIONA MCHUGH - The Anne of Green Gables Storybook: Based on the Kevin Sullivan film of Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic novel
007000: FIORITO, JOE - The Closer We Are to Dying
018688: FIRSTBROOK, PETER - The Voyage of the Matthew: John Cabot and the Discovery of America
019915: FIRTH, SOPHIA - The urbanization of Sophia Firth
018705: FIRTH, DR. JOHN - Yukon Challenge
013872: FISCHER, LOUIS - The Life of Mahatma Gandhi
017986: FISCHER, PAULINE - TEXT BY MARY LOU SMITH - Egyptian Designs in Modern Stitchery
007343: FISHER, HELEN E. - The First Sex: the Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World
015950: FISHER, GRAHAM;FISHER, HEATHER - Strange and Fascinating Facts About the Royal Family
010896: FISHER, JOHN - Paul Daniels and the Story of Magic
013979: FISHER, DAVID E. - Across the Top of the World: To the North Pole by Sled, Baloon, Airplane and Nuclear Icebreaker
016146: FISHER, M. F. K. - Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon
002874: FISHLOCK, TREVOR - India File: Inside the Subcontinent
003656: FITTING, JAMES EDWARD, EDITOR - The Development of North American Archaeology: Essays in the History of Regional Traditions
000743: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE - The Bookshop
019454: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE - Offshore
008266: FITZGERALD, KEVIN - With O'Leary in the Grave
000570: FITZGERALD, JACK D. - Beyond Belief: Incredible Stories of Old St. John's
012948: FITZGERALD, JACK D. - Amazing Newfoundland Stories
018799: FITZPATRICK, MARIE-LOUISE - You, Me and the Big Blue Sea
005184: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - The Tenants of Time
012210: FLANNERY, TIM - The Weather Makers - How We are Changing the Climate and What it Means for life on Earth
011915: FLANNERY, TIM - The Eternal Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and Its Peoples
013675: FLEMING, FERGUS - Barrow's Boys - The Original Extreme Adventurers
019143: FLERAS, AUGIE;KUNZ, JEAN LOCK - Media And Minorities: Representing Diversity in a Multicultural Canada
003401: FLETCHER, KATHARINE - Historical Walks: the Gatineau Park Story
007159: FLIPPO, HYDE - When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do: the Clued-in Guide to German Life, Language, and Culture
006023: FLORA, JAN L. - Sociology of "Developing Societies" Central America
005542: FLORENCE PAGE JAQUES - Canadian Spring
019145: FLORENCE LEWISOHN - The Romantic History of St. Croix - Divers Information on - from the Time of Columbus Until Today
012817: FLORES, ANGEL, EDITOR - Spanish Stories / Cuentos Espanoles: A Dual-language Book
014480: FLORESCU, RADU;BARBOUR, ALAN G.;CAZACU, MATEI - In Search of Frankenstein
008980: FLOUD, RODERICK - The Economic History of Britain Since 1700 Vol. 1 - 1700-1860
002133: FLOYD H. ROSS AND TYNETTE HILLS - The Great Religions By Which Men Live
006709: FOER, JONATHAN SAFRAN; EGGERS, DAVE; KRAUSS, NICOLE - The Future Dictionary of America
016443: FOER, FRANKLIN - How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization
017682: FOGELMAN, EVA - Conscience & Courage: Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust
015055: FOLBRE, NANCY - Who Pays for the Kids?: Gender and the Structures of Constraint
015156: FOLEY, DANIEL J., - Herbs for Use and for Delight: An Anthology from the Herbarist, a Publication of the Herb Society of America
006321: FOLEY, DENISE; NECHAS, EILEEN - Women's Encyclopedia of Health & Emotional Healing: Top Women Doctors Share Their Unique Self-Help Advice on Your Body, Your Feelings and Your Life
007066: FOLEY, MICK - Mankind: Have a Nice Day! : a Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
016286: FOLLAIN, JOHN;CRISTOFARI, RITA - Zoya's Story: An Afghan Woman's Struggle for Freedom
007683: FOLLETT, KEN; FITZGERALD, F-STOP - Pillars of the Almighty-a Celebration of Cathedrals
011906: FOLLETT, KEN - The Hammer of Eden: A Novel
014543: FOLSOM, HELEN WALSH - St. Patrick's Secrets: 101 Little-Known Truths and Tales of Ireland
010274: FON W. BOARDMAN, JR. - Canals
007585: FONG, TRUDY - Maritime Provinces Off the Beaten Path
001912: FONG, TRUDY - Maritime Provinces: Off the Beaten Path
014902: FONSECA, ISABEL - Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey
003153: FONSECA, ISABEL - Bury Me Standing: the Gypsies and Their Journey
011473: FONTEYN, DAME MARGARET - The Magic of Dance
005612: FOOT, DAVID K.; STOFFMAN, DANIEL - Boom, Bust & Echo: How to Profit From the Coming Demographic Shift
002901: FORAN, CHARLES - Sketches in Winter: a Beijing Postscript
003306: FORBATH, PETER - The River Congo: the Discovery, Exploration and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic Rivers
002364: FORBES, LESLIE - Bombay Ice
017962: FORBES PARKHILL - The Last of the Indian Wars
000205: FORBES, ANNA - Unbeaten Tracks in Islands of the Far East: Experiences of a Naturalist's Wife (Oxford in Asia Paperbacks Ser. )
000862: FORBES, JACK D. - Native Americans of California and Nevada
012581: FORBES, MALCOLM WITH JEFF BLOCH - They Went That-A-Way
006272: FORD-MARTIN, PAULA; BLUMER, IAN M.D. - The Everything Diabetes Book: From Diagnoses and Diet, to Insulin and Exercise, All You Need to Live a Healthy, Active Life
005815: FORD, BORIS, EDITOR - The Pelican Guide to English Literature-Vol. 7
000274: FORD, DOUG; MOYNIHAN, DANIEL P. - The Pacific Islanders (the Peoples of North America Ser. )
001684: FORD, PETER - Tekkin a Waalk Along the Miskito Coast
013992: FORD, DEBBIE - Spiritual Divorce: Divorce As a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life
015935: FORD MADOX FORD - The Good Soldier -Unabridged
016634: FORD, BARBARA E. - The Master Revealed: A Journey With Tangrams
006617: FOREMAN, ELLEN - Awakening: a Dream Journal
013350: FOREMAN, ELLEN - Awakening Workbook - A Dream Journal
005039: FORMAN, WERNER; LUMLEY, FREDERICK - Kenya: the Land, Its Art, and Its Wildlife an Anthology
001910: FORNEY, KRISTINE - Listening and Study Guide for the Sixth Edition of Machlis, the Enjoyment of Music
009717: FORSEY, EUGENE - A Life on the Fringe: The Memoirs of Eugene Forsey
017760: FORSTER, MARGARET - Significant Sisters: The Grassroots of Active Feminism, 1839-1939
003592: FORSTER, MARGARET - Significant Sisters: the Grassroots of Active Feminism 1839-1939
005245: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Dogs of War
000296: FORTY FIFTH COUCHICHING CONFERENCE STAFF; WALKER-TIPPS, DEANNA (EDITOR) - The Arts in Canada: Today and Tomorrow: Proceedings of the 45th Couchiching Conference, 1976
006126: FOSCO MARAINI - Meeting With Japan-a Personal Introduction to Its People, Their Culture, and Their History
007079: FOSHEE, JOHN - Solo Canoeing: a Guide to the Fundamentals, Equipment, and Techniques for Running Rivers Solo in an Open Canoe
002682: FOSTER, CECIL - Island Wings: a Memoir
004298: FOSTER, JANET - Working for Wildlife: the Beginning of Preservation in Canada
008557: FOSTER, SIMON - Hit the Beach: The Drama of Amphibious Warfare
009997: FOSTER, PETER - Sorcerer's Apprentices: Canada's Super Bureaucrats and the Energy Mess
010184: FOSTER, CECIL - Island Wings: A Memoir
014083: FOSTER, CECIL - Dry Bone Memories
002422: FOTHERINGHAM, BRADY - On the Trail of Marco Polo: Along the Silk Road By Bicycle
010382: FOTHERINGHAM, ALLAN - Look Ma-- No Hands: An Affectionate Look at Our Wonderful Tories
017684: FOTHERINGHAM, ALLAN - Fotheringham's Fictionary of Facts & Follies
011493: FOTHERINGHAM, ALLAN - Capitol Offences: Dr. Foth Meets Uncle Sam
005027: FOTHERINGHAM, ALLAN - Birds of a Feather-the Press and the Politicians
019733: FOTHERINGHAM, ALLAN - Birds of a feather : the press and the politicians
016603: FOWKE, EDITH - Folklore of Canada
019826: FOWKE, EDITH (COLLECT AND ED) - Folklore of Canada: Tall Tales, Stories, Rhymes and Jokes from Every Corner of Canada
012574: FOWLER, MICHAEL - Wellington, Wellington: A History
004583: FOWLER, MARIAN - In a Gilded Cage: From Heiress to Duchess
016620: FOWLIE, WALLACE - Rimbaud and Jim Morrison: The Rebel As Poet
016446: FOX, EMMET - Diagrams for Living: The Bible Unveiled
016447: FOX, EMMET - The Ten Commandments: The Master Key to Life
002095: FOX, WILLIAM SHERWOOD - The Bruce Beckons: the Story of Lake Huron's Great Peninsula
015870: FRADY, MARSHALL - Jesse: The Life and Pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson
018533: FRAME, JANET - Living in the Maniototo
017360: FRAN LEBOWITZ - The Fran Lebowitz Reader
000043: FRANCE, PETER; HOSKING, ERIC; HOSKING, DAVID - An Encyclopedia of Bible Animals
016169: FRANCES MAYES - A year in the World - Journeys of a Passionate Traveller
015155: FRANCES CLAPHAM, ET AL - Evolution of Mankind
012921: FRANCES WEAVER - The Girls with the Grandmother Faces -Not "How-to" But "Why Not?" For Today's Mosting Interesting New Breed of Women
000144: FRANCES SCHWEITZ, LILLIAN DEGRAFF EDS - Womansong: an Anthology of Woman's Poetry
005959: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - Steamboat Gothic
017149: FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT - The Secret Garden
006429: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Chess Players
008003: FRANCES WILKINS - Unknown Lands - the Conquerors Series
008023: FRANCES CALDERON DE LA BARCA - Life in Mexico
008773: FRANCES WINWAR, TRANSLATOR - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio - complete and Unabridged
016420: FRANCES R. STERRETT - The Amazing Inheritance
013045: FRANCES AND JOSEPH GIES - Life in a Medieval Village
019251: FRANCES WOOD - China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors
012980: FRANCES MARTIN DAY, PHYLLIS SPENCE & BARBARA LADOUCEUR, EDITORS - Women Overseas: Memoirs of the Canadian Red Cross Corps (Overseas Detachment)
015266: FRANCES VANDER VELDE - She Shall be Called Woman - a Gallery of Character Sketches
008070: FRANCESCO LORIGGIO, EDITOR - Social Pluralism and Literary History: The Literature of the Italian Immigration
019034: FRANCESCO ABBATE - Art Nouveau - the Style of the 1890s
012623: FRANCESCO ABBATE, EDITOR - Chinese Art
012624: FRANCESCO ABBATE, EDITIOR - African Art and Oceanic Art
012625: FRANCESCO ABBATE, EDITIOR - The Art of Classical Greece and the Etruscans
012621: FRANCESCO ABBATE, EDITIOR - Egyptian Art
010653: FRANCESCO ABBATE - Impressionism, Its Forerunners and Influences
005653: FRANCIS X. TALBOT - Saint Marie Among the Hurons-the Life of Jean De Brebeuf
006285: FRANCIS, DANIEL - Partners in Furs: a History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay 1600-1870
007352: FRANCIS KING, EDITOR - Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn
007762: FRANCIS, DIANE - Fighting for Canada
017156: FRANCIS COWPER- OF GRAY'S INN, BARRISTER-AT-LAW - A Prospect of Gray's Inn
004220: FRANCIS X. ATHERTON - Tuppence Ha'Penny is a Nickel
016347: FRANCIS, DANIEL - A History of World Whaling
008588: FRANCIS, DANIEL - Discovery of the North: The Exploration of Canada's Arctic
009313: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS - Readings in Canadian History: Pre-Confederation
007736: FRANCIS, DIANE - Immigration: the Economic Case
010798: FRANCIS, ANNE;BIRD, FLORENCE - Holiday in the Woods
020178: FRANCIS CHICHESTER - The Lonely Sea and The Sky - the Autobiography of
012191: FRANCIS BACON - The Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral of Francis Bacon
017018: FRANCIS W. P. BOLGER, EDITOR - Canada's Smallest Province - a History of Prince Edward Island
012227: FRANCISCO, GOLDMAN - The Divine Husband: A Novel
018520: FRANCO, ELOISE - Little Stories
009031: FRANCOIS ROCHER & MIRIAM SMITH - New Trends in Canadian Federalism
019804: FRANK W. ANDERSON - The Hope Slide Story
019805: FRANK W. ANDERSON - The Fraser Canyon - Valley of Death
016816: FRANK QUIGLEY - Woodworking - Painting & Finishing
000704: FRANK G. PEPPIATT - Leon, the Innocent-the Story of a Young Man Who is Waiting for Yesterday
005322: FRANK YERBY - The Devil's Laughter
001859: FRANK STEWART, EDITOR - The Presence of Whales: Contemporary Writings on the Whale
013156: FRANK, TOM AND DAVE MULCAHEY - Boob Jubilee: The Cultural Politics of the New Economy
006575: FRANK A PATTISON - Interior Wiring Electric Signals
019811: FRANK W. ANDERSON - The Dynamic Crow's Nest
019808: FRANK W. ANDERSON - Calgary to Medicine Hat
007939: FRANK THISTLETHWAITE - The great Experiment - an Introduction to the History of the American People
004710: FRANK, KATHRINE - A Voyager Out: the Life of Mary Kingsley

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