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41743: DURAS, MARGUERITE, - Yann Andrea Steiner.
41741: DURAS, MARGUERITE, - Nathalie Granger; suivie de La femme du Gange.
39734: DURASOFF, STEVE, - The Russian protestants; evangelicals in the Soviet Union, 1944-1964.
42008: DURCAN, PAUL, - Greetings to our friends in Brazil; one hundred poems.
37980: DURIS, PASCAL, - Linne et la France (1780-1850).
25758: DURKHEIM, E. MILE AND E. DENIS (A.M. WILSON-GARINEI, TR.), - Who wanted war?; the origin of the war according to diplomatic documents.
37777: DURLACH, HANSI AND STUART M. BLUMIN, - The short season of Sharon Springs; portrait of another New York. Original photographs by Hansi Durlach. Text by Stuart M. Blumin, in collaboration with Deborah Adelman Blumin.
43073: DURLAND, KELLOGG, - Royal romances of to-day.
25428: DÜRR [DURR], FRIEDRICH, ALEXANDER RENZ, KARL WULLE, WILLY DÜRR [DURR], HELMUT SCHMOLZ UND WERNER FÖLL [FOLL], - Chronik der stadt Heilbronn; vol. I: 741-1895; vol. II: 1896-1921; vol. III: 1922-1933; vol. VI: 1945-1951.
43091: DURRANS, BRIAN AND T. RICHARD BLURTON, EDS., - The cultural heritage of the Indian village.
8538: DURRANT, HENRY., - Les dossiers des O.V.N.I.
11254: DURRANT, MICHAEL., - The logical status of "God".
28190: DURRELL, LAWRENCE, - A key to modern British poetry.
20916: DÜRRENMATT [DURRENMATT], FRIEDRICH, - Komödien [Komodien]. Two volume set.
40520: DURRY, MARIE-JEANNE, - Guillaume Apollinaire; alcools. Tome 1-3. Three volume set.
33345: DURZAK, MANFRED, HRSG., - Deutsche Gegenwartsliteratur; Ausgangspositionen und aktuelle Entwicklingen.
33479: DUSENBERY, WALTER, - The story of the bed.
35763: DUSSANE, [BEATRIX, BEATRICE], - Reines de theatre, 1633-1941.
41481: DUTCHER, GEORGE M., - Disinthralled; a story of my life. Illustrated. A vivid portrayal of the evils of intemperance as exemplified in the author's own remarkable career together with many interesting reminiscences of his six year's experience as a worker in the temperance field.
8548: DUVAL, PIERRE, ED., - Nous pouvoirs inconnus; les mystères de la psychologie. (L'Encyclopédie Planète)
30848: DUYS [DUIJS], J.E.W., - Ter oriënteering [orienteering]; eenige beschouwingen naar aanleiding van enkele vragen van democratie.
30819: DUYS [DUIJS], J.E.W., - "Democraten" op fascistenjacht; eenige beschouwingen over zichzelf verwondende jagers en ontsnappend wild.
8883: DVORAK, MAX, AND OTHERS., - Bauten und Bildwerke; Beiträge [Beitrage] zur abendländischen [abendlandischen] Kunst des Mittelalters. Von ..., Richard Ernst [and others].
31958: DYBECK, NICK, - When Captain Flint was still a good man.
26846: DYER, DAVID F. AND GLENNON MAPLES, - Measuring and improving the efficiency of boilers.
27827: DYER, E.R., GEN. ED., - Solar-terrestrial physics/1970; proceedings of The International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics held in Leningrad, U.S.S.R., 12-19 May 1970.
42384: VAN DYKE, HENRY, - Ships and havens.
42391: VAN DYKE, HENRY, - The school of life.
42390: VAN DYKE, HENRY, - The school of life.
37489: DYMOCK, ERIC, - Sprites und Midgets.
39907: DYSERINCK, JOH., - Herinneringen aan Nicolaas Beets in woord en beeld. Naar aanleiding van de Tentoonstelling in 's Gravenhage, 21-28 Maart, 1904. Geillustreerd door Henri A Fuik.
38117: DYSON, F.J. [FREEMAN J.], - Advanced quantum mechanics; lecture notes by Professor F.J. Dyson for a course in relativistic quantum mechanics given at Cornell University in the fall of 1951.
28072: DYSSEGAARD, BIRGIT, - The role of special education in an overall rehabilitation program.
20812: WHITE EAGLE, - Vom Leben nach dem Leben; ein Buch das Trost spendet und wahres Wissen vermittelt.
41236: EARLEY, HELEN JONES AND JAMES R. WALKINSHAW, - Setting the pace; Oldsmobile's first 100 years. [With] Oldsmobile, the last chapter, 1997 to 2004. Two volumes.
41242: EARLEY, HELEN JONES AND JAMES R. WALKINSHAW, - Oldsmobile; a war years pictorial.
28410: EASTWOOD, C. CYRIL, - Life and thought in the ancient world.
43102: EATON, RICHARD MAXWELL, - Sufis of Bijapur, 1300-1700; social roles of Sufis in medieval India.
17873: EATON, FAITH (NICK NICHOLSON, PHOTO.), - Classic dolls' houses.
30582: EATON, RALPH MONROE, - Symbolism and truth; an introduction to the theory of knowledge.
36898: EBBESEN, NIELS, - Kaj Munk; skuespil i 5 akter. Tilegnet vort unge mandskab af 9. April.
23226: EBELING, WALTER, - Handbook of Indian foods and fibers of arid America.
20172: EBELING, HANS AND LUDGER LÜTKEHAUS, EDS., - Schopenhauer und Marx; Philosophie des Elends, Elend der Philosophie?
25952: EBERLE, HANS ULRICH UNTER MITWIRKUNG VON ROSWITHA KRUMM, INGEBORG REICHERT, SANDOR DOMBOVARI, KARL DUNST UND ROLF RINGER, - Erich Schairer, 1887-1956; Leben und Welt des Publizisten. Dokumentation zur Ausstellung in der Stadtbücherei [Stadtbucherei] Heilbronn, 2. bis 31. Oktober, 1987.
25921: EBERLE, HANS ULRICH UNTER MITWIRKUNG VON ROSWITHA KRUMM, INGEBORG REICHERT, SANDOR DOMBOVARI, KARL DUNST UND ROLF RINGER, - Erich Schairer, 1887-1956; Leben und Welt des Publizisten. Dokumentation zur Ausstellung in der Stadtbücherei [Stadtbucherei] Heilbronn, 2. bis 31. Oktober, 1987.
25300: EBERLE, JOSEF, HRSG., - Im Triiben Gefischt; Karikaturen der Stuttgarter Zeitung aus zwei Jahrzehnten.
39521: ECHINARD, PIERRE ET MICHEL MARTIN-ROLAND, - L'esprit Gymnase; bicentenaire du theatre, 1804-2004.
22990: ECKENRODE, H.J. AND BRYAN CONRAD, - James Longstreet; Lee's war horse. Foreword by Gary W. Gallagher.
25812: ECKERT, GEORG, - Balthasar Neumann und die Würzburger [Wurzburger] Residenzpläne [Residenzplane]; ein Beitrag zur entwicklungsgeschichte des Würzburger [Wurzburger] Residenzbaues. Mit 31 Abbildungen auf 15 Lichtdrucktafeln.
3467: ECKERT, WILLEHAD PAUL., - Kleine Geschichte der Universität Köln.
32700: ECKLEY, GRACE, - Maiden tribute; a life of W.T. [William Thomas] Stead.
35345: ECKSTEIN, JEROME, - The deathday of Socrates; living, dying, and immortality; the theater of ideas in Plato's Phaedo.
17317: EDDY, SAMUEL AND JAMES C. UNDERHILL, - Northern fishes, with special reference to the Upper Mississippi Valley.
34782: EDDY, DONALD D., - A bibliography of John Brown.
22850: EDELMAN, NATHAN (JULES BRODY, ED.), - The eye of the beholder; essays in French literature. Edited by Jules Brody.
14787: EDELMAN, GERALD M., W. EINAR GALL, AND W. MAXWELL COWAN, EDS., - Molecular bases of neural development.
11802: EDERBERG, E.; U. KAMMALL; A. RISTKOK, - Tallinn. Koostajad: E. Ederberg, U. Kammall, A. Ristkok. Kunstiline kujundaja: H. Kersna.
43001: EDGE, DAVID O. AND MICHAEL J. MULKAY, - Astronomy transformed; the emergence of radio astronomy in Britain.
33054: ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH (LAST, F.T. AND R. WATLING, EDS.), - Acidic deposition; its nature and impacts. Proceedings of the International Symposium held in Glasgow, Scotland ,16-21 September 1990.
33053: ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH, - International Conference on Acidic Deposition; its nature and impacts, Glasgow, 16-21, September 1990.
15094: EDMONDS, MICHAEL, - Lytton Strachey: a bibliography.
40923: EDMONDS, WALTER D., - Chad Hanna.
30373: EDMONSTON, WILLIAM E., ED., - Conceptual and investigative approaches to hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena.
33646: EDMUNDS, J.M., - Elegy and Iambus; being the remains of all the Greek elegiac and Iambic poets from Callinus to Crates, excepting the Choliambic writers; with the Anacreontea. In two volumes, newly edited and translated by J.M. Edmonds.
38966: EDWARDES, MICHAEL, - The necessary hell; John and Henry Lawrence and the Indian Empire. With 8 pages of half-tone illustrations.
39866: EDWARDS, AMELIA B., - A thousand miles up the Nile. With upwards of seventy illustrations engraved on wood by G. Pearson, after finished drawings executed on the spot by the author.
28926: EDWARDS, R. E., - Fourier series; a modern introduction. COMPLETE SET.
25978: EDWARDS, GEOFFREY UND HELEN WALLACE, - Die Präsidentschaft [Prasidentschaft] im Ministerrat; eine zentrale Rolle im Entscheidungsprozeß [Entscheidungsprozess] von EG und EPZ. Vorwort Klaus von Dohnanyi.
28570: EDWARDS, ERNEST PRESTON, - A coded list of birds of the world.
23763: EDWARDS, FRANK S., - A campaign in New Mexico with Colonel Doniphan. Foreword by Mark L. Gardner.
19041: EDWARDS, G. THOMAS AND CARLOS A. SCHWANTES, EDS., - Experiences in a promised land: essays in Pacific Northwest history. Foreword by Robert E. Burke.
31069: EDWARDS, CHILPERIC, - The oldest laws in the world; being an account of the Hammurabi Code and the Sinaitic Legislation with a complete translation of the Great Babylonian Inscription discovered at Susa.
16603: EDWARDS, JONATHAN (SMITH, JOHN E., ED.), - Religious affections, ed. by John E. Smith.
8444: EDWARDS, OWAIN T., - Joseph Parry, 1841-1903.
37252: EDWARDS, JUNIUS DAVID, FRANCIS C. FRARY AND ZAY JEFFRIES, - Aluminum and its production. Vol. 1 only.
40311: EDWARDS, A. CECIL, - The Persian carpet; a survey of the carpet-weaving industry of Persia.
30615: EDZ, FR. DE JONG, - Om de plaats van de arbeid; een geschiedkundig overzicht van ontstaan en ontwikkeling van het Nederlands Verbond van Vakverenigingen.
40197: EELLS, MYRON, - Father Eells, or, the results of fifty-five years of missionary labors in Washington and Oregon; a biography of Rev. Cushing Eells. With an introduction by Rev. L.H. Hallock.
18416: EFROYMSON, DAVID AND JOHN RAINES, EDS., - Open Catholicism; the tradition at its best. Essays in honor of Gerard S. Sloyan.
28781: EGAN, FEROL, - The El Dorado Trail; the story of the Gold Rush routes across Mexico.
33670: EGGEBRECHT, ARNE, - Albanien; Schätze [Schatze] aus dem Land der Skipetaren.
6314: EGGLESTON, NATHANIEL H., - God among the nations. A discourse delivered on the occasion of the late state fast. By ..., assocciate pastor of the Congregational Church, in Ellington, Connecticut.
41840: EGOYAN, ATOM AND IAN, ED., - Subtitles on the foreignness of film.
40875: EGREMONT, MAX, - Forgotten land; journeys among the ghosts of East Prussia.
37947: EHRARD, JEAN, - L'Idee de nature en France dans la premiere moitie du XVIII siecle. Tome 1 et 2.
25636: EHRENBERG, VICTOR, - Neugründer [Neugrunder] des Staates; ein Beitrag zur Geschichte Spartas und Athens im VI. Jahrhundert.
11988: EHRHARDT, KONI, - Hildegard von Bingen spricht zu uns über das Medium Koni Ehrhardt; Mediale Schrift.
42094: EHRLICH, GRETEL, - Facing the wave; a journey in the wake of the tsunami.
24454: EHRLICH, WALTER, - Einführung [Einfuhrung] in die Staatsphilosophie.
38618: EICHENDORFF, JOSEPH VON (RONALD TAYLOR, TR.), - Memoirs of a good-for-nothing.
42781: EICHER, DAVID J., - The new cosmos; answering astronomy's big questions. Foreword by Alex Filippenko.
25920: EICHHORN, W., H. LEY UND R. LÖTHER [LOTHER], HRSG., - Das Menschenbild der marxistisch-leninistischen Philosophie; Beiträge [Beitrage].
17060: EICHNER, ALFRED S., AND CHARLES M. BRECHER, - Controlling social expenditures: the search for output measures. Foreword by Eli Ginzberg.
32474: EIDRIGEVICIUS, STASYS (ILLUS.) ET ANNE FRERE (VERSE), - Histoires de nez. Racontees en images par Stasys Eidrigevicius et en vers par Anne Frere. D'apres James Kruss.
37491: EIFERT, CHRISTIANE UND SUSANNE ROUETTE, HRSG., - Unter allen Umständen; Frauengeschichte(n) in Berlin.
20977: EIFLER, MARGRET, - Dialektische Dynamik; Kulturpolitik und Ästhetik [Asthetik] im Gegenwartsroman der DDR.
29489: EINEM, HERBERT VON, - Caspar David Friedrich. Dritte Auflage, mit 106 Abbildungen und 8 farbigen Tafeln.
42856: EINSTEIN, ALBERT (JOHN STACHEL, ED.), - The collected papers of Albert Einstein; vol. 1: The early years, 1879-1902. Includes softcover supplement of the English translation, by Anna Beck, containing an English translation of the German text of the main volume.
22285: EISENBERG, ELIYAHU, ED., - Plotzk (Plock): a history of an ancient Jewish community in Poland / Plotsk: toldot kehilah `atikat-yomin be-Polin
21922: EISENHART, LUTHER PFAHLER, - Coordinate geometry.
42130: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI (JAY LEYDA, ED.), - Eisenstein 2; a premature celebration of Eisenstein's centenary. Edited with an introductory note by Jay Leyda. Translated by Alan Y. Upchurch, N. Lary, Zina Voynow and Samuel Brody.
37167: EISENSTEIN, ELIZABETH L., - The printing press as an agent of change; communications and cultural transformations in early-modern Europe. Two volume set.
40656: EISENZWEIG, URI, - L'Espace imaginaire d'un recit: "Sylvie" de Gerard de Nerval; langages.
15562: EKIRCH, ARTHUR ALPHONSE, - The idea of progress in America, 1815-1860.
34319: ELDER, GEORGE W., - Forty years among the stars.
11638: ELDER, PAUL, COMP., - Love.
41064: WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC, - Westinghouse Electric railway transportation.
36994: GENERAL ELECTRIC, - Heat transfer design data.
15723: ELEMER, MALYUSZ, - Zsigmond Kiraly uralma Magyarorszagon, 1387-1437.
38904: ELIOT, FREDERICK MAY (ALFRED P. STIERNOTTE, ED.), - Frederick May Eliot; an anthology. Selected and edited by Alfred P. Stiernotte. With a memorial address by Wallace W. Robbins.
31948: ELIOT, T.S., - The use of poetry and the use of criticism; studies in the relation of criticism to poetry in England.
40148: ELIOT, T.S., - The dry salvages. Partisan Review, vol. 8, no. 3 (May-June, 1941)
36275: ELISEUSON, MICHAEL, - Tower Soudan; the state park down under.
25093: ELISSEEFF, DANIELLE AND VADIME, - Art of Japan. Translated from the French by I. Mark Paris.
34204: ELIZALDE, LEOPOLDO PIO, - Tres años [anos]. Introduccion, notas y epilogo del Dr. Leopoldo Pio Elizalde.
12518: ELKJAER, KJELD AND MONDRUP, GEORG, - Danmark og Antiken; bibliografi over Danske Hjaelpemidler tel studiet af den klassiske Oldtid.
34208: ELLEDGE, SCOTT., ED., - Eighteenth-century critical essays. Two volume set.
34222: ELLING, CHRISTIAN, - Danske borgerhuse.
30886: ELLIOT, JONATHAN, - The American diplomatic code, embracing a collection of treaties and conventions between the United States and foreign powers, from 1778 to 1834 with an abstract of important judicial decisions, on points connected with our foreign relations; also, a concise diplomatic manual, containing a summary of the Law of Nations, from diplomatic writings on questions of international law. In two volumes, with notes and indexes.
41588: ELLIOT-MURRAY-KYNYNMOUND, GILBERT JOHN, 4TH EARL OF MINTO (PAUL STEVENS AND JOHN T. SAYWELL, EDS.), - Lord Minto's Canadian papers; a selection of the public and private papers of the Fourth Earl of Minto, 1898-1904. Edited with an introduction by Paul Stevens and John T. Saywell. In two volumes.
36268: ELLIS, BRIAN, - Basic concepts of measurement.
38396: ELLISON, DAVID R., - The reading of Proust.
32879: ELLMANN, RICHARD, - W.B. Yeats's second puberty; a lecture delivered at the Library of Congress on April 2, 1984.
15365: ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM WEBSTER, - A golden age of authors: a publisher's recollection. With illustrations.
29982: ELLSWORTH, MRS. M.W., - Queen of the household; a carefully classified alphabetically arranged repository of useful information on subjects that constantly arise in the daily life of every housekeeper; a guide to the best and easiest way of accomplishing home work in its various departments.
32538: ELLUL, JACQUES (LANI K. NILES, TR.), - In season, out of season; an introduction to the thought of Jacques Ellul. Translated by Lani K. Niles. Based on interviews by Madeleine Garrigou-Lagrange.
25888: ELMHIRST, LEONARD K., - The Straight and its origin.
19840: ELSON, AARON, - Tanks for the memories; the 712th Tank Battalion in World War II.
24821: ELSTER, ALEXANDER UND HEINRICH LINGEMANN, HRSG., - Handwörterbuch [Handworterbuch] der Kriminologie und der anderen strafrechtlichen hilfswissenschaften.
11550: ELVIN, LIONEL., - The place of commonsense in educational thought.
30925: ELWELL-SUTTON, L.P., - Elementary Persian grammar.
33816: ELZAS, BARNETT A. (COMPILER), - Jewish marriage notices from the newspaper press of Charleston, S.C. (1775-1906).
39254: EMANUEL, KERRY, - Divine wind; the history and science of hurricanes.
28579: EMBACH, MICHAEL UND REINER NOLDEN, - Die Inkunabel der Trierer Dombibliothek; ein beschreibendes Verzerchnis mit einer Bestandsgeschichte der Dombibliothek. Im Auftrag des Trierer Domkapitels bearbeiter von Michael Embach. Provenienzzuweisungen von Reiner Nolden.
41915: EMERSON, JAMES, - Treatise relative to the testing of water-wheels and machinery, with various other matters pertaining to hydraulics. Second edition.
27989: EMERSON, KEN, - Doo-dah!; Stephen Foster and the rise of American popular culture.
8132: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO., - Mr. Emerson lectures at the Peabody Institute.
21764: EMIG, GÜNTHER, HRSG. (IM AUFTRAG DER STADT HEILBRONN), - Heilbonner Kleist-Blätter (HKB); 11 . 2001
38849: EMINESCU, MIHAI, - Lumina de luna. Two volume set. Editie ingrijita si prefata de Marin Sorescu.
37944: EMMANUEL, WILHELM, - Die Katholiken im Deutschen Reiche; Entwurf zu einem politischen Programm.
1539: EMMERICH, HANSKARL., - Nominalsuffixe im Sprachgebrauch Charles Peguys; Untersuchungen zur Wortbildungslehre auf der Grundlage linguistischer Statistik. (PhD dissertation, Philipps-Universität zu Marburg/Lahn).
15834: EMMONS, CATHERINE M., - Through the years in Mendham Borough.
38147: EMPARANZA, JUAN MARIA ALVAREZ (MIKEL UGALDE, TR.), - Origen y evolucion de la pintura Vasca; euskal pinturaren sorrera eta eboluzioa.
20866: EMRICH, WILHELM, - Die Symbolik von Faust II; sinn und Vorformen.
21045: ENDERS, HORST, ED., - Die Werkinterpretation.
38146: ENDLER, FRANZ, - Karl Böhm [Bohm]; ein Dirigentenleben. Vorwort von Leonard Bernstein.
34892: ENES, ANTONIO, - Mocambique; relatório [relatorio] apresentado ao governo.
14208: VAN DER ENG-LIEDMEIER, A.M., - Soviet literary characters; an investigation into the portrayal of Soviet men in Russian prose, 1917-1953 [Slavistic printings and reprintings, no. 29],[Translated by B. Timmer].
36926: ENGBERG, HARALD, - Nordahl Grieg og tidens drama.
35265: ENGEL, PATRICIA, - It's not love, it's just Paris.
19410: ENGEL, F., - Three quarter crowns; how to construct and apply them. Translated and revised from the German text. With 182 figures in the text and 3 plates.
19218: ENGEL, CLAIRE-ÉLIANE, - Les batailles pour l'Himalaya, 1785-1956. Avec seize héliogravures et de nombreuses cartes.
41946: ENGEL, ROBERT, HOWARD KIRSCHENBAUM AND PAUL MALO, - Santanoni; from Japanese temple to life at an Adirondack great camp.
41211: ENGEL, PATRICIA, - The veins of the ocean.
34447: ENGEL, PATRICIA, - It's not just love, it's just Paris.
40721: ENGEL, PATRICIA, - The veins of the ocean.
28641: ENGELBERG, BRUNO, - Zur Stilistik der Adjectiva in Otfrids Evangelienbuch und im Heliand. Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung [Berucksichtigung] der psychologisch-rhythmischen Merkmale und der Beziehungen zu den Quellen im adjectivstil beider Dichtungen.
29452: ENGELBERG, ERNST, - Bismark; Urpreuße [Urpreusse] und Reichsgründer [reichsgrunder].
42862: ENGELHARDT, FRED, - Fulling Mill Brook; a study in industrial evolution, 1707-1937.
19375: ENGELHARDT, GEORGE P., - The North American clear-wing moths of the family Aegeriidae.
16185: ENGELHARDT, VIKTOR, ED., - Die elektrochemischen Deutschen Reichspatente: Auszuge aus den Patentschriften. Gesammelt, geordnet und mit Hinweisen versehen von P. Ferchland und P. Rehlander.
13537: ENGELMANN, WILHELM, - Bibliotheca geographica. Verzeichniss der seit der Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts bis zu Ende des Jahres 1856 in Deutschland erschienenen Werke über. Geographia und Reisen.
26190: ENGELMANN, BERNT, - Deutschland ohne Juden; eine Bilanz.
25931: ENGELS, FRIEDRICH UND KARL MARX, - Die heilige Familie; oder Kritik der kritischen Kritik Gegen Bruno Bauer und Konsorten. Herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Iring Fetscher.
42964: DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY), - Magnetic circuits and transformers; a first course for power and communication engineers.
42546: THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, - The 5000 KW Vertical Curtis Steam turbine-generator at the Schenectady plant of the General Electric Company. Printed in honor of the occasion of its designation as a National Historical Mechanical Engineering Landmark.
18117: ENGLEBERT, OMER, - The lives of the saints. Translated by Christopher and Anne Fremantle.
21348: ENGLEKIRK, ROBERT E.; GARY C. HART, AND THE CONCRETE MASONRY ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA, - Strength design of one- to four-story buildings. (Earthquake design of concrete masonry buildings, volume 2)
42455: ENGLISH, CHARLIE, - The storied city; the quest for Timbuktu and the fantastic effort to save its past.
38392: ENGSTROM, STEPHEN AND JENNIFER WHITING, EDS., - Aristotle, Kant, and the Stoics; rethinking happiness and duty.
31549: ENJUTO, J., M. RECK Y G. DELACRE, - Tres conferencias sobre la traduccion/Three lectures on translation.
43034: ENKVIST, NILS ERIK, - Linguistic stylistics.
42051: ENNIS, WILLIAM D., - Linseed oil and other seed oils; an industrial manual.
40118: ENOCH (SCHODDE, GEORGE H., TR.), - The book of Enoch. Translated from the Ethiopic with introduction and notes by Rev. George H. Schodde.
32985: ENRIQUES, FEDERIGO, - The historic development of logic; the principles and structure of science in the conception of mathematical thinkers. Authorized translation from the Italian by Jerome Rosenthal.
21596: ENROTH, RONALD, - Recovering from churches that abuse.
31385: EPSTEIN, JACOB (ARNOLD L. HASKELL), - The sculptor speaks; a series of conversations on art.
9710: EPSTEIN, LAURILY KEIR, ED., - Women and the news.
36103: EPSTEIN, FRITZ T. (GUNTHER SPECOVIUS, HSRG.), - Die Hof- und Zentralverwaltung im Moskauer staat und die Bedeutung von G.K. Kotosichins zeitgenossischem Werk "Uber Russland unter der Herrschaft des Zaren Aleksej Michajlovic" fur die russische Verwaltungsgeschichte.
31343: RCA SOUND AND PICTURE EQUIPMENT, - RCA sound products catalog, 217.
41861: ERANO, PAUL, - Collecting and valuing fountain pens.
36847: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS, - Erasmus against war. [Introduction by J.W. Mackail]
14403: ERDILEK, ASIM, ED., - Multinationals as mutual invaders; intra-industry direct foriegn investment.
33353: ERDOS, P. [PAUL], A. RENYI AND VERA T. SOS, EDS., - Combinatorial theory and its applications, I-III. 3 volumes.
39550: ERICKSON, EDITH E., ED., - Rosalia; battlefield to wheat field, 1858-1988. Compiled by Edith E. Erickson.
10457: ERIKSSON, NILS., - Kungl. Vetenskaps-och Vitterhets-Samhället [Samhallet] i Göteborg [Gotegorg] 1875-1953.
29497: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN, - La dame a la licorne.
4283: ERMAN, HANS., - Weltgeschichte auf berlinisch; Historien, Episoden, Anekdoten. Mit sechzehn Bildtafeln.
42690: ERNSTER, LARS, ED., - Molecular mechanisms in bioenergetics.
24564: ESCHENBURG, THEODOR, - Der Beamte in Partei und Parlament.
29904: ESCHMANN, ERNST WILHELM, - Im Amerika der Griechen.
10116: ESCOTO, JORGE A. VIVO., - El poblamiento Náhuat en El Salvador y otros Países de Centroamérica.
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12521: GERLO, ALOIS AND LAUF, EMILE, - Bibliographie de l'humanisme Belge; précédée d'une bibliographia générale concernant l'humanisme Européen.
24538: GERMANY. AUSWÄRTIGEN [AUSWARTIGEN] AMT, HRSG., - 100 Jahre Auswärtiges [Auswartiges] Amt, 1870-1970.
37519: GERMER, CHRISTOPHER K., RONALD D. SIEGEL AND PAUL R. FULTON, EDS., - Mindfulness and psychotherapy.
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30038: GERSEMANN, JOACHIM UND HANSFÖRG KÜSTER [HANSFORG KUSTER], HRSG., - Festschrift zum 210. Geburtstage der naturhistorischen Gesellschaft Hannover. [Cover: Die frühen [fruhen] Jahre der naturhistorischen Gesellschaft Hannover]
9815: GERSHENFELD, WALTER J., J. JOSEPH LOEWENBERG, AND BERNARD INGSTER., - Scope of public-sector bargaining; first George W. Taylor Memorial Conference on Public Sector Labor Relations.
42298: GERSTÄCKER [GERSTACKER], FRIEDRICH (CLARA M. LATHROP, TR.), - Germelshausen. Translated from the German by Clara M. Lathrop.
25827: GERTEIS, KLAUS, - Leopold Sonnemann; ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des demokratischen Nationalstaatsgedankens in Deutschland.
3881: LENINGRAD. GOSUDARSTVENNYI PEDAGOGICHESKII INST. A.I. GERTSENA., - Problemy germanskoi i romanskoi filologii.
43005: GERVAIS, MICHEL, MARCEL JOLLIVET E YVES TAVERNIER, - La fin de la France paysanne de 1914 a nos jours.
25651: DER SCHOPENHAUER GESELLSCHAFT, - Vierzehntes Jahrbuch...für [fur] das Jahr 1927.
20965: GESELLSCHAFT FÜR DEUTSCHE SPRACHE, ED. (WOLFGANG MIEDER, COMP.), - Ver-kehrte Worte; Antizitate aus Literatur und Medien.
29697: GEYER, W (ZIMMERMANN, RAINER), - W. Geyer. Text von Rainer Zimmermann.
31510: GEYER, BERNHARD, HRSG., - Die patristische une scholastische Philosophie.
30606: GEYL, PIETER, - Oranje en Stuart, 1641-1672.
33244: GEYL, P. [PIETER], - Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Stam, in zes Delen. Complete set of 6 volumes.
43088: GHAIDAN, USAM, ED., - Lamu; a study in conservation. Based on report presented to the Director of Physical Planning, Ministry of Lands and Settlement and the Director of the National Museums of Kenya.
39509: GHEZ, OSCAR, ED., - L'Aube du XX siecle de Renoir a Chagall. Two volumes.
12028: GIACOMAN, HELMY F. (ED.), - Homenaje a Fernando Alegría; variaciones interpretativas en torno a su obra.
8918: GIACOMELLI, GIOVANNA., - Le antiche chiese della Scodosia di Montagnana.
36009: LEOPARDI. GIACOMO (SIRO ATTILIO NILLI, ED.), - Poesie e prose. Con un autografo. A cura di Siro Attilio Nilli.
12063: GIANFREDA, GRAZIO, - L'arca del mosaico; simbolo della chiesa, segno di rinnovamento.
21123: GIANNARAS, CHRESTOS, - Alfabetari tes pistes.
8604: GIARDINA, NARDO., - La città del jazz. Fotografie a colori di Luigi Nasalvi.
31689: GIARDINA, ANTHONY, - Norumbega park.
4251: GIARELLI, FRANCESCO., - La vita, le conquiste e le scoperte del secolo XIX, descritte da F. Giarelli, G. Cairo, T. Bazzi.
33308: GIBBON, PETER, - The origins of Ulster unionism; the formation of popular Protestant politics and ideology in nineteenth-century Ireland.
17966: GIBRAN, GIBRAN JALIL, - El profeta. Versión de Carlos Hernández.
42212: GIBSON, A.H. AND ALAN E.L. CHORLTON, EDS., - Internal combustion engineering; a practical treatise written by specialists.
21700: GIBSON, BENJAMIN F., WILLIAM R. GIBBS AND MIKKEL B. JOHNSON, EDS., - Lampf workshop on (Pi, K) physics, Los Alamos, NM 1990.
16892: GIBSON, A. BOYCE, - Theism and empiricism.
40572: GIBSON, CHARLES DANA, - London as seen by Charles Dana Gibson.
40573: GIBSON, CHARLES DANA, - Americans. Drawn by Charles Dana Gibson.
42847: GIDDENS, PAUL H., - Early days of oil; a pictorial history of the beginnings of the industry in Pennsylvania.
23976: GIDE, ANDRÉ, - Interviews imaginaires; la deliverance de Tunis; pages de journal, Mai 1943.
40827: GIDE, ANDRÉ ET ROGER MARTIN DU GARD (JEAN DELAY, ED.), - Correspondance; vol. 1: 1913-1934; vol. 2: 1935-1951. Introduction par Jean Delay. COMPLETE.
39668: GIDE, ANDRÉ AND PAUL VALERY (ROBERT MALLET), - Correspondance, 1890-1942. [d'Andre Gide et Paul Valery] Preface et notes par Robert Mallet.
40529: GIDE, ANDRE (MARCEL ARLAND ET JEAN MOUTON, EDS.), - Entretiens sur Andre Gide. Sous la direction de Marcel Arland et Jean Mouton.
30577: GIEBELS, LUDY, - De zionistische beweging in Nederland, 1899-1941.
30416: GIELE, JACQUES J., - De eerste internationale in Nederland; een onderzoek naar het ontstaan van de nederlandse arbeidersbeweging van 1868 tot 1876.
39449: GIESKE, SABINE, - Johann Gerhard Trimpe (1827-1894) Neubauer and Weltbürger [Weltburger] zum Gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Umbruch auf dem Land.
38936: GILABERT, FRANCISCO MARTI, - El motin de Aranjuez.
22848: GILBERT-ROLFE, JEREMY WITH FRANK GEHRY, - Frank Gehry; the city and music.
20158: GILBERT, W.S. (WILLIAM SCHWENCK), - The Bab ballads. Edited by James Ellis.
43059: GILBERT, IVOR PAUL AND PATRICIA PHENIX, EDS., - Romanov relations; vol. 1: A collection of essays on members of the Imperial House of Russia.
42666: GILBERT, JOHN E. AND MARGARET A.M. MURRAY, - Clifford algebras and Dirac operators in harmonic analysis.
36322: GILCHRIST, ELLEN, - Acts of God; stories.
22466: GILES, HERBERT A. (TR.), - Strange stories from a Chinese studio, translated and annotated by Herbert A. Giles.
36420: GILL, BRENDAN, ED., - Posters made possible by a grant from Mobil; a collection of 250 international posters commissioned by Mobil and selected by the Poster Society. With a foreword by Brendan Gill.
2081: GILLEN, PAUL BATES., - The distribution of occupations as a city yardstick. (PhD dissertation, Columbia University)
36477: GILLESPIE, ANGUS KRESS, - Twin towers; the life of New York City's World Trade Center.
34979: GILLESPIE, JAMES E., - The influence of oversea expansion on England to 1700.
43006: GILLINGS, RICHARD J., - Mathematics in the time of the pharaohs.
42885: GILVARRY, ALEX, - Eastman was here.
31507: GINDL, IRMGARD, - Seele und Geist; Versuch einer Unterscheidung.
21241: GINGOLD, L.S.; P.I. GLUSHAKOV, AND G.A. (GEORGII ALEKSANDROVICH) GANSHIN, - Ekonomicheskaia geografiia Kitaia.
32433: GINGRAS, GILLES E. (LUCIE HAMEL GINGRAS, TEXT), - Montreal; d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Textes de Lucie Hamel Gingras. Preface de Pierre Marion.
42620: GINSBERG, ALLEN. (BILL MORGAN, ED.), - The best minds of my generation; a literary history of the Beats, as taught by Allen Ginsberg.
20959: GINZBERG, ELI, AND HERBERT A. SMITH, - A manpower strategy for Ethiopia. Prepared for the Ethiopian government under the auspices of United States Agency for International Development.
31366: GIONO, JEAN, - Les ames fortes; roman par Jean Giono de l'Academie Goncourt.
41722: GIONO, JEAN, - Coeurs, passions, caracteres. Avant-propos de Henri Godard.
35562: GIONO, JEAN, - Batailles dans la montagne; roman.
18944: GIONO, JEAN (KARDAS, PHOTO.), - Les vraies richesses. Illustre de 112 photographies par Kardas.
26812: GIONO, JEAN, - Naissance de l'Odyssée.
31365: GIONO, JEAN, - Precisions.
40034: GIORDANI, IGINO, - Diary of fire.
39791: GIORDANO, PAOLO, - Like family. English translation by Anne Milano Appel.
27641: GIORDANO, SEBASTIANO, - San Giorgio e il drago; riflessioni lungo un percorso d'arte.
40534: GIOT, P.R., J. L'HELGOUACH ET J. BRIARD, - La Bretagne; prehistoire et protohistoire. 73 photographies, 48 croquis, 20 cartes.
35847: GIRARD, GUY, - L'Ombre et la demande; projections surrealistes.
37964: GIRARD, CLAIRE, - Lettres de Claire Girard; fusillee par les Allemands le 27 aout 1944.
33446: GIRAUD, MICHEL, - Le Perreux sur-Marne; cent ans d'histoire.
39516: GIROUARD, MARK, - Robert Smythson and the architecture of the Elizabethan era.
41859: GIRVIN, BRIAN AND GEOFFREY ROBERTS, EDS., - Ireland and the Second World War; politics, society and remembrance.
38527: GISSING, GEORGE, - Demos; a story of English socialism.
38232: GISSING, GEORGE (JACOB KORG, ED.), - Thyrza; a tale. Edited with an introduction by Jacob Korg.
31364: GISSING, GEORGE, - A life's morning. With an introduction by William Plomer.
38135: GISSING, GEORGE R., - Workers in the dawn; a novel. Three volumes in one.
38027: GISSING, GEORGE, - In the year of jubilee; a novel.
34978: GITTINGER, ROY, - The formation of the state of Oklahoma (1803-1906).
41162: GITTINGS, JAMES A., - Company of pilgrims and other poems. Photographs by Nancy Anne Dawe.
27581: GITTLER, AMY J., - Agents of remembrance; a collection of recipes from the kitchen of Adele Gittler and others.
39836: GIUSEPPE, M.S., ED., - Guide to the contents of the Public Record Office; vol. 1: legal records, etc.; vol. 2: State papers and departmental records. Revised and extended (to 1960) from the Guide by the late M.S. Giuseppe. 2-volume set.
32873: GLACKENS, IRA, - Poor mad Valery, and other poems. Published by the author for his friends and enemies.
29847: GLADE, FELICITAS, - Käte [Kate] Ahlmann; eine Biographie.
42616: GLADSTONE, MAX, MARGARET DUNLAP, MUR LAFFERTY AND BRIAN FRANCIS SLATTERY, - Book burners; season 1. Illustrated by Mark Weaver and Jeffrey Veregge.
25976: GLAGAU, DR. HANS, - Die moderne Selbstbiographie als historische Quelle; eine Untersuchung.
15878: GLASBRENNER, WALTER, ED., - 30 Jahre deutsche Postgewerkschaft: aus der Sicht der Kongresse und Bundes-Konferenzen, 1949-1979.
34479: GLASER, HERMANN, - Spießer [Spiesser]-Ideologie von der Zerstörung [Zerstorung] des deutschen Geistes im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert.
23603: GLASER, HUBERT, ED., - Wittelsbach und Bayern: Band I: Die Zeit der frühen Herzoge: Von Otto I. zu Ludwig dem Bayern (Beiträge [Beitrage] zur bayerischen Geschichte und Kunst 1180-1350); Band II: Um Glauben und Reich: Kurfürst [Kurfurst] Maximilian I. (Beiträge [Beitrage] zur Bayerischen Geschichte und Kunst 1573-1651); Band III: Krone und Verfassung: König [Konig] Max I. Joseph und der neue Staat (Beiträge [Beitrage] zur bayerischen Geschichte und Kunst, 1799-1825)
21481: GLASER, HERMANN AND HARALD STRAUBE, COMPS., - Wohnungen des todes; jüdisches Schicksal im Dritten Reich.
40611: GLASSBRENNER, ADOLF (KLAUS GYSI UND DR. KURT BOTTCHER, HRSG.), - Unsterblicher Volkswitz; Adolf Glassbrenners Werk in Auswahl. Zwei Bände [Bande]. Herausgegeben von Klaus Gysi und Dr. Kurt Böttcher [Bottcher] unter Mitarbeit von J. Schubert. [Mit Illustrationen von Theodor Hosemann, Carl Reinhardt, Adolf Schroedter, Wilhelm Scholz und Gustav Heil]
27833: GLASSTONE, SAMUEL, - Sourcebook on the space sciences. Written under the sponsorship of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
37689: GLAUBRECHT, O [OTTO], - Anna, the leech vender [vendor]; a narrative of filial love. From the German, by Mrs. Clarke.
40766: GLAUSER, ALFRED, - La poetique de Hugo.
28057: GLAUSER, ALFRED, - Montaigne paradoxal.
40767: GLAUSER, ALFRED, - Hugo et la poesie pure.
39812: GLAZENER, TULL, - Waltzing with the mountain dulcimer. Cover and tablature design and graphics by Sandy Conatser. [Cover: Eighteen waltzes for the mountain dulcimer in DAD tuning arranged by Tull Glazener]
29102: GLAZER, NATHAN, ED., - The Fulbright experience and academic exchanges. (The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science, vol. 491, May 1987)
28631: GLEBE, GÜNTER [GUNTER] UND HELMUT SCHNEIDER, HRSG., - Lokale transformationsprozesse in der Global City; Düsseldorf [Dusseldorf]-Oberbilk-Strukturwandel eines citynahen Statteils.
23227: GLENN, D. FEREDAY, - The last days of steam in the Scottish Highlands.
24684: GLENTWORTH, R. AND J.W. MUIR, - The soils of the country round Aberdeen, Inverurie and Fraserburgh (sheets 77, 76 and 87/97).
41058: BICENTENNIAL COMMITTEE OF SCOTIA-GLENVILLE, - Scotia-Glenville American Revolution Bicentennial; book of remembrances, June 18-26, 1976.
9680: GLIGORIC, S. AND V. SOKOLOV., - Sizilianische Verteidigung, Band I.
35700: GLIKSMAN, ALAIN, - Voile et navigation; collection connaissance et technique.
40396: GLIMM, J., L. GROSS, HARISH-CHANDRA, ET AL, - Lectures in modern analysis and applications II. Edited by C.T. Taam.
37488: GLOOR, ROGER, - Personenwagen der 60er Jahre. [Cover subtitle: Alle Modelle von 1960 bis 1970; 340 Marken aus 30 Ländern [Landern] mit Stories, rechnischen Tabellen und über 850 zeitgenössischen [uber 850 zeitgenossischen] Fotos]
36599: GLOVER, CATO D., - On the crest of the wave.
42092: GMELCH, SHARON, ED., - Irish life and traditions.
42156: GMELIN, OTTO, - Das neue Reich; Roman der Völkerwanderung [Volkerwanderung].
21051: GNÜG, HILTRUD, ED., - Literarische Utopie-Entwürfe; Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Materialien.
36940: GO, JUSTIN, - The steady running of the hour.
35861: GOCHET, PAUL, - Ascent to truth; a critical examination of Quine's philosophy.
36906: GODARD, CHARLES, - Les pouvoirs des intendants sous Louis XIV particulierement dans les pays d'elections de 1661 a 1715.
42896: GODDARD, ROBERT, - The ends of the earth.
31067: GODDARD, EDWIN C., - Outlines of the law of bailments and carriers.
30648: GODDARD, LEONARD, AND BRENDA JUDGE, - The metaphysics of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.
24467: GODECHOT, THIERRY, - Le parti Democrate-Chretien Italien.
20721: GODKIN, EDWIN L., - A letter on Lincoln.
24586: GODWIN, GEORGE, - The middle temple; the society and fellowship.
32807: GOEBBELS, JOSEPH, - Der Angriff; Aufsätze [Aufsatze] aus der Kampfzeit.
12945: GOEDKE, RICHARD, - Der deutsche Kletter Atlas; alle Felsgebiete Deutschlands von Helgoland und Rugen bis zum Karwendel und Watzmann.
31496: GOEDSCHE, CHARLOTTE L., - Narrative structure in Wilhelm Raabe's Die Chronik der Sperlingsgasse.
30867: VAN DER GOES, F., J. DE KADT EN P.J. SCHMIDT, - Actie of scheuring?; een woord van verweer door de redacteuren van "De Fakkel".
30833: GOES, F. V.D., - Organische ontwikkeling der maatschappij; socialistische studie.
21019: GOES, ALBRECHT, - Freude am Gedichte; zwölf Deutungen.
28500: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG, - Italienische Reise. Annalen.
31605: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON (ERNST GRUMACH UND INGE JENSEN, BEARBEITER DES BANDES), - Urfaust - Faust; ein Fragment - Faust; der Tragödie [Tragodie] erster Theil (Paralleldruck).
42144: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG, - Dichtung und Wahrheit aus meinem Leben. Mit 250 zeitgenössischen [zeitgenossischer] Bildern.
39504: GOETHE, [JOHANN WOLFGANG] (LUDWIG CURTIUS AND HERMANN J. WEIGAND), - Wisdom and experience. Selections by Ludwig Curtius. Translated and edited with an introduction by Hermann J. Weigand.
23549: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON (WAHL, HANS, HRSG.), - Ur-Xenien; nach der Handschrift des Goethe-und Schiller-Archivs in Faksimile-Nachbildung, hrsg. von Hans Wahl.
21430: GOETHE, [JOHANN WOLFGANG VON] (ERNST HARTUNG, COMP.), - Über allen Gipfeln; Goethes Gedichte im rahmen seines Lebens. Mit zwanzig Bildern.
42155: GOETHE [OTTILIE VON] (GABRIELE FREIIN VON KOENIG-WARTHAUSEN, ED.), - Ottilie v. Goethe; Briefe an eine italienische Freundin. Ubertragen, eingeleitet und herausgegeben von Gabriele Freiin von Koenig-Warthausen. Vorwort von Egon Caesar Conte Corti.
31576: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON, - Die Lieabesgedichte des west-östlichen [west-ostlichen] Divans in zeitlicher Folge mit Einführung [Einfuhrung] und entstehungsgeschichtlichem Kommentar von H.A. Korff.
42167: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG (A. KESTNER, HRSG.), - Goethe und Werther; Briefe Goethe's, meistens aus seiner Jugendzeit, mit erläuterden [erlauterden] Documenten.
33651: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON (CARLYLE F. MACINTYRE, TR. AND ROCKWELL KENT, ILLUS.), - Faust. A new American translation by Carlyle F. MacIntyre, with illustrations by Rockwell Kent, together with the German text.
33527: GOETHE, [JOHANN WOLFGANG], - Das Spiel vom Doktor Faust. Aus der Tragödie [Tragodie] beiden Teilen für [fur] die Aufführung [Auffuhrung] and einem abend. Herausgehoben von Paul Mederow.
33532: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG (ADOLF SCHÖLL [SCHOLL], HRSG.), - Goethes Briefe an Frau von Stein. Zweite vervollständigte [vervollstandigte] Auflage bearbeitet von Wilhelm Fielitz. Zwei Bänden [Banden].
38570: GOETHE [JOHANN WOLFGANG]. (ERICH TRUNZ, ED.), - Italienische Reise. Textkritisch durchgesehen von Erich Trunz. Kommentiert von Herbert von Einem.
27373: ACADEMIA GOETHEANA, - Lenz im Herbst; Festschrift für Werner Bock zu seinem 60. Geburtstag.
28578: VAN GOGH, VINCENT (JAN HULSKER), - 'Dagboek' van Van Gogh.
28512: VAN GOGH, VINCENT (BRUCE BERNARD, ED.), - Vincent by himself; a selection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings together with extracts from his letters.
38069: GOINEAU, FRANCOISE, - Gisors; la ville et le bailliage jusqu'a la fin du XV siecle. Extrait des tomes XLIV et XLV des memoires de la Societe Historique et Archeologique de l'Arrondissement de Pontoise et du Vexin.
23789: GOLAY, MICHAEL, - A ruined land; the end of the Civil War.
24281: GOLD, JUDITH TAYLOR, - Monsters and madonnas; the roots of Christian anti-semitism.
39972: GOLDBLATT, ROBERT, - Topoi; the categorial analysis of logic.
28405: GOLDRING, WINIFRED, - Guide to the geology of John Boyd Thacher Park (Indian Ladder Region) and vicinity.
34771: GOLDRING, WINIFRED, - Guide to the geology of John Boyd Thacher Park (Indian Ladder Region) and vicinity.
37853: GOLDSCHMIDT-LEHMANN, RUTH P., - Sir Moses Montefiore, 1784-1885; a bibliography.
37047: GOLDSCHMIDT, M. [MEIR ARON], - Ravnen; fortaelling.
17572: GOLDSCHMIDT, DAISY LION AND JEAN-CLAUDE MOREAU-GOBARD, EDS., - Arts de la Chine; bronze, jade, sculpture, ceramique.
31506: GOLDSCHMIDT, HERMANN L., - Philosophie als Dialogik.
11938: GOLDSMID, EDMUND (ED.), - The chronicles of London from 44 Hen. III to 17 Edw. III; translated from a ms. in the Cottonian Library. Volume II only.
11937: GOLDSMID, EDMUND (ED.), - A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy to assassinate the late King Charles II and the Rye House, as it was ordered to be published by his late majesty. Volume III only.
11936: GOLDSMID, EDMUND (ED.), - A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy to assassinate the late King Charles II at the Rye House, as it was ordered to be published by his late majesty. Volume II only.
42702: GOLDSTEIN, DAVID S., - Stress, catecholamines, and cardiovascular disease.
40029: GOLDSTEIN, SIDNEY, - The demography of Bangkok; a case study of differentials between big city and rural populations.
42749: GOLDSTEIN, JONATHAN, ED., - The Jews of China; vol. 1: Historical and comparative perspectives. Edited and with an introduction by Jonathan Goldstein. Concluding essay by Benjamin I. Schwartz. Vol. 1 only.
24200: GOLDSTEIN, JONATHAN, - Ladies and gentlemen, the Bible!
25207: GOLDSTEIN, MATEO, - Derecho Hebreo a traves de la Biblia y el Talmud.
40820: GOLDTHORPE, RHIANNON, - Sartre; literature and theory.
40273: GOLINI, ANTONIO, - Bibliografia delle opere demografiche in lingua Italiana (1930-1965).
21276: GOLINSKI, ZBIGNIEW, ED., - Miscellanea z doby Oswiecenia, 4.
21155: GOLLERT, INGEBORG, - N.S. Leskovs Romanchronik "Die Klerisei;" von ihrer ursprünglichen Konzeption bis zur endgültigen Gestaltung. Inaugural-Disseration zur Erlangung des Grades eines Doktors der Philosophie der Philosophischen Fakultät der Freien Universität Berlin.
34620: GOLLOMB, JOSEPH, - Pirates; old and new. Woodcuts by Clyde A. Nordquist.
27603: GOLLWITZER, HELMUT, JOSEF KRAHE UND KARL RAUCH, HRSG., - Und bringen ihre Garben; aus russischer Kriegsgefangenschaft.
20496: GOLTSCHNIGG, DIETMAR, - Rezeptions- und Wirkungsgeschichte Georg Büchners [Buchners].
39910: GOLUB, IVAN, - Slavenstvo jurja krizanica; o tristotoj godisnjici Krizaniceve smrti.
29092: GOLYAKOV, SERGEI, - Spy college at Chateau Pourtalet.
21774: GOLZ, JOCHEN UND EDITH ZEHM, HRSG., - Goethe-Jahrbuch; Band 119. (Im Auftrag des Vorstands der Goethe-Gesellschaft)
21773: GOLZ, JOCHEN, BERND LEISTNER UND EDITH ZEHM, HRSG., - Goethe-Jahrbuch; Band 118. (Im Auftrag des Vorstands der Goethe-Gesellschaft)
21772: GOLZ, JOCHEN, BERND LEISTNER UND EDITH ZEHM, HRSG., - Goethe-Jahrbuch; Band 117. (Im Auftrag des Vorstands der Goethe-Gesellschaft)
43133: GOMMANS, JOS J.L. AND DIRK H.A. KOLFF, EDS., - Warfare and weaponry in South Asia, 1000-1800.
10249: GOMME, GEORGES., - Francais et Canadiens Francais à la decouverte des Etats-Unis.

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