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14935: MORMONE, MARIASERENA AND AURORA SPINOSA, EDS., - Donazione Palizzi: da Vasto a Napoli verso l'Europa.
40695: MORNER, ANTONIA, KERSTIN SANDBERG AND BENGT HOLTZE, EDS., - Axel Johnson and A. Johnson & Co., 1873-1890.
21165: MOROZOV, G.V. (GEORGII VASILEVICH), ED., - Aktualnye voprosy psikhiatrii i nevropatologii.
25795: MORRELL, JESSICA PAGE, - Thanks, but this isn't for us; a (sort of) compassionate guide to why your writing is being rejected.
41351: MORRIS, J. KENNETH, - Elizabeth Evelyn Wright, 1872-1906; founder of Voorhees College.
40143: MORRIS, LEON, - The Biblical doctrine of judgment.
40698: MORRIS, ALEXANDER, - Nova Britannia; or, our new Canadian dominion foreshadowed; being a series of lectures, speeches and addresses. Edited, with notes and an introduction, by a member of the Canadian Press.
42296: MORRIS, SIR LEWIS, - Harvest-tide; a book of verses.
25442: MORRIS, ROGER, - Atlantic seafaring; ten centuries of exploration and trade in the North Atlantic.
31889: MORRIS, WILLIAM, - Architecture, industry and wealth; collected papers.
32434: MORRIS, JERROLD, - 100 ans de dessins canadiens. Traduit de l'anglais par Gilles Toupin.
42063: MORRIS, PHILIP A. AND MARJORIE L. WHITE, - Birmingham bound; an atlas of the South's premier industrial region. Photographs and drawings by the Historic American Engineering Record.
37804: MORRIS, WILLIAM, - An address delivered by William Morris at the distribution of prizes to students of the Birmingham Municipal School of Art on Feb. 21, 1894.
37381: MORSE, FREDERICK T., - Power plant engineering and design; a text for engineers and students of engineering covering the theory and practice of stationary electric generating plants.
26064: MORSON, GARY SAUL AND CARYL EMERSON, EDS., - Rethinking Bakhtin; extensions and challenges.
34933: MORTENSEN [RICHARD], - Måleri [Maleri], teckningar, grafik.
37917: MORTIER, RAOUL, - La Senechaussee de la basse-marche; contribution a l'etude de la geographie de l'ancienne France.
30763: MORTIER, JEANNE, AND AUBOUX, MARIE-LOUISE, - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; images et paroles. Préface d'André George. Album réalisé par Jeanne Mortier et Marie-Louise Auboux avec les oeuvres et les lettres de Pierre Teilhard de Chardin et les documents rassemblés aux archives de la fondation.
24193: MORTON, LESLIE T. AND ROBERT J. MOORE, - A bibliography of medical and biomedical biography.
15527: MORTON, LESLIE T., - A medical bibliography (Garrison and Morton): an annotated check-list of texts illustrating the history of medicine.
40391: MORTON, MARTIN L., - The mountain white-crowned sparrow; migration and reproduction at high altitude.
39540: MOSCATELLI, RENATO, - Seashells on stamps.
40734: MOSER, BARRY, - We were brothers.
33127: MOSER, PAUL K., - Philosophy after objectivity; making sense in perspective.
5812: MOSHER, J. MONTGOMERY., - A syllabus of a course of clinical lectures on mental affections. Designed as a note book for the use of students.
41379: MOSHER, BRUCE H., - Catalog of private express labels and stamps; United States, 1839-1918; Canada, 1841-1926.
28068: MOSS, STEVE, ED., - Aging and developmental disabilities; perspectives from nine countries.
39453: MOSS, MURRAY (PROF.), - Baccarat, 1764; deux cent cinquante ans.
40397: MOSS, R.M.F. AND C.B. THOMAS, EDS., - Algebraic K-theory and its geometric applications.
26936: MOSSE, GEORGE L., ED., - International fascism; new thoughts and new approaches.
41870: MOSZKOWSKI, ALEXANDER, - Die Welt von der Kehrseite; eine Philosophie der reinen Galle.
38508: MOTEY, HENRY [HENRI] JACQUES FRANCOIS RENAULT, VICOMTE DU, - Une paroisse rurale au Duche d'Alencon, Saint-Germain de Clairefeuille; des origines de la Paroisse a 1790. Par le Vicomte du Motey.
22816: MOTT, N.F. AND H.S.W. MASSEY, - The theory of atomic collisions.
1074: MOTT, RANDY., - Mistaken. Drawings by Robynn Smith.
40057: MOTT, MARIE EDOUARD, - The green scapular and its favors.
25130: MOTTA, EMILIO, - Otto Pontificati del Cinquecento, 1555-1591; illustrati da corrispondenze trivulziane.
35059: MOTTA, PIETRO M., ED., - Cells and tissues; a three-dimensional approach by modern techniques in microscopy; a celebrative symposium: The "Opera Omnia" of Marcello Malpighi. Proceedings of the VIIIth International Symposium on Morphological Sciences, held in Rome, Italy, July 10-15, 1988.
39649: MOUFANG, CHRISTOPH, HRSG., - Katholische Katechismen des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts in Deutscher Sprache. Herausgegeben und mit Anmerkungen versehen von Christoph Moufang.
42176: MOULLIN, E.B., - Spontaneous fluctuations of voltage due to Brownian motions of electricity, shot effect, and kindred phenomena.
23156: MOUNTFORD, CHARLES P., - Ayers Rock; its people, their beliefs and their art.
39069: MOURS, SAMUEL, - Le protestantisme en France au XVI siecle.
36132: MOUSNIER, ROLAND, - Fureurs paysannes; les paysans dans les revoltes du XVII siecle (France, Russie, Chine)
28235: MOUSSORGSKY [MODESTE PETROVICH], - Moussorgsky; selected compositions for piano.
11064: MOYER, IMOGENE L., ED., - The changing roles of women in the criminal justice system: offenders, victims, and professionals.
41714: MOYERS, SUSAN, - Garlic in health, history and world cuisine.
5817: MOYNIHAN, BERKELEY., - The spleen and some of its diseases. Being the Bradshaw Lecture of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1920. With 13 full-page diagrams.
40078: MOYNIHAN, EUGENE J., - Saint Louis de Montfort.
31278: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS, - Requiem (K626); vocal score/Klavierauszug. Edited by Richard Maunder.
31258: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS (ALOIS SCHMITT, VOCAL SCORE), - Grand mass in C minor; Koechel 427.
29886: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS, - Concerto C major for pianoforte and orchestra; Köchel-edition, no. 467, composed 9th March, 1787, at Vienna. Edited from the original ms. and the complete edition of Mozart's works, and with foreword by Friedrich Blume.
39213: MOZLEY, ALAN, - Liver-fluke snails in Britain. With 11 illustrations.
39265: MOZLEY, ALAN, - Molluscicides. With 10 illustrations.
39266: MOZLEY, ALAN, - A background for the prevention of bilharzia. With 11 illustrations.
39267: MOZLEY, ALAN, - The snail hosts of bilharzia in Africa; their occurrence and destruction. With 27 illustrations.
20997: MROZEK, BRODO, - Lexikon der bedrohten Wörter.
20372: MUCHA, VILÉM, - První celostátní spartakiada, 1955.
42239: VON MÜCKE [MUCKE], HELLMUTH, - Emden.
20616: MÜCKENHAUSEN, EDUARD, - Die wichtigsten Böden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland; dargestellt in 60 farbigen Bodenprofilen. Mit Erläuterungen.
29791: MUCKERMANN, FRIEDRICH, - Goethe. Mit 15 Abbildungen.
17390: MUELLER, ROLF R., - Festival and fiction in Heinrich Wittenwiler's Ring: a study of the narrative and its relation to the traditional topoi of marriage, folly, and play.
21213: MUGA, BRUCE J. AND JAMES F. WILSON, - Dynamic analysis of ocean structures.
6226: MUHLE, ERICH.(MUEHLE), - Der menschliche Staat als Problem der vergleichenden Biologie. Beitrag zur organismischen Staatsauffassung im Anschluss an E.G. Kolbenheyer.
38546: MÜHLENBROCK [MUHLENBROCK] JOSEF UND DIETER RICHTER, HRSG., - Verschüttet [Verschuttet] vom Vesuv; die letzten Stunden von Herculaneum. Herausgegeben von Josef Mühlenbrock [Muhlenbrock] und Dieter Richter.
42487: MUIR, THOMAS (WILLIAM H. METZLER, REVISED), - A treatise on the theory of determinants. Revised and enlarged by William H. Metzler.
34229: MULDOON, PAUL, - The word on the street; rock lyrics.
26218: MÜLER [MULER]-DANGO, ANGELA, - Sozialpolitik im Inka-Staat.
41995: MULHALL, DANIEL, - A new day dawning; a portrait of Ireland in 1900.
12483: MULLEN, JOAN HESS, - The Gordon-Cain families of Schoharie County, New York.
39647: VON MÜLLER [MULLER], GEORG ALEXANDER (WALTER GÖRLITZ [GORLITZ], ED.), - The Kaiser and his court; the diaries, note books and letters of Admiral Georg Alexander Von Müller [Muller], Chief of the Naval Cabinet, 1914-1918. With a foreword by Sven von Müller [Muller].
30277: MULLER, H.J., LITTLE, C.C., AND SNYDER, LAURENCE H., - Genetics, medicine, and man.
34632: MULLER, CHARLES G., - The proudest day; MacDonough on Lake Champlain.
40801: MÜLLER [MULLER], ROLF-DIETER (DAVID BURNETT, TR.), - The unknown eastern front; the Wehrmacht and Hitler's foreign soldiers. Translated by David Burnett.
24622: MÜLLER, KURT DETLEV, - Das letzte Kapitel; Geschichte der Kapitulation Hamburgs; von der Hamburger Katastrophe des Jahres 1943 bis zur Übergabe der Stadt am 3. Mai 1945.
21742: MÜLLER-STRÜBING, HERMANN, - Aristophanes und die historische Kritik; Polemishe Studien zur Geschichte von Athen im Fünften Jahrhundert vor Ch.G.
20880: MÜLLER, JOACHIM, - Zwei Studien zum fünften Akt von Goethes Faust II.
31571: MÜLLER, GEORG, - Das Recht in Goethes Faust. Bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Erich Brautlacht.
34345: MÜLLER [MULLER], ADAM, - Ethischer Charakter von Göthes [Goethes] Faust. Mit einem Faustmärchen [Faustmarchen] als Anhang.
37559: MÜLLER-BOHN [MULLER-BOHN], HERMANN, - Graf Moltke; ein Bild seines Lebens und seiner Zeit. Mit zahlreichen Illustrationen von ersten deutschen Künstlern [Kunstlern].
30535: MULLER, C.F.J., - Vyfhonderd [500] jaar Suid-Afrikaanse geskiedenis. Onder redaksie van C.F.J. Muller.
11998: MÜLLER, KURT, - Leibniz-bibliographie; die Literatur über Leibniz.
29486: MÜLLER, KARL, - Rendsburg; die Stadt im herzen Schleswig-Holsteins.
29389: MULLINS, E.J. AND T.S. MCKNIGHT, EDS., - Canadian woods; their properties and uses.
9094: MUN, KIN-CHOK., - Die Wirtschaftliche Entwicklungs Hongkongs. (Doctoral dissertation, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität zu Freiburg im Breisgau)
33602: PRÄHISTORISCHE STAATSSAMMLUNG MÜNCHEN [PRAHISTORISCHE STAATSSAMMLUNG MUNCHEN], - Weggefährten über [Weggefahrten uber] 25 Jahre; die Prähistorische [Prahistorische] Staatssammlung und ihr Freundeskreis. (Kataloge der Prähistorische [Prahistorische] Staatssammlung)
1103: MUNDWILER, LESLIE., - Double feature. Poems. Cover and illustrations by Linda Mundwiler.
27550: MUNÉVAR, GONZALO, - Radical knowledge; a philosophical inquiry into the nature and limits of space. With a foreword by Paul K. Feyerabend.
42727: MUNICIO, A. MARTIN AND M. TERESA MIRAS-PORTUGAL, EDS., - Cell signal transduction, second messengers, and protein phosphorylation in health and disease.
39966: MUNITZ, MILTON K., ED., - Identity and individuation.
37097: MUNK, KAJ, - En idealist; nogle indtryk fra en konges liv.
37061: MUNK, KAJ, - Himmel og jord; kronikker m.m. af Kaj Munk.
37079: MUNK, KAJ, - Kaerlighed og andre skuespil. Mindeudgave.
37078: MUNK, KAJ, - Han sidder ved smeltediglen.
37054: MUNK, KAJ, - Egelykke.
37053: MUNK, KAJ, - Før [For] Cannae.
37080: MUNK, KAJ, - Cant; et skuespil om Henry VIII og Anne Boleyn.
36235: MUNRO, ALICE, - Selected stories.
35092: MUNSHI, K.M., - Indian Constitutional Documents; vol. 1: Pilgrimage to freedom (1902-1950); vol. 2: Munshi papers. Two volume set.
29589: MÜNSTER, CLEMENS, - Mengen, Massen Kollektive.
29693: MÜNSTER, CLEMENS, - Scherben die Aufzeichnungen des Georg C.
27858: MUNTEANU, VAL, ET AL, DESIGNERS, - Rumania. Foreword by Tudor Arghezi.
17273: MÜNZHUBER, JOSEPH, - Eine Einführung in die Philosophie.
19935: MURAD, ANATOL, - Franz Joseph I of Austria and his empire.
30469: MURILLO, LUIS ANDRÉS, ED., - Don Quijote de la Mancha (bibliografía fundamental), tomo 3. Segunda edición, con apéndices y nuevas fichas. Vol. 3 only.
39089: MURPH, ROXANE C., - Richard III; the making of a legend.
42461: MURPHY, ROBERT T., - Mundurucu religion.
32576: MURPHY, NANCEY, - Theology in the age of scientific reasoning.
37669: MURRAY, LINDLEY, - English exercises, adapted to Murray's English Grammar, consisting of exercises in parsing; instances of false orthography; violations of the rules of syntax; defects in punctuation, and violations of the rules respecting perspicuous and accurate writing. Designed for the benefit of private learners, as well as for the use of schools. From the seventeenth English edition, with additions and improvements.
12568: MURRAY, PETER, - Dulwich Picture Gallery; a catalogue.
5133: MURRAY, J. F. N., - Valuation and the national economy.
3232: MURRAY, JOHN J., - George I, the Baltic and the Whig split of 1717; a study in diplomacy and propaganda.
32779: MURRAY, ARTHUR, - The modern dances [and] The modern dances; advance course; parts 2 and 3. Two volumes.
41057: MURRAY, STUART, - Thomas Cornell and the Cornell Steamboat Company. Introduction by Roger W. Mabie. Essays by William duBarry Thomas.
37662: MURRAY, LINDLEY, - The English reader on pieces in prose and poetry, selected from the best writers. Designed to assist young persons to read with propriety and effect; to improve their language and sentiments, and to inculcate some of the most important principles of piety and virtue. With a few preliminary observations on the principles of good reading.
39631: MURRAY, WILLIAM H.H. (WILLIAM K. VERNER, ED.), - Adventures in the wilderness. Edited by William K. Verner. With introduction and notes by Warder H. Cadbury.
37660: MURRAY, LINDLEY, - English exercises adapted to Murray's English Grammar, consisting of exercises in parsing; instances of false orthography; violations of the rules of syntax; defects in punctuation; and violations of the rules respecting perspicuous and accurate writing. Designed for the benefit of private learners, as well as for the use of schools.
37706: MURRAY, WILLIAM H.H. (WILLIAM K. VERNER, ED.), - Adventures in the wilderness. Edited by William K. Verner. With introduction and notes by Warder H. Cadbury.
17285: MUSÄUS, JOHANN KARL AUGUST, ED. (JOSEF HEGENBARTH, ILLUS.), - Melechsala. Mit Zeichnungen von Josef Hegenbarth.
28497: MUSCHA, WALTER, ED., - Mystische Texte aus dem Mittelalter.
21464: MUSCHG, ADOLF, - Goethe als Emigrant; auf der Suche nach dem Grünen bei einem alten Dichter.
21042: MUSCHG, WALTER, - Tragische Literaturgeschichte.
21041: MUSCHG, WALTER, - Pamphlet und Bekenntnis; Aufsätze und Reden. Ausgewählt und herausgegeben von Peter André Bloch, in zusammenarbeit mit Elli Muschg-Zollikofer.
28538: MUSCHG, WALTER, - Gotthelf; die geheimnisse des Erzählers.
30300: THE SCHENECTADY MUSEUM, - Robert Blood; retrospective exhibit.
26310: NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM (JAMES H. STOLLER), - Glacial geology of the Schenectady Quadrangle.
25566: NEW JERSEY STATE MUSEUM, - Annual report of the New Jersery State Museum, including a report of the plants of southern New Jersey, with especial reference to the flora of the Pine Barrens, 1910.
25568: NEW JERSEY STATE MUSEUM, - Annual report of the New Jersey State Museum, including a list of the specimens and publications received during the year, with a report of the crustacea of New Jersey; fully illustrated; 1911.
32665: SLIGO COUNTY LIBRARY AND MUSEUM, - Jack B. Yeats and contemporaries, 1871-1957; an exhibition of the works of Jack B. Yeats and contemporaries at Sligo Co. Library and Museum and Sligo Art Gallery.
21948: NATIONAL SCIENCE MUSEUM, - Flora and fauna of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo. I. Flora; II. Fauna, excluding insects; III. Insect fauna. Memoirs of the National Science Museum No. 34.
34925: THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS ART MUSEUM, - Sanford Robinson Gifford [1823-1880]. Preface by Donald B. Goodall. Introduction by Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr.
39001: MUSIAL, STAN, - Stan Musial: "The Man's" own story as told to Bob Broeg.
23472: MUSICHOUND (LELAND RUCKER, ED.), - MusicHound blues; the essential album guide. Foreword by Al Kooper.
31500: MUSIL, ROBERT, - Beitrag zur Beurteilung der Lehren Machs und Studien zur Technik und Psychotechnik.
41193: MUSIL, ROBERT, - Sämtliche Erzählungen [Samtliche Erzahlungen].
6372: MUSPER, H. TH., - Albrecht Durer; der gegenwartige Stand der Forschung.
18929: MUSSNER, FRANZ, - The historical Jesus in the Gospel of St. John.
33798: MUSSORGSKY [MODEST PETROVICH], - Nursery; a cycle of seven songs for voice and piano (original key).
31498: MUSTARD, HELEN MEREDITH, - The lyric cycle in German literature.
39080: MUSTEIKIS, ANTANAS, - The reformation in Lithuania; religious fluctuations in the sixteenth century.
22366: MUSTER, D. AND B. STERNLICHT, EDS., - Proceedings; International Symposium on Lubrication and Wear.
25467: MUSTO, RONALD G., - The Catholic peace tradition.
14537: MYDDELTON, D.R., - On a cloth untrue: inflation accounting: The way forward.
35682: MYERS, MICKI, - It's probably nothing...or how I learned to stop worrying and love my implants. [Cover subtitle: Surviving cancer; a memoir in poems]
30092: MYERS, REX C. AND HARRY W. FRITZ, EDS., - Montana and the West; essays in honor of K. Ross Toole.
28310: MYERSON, JOEL, ED., - Studies in the American Renaissance, 1995.
28309: MYERSON, JOEL, ED., - Studies in the American Renaissance, 1996.
30433: MYERSON, MICHAEL, ED., - Memories of underdevelopment; the revolutionary films of Cuba.
39186: NACHMANSON, AUG. OCH KARL SUNDBERG, - Svenska Diamantbergborrnings Aktiebolaget, 1886-1936; historik over dess tillkomst, tekniska och ekonomiska utveckling med anledning av dess femtioariga tillvaro.
33806: NADAI, A. [ARPAD], - Die elastischen Platten; die Grundlagen und Verfahren zur Berechnung ihrer Formänderungen [Formanderungen] und Spannungen, sowie die Anwendungen der Theorie der ebenen zweidimensionalen elastischen Systeme auf praktische Aufgaben. Mit 187 Abbildungen im Text und 8 Zahlentafeln.
40478: NADAL, OCTAVE, - Paul Verlaine.
32439: NADEAU, MARCEL, - Geodesiques; poemes pour Niska; suivi de Niska, l'art et l'homme; essai.
42476: NADEL, S.F., - Nupe religion.
41090: NADIS, STEVE AND SHING-TUNG YAU, - From the Great Wall to the Great Collider; China and the quest to uncover the inner workings of the universe.
41836: NADLER, DANIEL, - Lacunae; 100 imagined ancient love poems.
40993: NADLER, DANIEL, - Lacune; 100 imagined ancient love poems.
41643: NADLER, DANIEL, - 100 imagined ancient love poems.
29496: NAENDRUP, HUBERT, - Das Schloss in Münster; eine Symphonie von Leben, Tod und Unsterblichkeit.
37095: NAESGAARD, SIGURD, - Kortfattet sjaelelaere.
41451: NAGAO, PHILIP M. (COMPILER), - Japanese local histories in the Library of Congress; a bibliography.
42074: NAGEL, OSKAR, - Producer gas fired furnaces; detailed descriptions and illustrations of practical producer gas-fired furnaces of the chemical, metal, metallurgical, iron, steel, lime, cement, glass, brick and ceramic industries. A handbook for engineers, chemists, manufacturers, superintendents and students. With 237 illustrations.
29699: NÄGELE, REINHOLD (OTTO ROMBACH), - Reinhold Nägele; Bilder aus fünf Jahrzehnten; Stimmen der Freunde. Eingeleitet von Otto Rombach, mit einem Grußwort von Theodor Heuss und Beiträgen von Hugo Borst, Josef Eberle, Otto Fischer, et al.
23618: NAGELL, T. (TRYGVE), - L'analyse indeterminee de degre superieur.
28088: NAGLER, MARK, - Perspectives on disability; text and readings on disability. Foreword by Evan J. Kemp.
41860: NAHIN, PAUL J., - The science of radio.
40674: NAMIER, L.B., - Conflicts; studies in contemporary history.
40777: O'NAN, STEWART, - City of secrets.
39931: NANAK, GURU (KHUSHWANT SINGH, TR.), - Hymns of Guru Nanak. Translated by Khushwant Singh.
33888: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF (ARTHUR G. CHATER, TR.), - In northern mists; arctic exploration in early times. Translated by Arthur G. Chater. In two volumes with frontispieces in color, and over one hundred and fifty illustrations in black-and-white.
3486: BANCO DI NAPOLI., - L'archivio storico del Banco di Napoli. Una forte preziosa per la storia economica sociale e artistica del mezzogiorno d'Italia.
14546: NAPPI, MARIA ROSARIA, - Il paesaggio culturale nelle strategie Europee.
38780: NAPTHALI, SARAH, - Buddhism for couples; a calm approach to relationships.
28628: NARADA (NANDALAL SINHA, TR.), - The Bhakti sutras of Narada. With explanatory notes and an introduction by the translator.
34464: NARAIN, IQBAL, ED., - State politics of India.
37873: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE (GORDON SAGER, TR.), - Masterworks of Ukiyo-e; Hiroshige; the 53 stations of the Tokaido. English adaption by Gordon Sager.
37943: NARBONNE, PIERRE (J.A. LE ROI, ED.), - Journal des regnes de Louis XIV et Louis XV de l'anne 1701 a l'anne 1744. Recueilli et edite avec introduction et notes par J.A. le Roi.
32077: NARES, CAPT. SIR G.S., - Narrative of a voyage to the Polar Sea during 1875-6 in H.M. ships 'Alert' and 'Discovery'. With notes on the natural history, edited by H.W. Feilden. In two volumes.
17405: NASARSKI, PETER E., ED. (BERND G. LÄNGIN, VOL. 3), - Wege und Wandlungen: die Deutschen in der Welt heute. COMPLETE SET.
28283: NASRAWI, AL -HABIB, - Al-Jahiz mu'jamiyan; bahth fi al-mustawayat al-lughawiyah al-Habib al Nasrawi.
42745: NATHANAIL, PAUL, ED., - NTC's new college Greek and English dictionary. Compiled by Paul Nathanail.
24138: FRANCE BIBLIOTEQUE NATIONALE, - Mazarin, homme d'etat et collectionneur, 1602-1661; exposition organisee pour le troisieme centenaire de sa mort.
14614: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE, - Catalogue général des livres imprimés, 1960-1964, [de la Bibliotheque Nationale]. COMPLETE SET OF THIS SUPPLEMENT.
42143: GERMANISCHEN NATIONALMUSEUM, - Siehe der Stein schreit aus der Mauer; Geschichte une Kultur der Juden in Bayern.
35588: LEAGUE OF NATIONS, - Manchuria; report of the Commission of Enquiry appointed by the League of Nations.
38152: NATISI, AZAR, - The republic of imagination; America in three blocks.
22521: NATSUME, SOSEKI (UMEJI SASAKI, TR.), - Kusamakura and Buncho. Translated by Umeji Sasaki. Illustrated by Hyakusui Hirafuku.
28060: PERU. OFICINA NACIONAL DE EVALUACION DE RECURSOS NATURALES (ONERN), - Inventario, evaluacion e integracion de los recursos naturales de la zona Villa Rica-Puerto Pachitea.
41311: NAUFAL, VICTOR M. RUIZ, - Escudo de armas de Mexico; escrito por el Presbitero Cayetano de Cabrera y Quintero para conmemorar el final de la funesta epidemia de Matlazahuatl que asolo a la Nueva España [Espana] entre 1736-1738. Edicion facsimila con un estudio historico y una cronologia.
21067: NAUMANN, MANFRED, ET AL., - Gesellschaft, Literatur, Lesen; Literaturrezeption in theoretischer Sicht.
12367: NAVARRO, TOMÁS, - Manual de pronunciación Española. Con un apendice de notas suplementarias.
1787: NAVES, RAYMOND., - Voltaire et l'Encyclopédie.
34034: NAYERI, DINA, - A teaspoon of earth and sea.
23927: NAYRAC, JEAN-PAUL, - La Fontaine; ses facultes psychiques; sa philosophie, sa psychologie, sa mentalite, son caractere.
36438: NEAL, DOROTHY JENSEN, - The cloud-climbing railroad; a story of timber, trestles and trains. Illustrated by Bob Staggs.
37815: NEARING, SCOTT, - Reducing the cost of living.
39854: NEAT, SISTER CHARLES MARIE, - German literature and literary criticism as reflected in the German Catholic magazine Literarischer Handweiser from 1861-1931.
24575: NECKER, DR. KARL-HARTMANN, - Der Räumliche [Raumliche] Geltungsbereich der Haager Regln.
33517: NECKER, JACQUES (WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY, TR.), - Of the importance of religious opinions. Translated from the French of Mr. Necker (by Mary Wollstonecraft).
30853: NATIONAAL ARBEIDS-SECRETARIAAT IN NEDERLAND, - Officieel verslag van de Huishoudelijke Zittingen van het Congres van het Nationaal Arbeids-Secretariaat in Nederland op Zaterdag 31 Maart Zondag 1 en Maandag 2 April 1923 in de zaal van voormalig Tolhuis te Amsterdam.
30806: NATIONAAL ARBEIDS-SECRETARIAAT IN NEDERLAND, - Verslag van het Nationaal Arbeids-Secretariaat in Nederland (N.A.S.) over het tijdvak 1 April 1928 tot 1 Juli 1931.
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36878: PIGALLET, MAURICE, - Memoire de l'intendant de Fanche-Comte; publie d'apres un manuscrit de la Bibliotheque de Besancon.
5825: PIGANIOL, BERNARD., - Consommation, epargne et biens durables. Preface de Henri Guitton.
37657: PIGAULT-LEBRUN, CHARLES ANTOINE GUILLAUME, - The history of Tekeli. Translated from the French by Catharine B. Thompson, with historical notes by the translator.
35186: PIIRAINEN, ILPO TAPANI, - Graphematische Untersuchungen zum Frühneuhochdeutschen [Fruhneuhochdeutschen].
36768: PIKE, ZEBULON MONTGOMERY, - Exploratory travels through the western territories of North America, comprising a voyage from St. Louis, on the Mississippi, to the source of that river, and a journey through the interior of Louisiana, and the north-eastern provinces of New Spain, performed in the years 1805, 1806, 1807, by order of the government of the United States.
25873: PILCHER, V. ENNIS, - Early science and the first century of physics at Union College, 1795-1895.
34221: PILCHER, EDITH, - The Constables; first family of the Adirondacks.
3812: PILLON, CESARE., - Pia Carena Leonetti; una donna del nostro tempo.
8903: PINAGLI, M. G., ED., - Prolegomeni; conoscenza e intuizione in architettura. A cura di ....
24599: PINDER, WILHELM, - Holbein der Jüngere [Jungere] und das Ende der altdeutschen Kunst; Text und Tafeln.
38857: PINEDA, JOSE M. DE SOROA Y, - Elayotecnia; extraccion, mejora, empleos y subproductos del aceite de oliva.
35278: PINES, SHLOMO, - A new fragment of Xenocrates and its implications.
24809: PINGON, JEAN DE, - Les memoires du Roi Berold; recits, legendes et chroniques des Terres de la Clef; tome 1: L'enfant sur la colline.
42011: PINKMAN, JOHN A. (FRANCIS E. MAGUIRE, ED.), - In the legion of the vanguard.
38065: PINOTEAU, HERVE, - Heraldique Capetienne. Tome 1-3.
36134: PINTO, DIANA, - Entre deux mondes.
39709: PIÑUELA [PINUELA], JOSE DELEITO Y, - El declinar de la monarquia española [espanola].
37812: PIPER, KLAUS, HRSG., - 75 Jahre Piper; Bibliographie und Verlagsgeschichte, 1904-1979.
36054: PIPINELIS, P., - Europe and the Albanian question.
37760: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI, - Novelle per un anno; vol. 2: La vita nuda.
38589: PISEMSKY, ALEXEI (IVY LITVINOV, TR.), - One thousand souls. Translated from the Russian by Ivy Litvinov.
22405: ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY - FRANK P. PISKER, - The Frank P. Piskor collection of Robert Frost.
14006: PITKÄNEN, PENTTI, - Fyysisen kunnon rakenne ja kehittyminen; Structure and development of physical fitness, with English summary.
16696: PITTENGER, W. NORMAN, - Christ and Christian faith: some presuppositions and implications of the Incarnation.
38157: PLACE, FRANK, - Index of personal names in J.H. French's Gazetteer of the State of New York (1860). Compiled by Frank Place. With added supplement.
17946: PLAJA, GUILLERMO DIAZ, - El intelectual y su libertad.
33519: THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PLANNERS, - Journal of the American Institute of Planners (Planners' Journal); vols 1-15; 1935-1949. Vols. 1-15 in 6 volumes.
27620: PLANTENGA, JANNEKE, - Een afwijkend patroon; honderd jaar vrouwenarbeid in Nederland en (West-)Duitsland.
30411: MICHEL VAN DER PLAS (SAMENSTELLER), - Uit het rijke roomsche leven; een documentaire over de jaren, 1925-1935. Nawoord van Kees Fens.
31943: SOLANGE DE PLAS, - Les faïences [faiences] de Nevers et du centre de la France du XVI au XIX siecle.
35417: PLATO (EUGENIO BENITEZ, ED.), - Dialogues with Plato. Edited by Eugenio Benitez.
35209: PLATON (PLATO) (LOUIS MERIDIER, TR.), - Cratyle [Cratylus]. Texte etabli et tradiut par Louis Meridier.
35505: PLATTARD, JEAN, - Vie de Francois Rabelais.
40228: PLATTER, FELIX (SEAN JENNETT, TR.), - Beloved son Felix; the journal of Felix Platter, a medical student in Montpelier in the sixteenth century. Translated and introduced by Sean Jennett. With a foreword by Jack Lindsay.
11495: PLECK, JOSEPH H., - Male sex role identity: fact or fiction?
11493: PLECK, JOSEPH., - Three conceptual issues in research on male roles.
11494: PLECK, JOSEPH H., - Current book and media resources on male roles.
20370: PLEVA, FRANTISEK, - Toulky Vrchovinou; strucná historie mest, obcí a vyznamnych míst vrchoviny.
28672: PLICKA, KAREL (PHOTOGRAPHER) AND JAROSLAV SEIFERT (TEXT), - Praga, quando te aspiciam...
23738: PLICKA, K. (KAREL) AND E. POCHE, - 7 prochazek, Prahou; fotograficky pruvodce mestem.
15578: PLIMMER, CHARLOTTE AND DENIS, - Slavery: the Anglo-American involvement. Illustrated sources in history.
38059: PLISCHKE, ELMER, - The Allied High Commission for Germany.
27775: PLOMER, HENRY R., - William Caxton (1424-1491).
19219: PLOVIER-CHAPELLE, MARIE-LOUISE, - Une femme et la montagne. 18 gravures hors-texte.
15993: PLOWDEN, WILLIAM, - The motor car and politics, 1896-1970.
30418: PLUVIER, JAN, - Indonesie; kolonialisme, onafhankelijkheid, neo-kolonialisme; een politieke geschiedenis van 1940 tot heden.
36252: PLUYM, WILLEM VAN DER, - Vijf eeuwen binnenhuis en meubels in Nederland, 1450-1950.
20439: PLUZANSKI, TADEUSZ, - Teilhard de Chardin.
40020: POAGE, GODFRY, - Son of the passion; the story of Gabriel Francis Possenti, the new patron of Catholic youth for the Universal Church.
42716: POCHET, ROLAND WITH ROSARIO DONATO, JACQUES HAIECH, ET AL, EDS., - Calcium; the molecular basis of calcium action in biology and medicine.
27123: PODACH, ERICH F., - Friedrich Nietzsches Werke des Zusammenbruchs.
14532: PODOLSKI, T.M., - Financial innovation and the money supply.
35912: POEWE, KARLA, - New religions and the Nazis.
8952: POHL, ROBERT., - Die Physik der Röntgenstrahlen [Rontgenstrahlen].
35251: POHLENZ, MAX (HEINRICH DÖRRIE [DORRIE], HRSG.), - Kleine Schriften, 1 und II. Herausgegeben von Heinrich Dörrie [Dorrie]. Two volumes.
29928: POHLMANN, ALFRED, - Unser Wandsbek; Geschichte und Geschichten aus sieben Jahrhunderten.
2452: POIREE, ELIE., - Essais de technique & d'esthetique musicales. Premiere serie: 1. Les maitres chanteurs de Richard Wagner; II. Etude sur le discours musical. Faite principalement d'apres la partition des maitres. E. Fromont, editeur.
30839: POLAK, HENRI, - Openbare brief aan den weledelzeer-geleerden Heer Dr. A.R. Zimmerman.
30823: POLAK, HENRI, - Het bankroet; eenige opmerkingen betreffende "Het Bankroet der Tegenwoordige Sociale Politiek" door Mejuffrouw Mr. E.C. van Dorp.
32480: POLAK, ADA, - Glassboken.
42733: POLCHINSKI, JOSEPH, - String theory; vol. 1: An introduction to the bosonic string; vol. 2: Superstring theory and beyond. Two volumes, COMPLETE SET.
38055: POLEDNAK, ANTHONY P., - Racial and ethnic differences in disease.
24900: POLEGGI, ENNIO, ED., - La pittura a Genova e in Liguria; vol. uno: Dagli inizi al cinquecento; vol. due: Dal seicento al primo novecento.
32744: POLI, BERNARD, - Ford Madox Ford and the Transatlantic Review.
40260: POLIAKOV, LEON, - Les banchieri Juifs et le saint-siege du XIII au XVII siecle.
25009: POLIN, RAYMOND, - Plato and Aristotle on constitutionalism; an exposition and reference source.
36320: POLISNER, GAE, - The summer of letting go.
39842: POLITZER, HEINZ, - Franz Kafka; parable and paradox.
33173: POLK, WILLIAM R., - The opening of South Lebanon, 1788-1840; a study of the impact of the West on the Middle East.
42674: POLLEN, BELLA, - Meet me in the in-between.
42630: POLLEN, BELLA, - Meet me in the in-between.
19412: POLLIA, JOSEPH ANDREA, - The fundamental principles of alveolo-dental radiology; a text book dealing with the technics of taking radiographs of the teeth and osseous tissues of the human jaws, with an analytical treatise on their interpretation as a basis of diagnosis of oral lesions. With 774 illustrations.
15398: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE BIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT OF WALLEYE POLLOCK, - Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Walleye Pollock. Anchorage, Alaska, November 14-16, 1988.
25596: POLLOCK, GEORGE H. AND JOHN MUNDER ROSS, - The Oedipus Papers.
39576: POLLOCK, SIR FREDERIC AND FREDERIC WILLIAM MAITLAND, - The history of English law before the time of Edward I. Two volume set.
42508: POLLOK, ROBERT, - The course of time; a poem. Memoir of the author, an introductory notice, a copious index, and an analysis prefixed to each book. Fifteenth American edition, with Fisk's Improvements.
33506: POLS, EDWARD, - Mind regained. [Cover subtitle: A distinguished philosopher says current focus on the brain conceals the real powers of the mind.]
6280: POMMERY, LOUIS., - Changes et monnaies. Preface de M. Albert Buisson.
38210: PONCE, PABLO SAMANIEGO, ED., - Mete gol, gana; el futbol y la economia. Introduccion y seleccion de textos de Pablo Samaniego Ponce.
23503: POND, GEORGE E., - The Shenandoah Valley in 1864.
32057: PONIATOWSKI, MICHEL, - Histoire de la Russie d'Amerique et de l'Alaska. Preface de Michel de Saint-Pierre. Avec 12 planche hors-texte et des cartes.
40802: PONLOP, DZOGCHEN, - Emotional rescue; how to work with your emotions to transform hurt and confusion into energy that empowers you.
37366: PONNIAH, S.M., TR., - Sri paduka; the exile of the Prince of Ayodhya.
37755: PONTEN, JOSEF, - Die Heiligen der letzten Tage; Roman.
37102: PONTOPPIDAN, HENRIK, - Det forjaettede land.
41609: PONTORMO, JACOPO CARUCCI (BERTI, LUCIANO), - L'opera completa del Pontormo. Introdotta da scritti del pittore e coordinata da Luciano Berti.
34263: POOLMAN, KENNETH, - Guns off Cape Ann; the story of the Shannon and the Chesapeake.
37487: POORTVLIET, RIEN, - Jachttekeningen.
29284: POPA, CHRIS (REVISED BY CHARLES GARROD), - Jerry Gray and his orchestra.
28928: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN, - The portrait in the Renaissance; the A.W. Mellon lectures in the fine arts, 1963; the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
32399: POPE, STEPHEN J. AND CHARLES HEFLING, EDS., - Sic et non; encountering Dominus Iesus.
31823: POPE, ALEXANDER (BERTRAND A. GOLDGAR, ED.), - Literary criticism of Alexander Pope.
34274: POPE, DUDLEY, - The buccaneer king; the biography of Sir Henry Morgan, 1635-1688. With illustrations and maps.
29927: POPHAL, RUDOLF, - Die Handschrift als Gehirnschrift; die Graphologie im Lichte des Schichtgedankens. Mit 12 Abbildungen, 24 Übersichtstafeln und einem Schriftprobenheft.
29923: POPHAL, RUDOLPH, - Zur Psychophysiologie der Spannungserscheinungen in der Handschrift. Zweite, umgearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage, mit 2 Abbildungen, 8 Übersichstafeln und 1 Schriftprobenheft.
13927: POPOFF, KYRILLE, - Le mouvement d'un projectile autour de son centre de gravité.
32234: POPOV, KONSTANTIN P., - Iz istorijata na balgarskija knizoven ezik.
38320: POPPER, KARL R., - Conjectures and refutations; the growth of scientific knowledge.
27878: INTERNATIONAL UNION FOR THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF POPULATION (CHARBONNEAU, HUBERT AND ANDRÉ LAROSE, EDS.), - The great mortalities; methodological studies of demographic crises in the past/Les grandes mortalites; etude methodologique des crises demographiques du passe.
15432: VON DER PORTEN, EDWARD P., - The German Navy in World War II.
40141: PORTER, JAMES, - The operative's friend, and defence; or, hints to young ladies who dependent on their own exertions.
28042: PORTER, DENNIS, - Rousseau's legacy; emergence and eclipse of the writer in France.
36579: PORTER, CAPTAIN DAVID (BETTY SHEPARD, ED.), - Bound for battle; the cruise of the United States frigate Essex in the War of 1812, as told by Captain David Porter. Edited, with introduction and epilogue, by Betty Shepard. Illustrated with reproductions of prints and a map.
42262: PORTER, CHARLOTTE AND HELEN A. CLARKE, - A little book of poet's parleys, being a set of conversations between sundry pairs of poets assenting or anon dissenting in conveying to one another their minds on various subjects. Selected and arranged in dialogue form. Accompanied with designs by Marion L. Peabody.
11301: PORTLAND, MAINE., - By-laws of the town of Portland, adopted by the town and approved by the court, published by order of the town.
42227: FACULDADE DE LETRAS DO PORTO, - Os "ultimos fins" na cultura iberica dos secs. XV a XVIII; Porto, 19 a 21 de Outubro de 1995.
32391: PORUSH, DAVID, - The soft machine; cybernetic fiction.
41948: POSEN, I. SHELDON, - You can hear the ice talking; the ways of people and ice on Lake Champlain.
39840: POSENER, JULIUS (ARCHITEKTEN UND INGENIEUR VEREIN ZU BERLIN, HRSG.), - Festreden Schinkel zu ehren, 1846-1980. Ausgewählt [ausgewahlt] und eingeleitet von Julius Posener.
23712: POSOKHIN, M.V. (MIKHAIL VASILEVICH), - Gorod dlia cheloveka.
26501: POST, JOHN F., - The faces of existence; an essay in nonreductive metaphysics.
30427: POSTMA, HANNES, - Ligt de tuin van Akademos in de buurt van Hoek van Holland?; ein briefwisseling over de Academie van Beeldende Kunsten te Rotterdam, naar een idee van Hannes Postma.
24464: POTOTSCHNIG, HEINZ (HERBERT KUHNER, TR.), - Sei Stein und Allein; Be Stone and Alone. Lyric poetry.
34673: POTT, PERCIALL (EMERSON CROSBY KELLY, ED.), - Remarks on palsy of the lower limbs accompanied by curvature of the spine. Further remarks on the same. General remarks on fractures and dislocations (Pott's fracture). (Medical Classics, compiled by Emerson Crosby Kelly, vol. 1, no. 4).
39026: POTTER, E.C., - Kings of the court; the story of lawn tennis.
25177: POTTER, ROCKWELL HARMON, - Hartford's first church, with an appreciation of the author by Henry Augustus Perkins.
42337: POULOPOULOS, STAVROS G. AND VASSILIS J. INGLEZAKIS, EDS., - Environment and development; basic principles, human activites, and environmental implications.
41259: POULOS, GEORGE, - Orthodox Saints; spiritual profiles for modern man; January 1 to March 31; April 1 to June 30; July 1 to September 30; October 1 to December 31. Four volumes. COMPLETE SET.
40999: POUND, ARTHUR, - Native stock; the rise of the American spirit seen in six lives.
36439: POUND, EZRA, - Section; rock-drill, 85-95 de los cantos.
30170: POUND, EZRA, - At the Circulo de Recreo with Ezra Pound; a letter from Ezra Pound to Viola Baxter, May 9, 1906.
38667: POUSSIN, NICOLAS (ANTHONY BLUNT), - Nicolas Poussin; the A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1958, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; vol. 1: Text; vol. 2: Plates. Two volumes. COMPLETE SET.
33282: POUSSIN, CHARLES DE LA VALLEE, - On the Approximation of Functions of a Real Variable and on Quasi-analytic Functions; a course of three lectures delivered at the Rice Institute, December 16, 17, and 19, 1924. (The Rice Institute Pamphlet, Vol. XII, April, 1925, No. 2.)
13908: POUSSIN, G. DE LA VALLÉE, - Leçons sur l'approximation des fontions d'une variable réelle, professées a la Sorbonne.
36918: POVLSEN, HANS, - I Himmerlands dale.
42073: POWELL, SHEPPARD T., - Boiler feed water purification.
26228: POWELL, JULIE, - Cleaving; a story of marriage, meat, and obsession.
31305: POWELL, E.S. & M., - The ringers' handbook consisting of elementary instruction in Grandsire, Stedman, Plain Bob and Kent Treble Bob.
35567: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK, - Philosopher Pickett; the life and writings of Charles Edward Pickett, Esq., of Virginia, who came overland to the Pacific coast in 1842-43 and for forty years waged war with pen and pamphlet against all manner of public abuses in Oregon and California; including also unpublished letters written by him from Yerba Buena at the time of the conquest of California by the United States in 1846-47.
15927: POWER, GARRETT, ED., - Legal rights in Potomac waters: proceedings of a conference at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.
11296: POWER, DALE., - Carving the coyote. Text written with and photography by Jeffrey B. Snyder.
37844: POZZI, MARCELLO [MARCELLAST POZZAST] TESTO DI LUCIO POZZI., - Marcellast Pozzast; re delle rane, imperator dei rospi; disegni, sculture, scritti/king of frogs, emperor of toads; drawings, sculptures, writings. Translation by Michael Haggerty.
7169: VAN PRAAG, HERMAN M., ED., - Violence and suicidality; perspectives in clinical and psychobiological research. Ed. by ..., Robert Plutchik, [and] Alan Apter.
32326: PRAAG, JACOB PHILIP VAN, - Henriëtte Roland Holst; wezen en werk.
33011: PRADO, C.G., - The limits of pragmatism.
31200: PRAGA CORINNA, ED., - Andar per Creuse; itinerari storico-artistico-naturalistici.
11904: PRANDTL, WILHELM, - Die Geschichte des chemischen Laboratoriums der Bayerischen Akadmie der Wissenschaften in München.
37352: PRATT, HUGO, - Cortomaltese; corte sconta detta arcana.
36951: PRATT, SISSON C., - The Waterloo Campaign; a study. With seven maps and sketches.
28128: PRATT, GEORGE O., - Fairfield in Connecticut, 1776-1976. Interviews by Daniel M. Lock. Book design and compilation by William D. Lee.
20115: PRATT, MINNIE BRUCE, - Rebellion; essays 1980-1991.
22184: PRATT, MASON D. AND C.A. ALDEN, - Street-railway roadbed.
21079: PRAUSS, WOLFGANG, - Neue Thesen zur Varusschlacht; die Schlacht an der Engpassage von Teutoburglum.
35624: PREBYS, PORTIA, - Giorgio Bassani; bibliografia sulle opere e sulla vita.
22633: MUSEO CHILENO DE ARTE PRECOLOMBINO, - Culturas ancestrales del Ecuador; lo femenino y lo masculino.
33660: PRELOG, MILAN (RADOVAN IVANCEVIC, ED.), - Povijesnoumjetnicke studije I; izmedu antike i romanike. (Djela 2)
31052: PREMINGER, ALEX, ED., - Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics. Enlarged edition.
35547: PRENDERGAST, CHRISTOPHER, ED., - Debating world literature. With contributions by Benedict Anderson, Emily Apter, Stanley Corngold, et al.
27465: PRENTER, P.M., - Splines and variational methods.
37656: PRENTISS, MRS. E., - Little Susy's six birthdays; first and second series.
41846: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING (ROGER WOLCOTT, ED. AND TR.), - The correspondence of William Hickling Prescott, 1833-1847. Transcribed and edited by Roger Wolcott.
39194: PRESCOTT, H.F.M., - A Spanish Tudor; the life of "Bloody Mary".
21502: PRESS, JOHN, - Guy Fawkes Night and other poems.
40341: ANGELUS PRESS, - The Angelus, the voice of traditional Catholicism [later subtitle: "a journal of Roman Catholic Tradition"]. 20 scattered issues, vol. 1, no. 4 (April 1978) - vol. 22, no. 9 (Sept. 1999).
40045: THE MARION PRESS, - The apparitions of Our Lady of Kibeho; a Marian message from the heart of Africa.
35082: PRESSEISEN, ERNST L., - Before aggression; Europeans prepare the Japanese Army.
18997: PRESTON, GEOFFREY, - Faces of the Church: meditations on a mystery and its images. Texts prepared by Aidan Nichols. With a foreword by Walter Kasper.
31730: PRESTON, DIANA, - The dark defile; Britain's catastrophic invasion of Afghanistan, 1838-1842.
20803: PREUSS, GUNTER, - Spiegel-scherben; Geschichten.
11934: PREVOST, ANTOINE FRANÇOIS, - The history of Manon Lescaut and the Chevalier des Grieur; a translation from the French of the abbè Prévost. By D. C. Moylan. Revised and corrected by Edmund Goldsmid. Volume II only.
38417: PRICE, H.H., - Belief. The Gifford Lectures delivered at the University of Aberdeen in 1960.
39745: PRICE, ROGER, - The economic modernisation of France.
13567: PRICE, ALFRED, - The Luftwaffe, 1933 - 1945. Vols. 1-4. COMPLETE SET.
32809: PRIDDLE, RUTH E., ED., - Psychological perspectives on dance; San Francisco Conference-based Series II, Fall, 1974.
21934: PRIESTLEY, J.B., - Angel pavement.
41878: PRIESTMAN, HOWARD, - Principles of worsted spinning. With diagrams.
28313: PRIMAVERA, GAETANO, - Atlante di microscopia clinica; fatto tutto in cromolitografia, composto di sessantotto grandi tavole, ciascuna con sei figure circolari.
30256: PRINCE, WALTER FRANKLIN, - Human experiences; being a report on the results of a questionnaire and a discussion of them; part first, constituting (triple) bulletin XIV.
40798: PRINCE, GERALD JOSEPH, - Metaphysique et technique dans l'oeuvre romanesque de Sartre.
30257: PRINCE, WALTER FRANKLIN, - Human experiences; being a report on the results of a questionnaire and a discussion of them; part first, constituting (triple) bulletin XIV.
41762: PRINCESS CANTACUZENE, COUNTESS SPERANSKV NEE GRANT, - Russian people; revolutionary recollections. With illustrations and maps.
8925: PRINCIPE, ILARIO, ED., - 1783/ Il progetto della forma; la ricostruzione della Calabria negli archivi di Cassa Sacra a Catanzaro e Napoli. A cura di ....
34410: PRINGLE, ELIZABETH ALLSTON (ANNE BLYTHE, ED.), - Rab and Dab. Edited and with an introduction by Anne Blythe.
33749: PRINZ, FRIEDRICH, - Hans Kudlich (1823-1917); Versuch einer historisch-politischen Biographie.
39582: PRINZ, YVONNE, - If you're lucky.
20938: PRINZ, AUGUST, - Stand, Bildung und Wesen des Buchhandels.
20939: PRINZ, AUGUST, - Der Buchhandel vom Jahre 1815 bis zum Jahre 1843; bausteine zu einer späteren Geschichte des Buchhandels.
31998: PRINZHORN, HANS, - Leib-Seele-Einheit; ein Kernproblem der neuen Psychologie.
8466: PRIOR, EDWARD S., - A history of Gothic art in England. Illustrations by Gerald C. Horsley, and many plans and diagrams.
35570: PRIOULT, A. [ALBERT], - Balzac avant la Comedie Humaine (1818-1829); contribution a l'etude de la genese de son oeuvre.
36015: PRITCHARD, DUNCAN, - Knowledge.
37585: PROBSZT, GÜNTHER [GUNTHER], - Die Münzen [Munzen] Salzburgs; zweite ergänzte [erganzte] Auflage besorgt durch Erich B. Cahn.
25862: PROBSZT, GÜNTHER [GUNTHER], - Der Schatz des Ordens vom Goldenen Vliesse; eine kulturgeschichtliche Betrachtung.
13628: PROCLUS (THOMAS TAYLOR, TR.), - The philosophical and mathematical commentaries of Proclus, on the first book of Euclid's Elements. To which are added, A history of the restoration of Platonic theology, by the latter Platonists: and a traslation from the Greek of Proclus's Theological elements. [By Thomas Taylor].
30241: PROCTOR, RICHARD A., - Our place among infinities; a series of essays contrasting our little abode in space and time with the infinities around us.
33880: PROCTOR, CLAY AND PAUL MYERS, - Tips for the treasure hunter; an information guuide to metal detecting and treasure hunting.
42174: PROCTOR, R.V. AND T.L. WHITE, - Rock tunneling with steel supports. With an Introduction to Tunnel Geology by Karl Terzaghi.
20972: PROEBST, EUGEN, ED., - Due neue Musik; Dokumente zu ihrem Verständnis.
40990: PROEHL, BOB, - A hundred thousand worlds.
32802: PROGOFF, IRA, - Jung's psychology and its social meaning; an introductory statement of C.G. Jung's psychological theories and a first interpretation of their significance for the social sciences.
33094: NATIONAL ACID PRECIPITATION ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (PATRICIA M. IRVING, ED.), - Acidic deposition; state of science and technology; vol. 1: Emissions, atmospheric processes, and deposition; vol. 2: Aquatic processes and effects; vol. 3: Terrestrial, materials, health and visibility effects; vol. 4: Control technologies, future emissions, and effects valuation. Four volumes.COMPLETE SET.
33059: NATIONAL ACID PRECIPITATION ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (PATRICIA M. IRVING, ED.), - Acidic deposition; state of science and technology; summary report of the U.S. National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program.

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