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33060: NATIONAL ACID PRECIPITATION ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (SUSAN I. SHERWOOD, FREDERICK W. LIPFERT, AND OTHERS), - Distribution of materials potentially at risk from acidic deposition.
41288: COLONIAL ALBANY SOCIAL HISTORY PROJECT, - A trolley ride back to old Albany.
42548: AMERICA'S INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE PROJECT, - Recommendations of the Large Industrial Artifact Advisory Panel.
32299: ASIA WATCH AND THE WOMEN'S RIGHTS PROJECT, - A modern form of slavery; trafficking of Burmese women and girls into brothels in Thailand.
39823: PRONKO, N.H., - Psychology from the standpoint of an interbehaviorist.
41701: PROPERCE [PROPERTIUS], - Elegies. Texte etabli et traduit par D. Paganelli.
40112: PROSERPIO, LEO, - St. Gemma Galgani. With a foreword by His Excellency the Most Rev. Dr. Leo Peter Kierkels.
24434: PROSS, HARRY, - Politische Symbolik; Theorie und Praxis der öffentlichen Kommunikation.
41668: PROUST, MARCEL (PIERRE CLARA, ED.), - Contre Sainte-Beuve. Pecede de Pastiches et melanges et suivi de essais et articles. Edition etablie par Pierre Clara avec la collaboration d'Yves Sandre.
41669: PROUST, MARCEL (PIERRE CLARA, ED.), - Jean Santeuil. Precede de Les Plaisirs et les jours. Edition etablie par Pierre Clara avec la collaboration d'Yves Sandre.
33145: PROUST, JACQUES, - Diderot et l'encyclopédia [l'encyclopedia].
4248: PROVOOST, GUIDO., - Vijfentwintig jaar Vlaamse beweging; Bibliografie 1945-1970. (Dokumenten DOSFEL, 10/11)
37745: PROWN, JULES DAVID, JOHN WALKER AND BARBARA ROSE, - American painting; vol. 1: From its beginning to the Armory Show; vol. 2: The twentieth century. Introduction by John Walker.
24951: PRYOR, WILLIAM R., - Gynaecology; a text-book for students and a guide for practitioners; one hundred and sixty-three illustrations in the text.
41099: PRYOR, LIZ, - Look at you now; my journey from shame to strength.
35131: PRZIBRAM, K., HRSG. (IM AUFTRAGE DER ÖSTERREICHISCHEN AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN), - Schrödinger [Schrodinger], Planck, Einstein, Lorentz; Briefe zur Wellenmechanik. Mit 4 Porträts [Portrats].
29973: PRZYSIEZNIAK, HELENKA AND BOLEK PIETRZYK, EDS., - XXVII International Symposium "Physics in Collision"; Annecy, France, June 26-29, 2007. (Acta physica polonica b; proceedings supplement)
37443: PTAK, DIANE SNYDER, - Cast in stone; selected Albany, Rensselaer and Saratoga County, New York burials, 18th and 19th century.
40317: PUAUX, FRANK, - Les defenseurs de la souverainete du peuple sous le regne de Louis XIV.
37862: HALDEMAN-JULIUS PUBLICATIONS, - Little blue books.
24494: INSTITUT INTERNATIONSL DE FINANCES PUBLIQUES, - Le budget et la distribution du revenu national. The budget and the distribution of national income; Congres de Prague; Septembre 1967, XXIIIe session.
22252: UNITED CATALOG PUBLISHERS, - Radio's master encyclopedia; official parts and equipment manual of the radio and electronic industry; what to buy and where to buy it; illustrations, descriptions, specifications, prices.
3562: PUCCI, LUIGI., - Lodovico Ricci. Dall'arte del buon governo alla finanza moderna, 1742-1799.
40642: FONDAZIONE FESTIVAL PUCCINIANO (AGOSTINO PALAZZO, FRANCO SERPA, CESARE ORSELLI, ET AL), - Puccini e Mascagni; giornata di studi, Viareggio-3 Agosto 1995.
25687: PÜCKLER-MUSKAU, PRINCE, - A regency visitor; the English tour of Prince Pückler-Muskau described in his letters, 1826-1828. From the original translation by Sarah Austin. Edited with an introduction by E.M. Butler.
39084: PÜCKLER-MUSKAU, PRINCE HERMANN (E.M. BUTLER, ED. AND SARAH AUSTIN, TR.), - A Regency visitor; the English tour of Prince Puckler Muskau, described in his letters, 1826-1828. From the original translation by Sarah Austin. Edited, with an introduction by E.M. Butler.
38551: PUHLE, MATTHIAS UND CLAUS-PETER HASSE, HRSG., - Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation, 962 bis 1806; von Otto dem Grossen bis zum Ausgang des Mittelalters; Katalog. 29. Ausstellung des Europarates in Magdeburg und Berlin und Landesausstellung Sachsen-Anhalt.
22949: PULESTON, DENNIS, - The log of "In the Wake of the Great Whales: Cruising the Baja Peninsula"; cruise P51; February 18 - March 5, 1989.
13351: PULLAN, RICHARD POPPLEWELL, - Elementary lectures on Christian architecture.
26923: PULZER, P.G.J., - The rise of political anti-semitism in Germany and Austria.
8917: PUPPI, LIONELLO., - Il terzo nome del gatto; Raffaello la metamorfosi e il labirinto; quesiti sul significato dell'arte.
35757: PURCHAS, SAMUEL, - Hakluytys posthumus, or, Purchas his pilgrimes; contayning a history of the world in sea voyages and land travells by Englishmen and others. COMPLETE 20 volume set.
41771: PURE, ABBE MICHEL DE (EMILE MAGNE, ED.), - La pretieuse ou le mystere des ruelles. Texte publie d'apres l'edition originale avec une notice inedite sur l'Abbe de Pure, une bibliographie et des notes par Emile Magne. Two volumes.
35809: PURI, B.N., - Cities of ancient India.
32667: PURSER, JOHN W., - The literary works of Jack B. Yeats.
29016: PUSHKIN, A.S. [ALEXANDR SERGEYEVICH], - Sobranie Sochinenii v vosmi tomakh. 8-volume set. COMPLETE.
33083: PUT, PAUL J. VAN DER, - The inorganic chemistry of materials; how to make things out of elements.
19201: PUTNAM, HILARY, - The many faces of realism; the Paul Carus Lectures.
20710: PYE, MICHAEL, - The pieces from Berlin.
41997: PYKE, STEVE (PHOTO.) AND TIMOTHY O'GRADY (TEXT), - I could read the sky; a novel. With a preface by John Berger.
32668: PYLE, HILARY, - Jack B. Yeats; a biography.
42133: PYLYPIUK, V., - L'viv = l'vov = lwow.
41337: PYNE, LYDIA, - Seven skeletons; the evolution of the world's most famous human fossils.
20085: PYNSENT, ROBERT B., AND S.I. KANIKOVA, EDS., - Reader's encyclopedia of Eastern European literature.
33221: QADIR, C.A., - Philosophy and science in the Islamic world.
42320: QUAH, STELLA R., - International encyclopedia of public health. Second edition. 7 volumes.
39867: QUAIFE, MILO MILTON, - Chicago and the old northwest, 1673-1835; a study of the evolution of the northwestern frontier, together with a history of Fort Dearborn.
28214: QUARATIELLO, ARLENE R., - Rachel Carson; a biography.
31377: BERNARD QUARITCH, - A catalogue of books and manuscripts issued to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the firm of Bernard Quaritch, 1847-1947. With a portrait-study of the founder by his daughter Charlotte Quaritch Wrentmore.
33496: SOCIAL RESEARCH QUARTERLY (ARIEN MACK, ED.), - In the company of animals. (Social Research; an international quarterly of the social sciences; fall, 1995; vol. 62, no. 3)
32876: COLBY LIBRARY QUARTERLY (JOHN H. SUTHERLAND, ED.), - Colby Library Quarterly; volume XV, number 2, June 1979: Special Yeats issue.
35448: QUATREFAGES, A. [ARMAND] DE, - The Pygmies. With numerous illustrations. Translated by Frederick Starr.
32437: MUSEE DU QUEBEC, - L'art du paysage au Quebec (1800-1940)/Landscape painting in Quebec (1800-1940).
41457: QUEEN, - The best of Queen; piano, vocal, guitar.
9346: QUEIROZ, ECA DE., - Cousin Bazilio. Tr. by Roy Campbell
42585: QUEIROZ, ECA DE, - O Egypto; notas de viagem.
12133: DE QUELJOE, DAVID H., - A preliminary study of Malay/Indonesian orthography.
41680: QUENEAU, RAYMOND (CLAUDE DEBON; HENRI GODARD, EDS.), - Oeuvres completes. Two volumes: vol. 2: Romans.
41671: QUENEAU, ANNE-ISABELLE, - Album Raymond Queneau. Iconographie choisie et commentee par Anne-Isabelle Queneau.
34630: QUERNER, EMIL, - Der Selbstarzt, oder, Doctor und Apotheker im eigenen Hause; Medizinisch-chirurgisches Handbuch für [fur] das Volk.. Eine zuverlässige [zuverlassige] Anweisung, sich vor Krankheiten zu schützen [schutzen] und durch Selbstbereitung der vorzüglichsten [vorzuglichsten] Mittel von ihnen zu besreien, auch bei unheilbaren und chronischen Krankheiten sich wenigstens möglichst [moglichst] Erleichterung zu verschaffen. Mit erläuternden [erlauternden] Abbildungen.
12029: QUESADA, J. DANIEL, - La lingüística generativo-transformacional: supuestos e implicaciones.
32861: QUIGGIN, E.C., - Prolegomena to the study of the later Irish bards, 1200-1500.
40171: QUINCY, JOSIAH JR. (DANIEL R. COQUILLETTE AND NEIL LONGLEY YORK, EDS.), - Portrait of a patriot; the major political and legal papers of Josiah Quincy Junior. Vols. 1-3 and 6. (Lacks vols. 4 and 5, which are devoted to law reports)
36016: QUINE, W. V., - From stimulus to science.
32970: QUINN, JOHN (ALAN HIMBER, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF GEORGE MILLS HARPER), - The letters of John Quinn to William Butler Yeats.
35695: QUINN, DAVID B., ED., - North American discovery; circa 1000-1612.
36149: QUINT, DAVID, MARGARET W. FERGUSON, G.W. PIGMAN III AND WAYNE A. REBHORN, ED., - Creative imitation; new essays on Renaissance literature in honor of Thomas M. Greene.
35290: QUINTILIAN (H.E. BUTLER, TR.), - The institutio oratoria of Quintilian; vol. 1: Books I-III; vol. 4: Books X-XII. With an English translation by H.E. Butler. Vols. 1 and 4 only.
29590: RAABE, PAUL, - Die briefe Hölderlins; Studien zur Entwicklung und Persönlichkeit des Dichters.
36325: RAABE, AUGUST, - Idealistischer Realismus; eine genetischhe Analyse der Gedankenwelt Friedrich Schillers.
41427: RAABYEMAGLE, HANNE AND CLAUS M. SMIDT, EDS. (JEAN LUNDSKAER-NIELSEN, TR.), - Classicism in Copenhagen; architecture in the age of C.F. Hansen. Photographs by Jens Lindhe.
15334: VAN RAALTE, E., - The Parliament of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
38398: RABELAIS [FRANCOIS], - Oeuvres completes. Edition etablie annotee et prefacee par Guy Demerson. Avec une translation due a Philippe Aubree, Monique Clostre, Marie-Francoise Dubouchet, et al. Texte Latin etabli, annote et traduit par Genevieve Demerson.
28729: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K., - Fifty years of Zionism; a historical analysis of Weizmann's "Trial and Error".
36633: RABL, S.S., - Boatbuilding in your own backyard.
32107: RABUSHKA, ALVIN, - Race and politics in urban Malaya.
41790: RABUTIN-CHANTAL, MARIE DE (MADAME DE SEVIGNE) (GERARD-GAILLY, ED.), - Lettres. Texte etabli et annote par Gerard-Gailly. Three volumes.
41793: RACAN, HONORAT DE BUEIL (M. TENANT DE LATOUR, ED.), - Oeuvres completes de Racan. Nouvelle edition, revue et annotee par M. Tenant de Latour. Avec une notice biographique et litteraire par M. Antoine de Latour. Two volumes.
39395: RACHITEANU, EUGEN, - L'Icona; sentiero tra visibile e invisibile.
14022: RACINET, ALBERT, - Weltgeschichte der Kostüme. Einführung: Aileen Ribeiro.
37430: RACZ, ISTVAN, - Art treasures of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Finland in the Kuopio Orthodox Church Museum/Suomen orthodoksisen kirkon taideaarteita.
12325: VON RAD, GERHARD, - Gesammelte Studien zum Alten Testament.
41486: RADCLIFF-UMSTEAD, DOUGLAS, ED., - The university world; a synoptic view of higher education in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
38271: RADCLIFF, ANN (FREDERICK GARBER, ED.), - The Italian, or, the confessional of the black penitents; a romance. Edited with an introduction by Frederick Garber.
3647: RADCLIFFE, C. W., - Middlesex; the jubilee of the County Council, 1889-1939.
38246: RADCLIFFE, ANN, - The romance of the forest. New foreword by Frederick Garber. New introduction by Devendra P. Varma. Three volume set.
29711: RADCLIFFE, PHILIP, - Beethoven's string quartets.
29477: RADECKI, SIGISMUND V. [VON], - Die Welt in der Tasche.
21957: RADESTOCK, DR. PAUL, - Habit and its importance in education; an essay in pedagogical psychology. Translated from German by F.A. Caspari with an introduction by G. Stanley Hall.
22915: RADLEY, KENNETH, - Rebel watchdog; the Confederate States Army Provost Guard.
40334: RADOJCIC, SVETOZAR, - Stare srpske minijature.
39242: RAFF, DIETHER, - Die Ruprecht-Karls-Universität [Universitat] in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Mit Fotos von Karl Schacherl und Ingeborg Klinger. Englisch von Elaine Griffiths. Französisch [Franzosisch] von Helene Loetz.
35303: RAFFAN, JAMES AND BERT HORWOOD, EDS., - Canexus; the canoe in Canadian culture. With illustrations by Bill Mason.
25775: RAGAZ, LEONHARD, - Das Reich und die Nachfolge; Andachten.
8441: RAGAZZI, FRANCO, ED., - Delle magie e dei miti; presenze nell'arte contemporanea in Liguria. [Based on an exhibition] Genova, Palazzo Ducale, Liguria Spazio Aperto, 23 aprile-15 maggio 1999.
8168: RAGIONIERI, SUSANNA., - La gioventù di Giovanni Colacicchi.
27869: RAHMAN, MUSHTAQUR, ED., - The American journal of Islamic social sciences; December 1987; vol. 4, no. 2.
15100: RAHN, SUZANNE, - Children's literature: an annotated bibliography of the history and criticism.
37942: RAHNER, HUGO (TEXT) LEONARD VON MATT (PHOTO), - Ignace de Loyola. Textes et legendes par Hugo Rahner. Deux cent vingt-six photos par Leonard von Matt.
22323: RAID, J., - Tartu.
29559: NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD, - The one hundredth anniversary, 1826-April 17-1926, of the New York Central Railroad.
34092: RAINGER, RONALD, - An agenda for antiquity; Henry Fairfield Osborn and vertebrate paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History, 1890-1935.
9919: RAJKI, SÁNDOR, ED., - The first twenty years of Martonvásár / Martonvasar, elso husz eve.
39947: RALEGH, SIR W. [WALTER] AND ANTONIE GALVANO, - The discoverie of the large, rich, and bewtiful empyre of Guiana, with a relation of the great and golden citie of Manoa (which the Spanyards call El Dorado) and of the provinces of Emeria, Arromaia, Amapaia, and other countries, with their rulers, adjoyning(Ralegh). The discoveries of the world from their first originall unto the yeere of our Lord 1555 (Galvano). Includes pamphlet with historical introductions by A.L. Rowse and bibliographical notes by Robert O. Dougan.
42240: RALEIGH, SIR WALTER, - Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh; maxims of state...with the additions of some letters never printed before.
40824: RALEIGH, SIR WALTER, - The arts of empire, and mysteries of state discabineted. In political and polemical aphorisms, grounded on authority and experience. And illustrated with the choicest examples and historical observations. By the ever-renowned Knight Sir Walter Raleigh, published by John Milton Esq.
26097: RAMAN, C.V. (CHANDRASEKHARA VENKATA), - The specific heats of some metallic elements; part I: Analysis of the experimental data; part II: Approximate theoretical evaluation; part III: The characteristic frequencies; part IV: The residual spectrum.
26098: RAMAN, C.V. (CHANDRASEKHARA VENKATA), - The specific heats of crystals; part I: General theory; part II: The case of diamond; part III: Analysis of the experimental data.
26095: RAMAN, C.V. (CHANDRASEKHARA VENKATA), - The diamond.
26094: RAMAN, C.V. (CHANDRASEKHARA VENKATA), - The physics of crystals.
26110: BHAGAVAN SRI RAMANA (ARTHUR OSBORNE, ED.), - The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana in his own words.
19193: RAMATY, R. [REUVEN]; T.L. CLINE, AND J.F. ORMES, EDS., - Essays in space science. Proceedings of a symposium held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, April 23, 1985.
36986: RAMBAUD, MIREILLE, - Les sources de l'histoire de l'art aux Archives Nationales. Avec une etude sur les sources de l'histoire de l'art aux Archives de la Seine par Georges Bailhache et Michel Fleury. Avant-propos de Charles Braibant.
29109: RAMBAUD, ALFRED (L.B. LANG, TR.), - History of Russia from the earliest times to 1882, in three volumes. Edited and enlarged by Nathan Haskell Dole. COMPLETE SET.
28385: RAMBERT, E., - Alexandre Vinet: Histoire de sa vie et de ses ouvrages
32462: RAMOS, SAMUEL, - Diego Rivera.
32049: RAMSAY, ROBERT E., - Constructive merchandising; effective plans for increasing sales.
42786: RAMSEY, S. ROBERT, - The languages of China.
28593: RAMUZ, C.F./IGOR STRAWINSKY [STRAVINSKY], - Noces et autres histoires d'apres le texte Russe de Igor Strawinsky. Illustrations de Theodore Strawinsky.
38685: RAND, AYN, - Textbook of Americanism.
38686: RAND, AYN, - Cultural update.
7464: RAND, THEODORE H., - At Minas Basin, and other poems.
38688: RAND, AYN, - Global Balkanization.
38689: RAND, AYN, - The moral factor.
29722: RANDA, ALEXANDER, - Das Weltreich; Wagnis und Auftrag; Europas im sechzehnten und siebzehnten Jahrhundert.
25842: RANDALL-MACIVER, DAVID, - Mediaeval Rhodesia.
28382: RANDALL, DALE B. J., AND PORTER, JOSEPH A. [EDS.], - Renaissance Papers, 1986.
35311: RANDALL, JOHN HERMAN, - Plato; dramatist of the life of reason.
13308: RANDOLPH, N. A., AND DIXON, SAMUEL G., EDS., - Notes from the physiological laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania.
41944: RANGER, DAN, - Pacific Coast Shay; strong man of the woods.
7405: RÄNK, AINO, COMP., - A bibliography of works published by Estonian philologists in exile, 1944-1970: (linguistics, history of literature, theatre). (Institutum Litterarum Estonicum, Folia Bibliographica 3)
29568: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON, - Historische Charakterbilder. Ausgewählt und eingeleitet von Geheimrat Dr. Richard Sternfeld.
29721: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON, - Alexander der Grosze; Aufstieg und Untergang der mazedonischen Weltmacht.
41751: RAPIN, RENE (E.T. DUBOIS, ED.), - Les reflexions sur la poetique de ce temps et sur les ouvrages des poetes anciens et modernes. Edition critique publiee par E.T. Dubois.
33155: RAPP, GEORGE, S.E. ASCHENBRENNER, WILLIAM A. MCDONALD, NANCY C. WILKIE, WILLIAM D.E. COULSON AND JOHN ROSER, EDS., - Excavations at Nichoria in southwest Greece; vol. 1: Site, environs, and techniques (Rapp, Aschenbrenner); vol. 2: The Bronze Age occupation (McDonald, Wilkie); vol. 3: Dark Age and Byzantine occupation (McDonald, Coulson, Rosser). Illustrations by Bryan Carlson, Duane Bingham, Jennifer Moody, Stephen Moody, and others. Three volumes.
21313: RASCH, WILFRIED, - Forensische Psychiatrie.
42160: RASH, RON, - Saints at the river.
30690: RASKER, A.J., - De Nederlandse hervormde kerk vanaf 1795; haar geschiedenis en theologie in de negentiende en twintigste eeuw.
36869: RASMUSSEN, KNUD (SØBY [SOBY], REGITZE MARGRETHE), - Inuit fortaeller; Knud Rasmussen; Grønlaendernes [Gronlaendernes] sagn og myter; vol. 1: Frederikshab, Julianehab og Nanortalik; vol. 2: Godthab, Sukkertoppen, Holsteinsborg, Egedesminde og Upernavik; vol. 3: Syndostgronland og Angmagssalik.
22329: RASMUSSEN, GUSTAV, - Haag-dommen af 5. April 1933 om Østgrønlands [Ostgronlands] retsstilling.
14698: RASPI, ANDREA, - Arte e mercato: aspetti del mercato dell'arte contemporanea il caso del quadro. Introduzione di Flavio Caroli.
29379: RASTELLO, LUCA (JONATHAN HUNT, TR.), - I am the market; how to smuggle cocaine by the ton, in five easy lessons. Translated from the Italian by Jonathan Hunt.
42324: RATCLIFFE, MICHAEL J.H., ED., - Encyclopedia of immunobiology. 5 volume set.
39808: RATHENAU, WALTHER, - Von kommenden Dingen.
19220: RATHGEBER, THEODOR / EVANGELISCHE KIRCHE IM RHEINLAND, EDS., - Wirtschaftliche, soziale und kulturelle Rechte in West-Papua; soziale Realität und politische Perspektiven. In Zusammenarbeit mit der Evangelischen Kirche von Westfalen, Weltkirchenrat, der Vereinten Evangelischen Mission, Misereor, Südwind, West-Papua-Netzwerk.
25774: RATHSCHLAG, HANS, - Die Bedeutung der Antinomien für [fur] den Kritizismus.
40079: RATISBONNE, ABBE THEODORE, - St. Bernard of Clairvaux; oracle of the twelfth century, 1091-1153. Preface by Henry Edward Cardinal Manning. Translated from the French. 900th anniversary edition.
39678: RATON, PIERRE, - Liechtenstein; history and institutions of the principality.
29689: RATZINGER, JOSEPH, - Vom Sinn des Christseins; drei Adventspredigten.
28078: RATZKA, ADOLF D., - Independent living and attendant care in Sweden; a consumer perspective.
10818: RAU, M. CHALAPATHI. (COMPILED AND EDITED BY HARINDRA SRIVASTAVA.), - Magnus & muses: "Off the record" musings of 'MC'.
40304: RAU, PHIL, - The jungle bees and wasps of Barro Colorado Island (with notes on other insects).
32554: RAUCHE, G.A., - The abdication of philosophy = the abdication of man; a critical study of the interdependence of philosophy as critical theory and man as a free individual.
23726: RAUD, VILLIBALD, - Estonia; a reference book. Compiled by Villibald Raud.
4103: RAUSCH, WILHELM VON., - Die Städte mitteleuropas im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert. Im Auftrag des Osterreichischen Arbeitskreises fur Stadtgeschichtsforschung und des Ludwig-Boltzmann-Instituts fur Stadtgeschichtsforschung.
32296: RAUSCH, THOMAS P., - Reconciling faith and reason; apologists, evangelists, and theologians in a divided church.
9948: RAVAL, HASMUKH M. AND JOHN L. SAFFORD., - Bhagavad-Gita: a philosophical system.
30834: RAVESTEIJN, W. V., - Wereldoorlog.
30730: RAVESTEIJN, W. VAN, - De antithese en de arbeiders.
30731: RAVESTEYN, W. VAN, - Pseudo-socialisme en echt-revisionisme.
30574: RAVESTEYN, W. VAN, - De wording van het communisme in Nederland, 1907-1925.
30779: RAVESTEYN, W. VAN, - Wereldoorlog. Met een voorwoord van Henriette Roland Holst.
39181: RAVIER, JEAN ET PIERRE (JEAN-FRANCOIS LABOURIE, TEXTES), - Jean et Pierre Ravier; 60 ans de pyreneisme. Textes de Jean-Francois Labourie. Photographies et legendes de Jean et Pierre Ravier.
38614: RAWLS, JOHN (SAMUEL FREEMAN, ED.), - Collected papers. Edited by Samuel Freeman.
42205: RAY, RACHAEL, - 30-minute meals.
29113: RAYMOND, REV. M., - The less traveled road; a memoir of Dom Mary Frederic Dunne, first American Trappist monk.
40829: RAYMOND, MARCEL, - Paul Valery et la tentation de l'esprit.
35106: RAYNOR, MRS. ELLEN M. AND MRS. EMMA L. PETITCLERC, - History of the town of Chesire, Berkshire County, Mass. Introductory chapter by Judge James M. Barker.
42728: RAZIN, EHUD AND JUAN RIVERA, EDS., - Signal transduction in mast cells and basophils. With 65 illustrations.
42750: REA, MARK S. AND BRIAN J. THOMPSON, EDS., - Selected papers on architectural lighting. [Cover: A reprint collection of outstanding papers from the world literature on optical and optoelectronic science, engineering, and technology]
31832: READ, HERBERT, - The grass roots of art; lectures on the social aspects of art in an industrial age.
31633: READ, HERBERT, - Form in modern poetry.
11336: READE, T. MELLARD., - Chemical denudation in relation to geological time.
34395: READER, W.J., - Professional men; the rise of the professional classes in nineteenth-century England.
38469: REALE, GIOVANNI, - Il concetto di filosofia prima e l'unita della metafisica de Aristotele.
10356: REAU, LOUIS., - Peter Vischer et la sculpture Franconienne du XIV au XVI siecle.
42050: REAUMUR, RENE ANTOINE FERCHAULT DE (ANNELIESE GRUNHALDT SISCO, TR.), - Reaumer's memoirs on steel and iron. A translation from the original printed in 1722, by Anneliese Grunhaldt Sisco. With an introduction and notes by Cyril Stanley Smith.
20736: REBE, BERND; KLAUS LOMPE, AND RUDOLF VON THADDEN, EDS., - Idee und Pragmatik in der politischen Entscheidung; Alfred Kubel zum 75 Geburtstag.
40978: REBECK, THERESA, - I'm glad about you.
37939: REBER, KURT, - Das Notrecht des Staates; die schweizerische Verfassungspraxis Notrecht und Verfassungsrecht die gesetzgebungspolitische Aufgabe.
13998: RECHTENSTAMM, LOTHAR SCHRUTKA EDLEM VON, - Theorie und Praxis des logarithmischen Rechenschiebers.
42020: RECHY, JOHN, - After the blue hour; a true fiction.
15340: FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION, - America's political prisoner's in South Vietnam: a "white paper" on the total suppression of all political dissent by the Government of South Vietnam. A special pre-print of a soon-to-be-published pamphlet.
16116: REDDING, J. SAUNDERS, - To make a poet black.
42576: REDEL, VICTORIA, - Before everything.
39697: REDESDALE, ALGERNON BERTRAM FREEMAN-MITFORD, LORD, - Memories. With two photogravure plates and 16 other illustrations. Two volumes.
15729: REDING, MARCEL, - Politische Ethik: eine Einführung.
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26325: SCOTT, CHARLES E., - The question of ethics; Nietzsche, Foucault, Heidegger.
17617: SCOTT, PATRICK AND MATTHEW J. BRUCCOLI, COMPS., - Hemingway and the thirties: an exhibition from the Speiser & Easterling-Hallman Foundation Collection.
37692: SCOTT, WALTER, - The vision of Don Roderick; a poem.
39900: SCOTT, FRANKLIN D., - Sweden; the nation's history.
41495: SCOTT, E.C. (COMPILER), - Ministerial directory of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., 1861-1941.
39412: SCOTT, JAMES BROWN, ED., - The Hague Court Reports; comprising the awards, accompanied by syllabi, the agreements for arbitration, and other documents in each case submitted to the permanent court of arbitration and to commissions of inquiry under the provisions of the conventions of 1899 and 1907 for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes. Edited with an introduction by James Brown Scott.
35357: SCOTT, WILSON L., - The conflict between atomism and conservation theory, 1644-1860.
16154: SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE, - Stories of Italy. (Stories from Scribner.)
16157: SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE, - Stories of the Army. (Stories from Scribner.)
40382: SCUDAMORE, JOYCE, - Florence and Thomas Hardy; a retrospect. With an introduction by Richard Curle.
31034: SEAGLE, WILLIAM, - Law; the science of inefficiency.
34599: SEAMON, HOLLIS, - Somebody up there hates you.
35525: SEAMON, HOLLIS, - Somebody up there hates you.
37617: SEAR, DAVID R., - Greek imperial coins and their values; the local coinages of the Roman Empire.
33516: SECOMB, DANIEL F., - History of the town of Amherst, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, from the grant of the township by the great and general court of the province of Massachusetts Bay, in June, 1728, to March, 1882, with genealogies of Amherst families, biographical sketches of natives and citizens of the town, and a sketch of the Narraganset Fort Fight, 19 December, 1675. Illustrated with a map of the town and engravings.

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