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112860: JOHN M. COOPER - Analytical and Critical Bibliography of the Tribes of Tierra Del Fuego and Adjacent Territory.
93897: GEORGE W. COOPER. - Our Second Battalion: The Accurate and Authentic History of the Second Battalion 111th Infantry.
113043: LANE COOPER - The Poetics of Aristotle: Its Meaning and Influence.
104307: PAUL COOTNER AND GEORGE LOF. - Water Demand for Steam Electric Generation: An Economic Projection Model.
38320: G.W. COPELAND. - Nicole Oresme and the Astrologers: A Study of His Livre de Divinacions.
103014: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 1: Greece and Rome Part II.
103012: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 2: Mediaeval Philosophy Part I: Augustine to Bonaventure.
103013: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 1: Greece and Rome Part I.
105212: REGINALD S. COPLESTON. - Aeschylus.
103006: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 6: Modern Philosophies Part II: Kant.
103007: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 6: Modern Philosophies Part I: The French Enlightenment to Kant.
103008: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 7: Modern Philosophy Part I: Fichte to Hegel.
103010: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 4: Modern Philosophy - Descartes to Leibniz.
91844: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy V. 2: Mediaeval Philosophy Part II: Alfred the Great to Duns Scotus.
103011: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 2: Mediaeval Philosophy Part II: Albert the Great to Duns Scotus.
45524: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 5: Modern Philosophy: The British Philosophers Part II - Berkeley to Hume.
132199: FREDERICK COPLESTON, S.J. - A History of Philosophy Volume III: Ockham to Suarez
63377: CHANOINE J. COPPENS. - Pour Mieux Comprendre Et Mieux Enseigner L'Histoire Sainte de L'Ancien Testament.
63192: J. COPPENS. - Vom Christlichen Verstandnis Des Alten Testaments - Les Harmonies Des Deux Testaments - Supplement Bibliographique.
63222: J. COPPENS. - The Old Testament and the Critics.
140413: JERRY COPPERSMITH - Howdy Doody and the Magic Lamp
1210873: THOMAS CORBISHLEY, S.J. - Ronald Knox the Priest
67546: THOMAS CORBISHLEY. - Roman Catholicism.
63048: JEAN CORBON. - Path to Freedom: Christian Experiences and the Bible.
99284: JEAN CORBON. - Path to Freedom: Christian Experiences and the Bible.
141253: M.J. CORCORAN - Our Own St. Rita: A Life of the Saint of the Impossible
97362: CHARLES CORCORAN. - The Second Greatest Prayer.
7864: E.M. CORDER. - Nickelodeon.
111960: EDWARD CORDEROY. - Father Reeves: The Model Class-Leader.
98697: MICHEL BOUTILLIER & JEAN CORDIER. - Economic Modelling at the Banque de France.
130755: TIRSO RAFAEL CORDOBA - Historia Elemental de Mexico
130671: FRAY ANTONIO SANTA CLARA CORDOBA - Los Franciscanos En El Paraguay 1537-1937
130385: TIRSO R. CORDOBA - Poesias de Tirso R. Cordoba
111810: BRUNO CORDUAN. - Truth Grace and Security.
36286: AVERROIS CORDUBENSIS, EDITED BY A.L. SHIELDS. - Compendia Liborum Aristotelis Qui Parva Naturalia Vocantur.
130019: SUE CORE - Maid in Panama
108241: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MARIAN COREDEMPTION. - Mary at the Foot of the Cross II: Acts of the International Symposium on Marian Coredemption.
108238: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MARIAN COREDEMPTION. - Mary at the Foot of the Cross - V: Redemption and Coredemption Under the Sign of the Immaculate Conception.
110032: MICHAEL COREN. - The Invisible Man: The Life and Liberties of H.G. Wells.
106938: RICHARD CORK. - A Bitter Truth: Avant-Garde Art and the Great War.
62867: JOSEPH CORLUY. - Spicilegium Dogmatico-Biblicum [Complete Set].
64060: JOSEPHI CORLUY. - Commentarius in Evangelium S. Joannis in Usum Praelectionum.
123135: SISTER MARY CORNELIUS - Saints to Know
106313: JAMES CORNELL. - The First Stargazers.
130869: WILLIAM CORNER - San Antonio de Bexar: A Guide and History
105674: LLOYD H. CORNETT. - History of Rocketry and Astronautics.
131175: L. COPE CORNFORD - Robert Louis Stevenson
63596: CARL HEINRICH CORNILL. - Der Israelitische Prophetismus.
62949: CARL HEINRICH CORNILL. - The Culture of Ancient Israel.
104913: F. WARRE CORNISH. - Scenes from the Andria of Terence.
60714: JAMES W. CORNMAN. - Metaphysics, Reference, and Language.
121982: JAMES MARSHALL-CORNWALL - Napoleon As Military Commander
43513: REV. MATTHAEUS CONTE A CORONATA, OFM. - Ius Publicum Ecclesiasticum: Introductio Ad Institutiones Canonicas Ad Usum Scholarum.
43521: MATTHAEUS A CORONATA, O.M.C. - De Locis Et Temporibus Sacris: Codicis Iuris Canonici L. III, Pars Altera.
64736: MATTHAEUS A. CORONATA. - De Nova Disciplina Ieiunii Eucharistici Et de Missis Vespertinis.
102753: SAMUEL CORONITI AND JAMES HUGHES. - Planetary Electrodynamics: Vols. I-II.
100734: HAYES AIRCRAFT CORPORATION. - An Introduction to the Principles of Infrared Physics.
40637: REV. JOSEPH M. CORRIGAN. - Christ and His Church.
98462: TREVOR CORSON. - The Secret Life of Lobsters.
62698: W. CORSWANT. - A Dictionary of Life in Bible Times.
112375: [HERNANDO CORTES]. - Nuevos Documentos: Relativos a Los Bienes de Hernan Cortes 1547-1947.
90031: EGON CAESAR CONTE CORTI. - The Destruction and Resurrection of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
34673: HERBERT ELLSWORTH CORY. - The Emancipation of a Freethinker.
91099: DR. HORACE CORYELL. - Bibliographic Index and Classification of the Mesozoic Ostracoda [Complete Set].
112132: ROBERT JAMES COSGRIFF. - Wastelands.
63243: THURMAN L. COSS. - Secrets from the Caves: A Layman's Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
10275: THOMAS B. COSTAIN. - The Silver Chalice.
112077: ALBA COSTAMAGNA. - Venere Vincitrice: La Sala Di Paolini Bonaparte Alla Galleria Borghese.
65192: R. COSTE. - Les Communautes Politiques.
65881: REV. JOHN M. COSTELLO. - Domicile and Quasi-Domicile.
112026: FR. LAURENCE COSTELLOE. - Saint Bonaventure.
72241: MICHAEL P. COSTELOE. - Church Wealth in Mexico: A Study of the Juzgado de Capellanias in the Archbishopric of Mexico 1800-1856.
111060: RICHARD F. COSTIGAN. - The Consensus of the Church and Papal Infallibility: A Study in the Background of Vatican I.
70634: JAMES P. COTTER, ED. - The Word in the Third World.
123097: JEROME COTTIN - La Mystique de L'Art: Art Et Christianisme de 1900 a Nos Jours.
61727: JAMES HARRY COTTON. - Royce on the Human Self.
59069: LEONARD COTTRELL. - The Warrior Pharaohs.
95016: LEONARD COTTRELL. - The Bull of Minos.
131490: SIR ARTHUR QUILLER-COUCH - On the Art of Writing
84076: SISTER MARIE-ANDRE DU SACRE-COUER. - The House Stands Firm: Family Life in West Africa.
104250: ROBERT COUGHLIN. - Principles and Applications of Semiconductors and Circuits.
111912: JEAN LEBAYLE COUHAT. - Combat Fleets of the World 1978/79.
141069: JOHN COULSON AND A.M. ALLCHIN (EDITORS) - The Rediscovery of Newman: An Oxford Symposium
67814: JOHN COULSON, ED. - Theology and the University: An Ecumenical Investigation.
91080: R.G. COULSON. - The Way Into God.
71853: G.G. COULTON, M.A. - Medieval Studies (First Series).
44265: G.G. COULTON. - From St. Francis to Dante: Translations from the Chronicle of the Franciscan Salimbene (1221-1288).
72020: SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL. - Decree on Ecumenism: November 21, 1964.
72019: SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL. - Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite: November 21, 1964.
44059: THE FIRST BATIMORE COUNCIL. - Concilia Provincialia Baltimori... 1849.
130934: FIRST VATICAN COUNCIL - Acta Et Decreta Sacrosancti Oecvmenici Concilii Vaticani
42874: FIRST BALTIMORE COUNCIL. - A Manual of the Cermonies Used in the Catholic Church.
94691: JEAN DE COUNE. - Notre-Dame de la Guerre.
104655: R. COUPLAND. - The War Speeches of William Pitt the Younger.
112458: PIERRE COURCELLE. - Late Latin Writers and Their Greek Sources.
140866: COMTESSE R. DE COURSON - The Condition of English Catholics Under Charles II
99534: JEAN L. COURTES. - The Courtes Letters.
64453: F. COURTNEY. - Cardinal Robert Pullen: An English Theologian of the Twelfth Century.
121920: GASTON COURTOIS - Before His Face: Meditations for Priests and Religious Volume II
69126: GASTON COURTOIS. - The Young Priest.
123123: MARY COUSINS - More About the Saints
1151: GEOFFREY COUSINS. - The Defenders: A History of the British Volunteer.
21530: NORMAN COUSINS, ED. - In God We Trust: The Religious Beliefs and Ideas of the American Founding Fathers.
96004: ACACIUS COUSSA. - Epitome Praelectionum de Iure Ecclesiastico Oreintali: Vol. III: De Matrimonio.
141217: LOUIS COUTURAT - Die Philosophischen Prinzipien Der Mathematik
70693: CHARLES COUTURIER, S.J. - The Mission of the Church.
84895: CHARLES COUTURIER. - The Mission of the Church.
60510: S. COVAL. - Scepticism and the First Person.
121060: JAMES COWAN - Desert Father: A Journey in the Wilderness with Saint Anthony
131608: MINNIE R. COWAN, ED - The Spalding Year-Book: Quotations from the Writing of Bishop Spalding for Each Day of the Year
44561: SISTER ST. MICHAEL COWAN. - Glimpses of Truth.
69020: SISTER ST. MICHAEL COWAN. - Glimpses of Truth.
36190: WAYNE COWAN, ED. - Facing Protestant-Roman Catholic Tensions.
8077: VIRGINIA COWLES. - The Russian Dagger: Cold War in the Days of the Czars.
141209: WILLIAM COWPER - The Poetical Works of William Cowper Esq. And Memoir of the Author
130972: WILLIAM COWPER - The Task: A Poem
132159: J. CHARLES COX - Bench-Ends in English Churches
122692: ISAAC JOSLIN COX, ED. - The Journeys of Rene Robert Cavalier Sieur de Lasalle: Vol. II [Incomplete].
106828: MICHAEL COX. - Oxford Concise Chronology of English Literature.
140165: WILLIAM R. COX - Luke Short and His Era
67059: HARVEY G. COX. - On Not Leaving It to the Snake.
98054: C. BARRY COX. - Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach.
66194: REV. RONALD J. COX. - A Study of the Juridic Status of Laymen in the Writing of the Medieval Canonists.
97531: IGANTIUS W. COX. - Is Sexual Abstinence Harmful?
104561: [PETER COXE]. - The Expose or Napoleon Buonaparte Unmasked.
35903: DONALD B. COZZENS. - The Changing Face of the Priesthood.
62348: WILLIAM REX CRAFROD. - A Century of Latin-American Thought.
84952: JOHN F. CRAGHAN. - The Psalms: Prayers for the Ups/Downs & in-Betweens of Life.
121280: JOHN H. CRAIGE - What You Should Know About the Marines
1210742: W.A. CRAIGIE - The Maitland Quarto Manuscript: Containing Poems by Sir Richard Maitland, Arbuthnot, and Others.
105251: ALEX D.D. CRAIK. - Mr. Hopkins' Men: Cambridge Reform and British Mathematics in the 19th Century.
102269: D.J. CRAIK. - Structure and Properties of Magnetic Materials.
105335: JILL Y. CRAINSHAW. - Wise and Discerning Hearts: An Introduction to Wisdom Liturgical Theology.
107060: KATHRYN CRAMER AND PETER D. PAUTZ. - The Architecture of Fear.
107071: KATHRYN CRAMER. - Walls of Fear.
177: [ALBERT PAYSON TERHUNE]. HENRY EDWARD CRAMPTON. - The Doctrine of Evolution: Its Basis and Its Scope.
140281: EDWARD CRANKSHAW - The Fall of the House of Habsburg
71561: TITUS CRANNY, S.A., ED. - Pope John and Christian Unity.
67782: TITUS CRANNY, S.A., ED. - Father Paul and Christian Unity: An Anthology on Christian Reunion.
67608: TITUS CRANNY, S.A. ED. - The Episcopate and Christian Unity: A Symposium Conducted by the Graymoor Friars Saint Pius X Seminary.
67759: TITUS CRANNY, S.A. - John 17: As We Are One.
67761: TITUS CRANNY, S.A., ED. - The Episcopate and Christian Unity: A Symposium Conducted by the Graymoor Friars Saint Pius X Seminary, September 1-4, 1964.
102774: T.E. CRANSHAW. - Cosmic Rays.
132169: JEAN CRASSET - Devotion Du Calvaire
68201: MARCELLO CRAVERI. - The Life of Jesus.
132202: FRANCIS MARION CRAWFORD - Gleanings from Venetian History Vols I-II
111718: F. MARION CRAWFORD. - The White Sister.
21326: M. MACDERMOT CRAWFORD. - Madame de Lafayette and Her Family.
24532: L.W. CRAWFORD. - Rekindling Camp Fires: The Exploits of Ben Arnold (Conner).
131007: F. MARION CRAWFORD - The White Sister
122981: OSWALD CRAWFURD - The Revelations of Inspector Morgan.
101346: S.M. AUSTIN & G.M. CRAWLEY. - The Two-Body Force in Nuclei.
131428: W.H. CRAWSHAW - The Interpretation of Literature
112097: R.S. CREED ET AL. - Reflex Activity of the Spinal Cord.
110841: STEWART CREHAN. - Blake in Context.
121420: JOSEPH CREHAN - The Osterley Selection Ffrom the Latin Fathers
90956: JOSEPH CREHAN. - The Theology of St. John.
81922: JOSEPH CREHAN, S.J. - Early Christian Baptism and the Creed: A Study in Ante-Nicene Theology.
150028: W. H. P. CREIGHTON - The Steam-Engine and Other Heat-Motors
6543: WILHELM CREMER. - Verlorene Sohne: Aus Der Fremdenlegion.
85504: REV. P.F. CREMIN. - Penance: Reserved Sins and Censures / the Integrity of Confession.
64757: REV. P.F. CREMIN. - Penance: Reserved Sins and Censures and the Integrity of Confession.
91463: JAMES L. CRENSHAW. - Samson: A Secret Betrayed; a Vow Ignored.
37337: CHANOINE P.E. CREPEAULT. - De Essentia Gratiae Habitualis.
100217: SALLUST - DANIEL CRESPIN. - Opera Omnia Quae Extant Interpretatione Et Notis.
48091: GEORGES CRESPY. - From Science to Theology: The Evolutionary Design of Teilhard de Chardin.
1678: DORMER CRESTON. - In Search of Two Characters: Some Intimate Aspects of Napoleon and His Son.
43642: JOSEPH CREUSEN, SJ. - Religieux Et Religieuses D'Apres le Droit Ecclesiastique.
43641: JOSEPH CREUSEN, REVISED BY ADAM ELLIS. - Religious Men and Women in the Code.
45173: JOSEPH CREUSEN, SJ. - Religious Men and Women in the Code.
140961: J.D. CRICHTON - Worship in a Hidden Church
66753: J.D. CRICHTON. - The Church's Worship: Considerations on the Liturgical Constitution of the Second Vatican Council.
38927: CAJETANUS CRISANTUS. - Thesarus S. Scripturae Et Ss. Patrum [Complete Set].
132154: L. CRISTIANI - Satan in the Modern World
24119: E.M.R. CRITCHLEY. - Neurological Emergencies.
70359: REV. CLEMENT H. CROCK. - Virtue and Vice: Catholic Dogma and Christian Living.
130665: REV. CLEMENT CROCK - The Commandments in Sermons
123119: ALOYSIUS CROFT - Twenty One Saints
122960: FREEMAN WILLS CROFTS - The Loss of Jane Vosper.
47433: WILLIAM J. CROMIE. - Gymnastics in Education.
19738: JOHN CROMPTON. - The Living Sea.
132158: VINCENT CRONIN - A Pearl to India: The Life of Roberto de Nobili
71077: JOHN F. CRONIN, S.S. - The Catholic As Citizen.
60445: ENGELBERT J. VAN CROONENBURG. - Gateway to Reality: An Introduction to Philosophy.
101782: ERNEST CROSBY. - Plain Talk in Psalm and Parable.
121229: E.R. CROSS - Underwater Photography and Television; a Handbook of Equipment and Techniques
73309: ROY CROSS. - The Fighter Aircraft Pocketbook.
87350: CLAIRE CROSS. - The Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Church.
1210636: ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS - Dark Night of the Soul
1210637: ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS - Ascent of Mount Carmel
1210640: ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS - Living Flame of Love
1210641: ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS - Spiritual Canticle
102160: A DAUGHTER OF THE CROSS. - Life of Mere Marie Therese [Bound with] Good Shepherd Chronicles I.
64058: DOMINIC CROSSAN. - The Gospel of Eternal Life: Reflections on the Theology of St. John.
65968: REV. MATTHEW H. CROTTY. - The Recipient of First Holy Communion: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
105362: DENIS CROUAN. - The Liturgy Betrayed.
105673: TOM D. CROUCH AND ALEX M. SPENCER. - History of Rocketry and Astronautics.
90746: COLIN CROUCH. - Delayed Castling.
1211027: HOWARD LINDSAY & RUSSEL CROUSE - The Prescott Proposals
16769: DAVID CROUTHERS. - Flags of American History.
105950: MICHAEL J. CROWE. - A History of Vector Analysis: The Evolution of the Idea of a Vectorial System.
15033: GENE CROWELL - Why Ain'Tcha Rich?
104002: E.P. CROWELL. - M. Tulli Ciceronis: De Officiis.
109766: DAVID CROWNER. - The Spirituality of the German Awakening.
25199: GERTRUDE CROWNFIELD. - Strong Hearts and Bold.
121124: SAMUEL CROWTHER - John H. Patterson: Pioneer in Industrial Welfare
107643: SAMUEL CROWTHER. - John H. Patterson: Pioneer in Industrial Welfare.
62318: T.H. CROXALL. - Kierkegaard Commentary.
62528: ALEXANDER CRUDEN. - A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament or a Dictionary and Alphabetical Index to the Bible.
94584: ALLAN D. CRUICKSHANK. - Cruickshank's Photographs of Birds of America.
51459: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. - My Sketch Book, Vol. I.
70624: CATHOLIC STUDENTS' MISSION CRUSADE. - To Defend the Cross: The Story of the Fourth General Convention of the Catholic Students' Mission Crusade at the University of Notre Dame.
121346: ROBERT W. CRUTTWELL - Virgil's Mind at Work: An Analysis of the Symbolism of the Aeneid
4691: PETER CRUTTWELL. - History out of Control: Confronting Global Anarchy.
68007: CAR. CRUYSBERGHS. - De Hominis Ultimo Fine Naturali.
46162: TRYON EDWARDS, REVISED BY CTAREVAS AND EDWARDS. - Useful Quotations: A Cyclopedia of Quotations.
122919: PUBLICACIONES DEL INSTITUTO HISPANO CUBANO - Catalogo de Los Fondos Americanos Del Archivo de Protocolos de Sevilla: Vols. I-III [Incomplete].
130941: ANTONIO GARCIA CUBAS - El Libro de Mis Recuerdos
122577: ANTONIO GARCIA CUBAS - Diccionario Geografico, Historico Y Biografico: Vols. I-V [Complete].
122603: MARIANO CUEVAS - Historia de la Iglesia En Mexico: Vols. I-II [Incomplete].
130822: GABRIEL CUEVAS - El Glorioso Colegio Militar Mexicano En Un Siglo 1824-1924
131081: P. MARIANO CUEVAS - Album Historico Guadalupano Del IV Centenario
42533: REV. THOMAS F. CULLEN. - The Very Reverend Mother Mary of the Passion and Her Institute.
111574: GORDON CULLINGHAM. - Patrick Young Alexander 1867-1943: Patron and Pioneer of Aeronautics.
37330: ROBERT H. CULPEPPER. - Interpreting the Atonement.
102318: CHARLES CULVER. - Electricity and Magnetism: An Advanced Textbook for Colleges.
3038: BARLOW CUMBERLAND - History of the Union Jack
120909: OWEN F. CUMMINGS - Canterbury Cousins: The Eucharist in Contemporary Anglican Theology
141056: ILDEPHONSUS CUMMINS, O.S.B. (EDITOR) - The Divine Office: A Letter to a Priest
67671: JOSEPH E. CUNNEEN, ED. - Looking Toward the Council: An Inquiry Among Christians.
92564: JOSEPH E. CUNNEEN. - Looking Toward the Council.
100034: JAMES F. CUNNINGHAM. - American Pastor in Rome.
122780: CHARLES HENRY CUNNINGHAM - The Audencia in the Spanish Colonies, As Illustrated by the Audiencia of Manila, 1583-1800.
44286: JAMES F. CUNNINGHAM, CSP. - American Pastor in Rome.
71735: LAWRENCE S. CUNNINGHAM. - The Catholic Heritage: Martyrs, Ascetics, Pilgrims, Warriors, Mystics, Theologians, Artists, Humanists, Activists, Ousiders, and Saints.
83620: JAMES F. CUNNINGHAM. - American Pastor in Rome.
94317: LAWRENCE CUNNINGHAM. - Mother of God.
96949: LAWRENCE CUNNINGHAM. - Brother Francis: An Anthology of Writings by and About St. Francis of Assisi.
98363: RICHARD G. CUNNINGHAM. - An Annotated Bibliography of the Work of the Canon Law Society of America 1965-1980.
120529: LAWRENCE S. CUNNINGHAM - Saint Francis of Assisi
616: GENERAL SIR ATHUR CUNYNGHAME. - My Command in South Africa 1874-1878.
85936: DON CUPITT. - Christ and the Hiddenness of God.
122541: MARK P. CURCHAK, ED. - Other Duties As Assigned: Presidential Assistants in Higher Education.
112043: RICHARD CURLE. - Collecting American First Editions: Its Pitfalls and Its Pleasures.
121793: REV. MICHAEL J. CURLEY - Church and State in the Spanish Floridas (1783-1822)
123110: EDMUND F. CURLEY - St. Camillus
140779: EDWARD LODGE CURRAN - Great Moments in Catholic History: 100 Memorable Events in Catholic History Told in Picture and Story
105327: CHARLES E. CURRAN. - The Living Tradition of Catholic Moral Theology.
43938: FRANCIS X. CURRAN. - Major Trends in American Church History.
65701: CHARLES A. CURRAN. - Counseling in Catholic Life and Education.
65157: CHARLES E. CURRAN. - A New Look at Christian Morality.
91189: FRANCIS X. CURRAN. - Major Trends in American Church History.
1176: CECIL B. CURREY. - Victory at Any Cost: The Genius of Viet Nam's Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap.
104605: LAURENCE CURRIE. - The Baton in the Knapsack: New Light on Napoleon and His Marshals.
131328: KENNETH CURRY, ED - New Letters of Robert Southey: 2 Volumes
140596: JEREMIAH CURTIN - The Mongols: A History
66199: REV. WILLIAM THOMAS CURTIN. - The Plaint of Nullity Against the Sentence: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
87376: WILLIAM THOMAS CURTIN. - The Plaint of Nullity Against the Sentence.
140566: BENJAMIN ROBBINS CURTIS - Jurisdiction, Practice, and Peculiar Jurisprudence of the Courts of the United States
131509: GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIS - Prue and I
61476: S.J. CURTIS. - A Short History of Western Philosopy in the Middle Ages.
67826: CHARLES J. CURTIS. - Soderblom: Ecumenical Pioneer.
39195: GEORGINA PELL CURTIS. - The American Catholic Who's Who.
130488: WILLIAM ELEROY CURTIS - The Relics of Columbus: An Illustrate Description of the Historical Collection in the Monastery of la Rabida
130576: WILLIAM ELEROY CURTIS - The Capitals of Spanish America
102455: L.F. CURTISS. - Introduction to Neutron Physics.
19074: JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD. - The Danger Trail.
19078: JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD. - The Country Beyond.
18749: JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD. - God's Country: The Trail to Happiness.
103816: NICOLAI DE CUSA. - Opera Omnia XIV: De Concordantia Catholica - Liber Primus.
39840: SISTER MARY F. CUSACK. - The Nun of Kenmare: An Autobiography.
121133: E.J. CUSKELLY - No Cowards in the Kingdom
110129: JOANNES CUSPINIAN. - De Consulibus Romanorum Commetarij [Bound with] Austria.
122947: EDGAR A. CUSTER - No Royal Road.
130760: FATHER CUTHBERT - Life of St. Francis of Assisi
104441: MRS. EDITH CUTHELL. - An Imperial Victim: Marie Louise.
120742: JOHN HENRY CUTLER - Tom Stetson and the Giant Jungle Ants
65577: FRANCOIS CUTTAZ. - Fraternal Charity: Its Theology and Its Application.
132115: EDWARD L. CUTTS - Scenes & Characters of the Middle Ages
131448: LOUISE CUYLER, ED - Heinrich Isaac's Chorali Constantinus Book III
69536: WOLFGANG CZERNIN, O.S.B. - Ein Leib-Ein Brot.
110821: FATHER RICHARD MADDEN O.C.D. - Men in Sandals.
69815: ROBERT WHITE KIRKPATRICK TH.D. - The Creative Delivery of Sermons.
68633: RENE BIOT, M.D. AND PIERRE GALIMARD, M.D. - Medical Guide to Vocations.
1211492: DOCTEUR D, SAUVEUR - Compte-Rendu Des Travaux de L'Academie Royale de Medecine de Belgique
120340: ERNST DAENELL - Die Spanier in Nordamerika Von 1513-1824
12240: KENDRICK PRICE DAGGETT. - Fifty Years of Fortitude: The Maritime Career of Captain Jotham Blaisdell of Kennebunk Maine 1810-1860.
123227: ALICE DAGLIESH - Relief's Rocker: A Story of Sandy Cove and the Sea
97942: THERRIN DAHLIN ET AL. - The Catholic Left in Latin America: A Comprehensive Bibliography.
80811: MITCHELL DAHOOD. - The Anchor Bible: Psalms I, 1-50.
40483: DAVID DAICHES. - Moses: The Man and His Vision.
120495: DAVID DAICHES - Willa Cather: A Critical Introduction
130619: A. DAIN - Les Manuscrits
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