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110101: BROWN, WILLIAM MORGAN AND TONY FERRI - David Lax: Paintings and Drawings
140279: BROWN, COCO - American Dream: The Houses at Sagaponac: Modern Living in the Hamptons
138604: BROWN, DAVID B. AND KLAUS ALBRECHT SCHRODER - Joseph Mallord William Turner
5174: BROWN, ANN BARTON - Howard Pyle, a Teacher
130426: BROWN, MALCOLM (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY) - Secret Despatches from Arabia: And Other Writings by T.E. Lawrence
140295: BROWN, JONATHAN AND JOHN ELLIOTT (EDITORS) - The Sale of the Century: Artistic Relations between Spain and Great Britain, 1604-1655
105144: BROWN, JONATHAN (EDITOR) - Studies in the History of Art Volume 11: Figures of Thought: El Greco As Interpreter of History, Tradition, and Ideas
25816: BROWN, ANN BARTON - Frank E. Schoonover: Illustrator
14976: BROWN, MILTON - Social Art in America: 1930-1945
125424: BROWN, BETTY ANN ET AL. - Hans Burkhardt: The California State University, Northridge Collection
18794: BROWN, J. CARTER (EDITOR) - Federal Buildings in Context: The Role of Design Review
127292: BROWN, PAUL - Spills and Thrills
126133: BROWN, FREDERICK (EDITOR/TRANSLATOR) - Alexis de Tocqueville: Letters from America
153281: BROWN, JONATHAN - In the Shadow of Velázquez: A Life in Art History
102914: BROWN, WALTER ROBERT ; MEMPHIS BROOKS MUSEUM OF ART.; ET AL. - Collection Highlights from the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
135222: BROWN, ALICE - The Road to Castaly
155129: BROWN, PAUL - Crazy Quilt: The Story of a Piebald Pony
157908: BROWN, CHARLOTTE VESTAL - West African Textile
150084: BROWN, KATHAN - Ink, Paper, Metal, Wood: How to Recognize Contemporary Artists' Prints
104840: BROWN, JONATHAN AND RICHARD G. MANN - Spanish Paintings of the Fifteenth Through Nineteenth Centuries
19974: BROWN, BEVERLY LOUISE AND PAOLA MARINI (EDITORS) - Jacopo Bassano, C. 1510-1592
148911: BROWN, DIANA TAYLOR AND DIANA STEWART WALKER (COMP.) - Catch'Ems? Letters by Ellis Phinney [Taylor] (2 Vols. )
155305: BROWN, KATHAN AND ANNE D'HARNONCOURT - John Cage Etchings 1978-1982
130097: BROWN, JOHN - The Pilgrim Fathers of New England and Their Puritan Successors
130459: BROWN, MALCOLM (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY) - T.E. Lawrence: The Selected Letters
123259: BROWN, KENDALL H. AND NANCY GREEN AND ANDREW STEVENS - Color Woodcut International: Japan, Britain, and America in the Early Twentieth Century
7724: BROWN, MILTON W. - American Painting from the Armory Show to the Depression
143767: BROWN, OWEN (COORDINATOR) - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Amgueddfa Cymru -- National Museum Wales
20113: BROWN, SYLVIA - Ron Nagle
150303: BROWN, HENRY T. - Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements, Embracing All Those Which Are Most Important in Dynamics, Hydraulics, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Steam Engines, MILL and Other Gearing, Presses, Horology, and Miscellaneous Machinery; and Including Many Movements Never Before Published and Several Which Have Only Recently Come Into Use
136475: BROWN, GLEN R. - Quiet Symmetry: The Ceramic Art of Yoshiro Ikeda
136471: BROWN, JONATHAN - Murillo: Virtuoso Draftsman
136455: BROWN, LOIS - Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins: Black Daughter of the Revolution
111209: BROWNE, KELVIN - Bold Visions: The Architecture of the Royal Ontario Museum
113427: BROWNE, TURNER AND ELAINE PARTNOW - Macmillan Biographical Encyclopedia of Photographic Artists & Innovators
149902: BROWNE, ROSALIND BENGELSDORF AND IRVING SANDLER - Byron Browne (1907-1961): Paintings and Gouaches, C. 1950
155172: BROWNE, C. A. (CHARLES ALBERT) - Scientific Notes from the Books and Letters of John Winthrop, Jr. (1606-1676), First Governor of Connecticut
113887: BROWNE, PORTER EMERSON - A Liberty Loan Primer
153991: BROWNE, J. ROSS - Etchings of a Whaling Cruise
135582: BROWNE, CLARE - Lace from the Victoria and Albert Museum
22407: BROWNE, GARY LAWSON - Baltimore in the Nation, 1789-1861: A Social Economy in Industrial Revolution (2-Volume Set)
116666: BROWNELL, W.C. - French Art: Classic and Contemporary Painting and Sculpture
115045: BROWNELL, CHARLES DE WOLF - The Indian Races of North and South America
108963: BROWNELL, CHARLES PH.D. (EDITOR) - Architecture and the Decorative Arts: New Findings from the Department of Art History, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University
124188: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Pied Piper of Hamelin
3883: BROWNING, COLLEEN - Colleen Browning: Recent Paintings
136834: BROWNING, DOMINIQUE - The New Garden Paradise: Great Private Gardens of the World
3884: BROWNING, COLLEEN - Colleen Browning: Recent Paintings
109805: BROWNING, JEFFREY - John Register
150598: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT AND S. R. TOWNSHEND MAYER (EDITOR) - Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Addressed to Richard Hengist Horne... With Comments on Contemporaries (2 Vols. )
123712: BROWNING, ROBERT - Rabbi Ben Ezra
144833: BROWNING, ROBERT - Red Cotton Night-Cap Country, or Turf and Towers
150316: BROWNING, ROBERT BARRETT - The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, 1845-1846, in Two Volumes
152094: BROWNLEE, PETER WITH VALERIA PICCOLI AND GEORGIANNA UHLYARIK (EDITORS) - Picturing the Americas: Landscape Painting from Tierra Del Fuego to the Arctic
155198: BROWNLEE, PETER JOHN - Samuel F.B. Morse's Gallery of the Louvre and the Art of Invention
153661: BROWNLEE, PETER JOHN ET AL. - Picturing the Americas: Landscape Painting from Tierra Del Fuego to the Arctic
112873: BROWNLEE, DAVID WITH DAVID DELONG AND KATHRYN HIESINGER - Out of the Ordinary: Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Associates - Architecture, Urbanism, Design
151383: BROWSE, LILLIAN - Walter R. Sickert, 1860-1942
14690: BROWSE, LILLIAN - Walter R. Sickert, 1860-1942
137873: BROWSE, LILLIAN - William Nicholson
150528: BRU, RICARD - Erotic Japonisme: The Influence of Japanese Sexual Imagery on Western Art
124702: BRU, RICARD ET AL. - Imagenes Secretas: Picasso Y la Estampa Erotica Japonesa
32630: BRUBAKER, JACK - Down the Susquehanna to the Chesapeake
26633: BRUCE, HAROLD - Winterthur in Bloom: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
136311: BRUCE MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES - Three African Traditions: The Art of the Dogon, Fang and Songye
107578: BRUCE, CURT - The Great Houses of New Orleans
130978: BRUCE, PHILIP ALEXANDER - Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeeth Century. An Inquiry Into the Material Condition of the People, Based Upon Original and Contemporaneous Records
113933: BRUCE, CHRIS - Strange
134868: BRUCE, WILLIAM CABELL - John Randolph of Roanoke, 1773-1833: A Biography Based Largely on New Material (2 Vols. )
113679: BRUCE, EDWARD AND FORBES WATSON - Art in Federal Buildings: An Illustrated Record of the Treasury Department's New Program in Painting and Sculpture - Volume 1: Mural Designs, 1934-1936
144094: BRUCE MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES - Three African Traditions: The Art of the Dogon, Fang and Songye
125873: BRUCE, CHRIS (ESSAYIST) - Myth of the West
157731: BRUCIATI, ANDREA AND ANTONELLA CRIPPA - On Air: Video in Onda Dall'Italia
140665: BRUCKBAUER, SUSANNE - 88. Auktion - Dr. Crott - 16 November, 2013
145189: BRUCKMANN, REMIGIUS - Frederic Amat
127225: BRUCKNER, ALBERT - Scriptoria Medii Aevi Helvetica: Monuments de la Paleographie Suisse Du Moyen Age
114352: BRUCKNER, D.J.R., SEYMOUR CHWAST, AND STEVEN HELLER - Art Against War: 400 Years of Protest in Art
142477: BRUCKNER, WOLFGANG - Die Bilderfabrik
156335: BRUCKNER, GERALDINE (EDITOR) - Expedition, Volume 10, Number 1, Fall 1967 (the Bulletin of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania)
153063: BRÜDERLIN, MARKUS ET AL. - Japan and the West: The Filled Void
112929: BRUES, EVA AND HELMUT HAHN - Helmut Hahn: Wandbehange
113657: BRUGEROLLES, EMMANUELLE - Les Dessins de la Collection Armand-Valton: La Donation D'Un Grand Collectionneur Du Xixe Siecle a L'Ecole Des Beaux-Arts
156740: BRUGEROLLES, EMANNUELLE - De Michel-Ange a Gericault: Dessins de la Donation Armand-Valton
113540: BRUGEROLLES, EMMANUELLE - Les Dessins Venitiens: Des Collections de L'Ecole Des Beaux-Arts
109800: BRUGEROLLES, EMMANUELLE AND DAVID GUILLET - Poussin, Claude and Their World: Seventeenth-Century French Drawings from the Ecole Des Beaux-Arts, Paris
115620: BRUGEROLLES, EMMANUELLE AND DAVID GUILLET - Le Dessin En France Au Xvie Siecle: Dessins Et Miniatures Des Collections de L'Ecole Des Beaux-Arts
113773: BRUGEROLLES, EMMANUELLE - Renaissance Et Manierisme Dans Les Ecoles Du Nord: Dessins Des Collections de L'Ecole Des Beaux-Arts
135323: BRUGEROLLES, EMMANUELLE AND DAVID GUILLET - Dessins D'Alexandre Hesse Conserves a L'Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts: Etudes Pour Les Decorations Peintes
154119: BRUGGEMANN, WERNER AND HARALD BOHMER - Teppiche Der Bauern Und Nomaden in Anatolien
108163: BRUGGER, INGRIED AND KLAUS ALBRECHT SCHRODER (EDITORS) - The Decade of Painting: Austria 1980 to 1990: Schomer Collection
110503: BRUGGER, INGRIED WITH OTHERS - George Braque
106369: BRUGGER, INGRIED (EDITOR) - Jahrhundert Der Frauen. Vom Impressionismus Zur Gegenwart. Osterreich 1870 Bis Heute
140931: BRUGGER, INGRIED AND JOSEPH KIBLITSKY (EDITORS) - Kasimir Malewitsch (Staatliches Russisches Museum, Kunstforum Wien)
119263: BRUGHETTI, ROMUALDO - Mario Dario Grandi
122627: BRUHAM, HELEN (CURATOR) - Rubens: Paintings, Drawings, Prints in the Princes Gate Collection
106875: BRUHL, GEORGE - Porzellanfiguren: Zierde Des Bürgerlichen Salons
157148: BRUHN, THOMAS P. - American Decorative Tiles, 1870-1930
9446: BRUHN, THOMAS P. - American Etching: The 1880s
143058: BRUHN, THOMAS P. - The Landscape Etchings of Robert C. Minor (1839-1904)
122359: BRUHNS, LEO - Tilman Riemenschneider
136217: BRUIJNEN, YVETTE, ET AL. - Getekend, Jan R. : Jan Rombouts, Een Renaissancemeester Herontdekt
131923: BRUK, JAKOB - Peredwischniki "Wandermaler"; Realistische Malerei Russlands in Der Zweiten Halfte Des 19. Jahrhunderts Aus Der Staatlichen Tretjakow-Galerie in Moskau Und Dem Staatlichen Russischen Museum in Leningrad
140840: BRUK, YA. V. (ED.) - Iskusstvo XX Veka (Art of the XX Century)
157888: BRULL, MARIANO - Exposición de Arte En la Universidad de la Habana. Escuelas Europeas (Organizada Por El Instituto Nacional de Artes Plásticas Bajo Los Auspicios de la Universidad de la Habana Y de la Corporación Nacional Del Turismo, la Habana, Enero de 1940. )
146115: BRUMFIELD, WILLIAM CRAFT - A History of Russian Architecture
112349: BRUMFIELD, WILLIAM CRAFT - Lost Russia: Photographing the Ruins of Russian Architecture
135663: BRUMFIELD, WILLIAM CRAFT - Kolomna : Arkhitekturnoe Nasledie V Fotografiiakh = Kolomna: Architectural Heritage in Photographs
135662: BRUMFIELD, WILLIAM CRAFT - Vologda = Vologda
146962: BRUMFILD, WILLIAM - Svyatyni Russkogo Severa - Dokumentalno-Khudozhestvennye Fotografii / Shrines of the Russian North - Documentary-Feature Photographs
134847: BRUNDAGE, PERCIVAL F. ET AL. - Land and Water Resources of the New England-New York Region: Senate Document 14, 85th Congress, 1st Session
151498: BRUNDAGE, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Bruce Nauman: 25 Years
28654: BRUNELLO, FRANCO - The Art of Dyeing in the History of Mankind
23779: BRUNER, LOUISE - Carolyn Plochmann: Intuitions
148330: BRUNERIE-KAUFFMANN, JOELLE ET AL. - Alfred Manessier: Le Tragique Et la Lumiere (1937-1989)
127162: BRUNET, JEAN-PIERRE (FOREWORD) - Millet, Corot, Courbet Et L'Ecole de Barbizon
117028: BRUNETTI, JOHN - William Conger: Iron Heart City
126119: BRUNETTI, JOHN (TEXT) - Barbara Cooper, Re: Growth
103640: BRUNHAMMER, YVONNE - Fernand Leger: The Monumental Art
147403: BRUNHAMMER, YVONNE ET AL. - Art Nouveau Belgium, France
121643: BRUNI, CLAUDIO - Iperrealisti Americani
155679: BRUNI, CLAUDIO - Iperrealisti Americani
126949: BRUNI, ARNALDO; MANLIO PASTORE STOCCHI; GIANNI VENTURI - Biblioteca Canoviana Ossia Raccolta Delle Migliori Prose, E de' Piu Scelti Componimenti Poetici Sulla Vita, Sulle Opere Ed in Morte Di Antonio Canova: Tomi I-IV
106283: BRÜNING, ADOLF - Porzellan (Handbücher Der Königlichen Museen Zu Berlin. Kunstgewerbemuseum)
116256: BRUNIUS, TEDDY - Baertling: Discoverer of Open Form
120062: BRUNIUS, TEDDY ET AL. - Baertling: Discoverer of Open Form
144668: BRUNNER, CHRISTINE - Helmut Dirnaichner: Papier, Erde, Asche, Kalk, Palude, Wein Und Meer
27669: BRUNNER, HERBERT - Altes Tafelsilber: Ein Brevier Fur Sammler Und Liebhaber
126881: BRUNNER, FELIX - A Handbook of Graphic Reproduction Processes: A Technical Guide... Handbuch Der Druckgraphik. Manuel de la Gravure
156333: BRUNNSAKER, STURE - The Tyrant-Slayers of Kritios and Nesiotes: A Critical Study of the Sources and Restorations
132257: BRUNO MANTURA; ET AL. - Jannis Kounellis
144638: BRUNO, GIANFRANCO - Guerello
2342: BRUNSWICK, ME: BOWDOIN COLLEGE, 1974 - The Winslows: Pilgrims, Patrons and Portraits
4628: BRUNSWICK, ME: BOWDOIN COLLEGE, SEPT. 22 TO NOV. 5, 1972 - Warshaw: A Decade of Murals
138805: BRUS, GUNTER - Das Meer, Uferlos... Zeichnungen
121955: BRUSATIN, MANLIO - Canova: Gypsotheca
138860: BRUSCHETTI, PAOLO ET AL. - Gli Etruschi Dall'Arno Al Tevere: Le Collezioni Del Louvre a Cortona
119612: BRUSCHWEILER, JURA - Exhibition Ferdinand Hodler: Paintings and Drawings from the Josef Muller Collection and Other Collections / Ausstellung Ferdinand Hodler: Olbilder Und Zeichnungen Aus Der Sammlung Josef Muller Sowie Aus Schweizer Privatbesitz
144768: BRUSCHWEILER, JURA ET AL. - Exposition Ferdinand Hodler
154762: BRUSH, KATHRYN - The Shaping of Art History: Wilhelm Vöge, Adolph Goldschmidt, and the Study of Medieval Art
16583: BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: MUSÉE DU COSTUME ET DE A DENTELLE, JAN. 31 TO MAR. 8, 1992, THREE OTHER DATES - 5th International Lace Biennial
10253: BRUSSELS: MUSEES ROYAUX DES BEAUX-ARTS DE BELGIQUE, OCT. 20 TO NOV. 16, 1969 - Bruegel: Le Peintre Et Son Monde
13965: BRUTON GALLERY, SOMERSET, ENGLAND: MAY 11, 1987 ONWARD - Gilles Sacksick
17840: BRUTON GALLERY, SOMERSET, ENGLAND: NO DATE - Robert Wlerick, 1882-1944: An Anthology of Words and Images
143210: BRUTON, WENDY B. AND BARBARA D. AIKENS - A Finding Aid to the Records of the American Federation of Arts
467.1: BRUTVAN, CHERYL A. AND ANITA COLES COSTELLO AND HELEN RAYE - Masterworks on Paper from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery
138895: BRUTVAN, CHERYL AND ROBERT CREELEY - Susan Rothenberg: Paintings from the Nineties
23143: BRUTVAN, CHERYL AND MARC MAYER - In Western New York, 1997
118873: BRUYN, JOSUA - De Levensbron: Het Werk Van Een Leerling Van Jan Van Eyck
152243: BRY, DORIS - Alfred Stieglitz: Photographer
3887: BRY, EDITH AND IAN SINGER - Edith Bry: A Retrospective
103797: BRY, DORIS (EDITOR) - Georgia O'Keeffe: Some Memories of Drawings
104327: BRY, DORIS - Exhibition of Photographs by Alfred Stieglitz
146341: BRYAN, JOHN M. - Biltmore Estate: The Most Distinguished Private Place
147109: BRYAN, MICHAEL - A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, from the Revival of the Art Under Cimabue, and the Alledged Discovery of Engraving by Finiguerra, to the Present Time... (2 Vols. )
22326: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN - The Flood of Years
105786: BRYANT, G. E. - The Chelsea Porcelain Toys, Scent-Bottles, Bonbonnieres, Etuis, Seals and Statuettes, Made at the Chelsea Factory, 1745-1769, & Derby Chelsea, 1770-1784
141897: BRYANT, EDWARD - Leon Golub: Portraits of Power
389.1: BRYANT, LORINDA MUNSON - American Pictures and Their Painters
140802: BRYANT, ERIC - Pablo Atchugarry: Lives in Stone
156818: BRYANT, THOMAS - A Manual for the Practice of Surgery
148443: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN - The Song of the Sower
106722: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN (EDITOR) - Picturesque America, the Land We Live in: A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, Water-Falls, Shores, Cañons, Valleys, Cities, and Other Picturesque Features of Our Country. (2 Volumes)
12499.1: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN, ED - Picturesque America, the Land We Live in: A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, Water-Falls, Shores, Cañons, Valleys, Cities, and Other Picturesque Features of Our Country (2 Vols. )
126689: BRYANT, BLANCHE BROWN AND GERTRUDE ELAINE BAKER - Early Settlers Plymouth Vermont : Including Their Genealogical Records
132489: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN (TRANSLATOR) - The Iliad of Homer Translated Into English Blank Verse
152604: BRYANT, G. E. - The Chelsea Porcelain Toys, Scent-Bottles, Bonbonnieres, Etuis, Seals and Statuettes, Made at the Chelsea Factory, 1745-1769, & Derby Chelsea, 1770-1784
125465: BRYANT, JULIUS - Finest Prospects: Three Historic Houses: A Study in London Typography
2431: BRYANT, KEITH L., JR. - William Merritt Chase: A Genteel Bohemian
134969: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN - The Song of the Sower
104796: BRYANT, JULIUS - The Iveagh Bequest: Kenwood
108126: BRYCE, FERNANDO - Ich Heisse Nicht Juanita
154002: BRYCE, JAMES - The American Commonwealth (in Two Volumes)
114225: BRYCE, BETTY KELLY - American Printmakers, 1946-1996: An Index to Reproductions and Biocritical Information
133659: BRYCE, KRISTY (EDITOR) - Cy Twombly: Works from the Sonnabend Collection
119102: BRYEN, CAMILLE - Bryen
110535: BRYFOGLE, TAM CURRY (EDITOR) - The Patricia G. England Collection of Fine Press and Artists' Books
110535.1: BRYFOGLE, TAM CURRY (EDITOR) - The Patricia G. England Collection of Fine Press and Artists' Books
111110: BRYNER, ELLEN - Familien Alles Bleibt, Wie Es Nie War
134974: BRYNER, EDNA - The Garment Trades
113466: BRYSON, NORMAN - Vision and Painting: The Logic of the Gaze
139921: BRYSON, BILL - The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America
13886: BRYSON, NORMAN AND BERNARD BARRYTE - In Medusa's Gaze: Still Life Paintings from Upstate New York Museums
143288: BRYSON, NORMAN - Word and Image: French Painting of the Ancien Régime
112491: BRZYSKI, ANNA (ED.) - Partisan Canons
146061: BUATTA, MARIO WITH EMILY EVANS EERDMANS - Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration
143827: BUBCHIKOVA, MARIANA - Russkiy Farfor: Pushkinskoy Zpokhi / Russian Porcelain, a Portrait Gallery: 1790s-1830s (Russian Porcelain in Pushkin's Era)
146827: BUBCHIKOVA, M.A. - Dusha Obedaet Sama... Obed V Russkoy Kul'Ture Kontsa XVIII- Nachala XX Veka
146958: BUBNOVA, E. - Staryy Russkiy Fayans / Old Russian Faience
140231: BUBNOVA, E. A. - Konakovskiy Fayans (Konakovsky Faience)
114131: BUCARELLI, MAURO - Rossini 1792-1992: Mostra Storico-Documentaria
137944: BUCCELLATI, GRAZIELLA (EDITOR) - Gianni Maimeri: From a Nocturnal to a Radiant Painting (1884-1951)
124063: BUCCELLATI, GRAZIELLA ET AL. - La Basilica Di San Prospero a Reggio Emilia: 997-1997
147397: BUCCI, MORENO AND CARL BRANDON STREHLKE - Lorenzo Bonechi, 1955-1994, Pittore Di Luce: Dipinti a Tempera E Ad Olio Dal 1980 Al 1994
114407: BUCCI, MORENO - Drawings for the Stage: Italian Set Designs from 1790 to 1860
150513: BUCCIANTINI, MASSIMO ET AL. - Galileo's Telescope: A European Story
137803: BUCHAN, URSULA ; CHRISTOPHER WOOD; GRAHAM REYNOLDS; SOTHEBY'S (FIRM); FINNIS SCOTT FOUNDATION.; ET AL. - Pictures from the Collection of Sir David & Lady Scott : The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of
119560: BUCHANAN, DONALD WITH COLIN GRAHAM AND GORDON WASHBURN - The Third Biennial Exhibition of Canadian Art 1959
11619: BUCHANAN, DONALD W. - The Growth of Canadian Painting
152987: BUCHANAN, PETER - Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Complete Works Volume Four
36339: BUCHANON, ROBERT - Undertones
115212: BUCHE, WOLFGANG AND INES JANET ENGELMANN (EDITORS) - Das Andere Ich: Portrats 1900 - 1950
138621: BUCHE, WOLFGANG (EDITOR) - Lyonel Feininger: Die Halle-Bilder
138683: BUCHE, WOLFGANG ET AL. (EDITORS) - Lyonel Feininger: Die Halle-Bilder
132376: BUCHER, FRANZ; HANS SCHREINER; GALERIE WOLFGANG KETTERER - Franz Bucher: Skulpturen, Reliefs, Zeichnungen. Hans Schreiner: Obilder. Lagerkatalog 35
145201: BUCHER, CARL UND EWE RUTH - Stadt Und Skulptur: Carl Bucher
13813: BUCHER, FRANÇOIS AND JOSEF ALBERS - Josef Albers: Despite Straight Lines
128192: BUCHERER, MAX - Spitzenbilder, Papierschnitte, Portraetsilhouetten
154532: BUCHHART, DIETER AND TRICIA LAUGHLIN BLOOM (EDITORS) - Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks
107571: BUCHHART, DIETER AND MARTIN HOCHLEITNER - From / to: Karl-Heinz Klopf
154539: BUCHHART, DIETER (EDITOR) - Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now's the Time
28952: BUCHHESTER, ELISABETH, AND WILLI KEMP - Carl Buchheister (1890 - 1964): Werkverzeichnis Der Gegenstandlichen Arbeiten (Gemalde, Gouachen, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Typographische Arbeiten, Druckgraphik)
8977: BUCHHOLZ GALLERY, NY: MAR. 23 TO APR. 17, 1948 - Jacques Lipchitz: Early Stone Carvings and Recent Bronzes
109424: BUCHHOLZ GALLERY - Paul Klee
20137: BUCHHOLZ GALLERY, NY: OCT. 20 TO NOV. 15, 1947 - Pablo Picasso: Lithographs, 1945-1947
132107: BUCHHOLZ GALLERY - Drawings and Watercolors from the Collection of John S. Newberry, Jr.
141650: BUCHLOH, BENJAMIN H. D. (EDITOR) - October 42 Broodthaers: Writings, Interviews, Photographs
147995: BUCHLOH, BENJAMIN H. D. - Ellsworth Kelly: Matrix
132044: BUCHNER, JOACHIM - Surrealismus: Eine Didaktische Schau
140591: BUCHNER, ERNST AND KARL FEUCHTMAYR (EDITORS) - Augsburger Kunst Der Spatgotik Und Renaissance, Lieferung I & II (Beitrage Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Kunst, Bd. II)
114650: BUCHNER, ALEXANDER ET AL. - Mozart and Prague
123544: BUCHNER, ERNST - Albrecht Altdorfer Und Sein Kreis
139266: BUCHSE, ANGELIKA - Tiere Auf Ikonen: Biblische Geschichten Und Heiligenlegenden Fur Kinder Und Erwachsene
112685: BUCHSEL, MARTIN AND PETER SCHMIDT (EDITORS) - Realitat Und Projektion: Wirklichkeitsnahe Darstellung in Antike Und Mittelalter
124737: BUCHSEL, MARTIN ET AL. - Die Bronzen Der Furstlichen Sammlung Liechtenstein
112586: BUCHWALD, DIANA KORMOS (ED.) - The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 10: The Berlin Years - Correspondence May-December 1920, Supplementary Correspondence 1909-1920
130096: BUCK, WILLIAM J. - History of Montgomery County
117820: BUCK, PAT RINGLING WITH MARCIA CORBINO AND KEVIN DEAN - A History of Visual Art in Sarasota
130271: BUCK, ALEX (EDITOR) - Alexander Neumeister: Designermonographien / Designer Monographs 8
132534: BUCK, LOUISA - Surealist Spirit in Britain
131240.1: BUCK, J.H. - Old Plate: Its Makers and Marks
131240.2: BUCK, J.H. - Old Plate: Its Makers and Marks
122337.1: BUCK, J.H. - Old Plate: Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic: Its Makers and Marks
122337: BUCK, J.H. - Old Plate: Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic: Its Makers and Marks
156383: BUCK, CARL DARLING - Introduction to the Study of the Greek Dialects: Grammar, Selected Inscriptions, Glossary
135028: BUCK, PEARL S. - China in Black and White: An Album of Woodcuts by Contemporary Chinese Artists
131240: BUCK, J.H. - Old Plate: Its Makers and Marks
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120834: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH - Historical Atlas of World Mythology, Vol. 1: The Way of the Seeded Earth: Part 1: The Sacrifice
151861: CAMPBELL, CHRISTOPHER M. - American Chippendale Furniture, 1755-1790
118329: CAMPBELL, JEAN - Cav. Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo: Painter and Teacher and Some Prominent Pupils
107226: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH - The Mythic Image
109396: CAMPBELL, THOMAS P. - Henry VIII and the Art of Majesty: Tapestries at the Tudor Court
119748: CAMPBELL, SHARON - Carl R. Blair: Enamoured - New Paintings
119937: CAMPBELL, LAWRENCE ET AL. - John Hultberg: Visonary Theater: Paintings and Works on Paper 1991-1994
9486: CAMPBELL, LAWRENCE - Clarence Carter: A Retrospective View

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