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124876: BLUNT, NICOLE - David Maxim: Small Constructed Pictures
124877: BLUNT, NICOLE - David Maxim: Drawings from the Portfolios
138988: BLUNT, ANTHONY - Nicolas Poussin: The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts (2 Vols. )
113393: BLUNT, ANTHONY (ED.) - The Italian Drawings of the XV and XVI Centuries in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle
103784: BLUNT, ANTHONY - Nicolas Poussin: The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts
106310: BLUNT, REGINALD - The Cheyne Book of Chelsea China and Pottery
104394: BLUNT, ANTHONY - Nicolas Poussin 1594-1665
154432: BLUNT, NICOLE ET AL. - Stages: The Art of David Maxim, Volume II: Drawings, Watercolors, and Other Graphics
117982: BLUNT, ANTHONY - The French Drawings in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle
154412: BLUNT, NICOLE ET AL. - Stages: The Art of David Maxim, Volume I: Painting, Constructed Pictures, and Sculpture
18305: BLUNT, SIR ANTHONBY (INTRODUCTION) - Treasures from Chatsworth: The Devonshire Inheritance
152605: BLUNT, REGINALD (EDITOR) - The Cheyne Book of Chelsea China and Pottery
126080: BLUNT, NICOLE (TEXT) - The Light of Change: David Maxim
104852: BLUNT, ANTHONY - Art and Architecture in France 1500-1700
27093: BLUNT, REGINALD (EDITOR) - The Cheyne Book of Chelsea China and Pottery
27093.1: BLUNT, REGINALD (EDITOR) - The Cheyne Book of Chelsea China and Pottery
156910: BLURTON, T. RICHARD - Hindu Art
146320: BLUTTAL, STEVEN (ED.) - Halston
115254: BO YIN RA AND B.A.REICHENBACH - Bo Yin Ra: An Introduction to His Works
115165: BO YIN RA AND B.A. REICHENBACH (TRANSLATOR) - Worlds of Spirit: A Sequence of Cosmic Perspectives
155950: BOAK, ARTHUR E. R. - Manpower Shortage and the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West (the Jerome Lectures, Third Series)
32173: BOARDMAN, JOHN - Archaic Greek Gems: Schools and Artists in the Sixth and Early Fifth Centuries Bc
136416: BOARDMAN, JOHN - The Diffusion of Classical Art in Antiquity
156094: BOARDMAN, JOHN AND JOHN HAYES - Excavations at Tocra, 1963-1965: The Archaic Deposits I.
102656: BOARDMAN, JOHN - Greek Gems and Finger Rings: Early Bronze to Late Classical
145802: BOARDMAN, ANDREA - Destination Mexico: "a Foreign Land a Step Away," U.S. Tourism to Mexico, 1880s-1950s
109037: BOARDMAN, JOHN - Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Archaic Period - a Handbook
150130: BOARDSOURCE - The Source 12: Twelve Principles of Governance That Power Exceptional Boards
22095: BOAS, GEORGE (EDITOR) - Courbet and the Naturalistic Movement: Essays Read at the Baltimore Museum of Art May 16, 17, 18, 1938 (with 2 Additional Items)
129729: BOAS, BELLE (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Art Education Today 1939
1485: BOAS, BELLE - Art in the School
3498: BOAS, GEORGE ET AL. - 1914: An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Baltimore Museum
115339: BOASE, T.S.R. - English Art: 1100 - 1216
104088: BOASE, T.S.R. - English Art, 1800-1870 (Volume X of the Oxford History of English Art)
105296: BOATTO, ANTONIO AND MAURIZIO QUARTIERI - Quale Verita. 71 Opere Del Maestro Nella Collezione Merlini- Maffoni
132763: BOB BRIER (CURATOR) - Napoleon in Egypt
149527: BOBER, HARRY - The Mortimer Brandt Collection of Medieval Manuscript Illuminations
106368: BOBER, JONATHAN (EDITOR) - Luca Cambiaso 1527-1585
152298: BOBRICK, BENSON - Angel in the Whirlwind: The Triumph of the American Revolution
140124: BOBRINSKAYA, EKATERINA - Russkiy Avangard: Istoki I Metamorphozy (Russian Avant-Garde: Origins and Metamorphoses)
121205: BOBROV, IU. G. - Osnovy Ikonografii Drevnerusskoi Zhivopisi (Basic Iconography in Ancient Russian Paintings)
120902: BOBROVNITSKAIA, I.A. - Regalii Rossiiskikh Gosudarei (Russian Royal Regalia)
132929: BOBROVNITSKAYA , I.; ET AL. - Gosudarstvennaa Oruzejnaa Palata... The Armoury in the Moscow Kremlin
107076: BOBROW, RYSZARD - Gallery of Polish Decorative Art
146066: BOBROW, JILL AND KENNY WOOTON - Outrageous Yachts
140426: BOCA RATON MUSEUM OF ART - Louis Comfort Tiffany: Artistry in Glass, the Seymour and Evelyn Holtzman Collection
122483: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - Amorous Fiammetta
136162: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - Decameron (2 Vols. )
117296: BOCCARDO, PIERO - Genova E Guercino: Dipinti E Disegni Delle Civiche Collezioni
153425: BOCCHI, RENATO - Progettare Lo Spazio E IL Movimento: Scritti Scelti Di Arte, Architettura E Paesaggio = Design the Space and Movement: Selected Writings of Art, Architecture and Landscape
129360: BOCH, ULRICH; GUDRUN SPORBECK; KLAUS WEINBRENNER - Ikonen Und Ostkirchliches Kultgerat Aus Rheinischem Privatbesitz
149097: BOCHARDT-BIRBAUMER, BRIGITTE ET AL. - Wolfgang Herzig: Ein Realist Wird 70
148324: BOCHNER, MEL AND BRIONY FER - Edward Ruscha, Catalogue Raisonne of the Paintings, Volume Four: 1988-1992
127386: BOCHNER, MEL - Photographs and Not Photographs
117627: BOCK, HENNING WITH OTHERS - Gemaldegalerie Berlin: Gesamtverzeichnis
158116: BOCK, ELFRIED - Die Zeichnungen in Der Universitätsbibliothek Erlangen, I U. II (2-Volume Set)
15349: BOCK, FRANZ - Die Werke Des Mathias Grünewald
122421: BOCKING, SILVIA AND CORDULA POLITIS (TRANSLATOR) - Ich Mag Die Geister Der Entfernten... : Aus Der Autographensammlung Der Kunstsammlungen Der Veste Coburg / I Would But Conjure Up the Spirits of Those Far Away... : From the Autograph Collection in the Veste Coburg Art Collections
136308: BOCQUILLON, MARINA FERRETTI - Signac: Les Couleurs de L'Eau
158227: BODA, YANG - Chinese Archaic Jades from the Kwan Collection = Guan Shi Suo Cang Zhong Guo Gu Yu
117452: BODART, DIDIER - Pietro Paolo Rubens (1577 - 1640)
11051: BODART, ROGER - Monographies de L'Art Belge: Leon Devos
107729: BODDEWYN, JULIA MAY - Works on Paper: A Primer
152202: BODE, WILHELM AND ERNST KUHNEL - Antique Rugs from the Near East
106910: BODE, WILLIAM AND ERNST KUHNEL - Antique Rugs from the Near East
112510: BODE, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Smith / Stewart: A Black Thread
154226: BODE, WILHELM - Altpersische Knüpfteppiche: Studien Zur Geschichte Der Persischen Knüpfarbeit
135625: BODE, A. B., ED - Dereviannoe Zodchestvo, Vylusk II
112385: BODET, AUDE ET AL. - Raymond Hains: Art Speculator
109340: BODINE, JENNIFER B. - Bodine's Chesapeake Bay Country
110532: BODINE, JENNIFER B., J.D., M.A. - A. Aubrey Bodine: Baltimore Pictorialist
15895: BODINE, SARAH - Gouaches and Drawings by Liubov Popova & Kazimir Malevich
116650: BODKIN, THOMAS - The Paintings of Jan Vermeer
126498: BODKIN, THOMAS - Hugh Lane and His Pictures
110330: BODNAR, EVA - Retrospective de Imre Szobotka (1890 - 1961)
140152: BODZ, A.B. - Restavratsiya I Issledovaniya Pamyatnikov Kul'Tury Vypusk5 (Restoration and Study of Cultural Monuments Volume 5)
101734: BODZIONEY, CARRIE HASLETT - European Muses, American Masters, 1870-1950
27076: BOECKLER, ALBERT - Das Goldene Evangelienbuch Heinrichs III
128891: BOEGNER, PEGGIE PHIPPS AND RICHARD GACHOT - Halcyon Days: An American Family Through Three Generations
108010: BOEHM, BARBARA DRAKE AND JIRI FAJT - Prague, the Crown of Bohemia 1347-1437
144667: BOEHM, RUDOLF - Yves de Smet
140867: BOEHM, GOTTFRIED WITH ELLSWORTH KELLY AND VIOLA WEIGEL - Ellsworth Kelly: In-between Spaces, Works 1956-2002 / Zwischen-Raume Werke 1956-2002
108010.1: BOEHM, BARBARA DRAKE AND JIRI FAJT - Prague, the Crown of Bohemia 1347-1437
150484: BOEHME, SARAH E. AND THOMAS MCGUANE - Buckeye Blake on the Western Front
157605: BOEHME, SARAH E. - Rendezvous to Roundup: The First 100 of Art in Wyoming
133533: BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM KG - Adolf Wolfli in Ingelheim
143734: BOEING, ANJA-SILVIA ET AL. - Collectors' Knowledge: What Is Kept, What Is Discarded = Aufbewahren Oder Wegwerfen: Wie Sammler Entschieden (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History)
140037: BOELE, VINCENT AND ARNOUD BIJL - Art Nouveau During the Reign of the Last Tsars
109163: BOERNER, C. G. - Giovanni Battista Piranesi
22260: BOERNER (C.G.), NY: SEPT. 11 TO OCT. 6, 2000 - Honoré Daumier: Impressions of Modern Life
16125: BOERNER (CG), NY: JUNE 8 TO JULY 9, 1999, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Samuel Parker, 1805-1881: The Complete Etchings
155645: BOERNER, C. G. - Handzeichnungssammlung Arnold Otto Meyer Hamburg II, Alte Meister Des XV. -XVIII. Jahrhunderts Anton Graff
115698: BOERNER, C.G. - Sammlung Paul Davidson: Kupferstiche Alter Meister: Zweiter Teil, G -- Ra
128469: BOESEN, GUDMUND AND CHR. A. BOJE - Old Danish Silver
109248: BOETHIUS, LENA - Per Huttner: Repetitive Time
152377: BOETHIUS, AXEL ET AL. - Etruscan Culture, Land and People: Archeological Research and Studies Conducted in San Giovenale and Its Environs
33727: BOETHIUS, GERDA - Zorn: Tecknaren, Malaren, Etsaren, Skulptoren
145880: BOETTCHER, GRAHAM C. AND LOUIS M. SALERNO - Myth and Reality: Elihu Vedder and American Painters in Italy
141938: BOETTGER, SUZAAN - Vital Signs: The Sculpture of Milton Komisar
106625: BOETZKES, MANFRED AND DIETER LUTTGE - Franz Kumher: Malerei, Grafik, Lichtkinetik
112589: BOFF, CLODOVIS - Theology and Praxis: Epistemological Foundations
142788: BOGART, MICHELE H. - Artists, Advertising, and the Borders of Art
11453: BOGART, MICHELE H. AND DEBORAH NEVINS - Fauns and Fountains: American Garden Statuary, 1890-1930
27321: BOGDONOFF, NANCY DICK - Handwoven Textiles of Early New England: The Legacy of a Rural People, 1640 - 1880
121867: BOGEL, CYNTHIA J. AND ISRAEL GOLDMAN - Hiroshige: Birds and Flowers
26062: BOGER, LOUISE ADE, AND H. BATTERSON BOGER, EDS - The Dictionary of Antiques and the Decorative Arts: A Book of Reference for Glass, Furniture, Ceramics, Silver, Periods, Styles, Technical Terms, Etc.
127589: BOGGERO, FRANCO AND FARIDA SIMONETTI - Arte E Tradizione Dei "Fraveghi
9566: BOGGS, JEAN SUTHERLAND - Degas [ an Exhibition ]
124890: BOGGS, JEAN SUTHERLAND ET AL. - Picasso & Things
150075: BOGGS, JEAN SUTHERLAND - Drawings by Degas
115084: BOGNER, DIETER AND JENS JAKOB HAPP - Museumslandschaft Kassel
139340: BOGOLIUBOVO, VLADIMIR AND G.K.VAGNER - Skulptura Drevney Rusi : XII Vek (Sculpture of Ancient Russia: XII Century)
148326: BOGZARAN, FARIBA - Gordon Onslow Ford: Space Elements
135541: BOGZARAN, FARIBA - Quest of the Inner-Worlds: Paintings by Gordon Onslow Ford
26580: BOHAN, PETER, AND PHILIP HAMERSLOUGH - Early Connecticut Silver, 1700 - 1840
5622: BOHAN, P.J. - First New Paltz Intercollegiate Student Exhibition, 1966
28579: BOHANNAN, PAUL, AND JOHN MIDDLETON, EDS - Kinship and Social Organization
121406: BOHEMIAN SECTION OF THE SOCIALIST PARTY IN AMERICA - Pametni Spis Ceskeho Odvetvi Socialisticke Strany V Americe K Internationale / a Memorial to the International
117228: BOHLIN, DIANE DEGRAZIA - Prints and Related Drawings by the Carracci Family: A Catalogue Raisonne
110128: BOHLSEN, DARRELL - Folk Art of Mexico
143796: BOHM, JAROSLAV - La Grande-Moravie: Tradition MILLénaire de L'Etat Et de la Civilisation / the Great Moravian Empire: Thousand Years of Tradition of State and Culture
152663: BOHMER, HARALD - Koekboya: Natural Dyes and Textiles - a Colour Journey from Turkey to India and Beyond
158712: BOHN, WILLARD - The Other Futurism: Futurist Activity in Venice, Padua, and Verona
141734: BOHN, DONALD WITH ATANASIO DE FELICE, MARY JEAN KENTON AND BRIAN PETERSON - Hard Choices, Just Rewards: A Traveling Exhibition of Work by Recipients of Visual Arts Fellowships Awarded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts in 1987 and 1988
106282: BOHN, HENRY G. - A Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery, Porcelain, and Other Objects of Vertu, Comprising an Illustrated Catalogue of the Bernal Collection of Works of Art, with the Prices at Which They Were Sold by Auction and the Names of the Present Possessors
156670: BOHN, WILLARD - Apollinaire Et L'Homme Sans Visage Création Et évolution D'Un Motif Moderne Guillaume Apollinaire/Alberto Savinio/Giorgio de Chirico/Francis Picabia/Marius de Zayas
108593: BOHNEN, ULI - Otto Freundlich: Schriften
150124: BOHR, ROLAND - Gifts from the Thunder Beings: Indigenous Archery and European Firearms in the Northern Plains and Central Subartic, 1670-1870
692: BOHROD, AARON - A Decade of Still Life
30426: BOICE, BRUCE - Dorothea Rockburne
117950: BOILEAU, NICOLAS - Le Lutrin Et L'Art Poetique
4199: BOIME, ALBERT - The Art of Simon Dinnerstein
7049: BOIME, ALBERT - Art in an Age of Revolution: 1750-1800 (a Social History of Modern Art, Volume 1)
123850: BOIME, ALBERT - The Art of Exclusion: Representing Blacks in the Nineteenth Century
118488: BOIME, ALBERT - Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800 - 1815
10819: BOIME, ALBERT - Strictly Academic: Life Drawing in the Nineteenth Century
115843: BOIME, ALBERT AND ROBERT HENNING - Enrollment of the Volunteers: Thomas Couture and the Painting of History
113663: BOIME, ALBERT AND ROBERT HENNING - Enrollment of the Volunteers: Thomas Couture and the Painting of History
115770: BOIS, YVE-ALAIN, ET AL. - Piet Mondrian 1872-1944
141585: BOIS, YVE-ALAIN AND EMANUELE ARCIULI - Richard Artschwager
130289: BOIS, YVE-ALAIN AND ROSALIND E. KRAUSS - Formless: A User's Guide
130287: BOIS, YVE-ALAIN AND ROSALIND E. KRAUSS - Formless: A User's Guide
115770000001: BOIS, YVE-ALAIN, ET AL. - Piet Mondrian 1872-1944
158272: BOIS, YVES-ALAIN ET AL. - Cahiers D'Art: 36th Year; No. 1, 2012: Ellsworth Kelly
104779: BOISSIERE, GASTON - L'Afrique Romaine: Promenades Archeologiquesen Algerieet En Tunisie
112857: BOISSON, JEAN - Pourquoi la Guerre de Vendee
121201: BOITSOV, M.A. AND T.A. VASILEVA - Kartoteka "Z" Operativnogo Shtaba "Reikhsliaiter Rozenberg": Tsennosti Kultury Na Okkupirovannykh Territoriiakh Rossii, Ukrainy I Belorussi
114793: BOIVIN, JEAN (REDACTEUR EN CHEF) - Circuit: Musiques Contemporaines, Volume XI Numero I.
133258: BOJANA PEJIC (ED); DAVID ELLIOTT (ED); ET AL. - After the Wall: Art and Culture in Post-Communist Europe
114116: BOJANI, GIAN CARLO (CURATOR) - Ceramica E Araldica Medicea
131168: BOJE, PER - Villum Kann Rasmussen: Inventor and Entrepreneur
140068: BOKHANOV, ALEKSANDR - Imperator Aleksandr III (Emperor Alexander III)
104456: BOKOV, NICOLAS - Koulbak: Drawings, April 17-May 4, 2007
142841: BOLAS, GERALD D. - The Early Years of the American Art Association, 1879-1900
150813: BOLD, JOHN AND JOHN REEVES - Wilton House and English Palladianism: Some Wiltshire Houses
140122: BOLDYREV, N.F. - Dershavin, Zhukovskiy, Lermontov, Turgenev, Lev Tolstoy: Biograficheskiye Povestvovaniya 2-Ye Izdaniye (Derzhavin, Zhukovskiy, Lermontov, Turgenev, Lev Tolstoy: Biographical Narratives, 2nd Edition)
19631: BOLES, JOHN B. - Maryland Heritage: Five Baltimore Institutions Celebrate the American Bicentennial
120836: BOLES, JOHN B. - Maryland Heritage: Five Baltimore Institutions Celebrate the American Bicentennial
106041: BOLESLAW AND MARIE-LOUISE D'OTRANGE MASTAI - The Stripes and Stars: The Evolution of the American Flag
118454: BOLGAR, R.R. - The Classical Heritage and Its Beneficiaries: From the Carolingian Age to the End of the Renaissance
18587: BOLGER, DOREEN, ET AL. - Studies in the History of Art, 37, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, Symposium Papers XXI: American Art Around 1900, Lectures in Memory of Daniel Fraad
5087: BOLGER, DOREEN AND SARAH CASH (EDITORS) - Thomas Eakins and the Swimming Picture
516: BOLGER, DOREEN AND BENNEWITZ, KATHLEEN MOTES - Thomas Cole's Garden of Eden; Article Within Antiques Magazine
109250: BOLIN, SHAO AND HAN WEI - A Collection of Chinese Stamps: 1982-1988
130684: BOLING, CAROL; DAVID LUTTRELL (PHOTOS) - Julie Warren Martin: Sculptor of Stone
127149: BOLL, WALTER - Baukunst Des Barock Und Rokoko in Deutschland
138338: BOLLER, WILLY - Masterpieces of the Japanese Color Woodcut
110659: BOLLIGER, HANS - Arp: Drawings and Collages
149152: BOLOFO, KOTO AND LORD MARCH - Racing Style: Photographs
24016: BOLOGNA, ITALY: OCT. 28 TO NOV. 17, 1968, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Disegni Bolognesi Dal XVI Al XVIII Secolo
136173: BOLOGNA, ITALY: MUSEO CIVICO, APRIL-JUNE 1976 - Pelagio Palagi: Artista E Collezionista
112189: BOLOVAN, SORINA PAULA AND IOAN BOLOVAN - Transylvania in the Modern Era: Demographic Aspects
114670: BOLSHAKOVA, L. AND KAMENSKAYA, E. - Gosudartvennaya Tretyakovskaya Galereya: Drevnerusskoe Iskusstvo (State Tretyakov Gallery: Early Russian Art)
127134: BOLTON-SMITH, ROBIN - Portrait Miniatures from Private Collections
731: BOLTON, THEODORE - Early American Portrait Draughtsmen in Crayon
24148: BOLTON, THEODORE - John Smibert: Notes and a Catalogue (Article in the Fine Arts, August 1933)
490: BOLTON, THEODORE - Early American Portrait Draughtsmen in Crayon
376: BOLTON, ETHEL STANWOOD - Wax Portraits and Silhouettes
138709: BOLTON, ROY AND EDWARD STRACHAN - The Collectors: Old Master Paintings
150887: BOLTON, M.D.C. - Headfort House
137091: BOLTON, ANDREW ET AL. - Alexander Mcqueen: Savage Beauty
138816: BOLTON, ANDREW - Alexander Mcqueen: Savage Beauty
1561: BOLTON-SMITH, ROBIN; WILLIAM H. TRUETTNER; LILLY MARTIN SPENCER - Lilly Martin Spencer, 1822-1902: The Joys of Sentiment
126632: BOLTON, CHARLES, KNOWLES - Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America
26217: BOLTON, ETHEL STANWOOD - American Wax Portraits
139555: BOLTON, CHARLES KNOWLES - Saskia: The Wife of Rembrandt
108100: BOMAN, MONICA ET AL. - Contemporary Swedish Design
149740: BOMBA, IVO - Martha Madigan: This World Is Lika a Garden in Bloom Only for a Few Days
128730: BOMBE, WALTER - Geschichte Der Peruginer Malerei Bis Zu Perugino Und Pinturicchio : Auf Grund Des Nachlasses Adamo Rossis Und Eigener Archivalischer Forschungen; Band (Series) Italienische Forschungen, 5
117824: BOMBET, L.A.C. - The Lives of Haydn and Mozart with Observations on Metastasio and on the Present State of Music in France and Italy
117210: BOMFORD, DAVID AND GABRIELE FINALDI - Venice Through Canaletto's Eyes
114674: BONACCORSI, ALFREDO - Gioacchino Rossini
156793: BONACOSSA, ILARIA ET AL. - Ambient Tour: Christian Frosi, Flavio Favelli, Deborah Ligorio (2 of 3 Volumes)
101370: BONAFEDE, IRJA J. - The Point of the Pen: The Editorial Cartoons of Frank M. Spangler, Sr
116766: BONAFOUS-MURAT, ANNE AND HELENE - Jurgen Stimpfig: Gravures 1990 - 1997
144852: BONAFOUS-MURAT, ARSENE - Paysages Pittoresques En Taille-Douce (Picturesque Landscape Etchings)
131791: BONAFOUX, PASCAL - Art in Europe: From the Vandals to the Avant-Garde
113187: BONAFOUX, PASCAL - The Musee Du Luxembourg in Paris: Skira Guides
136085: BONAFOUX, PASCAL - Moi! Autoportraits Du Xxe Siecle
140465: BONAMI, FRANCESCO ET AL. - Patrick Tuttofuoco: Revolving Landscape
123576: BONAMI, FRANCESCO ET AL. - Lari Pittman
126053: BONANSINGA, KATE; ELIZABETH BROUN (FOREWARD) - Staged Stories: 2009 Renwick Craft Invitational
109814: BONANSINGA, KATE ET AL. - Seriously Playful: Paul Henry Ramirez, 1995-2004
125247: BONAPARTE, LUCIEN - Choix de Gravures a L'Eau Forte D'Apres Les Peintures Originales Et Les Marbres de la Galerie de Lucien Bonaparte Cent Quarante Deux Gravures
135170: BONAPARTE, NAPOLEON-LOUIS AND JAMES A. DORR, TRANS - Napoleonic Ideas. Des Idees Napoleoniennes
129254: BONAR, EULALIE H,; - Woven by the Grandmothers: Nineteeth-Century Navajo Textiles from the National Museum of the American Indian
152711: BONAVENTURA, PAUL AND BETH STOCKLEY (EDITORS) - Woven Air: The Muslin & Kantha Tradition of Bangladesh
113836: BONAVENTURE, E.F. - Catalogue of Etchings and Engravings Published or Kept in Stock at the Prices Annexed by E.F. Bonaventure
27336: BOND, W. H., AND HUGH AMORY, EDS - The Printed Catalogues of the Harvard College Library, 1723 - 1790
109586: BOND, WILLIAM H. - Records of a Bibliographer: Selected Papers of William Alexander Jackson
139356: BONDARENKO, I.A. WITH OTHERS - Slovar Arkhitektorov I Masterov Stroitelnogo Dela Moskvy XV -- Serediny XVIII Veka / Dictionary of Architects and Building Business in Moscow XV - XVIII Century Middle
156621: BONDI, ENGE - Naomi Savage : Faces, Figures, Forks and the Future
154655: BONDIL, NATHALIE AND SOPHIE BIASS-FABIANI (EDITORS) - Metamorphoses in Rodin's Studio
150667: BONDIL, NATHALIE (EDITOR) - Benjamin-Constant: Marvels and Mirages of Orientalism
155689: BONDIL, NATHALIE AND SOPHIE BIASS-FABIANI (EDITORS) - Metamorphoses in Rodin's Studio
111958: BONDIL, NATHALIE - The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Guide
157433: BONDY, LOUIS W. - Miniature Books: Their History from the Beginnings to the Present Day
147128: BONE, MUIRHEAD - War Drawings by Muirhead Bone, Edition de Luxe, from the Collection Presented to the British Museum by His Majesty's Government (Incomplete)
144872: BONER, GEORGETTE AND EBERHARD FISCHER - Alice Boner Und Die Kunst Indiens
116818: BONET, JUAN MANUEL - Pelayo Ortega: Paintings and Constructions
149073: BONET, JUAN MANUEL AND MARCELO E. PACHECO - Claves Del Arte Latinoamericano: Coleccion Costantini
141100: BONET, JUAN MANUEL WITH 7 OTHERS - Naco Fabre: Sobre la Extension Vacia - Obra 2000-2012
135780: BONET, JUAN MANUEL - Richard Hudson: Sculptures
107900: BONETTI, CARLO ET AL. - Along a High Way of History: National Museum of the St. Gotthard
149425: BONEY, KNOWLES - Liverpool Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century and Its Makers
156982: BONFANTE-WARREN, ALEXANDRA - The Musee D'Orsay
156157: BONFANTE, LARISSA - Etruscan Dress
151117: BONGER, H. - Dirck Volckertszoon Coornhert: Studie over Een Nuchter En Vroom Nederlander
144298: BONHAMS - Arts of the Samurai, Tuesday October 8, 2013
35278: BONHAMS, LONDON, ENGLAND: DECEMBER 14, 1999 - Jasper Francis Cropsey: Richmond Hill in the Summer of 1862
144300: BONHAMS - The James A. Rose Collection of Netsuke & Sagemono, Tuesday September 17, 2013
139825: BONHAMS - The Russian Sale, 2 Vols. , No. 18991
139824: BONHAMS - The Russian Sale
144297: BONHAMS - Asian Decorative Arts: Wednesday October 9, 2013
144324: BONHAMS - Fine Asian Works of Art: Monday June 24, 2013
139828: BONHAMS - The Russia Sale, 30 May 2012
16452: BONHEUR, ROSA ; ANNE HENDERSON - Rosa Bonheur: Selected Works from American Collections
150330: BONI, MARGARET BRADFORD (EDITOR) - Fireside Book of Folk Songs
117153: BONIFACINI, MILENA - Milena Bonifacini: Nye Arbejder / Recent Works 1994 - 1997
113294: BONINI, GIUSEPPE WITH OTHERS - La Tana Del Lupo; Mostra Critica Del Giocattolo/Massa
152230: BONNAFFÉ, EDMOND - Les Propos de Valentin (Librairie de L'Art)
152161: BONNAFFÉ, EDMOND - Causeries Sur L'Art Et la Curiosité
142075: BONNEFOY, YVES (ED.) - La Revolution la Nuit
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158139: BRINKERHOFF, DEBORAH - In Search of the Dream : The American West
158547: BRINKLEY, CAPTAIN F. - China Its History Arts and Literature, Volume IX, Keramic Art

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