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31942: GRABBE, CHRISTIAN DIETRICH, - Werke und Briefe; Historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe in sechs Bänden. COMPLETE SET.
31971: GRABBE, [CHRISTIAN DIETRICH] (EDUARD DULLER), - Die Hermannsschlacht; Drama. Grabbe's Leben von Eduard Duller.
26214: GRABENDORFF, WOLF, - Zur Aussenpolitik Brasiliens; regionale Bestimmungsfaktoren und globale Zielvorstellungen.
26143: GRACIA, JORGE J.E., - A theory of textuality; the logic and epistemology.
42648: GRACIAS, CECILIO, - Inquietudes de un poeta.
41777: GRACQ, JULIEN (BERNHILD BOIE, ED.), - Oeuvres completes. Two volumes. Edition etablie par Bernhild Boie.
35464: THE GRADUATE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, UNION COLLEGE (MARTIN A. STROSBERG, ED.), - New York's health care system; making the transition to managed care and competition.
39569: MINISTERO PER I BENI CULTURALI E AMBIENTALI ISTITUTO NAZIONALE PER LA GRAFICA (ELISA DEBENEDETTI), - Valadier; segno e architettura. Catalogo a cura di Elisa Debenedetti. Calcografia, 15 Novembre 1985/15 Gennaio 1986.
36608: GRAHAM, J.D., - Annual report of Brevet Lieut. Col. J.D. Graham on the improvement of the harbors of Lakes Michigan, St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, accompanying the documents sent to the 35th Congress, at its second session by the president of the United States, with his annual message of December 6, 1858.
36607: GRAHAM, J.D., - Annual report of Brevet Lieut. Col. J.D. Graham on the improvement of the harbors of Lakes Michigan, St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, accompanying the documents sent to the 35th Congress, at its second session by the president of the United States, with his annual message of December 6, 1858.
39597: GRAHAM, ROBERT A., - Vatican diplomacy; a study of church and state on the international plane.
21505: GRAHAM, ILSE, - Goethe, portrait of the artist.
39757: GRAHAM, JOHN T., - Donoso Cortes; utopian romanticist and political realist.
36605: GRAHAM, J.D., - Annual report of Brevet Lieut. Col. J.D. Graham on the improvement of the harbors of Lakes Michigan, St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, accompanying the documents sent to the 35th Congress, at its second session by the president of the United States, with his annual message of December 6, 1858.
36606: GRAHAM, J.D., - Annual report of Brevet Lieut. Col. J.D. Graham on the improvement of the harbors of Lakes Michigan, St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, accompanying the documents sent to the 35th Congress, at its second session by the president of the United States, with his annual message of December 6, 1858.
39114: GRAHAM, ROBERT A., - The rise of the double diplomatic corps in Rome; a study in international practice (1870-1875).
37415: GRAHAM, IAN CHARLES CARGILL, - Colonists from Scotland; emigration to North America, 1707-1783.
14681: GRAINGER, THOMAS A., - A guide to the history of bacteriology.
27504: GRAM, MOLTKE S., - Kant, ontology, and the a prior.
39916: GRAMONT, NINA DE, - The last September; a novel.
29680: GRANACH, ALEXANDER, - Da geht ein Mensch; Lebensroman eines Schauspielers.
40591: GRANDGUILLAUME, GILBERT, - Arabisation et politque linguistique au Maghreb. Preface d'Andre Miquel.
38325: GRANDY, RICHARD E., - Advanced logic for applications.
33595: GRANGER, MICHEL, ED., - Henry D. Thoreau. (Cahiers L'Herne 65)
32947: GRANGER, ERASTUS (SNYDER, CHARLES M., ED.), - Red and white on the New York frontier; a struggle for survival; insights from the papers of Erastus Granger, Indian agent 1807-1819. Edited, with an introduction, by Charles M. Snyder.
35839: GRANJEL, LUIS S., - Baroja y otras figuras del 98.
27116: GRANJEL, LUIS S., - Retrato de Unamuno.
21185: GRANLUND, AKE, - Studier över östnyländska ortnamn. (Studier i Nordisk filologi, Bd. 44).
37654: GRANT, ANNE MACVICAR, - The Highlanders, and other poems. From the second London edition.
36163: GRANT, ELLIOTT M., - Victor Hugo; a select and critical bibliography.
34618: GRANT, CAPTAIN GEORGE H., - The half deck. With illustrations by Gordon Grant.
36637: GRANT, CAPTAIN GEORGE H., - The half deck. With illustrations by Gordon Grant.
38372: GRANT, EDWARD, ED., - A source book in medieval science.
42313: GRANT, ROBERT, - Search-light letters.
42314: GRANT, ROBERT, - Search-light letters.
42260: GRANT, GEORGE B., - A treatise on gear wheels. Seventeenth edition.
20800: GRASS, GÜNTER, - Aus dem Tagebuch einer Schnecke.
38669: GRASS, GÜNTER [GUNTER], - Fundsachen für [fur] Nichtleser.
36411: GRASSELLI, MARGARET MORGAN, ANDREW ROBISON, RHODA EITEL-PORTER AND JENNIFER TONKOVICH, - Private treasures; four centuries of European master drawings. Contributions by Judith Brodie, Elizabeth Cropper, Anne Varick Lauder, et al.
25957: GRASSI, ERNESTO (EGINHARD HORA UND ECKHARD KESSLER, HRSG.), - Studia Humanitatis; Ernesto Grassi zum 70. Geburtstag.
41016: GRATTAN, PAUL E., M. LILLIAN ROSS AND LENA M. CREMISIO, - The White Homestead on wheels. [Cover: A review of its moving and saving and a survey of Waterford's landmarks, past and present]
20231: GRATTAN, C. HARTLEY, - Bitter Bierce; a mystery of American letters.
27672: GRAVEREAU, JACQUES, - Le Japon; l'ère de Hirohito.
35468: GRAVES, ELIZABETH E., - The Minankabau response to Dutch colonial rule in the nineteenth century.
37719: GRAVES, KERSEY, - The world's sixteen crucified saviors, or, Christianity before Christ, containing new, startling, and extraordinary revelations in religious history, which disclose the Oriental origin of all the doctrines, principles, precepts, and miracles of the Christian New Testament, and furnishing a key for unlocking many of its sacred mysteries, besides comprising the history of 16 heathen crucifies gods.
41992: GRAVES, ROBERT AND LIDDELL HART, - T.E. Lawrence to his biographers [Dust jacket: A modern legendary hero, the enigmatic "Lawrence of Arabia", reveals two contrasting sides of a multiple personality in these personal comments and intimate letters.
42122: GRAVES, ROBERT, - The crowning privilege, 1954-1955; also various essays on poetry and sixteen new poems.
42463: GRAY, JOHN N., - At home in the hills; sense of place in the Scottish Borders.
33468: GRAY, ARTHUR, - The town of Cambridge; a history.
39407: GRAY, IRA, - My memories; 1886-1 to 91-1977.
22982: GRAYSON, CHIEF G.W. (W. DAVID BAIRD, ED.), - A Creek warrior for the Confederacy; the autobiography of Chief G.W. Grayson.
35061: GRAZZINI, ANTONFRANCESCO (IL LASCA) (RICCARDO BRUSCAGLI, ED.), - Le Cene. A cura di Riccardo Bruscagli.
32775: GREATHOUSE, ALFRED, - The popular chord instructor. [Cover title adds: "for guitar"]
3247: GREBING, HELGA., - Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung; ein Überblick.
33920: EL GRECO (JOSE GUDIOL), - El Greco, 1541-1614. Translated from the Spanish by Kenneth Lyons.
42100: GREELY, A.W., - Handbook of Arctic discoveries.
39949: GREEN, JULIEN, - Partir avant le jour.
38223: GREEN, ANNA KATHERINE, - The filigree ball.
38591: GREEN, VIVIAN, - The commonwealth of Lincoln College, 1427-1977.
35693: GREEN, FITZHUGH, - Our naval heritage.
15316: GREEN, STANLEY, ED., - Rodgers and Hammerstein factbook: a record of their works together and with other collaborators.
42739: GREEN, MICHAEL B., JOHN H. SCHWARZ AND EDWARD WITTEN, - Superstring theory; vol. 1: introduction; vol. 2: Loop amplitudes, anomalies and phenomenology. Complete two volume set.
39451: GREEN, SAMUEL G. AND THOMAS FAULKNER, - Scotland illustrated with pen and pencil.
41778: GREEN, JULIEN, - Album Julien Green. Iconographie choisie et commentee par Jean-Eric Green et legendee par Julien Green.
39444: GREEN, JAMES F., ED., - The new Hess catalog of Beethoven's works. Edited, updated and translated from the original German, with a new foreword by James F. Green, and a new introduction by Sieghard Brandenburg.
40804: GREENE, NELSON, - Fort Plain, Nelliston history, 1580-1947. 45 illustrations, including maps and drawings by the author.
41708: GREENE, ROBERT W., - Just words; moralism and metalanguage in twentieth century French fiction.
37305: GREENE, NELSON, ED., - The story of old Fort Plain and the middle Mohawk Valley; a review of Mohawk Valley history from 1609 to the time of the writing of this book (1912-1914), treating particularly of the central region comprised in the present counties of Herkimer, Montgomery and Fulton. Especial attention is given to western Montgomery County and the region within a twenty mile radius of the Revolutionary fortification of old Fort Plain, including the Canajoharie and Palatine districts of then Tryon County. Written, compiled and edited by Nelson Greene.
35927: GREENE, GRAHAM (JOHN RUSSELL TAYLOR, ED.), - The pleasure-dome; the collected film criticism 1935-40.
42744: GREENE, TED, - Modern chord progressions; vol. 1. Vol. 1 only.
22431: GREENE, WILLIAM CHASE, - Moira; fate, good, and evil in Greek thought.
18167: GREENE, HOMER, - The blind brother: a story of the Pennsylvania coal mines.
42537: GREENE, JACK AND ALESSANDRO MASSIGNANI, - Ironclads at war; the origin and development of the armored warship, 1854-1891.
20289: GREENLEE, JAMES W., - Malraux's heroes and history.
34601: GREENMAN, BEN, - The slippage; a novel.
33610: GREENWAY, JOHN L., - The golden horns; mythic imagination and the Nordic past.
28724: GREGOROVIUS, FERDINAND (FRITZ SCHILLMANN, HRSG.), - Geschichte der Stadt Rom im Mittelalter. Complete in two volumes. (Neue, vollständige Ausgabe mit zweihundertvierzig Lightdrucken nach alten Vorlagen, einer Einleitung und Anmerkungen herausgegeben von Dr. Fritz Schillmann)
37921: GREGOROVIUS, FERDINAND (HERMAN VON PETERSDORFF, HRSG.), - Briefe von Ferdinand Gregorovius an den Staatssekretär [Staatssekretar] Hermann von Thile. Mit einem Bildnis von Ferdinand Gregorovius.
8473: GREGOROVIUS, FERDINAND ADOLPH., - Geschichte der Stadt Athen im Mittelalter. Von der Zeit Justinian's bis zur türkischen Eroberung.
32671: GREGORY, LADY ISABELLA AUGUSTA, - The Kiltartan books, comprising the Kiltartan Poetry History and Wonder Books. Illustrated by Robert and Margaret Gregory. With a foreword by Padraic Colum.
40107: GREGORY, BISHOP OF NYSSA, - The life of Saint Macrina. Translated with introduction and notes by Kevin Corrigan.
32670: GREGORY, LADY ISABELLA AUGUSTA, - Cuchulain of Muirthemne; the story of the men of the Red Branch of Ulster, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory. With a preface by W.B. Yeats, and a foreword by Daniel Murphy.
32677: GREGORY, LADY ISABELLA AUGUSTA, - Our Irish theatre; a chapter of autobiography. With a foreword by Roger McHugh.
32627: GREGORY, LADY ISABELLA AUGUSTA (MIKHAIL, E.H., ED.), - Lady Gregory; interviews and recollections.
32675: GREGORY, LADY ISABELLA AUGUSTA, - Poets and dreamers; studies and translations from the Irish by Lady Gregory, including nine plays by Douglas Hyde. With a foreword by T.R. Henn.
32676: GREGORY, SIR WILLIAM HENRY (LADY GREGORY, ED.), - Mr. Gregory's letter-box, 1813-1835. Edited by Lady Gregory. With a foreword by Jon Stallworthy.
39539: GREIFF, CONSTANCE M., - John Notman, architect, 1810-1865.
21133: GREIFFENHAGEN, MARTIN; SYLVIA GREIFFENHAGEN, AND RAINER PRÄTORIUS, EDS., - Handwörterbuch zur politischen Kultur der Bundesrepublik Deutschland; ein Lehr- und Nachschlagewerk.
42734: GREINER, WALTER AND JOACHIM REINHARDT, - Field quantization. With a foreword by D.A. Bromley. With 46 figures, and 52 worked examples and problems.
24610: GREINER, BERND UND KURT STEINHAUS, - Auf dem Weg zum 3. Weltkrieg? Amerikanische Kreigspläne gegen die UdSSR; eine Dokumentation.
11799: GRENFELL, WILFRED T., - A voyage on a pan of ice.
31667: GRENNAN, MARGARET R., - William Morris; medievalist and revolutionary.
31980: GRENZMANN, WILHELM, - Dichtung und Glaube; Probleme und Gestalten der Deutschen Gegenwartsliteratur.
15170: GRETTON, MARY STURGE, - Re-cognitions.
38552: GRETZSCHEL, MATTHIAS, - Als Dresden im Feuersturm versank.
29659: GREVE, LUDWIG, - Ein Besuch in der Villa Sardi; Portäts, Gedenkblätter, Reden. Herausgegeben von Reinhard Tgahrt.
21455: GREVEL, LISELOTTE, - Beim Wort genommen; Interpretationsbeispiele dialogischer Schlüsselszenen in literarischen Texten: G.E. Lessing, Minna von Barnhelm; Th. Fontane, Frau Jenny Treibel; A. Döblin, Berlin Alexanderplatz; B. Strauss, Gross und klein.
41703: GREVIN, JACQUES, - La tresoriere les Esbahis; comedies. Edition critique avec introduction et notes par Elisabeth Lapevre.
25810: GREWE, WILHELM G., - Deutsche Aussenpolitik der Nachkriegszeit.
42767: DE GREY, AUBREY D.N.J., - The mitochondrial free radical theory of aging.
30543: GRIBLING, DR. J.P., - J.P.M. Aalberse, 1871-1948.
40899: GRIDLEY, MARK, - How to teach jazz history; a teacher's manual and test bank.
32070: GRIERSON, JOHN, - Challenge to the poles; highlights of Arctic and Antarctic aviation. With a forward by Charles A. Lindbergh.
41008: GRIFFIN, NANCY, - Famous Mainers; the remarkable Stanley brothers and their amazing cars.
19019: GRIFFIN, WILLIAM, - C.S. Lewis; spirituality for mere Christians.
36048: GRIFFIS, WILLIAM ELLIOT, - Corea; the hermit nation; part 1: Ancient and mediaeval history; part 2: Political and social Corea; part 3: Modern and recent history.
24417: GRIFFITH, PADDY, - Battle tactics of the Civil War.
42321: GRIFFITHS, CHRISTOPHER E.M., ET AL, EDS., - Rooks textbook of dermalology. 4 volumes.
11848: GRIGOR'EV, APOLLON ALEKSANDROVICH., - Teatral'naiakritika.
19388: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY, INTRO., - Horse and rider: eight centuries of equestrian paintings. sixty-four plates in photogravure, two colour plates.
38301: GRILLPARZER, FRANZ (SAMUEL SOLOMON, TR.), - Plays on classic themes. Translated into English verse and with a biographical appreciation and notes by Samuel Solomon.
33696: GRIM, R.W. "DOC" (COMPILER), - Treasure laws of the United States; artifact hunters, coin hunters, prospectors, treasure hunters, relic hunters, rock hunters; know your rights.
41560: GRIMAL, PIERRE, - Dictionnaire de la mythologie; Grecque et Romaine. Preface de Charles Picard.
42773: GRIMALDI, DAVID AND MICHAEL S. ENGEL, - Evolution of the insects.
31580: BRÜDER GRIMM [WILHELM UND JACOB] (GABRIELE SEITZ, HRSG.), - Im Himmel steht ein Baum, dran häng ich meinen Traum; Volkslieder, Kinderlieder, Kinderzeichnungen.
42581: GRIMM, WILHELM, - Die deutsche Heldensage.
21057: GRIMM, REINHOLD, ED., - Deutsche Romantheorien; Beiträge zu einer historischen Poetik des Romans in Deutschland.
20848: GRIMM, JACOB, - Aus den Schriften. Mit zehn Bildern.
27086: GRIMM, REINHOLD, - Gottfried Benn; die farbliche Chiffre in der Dichtung.
31248: GRIMM, CAROLO LUDOV. WILIBALDO, - Lexicon Graeco-Latinum in libros novi testamenti.
28623: GRIMM, WILHELM UND JACOB (HEINZ RÖLLEKE, HRSG.), - Unbekannte Märchen von Wilhelm und Jacob Grimm; Synopse von Einzeldrucken Grimmscher Märchen und deren endgültiger Fassung in den KHM.
29812: GRIMM, HERMAN, - Goethe; Vorlesungen gehalten an der Kgl. Universität zu Berlin. Zweite durchgesehene Auflage.
40325: GRIMM, GERMAN G. AND L. KASKAROVA, - Peterburg, Petrograd, Leningrad v proizvedenijach chudoznikov; v proizvedenijach chudoznikov.
40618: GRIMMELSHAUSEN, HANS JAKOB CHRISTOFFEL (J.H. SCHOLTE, HRSG.), - Simplicissimus Teutsch; Abdruck der editio princeps (1669) mit der stark mundartlich gefärbten [gefarbten], nicht vom einem berufsmäßigen [berufsmassigen] Korrektor überarbeiteten [uberarbeiteten] Originalsprache des Verfassers.
38829: GRIMSHAW, WILLIAM, - The history of France from the foundation of the monarchy to the death of Louis XVI, interspersed with entertaining anecdotes, and biographies of eminent men.
22884: GRIMSLEY, MARK AND BROOKS D. SIMPSON, EDS., - The collapse of the Confederacy.
39371: GRINKER, ROY R. AND JOHN P. SPIEGEL, - War neuroses in North Africa; the Tunisian Campaign (January-May 1943).
19246: GRINSTEIN, ALEXANDER, - Sigmund Freud's writings; a comprehensive bibliography.
33451: GRINSTEIN, LOUISE S. AND PAUL J. CAMPBELL, EDS., - Women of mathematics; a biobibliographic sourcebook. With a foreword by Alice Schafer.
36410: GRISWOLD, WILLIAM M. AND JENNIFER TONKOVICH, - Pierre Matisse and his artists. Foreword by Charles E. Pierce. Introduction by William M. Griswold. Catalogue by William M. Griswold and Jennifer Tonkovich. Chronology by Alessandra Carnielli and Margaret Loudon.
39006: GROAT, DICK AND BILL SURFACE, - The world champion Pittsburgh Pirates. Fully illustrated.
35520: GRODSTEIN, LAUREN, - The explanation for everything; a novel.
29490: GROMER, ALFRED, HSRG., - Vorderer Orient und Antike. Bearbeitet von Studienrat Alfred Gromer. (Kunst des Abendlandes; teil 1)
39455: GRONEGGER, THOMAS, - Roma decorum; design processes in architecture; a dialogue with Michelangelo, Maderno, Bernini, Borromini.../Roma Decorum; Gestaltungsprozesse im Baukörper [Baukorper]; ein Dialog mit Michelangelo, Maderno, Bernini, Borromini...
31505: GRONEMANN, SAMMY, - Schalet; Beiträge zur Philosophie des "Wenn Schon!".
13531: BIBLIOTHÈQUE UNIVERSITAIRE DE GRONINGUE. [GRONINGEN], - Catalogue du fonds Hispanique ancien (avant 1800).
39098: DE GROOT, MART, - The way to the stars; an introduction to astronomy in Amagh. [Cover: Amagh Observatory, 1790-1990]
40639: GROSCLAUDE, PIERRE, - J.J. Rousseau et Malesherbes; documents inedits.
29591: GROSLIER, GEORGE, - Angkor. Deuxième édition ornée de 103 gravures et de 5 cartes et plans.
37226: GROSS, PAUL R., NORMAN LEVITT AND MARTIN W. LEWIS, EDS., - The flight from science and reason.
39385: GROSS, A.G., ED., - Great Britain and Russia in the eighteenth century; contacts and comparisons. Proceedings of an international conference held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 11-15 July 1977.
21726: GROSSER, ALFRED, - Ansprachen Anlässlich der Verleihung des Friedenspreises; Bibliographie des Preisträgers.
31197: AMMINISTRAZIONE PROVINCIALE DI GROSSETO, - Guida della Maremma Grossetana; le colline metallifere.
25552: GROSSMANN, KURT R., ED., - Michael Wurmbrand; the man and his work. With an introduction by Dr. Nahum Goldmann and six articles by his friends.
15833: GROUNDS, ROGER, - Ferns.
33501: THE DIALECTICS OF BIOLOGY GROUP (STEVEN ROSE, ED.), - Against biological determinism.
39025: THE SCHENECTADY COUNTY 109TH TACTICAL AIRLIFT GROUP (ROBERT J. LETTIERI, ED.), - The 109th Tactical Airlift Group at the Schenectady County Airport; 1973-1983; ten years of continued progress and service to community, state, and nation.
27175: GROUSSET, RENÉ (A. AND H. TEMPLE PATTERSON, TRS.), - The sum of history. English version by A. and H. Temple Patterson.
35512: GROUT, A.J., - Mosses, with hand-lens and microscope. A non-technical hand-book of the more common mosses of the northeastern United States.
37127: GRÖZINGER [GROZINGER], KARL ERICH (SUSAN HECKER RAY, TR.), - Kafka and Kabbalah. Translated by Susan Hecker Ray.
40586: GRUBBS, ROBERT H. AND ANNA G. WENZEL, EDS., - Handbook of metathesis. COMPLETE SET; AS NEW. Vol. 1: Catalyst development and mechanism; vol. 2: Applications in organic synthesis; vol. 3: Polymer synthesis.
39103: GRUDER, VIVIAN R., - The royal provincial intendants; a governing elite in eighteenth-century France.
30963: GRUENWALD, OSKAR, - The Yugoslav search for man; Marxist humanism in contemporary Yugoslavia.
3308: GRUJIC, PREDRAG., - Hegels Einfluss auf die Grundlagen der russischen Philosophie der Gegenwart. eine Untersuchung sur materialistischen Dialektik. (PhD dissertation, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität).
14357: GRUMBALL, CLIVE, - Managing interest rate risk.
42660: GRUNBERGER, GEORGE AND YEHIEL ZICK, ED., - Insulin signaling from cultured cells to animal models.
36924: GRUNDTVIG, N.F.S., - Folkelige skrifter; digte. Udgivet af Vilh. Saxtorph.
29485: GRÜNINGER, DR. FRITZ, - Anton Bruckner; der metaphysische Kern seiner Persönlichkeit und Werke.
11949: GRÜNWALD, ANTON, - Spectralanalyse des Kadmiums.
17358: GRÜNWALD, BÉLA IVÁNYI (LÓRÁNT CZIGÁNY, COMP.), - Hungarica: English books, prints, maps, periodicals, etc., relating to Hungary. Collected by Béla Iványi-Grünwald. Catalogue compiled by Lóránt Czigány. Introduction by Gregory Macdonald. Foreword by G.H. Bolsover.
34308: GRÜTTER [GRUTTER], WILHELM AND GERHARD LAST, - Rio '71; the first trans-south Atlantic ocean race, Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, 1971/Die eerste trans-suid-Atlantiese diepseewedvaart Kaapstad na Rio de Janeiro, 1971.
6660: GUALINO, RICCARDO., - Pioniere d'Africa. Con una carta geografica e 46 illustrazioni fuori testo.
39024: THE SCHENECTADY COUNTY AIR NATIONAL GUARD (ROBERT LETTIERI AND JOHN J. MARTINI), - The Air National Guard at Schenectady County Airport; 1948-1973, a twenty five year history of progress and service to community, state and nation. [Cover title: 109th Tactical Airlift Group]
29665: GUARDINI, ROMANO, - Von heiligen Zeichen.
37397: GUDIOL, JOSE, - Goya, 1746-1828; vol. 4: 1806-1828; plates 820-1295, catalogue 517-772. Vol. 4 only.
37103: GUDME, PETER DE HEMMER, - Finland; Nordens Østvold [Ostvold].
37099: GUDME, PETER DE HEMMER, - Finlands folk i kamp.
30182: GUELZO, ALLEN C., - Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation; the end of slavery in America.
36969: GUERIN, LOUIS, - L'Intendant de Cypierre et la vie economique de l'Orleanais, 1760-1785.
34961: GUERLAC, HENRY, - Newton on the continent.
20325: GUERRA, FLÁVIO, - Alguns documentos de arquivos portugueses de interesse para a historia de Pernambuco (Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo e Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino). Indice analítico do Gilberto Osório de Andrade.
21406: GUERRI, ROBERTO, ET AL., - Il blocco di potere nell'Italia unita.
35532: GUERZONI, STEFANO AND STEFANO RACCANELLI, EDS. (GILLIAN PRICE AND GABRIEL WALTON, TRS.), - The sick lagoon; dioxin and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the Lagoon of Venice.
21219: GUÈYE, MOUSTAPHA, - Le droit chemin dans la pratique islamique parfaite. Traduit de l'arabe et annote par Fernand Dumont.
37383: GUHA, RANAJIT, - Elementary aspects of peasant insurgency in Colonial India.
13945: GUICHARD, C, AND KOENIGS, G., - Les courbes de l'espace à n dimensions.
42756: GUIDRY, MIKE, - Gauge field theories; an introduction with applications.
37889: GUIFFREY, M. JULES, - Comptes des batiments du roi, sous le regne de Louis xiv; tome cinquieme: Jules Hardouin-Mansard et le Duc d'Antin, 1706-1715. Vol. 5 only.
21959: GUILD, HENRY ELLIOT, - Letters and verses.
26640: GUILIO, ROSA, - Il dio ignoto; dalla crisi del rinascimento alla modernita letteraria.
37555: GUILLEMIN, HENRI, - Histoire des Catholiques Francais au XIX siecle (1815-1905).
41799: GUILLET, PERNETTE DU (VICTOR E. GRAHAM, ED.), - Rymes. Edition critique avec une introduction et des notes par Victor E. Graham.
42796: GUIMARAES, MATHILDE, - Comeres Alentejanos. Fotografia de Nuno Calvet.
35787: GUJRATI, B.S., ED., - A study of Lal Bahadur Shastri.
40324: GULICK, ORRAMEL HINCKLEY, - The pilgrims of Hawaii; their own story of their pilgrimage from New England and life work in the Sandwich Islands, now known as Hawaii, with explanatory and illustrative material compiled and verified from original sources. Introduction by James L. Barton.
24012: GULLÓN, RICARDO, - Galdós, novelista moderno.
23926: GULLÓN, RICARDO, - Una poética para Antonio Machado.
42414: GUNDERMAN, RICHARD B., - X-ray vision; the evolution of medical imaging and its human significance.
34341: GUNDOLF, FRIEDRICH, - Rainer Maria Rilke.
32002: GUNDOLF, FRIEDRICH, - Heinrich von Kleist.
40363: GUNNING, R. C., - Lectures on vector bundles over Riemann surfaces.
33395: GUNTER, P.A.Y., - Henri Bergson; a bibliography.
42544: GÜNTHER [GUNTHER], LUDWIG (KEPLER, JOHANNES), - Keplers Traum vom Mond. Mit dem Bildniss Keplers, dem Faksimile-Titel der Originalausgabe, 24 Abbildungen im Text und 2 Tafeln.
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30607: HOUTTE, J.A. VAN, - Economische en sociale geschiedenis van de lage landen.
40178: HOVEY, GEORGE RICE, - Alvah Hovey; his life and letters.
26945: HOVY, J., - Het voorstel van 1751 tot instelling van een beperkt vrijhavenstelsel in de republiek (propositie tot een gelimiteerd porto-franco).
33727: HOWALD, ERNST, - Ethik des Altertums.
31481: HOWARD, HUGH, - Mr. and Mrs. Madison's war; America's first couple and the Second War of Independence.
11940: HOWARD, LELAND O., DYAR, HARRISON G., AND KNAB, FREDERICK, - The mosquitoes of North and Central America and the West Indies. Volume three - systematic description-, part 1 only.
22705: HOWARD, RICHARD AND ALICK MOORE, - A complete checklist of the birds of the world, with a foreword by Leslie Brown.
34273: HOWARD, HENRY, - The yacht "Alice"; planning and building.
38979: HOWARD, MICHAEL, - The Franco-Prussian War; the German invasion of France, 1870-1871.
41917: HOWE, DENNIS E., - This ragged, starved, lousy, pocky army; the archaeology of soldiers huts and a summary of underwater research at Mount Independence Historic Site.
42065: HOWE, HENRY MARION, - The merallurgy of steel; volume 1. (This volume is all that was published)
29924: HOWE, KATHERINE S., ALICE COONEY FRELINGHUYSEN, CATHERINE HOOVER VOORSANGER, ET AL, - Herter Brothers; furniture and interiors for a Gilded Age.
40543: HOWELL, JOHN W. AND HENRY SCHROEDER, - History of the incandescent lamp.
38134: HOWELLS, W.D. [WILLIAM DEAN], - The lady of the Aroostook.
39347: HOWELLS, W.D. [WILLIAM DEAN], MARK TWAIN, PROF. NATHANIEL S. SHALER, AND OTHERS, - The Niagara book. Wtih remarkable photographic illustrations.
12592: HOWES, ROBERT CRAIG (TR. AND ED.), - The testaments of the Grand Princes of Moscow.
39843: HOWIE, JOHN (W.H. CARLSAW, ED.), - The Scots worthies. Revised by W.H. Carlsaw.
30189: HOWITT, ANNA MARY, - A school of life.
14944: HOWLETT, ROBERT (TEXT), BRUCE ADAMS (PHOTOGRAPHS), - Battleground South Pacific.
26253: HØYER [HOYER], LIV NANSEN, - Nansen og Verden.
31935: HOYLE, JOHN T., - Outdoor, street-car, and radio advertising: outdoor and street advertising; radio broadcast advertising.
41517: HOYT, ARTHUR S., - The pulpit and American life.
23966: HOZ, VICTOR GARCIA, - Vocabulario usual, vocabulario comun, y vocabulario fundamental; determinacion y analisis de sus factores.
29166: HROBAK, PHILIP A., - Let's learn Slovak.
33071: HUBBARD, ARTHUR T., ED., - The handbook of surface imaging and visualization.
32468: HUBBARD, R.H., - L'evolution de l'art au Canada.
28690: HUBBELL, CHARLES H., - Panorama of flight; aviation history in paintings.
13161: HUBBERT, HENRY CLYDE, - The older Middle West, 1840 - 1880; its social, economic and political life and sectional tendencies before, during, and after the Civil War.
4093: HUBEL, HELMUT., - Sowjetunionn und dritte Welt; politische Beziehumgen und Interessen.
24831: HUBER, DR. F.C., - Deutschland als Industriestaat.
24476: HUBER, DR. ERNST RUDOLF, - Wirtschafts-Verwaltungsrecht; zweite, neubarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage.
33304: HUBERT, RENÉE [RENEE] RIESE, - La Cité [Cite] Borgne.
33303: HUBERT, RENÉE [RENEE] RIESE, - Asymptotes; poemes.
22679: HUBLUS, FARUQ, - Abhat fi tarih wilayat Tarabulus ibban al-hukm al-utmani min hilal al-wata - iq ar-rasmiya al-utmaniya.
2716: HUCH, RICARDA., - Alte und neue Götter; die Revolution des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts in Deutschland.
33533: HUCH, RICARDA, - Blütezeit [Blutezeit] der Romantik. Two volumes.
39108: HUCH, RICARDA, - Römisches Reich deutscher Nation. [Mit 30 Holzschnitten von Fritz Krebel]
42302: HUCKEL, OLIVER, - The melody of God's love; a new unfolding of the Twenty-third Psalm.
34373: HUDGINS, ANDREW, - The joker; a memoir.
27463: HUDOWALSKI, GRACE L., ED., - The Adirondack High Peaks and the Forty-Sixers. With drawings by Trudy B. Healy.
36202: HUDSON, KENNETH, - World industrial archaeology.
20460: HUDSON, W.D., - A century of moral philosophy.
33249: HUDSON, CHARLES M., ED., - Four centuries of Southern Indians.
31894: HUEFFER, FORD MADOX, - Rossetti; a critical essay on his art.
34821: HUEY, LOIS M. AND BONNIE PULIS, - Molly Brant; a legacy of her own.
37307: HUFELAND, OTTO, - A checklist of books, maps, pictures and other printed matter relating to the counties of Westchester and Bronx.
28534: HUGH, RICARDA, - Das Zeitalter der Glaubensspaltung.
32925: HUGH M. MORRIS LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE, - Irish women authors; an exhibition, February 1-June 3, 1994; special collections, Hugh M. Morris Library.
39031: HUGHES, MARY-BETH, - The loved ones.
23170: HUGHES, MARIAN I., - Refusing ignorance; the struggle to educate black children in Albany, New York, 1816-1873.
2937: HUGHES, PAUL L., ED., - Crown and Parliament in Tudor-Stuart England; a documentary constitutional history, 1485-1714. Edited and with introductions and commentary by P. Hughes.
30024: HUGHES, DOM ANSELM AND GERALD ABRAHAM, EDS., - Ars nova and the Renaissance, 1300-1540. [The new Oxford history of music; vol. 3:]
40556: HUGNET, GEORGES, - L'Aventure Dada (1916-1922) Introduction de Tristan Tzara.
26907: HUGO, VICTOR, - Oeuvres complètes. Comprised of Romans (9 vols.), Poésie (15 vols), Théatre (5 volumes of 6), En Voyage (2 vols), Histoire (7 vols), Philosophie (2 vols), and Correspondance (4 vols).
23924: HUGUET, EDMOND, - L'evolution du sens des mots depuis le XVI siècle.
42401: HUISH, MARCUS B., - Samplers and tapestry embroideries. With 24 coloured plates and 77 illustrations in the text. Second edition.
22257: HULINGS, MARTHA A., - Shaker days remembered. Illustrated by Elizabeth A. Lee.
16653: HULME, EDWARD MASLIN, - History and its neighbors.
35724: HULSE, JAMES W., - Revolutionists in London; a study of five unorthodox socialists.
32314: HULST, H. VAN, A. PLEYSIER EN A. SCHEFFER, - Het Roode Vaandel volgen wij; geschiedenis van de sociaal democratische arbeiderspartij van 1880 tot 1940. Met een inleiding van Dr. W. Drees. Woord vooraf van Prof. Dr. Fr. de Jong.
41635: HULTBERG, HELGE, - Die ästhetischen [asthetischen] Anschauungen Bertolt Brechts.
42281: HULTKRANTZ, AKE (CHRISTOPHER VECSEY, ED.), - Belief and worship in Native North America. Edited, with an introduction, by Christopher Vecsey.
32901: HUMBOLDT, WILHELM VON, - Briefe von Wilhelm von Humboldt an eine Freundin. Mit einem Facsimile. Fünfte [Funfte] Auflage. Zwei Theilen.
32900: HUMBOLDT, WILHELM VON (THEODOR KAPPSTEIN, HRSG.), - Im Verkehr mit seinen Freunden; eine Auslese seiner Briefe.
38953: HUMMEL, FLOYD A., - Intorduction to phase equilibria in ceramic systems.
39408: HUMPHREY, TODD E. AND JOHN W., - Southern tier lines. All photography by the authors.
23497: HUMPHREYS, ANDREW A., - The Virginia Campaign of 1864 and 1865; the Army of the Potomac and the Army of the James.
38165: HUMPHREYS, HELEN, - The evening chorus.
5801: HUN, HENRY., - An atlas of the differential diagnosis of the diseases of the nervous system. Analytical and semeiological neurological charts.
35032: HUNDSNURSCHER, FRANZ, - Das System der Partikelverben mit "aus" in der Gegenwartssprache.
36681: HUNNISETT, BASIL, - Steel-engraved book illustration in England.
31608: HUNT, LEIGH, - Rimini and other poems.
34182: HUNT, MRS. ROY ARTHUR, - Botanical books, prints and drawings from the collection of Mrs. Roy Arthur Hunt (January third to February seventeenth, 1952).
37631: HUNT, LEIGH, - The story of Rimini; a poem.
28004: HUNT, LYNN, ED., - The invention of pornography; obscenity and the origins of modernity, 1500-1800.
31913: HUNT, LEIGH (R. BRIMLEY JOHNSON, ED.), - Prefaces by Leigh Hunt; mainly to his periodicals.
29196: HUNT, LYNN, ED., - The invention of pornography; obscenity and the origins of modernity, 1500-1800.
31890: HUNT, LEIGH (LAWRENCE HUSTON HOUTCHENS AND CAROLYN WASHBURN HOUTCHENS, EDS.), - Leigh Hunt's dramatic critism, 1808-1831.
42531: HUNTER, LOUIS C. AND LYNWOOD BRYANT, - A history of industrial power in the United States, 1780-1930; vol. 1: Waterpower in the century of the steam engine; vol. 2: Steam power; vol. 3: The transmission of power. Three volumes. COMPLETE SET.
42290: HUNTINGTON, REV. WILLIAM REED, - The king's cup-bearer; a sermon in memory of the Rev. E. Winchester Donald, preached in Trinity Church on the Sunday next before Advent, November 20, 1904.
8266: HUNTINGTON, LUCIUS SETH., - Professor Conant: a story of English and American social and political life. By Hon. L.S. Huntington, Q.C. (late Postmaster-General of Canada...).
40153: HUNTINGTON, ANNIE OAKES (NANCY BYRD TURNER, ED.), - Testament of happiness; letters of Annie Oakes Huntington. With an introduction by M.A. DeWolfe Howe.
37772: [SIGOURNEY], LYDIA HUNTLEY, - Moral pieces in prose and verse.
24861: HUNTLEY, G. HAYDN, - Andrea Sansovino; sculptor and architect of the Italian Renaissance.
30272: HUNTLEY, C. WILLIAN, LLOYD S. MICHAEL AND JOHN F. BROSNAN, - Gideon Hawley (Class of 1809).
20871: HUPKA, HERBERT, ED., - Grosse Deutsche aus Schlesien.
41191: HURAULT, JEAN, - Les noirs refugies Boni de la Guyane Francaise.
35865: HURLBUTT, ROBERT H., - Hume, Newton and the design argument.
42683: HURLEY, KAMERON, - The stars are legion.
29751: HÜRLIMANN, THOMAS, - Das Gartenhaus; Novelle.
39906: HURST, MICHAEL, - Joseph Chamberlain and liberal reunion; the Round Table Conference of 1887.
24926: HURWITZ, HAROLD AND KLAUS SÜHL [SUHL], - Demokratie und Antikommunismus in Berlin nach 1945. 4 volumes in 5. COMPLETE SET.
34726: HUSON, GORDON, - The Faroes in pictures. Drawings by Owen P.A. Evans.
35905: HUSSEY, EDWARD, - The Presocratics.
40421: HUSSEY, ROLAND DENNIS, - The Caracas Company, 1728-1784; a study in the history of Spanish monopolistic trade.
30175: HUSTVEDT, SIRI, - The summer without men; a novel.
28741: HUTCHINGS, R.S., - A manual of decorated typefaces; a definitive guide to series in current use, including inline, outline, shaded, three-dimensional, stencil, cameo, halftone, with two-colour and embellished designs selected and arranged with an introduction, commentaries
40181: HUTCHISON, WILLIAM R., - The transcendentalist ministers; church reform in the New England Renaissance.
16864: HUTCHISON, WILLIAM R., - The Transcendentalist ministers: church reform in the New England Renaissance.
42530: HUTCHISON, B. [BEN], ED., - Book collecting and Library Monthly. 1-60 (1968-73). 58 issues (lacks no. 6 and 41)
31817: HUXLEY, ALDOUS, - On the margin; notes and essays.
31019: HUYETTE, M.C., - Coal is king.
30338: HWANG, C. PHILIP, MICHAEL E. LAMB, AND IRVING F. SIGEL, EDS., - Images of childhood.
33347: HYDE COLLECTION, GLENS FALLS, - Form[ation]; modern and contemporary works from the Feibes & Schmitt Collection.
36046: HYDE, DOUGLAS AND D.J. O'DONOGHUE (COMPILERS), - Catalogue of the books & manuscripts comprising the library of the late Sir John T. Gilbert.
27084: HYDE, J.K., - Society and politics in medieval Italy; the evolution of the civil life, 1000-1350.
41986: HYGINUS, J. JULIUS (ROSE, H.I., ED.), - Hygini fabvlae [fabulae]; recensvit, prolegomenis commentario appendice instrvxit H.J. Rose. Editio altera immutata.
27730: HYSLOP, JAMES HERVEY, - A further record of observations of certain trance phenomena.
38214: HYVÄRINEN [HYVARINEN], RISTO, - The Finnish defence forces in the service of neutrality.
39707: IACOVELLI, JENNIFER, - Simple giving; easy ways to give every day.
21239: IAKIMENKO, LEV GRIGOREVICH, - Tvorchestvo M.A. Sholokhova. Idei i obrazy, tvorcheskii metod, zhanry, stil' masterstvo, poetika.
17972: IBAÑEZ, VICENTE BLASCO, - La Barraca. Séptima Edición.
40617: IBARRURI, DOLORES, - Memorie di una rivoluzionaria.
6556: INSTITUTO INTERNACIONAL DE LITERATURA IBEROAMERICANA., - El teatro en Iberoamerica; memoria del duodecimo congreso,... 1965.
28286: IBN 'ASHUR, MUHAMMAD AL-TAHIR, - Shifa' al-qalb al-jarih bi-sharh Burdat al-madih ta'lif Muhammad al-Tahir ibn 'Ashur; wa-'alayhi ta'aliq Muhammad al-Tahir ibn'Ashur; raja'ahu wa-qaddama la-hu 'Abd al-Wahhab al-Dakhi, Jamal al-Din Drawil.
29992: IBRAHIM, AÏCHA, - Le Sarment; une saison à Kerkennah.
36206: ICHIKAWA, SANKI AND HARUSHIGE KODZU, EDS., - An introduction to the languages of the world. Vol. 1 only.
27870: INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF EUROPEAN IDEAS, - History of European ideas; vol. 12, no. 1: Kierkegaard; vol. 12., no. 2: Political thought; vol. 12, no. 3: The European peasantry on the eve of the French Revolution; vol. 12, no. 4: European ecology; vol. 12, no. 5: untitled; vol. 12, no. 6: Karl Max as
15378: IDEMA, H.A., - Parlementaire geschiedenis van Nederlandsch-Indie, 1891-1918.
20950: IDEN, PETER, - Die Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer, 1970-1979. Mit Fotos von Ilse Buhs, Helga Kneidl, Abisag Tüllmann, Günter Vierow und Ruth Walz.
20976: IDEN, PETER, - Theater als Widerspruch; Plädoyer für die zeitgenössische Bühne. Nachwort: Claus Peymann im Gespräch.
37164: IGGERS, GEORG G., - The cult of authority; the political philosophy of the Saint-Simonians.
41459: IGGULDEN, CONN, - Wars of the Roses; bloodline.
11067: IGNATOV, I., COMP., - The encyclopedia of Russian writers / Entsiklopediia Russkichi pisatelei.
32617: IHDE, DON, - Experimental phenomenology; an introduction.
22735: IHDE, AARON J. AND WILLIAM F. KIEFFER, - Selected readings in the history of chemistry.
32606: IHDE, DON, - Consequences of phenomenology.
35083: EMPEROR WILLIAM II (HOLT, F. APPLEBY, TR.), - Comparative history, 1878-1914. By the ex-Emperor of Germany. With 16 illustrations.
36167: FACULTE DES LETTRES ET SCIENCES HUMAINES DE L'UNIVERSITE DE CLERMONT-FERRAND II., - La France et l'espirit de 76; Colloque du Bicentenaire de l'Independance des Etats-Unis.
30053: ILCHEV, STEFAN, - Rechnik na redki, ostareli i dialektni dumi v literaturata ni ot XIX i XX [vek.
28913: ILIESCU, MARIA, - Le Frioulan; a partir des dialectes parlés en Roumanie.
40268: ILLYES, ELEMER, - Ethnic continuity in the Carpatho-Danubian area.
38500: IMIG, ANN, ED., - Listen to your mother; what she said then, what we're saying now.
32330: IMPETA, C.N., - Kaart van kerkelijk Nederland.
30037: IMRE, ORMOS, - A kerttervezés története és gyakorlata. Második, átdolgozott kiadás.
35810: INDIA, ARCHAELOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA, - Archaeological remains, monuments and museums; part 1 and 2. Two volumes in one.
32198: INDIA, CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION, - Report of the Central Pay Commission.
15450: DEPARTEMENT VAN FINANCIËN IN NED.-INDIË, - Tien begrootingen met den Volksraad. Samengesteld bij de Generale Thesaurie van het Departement van Financiën in Ned.-Indië ter gelegenheid van het tienjarig bestaan van den Volksraad, 1919-1928.
36631: INGENIEROS, JOSE, - La evolucion de las ideas Argentinas, libros 1-4. (Obras completas, revisadas y anotadas por Anibal Ponce, vols. 13-16.)
22282: INGERSOLL, ERNEST, - The book of the ocean. Illustrated.
7184: INGHE, GUNNAR., - Mental and physical illness among paupers in Stockholm.
41305: INGLIS, DAVID AND DEBRA GIMLIN, EDS., - The globalization of food.
36196: INGMAN, HEATHER, - Women's fiction between the wars; mothers, daughters and writing.
26383: INGRAM, DAVID AND JULIA SIMON-INGRAM, EDS., - Critical theory; the essential readings.
3357: INGRIM, ROBERT., - Hitlers glücklichster Tag: London, am 18 Juni 1935.
2792: INGWERSEN, ERHARD., - Berlinische Anekdoten.
36853: AUGUSTINERCHORHERRENSTIFT REICHERSBERG AM INN, - Ausstellung des Landes Oberösterreich [Oberosterreich]; die Bildhauerfamilie Schwanthaler, 1633-1848, vom Barock zum Klassizismus.
24616: DAS BUNDESMINISTERIUM DES INNERN, - Hat sich die Republik verändert? Terrorismus im Spiegel der Presse.
36353: INNES, JOCASTA AND SUZANNE MOORE, - Scandinavian painted furniture; a step-by-step workbook. Special photography by Mark Gatehouse.
36160: INSTITUT DES HAUTES ETUDES DE DEFENSE NATIONALE, ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES D'OUTRE MER, - Actes du colloque Felix Eboue. (Ecole Militaire, Paris, 10 Janvier 1985)
10727: ARNOLD-BERGSTRAESSER-INSTITUT., - Zur Integration der indianischen Bevölkerung in die moderne Gesellschaft Lateinamerikas: wissenschaftliches Kolloquium der arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsch Lateinamerika-Forschung (ADLAF) in Kirchzarten bei Freiburg vom 16.-19. Mai 1967.
24726: THE TERRENE INSTITUTE, - International lake and watershed liming practices.
23490: THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE (FABRY, PROFESSOR CHARLES), - Spectroscopy in the past and in the future; an address by Professor Charles Fabry on occasion of the centenary celebration of the founding of The Franklin Institute and the inauguration exercises of the Bartol Research Foundation, September 17, 18, 19, 19
23489: THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE (BRAGG, SIR WILLIAM HENRY), - The carbon atom in crystalline structure; an address by Sir William Henry Bragg on the occasion of the centenary celebration of the founding of The Franklin Institute and the inauguration exercises of the Bartol Research Foundation, September 17, 18, 19,
23488: THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE (AMES, JOSEPH S.), - Recent progress in the science of aeronautics; an address by Joseph S. Ames on the occasion of the centenary celebration of the founding of The Franklin Institute and the inauguration exercises of the Bartol Research Foundation, September 17, 18, 19, 1924
7248: INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS. GEORGE HEITER, ED., - 1991 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium digest. June 10-14, 1991 ... Boston, Massachusetts. George L. Heiter, digest editor.
11204: INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF THE USSR, MUNICH, GERMANY., - Biographic directory of the USSR.
13532: THE AMERICAN GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, - Bibliography and index of Kansas geology through 1974. (Bulletin 213.)
33043: THE LUNAR AND PLANETARY INSTITUTE, - Proceedings of the Conference on the Lunar Highlands Crust, Houston, Texas, November 14-16, 1979.
33093: LUNAR AND PLANETARY INSTITUTE (JOHN W. DELANO AND GRANT H. HEIKEN, EDS.), - Workshop on lunar volcanic glasses; scientific and resource potential. (Held at Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, October 10-11, 1989)
9191: THE ATLANTIC INSTITUTE., - The Atlantic papers. Alastair Buchan, Zbigniew Brzezinski [and others], Political and strategic studies, published for The Atlantic Institute.
39386: INSTITUTE OF MARXISM-LENINISM OF THE C.C., C.P.S.U., - The Hague Congress of the First International, September 2-7, 1872; minutes and documents.
35626: THE IRISH AMERICAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE, - Eire-Ireland; a journal of Irish studies; vol. 2, no. 3 (Autumn 1967) - vol. 13, no. 4 (Winter 1978). Lacks vol. 3, nos. 1 & 2; vol. 4, no. 1. 43 issues.
23632: ALLIED INTELLIGENCE, - German Order of Battle, 1944; the directory, prepared by Allied Intelligence, of regiments, formations and units of the German Armed Forces.
30976: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF THE CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION OF CULTURAL PROPERTY, 4TH., - Preservation and development of the traditional performing arts. (Reports of the 4th International Symposium of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, August 6-9, 1980, Tokyo, Japan)
25913: INTERNATIONAL BAT RESEARCH CONFERENCE, THIRD, - Third International Bat Research Conference/Troisieme Congres Internaitonal de Rechereche sur les Chauves-Souris/Dritte Internationale Tagung für Fledermausforschung/Treca Medunarodna Konferencija o Istrazivanju Chiroptera; National Park Plitvice, Yugoslavia, September 5-10, 1972.
28288: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, - Four separate 1924 publications of the Communist International, bound together by a previous owner: "From the Fourth to the Fifth World Congress; Report of the Executive Committee of the Communist International" (122 p)," Varga, E [Eugen] - "The Decline
33860: INTERNATIONALER VERBAND FÜR [FUR] WOHNUNGSWESEN/INTERNATIONAL HOUSING ASSOCIATION/ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE L'HABITATION, - Beseitigung von Elendsvierteln und Verfallswohnungen/Slum clearance and reconditioning of insanitary dwellings/Suppression de quartiers miséraux [miseraux] et de logements insalubres; vol. 1: Text. Volume 1 only.
32685: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF IRELAND, - Viking and medieval Dublin; National Museum Excavations, 1962-1973; catalogue of exhibition.
37645: IRELAND, GORDON, - Boundaries, possessions, and conflicts in South America.
32757: NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND (ADRIAN LE HARIVEL, COMPILER), - Illustrated summary catalogue of drawings, watercolours and miniatures. Compiled by Adrian Le Harivel. Introduction by Homan Potterton.
32728: NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND, - Concise catalogue of the oil paintings.
32648: NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND, - W.B. [William Butler] Yeats; a centenary exhibition. [Cover subtitle: A Centenary Exhibition in the National Gallery of Ireland]
40884: IRINCHEEV, BAIR (BRIAN DELF, ILLUS.), - The Mannerheim Line, 1920-1939; Finnish fortifications of the Winter War. Illustrated by Brian Delf.
34102: IRVINE, NANCE, - Mary Reibey-Molly incognita; a biography of Mary Reibey 1777 to 1855, and her world.
41333: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - Diedrich Knickerbocker's A history of New-York. With an introduction by Andrew B. Myers. Illustrated by F.O.C. Darley.
11905: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - Irving vignettes; vignette illustrations of the writings of Washington Irving, engraved on steel by Smillie, Hall, and others. With a sketch of his life and works, from Allibone's forthcoming "dictionary of authors," and passages from the works illustrated.
42253: IRVING, WASHINGTON (CECIL ALDIN, ILLUS.), - [An old fashioned] Christmas Day. Pictured in colour by Cecil Aldin.
29025: ISAACS, RONALD H., - The Jewish book of numbers.
29413: ISAACS, RONALD H., - Animals in Jewish thought and tradition.
16790: ISAACSON, RICHARD T., - Gardening: a guide to the literature.
22291: ISACHSEN, GUNNAR, - Gronland og Gronlands isen, med illustrasjoner og Karter.
30610: ISACKER, KAREL VAN, - Het Daensisme, 1893-1914. Tweede herziene druk.
32318: ISACKER, KAREL VAN, - Averechtse democratie; de Gilden en de christelijke democratie in België, 1875-1914.

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