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71819: JOHN J.I. VON DOLLINGER. - Christententhm Und Kirche in Der Zeit Der Grundlegung.
123244: B. DOMBART - Sancti Aurelii Augustini: Episcopi de Civitate Dei, Vol. I
130373: FRAY FRANCISCO ATANASIO DOMINGUEZ - The Missions of New Mexico 1776
150080: JACK DOMINIAN - Being Jack Dominian: Reflections on Marriage, Sex, and Love
64844: J. DOMINIAN. - Christian Marriage: The Challenge of Change.
70428: EUCHARISTIC MISSIONARIES OF ST. DOMINIC. - Heralds of the Good News: An Initial Course for the Formation of Christian Catechists.
130743: REV. GEORGE JOHNSON & REV. JEROME D. HANNAN & SISTER M. DOMINICA - Bible History: A Textbook of the Old and New Testaments for Catholic Schools
120818: GEORGE JOHNSON; JEROME D. HANNAN; AND M. DOMINICA - Bible History: A Textbook of the Old and New Testaments for Catholic Schools
96040: THE ENGLISH DOMINICANS. - Blackfriars: A Monthly Review - September 1934.
62950: MABEL A. DOMINICK. - The Bible and the Historical Design.
60055: FREDERICK C. DOMMEYER, EDITOR. - In Quest of Value: Readings in Philosophy and Personal Values.
70143: WILLIAM A. DONAGHY, S.J. - Hear Ye Him: Reflections on the Gospels for Sundays and Some of the Feasts.
14640: JACKSON DONAHUE. - Divorce American Style.
123375: JOHN R. DONAHUE - The Gospel in Parable: Metaphor, Narrative, and Theology in the Synoptic Gospels
142109: DONALD SENIOR, ET. AL. - The Catholic Study Bible
140624: STEPHEN R. DONALDSON - The Power That Preserves
140117: STEPHEN R. DONALDSON - The Illearth War
63357: JOANNES GUILELMUS DONALDSON. - Jashar: Fragmenta Archetypa.
60344: REV. ALEXANDER ROBERTS & JAMES DONALDSON. - Ante-Nicene Christian Library: Translations of the Writings of the Fathers [24 Volume Set].
120735: FRANCES DONALDSON - Freddy Lonsdale
120982: BROTHER DONAN - Gold Tried by Fire: A Story of Saint Jean de Brebeuf
68862: AUSTIN DONDERO, F.S.C., PH.D. - No Borrowed Light: Mental Health for Religious.
85405: AUSTIN DONDERO. - No Borrowed Light: Mental Health for Religious.
99125: JOSEPH G. DONDERS. - Jesus - Heaven on Earth: Reflections on the Gospels for the a-Cycle.
108007: ALBERT DONDEYNE. - Contemporary European Thought and Christian Faith.
35751: D. DONEY. - Institutionum Philosophicarum Ad Usum Juventutis Praesertimque Seminariorum.
43610: LUDWINUS VAN DONGEN. - De Potestate a Romanis Pontificibus in Constitutionibus Canonis 1125 Exhibita.
103808: JAMES J. O'DONNELL. - Augustine.
141935: CHRISTOPHER O'DONNELL - Ecclesia: A Theological Encyclopedia of the Church
1942: ELLIOTT O'DONNELL. - True Stories from the Great Ghost Hunter.
99120: THOMAS J. O'DONNELL. - Medicine and Christian Morality: Second Revised and Updated Edition.
71670: CHARLES P. O'DONNELL, ED. - The Church in the World.
65632: THOMAS J. O'DONNELL. - Morals in Medicine.
69595: LUKE O'DONNELL, O.S.B. - The Weakness of God.
65975: CLETUS FRANCIS O'DONNELL. - The Marriage of Minors: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
95036: ELLIOTT O'DONNELL. - Eliot O'Donnell's Great Ghost Stories.
64463: J. REGINALD O'DONNELL, ED. - Nine Mediaeval Thinkers: A Collection of Hitherto Unedited Texts.
66001: REV. THOMAS A. DONNELLAN. - The Obligation of the Missa Pro Populo: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
140301: GAYLORD DONNELLY - To Be a Good Printer: Our Four Commitments
123175: DOROTHY DONNELLY AND SIGMUND ROMBERG - The Student Prince: A Spectacular Light Opera
105907: JOSEPH P. DONNELLY. - Pierre Gibault Missionary 1737-1802.
131611: ELEANOR C. DONNELLY - A Tuscan Magdalen and Other Legends and Poems
123271: FRANCIS P. DONNELLY, ED. - The Second Spring: A Sermon by John Henry Newman
7407: ALTON DONNELLY. - The Russian Conquest of Bashkiria 1552-1740.
121353: MARY GOLDEN DONNELLY - The King's Advocate
32273: ELEANOR C. DONNNELLY. - Poems.
32259: JAMES J. DONOHUE. - Exile in the Stars.
65709: JOHN DONOHUE. - Christian Maturity.
141228: C.F. DONOVAN - Our Faith and the Facts
65995: REV. JOHN THOMAS DONOVAN. - The Clerical Obligations of Canons 138 and 140: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
110089: LESTER M. DOOLEY. - Are You Heeding Fatima?
102113: FATHER DOOLEY. - It Is I.
67174: DR. N.G.M. VAN DOORNIK. - The Meeting with Christ: A Layman's Guide to Catholic Faith Today.
102676: DR. N.G.M. VAN DOORNIK. - A Handbook of the Catholic Faith: The Triptych of the Kingdom.
141435: SIEGMAR DOPP AND WILHELM GEERLINGS (EDITORS) - Dictionary of Early Christian Literature
141847: ROBERT M. DORAN - Object and Psyche: Ricoeur, Jung, and the Search for Foundations
67205: WILLIAM R. DORAN. - A Modern Digest of Catholicism.
32622: GEORGE H. DORAN. - Chronicles of Barabbas 1884-1934.
16541: CARL VAN DOREN. - James Branch Cabell.
103299: T.A. DOREY AND ALLISON LEON. - The Norman Kings: A Medieval Latin Reader.
123290: ALFRED DORFFEL AND WOLFGANG GRAESER, ED. - The Art of the Fugue & a Musical Offering: By Johann Sebastian Bach
123476: PATRICK C. DORIN - The Lake Superior Iron Ore Railroads
62749: PIERRE DORNIER, ED. - La Sainte Bible: A Timothee Et a Tite.
112961: JAMES OWEN DORSEY - Omaha and Ponka Letters.
21419: FLORENCE L. DORSEY. - Master of the Mississippi.
112809: JAMES OWEN DORSEY AND JOHN R. SWANTON - Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 47: A Dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo Languages Accompanied with Thirty-One Biloxi Texts and Numerous Biloxi Phrases.
71367: MRS. ANNA HANSON DORSEY. - The Mad Penitent of Todi.
67388: THEODORE H. DORSEY. - From a Far Country: The Conversion Story of a Campaigner for Christ.
104750: REV. WILLIAM L. DOTY. - Crusaders of the Great River: Marquette and Joliet.
44023: REV. WILLIAM L. DOTY. - Trends and Countertrends Among American Catholics.
65696: REV. WILLIAM L. DOTY. - Virtues for Our Time.
101750: JEAN BERNARD DOUBLET AND JEAN-MICHEL TISNE. - Les Figurines En Plomb Creux: Tome 2.
123472: PATRICK DOUGHERTY - Mother Mary Potter: Foundress of the Little Company of Mary (1847-1913)
123583: JUDE P. DOUGHERTY - Jacques Maritain: An Intellectual Profile
67593: KENNETH DOUGHERTY, S.A. - Ecclesia Est Theandrica Ad Instar Jesu Christi.
97912: JOHN J. DOUGHERTY. - Searching the Scriptures: Revised Edition.
66188: IOANNE WHELAN IOSEPHO DOUGHTERTY. - De Inquisitione Speciali.
32235: PAUL DOUGHTY. - Huaylas: An Andean District in Search of Progress.
150068: J.D. DOUGLAS, ED - The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church
130527: SIR GEORGE DOUGLAS - James Hogg
43204: WINFRED DOUGLAS, REVISED BY LEONARD ELLINWOOD. - Church Music in History and Practice: Studies in the Praise of God.
91107: KIRK DOUGLAS. - Kirk Douglas Writes to Gary Cooper: A Letter - May 4 1961.
7477: DAVID C. DOUGLAS. - The Norman Fate 1100-1154.
18429: JOHN DOUGLAS. - A Letter Addressed to Two Great Men on the Prospect of Peace.
131617: JAMES DOUGLAS - Theodore Watts-Dunton: Poet, Novelist, Critic
108482: GENERAL SIR HOWARD DOUGLAS. - A Treatise on Naval Gunnery.
36186: E. JANE DEMPSEY DOUGLASS. - Justication in Late Medieval Preaching: A Study of John Geiler of Keisersberg.
131016: A.E. DOUGLASS - Dating Pueblo Bonito and Other Ruins of the Southwest
140929: HENRY DOULCET - Essai Sur Les Rapports de L'Eglise Chretienne Avec L'Etat Romain Pendant Les Trois Premiers Siecles
123223: CHRISTOS G. DOUMAS - Silent Witnesses: Early Cycladic Art of the Third Millenium Bc
94736: JOACHIM M. DOURCHE. - La Vierge Toute Sainte.
131567: K.J. DOVER - Lysias and the Corpus Lysiacum
40868: ALEXANDER CRAWLEY DOW. - Ministers to the Soldiers of Scotland: A History of the Military Chaplains of Scotland Prior to the War in the Crimea.
69832: REV. W.B. O'DOWD. - Preaching.
66422: SISTER M. AMADEUS DOWD. - Changes in Moral Reasoning Through the High School Years.
130698: JAN S. DOWER - Last Tiger out: The True Story of Dan Maukar - Ace Pilot in the Indonesian Air Force
131609: DAVID A. DOWNES - Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Study of His Ignatian Spirit
131015: MICHAEL DOWNEY - Altogether Gift: A Trinitarian Spirituality
97268: REV. RICHARD DOWNEY. - Personal Immortality.
141065: ERNEST DOWSON - The Poems of Ernest Dowson
112816: A. CONAN DOYLE - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
150019: CHARLES HUGO DOYLE - In Pursuit of Perfection: Conferences for Religious
142191: BERTRAM WILBUR DOYLE - The Etiquette of Race Relations in the South: A Study in Social Control
141066: FRANCIS CUTHBERT DOYLE, O.S.B. - Principles of Religious Life
140270: A. CONAN DOYLE - Beyond the City
65258: CHARLES HUGO DOYLE. - Pride--Thief of the Holocaust.
122830: A. CONAN DOYLE - The Green Flag and Other Stories of War and Sport.
123266: HIRAM M. DRACHE - The Day of the Bonanza: A History of Bonanza Farming in the Red River Valley of the North
61810: DURANT DRAKE. - Invitation to Philosophy.
101070: MOTHER FRANCIS RAPHAEL DRANE. - Life of Mother Margaret Mary Hallahan: Foundress of the English Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena.
131446: JOHN W. DRAPER - William Mason: A Study in Eighteenth-Century Culture
59556: WILLIAM R. DRAPER - Indian Dances, Medicine Men and Prophets
66246: REV. VICTOR DREES. - The Effects of Practice on Memory Performance.
123462: THEODORE DREHER, BONAVENTURE HAMMER - Outlines of Church History
6497: JEROME DREIFUSS. - Catherine and Potemkin: An Imperial Romance.
34356: THEODORE DREISER. - The Haunts of Bayard Taylor" in Munsey's Magazine, 1897-1898.
15030: JASMINE STONE VAN DRESSER - The Little Pink Pig and the Big Road: And Other Exciting Adventures
141064: F.M. DREVES - Spreading the Faith
54418: GUIDO MARIA DREVES. - Ein Wort Zur Gesangbuch-Frage.
121240: ELIZABETH DREW AND MICHAEL JOSEPH EDS. - Puss in Books: A Collection of Stories About Cats
37980: MARY FRANCES DREW. - The Passion Play of Ober-Ammergau.
16122: BETTINA DREW. - Nelson Algren: A Life on the Wild Side.
1863: EDOUARD DRIAULT. - The True Visage of Napoleon.
96109: REV. F.H. DRINKWATER. - Readings and Addresses for the Holy Hour and Other Occasions.
63505: S.R. DRIVER. - Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Books of Samuel.
86929: S.R. DRIVER. - An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament.
104260: PETER DRONKE. - Medieval Latin and the Rise of European Love-Lyric: Vols. I-II.
103928: PETER DRONKE. - Fabula: Explorations Into the Use of Myth in Medieval Platonism.
44964: FRANCIS M. DROUIN, O.P. - The Sounding Solitude: Meditations for Religious Women.
28428: ALEXANDER DRU. - Peguy.
112965: PHILIP DRUCKER - Ceramic Stratigraphy at Cerro de Las Mesas Veracruz, Mexico.
112922: PHILIP DRUCKER - La Venta, Tabasco a Study of Olmec Ceramics and Art
112964: PHILIP DRUCKER - Ceramic Sequences at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico.
97494: WALTER DRUM. - The Scriptures and Christ.
66068: WILLIAM MARTIN DRUMM. - Hospital Chaplains: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
112437: MAURICE DRUON. - The Poisoned Crown.
112438: MAURICE DRUON. - The Royal Succession.
131244: JOHN DRURY - Old Illinois Houses
81241: RONAN DRURY, ED. - Preaching.
62792: A.-M. DUBARLE. - Lectio Divina 1: Les Sages D'Israel.
62808: A-M. DUBARLE. - Lectio Divina 20: Le Peche Originel Dans L'Ecripture.
37043: A.M. DUBARLE. - Les Sages D'Israel.
64919: A.M. DUBARLE. - Love and Fruitfulness in the Bible.
67629: WILLIAM H. DUBAY. - The Human Church.
1210782: LEO L. DUBOIS, S.M. - Saint Francis of Assisi: Social Reformer
108151: MARGUERITE-MARIE DUBOIS. - La Chronique D'Ingulf: Haut Faits Et Mefaits Des Vikings En Angleterre Medievale.
94766: ALBERT DUBOIS. - Notre-Dame de la Providence: Son Histoire Et Son Culte.
31979: RENE DUBOS. - The Dreams of Reason: Science and Utopias.
66433: CHARLES A. DUBRAY. - The Theory of Psychical Dispositions.
110854: GEORGES DUBY. - Love and Marriage in the Middle Ages.
69549: MOST REV. FRANCIS BORGONGINI-DUCA. - The Word of God: A Series of Short Meditations on the Sunday Gospels.
40990: MSGR. FRANCIS BORGONGINI-DUCA, S.T.D. - The Word of God: Short Meditations on the Gospel.
62898: WALTER DUCKAT. - Beggar to King: All the Occupations of Biblical Times.
1210802: ELEANOR DUCKETT - The Wandering Saints
72530: ELEANOR SHIPLEY DUCKETT. - The Gateway to the Middle Ages: Monasticism.
90107: PAUL DUDON. - Lamennais Et le Saint-Siege 1820-1854.
142271: WILLIAM J. LA DUE - The Trinity Guide to the Trinity
130773: PRENT DUELL - Mission Architecture As Exemplified in San Xavier Del Bac
67194: DOM HILAIRE DUESBERG. - My Faith: What Does It Mean to Me?
24949: JACQUES DUESBERG. - Les Juridictions Scabinales En Flandre Et En Lotharingie Au Moyen-Age.
62730: HILAIRE DUESBERG AND PAUL AUVRAY, EDS. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livre de L'Ecclesiastique.
62726: HILAIRE DUESBERG AND PAUL AUVRAY, EDS. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livre Des Proverbes.
121344: J. WIGHT DUFF - Roman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life
140769: MRS. E.S. DUFF - Redeemed by the Blood
97955: WILLIAM R. DUFFEY. - Preaching Well: The Rhetoric and Delivery of Sacred Discourse.
68825: FELIX D. DUFFEY, C.S.C. - With Anxious Care.
95428: FELIX DUFFEY. - With Anxious Care.
44522: FELIX D. DUFFEY, CSC. - With Anxious Care.
87649: FELIX DUFFEY. - Testing the Spirit.
1213367: KENNETH GRAHAM DUFFIELD - The Little Wise Chicken That Knew It All
141811: EAMON DUFFY - Saints & Sinners: A History of the Popes
111500: CHRISTOPHER DUFFY. - Borodino and the War of 1812.
142078: STEPHEN J. DUFFY - The Dynamics of Grace: Perspectives in Theological Anthropology
141931: SEAN DUFFY - The Illustrated History of Ireland
48.2: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR. - Dictionary of the New Testament.
1210849: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR, S.J. - The Gospels and the Jesus of History
63935: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR. - Les Evangiles Et L'Histoire de Jesus.
100590: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR. - Life and Death in the New Testament.
1214921: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR - Dictionary of the New Testament
123630: ALFRED DUGGAN - My Life for My Sheep: A Biography of Thomas a Becket
91843: ALFRED DUGGAN. - My Life for My Sheep.
7781: ALFRED DUGGAN. - The Lady for Ransom.
7782: ALFRED DUGGAN. - The King of Athelney.
7805: ALFRED DUGGAN. - Founding Fathers.
4575: ALFRED DUGGAN. - God and My Right.
87945: AVERY DULLES. - Myth Bibical Revelation and Christ.
106225: AVERY DULLES. - The Resilient Church: The Necessity and Limits of Adaptation.
106386: AVERY DULLES. - Apologetics and the Biblical Christ.
95844: J.B. DUMAS. - Theologia Moralis Thomistica Vol. I: Theologia Moralis Generalis.
67745: C.J. DUMONT, O.P. - Approaches to Christian Unity: Doctrine and Prayer.
123584: HEINRICH DUMOULIN - A History of Zen Buddhism
37921: NICOLAS DUNAS. - Connaissance de la Foi.
131154: PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR - Lyrics of Lowly Life
111571: PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR. - The Fanatics.
100862: ELMER H. DUNCAN. - Soren Kierkegaard (Makers of the Modern Theological Mind).
27549: GEORGE S. DUNCAN. - Prehistoric Man: An Introduction to Anthropology.
27440: PETRUS G. DUNCKER. - Compendium Grammaticae Linguae Hebraicae Biblicae.
102281: J.W. DUNGEY. - Cosmic Electrodynamics.
1919: WILLIAM DUNLAP. - A Narrative of the Events Which Followed Bonaparte's Campaign in Russia.
1210679: JOHN COLIN DUNLOP - History of Prose Fiction: Vols. I-II.
1214836: JAMES D.G. DUNN - Word Biblical Commentary: Volume 38b Romans 9-16
42590: ARCHIBALD J. DUNN. - Frederic Ozanam and the Establishment of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
52556: PATRICK J. DUNN. - Priesthood.
142206: ALASTAIR DUNN - The Great Rising of 1381: The Peasants' Revolt and England's Failed Revolution
141949: GEORGE H. DUNNE - Generation of Giants: The Story of the Jesuits in China in the Last Decades of the Ming Dynasty
130548: PETER MASTEN DUNNE - Pioneer Black Robes on the West Coast
67195: EDMUND M. DUNNE, D.D. - Memoirs of Zi Pre.
67304: EDMUND M. DUNNE. - Polemic Chat.
32244: GERALD W.E. DUNNE. - Poems.
32245: REV. GERALD W.E. DUNNE. - Songsmith.
32246: REV. GERALD W.E. DUNNE. - Diwan.
102169: JOHN DUNNE. - Selected Poems.
130603: PETER MASTEN DUNNE - Pioneer Black Robes on the West Coast
120971: PETER MASTEN DUNNE - Andres Perez de Ribas: Pioneer Black Robe of the West Coast; Administrator; Historian
1210697: WILLIAM ARCHIBALD DUNNING - A History of Political Theories: Vols. I-III [Complete].
65173: WILLIAM DUNPHY, ED. - The New Morality: Continuity and Discontinuity.
150034: LORD DUNSANY - My Ireland
64137: DOM JACQUES DUPONT. - Les Sources Du Livre Des Actes: Etat de la Question.
27909: RICHARD A. DUPREY. - Just Off the Aisle: The Ramblings of a Catholic Critic.
150391: JACQUES DUPUIS - Christianity and the Religions: From Confrontation to Dialogue
123782: JAQUES DUPUIS, S.J. - Christianity and the Religions: From Confrontation to Dialogue
140422: COLONEL R. ERNEST DUPUY AND MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM H. BAUMER - The Little Wars of the United States
1210847: T.N. DUPUY - A Genius for War: The German Army and General Staff, 1807-1945
130343: EL PADRE FRAY DIEGO DURAN - Historia de Las Indias de Nueve-Espana Y Islas de Tierra Firme: Vols. I-III.
15005: P. ALFRED DURAND, TRANS - Verbum Salutis I: Evangile Selon Saint Matthieu
13978: ROBERT DURAND. - Lady in a Cage.
140584: JOHN DURANT - The Heavyweight Champions
112243: JOHN DURANT. - The Yankees.
43265: L'ABBE D. DURET. - Notions Elementaires D'Architecture Religieuse.
106242: FRANK DURHAM AND ROBERT D. PURRINGTON. - Frame of the Universe.
43734: CANON P. DURIEUX. - The Busy Pastor's Book on Matrimony.
1214814: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Julian of Norwich
123852: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Hildegard of Bingen
123858: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Julian of Norwich
123859: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Hildegard of Bingen
87989: DANIEL DURKEN. - Sin, Salvation and the Spirit.
44080: JOSEPH T. DURKIN, SJ. - William Matthews, Priest and Citizen.
40267: MARY G. DURKIN. - Feast of Love: Pope John Paul II on Human Intimacy.
112957: CHARLES PETIT-DUTAILLIS AND GEORGE LEFEBVRE - Studies and Notes Supplementary to Stubbs' Constitutional History.
93537: GEORGE MATTHEW DUTCHER ET AL. - A Guide to Historical Literature.
121791: REV. L.A. DUTTO - The Life of Bartolome de Las Casas and the First Leaves of American Ecclesiastical History
64854: EVELYN MILLIS DUVALL. - Why Wait Till Marriage?
38195: VICTOR L. DUX, O.S.B. - What the World Needs.
122754: EVERT A. DUYCKINCK - History of the World from the Earliest Period to the Present Time: Vol. I [Incomplete].
132043: FRANCIS DVORNIK - The Photian Schism: History and Legend
64792: FATHER WALTER DWIGHT. - Our Daily Bread: Papers on Frequent Communion.
103600: RICHARD A. DWYER. - Boethian Fictions.
94778: ADRIA I. DWYER. - Marriage Cases: A Handbook for Parish Priests.
112815: ALEXANDER DYCE, ED. - The Works of John Ford, with Notes Critical and Explanatory by William Gifford: Complete Set Vol. I-III.
107867: HENRY DYER. - Dai Nippon: A Study in National Evolution.
141398: L. FRANK BAUM (EDITH VAN DYNE) - Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work
141392: L. FRANK BAUM (EDITH VAN DYNE) - Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross
99606: JOHN DYSON AND PETER CHRISTOPHER. - Columbus: For Gold - God - and Glory.
15422: JOHN DYSON. - Columbus: For Gold, God, and Glory.
66225: REV. HENRY J. DZIADOSZ. - The Provisions of the Decree Spiritus Sancti Munera: The Law for the Extraordinary Minister of Confirmation.
65982: REV. MICHAEL W. DZIOB. - The Sacred Congregation for the Oriental Church.
108163: FERNAND SCHETAGNE P.M.E. - Portraits de Mandchourie.
120126: EADMER; ED. BY R.W. SOUTHERN - The Life of St. Anselm: Archbishop of Canterbury
65967: REV. GEORGE EAGLETON. - The Diocesan Quinquennial Faculties Formula IV: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
28186: MICHAEL EARLS. - Manuscripts and Memories: Chapters in Our Literary Tradition.
141519: CHARLES A. EASTMAN - Indian Child Life
122923: CHARLES A. EASTMAN - Old Indian Days.
73048: JAMES EASTMAN, WALTER HANAK, LAWRENCE PASZEK, EDS. - Aces & Aerial Victories: The United States Air Foce in Southeast Asia, 1965-1973.
132330: EKNATH EASWARAN - Love Never Faileth: The Inspiration of Saint Francis, Saint Augustine, Saint Paul, Mother Teresa
142083: EKNATH EASWARAN - Meditation: Commonsense Directions for an Uncommon Life
1214910: EKNATH EASWARAN - Thousand Names of Vishnu
140899: ROBERT EATON - The Benedictines of Colwich 1829-1929: England's First House of Perpetual Adoration
60211: RALPH MONROE EATON. - Symbolism and Truth: An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge.
47864: RICHARD EATON. - Under the Red Flag.
39137: GERHARD EBELING. - Theology and Proclamation: A Discussion with Rudolf Bultmann.
104488: PIERRE PAUL EBEYER. - Revelations Concerning Napoleon's Escape from St. Helena.
1271: MARTIN EBON. - Kgb: Death and Rebirth.
80664: DR. BRUNO ECK. - Technische Stromungslehre.
85272: A. ROY ECKARDT. - Elder and Younger Brothers: The Encounter of Jews and Christians.
63022: JAKOB ECKER. - Katholische Schulbibel.
141458: ALLAN W. ECKERT - A Time of Terror: The Great Dayton Flood
141184: ALLAN W. ECKERT - A Time of Terror: The Great Dayton Flood
141456: ALLAN W. ECKERT - The Frontiersman: A Narrative
106965: GRACE ECKLEY. - Maiden Tribute: A Life of W.T. Stead.
120662: JEANETTE ECKMAN - Delaware: A Guide to the First State
121929: JAMES EDWARD TOBIN ED. - The Happy Crusaders
121749: MANUEL KOMROFF ED. - The Apocrypha or Non-Canonical Books of the Bible
121969: RONALD E. WOOD JR. ED. - The Lodges of Northwest Missouri
121349: REVEREND JOHN P. O'CONNELL ED. - The Holy Bible
122022: ANTON-HERMANN CHROUST ED. - Natural Law Forum 1959 Volume 4 Number 1
120053: R.M. WILSON ED. - The English Text of the Ancrene Riwle
121955: BRADLEY T. JOHNSON ED. AND DISTINGUISHED MEN OF [JEFFERSON DAVIS'] TIME - A Memoir of the Life and Public Service of Joseph E. Johnston and Life and Reminiscences of Jefferson Davis
120224: LAVERNE J. WAGNER - ED. - George de la Hele (1547-1586) Collected Works
104643: GEORGE S. HELLMAN (ED). - Memoirs of Comte de Mercy Argenteau [Complete Set].
121915: DANIEL M. O'CONNELL ED. - Kindly Light: A Cardinal Newman Prayerbook
121912: JEFFREY M. BURNS ED. - Catholic San Francisco: Sesquicentennial Essays
121660: ERNEST VENK ED. - Automotive Engines: Maintenance and Repair
121103: MILTON C. NAHM ED. - Selections from Early Greek Philosophy
121170: RICHARD S. KERSTINE ED. - Amberley Village: Its History and Its People
121926: ALFRED FOWLER ED. - The Curiosities of Kissing: Wit and Humor, Story and Anecdote on Kisses, Kissers and Kissing
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112623: JOHN F. FINERTY. - Ireland in Pictures: A Grand Collection of over 400 Magnificent Photographs of the Beauties of the Emerald Isle.
122932: JOHN F. FINERTY - War-Path and Bivouac: The Big Hord and Yellowstone Expedition.
140561: HERBERT FINGARETTE - Self-Deception
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91344: LEO GREGORY FINK. - Paul - Hero and Saint: An Apostolic Story of Roman Battles and Catholic Victories.
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121595: EDWARD FISCHER - The Chancy War: Winning in China, Burma and India in World War Two
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150326: RICHARD FLETCHER - The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity
120406: IAN FLETCHER - Napoleonic Wars: Wellington's Army

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