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015038: FRANK O'CONNOR, EDITOR - A Book of Ireland
016227: FRANK OPPEL, COMPILER - Fishing in North America, 1876-1910
014331: FRANK WYNNE - DEAN OWEN - Call Me Hazard - The Rincon Trap
020077: FRANK YERBY - The Treasure of Pleasant Valley
020078: FRANK YERBY - The Golden Hawk
009494: FRANKEL, JOSEPH - International Relations in a Changing World
011519: FRANKEN, AL - Lies: (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them) a Fair and Balanced Look at the Right
017614: FRANKL, VIKTOR E. - The Will to Meaning: Foundations and Applications of Logotherapy
011520: FRANKLIN W. DIXON - The Crisscross Shadow - The Hardy Boys #32
011535: FRANKLIN K. MATHIEWS - CHIEF SCOUT LIBRARIAN BOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Laugh, Boy, Laugh! - A Book of Humorous Stories for Boys
003175: FRANKLIN RUSSELL - Season on the Plain
003219: FRANKLIN RUSSELL - Searchers at the Gulf-Canadian Nature Classics
010477: FRANKLIN W. DIXON - The Secret of Pirates' Hill
016951: FRANKLIN, JOHN SIR - Journey to the Polar Sea
015210: FRANKLIN RUSSELL - The Secret Islands - an Exploration
011917: FRANKLIN, URSULA M. - The Real World of Technology
016268: FRANKLIN RUSSELL - Searchers at the Gulf - Candian Nature Classics
012536: FRANKS, NORMAN L. R. - Search Find and Kill Coastal Commands U Boat Success
012534: FRANKS, NORMAN - Dark Sky, Deep Water - First Hand Reflections on the Anti-U-Boat War in WWII
004118: FRANZ BOAS - The Central Eskimo (Introduction By Henry B. Collins)
019878: FRANZ MAREK - Philosophy of World Revolution
008759: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - How to Be Alone : Essays
017706: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Corrections
005721: FRANZOI, UMBERTO - The Doge's Palace in Venice
000578: FRASER HARRISON, ILLUSTRATED BY HARRIET DELL - The Living Landscape-the Seasons of a Suffolk Village
005211: FRASER, KEATH - Worst Journeys: the Picador Book of Travel
004347: FRASER, JOHN - Stolen China
001487: FRASER, SYLVIA - My Father's House: a Memoir of Incest and of Healing
007965: FRASER, SYLVIA - The Rope in the Water - A Pilgrimage to India
001208: FRASER, MARIAN BOTSFORD - Walking the Line - Travels Along the Canadian/American Border
000367: FRASER, MARY L., ILLUSTRATED BY LINDA JOHNS - Folklore of Nova Scotia (Vol. 1)
011710: FRASER, JOHN - The Chinese - Portrait of a People
020050: FRASER, JOHN - The Chinese
018123: FRASER, JOHN - Eminent Canadians: Candid Tales of Then and Now
019717: FRASER, ALLAN - The Bull
018436: FRASIER, DEBRA - On the Day You Were Born
012873: FRAXEDAS, J. JOAQUIN - The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera
001615: FRAYNE, JILL - Starting Out in the Afternoon: a Mid-Life Journey Into Wild Land
004924: FRAZER, JAMES GEORGE - The Golden Bough: a Study in Magic and Religion
001837: FRAZIER, IAN - Great Plains
000166: FRAZIER, CHARLES; SECREAST, DONALD - Adventuring in the Andes: the Sierra Club Travel Guide to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, the Amazon Basin, and Galapagos Islands (Adventure Travel Guides)
014986: FRAZIER, IAN - Gone to New York: Adventures in the Big City
000498: FRED BRUEMMER - The Life of the Harp Seal
014156: FRED G. MERFIELD WITH HARRY MILLER - Gorillas Were My Neighbours
009796: FRED BODSWORTH - Last of the Curlews
007768: FRED BODSWORTH - Last of the Curlews
008088: FRED AND NORAH EGENER - EDITED BY JOAN BARFOOT - A Time Apart: Letters of Love and War
002275: FRED HALSE - Road to Jerusalem-Romance and Revolution in a Tale of Three Crosses
019125: FRED NAPOLI - Re-Inventing Myself
010183: FRED DOUCETTE - Empty Casing - a Soldier's Memoir of Sarajevo under Seige
019105: FRED BRUEMMER - Islands of Fate
010621: FRED SHOENBERG - Middle Age rage and Other Male Indignities
011105: FRED KENNEDY - Calgary Stampede The Authentic Story of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede "The Greatest Show on Earth" 1912-1964
010688: FREDA M. BUCHANAN - The Land and People of Scotland - Portrait of a Nation Series
019241: FREDERIC REMINGTON - Frederic Remington's Own West
012282: FREDERICK ORIN BARTLETT - The Web of the Golden Spider
003244: FREDERICK LEE - Our Amazing Times-the Challenge and the Meaning of the World Shaking Happenings of Our Day
005857: FREDERICK MULLER - The Fair Rivers of Southern England
007889: FREDERICK A. POTTLE - Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763
011785: FREDERICK NOLAN - the Wild West - History, myth, and the Making of America
009258: FREDERICK PERLS, ET AL - Gestalt Theraphy - Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality
017968: FREDERICK E. PARTINGTON - The Story of Mohonk
000375: FREDERICK PRATSON - A Guide to Atlantic Canada
012075: FREDERICK BUECHNER - The Magnificient Defeat
018985: FREDERICK BRADNUM - The Long Walks - Journeys to the Sources of the White Nile
011363: FREDERICK TURNER, EDITOR - The Portable North American Indian Reader
019825: FREDERICK PHILIP GROVE - Settlers of the Marsh
019574: FREEH, LOUIS J. - My FBI: Bringing Down the Mafia, Investigating Bill Clinton, and Fighting the War on Terror
012818: FREEMAN B. CULLL - When Bells Toll in the North
015296: FREEMAN, JOHN M.;PILLAS, DIANA J.;VINING, EILEEN P.G. - Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood: A Guide for Parents
018466: FREEMAN, J.W. - Discovering Surnames - Their Origins and Meanings
004209: FREMONT, HELEN - After Long Silence: a Memoir
005656: FRENCH, MARILYN - Her Mother's Daughter
007207: FRENCH, NICCI - Killing Me Softly
004596: FRENCH, NICCI - Losing You
008536: FRENCH, MARILYN - The War Against Women
009144: FRENCH, MARILYN - The War Against Women
017462: FRENCH, RAY - All This Is Mine
006118: FREUD, SIGMUND - Civilization and Its Discontents
007489: FREUD, SIGMUND - Totem and Taboo
004556: FREUD, SIGMUND - Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis
016583: FREUND, BILL - The Making of Contemporary Africa: The Developments of African Society Since 1800
001566: FREW, TIMOTHY - Largemouth Bass-an Angler's Guide
004765: FREY, JAMES; NOT AVAILABLE - A Million Little Pieces-Oprah's Book Club
014250: FRIAR DIEGO DE LANDA - Yucatan Before and After the Conquest -with Other Related Documents, maps and Illustrations
005674: FRIDAY, NANCY - My Mother My Self-the Daughter's Search for Identity
004419: FRIDERES, JAMES - Native Peoples in Canada: Contemporary Conflicts
016019: FRIEDA FORDHAM - An Introduction to Jung's Psychology
010622: FRIEDAN, BETTY - The Fountain of Age
008198: FRIEDLAENDER, WALTER F. - David to Delacroix
002233: FRIEDMAN, SONYA - On a Clear Day You Can See Yourself: Turning the Life You Have Into the Life You Want
014249: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L. - The World Is Flat : A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
007217: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L. - Longitudes and Attitudes: the World in the Age of Terrorism
002812: FRIEDMAN, INA R. - The Other Victims: First-Person Stories of Non-Jews Persecuted By the Nazis
004842: FRIEDMAN, C. S. - This Alien Shore
009517: FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL JAN - Shadows on the Sun - Star Trek
013473: FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL JAN - Shadows on the Sun
010344: FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL JAN - Crossover: Star Trek the Next Generation
010493: FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL JAN - Reunion - Star Trek The Next Generation
011013: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L. - From Beirut to Jerusalem - One Man's Middle Eastern Odyssey
011819: FRIEDMAN, RAYMOND - Principles of Fire Protection Chemistry
011431: FRIEDMAN, HOWARD S. - The Self-Healing Personality: Why Some People Achieve Health and Others Succumb to Illness
016504: FRIEDMAN, KINKY - The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover - a Novel
018320: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L. - The World Is Flat: A Brief History Of The Twenty-first Century
000846: FRIEDRICH BOER - All About a Container Ship
008236: FRIESEN, GAYLE - Losing Forever
010987: FRIESEN, JOHN W. - Cultural Maze: Complex Questions on Native Destiny in Western Canada
003285: FRISON-ROCHE, ROGER - Hunters of the Arctic
012082: FRITZ, JEAN - Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus?
014588: FROESE, JEAN CHAMBERLAIN - Where Have All the Mothers Gone?
003201: FROISSARD, JEAN - Equitation: Learning and Teaching
001461: FROLICK, LARRY - Grand Centaur Station: Unruly Living With the New Nomads of Central Asia
000982: FROM THE EDITORS OF OUTSIDE MAGAZINE - The Best of Outside: the First 20 Years
014774: FROST, LEE - Photos That Sell : The Art of Successful Freelance Photography
017054: FROST, ROBERT - Versed in Country Things
002264: FROST, ROBERT - Early Poems
016653: FROST, GAVIN;FROST, YVONNE - The Witch's Book of Magical Ritual: Use the Forces of Wicca to Direct Your Psychic Powers
008874: FROST, JACK;BOOTH, ROBERT;MOSKOW, SHIRLEY BLOTNICK - Boston's Freedom Trail: A Souvenir Guide
009361: FROST, S.E. - Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers - a Survey of Their Basic Ideas
002895: FRUTKIN, MARK - The Growing Dawn
008879: FRYE, NORTHROP;BAKER, SHERIDAN;PERKINS, GEORGE - The Harper Handbook to Literature
019961: FRYE, NORTHROP - Bush Garden: Essays on the Canadian Imagination
001277: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - Escape-Adventures of a Loyalist Family
013584: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - Escape - Adventures of a Loyalist Family
001779: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - More Battlefields of Canada
001919: FU, CHIH-YING; FU, ZHIYING - Handing Down the Light: the Biography of Venerable Master Hsing Yun
003587: FUENTES, CARLOS - The Orange Tree
004872: FUENTES, CARLOS - The Campaign
004805: FULDER, STEPHEN - The Tao of Medicine: Oriental Remedies and the Pharmacology of Harmony
015141: FULFORD, ROBERT;ROTSTEIN, ABRAHAM;GODFREY, DAVE - Read Canadian: A Book about Canadian Books
012915: FULFORD, ROBERT C.; STONE, GENE - Accidental City: The Transformation of Toronto
003859: FULFORD, ROBERT C.; STONE, GENE - Accidental City: the Transformation of Toronto
002053: FULFORD, ROBERT; ROTSTEIN, ABRAHAM; GODFREY, DAVE - Read Canadian: a Book About Canadian Books
006440: FULGHUM, HUNTER S. - Like Father, Like Son
005423: FULLER, ALEXANDRA - Scribbling the Cat: Travels With an African Soldier
008086: FULLER, DANIELLE - Writing The Everyday: Women's Textual Communities In Atlantic Canada
013650: FULLER, ELIZABETH - When You See the Emu in the Sky: My Journey of Self-Discovery in the Outback
003176: FULLER, ELIZABETH - When You See the Emu in the Sky: My Journey of Self-Discovery in the Outback
015311: FULTON, CRYSTAL;PHILLIPS, GLEN C. - Four-Foot Cucumbers, Juvenile Delinquents & Frogs from the Sky!: Snippets of Life in Victorian Canada
012070: FURNISS, TIM; PARKER, STEVE - Astronomy
012557: G.M.EDWARDS - The Odyssey of Homer Books VI, VII
005812: G.L. ANDERSON, EDITOR WITH INTRODUCTION - The Genius of the Oriental Theater
006688: G.S. FRASER AND IAIN FLETCHER - Springtime-an Anthology of Young Poets and Writers
007089: G. R. NOAKES - A Text-Book of Heat
007555: G. B. EDWARDS - The Book of Ebenezer Le Page
007786: G.S.CARTER - A General Zoology of the Invertebrates
007790: G.B. HARRISON - Profession of English
004435: G. BARSALI, U. CASTELLI, R. GAGETTI, O. PARRA - Looking at Pisa
011859: G.F.MAINE - A Book of Scotland
003170: G SPITZING - Photographer's Guide to Special Effects and Tricks
001168: G.P.V. AND HELEN B. AKRIGG - British Columbia Place Names
003333: G.H. MILLER - 10, 000 Dreams Interpreted
009170: G. SPITZING - Photographer's Guide to Special Effects & Tricks
009943: G.M. TREVELYAN (TRINITY COLLEGE - CAMBRIDGE) - English Social History - a Survey of Six Centuries - Chaucer to Queen Victoria
010363: G. S. GABER - The History of the SS
018872: G.M. MULLETT - Spider Women Stories - Legends of the Hopi Indians
011696: G. SCHIRMER - The Schirmer Catalogs Part 2a, Secular Choral Music,
011471: G.C. CHESHIRE AND C.H.S. FIFOOT - The Law of Contract
015049: G. B. HARRISON - Introducing Shakespeare
003251: G.N. MEHRA - Bhutan-Land of the Peaceful Dragon
016985: G.COPWAY OR KAH-GE-GA-GAH-BOWH, CHIEF OF THE OJIBWAY NATION - The Traditional History and Characteristic skestches of the Ojibway Nation
017102: G. HOWARD GILLELAN - The Young Sportsman's Guide to Archery
019993: GAARDER, JOSTEIN - Sophie's World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy
006518: GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ - News of a Kidnapping
012232: GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ - Love in the Time of Cholera
020331: GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ - Memories of My Melancholy Whores
002674: GABRIELE SOLDATI - The Pioneer-the African Adventure of Benedict Falda Consolata Missionary
008176: GAETAN SOUCY - The Immaculate Conception
014478: GAETANO A. GIUDICE - Electronic Principles - Student Workbook for
016233: GAFNI, MARC - Soul Prints: Your Path to Fulfillment
016689: GAGAN, DAVID - Hopeful Travellers: Families, Land and Social Change in Mid-Victorian Peel County, Canada West
015707: GAGNON, DANIEL; MORNINGSTAR, AMADEA - Breathe Free - Nutritional and Herbal Care for Your Respiratory System
017796: GAHAN, JOHN W. - The Line beneath the Liners: A Hundred Years of Mersey Railway Sights and Sounds
016273: GAHLINGER, PAUL - The Cockpit: A Flight of Escape and Discovery
005030: GAIL B GRAHAM - The Beggar in the Blanket & Other Vietnamese Tales
014694: GAILE PARKIN - Baking Cakes in Kigali
008637: GAIMAN, NEIL - Anansi Boys
020217: GAIR, ANGELA - The Artist's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing, Watercolour and Oil Painting
016057: GAIRDNER, WILLIAM D. - The Trouble With Canada - a Citizen Speaks Out
004428: GAIRDNER, WILLIAM G. - Trouble With Democracy, the: a Citizen Speaks Out
004553: GALAMBOS, ANIKO - An Unexpected Journey: Women's Voices of Hope After Breast Cancer
002314: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH; GOODMAN, JAMES - Letters to Kennedy
009964: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - A Life in Our Times
010883: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - A Short History of Financial Euphoria
016711: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - A Life in Our Times
015199: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Great Crash 1929
020053: GALEANO, EDUARDO - Century of the Wind (Memory of Fire Trilogy) No. 3
012744: GALEANO, EDUARDO;FRIED, MARK - We Say No: Chronicles 1963-1991
019669: GALLAGHER, WINIFRED - The Power of Place
014867: GALLAGHER, STEPHEN - Red, Red Robin
015871: GALLAND, CHINA - The Bond Between Women: A Journey to Fierce Compassion
001349: GALLANT, ROY A. - How Life Began: Creation Versus Evolution
011784: GALLOWAY, PRISCILLA - Courtesans Daughter
019281: GALLOWAY, PRISCILLA - Aleta and the Queen: A tale of Ancient Greece (Tales of Ancient Lands)
011827: GALT, GEORGE - Whistlestop- A Journey Across Canada
010425: GAMMON, CLIVE - I Know a Good Place
013737: GANDHI, MOHANDAS K. - An Autobiography : The Story of My Experiments with Truth
017550: GANS, HERBERT J. - Deciding What's News: A Study of CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, Newsweek, and Time
015106: GANTOS, JACK - Hole in My Life
001743: GAO, XINGJIAN; LEE, MABEL, TRANSLATOR - Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather: Stories
004877: GARCÃA MáRQUEZ, GABRIEL - Chronicle of a Death Foretold
002008: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - Strange Pilgrims: Twelve Stories
012402: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - The Autumn of the Patriarch
012779: GARCIA, CRISTINA - Monkey Hunting
012094: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - Chronicle of a Death Foretold
013202: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - News of a Kidnapping
012594: GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ, GABRIEL - Strange Pilgrims
012689: GARDNER, SALLY - I, Coriander
015780: GARDNER, CAROL BROOKS - Passing by: Gender and Public Harassment
018643: GARETH HINDS - King Lear - a Graphic Novel
010418: GARFIELD, SIMON - Mauve - How One Man Invented a Colour That Changed the World
007180: GARFINKEL, PERRY - Buddha Or Bust: in Search of Truth, Meaning, Happiness, and the Man Who Found Them All
001311: GARG, ANU; GARG, STUTI - A Word a Day: a Romp Through Some of the Most Unusual and Intriguing Words in English
004257: GARLAND, ALEX - The Coma
005095: GARLAND, ALEX - The Tesseract
004258: GARLAND, ALEX - The Tesseract
013478: GARLAND, ALEX - The Tesseract
014498: GARNER, JOE - Never a Time to Trust
000551: GARNER, JOE - Never Chop Your Rope
002524: GARNER, JOE - Never Fly Over an Eagle's Nest
012332: GARNER, HUGH - A Nice Place to Visit
014751: GARNER, HUGH - Death in Don Mills: A Murder Mystery
009446: GARNETT, GALE ZOE - Visible Amazement
011578: GARRIGUES, LISA - Writing Motherhood: Tapping into Your Creativity as a Mother and a Writer
004618: GARRIPOLI, GARRI - The Tao of the Ride: Motorcycles and the Mechanics of the Soul
012370: GARRISON KEILLOR - Pontoon - a Novel of Lake Wobegon
002893: GARRITY, TERRY - Total Loving: How to Love and Be Loved for the Rest of Your Life
018945: GARRITY, RICHARD - Canal Boatman: My Life on Upstate Waterways
005796: GARTH GRIFFITHS - Boating in Canada-Practical Piloting and Seamanship
007298: GARWOOD, NIGEL; VOIGT, RAINER - Food Mania
020034: GARY GACH - What Book!?: Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop
009866: GARY YOUDE AND K.H. YEUNG - Solution to Calculus and Analytical Geometry
010535: GARY SOUCIE, EDITOR - Home Waters: A Fly-Fishing Anthology
019749: GARY GEDDES - Kingdom of Ten Thousand Things: An Impossible Journey from Kabul To Chiapas Hardcover
018846: GARY EVANS - The Prints of King - A Photographic Look at Hamilton's Heritage Street
009291: GASSNER, JOHN - Medieval and Tudor Drama
009085: GASTON, BILL - Mount Appetite
006074: GATENBY, GREG - The Very Richness of That Past-Canada Through the Eyes of Foreign Writers-Vol. II
006075: GATENBY, GREG - The Wild is Always There: Canada Through the Eyes of Foreign Writers
004429: GATENBY, GREG - The Very Richness of the Past Vol. II: Canada Through the Eyes of Foreign Writers
011884: GATES, BILL;HEMINGWAY, COLLINS - Business the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System
013321: GATES, BILL - The Road Ahead
012373: GATES, GARY - How to Speak Dutch-Ified English
018755: GATHERCOLE, PETER - The Handbook of Fly Tying
002661: GATTUSO, JOAN - A Course in Life: the Twelve Universal Principles for Achieving a Life Beyond Your Dreams
013796: GATTUSO, JOAN M. - A Course in Love: Powerful Teachings on Love, Sex, and Personal Fulfillment
009850: GAULDEN, ALBERT CLAYTON - Clearing for the Millennium
002711: GAUSE, DAMON MAJOR "ROCKY - The War Journal of Major Damon "Rocky" Gause: the Firsthand Account of One of the Greatest Escapes of Wwii
015657: GAVIN MENZIES - 1434 - The Year a Magnificient Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and ignited the Renaissance
005232: GAWAIN, SHAKTI; KING, LAUREL - Create Your Own Affirmations: a Creative Visualization Kit
005356: GAWAIN, SHAKTI; KING, LAUREL - Living in the Light: a Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation
010921: GAWAIN, SHAKTI; KING, LAUREL - Return to the Garden: A Journey of Discovery
019400: GAWAIN, SHAKTI - Living in the Light: A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation
010489: GAY, PETER - Mozart
019487: GAYLE TZEMACH LEMMON - The Dressmaker of Khair Khana
007938: GAYLORD JOHNSON - Hunting with the Microscope
007837: GEAR-PILLING, MARILYN - The Roseate Spoonbill of Happiness
004490: GEAR, W. MICHAEL - The Morning River
006763: GEDDES, GARY - Sailing Home: a Journey Through Time, Place & Memory
007843: GEDDES, GARY - Girl by the Water
005926: GEERT-JAN STAMS - Give Me a Child Until He is Seven-a Longitudinal Study of Adopted Children, Followed From Infancy to Middle Childhood
005267: GELB, ARTHUR; ROSENTHAL, A.M. - The Sophisticated Traveler: Beloved Cities Europe
005268: GELB, ARTHUR; ROSENTHAL, A.M. - The Sophisticated Traveler: Winter, Love It Or Leave It
018338: GELB, HAROLD - Killing Pain Without Prescription
015059: GELINAS, GRATIEN - Yesterday the Children Were Dancing
020119: GELLHORN, MARTHA - The Weather in Africa/Three Novellas (History and Politics)
014581: GENA K. GORRELL - In the land of the Jaguar - South America and its People
006072: GENE LISITZKY - Four Ways of Being Human-an Introduction to Anthropology
012500: GENE FLORENCE - Pocket Guide to Depression Glass
011736: GENE SMITH - When the Cheering Stopped - The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson
009666: GENERAL SIR JOHN HACKETT - La Troisieme guerre Mondiale
008593: GENEST, MICHELE;HOMAN, DIANNE - Urban Coyote: A Yukon Anthology
019994: GENEVIEVE CAULFIELD - The Kingdom Within
012398: GENGE, NGAIRE;GENGE, N. E.;GENGE, NGAIRE E. - The Forensic Casebook: The Science of Crime Scene Investigation
019207: GENIESSE, JANE FLETCHER - Passionate Nomad: The Life of Freya Stark (Modern Library Paperbacks)
002186: GENIESSE, JANE FLETCHER - Passionate Nomad: the Life of Freya Stark
003258: GEOFF HANCOCK, EDITOR - Illusion One: Fables, Fantasies and Metafiction
008924: GEOFF AND DOROTHY ROBINSON - The Nellie J. Banks - Run-Running to Prince Edward Island
014379: GEOFFREY GILLETT - The Afghan Tree
001432: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - Wessex-About Britain No. 2
001434: GEOFFREY A. DUDLEY - Learn to Remember-Proven Techniques Using the Functions of Remembering and Forgetting
004388: GEOFFREY WAGNER - Five for Freedom-a Study of Feminism in Fiction
016720: GEOFFREY T. BULL - Tibetan Tales
002343: GEON, BRYAN; L P C GROUP WARWICK PUB - The Vegetarian Traveler: a Guide to Eating Green in Over 200 Countries
010753: GEORGANO, G.N. - A Source Book of Veteran Cars
015134: GEORGE & WEEDON GROSSMITH - The Diary of a Nobody
013212: GEORGE F. MAINE, EDITOR - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Khorasan Edition
000528: GEORGE WILSON - The Flying Doctor Story
000739: GEORGE K. SAKKAS, EDUCATIONIST-LECTURER GUIDE - Crete in Colour-a Tourist Guide Book
005240: GEORGE GALT - The Thinking Heart: Best Canadian Essays
019260: GEORGE BURNS - Gracie: A Love Story
005677: GEORGE WOODCOCK - Hugh Maclennan
005736: GEORGE & HELEN PAPASHVILY - Anything Can Happen
005905: GEORGE W. COX - Tales of Ancient Greece
017505: GEORGE B. STEVENSON - Keyguide to Keywest and the Florida Keys
006316: GEORGE F. G. STANLEY - Louis Riel
006916: GEORGE, ELIZABETH - In the Presence of the Enemy
007039: GEORGE AND WEEDON GROSSMITH - The Diary of a Nobody
007100: GEORGE, SUSAN - Fate Worse Than Debt
007223: GEORGE ERNEST WRIGHT AND FLOYD VIVIAN FILSON - The Westminister Historical Atlas of the Bible
007797: GEORGE GILBERT - Collecting Photographica
008022: GEORGE GATELY - Heathcliff
003739: GEORGE, LEONARD - Alternative Realities: the Paranormal, the Mystic and the Transcendent in Human Experience
019884: GEORGE E. NELSON - Northern Lights
003205: GEORGE ORWELL - Homage to Catalonia
000547: GEORGE WALLACE - Sailing Ships: Themes in Art
018159: GEORGE MALCOLM THOMSON - Sir Francis Drake
002537: GEORGE MIKES - Not By Sun Alone-Life in Jamaica
008526: GEORGE B. ABDILL - Rails West
008696: GEORGE DONTAS - The Acropolis and Its Museum
008698: GEORGE SANTAYANA - Soliloquies in England and Later Soliloquies
014852: GEORGE GALT - A Journey Through the Aegean Islands
008795: GEORGE FARQUHAR, EDITED BY JOHN ROSS - The Recruiting Officer
009312: GEORGE, STEPHEN;WEIMERSKIRCH, ARNOLD - Total Quality Management: Strategies and Techniques Proven at Today's Most Successful Companies
009382: GEORGE E. HOPKINS - Flying the Line Volume II: The Line Pilot in Crisis: ALPA Battles Airline deregulation and Other Forces
009947: GEORGE SHERBURN & DONALD F. BOND - The Restoration and the Eighteenth Entury (1660-1789)- a Literary History of England Vol III
010002: GEORGE, SARA - The Beekeeper's Pupil
010015: GEORGE AMIN SHAFTEL - Golden Shore - A Novel of the Conquest of California
010035: GEORGE SAVAGE - Porcelain Through the Ages
010163: GEORGE RAINBIRD - The Wine Handbook
018194: GEORGE W. MORRISON - Country Parson
010282: GEORGE W. MIXTER - Primer of Navigation with Complete Tables and work Forms and Special Information for yachtsmen and Other Mariners
010431: GEORGE BEAHM, EDITOR - The Unauthorized Anne Rice Companion
005049: GEORGE GALT - A Journey Through the Aegean Islands
013287: GEORGE F. WILLISON - SAINTS AND STRANGERS - being the Lives of the Pilgrim fathers and Their Families, with Their friends and Foes; and an Account of Their Posthumous Wanderings in Limbo, Their Final Resurrection and Rise to Glory, and the Strange Pilgrimages of Plymouth Rock
016734: GEORGE MIKES - Not By Sun Alone
011988: GEORGE WOODCOCK - Who Killed the British Empire?
014020: GEORGE LAYCOCK - The Alien Animals - The story of Imported Wildlife
011012: GEORGE V. ANDERSON - Touch Not
013922: GEORGE BARTON CUTTEN - MIND: Its Origin and Goal
014489: GEORGE EYRE-TODD, - Loch Lomond - Loch Katrine - and the Trossachs
011587: GEORGE MAYBERRY - A Concise Dictionary of Abbreviations
011240: GEORGE BRANTL, EDITOR - Catholicism
011275: GEORGE BORROW - Wild Wales - Its People, Language and Scenery
011420: GEORGE S. MASANNAT AND VERNON MARTIN - The American Political System - Introductory Readings
019236: GEORGE B. N. AYITTEY - Africa Unchained - the Blueprint for Africa's Future
012037: GEORGE V. ANDERSON - Kings
014339: GEORGE, MARLENE - Your Life Is Now!
016313: GEORGE HEAD - Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America Being a Diary of a Winter's Route from Halifax to the Canada's and During Four Months Residence in the Woods on the borders of Lake Huron and Simcoe
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013924: GEORGINA OLIVERE QUELLER, ET AL EDITORS - A Charm Against the Pain : 29 Voices from Newfoundland
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006387: GERALD DURRELL - The Whispering Land
012485: GERALD DEWITT SANDERS, ET AL EDITORS - Chief Modern Poets of Britain and America - Vol I: Poets of Britain
008158: GERALD STEVENS - In a Canadian Attic
001759: GERALD A. YOAKAM AND SEWARD E. DAW - My Spelling Grade Eight
009438: GERALD CLARK - Canada: The Uneasy Neighbour
009575: GERALD I. NIERENBERG - The Art of creative Thinking
010138: GERALD BULLETT - Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century
011689: GERALD M. GELDERT, DIRECTOR - OTTAWA - Canada's National Capital - Offical Tourist Guide
018842: GERALD DURRELL - Two in the Bush
008085: GERALDINE SHERMAN - Japan Diaries - a travel Memoir
016417: GERARD GUILLIER - We Built Mont Saint-Michel
009990: GERARD I. NIERENBERG - Fundamentals of Negotiating
013047: GERHARDS, PAUL - How to Sell What You Make: The Business of Marketing Crafts
005718: GERMAINE GREER - The Female Eunuch
003224: GERMAINE WARKENTIN - Canadian Exploration Literature
001701: GERMAINE GREER - Sex and Destiny-the Politics of Human Fertility
004251: GERMER, JERRY - Country Careers: Successful Way to Live and Work in the Country
004153: GERRITSEN, TESS - The Mephisto Club: a Novel
005941: GERRY HALL - Offbeat Canada-101 Unusual Vacation Adventures
010529: GERRY BRUDER - Heroes of the Horizon - Flying Adventures of Alaska's Legendary Bush Pilots
014630: GERSHMAN, SUZY - Suzy Gershman's Born to Shop New York: The Ultimate Guide for People Who Love to Shop
019290: GERSON, MARY-JOAN - Why the Sky Is Far Away: A Nigerian Folktale
007052: GERTH, JEFF; VAN NATTA, DON; - Her Way: the Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton
010290: GERTRUDE CHANDLER WARNER - The Boxcar Children
011497: GESCHICHTEN UND GESCHICKE UNTER SEINEM ZEICHEN - Kleine Bettlekture Fur Den Wagemutigen Widder
003198: GETTINGS, FRED - How to Interpret Dreams Omens and Fortune Telling Signs
015163: GETTY, ADELE - Goddess: Mother of Living Nature
006086: GHAFOUR, HAMIDA - The Sleeping Buddha: the Story of One Family's Past and Afghanistan's Search for a Future
010553: GHATAGE, SHREE - Brahma's Dream
000114: GIACOMELLI, MARC AND YURI RUBINSKY - Christopher Columbus Answers All Charges
018750: GIANCANA, CHUCK AND SAM - Double Cross - the Story of the Man Who Controlled America
008859: GIANCANA, SAM;GIANCANA, CHUCK - Double Cross: The Explosive, Inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America
011855: GIANNETTI, LOUIS - Understanding Movies
013293: GIBALDI, JOSEPH - MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
001254: GIBALDI, JOSEPH - MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
017171: GIBB, CAMILLA - Mouthing the Words
012910: GIBB, CAMILLA - Sweetness in the Belly
019821: GIBBES, PHEBE - Hartly House, Calcutta
006528: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vols: 1-7
004487: GIBBONS, KAYE - A Virtuous Woman
008318: GIBBONS, KAYE - The Life All Around Me By Ellen Foster
008369: GIBBONS, DON C.;JONES, JOSEPH F. - The Study of Deviance:Perspectives and Problems: Perspectives and Problems
009418: GIBBONS, KAYE - Ellen Foster: A Novel
001409: GIBBS, JERRY - Bass Myths Exploded: Newest Ways to Catch Largemouths
018030: GIBBS-SMITH, CHARLES HARVARD - Early Flying Machines, 1799-1909
007974: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Prophet - Audiobooks - Read By Paul Sparer
016821: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Prophet
009362: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran
012254: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Sand and Foam: A Book of Aphorisms
004735: GIBSON, GRAEME - Perpetual Motion
008814: GIBSON, N. - Separation and Divorce a Canadian Woman's Survival Guide
008846: GIBSON, MARGARET - Opium Dreams: A Novel
010077: GIBSON, MICHAEL - The Rise of Japan
010776: GIBSON, GORDON - 30 Million Musketeers: One Canada for All Canadians
010940: GIBSON, WALTER - The Master Magicians - Their lives and Most Famous Tricks
012705: GIDE, ANDRE - Lafcadio's Adventures - a Novel
008999: GIDEON SJOBERG - The Preindustrial City - Past and Present
015795: GIFIS, STEVEN H.;BARRON'S EDUCATIONAL SERIES INC - Dictionary of Legal Terms: A Simplified Guide to the Language of Law
017310: GILBERT, MARTIN - Holocaust Journey : Travelling in Search of the Past
002219: GILBERT, SKY - St. Stephen's
007991: GILBERT, JUDY B. - Clear Speech: Pronunciation And Listening Comprehension in American English
001185: GILBERT, OLIVE - Narrative of Sojourner Truth-Unabridged
015599: GILBERT, MARTIN - The European Powers, 1900-1945
009484: GILBERT, FELIX - The End of the European Era, 1890 to the Present
009733: GILBERT SALACHAS - Federico Fellini - an Investigation Into His Films and Philosophy
010225: GILBERT, FELIX - The End of the European Era, 1890 to the Present
016115: GILBERT, ELIZABETH - The Last American Man
016630: GILBERT, ADRIAN;COTTERELL, MAURICE - The Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization
019071: GILDEA, ROBERT - Marianne in Chains: Everyday Life in the French Heartland Under the German Occupation
004745: GILDER, GEORGE F. - Visible Man: a True Story of Post-Racist America
009154: GILDER, GEORGE F. - Life After Television - the Coming Transformation of Media and American Life
020205: GILES MORGAN - The Holy Grail
010288: GILES FODEN - The Last King of Scotland
012128: GILES - Giles - Sunday express and Daily Express Cartoons
014327: GILES A. LUTZ - TOM WEST - The Challenger - The Phantom Pistoleer
013295: GILL, SAM D. - Beyond the Primitive: The Religions of Nonliterate Peoples
007926: GILL, MICHAEL;PATERSON, SHEILA;GILL, MIKE - Fired Up!: From Corporate Kiss-Off to Entrepreneurial Kick-Off Take Charge of Your Destiny in Our Downsizing World
003975: GILLES POITRAS - Anime Companion, the: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation?
001113: GILLEY, KEITH; HERMAN, WILLIAM - The Portable Canadian Handbook: an Index to Grammar, Usage and the Research Paper
012830: GILLIS, TESSIE - Stories from the Woman from Away
007065: GILLISON, SAMANTHA - The Undiscovered Country
002459: GILLISON, SAMANTHA - The Undiscovered Country
003268: GILLMOR, DON - The Desire of Every Living Thing: a Search for Home
004375: GILMAN, CHARLOTTE PERKINS - Herland-a Lost Feminist Utopian Novel
010586: GILMOUR, DAVID - A Perfect Night to Go to China : A Novel
018290: GILMOUR, DAVID - Lost Between Houses
014773: GILROY, DOUG - Out and About : Fifty Years of Wildlife Watching
001577: GIMBEL, WENDY - Havana Dreams: a Story of Cuba
007139: GIMLETTE, JOHN - Theatre of Fish: Travels Through Newfoundland and Labrador
019221: GIMLETTE, JOHN - Theatre of Fish: Travels Through Newfoundland and Labrador
019486: GINA MOLLICONE-LONG - The Secret of Successful Failing
001521: GINETTA PETERS, EDITOR - Tract-Journal of Landscape Architecture
000639: GINGLES, ERIK - Living North of Lucky
011351: GIOIA, DANA - X J KENNEDY - Introduction to Fiction
019887: GIONO, JEAN; GIONO, ALINE - The Man Who Planted Trees
006922: GIORGIO TORELLI - Baba Camillo and Other African Stories
007945: GIRZONE, JOSEPH F. - Joshua - a Parable for Today
008160: GITLIN, TODD - The Murder of Albert Einstein
013240: GITOMER, JEFFREY H. - Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Sales Answers: 99.5 Real World Answers That Make Sense, Make Sales, and Make Money
002263: GITTINGS, ROBERT - Nature of Biography
013112: GIULIANO, GEOFFREY - The Beatles - A Celebration
011070: GIVENS, CHARLES - Wealth Without Risk for Canadians - How to Develop a Personal Fortune Without Going out on a Limb
009500: GLADSTONE, BERNARD - The New Boatkeeper: Motorboating & Sailing's Authoritative Guide to Maintenance, Repair and Improvement
007185: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking
014026: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking
019435: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
006167: GLADYS ZABILKA - Customs and Culture of the Philippines
020046: GLASS, ANDREW - Mountain Men: True Grit and Tall Tales
012495: GLASSNER, BARRY - The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things
017895: GLAVIN, TERRY - A Death Feast in Dimlahmid
001661: GLAZEBROOK, PHILIP - Journey to Kars
017173: GLAZEBROOK, PHILIP - Journey to Kars
016481: GLEESON, JANET - Millionaire : The Philanderer, Gambler, and Duelist Who Invented
009250: GLEITMAN - Psychology/Study Guide
017271: GLENN COCHRANE & JEAN COCHRANE - The Beach - an Illustrated History from the Lake to Kingston Road
008965: GLENNY, MISHA - The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War
012831: GLENVILLE, MARILYN - Natural Alternatives to Dieting : Why Diets Don't Work and What You Can Do That Does
015843: GLIMMERVEEN, ULCO - A Tale of Antarctica
015067: GLOBAL HEALTH LTD - The Vitamin Herb Guide: Natural Treatments for the World's 220 Most Common Ailments
010130: GLORIA STEINEM - Moving Beyond Words
010387: GLOSSOP, RONALD J. - Confronting War: An Examination of Humanity's Most Pressing Problem
012898: GLOVER, DOUGLAS - Life and Time of Captain N
016490: GLOVER, DOUGLAS - Elle
012428: GLUCKLICH, ARIEL - Climbing Chamundi Hill: 1001 Steps With a Storyteller and a Reluctant Pilgrim
020271: GLYNIS RIDLEY - The Discovery of Jeanne Baret - a Story of Science, the High Seas, and the First Woman to Circumnavigate the Globe
007445: GODDARD, P. - Sounding
015893: GODDARD, DONALD - The Insider: The FBI's Undercover "Wiseguy" Goes Public
014870: GODDARD, DONALD - Undercover: The Secret Lives of a Federal Agent/Michael Levine
008830: GODEK, GREGORY - 1001 Ways to Be Romantic
003763: GODFREY, JOHN F.; MCLEAN, ROB - The Canada We Want: Competing Visions for the New Millennium
019498: GODSHALK, C. S. - Kalimantaan
010582: GODSHALK, C. S. - Kalimantaan
013608: GODSHALK, C. S. - Kalimantaan
010734: GODWIN-AUSTEN, R. B. - The Parkinson's Disease Handbook
017907: GOEDE, WILLIAM - Love in Beijing and Other Stories
009572: GOLB, NORMAN - Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?: The Search for the Secret of Qumran
002586: GOLD, HERBERT - Best Nightmare on Earth: a Life in Haiti
006742: GOLD, TRACEY; MCCARRON, JULIE - Room to Grow: an Appetite for Life
016865: GOLD, ALISON LESLIE - Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend
012387: GOLD, JOSEPH - Charles Dickens:Radical Moralist: Radical Moralist
012680: GOLDBERG, NATALIE - Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life
013719: GOLDBERG, VICKI - Margaret Bourke-White: A Biography
013936: GOLDBERG, NATALIE - Thunder and Lightning: Cracking Open the Writer's Craft
013644: GOLDBERG, NATALIE - Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within
017139: GOLDBERG, NATALIE - Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within
004197: GOLDEN, ARTHUR - Memoirs of a Geisha
013659: GOLDEN, ARTHUR - Memoirs of a Geisha
002761: GOLDENBERG, SUSAN - Canadian Pacific: a Portrait of Power
010874: GOLDENBERG, NAOMI R. - Changing of the Gods - Feminism & the End of Traditional Religions
001976: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Paper Men
004737: GOLDING, WILLIAM - An Egyptian Journal
001580: GOLDING, WILLIAM - An Egyptian Journal
009475: GOLDING, MICHAEL - Simple Prayers
015224: GOLDMAN, BOB;BERGER, LISA;GOLDMAN, ROBERT;KLATZ, RONALD - Brain Fitness: Anti-Aging Strategies for Achieving Super Mind Power
016807: GOLDMAN, ALBERT - The Lives of John Lennon
009416: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER;BALDERSTON, KATHARINE CANBY - She Stoops to Conquer, Or, the Mistakes of a Night
011484: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - She Stoops to Conquer
005023: GOLDSTEIN, JOSEPH - The Experience of Insight: a Simple and Direct Guide to Buddhist Meditation
009388: GOLDSTEIN, IRWIN L. - Training in Organizations: Needs Assessment, Development, and Evaluation
012360: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN - In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire
008383: GOLEMAN, DANIEL P. - Social Intelligence : The New Science of Human Relationships
009338: GOLEMAN, DANIEL - Emotional Intelligence
014996: GOMBRICH, E. H. - Meditations on a Hobby Horse: And Other Essays on the Theory of Art
006718: GONZALEZ, JULIE - Wings
017846: GOOD, TIMOTHY - Alien Contact: Top-Secret UFO Files Revealed
004086: GOODALL, JANE - Through a Window: My Thirty Years With the Chimpanzees of Gombe
011039: GOODALL, JANE - Africa in My Blood: An Autobiography in Letters The Early Years
010127: GOODDEN, ROBERT - Beningfield's Butterflies
003733: GOODFIELD, JUNE; TOULMIN, STEPHEN; GOODFIELD, J.; TOULMIN, S. - The Architecture of Matter
011461: GOODISON, LUCY - The Dreams of Women: Exploring and Interpreting Women's Dreams
003776: GOODLOE, ALFRED, ET AL - Managing Yourself: How to Control Emotion, Stress, and Time
019613: GOODMAN, NELSON - Languages of Art - an Approach to a Theory of Symbols
017987: GOODMAN, FRANCES SCHAILL - The Embroidery of Mexico and Guatemala
011930: GOODNOW, JACQUELINE J. - Children Drawing- the Developing Child
003012: GOODRICH, NORMA LORRE - The Holy Grail
006747: GOODSPEED, DONALD JAMES - The German Wars: 1914-1945
006286: GOODWIN, JANE - Caught in the Crossfire
018072: GOODWIN, RICHARD A. - Leontyne : By Barge from London
019407: GOODYEAR, CYRIL - Nunatsuak: Stories of the Big Land, Labrador and Newfoundland
005548: GORDON DONALDSON - Fifteen Men-Canada's Prime Ministers From Macdonald to Trudeau
005065: GORDON, CHARLES - The Canada Trip
002088: GORDON, CHARLES - The Grim Pig
000174: GORDON HEPBURN - Africa, Australasia, and the British Isles
001793: GORDON WAGNER - How Papa Won the War
001942: GORDON, THOMAS PH.D. - T.E.T. : Teacher Effectiveness Training
008407: GORDON W. ALLPORT, EDITOR - Letters from Jenny
008459: GORDON, KAREN ELIZABETH - Intimate Apparel: A Dictionary of the Senses
008583: GORDON COPE - So. We Sold Our House and Ran Away to the South Pacific
008681: GORDON OWEN - The Bonsai Identifier
008694: GORDON, ANDREW - Postwar Japan As History
008915: GORDON, LORD GEORGE, BYRON - Selected Poems - Unabridged
009509: GORDON, ALISON - Night Game
010252: GORDON JACOB, EDITOR - Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D Minor
011559: GORDON, GEORGE N.;FALK, IRVING A. - Your Career in Film Making
013643: GORDON, CHARLES - The Canada Trip
015082: GORDON YOUNG - The House of Secrets
005074: GORE, AL - Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit
003905: GORMLEY, GERALD - Orcas of the Gulf-a Natural History
011272: GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM LESSING - Nathan the Wise: a Dramatic Poem in 5 Acts
006151: GOTTLIEB, ALMA; GRAHAM, PHILIP - Parallel Worlds: an Anthropologist and a Writer Encounter Africa
009836: GOTTLIEB, MANUEL - Comparative Economic Systems: Preindustrial and Modern Case Studies
015586: GOUBERT, PIERRE - The Course of French History
010752: GOUBERT, PIERRE - Louis XIV and the Twenty Million Frenchmen
018158: GOUDIE, ELIZABETH - Woman of Labrador
010031: GOUDIE, ANDREW - The Human Impact on the Natural Environment
016625: GOUGH, BARRY M. - First Across the Continent : Sir Alexander Mackenzie
013824: GOUGH, LAURIE - Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Woman's Travel Odyssey
006542: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Lying Stones of Marrakech: Penultimate Reflections in Natural History
002667: GOULD, JUNE - The Writer in All of Us: Improving Your Writing Through Childhood Memories
004128: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Eight Little Piggies-Reflections in Natural History
004320: GOULD, ALLAN - Canned Lit: Parodies Regained, Then Frozen and Thawed
012960: GOULD, ALLAN - Canned Lit: (Parodies Regained, Then Frozen, and Thawed)
008082: GOULDING, WARREN - Just Another Indian: A Serial Killer and Canada's Indifference
012958: GOVE, DORIS;EMBLIDGE, DAVID;NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY - Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges: Southeast
013665: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Without a Guide: Contemporary Women's Travel Adventures
006681: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Hearts of Flame
001161: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Without a Guide: Contemporary Women's Travel Adventures
011009: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Pilgrimages: An Anthology
011265: GOVINDA, ANAGARIKA - The Way of the White Clouds : A Buddhist Pilgrim in Tibet
019817: GOW, GRAEME F. - Snakes of Australia
003314: GOWAN, LEE - The Last Cowboy
006400: GOWDY, BARBARA - The Romantic: a Novel
006621: GOWDY, BARBARA - Mister Sandman
007522: GOWDY, BARBARA; GOWDY, FOCUS - The White Bone: a Novel
002132: GOWDY, BARBARA - We So Seldom Look on Love
004467: GOWDY, BARBARA - The White Bone: a Novel
009173: GOYDER, JOHN - Essentials of Canadian Society
005185: GRACE L. MORTON - Country Views
005402: GRACE CAMPBELL - Thorn Apple Tree
005662: GRACE POND - The Observer's Book of Cats-All Recognised Breeds Described
003292: GRACE CAMPBELL - The Tower and the Town
011188: GRACE S. RICHMOND - Rufus
002048: GRADY, WAYNE, EDITOR - The Bone Museum: Travels in the Lost Worlds of Dinosaurs and Birds
002090: GRADY, WAYNE, EDITOR - The Quiet Limit of the World: a Journey to the North Pole to Investigate Global Warming
013931: GRADY, WAYNE, - Vulture : Nature's Ghastly Gourmet
009574: GRAEBNER, WILLIAM - The American Record: Images of the Nation's Past To 1877 - Vol. 1
013568: GRAEME POLE - The Canadian Rockies - a History in Photographs
009224: GRAEME POLE - The Canadian Rockies - A History in Photographs
017948: GRAEME GIBSON - The Bedside Book of Beasts - a Wildlife Miscellany
019651: GRAF, MILLER - Arctic Journeys: A History of Exploration for the Northwest Passage (American University Studies Series IX, History)
003994: GRAHAM, HUGH - Vestibule of Hell, the: Why Left and Right Have Never Made Sense in Politics and Life
007626: GRAHAM PIKE, EDITOR - The West in Action-Rodeo-a Spectator's Guide to the Sport of Rodeo
007482: GRAHAM, RONNIE - The Da Capo Guide to Contemporary African Music
007440: GRAHAM WEBSTER - The Roman Army-an Illustrated Study
010008: GRAHAM, DAVID - The Practical Side of Reincarnation
018679: GRAHAM, JUDY - Evening Primrose Oil
010839: GRAHAM PIKE, EDITOR - The West in Action - Rodeo
000995: GRAHAM BRASH EDITORIAL STAFF - Short Stories of the Far East
005883: GRAHAME, IAIN - Ruffled Feathers
009449: GRAHAME, GORDON HILL - Short Days Ago
013451: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Wind In The Willows
012046: GRAHAME CLARK - Archaeology and Society - Reconstructing the Prehistoric Past
005155: GRANATSTEIN, J.L.; BERCUSON, DAVID JAY - The Collins Dictionary of Canadian History: 1867 to the Present
013237: GRANFIELD, LINDA - Brass Buttons and Silver Horseshoes: Stories from Canada's British War Brides
017592: GRANFIELD, LINDA - High Flight: A Story of World War II
018223: GRANOFF, P. E. EDITOR - The Clever Adulteress and Other Stories: A Treasury of Jain Literature
013267: GRANT OVERTON - the World's One Hundred best short Stories - Volume 5 - DRAMA
005726: GRANT, PETER - Victoria: a History in Photographs
018235: GRANT, AUDREY - Heart Series : Introduction to Bridge Defense
012665: GRANT, GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean : Sandford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872: Being a Diary Kept During a Journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the Expedition of the Engineer-in-Chief of the Canadian Pacific and Intercolonial Railways
007832: GRANT, VANESSA - Writing Romance
001265: GRANT HUFFMAN, EDITOR - Canadiana; an Anthology of Nostalgic, Humorous, and Satirical Writing for Secondary Schools
009197: GRANT, GEORGE - Lament for a Nation: The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism
010774: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Climax of Rome
019328: GRANT, AUDREY; RODWELL, ERIC - The Joy of Bridge
013549: GRANTA - Australia: The New New World
017274: GRATIEN GELINAS - Yesterday the Children Were Dancing
006730: GRAVES, ROBERT - Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina
000529: GRAVES, DONALD H. - Writing: Teachers and Children at Work
009891: GRAVES, ROBERT - I, Claudius
019679: GRAY, JOHN - Mars and Venus Together Forever: Relationship Skills for Lasting Love
017181: GRAY, JOHN PH. D - Children Are from Heaven: Positive Parenting Skills for Raising Cooperative, Confident, and Compassionate Children
004824: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Sisters in the Wilderness: the Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill
008304: GRAY, ALICE - Stories for a Man's Heart: Over 100 Stories to Encourage
001964: GRAY, JOHN PH. D - Men, Women and Relationships: Making Peace With the Opposite Sex
009668: GRAY, JOHN PH. D - Mars and Venus in the Bedroom : A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion
013005: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Canada: A Portrait in Letters, 1800-2000
017210: GRAY, JOHN PH. D - Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion
012562: GRAY, FRANCINE DU PLESSIX - Rage and Fire : A Life of Louise Colet - Pioneer Feminist, Literary Star, Flaubert's Muse
014123: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Flint and Feather : The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake
008152: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Flint and Feather : The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake
016911: GRAY, JOHN PH. D - Mars and Venus Starting over: A Practical Guide for Finding Love Again After a Painful Breakup, Divorce, or the Loss of a Loved One
004383: GRAYSMITH, ROBERT - Sleeping Lady: the Trailside Murders Above the Golden Gate Bridge
014792: GRAYSON, JANE - Vladimir Nabokov - Illustrated Lives
017288: GREAVES, NICK - When Lion Could Fly : And Other Tales from Africa
011999: GREBER, DAVE - Hustling for a Buck : The Adventure of Living Self-Employed
007340: GREEN, MARTIN BURGESS - Children of the Sun: a Narrative of Decadence in England After 1918
004026: GREEN, BOB - Eavesdroppings
001995: GREEN, MICHAEL - But Don't All Religions Lead to God: Navigating the Multi-Faith Maze
009238: GREEN, CHRISTOPHER - Canadian Industrial Organization and Policy
009981: GREEN, MARK J.;GREEN, MARK - The Consumer Bible: 1001 Ways to Shop Smart
011130: GREEN, SUSIE - Animal Wisdom : Harness the power and wisdom of animals to liberate your Spirit
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014378: GREENBERG, PETER - The Travel Detective: How To Get The Best Service And The Best Deals From Airlines, Hotels, Cruiseships, And Car Rental Agencies
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011030: GREGORY CLARK - May Your First Love be Your Last and Other Stories
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020008: HADDON, MARK - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
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015764: HAINES, MAX - Murder Most Foul: Crimes from Canada and around the World
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018337: HALEY, DAVID A. - The Life and Legend of Wiarton Willie
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006941: HAMMOND INNES, DOROTHY - What Lands Are These
008922: HAMMOND, JOHN - Understanding Human Engineering - an Introduction to Ergonomcs
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012642: HAMPTON, BRUCE;COLE, DAVID - Soft Paths: How to Enjoy the Wilderness Without Harming It
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014813: HANDY, EMORY, ET AL - Ancient Hawaiian Civilization
013239: HANDY, CHARLES - The Age of Paradox
012975: HANDY, CHARLES - The Age of Paradox
015473: HANDY, CHARLES - The Age of Paradox
013632: HANH, THICH NHAT - The Moon Bamboo
008366: HANNA, JAY S. - Marine Carving Handbook: The Design and Making of Billetheads, Trailboards, and Other Marine Carvings
019675: HANNA, KAREN C - GIS for Landscape Architects with CD
005769: HANNON, LESLIE F. - The Discoverers: an Illustrated History
006240: HANS W. HANNAU - The Bermuda Isles in Full Color
006251: HANS W. HANNAU - The Cayman Islands
007449: HANS HVASS - Reptiles & Amphibians of the World
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010670: HANSON, NEIL - The Custom of the Sea : A Shocking True Tale of Shipwreck, Murder and the Last Taboo
015872: HANSON, NEIL - The Dreadful Judgement: The True Story of the Great Fire of London, 1666
016098: HAPKA, CATHERINE - Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire: A Read-Aloud Storybook
001433: HARASZTI, MIKLOS - The Velvet Prison: Artists Under State Socialism
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000643: HARDING, SANDRA; PETTY, DINI - A Self-Directed Journey-the Recipe: 4 Ingredients for Achieving Health and Prosperity
015823: HARDING, DUNCAN - Tug of War (December 22nd-December 31st 1941)
008145: HARDING, ANNE - The Home Spa
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015435: HARMER, JEREMY - The Practice of English Language Teaching
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011217: HARNETT T. KANE - New Orleans Woman - a Biographical Novel of Myra Clark Gaines
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000012: HAROLD S. WILLIAMS - Tales of the Foreign Settlements in Japan
019101: HAROLD WONG - Means of Self-Expression - Recent Paintings of Harold Wong (Huang-Zhongfang)
012442: HAROLD BEGBIE - The Bible in Story and Pictures - The Old Testament
007461: HAROLD BASTIN - Freaks and Marvels of Insect Life
001568: HAROLD E. COX - McGraw Electric Railway List-August, 1918
012206: HAROLD T. P. HAYES - The Last Place on Earth
009858: HAROLD NORTON - Pottery Making & China Painting
009975: HAROLD J. LEAVITT - Managerial Psychology - an Introduction to Individuals, Pairs and Groups in Organizations
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011932: HAROLD KAPLAN - The Regional City - Politics and Planning in Metropolitan Areas
019376: HAROLD S KUSHNER - When Bad Things Happen to Good People
018875: HAROLD COURLANDER - The Fourth World of the Hopis
011026: HAROLD BELL WRIGHT - The Shepherd of the Hills
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008325: HARPUR, TOM - Harpur's Heaven and Hell
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017261: HARPUR, TOM - Living Waters : Selected Writings on Spirituality
011898: HARPUR, TOM - Prayer: The Hidden Fire
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009537: HARRIGAN, LANA M. - Acoma: A Novel of Conquest
013667: HARRIGAN, STEPHEN - Comanche Midnight
015169: HARRIGAN, STEPHEN - Water and Light: A Diver's Journey to a Coral Reef
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015809: HARRIS, MARGARET;COLTHEART, MAX - Language Processing in Children and Adults: An Introduction
013369: HARRIS, MARVIN - Why Nothing Works: The Anthropology of Daily Life
006728: HARRIS, C.E. JR - Applying Moral Theories
012441: HARRIS - Stamps of the United states, united Nations, and Canada and Provinces Fall/winter 1976-1977
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003790: HARRIS, FRANK - Bomb, the-the Classic Novel of Anarchist Violence
001634: HARRIS, JOANNE - Holy Fools
015614: HARRIS, MARIA - Dance of the Spirit: The Seven Steps of Women's Spirituality
014599: HARRIS MITCHELL - The Basement Book
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003106: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - Sky Man on the Totem Pole?
010143: HARRIS, THOMAS - Hannibal Rising
017318: HARRIS, SAM - Letter to a Christian Nation
013325: HARRIS, THOMAS - Hannibal Rising
016011: HARRIS, JOHN - The Mustering of the Hawks
019636: HARRIS, MARIAN - The Three Little Pigs
010953: HARRIS PATTON - Wings of the North
011032: HARRIS, MICHAEL - Rare Ambition : The Crosbies of Newfoundland
013915: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - Mystery at the Edge of Two Worlds
013909: HARRIS, CHRISTIE; REID - Raven's Cry
012085: HARRIS, JIM - Blindsided: How to Spot the Next Breakthrough That Will Change Your Business Forever
017091: HARRIS, MARJORIE - Pocket Gardening: A Guide to Gardening in Impossible Places
010545: HARRIS, MARJORIE - In the Garden: Thoughts on Changing Seasons
014926: HARRIS, THOMAS - Hannibal
014676: HARRISON, GEORGE H. - Roger Tory Peterson's Dozen Birding Hot Spots
000031: HARRISON, GEORGE H. - The Backyard Bird-Watcher
000856: HARRISON, DAVID - The Sociology of Modernization and Development
008630: HARRISON, CHARLES YALE - Generals Die in Bed : A Story from the Trenches
009739: HARRISON E. SALISBURY - Russia
009903: HARRON, DON - Charlie Farquarson's History of Canada
016936: HARRY EDWARDS - The Mediumship of Jack Webber
005200: HARRY SYMONS - The Bored Meeting
005435: HARRY EMERSON FOSDICK - On Being a Real Person
005587: HARRY TOMLINSON - Bonsai 101 Essential Tips
005800: HARRY STILLWELL EDWARDS - Eneas Africanus
019656: HARRY BERNSTEIN - The Invisible Wall - a Story That Broke Barriers
001786: HARRY W. PFUND - A History of the German Society of Pennsylvania, 1764-1964
009559: HARRY HENIG - Storms of Fate
010039: HARRY SINCLAIR DRAGO - Stagecoach Kingdom
011057: HARRY J. BOYLE - With a Pinch of Sin - Fond recollections of a Rural Boyhood Some Forty Years Ago
011058: HARRY J. BOYLE - Mostly in Clover
011059: HARRY J. BOYLE - Homebrew and Patches
012776: HARRY S. PARISER - Adventure guide to Belize
019170: HART, E.J. - The Selling of Canada: The CPR and the Beginnings of Canadian Tourism
003795: HART, MATTHEW - The Irish Game-a True Story of Crime and Art
014602: HART, MICKEY;KOSTYAL, K. M. - Songcatchers: In Search of the World's Music
004898: HART, MATTHEW - Diamond: a Journey to the Heart of an Obsession

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