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72955: WALTER LORD. - Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons.
97665: DANIEL A. LORD. - I Can Read Anything!
97666: DANIEL A. LORD. - Divorce: A Picture from the Headlines.
69732: J.G. LORENZ. - Die Bruderschaft Vom Kostbaren Blute Jesus Christi.
141206: LILLY LORENZEN - Of Swedish Ways
104957: L'ABBE J. LORIDAN. - Voyages Des Astronomes Francais a la Recherche de la Figure de la Terre Et de Ses Dimensions.
130313: HENRI LORIN - Le Comte de Frontenac Etude
60221: L.M. LORING. - Two Kinds of Values.
81127: DR. BRUNO BARON V. FREYTAG LORINGHOFF. - Philosophical Problems of Mathematics.
70374: PERE JULIEN LORIOT, S.J. - Sermons: Sur Les Plus Importantes Matieres de la Morale Chretienne [Vols. I-III].
71918: JOSEPH LORTZ. - The Reformation: A Problem for Today.
68269: J. LORTZING. - Wie Ist Die Abendlandische Kirchenspaltung Entstanden?
121820: VLADIMIR LOSSKY - The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church
146: DAVID LOTH. - Royal Charles: Ruler and Rake.
21473: MARGARET M. LOTHROP. - The Wayside: Home of Authors.
110739: PIERRE LOTI. - War.
67989: LOTTE AND WERNER PELZ. - True Deceivers.
96018: FR. IOANNE LOTTINI. - Summa Theologica in Brevorem Formam Redacta Usui Seminorum Aptata: Volume II.
131563: K.M. LOUDON - Two Mystic Poets: And Other Essays
108358: VICTOR LOUGHEED. - Vehicles of the Air: A Popular Exposition of Modern Aeronautics with Working Drawings.
61029: M. LOUIS. - Doctrines Religieuses Des Philosophes Grecs.
42474: SISTER HELEN LOUISE. - Sister Julia (Susan Mcgroarty): Sister of Notre Dame de Namur.
131272: THOMAS R. LOUNSBURY - The Early Literary Career of Robert Browning
43535: REV. D. SIMON LOURDUSAMY. - Pre-Nuptial Guarantees According to the Jurisprudence of the Holy Office.
64641: FRANCOIS LOUVEL AND LOUIS J. PUTZ. - Signs of Life.
109380: REV. LAWRENCE LOVASIK. - Communion Crusade.
111864: REV. LAWRENCE G. LOVASIK. - The Angels: God's Messengers and Our Helpers.
86323: LAURA LOVAT. - Maurice Baring: A Postscript.
65970: REV. JAMES FRANCIS LOVER. - The Master of Novices: An Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
104664: GABRIEL H. LOVETT. - Napoleon and the Birth of Modern Spain: Vol. II.
82778: EDWARD GIBBON [ABRIDGED BY D.M. LOW]. - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
34246: PROFESSOR A.M. LOW. - England's Past Presented - a Popular History.
130427: JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL - The Complete Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell: Cambrige Edition
130366: JAMES R. LOWELL - The Poetical Works of James R. Lowell: 2 Volumes
131129: MARGARET RUTH LOWERY - Windows of the Morning: A Critical Study of William Blake's Poetical Sketches 1783
120182: WOODBURY LOWERY - The Spanish Settlements Within the Present Limits of the United States
65121: DANIEL L. LOWERY. - Life and Love: The Commandments for Teenagers.
32240: DANIEL LOWERY, C.SS.R. - Catholic Answers to Contemporary Questions.
34650: JOHN LIVINGSTON LOWES. - Geoffrey Chaucer and the Development of His Genius.
62307: WALTER LOWRIE. - A Short Life of Kierkegaard.
65952: REV. JAMES MARTIN LOWRY. - Dispensation from Private Vows: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
94727: JOHN M. LOZANO. - Mary: Model of Disciples - Mother of the Lord.
54392: JOHN MANUEL LOZANO. - The Spirituality of Daniel Comboni.
107388: W.& R. CHAMBERS LTD. - Chambers's Journal Seventh Series Vol. VI: December 1915 to November 1916.
92666: BERTRAM ROTA LTD. - The Printer and the Artist: Catalogue 192.
112110: HENRI DE LUBAC. - De Lubac: A Theologian Speaks.
38830: HENRI DE LUBAC. - Teilhard de Chardin: The Man and His Meaning.
90967: HENRI DE LUBAC. - Teilhard de Chardin: The Man and His Meaning.
109789: HENRI DE LUBAC. - The Church: Paradox and Mystery.
140534: HENRI DE LUBAC - The Mystery of the Supernatural
80687: F. LUBBERGER. - Wahrscheinlichkeiten Und Schwankungen.
130224: SIR JOHN LUBBOCK. - Pre-Historic Times As Illustrated by Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages
83935: GINO LUBICH AND PIERO LAZZARIN. - Joan Antida Thouret: When God Hears the Voice of the Poor.
93581: WOLFGANG LUBITZ. - Trotsky Bibliography.
107217: ARTHUR LUBOW. - The Reporter Who Would Be King: A Biography of Richard Harding Davis.
141284: A. MICHAEL DE LUCA AND WILLIAM GIULIANO (EDITORS) - Selections from Italian Poetry
110751: GEORGE LUCAS. - Star Wars.
113027: F.L. LUCAS - Euripides and His Influence.
141074: EDWARD LUCAS - The Life of Frederick Lucas, M.P. , Vols I-II
42429: JOSEPH LUCAS, PSM. - Vincenz Pallotti.
69253: HERBERT LUCAS, S.J. - At the Parting of the Ways: Considerations and Meditations for Boys.
103632: D.W. LUCAS. - Aristotle: Poetics.
130057: ENZO LUCCHESI - L'Usage de Philon Dans L'Oeuvre Exegetique de Saint Ambrose
140714: CLAIRE BOOTH LUCE, ED. - Saints for Now
123124: CLARE BOOTHE LUCE, ED. - Saints for Now
97210: C.A. LUCKHOFF. - Table Mountain: Our National Heritage After Three Hundred Years.
132010: AILBE J. LUDDY, O. CIST. - Life and Teaching of St. Bernard
109736: REV. AILBE J. LUDDY. - The Case of Peter Abelard.
140234: EMIL LUDWIG - Cleopatra: The Story of a Queen
39658: SISTER M. MILETA LUDWIG. - Right-Hand Glove Uplifted: A Biography of Archbishop Michael Heiss.
67410: RICHARD LUECKE. - New Meanings for New Beings.
36042: SISTER MARY LUELLA, ED. - The Catholic Booklist, 1942-1945.
65773: S.G.A. LUFF. - The Breezes of the Spirit.
109156: DAVID LUFF. - Bulldog: The Bristol Bulldog Fighter.
122644: LUIS AZCUE Y MANCERA, ET AL. - Catalogo de Construcciones Religiosas Del Estado de Hidalgo: Vol. I [Incomplete].
122645: LUIS AZCUE Y MANCERA, ET AL. - Catalogo de Construcciones Religiosas Del Estado de Hidalgo: Vol. I&II [Complete].
35975: DR. I.P. KIRSCH & DR. V. LUKSCH. - Illustrierte Geschichte Der Katholischen Kirche.
107003: BRIAN LUMLEY. - Hero of Dreams.
141254: CHARLES F. LUMMIS - The Awakening of a Nation: Mexico of Today
109982: ROBIN LUMSDEN. - Edged Weapons of Hitler's Germany.
99919: CANDIDA LUND. - The Days and the Nights.
132123: ARNOLD LUNN - A Saint in the Slave Trade: Peter Claver 1581-1654
141078: ARNOLD LUNN - The Revolt Against Reason
107051: RICHARD A. LUPOFF. - Sword of the Demon.
130289: ALISON LURIE - Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folktales
44155: T.R. LUSCOMBE. - Builders and Crusaders.
130791: WICENTY LUTOSLAWSKI - The Origin and Growth of Plato's Logic; with an Account of Plato's Style and of the Chronology of His Writings
120080: CORA E. LUTZ - Dunchad Glossae in Martianum
103875: CORA E. LUTZ. - Remigii Autissiodorensis Commentum in Martianum Capellam [Two Volume Set].
103812: CORA E. LUTZ. - Dunchad: Glossae in Martianum.
63073: J.L. SAMUEL LUTZ. - Biblische Dogmatik.
1428: MARSHAL LYAUTEY. - Intimate Letters from Tonquin.
106048: RICHARD CHIGLEY-LYNCH. - Movie Musicals on Record.
108043: GORDON LYNCH. - After Religion: Generation X and the Search for Meaning.
130714: DANIEL LYNCH - A Woman Wrapped in Silence
59263: HELEN M. LYNCH. - In the Shadow of Our Lady of the Cenacle.
62656: WILLIAM E. LYNCH. - The Word Dwells Among Us: A Foreword to the Biblical Books.
69094: JOHN W. LYNCH. - Hourglass: Stories of a Measured Year.
37176: JOHN W. LYNCH. - This Little While.
63956: WILLIAM E. LYNCH. - Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels.
65953: REV. GEORGE EDWARD LYNCH. - Coadjutors and Auxiliaries of Bishops: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
123114: PATRICIA LYNCH - Knights of God: Tales of the Irish Saints
97338: FREDERICK M. LYNK. - Mary Our Mother.
71789: ELIZABETH M. LYNSKEY, PH.D. - The Government of the Catholic Church.
83393: THOBURN C. LYON. - Practical Air Navigation and the Use of the Aeronautical Charts of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.
120095: DAVID LYON - The First Destroyers
62747: S. LYONNET, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Aux Galates, Aux Romains.
63080: STANISLAO LYONNET. - De Peccato Et Redemptione [Complete Set].
64249: STANISLAUS LYONNET. - Quaestiones in Epistolam Ad Romanos.
109894: STANISLAUS LYONNET. - Exegesis Epistulae Ad Romanos: Cap. I Ad IV.
108080: F.S.L. LYONS. - Charles Stewart Parnell.
140292: GEORGE N. LYONS - The King's Steward: The True Story of George Schumann
65883: AVITUS EDWARD LYONS. - The Collegiate Tribunal of First Instance with Special Reference to Matrimonial Causes.
86400: E.N. LYUSTIKH. - Isostasy and Isostatic Hypotheses.
104560: M.M. - Memoires Pour Servir a la Vie D'Un Homme Celebre.
120202: LAWRENCE D. ISABELL O.F.M. - The Pratice and Meaning of Confession in the Primitive Franciscan Community According to the Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi and Thomas of Celano
110810: JOHN H. MCGOEY S.F.M. - The Sins of the Just.
123212: JOHN M. AND DONNA CAMPBELL - Talisman: A Collection of Nose Art
120060: DR. P. HIERONYMUS SPETTMANN O.F.M. - Johannis Pechami Quaestiones
120306: FRAY DIEGO DE CORDOVA SALINAS O.F.M. - Cronica Franciscana de Las Provincias Del Peru
112404: FATHER THADDEUS O.F.M. - The Franciscans in England 1600-1850.
120312: LEO KALMER O.F.M. - Stronger Than Death: Yellow Fever Heroes
42953: PAUL CHAPEL O.F.M. - A Living Liturgy: Reflections on the Liturgy and on Daily Life.
72571: FR. MAXIMUS POPPY, O.F.M. AND PAUL R. MARTIN, M.A. - Survey of a Decade: The Third Order Secular of St. Francis in the United States.
67688: BERTRAND VAN BILSEN, O.F.M. AND HENRY J. KOREN, C.S.SP. - The Changing Church.
100150: VINCENT VASEY S.M. - Chaminade: Another Portrait.
100151: THEODORE KOEHLER S.M. - Marian Studies: Vol. XL 1989.
100152: LAWRENCE J. CADA S.M. - Chaminade's Letters to the Retreat Masters of 1839.
100153: HOWARD HUGHES S.M. - Marianist Feasts: Morning Praise and Evensong - Musical Settings.
120157: FR. PETRI DE AQUILA O.F.M. - Commentaria in Quatuor Libros Senentiarum Magistri Petri Lombardi.
120233: P. ODORIC-M JOUVE O.F.M. - Le Frere Didace Pelletier Recollet
130062: P. ODULFUS SCHAFER O.F.M. - Bibliographia de Vita Operibus Et Doctrina Iohannis Duns Scoti
130233: LINO G. CANEDO O.F.M. - Cronica de Los Colegios de Propaganda Fide de la Nueva Espana
120267: FR. ZEPHYRIN ENGELHARDT O.F.M. - The Franciscans in Arizona
120380: FR. GREGORIO ARCILA ROBLEDO O.F.M. - Las Misiones Franciscanas En Colombia
121404: PAUL MAAS - Greek Metre
123240: PAUL MAAS - Textual Criticism
32342: A.J. MAAS, S.J. - Enchiridion Ad Sacrarum Disciplinarum Cultores Accommodatum Opera Et Studio Zephyrini Zitelli-Natali.
1210680: PAUL MAAS - Textual Criticism.
107622: HENRY MAAS. - The Letters of Aubrey Beardsley.
87119: D.J. MABBERLEY. - The Plant Book.
131521: HAMILTON WRIGHT MABIE - Essays on Nature and Culture
131538: HAMILTON WRIGHT MABIE - My Study Fire
131338: G.C. MACAULAY, ED - The Complete Works of John Gower: Edited from the Manucript with Introductions, Notes, and Glossaries: 4 Volumes
12411: LORD MACAULAY. - Samuel Johnson.
8115: NEILL MACAULEY. - The Prestes Column: Revolution in Brazil.
1277: R.G. MACBETH. - Policing the Plains.
130810: REV. JAMES MACCAFFREY - History of the Catholic Church in the Nineteenth Century 1789-1908: 2 Volumes
132095: FIONA MACCARTHY - Eric Gill
104651: F.J. MACCUNN. - The Contemporary English View of Napoleon.
131152: HUGH MACDONALD - The Poems of Andrew Marvell
15029: GEORGE MACDONALD - At the Back of the North Wind
36182: ALEXANDER MACDONALD. - The Apostles' Creed: A Vindication of the Apostolic Authorship of the Creed.
73147: JOHN H. MACDONALD AND PETER ROBERTSON. - Scottish World Festival.
1144: R.J. MACDONALD. - The History of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.
103365: DENNIS RONALD MACDONALD. - Christianizing Homer: The Odyssey; Plato and the Acts of Andrew.
120158: ANNE MACDONELL - Sons of Francis
104512: A.G. MACDONELL. - Napoleon and His Marshals.
44019: GARY MACEOIN. - New Challenges to American Catholics.
100189: GARY MACEOIN. - What Happened at Rome?
81486: GARY MACEOIN. - Father Moreau: Founder of Holy Cross.
81247: GARY MACEOIN. - What Ahppened at Rome? the Council and Its Implications for the Modern World.
45042: BERNARR MACFADDEN. - Marriage a Lifelong Honeymoon.
65281: REV. G.J. MACGILLIVRAY, ED. - Moral Principles and Practice: Papers Read at the Summer School of Catholic Studies Held at Cambridge, 1932.
41809: REV. G.J. MACGILLIVRAY, ED. - Man: Papers from the Summer School of Catholic Studies Held at Cambridge, July 25th-August 3rd 1931.
65282: REV. G.J. MACGILLIVRAY. - Moral Principles and Practice: Papers Read at the Summer School of Catholic Studies Held at Cambridge 1932.
67065: GEDDES MACGREGOR. - The Coming Reformation.
106940: ARTHUR MACHEN. - The Great God Pan.
131279: ARTHUR MACHEN - The Autobiography of Arthur Machen
44291: JACOBUS BRUFAU MACIA, CM. - De Egressu E Congregatione Missionis.
112245: HELEN MACINNES. - Above Suspicion.
39751: JOSEPH MACIULIONIS. - Sister Helen: The Lithuanian Flower.
105743: PAMELA E. MACK. - From Engineering Science to Big Science.
102835: DOCTOR FR. MACK. - Splendor and Strength of the Inner Life.
123066: DOCTOR FR. MACK - Splendor and Strength of the Inner Life.
131262: J.W. MACKAIL - Latin Literature
131548: J.W. MACKAIL - Coleridge's Literary Criticism
113006: J.W. MACKAIL - Virgil and His Meaning to the World of to-Day.
132101: JANET MACKAY - Catherine of Braganza
3924: CHARLES MACKAY. - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.
63897: H.F.B. MACKAY. - The Adventure of Paul of Tarsus.
120491: ALASTAIR MACKAY - Farming and Gardening in the Bible
140569: THOMAS F. MACKEN - The Canonisation of Saints
131371: JAMES MACKENZIE, ED - Life and Complete Work of Michael Bruce: Poet of Loch Leven
140311: ALEX. MACKENZIE - The Life and Speeches of Hon. George Brown
67516: R.A.F. MACKENZIE, ED. - The Word: Readings in Theology.
84208: ANDREW MACKENZIE. - The Unexplained.
30462: AGNES MURE MACKENZIE. - The Scotland of Queen Mary and the Religious Wars 1513-1638.
121725: COMPTON MACKENZIE - The Windsor Tapestry Being a Study of the Life, Heritage, and Abdication of H.R. H. The Duke of Windsor K.G.
121486: PIERS MACKESY - The War in the Mediterranean 1803-1810
122711: HENRY BENEDICT MACKEY, O.S.B. - Library of St. Francis de Sales Volume IV: Letters to Persons in Religion
101328: GEORGE MACKEY. - Induced Representations of Groups and Quantum Mechanics.
67498: J.P. MACKEY. - The Modern Theology of Tradition.
85900: J.P. MACKEY. - The Modern Theology of Tradition.
67497: J.P. MACKEY. - Tradition and Change in the Church.
98308: CHARLES O. MACKEY. - Graphical Solutions.
2891: J. MILTON MACKIE. - Life of Schamyl and Narrative of the Circassian War of Independence Against Russia.
111944: COL. THOMAS T. MACKIE ET AL. - A Manual of Tropical Medicine.
37170: G.W.H. LAMPE & D.M. MACKINNON. - The Resurrection: A Dialogue.
1209: H.B. MACKINTOSH. - The Grant Strathspey or First Highland Fencible Regiment 1793-1799.
1217: H.B. MACKINTOSH. - The Northern or Gordon Fencibles 1778-1783.
131395: E.R.D. MACLAGAN, ED & A.G.B. RUSSELL - The Prophetic Books of William Blake: Milton
112984: MICHAEL MACLAGAN - Philobiblon by Richard de Bury: The Text and Translation of E.C. Thomas.
85735: A. MACLAREN. - The Psalms: Volume I: Psalms I-XXXVIII.
1035: LOUIS WRIGHT & JULIA MACLEOD. - The First Americans in North Africa.
34629: ALISON MACLEOD. - City of Light.
120761: KATHLEEN M. MACLEOD - The Castle on the Cliff
121995: SEUMAS MACMANUS - Heavy Hangs the Golden Grain
121667: SEUMAS MACMANUS - Yourself and the Neighbours
132231: ARTHUR T. MACMILLAN - Fernand Portal (1855-1926): Apostle of Unity
110483: RAMSAY MACMULLEN. - Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries.
120597: DUNCAN MACNEIL - Charge of Cowardice
132105: EONA K. MACNICOL - Colum of Derry
69825: SYLVESTER F. MACNUTT, O.P. - Gauging Sermon Effectiveness.
69874: SYLVESTER F. MACNUTT, O.P. - Gauging Sermon Effectiveness.
90676: FRANCIS AUGUSTUS MACNUTT. - Fernando Cortes: His Five Letters of Relation to the Emperor Charles V.
131546: ANDREW MACPHAIL - Essays in Puritanism
106535: EUGENE FAIRFIELD MACPIKE. - Hevelius; Flamsteed and Halley: Three Contemporary Astronomers and Their Mutual Relations.
61525: JOHN MACQUARRIE. - Twentieth Century Religious Thought: The Frontiers of Philosophy and Theology, 1900-1960.
94696: JOHN MACQUARRIE. - Twentieth-Century Religious Thought: The Frontiers of Philosophy and Theology 1900-1980.
121836: PATRICK A. MACRORY - The Fierce Pawns
66429: MADAME MARGARET M. MACSWINEY. - Rudolf Eucken and the Spiritual Life.
95657: EAMONN MACTHOMAIS. - The Labour and the Royal.
105269: H.D. MACWILLIAM. - The Official Records of the Mutiny in the Black Watch: A London Incident of the Year 1743.
130207: SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA - Hernan Cortes
140278: RICHARD R. MADDEN - Father Madden's Life of Christ
66408: SISTER MARY DANIEL MADDEN. - The Pagan Divinities and Their Worship As Depicted in the Works of Saint Augustine Exclusive of the City of God.
130606: JULES DE LA MADELENE - Le Marquis Des Saffras
102925: SISTER M. MADELEVA. - My First Seventy Years.
32269: SISTER M. MADELEVA. - American Twelfth Night and Other Poems.
66765: SISTER M. MADELEVA. - Addressed to Youth.
45010: SISTER M. MADELEVA, C.S.C. - My First Seventy Years.
130013: SISTER M. MADELEVA - A Question of Lovers and Other Poems
73504: DR. ERWIN MADELUNG. - Die Mathematischen Hilfsmittel Des Physikers.
62641: JOHANN MADER. - Allgeneine Einleitung in Das Alte Und Neue Testament.
84766: BRENNAN HILL & WILLIAM MADGES. - The Catechism: Highlights and Commentary.
140070: THOMAS F. MADIGAN - Word Shadows of the Great: The Lure of Autograph Collecting
130311: HANS ROGER MADOL - Godoy El Fin de la Vieja Espana: El Primer Dictador de Nuestro Tiempo
97554: REV. HERMAN J. MAECKEL. - Modern Socialism.
86102: THIERRY MAERTENS. - The Breath and Spirit of God.
51372: HELENE MAGARET. - A Kingdom and a Cross: St. Alphonsus Liguori.
36295: HELENE MAGARET. - Gailhac of Beziers.
34443: HELENE MAGARET. - A Kingdom and a Cross: St. Alphonsus Liguori.
122612: BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE - Tales from Blackwood: Odd Volumes
107389: CORNHILL MAGAZINE. - The Cornhill Magazine New Series Vol. III: July to December 1897.
122646: CATHOLIC MAGAZINES - The Junior Catholic Messenger: Confraternity Ed. Vols. VII, VXII-XXII & School Ed. Vol. XXII.
96257: STEFANO MAGGI. - Greece: History and Treasures of an Ancient Civilization.
98370: ANDREW MAGINNIS. - A Priest to a Nun.
120536: RUSSELL M. MAGNAGHI - A Sense of Time: The Encyclopedia of Northern Michigan University
73489: V.A. MAGNITSKII. - Problems of Theoretical Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior.
1153: PHILIP MAGNUS. - Kitchener: Portrait of an Imperialist.
65246: CHARLES M. MAGSAM. - The Theology and Practice of Love.
105031: JAGMOHAN MAHAJAN. - Splendid Plumage: Indian Birds by British Artists.
104515: DR. J. ALEXANDER MAHAN. - Marie Louise: Napoleon's Nemesis.
1690: J. ALEXANDER MAHAN. - Marie Louise: Napoleon's Nemesis.
83493: J. MICHAEL MAHAR. - India: A Critical Bibliography.
132138: MICHAEL MAHER, S.J. - Psychology: Empirical and Rational
68839: TRAFFORD P. MAHER, S.J. - Lest We Build on Sand: A Study of the Natural Basis for Supernatural Formation.
140611: P.J. MAHON AND J.M. HAYES - Trials and Triumphs of the Catholic Church in America Vols. I-II
68742: REV. F.J. MAHONEY, S.J. - Branches of the Vine.
97304: REV. E.J. MAHONEY. - The Jubille Year 1925.
97563: REV. E.J. MAHONEY. - Training in Purity.
123222: BERTHA E. MAHONY ET AL., ED. - Illustrators of Children's Books, 1744-1945
62177: MICHAEL J. MAHONY. - Cartesianism.
64870: PATRICK J. O'MAHONY. - Catholics and Divorce.
84719: REV. ADAM J. MAIDA. - The Tribunal Reporter: A Comprehensive Study of the Grounds for the Annulment of Marriage in the Catholic Church: Volume I.
1210741: HENRY SUMNER MAINE - Lectures on the Early History of Institutions.
130148: HENRI MAISONNEUVE - Etudes Sur Les Origines de L'Inquisition
97138: PATRICIA VOYDANOFF & LINDA MAJKA. - Families and Economic Distress.
102628: CHRISTIAN MAKARIAN. - Marie.
131008: FELIX MAKOWER - The Constitutional History and Constitution of the Church of England
44236: APOSTOLOS MAKRAKIS. - Memoir on the Nature of the Church of Christ.
44230: APOSTOLOS MAKRAKIS. - The Innovations of the Roman Church.
63741: APOSTOLOS MAKRAKIS. - An Interpretation of the Gospel Law and Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews (Both in Extenso) Including Theological Knowledge of Great Benefit to the Jews and a Supplementary Monograph on Baptism.
36557: APOSTOLOS MAKRAKIS. - The Paramount Doctrines of Orthodoxy.
67269: FATHER MALACHY, C.P. - Lectures: Controversial and Devotional.
81437: REV. HENRY M. MALAK. - Theresa of Chicago.
107619: DAVID MALCOLMSON. - Ten Heroes.
109: BRONISLAW MALINOWSKI. - Magic Science Religion and Other Essays.
84126: B. MALINOWSKI. - The Family Among the Australian Aborigines.
111385: COLONEL G.B. MALLESON. - History of the Indian Mutiny 1857-1859 Commencing from the Close of the Second Volume of Sir John Kaye's History of the Sepoy War.
5752: COL. G.B. MALLESON. - The Refounding of the German Empire 1848-1871.
69723: AUSTIN O'MALLEY AND JAMES J. WALSH. - Essays in Pastoral Medicine.
97511: JOSEPH I. MALLOY. - May Catholics Be Masons?
64450: DR. LEO HANS MALLY. - Oberammergau: Scene of the Passion Play.
120075: EDWARD R. MALONEY - St. Basil the Great to Students on Greek Literature
99548: GEORGE A. MALONEY. - Jesus Set Me Free! Inner Freedom Through Contemplation.
103328: ANDRE MALRAUX. - Man's Fate.
33192: GLADYS MALVERN. - Heart's Conquest.
103159: GLADYS MALVERN. - The Great Garcias.
90278: EUGENE H. MALY. - The World of David and Solomon.
130505: AMBROSE MANAHAN - Triumph of the Catholic Church in the Early Ages
62734: P.J. DE MANASCHE, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Daniel.
130825: P. DOMINICUS MANDIC - Chroati Catholici Bosnae Et Hercegovinae in Descriptionibus Annis 1743 Et 1768 Exaratis
92335: FR. CHARLES M. MANGAN. - Catechism on Redemptoris Custos: On the Person and Mission of Saint Joseph.
63431: EUG. MANGENOT. - L'Authenticite Mosaique Du Pentateuque.
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112886: TRUMAN MICHELSON - Contributions to Fox Ethnology-- II.
112878: TRUMAN MICHELSON - Notes on the Buffalo-Head Dance of the Thunder Gens of the Fox Indians.
112893: TRUMAN MICHELSON - Notes on the Fox Wapanowiweni.
112901: TRUMAN MICHELSON - Fox Miscellany.
84017: [JAMES MICHENER]. - The Tale of Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific.
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18977: JAMES A. MICHENER. - The Quality of Life.
18941: JAMES A. MICHENER. - Recessional.
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