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121015: JOSEPH JUNGMANN - The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer
63320: DR. HUBERT JUNKER. - Die Zwolf Kleinen Propheten: Nahum, Habakuk, Sophonias, Aggaus, Zacharias, Malachias.
63314: DR. HUBERT JUNKER. - Das Buch Deuteronomium.
68146: FRIEDERICH JURGENSMEIER, D.D. - The Mystical Body of Christ As the Principle of Religious Life.
68147: DR. FRIEDERICH JURGENSMEIER. - Der Mystische Leib Christi Als Grundprinzip Der Aszetik.
106650: ADOLF JUSKEVIC ET AL. - Leonhard Euler Briefwechsel: Opera Omnia - Series Quarta a: Commercium Epistolicum Vol. I.
106651: ADOLF JUSKEVIC ET AL. - Leonhard Euler Briefwechsel: Opera Omnia - Series Quarta a: Commercium Epistolicum Vol. V.
106542: A.P. JUSKEVIC AND E. WINTER. - Die Berliner Und Die Petersburger Akademie Der Wissenschaften IM Briefwechsel Leonhard Eulers: Teil I-II.
93649: MARK KENT & SISTER MARY JUST. - The Glory of Christ: A Pageant of Two Hundred Missionary Lives...
74033: ADRIAN L. VAN KAAM. - A Light to the Gentiles: The Life-Story of the Venerable Francis Libermann.
102710: P.K. KABIR. - The Development of Weak Interaction Theory.
73493: MATTHEW KABRISKY. - A Proposed Model for Visual Information Processing in the Human Brain.
83988: LOUIS KACZMAREK. - Mary and the Power of God's Love.
102757: B.B. KADOMTSEV. - Plasma Turbulence.
103411: FRANZ KAFKA. - Selected Short Stories of Franz Kafka.
40150: HEINRICH KAHLEFELD. - Parables and Instruments in the Gospels.
122804: E.J. KAHN - The China Hands: America's Foreign Service Officers and What Befell Them.
61169: CHARLES H. KAHN. - Anaximander and the Origins of Greek Cosmology.
86398: PETER B. KAHN. - Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers: Linear and Non-Linear Systems.
121183: M.G. KAINS - Five Acres and Independence: A Practical Guide to the Selection and Management of the Small Farm
66915: EDWIN G. KAISER. - The Story of Saint Augustine's from Pioneer Days, 1868, 1882, 1958.
50721: EDWIN G. KAISER, C.PP.S. - Theology of Work.
97634: REV. JOHN KALLOK. - The Eastern Catholic Church.
132059: EDMUND KALT, EDITOR - Herder's Commentary on the Psalms
46531: JOSEF KALUZA. - Darstellende Geometrie.
66731: AHMAD KAMAL. - The Sacred Journey Being Pilgrimage to Makkah.
55309: J. KAMMERLOHER. - Hochfrequenztechnik I: Elektromagnetische Schwingungskreise.
73562: LAVEEN N. KANAL, ED. - Pattern Recognition.
60025: WILLIAM HUMBERT KANE, O.P. - The Dignity of Science: Studies in the Philosophy of Science.
68584: REVEREND GEORGE L. KANE, ED. - Meeting the Vocation Crisis.
68494: ROBERT KANE, S.J. - The Plain Gold Ring: Lectures on Home.
65762: REV. ROBERT KANE. - The Sermon of the Sea and Other Studies.
150030: IMMANUEL KANT - Critique of Pure Reason
17169: MACKINLAY KANTOR & TIM KANTOR. - Hamilton County.
97121: JOHN KAO. - Innovation Nation.
41754: MORTON A. KAPLAN. - On Historical and Political Knowing: An Inquiry Into Some Problems of Universal Law and Human Freedom.
108248: ABRAHAM KAPLAN. - In Pursuit of Wisdom: The Scope of Philosophy.
35792: OLIVER KAPSNER. - A Benedictine Bibliography [Two Volume Set].
80417: A.I. KARAMYAN. - Evolution of the Function of the Cerebellum and Cerebral Hemispheres.
121071: ALLAN KARDEC - The Spirits' Book Containing the Principles of Spiritualist Doctrine
105459: ROBERT H. KARGON. - Science in Victorian Manchester.
68084: DR. KARL BRAIG, ET AL. - Jesus Christus.
68822: KARL RAHNER, S.J., ET AL. - Religious Orders in the Modern World: A Symposium.
97764: GEORGE KAROLYI. - An Excursion Into the Paranormal: Revised Edition.
57775: ANATOLY KARPOV. - Miniatures from the World Champions.
109683: ALEXANDER KARR AND ARTHUR C. ZEPP. - The Power of Personality in Business.
15019: JEAN KARR - Grace Livingston Hill: Her Story and Her Writings
63703: OTTO KARRER. - Die Worte Jesu: Einst Und Heute.
85222: OTTO KARRER. - Peter and the Church: An Examination of Cullman's Thesis.
84878: ROBERT J. KARRIS. - The Pastoral Epistles.
112872: RAFAEL KARSTEN - Blood Revenge, War, and Victory Feasts Among the Jibaro Indians of Eastern Ecuador.
43314: REV. FRANCIS A. KARWOSKI. - A Comparison of the Matrimonial Impediments of the State of Ohio and the Code of Canon Law.
91064: DR. KARL KASTNER. - Jesus Vor Pilatus.
101113: PHILIP KATCHER. - Armies of the American Wars 1753-1815.
6526: PHILIP KATCHER. - Rebels and Loyalists: The Revolutionary Soldier in Philadelphia.
111903: PHILLIP KATCHER. - Encyclopedia of British, Provincial, and German Army Units 1775-1783.
120739: PHILIP KATCHER - The Army of Robert E. Lee
87833: N.H. MAGER & JACQUES KATEL. - Conquest without War.
60957: LOUIS O. KATTSOFF. - Making Moral Decision: An Existential Analysis.
96687: JAMES J. MURPHY & RICHARD A. KATULA. - A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric: Second Edition.
112099: BERNHARD KATZ. - Electric Excitation of Nerve: A Review.
98526: DAVID S. KATZ. - God's Last Words: Reading the English Bible from the Reformation to Fundamentalism.
30349: DR. FRANZ KAUFEN. - Assnrien Und Babylonien.
120782: HENRY KAUFFMAN - Pennsylvania Dutch: American Folk Art
26142: PAMELA KAUFMAN. - Shield of Three Lions.
26355: SCHIMA KAUFMAN. - Mendelssohn: A Second Elijah.
39493: GORDON D. KAUFMAN. - Systematic Theology: A Historicist Perspective.
43816: CARL MARIA KAUFMANN. - Handbuch Der Chistlichen Archaologie.
66643: YEHEZKEL KAUFMANN. - The Babylonian Captivity and Deutero-Isaiah.
55312: WATHER KAUFMANN. - Angewandte Hydromechanik II.
109915: FRANZ KAULEN. - Assyrien Und Babylonien Nach Den Neuesten Entdeckungen.
102726: WALTER KAUZMANN. - Kinetic Theory of Gases.
69243: J.M. O'KAVANAGH, TRANS. - Cardinal Mercier's Conferences Delivered to His Seminarists at Mechlin.
66269: REV. WILLIAM A. KAVANAGH. - Lay Participation in Christ's Priesthood.
120774: JAMES KAVANAUGH - The Birth of God
111889: JAMES TERTIUS DE KAY. - Chronicles of the Frigate Macedonian 1809-1922.
102233: ROBERT J. KEALEY. - Reflections on My First Year As Principal.
66010: REV. THOMAS M. KEALY. - Dowry of Women Religious: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
81338: SEAN P. KEALY. - Soundings in Irish Spirituality.
140412: EDWARD KEAN - Surprise for Howdy Doody
62640: CLAUDE KEAN. - Stock Charges Against the Bible.
46105: BIL KEANE. - I Need a Hug.
66132: FRANCIS PATRICK KEARNEY. - The Principles of Canon 1127.
15031: CHERRY KEARTON - In the Land of the Lion
68521: THOMAS KEATING. - The Heart of the World: A Spiritual Catechism.
111736: JOHN KEATS. - Unpublished Poem to His Sister Fanny April 1818.
13553: JOHN KEATS. - Eminent Domain: The Louisiana Purchase and the Making of America.
45166: SISTER MAUREEN O'KEEFE. - Christian Love in Religious Life.
68880: SISTER MAUREEN O'KEEFE, S.S.N.D. - Christian Love in Religious Life.
97606: JERRY KEEFE. - Facts in Black and White.
70004: REV. PATRICK O'KEEFFE, C.C. - Sermons at Mass.
121988: JOHN KEEGAN - The First World War
81117: ROBERT DEVANEY & LINDA KEEN, EDS. - Chaos and Fractals: The Mathematics Behind the Computer Graphics.
64876: ALAN KEENAN AND JOHN RYAN. - Marriage: A Medical and Sacramental Study.
123236: CHARLES HAINES KEENE - Selections Illustrative of Greek Life, from the Minor Works of Xenophon
223: RAYMOND KEENE. - World Chess Championship: Kasparov V. Anand.
66059: MICHAEL JAMES KEENE. - Religious Ordinaries and Canon 198.
83361: WOLF D. KEIDEL ET AL. - Kybernetik Und Bionik: Cybernetics and Bionics.
69839: THOMAS H. KEIR. - The Word in Worship: Preaching and Its Setting in Common Worship.
86780: B.S. KEIRSTEAD. - The Theory of Economic Change.
87636: REV. ROBERT KEKEISEN. - Ask and Learn: Questions and Answers on the Life of the Church.
109903: WERNER H. KELBER. - The Passion in Mark.
122683: CHARLES FREDERICK KELLER - Mass Stipends
70644: JAMES KELLER. - The Priest and a World Vision.
71137: JAMES KELLER. - To Light a Candle: The Autobirography of James Keller, Founder of the Christophers.
69024: JAMES KELLER, M.M. - Just for Today: A Christopher Thought for Each Day of the Year.
95721: EDMUND B. KELLER. - Some Paradoxes of Paul.
45332: GERARD KELLER. - Het Vermoorde Parijs.
66552: E.E. KELLETT. - The Story of Myths.
130981: REV. FRANCIS C. KELLEY - Dominus Vobiscum: A Book of Letters
42600: VERY REV. FRANCIS C. KELLEY, ED. - The Great American Catholic Missionary Congress.
65763: FRANCIS CLEMENT KELLEY. - The Epistles of Father Timothy to His Parishioners.
99303: FATHER BENNET KELLEY. - The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1.
87655: C.F. KELLEY. - The Spirit of Love Based on the Teachings of St. Francois de Sales.
98810: JOHN JOSEPH KELLEY. - Bergson's Mysticism: A Philosophical Exposition and Evaluation of Bergson's Concept of Mysticism.
66230: REV. JEREMIAH FRANCIS KELLIHER. - Loss of Privileges.
63879: K.A. HEINRICH KELLNER. - Jesus Von Nazaret Und Seine Apostel IM Rahmen Der Zeitgeschichte.
83290: OLIVER DIMON KELLOGG. - Foundations of Potential Theory.
46603: WINTHROP N. KELLOGG. - Porpoises and Sonar.
122035: BERNARD J. KELLY - The Seven Gifts
132110: BERNARD W. KELLY - Historical Notes on English Catholic Missions
42468: MARY ELLEN KELLY. - But with the Dawn Rejoicing.
74243: MARY ELLEN KELLY. - But with the Dawn Rejoicing: The Joyful Answer to the Why of Suffering.
140834: BERNARD W. KELLY - Historical Notes on English Catholic Missions
141154: J.N.D. KELLY - Early Christian Doctrines
99135: MATTHEW KELLY. - Rediscovering Catholicism.
99150: GEORGE A. KELLY. - Human Sexuality in Our Time: What the Church Teaches.
70474: REV. KEVIN P. KELLY. - Guide for Beginners in the Catholic Faith.
64295: J.N.D. KELLY. - A Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles: I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus.
99642: FREDERIC JOSEPH KELLY. - Man Before God: Thomas Merton on Social Responsibility.
65756: REV. BERNARD J. KELLY. - Thy Kingdom Come: A Synthesis of the Principles and Practices of the Spiritual Life.
69618: P.J. KELLY, S.T.L. - So High the Price.
69791: REV. M.V. KELLY, C.S.B. - Some of the Pastor's Problems.
67203: VIRGIL A. KELLY. - The Truth About Catholics.
35259: BLANCHE MARY KELLY. - The Sudden Rose: An Essay on the Unity of Art.
16183: AMY KELLY. - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings.
38955: LINDA KELLY. - The Young Romantics.
65935: JAMES PATRICK KELLY. - The Jurisdiction of the Simple Confessor.
97461: REV. FATHER J. KELLY. - The Order of St. Camillus.
87446: HARRY C. KELLY. - A Textbook in Electricity and Magnetism.
95219: AMY KELLY. - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings.
110635: J.N.D. KELLY. - Early Christian Doctrines.
34989: W. HYDE KELLY. - The Battle of Wavre and Grouchy's Retreat.
2333: HUGH KELSEY. - Logical Bridge Play.
66941: MORTON KELSEY. - Encounter with God: A Theology of Christian Experience.
120528: D.M. KELSEY - Life and Public Services of William E. Gladstone: Salesman's Sample
101590: ALAN KEMP. - The Royal Artillery (7): Uniforms and Equipment.
60955: J. KEMP. - Reason, Action and Morality.
87348: BETTY KEMP. - King and Commons 1660-1832.
109291: PAUL KEMP. - Midget Submarines of the Second World War.
1210773: CONSTANTINE KEMPF, S.J. - The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century: Saintly Men and Women of Our Own Times
69469: PLACIDUS KEMPF, O.S.B. - This Is Our Mother.
123118: THOMAS A KEMPIS - The Imitation of Mary
1213454: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Of the Imitation of Christ
110041: THOMAS A KEMPIS. - The Imitation of Christ with Reflections from the Documents of Vatican II for Each Chapter.
1213455: THOMAS A KEMPIS - The Christian's Pattern or a Treatise of the Imitation of Jesus Christ
64937: F. CLAUDE KEMPSON. - The Future Life & Modern Difficulties.
97228: REV. JOSEPH B. KENKEL. - Sharing the Profits with Employees.
66894: REV. JOSEPH B. KENKEL. - Sharing the Profits with Employees.
60481: DALLAS KENMARE. - Love, the Unknown.
90855: GEORGE F. KENNAN. - From Prague After Munich: Diplomatic Papers 1938-1940.
120214: W.P.M. KENNEDY - Elizabethan Episcopal Administration: An Essay in Sociology and Politics
112354: [GRACE KENNEDY]. - Father Clement: A Roman Catholic Story.
110675: LUDOVIC KENNEDY. - Nelson's Captains.
63239: JAMES KENNEDY. - An Aid to the Textual Amendment of the Old Testament.
87300: JOHN J. KENNEDY. - Catholicism Nationalism and Democracy in Argentina.
130543: J. H. KENNEDY - Jesuit and Savage in New France
32959: BRENDAN KENNELLY. - The Crooked Cross.
39455: DENIS KENNY. - The Catholic Church and Freedom: The Vatican Council and Some Modern Issues.
38018: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK. - A Treatise on Baptism: Also a Treatise on Confirmation.
67683: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK. - The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated.
40066: BISHOP PETER RICHARD KENRICK. - The Validity of Anglican Ordinations and Anglican Claims to Apostolical Sucession Examined.
67682: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK. - The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated.
113024: ROLAND G. KENT - Language & Philology.
130074: ROLAND G. KENT - The Sounds of Latin: A Descriptive and Historical Phonology
70894: MICHAEL KENT. - The Bond of Peace.
91697: WILLIAM KENT. - Memoirs and Letters of James Kent LL. D. : Late Chancellor of the State of New York.
132042: CANON KEOGH - Catholic Directory, Almanac and Registry of Ireland, England, and Scotland 1868
132040: CANON KEOGH - Catholic Directory, Almanac and Registry of Ireland, England, and Scotland 1867
141193: JOSEPH J. KEPES AND JOANNE LOPEZ KEPES - Philip C. Hoelle, Sm: Servant Priest
69814: RT. REV. PAUL WILLIAM VON KEPPLER, D.D. - Homiletic Thoughts and Counsels.
67960: DR. PAUL WILHELM VON KEPPLER. - Das Problem Des Leidens.
40612: DR. PAUL WILHELM VON KEPPLER. - Mehr Freude: Ein Ostergruk.
23659: VICTOR KEPPLER. - The Eighth Art: A Life of Color Photography.
121282: J. ORTON KERBEY - The Land of to-Morrow: A Newspaper Exploration Up the Amazon and over the Andes to the California of South America
71145: WILLIAM J. KERBY, PH.D., LL.D. - The Social Mission of Charity: A Study of Points of View in Catholic Charities.
68712: WILLIAM J. KERBY, PH.D., LL.D. - Prophets of the Better Hope.
70249: IS. VAN DE KERCKHOVE, S.J. - Manuale Missionum.
131114: COULSON KERNAHAN - Wise Men and a Fool
60969: GEORGE C. KERNER. - The Revolution in Ethical Theory.
123127: VINCENT KERNS, TRANS. - The Autobiography of Saint Margaret Mary
64763: JOSEPH E. KERNS. - The Theology of Marriage: The Historical Development of Christian Attitudes Toward Sex and Sanctity in Marriage.
109623: JOE KERR AND ANDREW GIBSON. - London: From Punk to Blair.
140999: LADY AMABEL COWPER KERR - Unravelled Convictions; or, My Road to Faith
122545: IAN KERR - The Acheivement of John Henry Newman.
80321: RAYMOND KERRISON. - Bishop Walsh of Maryknoll: A Biography.
1713: THE EARL OF KERRY. - The First Napoleon: Some Unpublished Documents from the Bowood Papers.
102461: I.G. KESAEV. - Cathode Processes in the Mercury Arc.
99504: ALBERT KESSLER. - La Valeur Educative Et Apostolique de L'Enseignement.
121020: ADOLPH KESTENS - Spiritual Guidance: Fundamentals of Ascetical Theology Based on the Franciscan Ideal; Volume I
60671: CHARLES B. KETCHAM. - The Search for Meaningful Existence.
39587: RICHARD M. KETCHUM. - Will Rogers: The Man and His Time.
13044: PHILIP KETCHUM. - Woman in Armor.
107074: GREG KETTER AND ROBERT GARCIA. - Temporary Walls: An Anthology of Moral Fantasy.
91046: DR. PETER KETTER. - Die Versuchung Jesu.
97262: CHARLES F. KETTERING. - American Battle for Abundance.
62921: JOS. KEULERS. - Het Boek Josue.
62920: JOS. KEULERS. - Het Boek Der Rechters.
1210784: EUGENE KEVANE - Creed and Catechetics: A Catechetical Commentary on the Creed of the People of God
99852: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - The Career of David Noble.
140133: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - Mother Cabrini: Missionary to the World
40773: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Tongues of Fire: The Story of Christian Missions from St. Paul to the Present.
99851: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Along a Little Way.
99708: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - All Flags Flying: Reminiscences of Frances Parkinson Keyes.
90993: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Therese: Saint of a Little Way.
99854: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Letters from a Senator's Wife.
131499: GEOFFREY KEYNES, ED - The Letters of William Blake
112787: GEOFFREY KEYNES, ED. - Poetry and Prose of William Blake.
122569: GEOFFREY KEYNES, ED. - The Note-Book of William Blake: Called the Rosetti Manuscript.
131493: GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Letter of William Blake
131492: GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Letters of William Blake
101212: K.M. KHANNA. - Statistical Mechanics.
80688: A. KHINTCHINE. - Asymptotische Gesetze Der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung.
122554: MICHAEL KHODARKOVSKY - Russia's Steppe Frontier: The Making of a Colonial Empire, 1500-1800.
94096: G. YE. KHOLODOVSKII. - The Principles of Power Generation.
123059: PENNY KICKEY, ED. - Bread of Heaven: A Treasury of Carmelite Prayers and Devotions on the Eucharist.
130173: REV. D. P. KIDDER AND REV. J. C. FLETCHER - Brazil and the Brazilians Portrayed in Historical and Descriptive Sketches
26224: BENEDICT KIELY. - Poor Scholar: A Study of the Works and Days of William Carleton (1794-1869).
65758: VINCENT F. KIENBERGER. - The Way of the Blessed Christ.
65771: MOTHER MARY ALOYSI KIENER. - This Is the Victory!
130943: H. KIEPERT - Historisch-Geographischer Atlas Der Alten Welt
42732: CHRISTOPHER KIESLING, O.P. - The Spirit and Practice of the Liturgy.
86431: KERSTIN LINDAHL-KIESSLING ET AL, EDS. - Morphological and Functionl Aspects of Immunity.
120850: WILLIAM KILBOURN - The Firebrand: William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada
112451: SISTER MARY PHILOMENA KILDEE. - Memoirs of Mother Mary Aquinata Fiegler O.P.
71156: JAMES E. KILGORE. - Pastoral Care of the Hospitalized Child.
65944: REV. ADRIAN JEROME KILKER. - Extreme Unction.
70130: REVS. GERARD WEBER & JAMES KILLGALLON. - To Be Church: Source Material for Homilies on the Sunday Scripture Readings, 1967-1968.
47594: REV. JAMES J. KILLGALLON. - Book 7: God's Saving Mystery.
131582: ALINE KILMER - Candles That Burn
131581: JOYCE KILMER - Trees and Other Poems
120799: JOYCE KILMER. - Joyce Kilmer's Anthology of Catholic Poets
122539: PHIL KILROY - Madeleine Sophie Barat, 1779-1865: A Life.
105183: JAEGWON KIM AND ERNEST SOSA. - A Companion to Metaphysics.
120613: REED KINERT - Racing Planes and Air Races Volume VII
121931: FRANK KING - Skeezix at the Circus
122652: ARCHDALE A. KING - Concelebration in the Christian Church
123203: BART KING - Dogs As an Avocation: Emphasizing the Cocker Spaniel
65426: J. LEYCESTER KING. - Sex Enlightenment and the Catholic.
63599: PHILIP J. KING. - A Study of Psalm 45(44).
67330: BETTY KING AND LORRAINE JULIANA. - The Wall between Us: A Protestant-Catholic Dialogue.
53209: PAULINE KING. - Snares of the Enemy: A Novel of Murder in a Monastery.
17382: NORMAN KING. - Here's Erma! the Bombecking of America.
46865: FRANK KING. - Nina and Skeezix: The Problem of the Lost Ring.
86101: LESTER S. KING. - The Growth of Medical Thought.
87537: JAMES W. KING. - The Liturgy and the Laity.
98587: WILLFORD I. KING. - The Keys to Prosperity.
131116: RICHARD ASHE KING - Oliver Goldsmith
131387: HUGH MACMASTER KINGERY, ED - Three Tragedie of Seneca: Hercules Furens Troades Medea
130292: CHARLES LETHBRIDGE KINGSFORD - The Grey Friars of London: Their History with the Register of Their Convent and an Appendix of Documents
122689: C.L. KINGSFORD, ED. - Collectanea Franciscana: Vol. II [Incomplete].
140622: W.H.G. KINGSTON - Adventures Among the Indians or, Scouting with Gen. Custer
112328: WILLIAM H.G. KINGSTON. - Charley Laurel: A Story of Adventure by Sea and Land.
106351: D.G. KINGWILL. - The Csir: The First Forty Years.
112324: THOMAS KINKADE. - New King James Version Holy Bible: Lighting the Way Home Family Bible.
39375: FATHER JACK KINKOPF. - One Man's Journey: The Life of a Catholic Priest.
110607: H. KINNA AND D.A. MOSS. - Jager & Schutzen: Dress and Distinctions 1910-1914.
120750: HARRISON KINNEY - The Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci: An Account of Its Re-Creation by Lumen Martin Winter
111577: D.A. KINSLEY. - Favor the Bold: Custer - the CIVIL War Years.
111579: D.A. KINSLEY. - Favor the Bold: Custer - a Soldier's Story.
86453: RAY KINSLOW, ED. - High-Velocity Impact Phenomena.
45503: WALTER KINTSCH. - Learning, Memory, and Conceptual Processes.
131293: RUDYARD KIPLING - Rudyard Kipling's Verse: Inclusive Edition 1885-1918: 3 Volumes
140126: RUDYARD KIPLING - Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads
130451: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Five Nations
19662: RUDYARD KIPLING. - Ballads and Other Verses.
37285: ALBERT KIPPES, O.M.I. - The Spiritual Maternity According to Its Integral Concept.
7137: D.G. KIRBY. - Finland and Russia 1808-1920: From Autonomy to Independence.
36010: CONRAD KIRCH, S.J. - Enchiridion Fontium Historiae Ecclesiasticae Antiquae.
105947: RALF KIRCHER. - Wrap It As a Gift.
42981: ALFONS KIRCHGAESSNER, ED. - Unto the Altar: The Practice of Catholic Worship.
65778: ALFONS KIRCHGAESSNER, ED. - Unto the Altar: The Practice of Catholic Worship.
63758: JOHANNES KIRCHHOFER. - Quellensammlung Zur Geschichte Des Neutestamentlichen Canons.
39913: ROBERT E. OBACH & ALBERT KIRK. - A Commentary on the Gospel of John.
130767: JOSEPH KIRKLAND - The Captain of Company K
69358: VERY REV. MSGR. J.L.J. KIRLIN. - With Him in Mind.
68471: VERY REV. MSGR. J.L.J. KIRLIN. - Our Tryst with Him.
43826: DR. JOHANN PETER KIRSCH. - Die Geschichte Der Kirche: Ein Zeugnis Ihrer Hoheren Sendung.
67588: J.P. KIRSCH. - Die Lehre Von Der Gemeinschaft Der Heiligen IM Christl. Alterthum.
97534: REV. FELIX M. KIRSCH. - The Sex Problem!
5946: MAXIMILIAN KIRSCH. - Der Fremdenlegionar: Eine Abenteurliche Fahrt Von Kamerun in Den Deutschen Schutzengraben in Den Kriegsjahren 1914-15.
90790: ENGELBERT KIRSCHBAUM. - The Tombs of St. Peter & St. Paul.
112550: JAMES S. KIRTLEY. - The Baptist Distinctive and Objective.
100689: HENRY KISSINGER. - For the Record: Selected Statements 1977-1980.
95996: JOHANNES B. KISSLING. - Geschichte Des Kulturkampfes IM Deutschen Reiche: Vol. One.
107888: REV. C.L. KITCHEL. - Plato's Apology of Socrates and Crito and a Part of the Phaedo.
140612: FRANK KITSON - Prince Rupert: Admiral and General-at-Sea
90369: ELLEN E. KITTELL. - From Ad Hoc to Routine: A Case Study in Medieval Bureaucracy.
71268: GLENN D. KITTLER. - The Woman God Loved.
71410: GLENN D. KITTLER. - Profiles in Faith.
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106481: OSCAR DE LISO; KATHERINE BURTON; FRAY ANGELICO CHAVEZ. - Padre Pio - Sorrow Built a Bridge - Lan Conquistadora.
121285: HERBERT G. DE LISSER - The White Witch of Rosehall
140338: RAYMOND D. LITTLE - Tennis Tactics
93588: MELVIN WEAVER LITTLE. - Henry Rice (1717-1818) the Pioneer Tennessee Gristmiller and His Twelve Children.
131378: HAZEL LITTLEFIELD - Lord Dunsany: King of Dreams: A Personal Portrait
90748: JOHN LITTLEWOOD. - The Counter-Attack.
140223: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary Volume I: Sacramentary
1213254: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours Bound with Proper Offices of Franciscan Saints and Blessed in the Liturgy of the Hours
131339: FRANCIS A. LITZ - The Poetry of Father Tabb: John Banister Tabb
43533: FERRUCCIO A. LIUZZI. - De Delictis Contra Auctoritates Ecclesiasticas (Cann. 2331-2340).
130065: P. LODOVICO DA MOTTA DI LIVENZA - Metodo E Sistema Scientifico Del Venerab. Giovanni Duns Scoto
154: DOUGLAS LIVERSIDGE. - The Restoration.
83762: JACOB CHESTER CHAMBERLAIN & LUTHER LIVINGSTON. - Bibliography of James Russell Lowell.
131382: R.W. LIVINGSTONE, ED - The Pageant of Greece
112754: R.W. LIVINGSTONE - The Greek Genius and Its Meaning to Us
131388: R.W. LIVINGSTONE - The Mission of Greece: Some Greek Views of Life in the Roman World
103849: CENTRE D'ETUDES DES RELIGIONS DU LIVRE. - In Principio: Intepretations Des Premiers Verstes de la Genese.
73394: L.A. LJUSTERNIK. - The Topology of the Calculus of Variations in the Large.
20059: RICHARD LLEWELLYN. - The Flame of Hercules.
131051: J.A. LLORENTE - Oeuvres de Don Barthelemi de Las Casas, Eveque de Chiapa, Defenseur de la Liberte Des Naturels de L'Amerique: Vols. I-II.
121841: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - St. Vincent & Camperdown
104495: PETER A. LLOYD. - The French Are Coming! the Invasion Scare 1803-5.
17994: ALAN LLOYD. - The War in the Trenches.
2298: ALAN LLOYD. - The Making of the King 1066.
8814: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD. - The Nation and the Navy: A History of Naval Life and Policy.
1547: COL. E.M. LLOYD. - A Review of the History of Infantry.
122680: DANIEL O'LOAN - The Ceremonies of Some Ecclesiastical Functions
64311: MARCUS L. LOANE. - Key-Texts in the Epistle to the Hebrews.
37281: LOUIS LOCHET. - Apparitions.
102670: LOUIS LOCHET. - Apparitions of Our Lady.
105120: JOSEPH P. LOCIGNO. - We Have a Pope.
101816: RON LOCK. - Blood on the Painted Mountain: Zulu Victory and Defeat - Hlobane and Kambula 1879.
2284: MAJOR H.O. LOCK. - The Conquerors of Palestine Through Forty Centuries.
104467: J.G. LOCKHART. - The Peacemakers 1814-1815.
99428: DAVID A. LOCKMILLER. - Scholars on Parade.
122983: J.H. LOCKWOOD - The Creation of Wealth: Modern Efficiency Methods Analyzed and Applied.
120336: M.R.P. BALTASAR DE LODARES - Los Franciscanos Capuchinos En Venezuela
27351: ELEANOR C. LODGE AND GLADYS A. THORNTON, EDS. - English Constitutional Documents: 1307-1485.
131542: THOMAS LODGE - A Reply to Stephen Gosson's Schoole of Abuse in Defence of Poetry, Musick, and Stage Plays
24938: ADOLPHE LODS. - Israel from Its Beginnings to the Middle of the Eighth Century.
72079: M.R. LOEW. - Mission to the Poorest.
64271: HUGO LOEWE. - Der Romerbrief Des Apostels Paulus.
120743: KARL LOEWENSTEIN - Beitrage Zur Staatssoziologie
112439: MICHAEL A. LOFARO. - Davy Crockett: The Man - the Legend - the Legacy 1786-1986.
120878: BENGT M. LOFSTEDT AND DAVID W. PACKARD - A Concordance to the Sermons of Bishop Zeno of Verona
37036: W.F. LOFTHOUSE. - Israel After the Exile: Sixth and Fifth Centuries B.C. (the Clarendon Bible, Vol. IV).
25934: W. J. LOFTIE. - Westminster Abbey.
120707: HUGH LOFTING - The Story of Mrs. Tubbs
59653: NORAH LOFTS. - Anne Boleyn.
110023: PEGGY LOGUE. - Skin in the Game: Journey of a Mother and Her Marine Son.
66331: REV. NICHOLAS LOHKAMP. - The Morality of Hysterectomy Operations.
67967: LADISLAUS LOHN, S.J. - De Ss. Trinitate: Schema Tractatus.
65167: SERAPHINUS A. LOIANO. - Institutiones Theologiae Moralis, Vols. I-V.
67561: ALFRED LOISY. - The Gospel and the Church.
105589: ROY N. LOKKEN. - The Scientific Papers of James Logan.
123154: MILTON LOMASK - The Cure of Ars: The Priest Who Outtalked the Devil
123121: MILTON LOMASK - St. Augustine and His Search for Faith
140085: MILTON LOMASK - The Cure of Ars: The Priest Who Outtalked the Devil
122962: JACK LONDON - The Sea Wolf.
131587: JACK LONDON - London's Essays of Revolt
22662: JACK LONDON. - An Old Lie Finally Nailed.
122833: JACK LONDON - Hearts of Three.
141088: BERNARD LONERGAN, S.J. - Method in Theology
70181: WILLIAM I. LONERGAN, S.J. - Campaigning with Christ's Church: A Course of Sermons for Lent with a Sermon for Easter.
97661: WILLIAM I. LONERGAN. - Devotions in Lent.
109601: JAMES LONG. - The Book of the Pig: Its Selection - Breeding - Feeding and Management.
71801: J. BRUCE LONG, ED. - Judaism and the Christian Seminary Curriculum.
60975: EDWARD LEROY LONG, JR. - A Survey of Christian Ethics.
66958: VALENTINE LONG. - Magnificent Man.
66959: VALENTINE LONG. - Not on Bread Alone.
91146: GEORGE COATS & BURKE LONG. - Canon and Authority.
103616: J.M. DILLON & A.A. LONG. - The Question of Eclecticism: Studies in Later Greek Philosophy.
131146: HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW - Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie
140581: HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW - Three Books of Song
131096: HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
121881: HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW - The Song of Hiawatha
131095: HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
131550: HENRY WADWORTH LONGFELLOW - The Courtship of Miles Standish
59611: HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW. - The Continental Tales of Longfellow.
69932: R.P.G. LONGHAYE. - La Predication: Grands Maitres Et Grandes Lois.
120027: WILLIAM LONGMAN - The History of the Life and Times of Edward the Third
109031: NORMAN LONGMATE. - The Bombers: The Raf Offensive Against Germany 1939-1945.
31780: STEPHEN LONGSTREET. - The Canvas Falcons.
140811: T. MORRIS LONGSTREETH - The Scarlet Force: The Making of the Mounted Police
141077: THOMAS LONGUEVILLE - The Life of a Conspirator, Being a Biography of Sir Everard Digby
28634: JAMES LONSDALE AND SAMUEL LEE. - The Works of Horace.
140304: ROBERT D. LOOMIS - The Story of the U.S. Air Force
1210626: NOEL M. LOOMIS - The Texan-Santa Fe Pioneers
69770: JAMES LOOMIS, M.D., ED. - Within My Parish: Notes from the Day Book of a Deceased Parish Priest.
109935: HENDRIK WILLEM VAN LOON. - The Life and Times of Scipio Fuhlhaber Chef de Cuisine.
65239: ULPIANUS LOPEZ. - Thesis Probabilismi: Ex Sancto Thoma Demonstrata.
65340: SISTER MARY CORDE LORANG. - Burning Ice: The Moral and Emotional Effects of Reading.
121251: STEFAN LORANT - Lincoln: His Life in Photographs
113004: LOUIS E. LORD - Aristophanes: His Plays and His Influence.
110088: DANIEL A. LORD. - When Mary Walked the Earth.
110087: DANIEL A. LORD. - Our Lady's Assumption.
105868: DOUGLAS R. LORD. - Spacelab.
97326: DANIEL A. LORD. - When Mary Walked the Earth.

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