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011746: BEATTY, CHARLES, - De Lesseps of Suez; the Man and His Times..
007103: BEATY, RICHARD EDWARD, - The Mountain Angels; Trials of the Mountaineers of the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley..
034469: BEAUJOUAN, GUY, - Manuscrits scientifiques médiévaux de l'Université de Salamanque et de ses "Colegios mayores"..
040427: BEAUMARCHAIS, PIERRE-AUGUSTIN CARON DE, - Lettres inédites de Beaumarchais, de Mme de Beaumarchais et de leur fille Eugénie..
034026: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher..
027327: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - Philaster or, Love Lies A-Bleeding..
027350: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - The Maid's Tragedy..
015373: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W., - The Sadler's Wells Ballet; a detailed Account of Works in the Permanent Repertory with Critical Notes..
017051: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W., - Complete Book of Ballets; a Guide to the principal Ballets of the nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries..
043118: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - The Dramatic Works in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon..
033737: BEAURLINE, L. A., - Jonson and Elizabethan Comedy; Essays in Dramatic Rhetoric..
005736: BEAVER, DANIEL R., - Newton D. Baker and the American war Effort, 1917-1919..
002916: BEAZLEY, J. D. AND BERNARD ASHMOLE, - Greek Sculpture and Painting to the End of the Hellenistic Period..
021434: BECERRA, SERVIO, - Fonologia de las consonantes implosivas en el español urbano de Cartagena de Indias (Colombia); ensayo Sociolingüistico..
033161: BÉCHADE, HERVÉ D., - Les Romans comiques de Charles Sorel; Fiction Narrative, Langue et Langages..
043229: BECHERT, HEINZ, - Buddhism and Society..
002057: BECHERT, JOHANNES, ET AL., - Einführung in Die Generative Transformationsgrammatik; Ein Lehrbuch..
029147: BECHTEL, HEINRICH, - Wirtschaftsstsil des deutschen Spätmittelalters; der Ausdruck der Lebensform in Wirtschaft, Gesellschaftsaufbau i. Kunst von 1350 bis um 1500..
022353: BECHTOLSHEIM, HUBERT VON, - Leningrad; Biographie einer Stadt..
003408: BECK, ANN, - A History of the British Medical Administration of East Africa, 1900-1950..
026023: BECK, THOMASINA, - Embroidered Gardens..
012438: BECK, GREGOR GILPIN AND BRUCE LITTELJOHNS, EDS., - Voices for the Watershed; Environmental Issues in the Great lakes-St. Lawrence Drainage Basin..
003256: BECK, JAN-WILHELM, - Annianus, Septimius Serenus Und Ein Vegessenes Fragment..
027715: BECK, THOMAS, ET AL., EDS., - Kolumbus' Erben; europäische Expansion und überseeische Ethnien im ersten Kolonialzeitalter, 1415-1815..
018028: BECK, LAWRENCE C., ED., - Encyclopedia of Ethics..
007402: BECK, GREGOR GILPIN AND BRUCE LITTELJOHNS, EDS., - Voices for the Watershed; Environmental Issues in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Drainage Basin..
037826: BECK, HILARY, - Victorian Engravings..
039600: BECK, JAMES, - Leonardo's rules of Painting; an Unconventional Approach to Modern Art..
036928: BECK, LEONARD N, - Two "loaf-giver" or a tour through the Gastronomic Libraries of Katherine Golden Bitting and Elizabeth Robins Pennell..
043706: BECKER, WERNER, - Idalistische und Materialistische Dialektik; das Verhältnis von "Herrschaft und Knechtschaft" bei Hegel und Marx..
040307: BECKER, NATALIE AND MARJORIE MYHILL, - Power and Participation in the San Francisco Community Action Program, 1964-1967..
022630: BECKER, CARL L., - The Heavenly city of the eighteenth=century Philosophers..
962: BECKER, ERNEST., - The structure of evil; an essay on the unification of the science of man...
025348: BECKER, WINFRIED, - Passau in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus; ausgewählte Fallstudien..
012703: BECKER, PETER, - Dingane, King of the Zulu, 1828-1840; the Rule of Fear of the Chieftain Who Terrorized Boer South Africa..
030047: BECKER, HEINZ AND GUDRUN BECKER, - Giacomo Meyerbeer; a life in Letters..
010357: BECKER, ERNEST, - Angel in Armor; a post-Freudian Perspective on the Nature of Man..
032490: BECKERMAN, BERNARD, - Shakespeare at the Globe 1599-1609..
010986: BECKERMAN, W., ET AL., - The British Economy in 1975..
029853: BECKERMANN, RUTH, - Vienne, Rue du Temple; le quartier juif 1918-1938..
023660: BECKETT, LUCY AND ANGELO HORNAK, - York Minster..
036829: BECKETT, JAEN AND DEBORAH CHERRY, EDS, - The Edwardian Era..
037224: BECKEY, FRED, - Cascade Alpine Guide. Climbing and High Routes, Columbia River to Stevens Pass..
008058: BECKMAN, MORRIS, - The Jewish Brigade; an Army with Two Masters, 1944-45..
036375: BECKMAN, GERTRUDE WHEELER, - Tools for speaking and Singing..
038193: BECKMANN, MAX, - Max Beckmann 1948..
022483: BECKMANN, MARTIN J., - Rank in Organizations..
040034: BECKMANN, MARTIN, ET AL., - Studies in the Economics of Transportation..
038263: BECKMANN, MAX, - Max Beckmann Graphics..
032650: BECKS-MALORNY, ULRIKE, - Wassily Kandinsky, 1866-1944. The Journey to Abstractions..
034995: BECKSMANN, RÜDIGER, ET AL., EDS., - Beiträge zur Kunst des Mittelalters; Festschrift für Hans Wentzel zum 60. Geburtstag..
020617: BECKWITH, BURNHAM P., - The future of money and Banking; a United National non-bank Payment System..
030583: BECKWITH, DAVID W., - A New day in the Delta; Inventing school Desegregation as You go..
033266: BECKWITH, CAROL AND ANGELA FISHER, - African Ceremonies; the Concise Edition..
033914: BECOM, JEFFREY AND SALLY JEAN ABERG, - Maya Color; the Painted Villages of Mesoamerica..
040522: BÉCOURT, DANIEL, - Livres condamnés, livres interdits; régime juridique du livre. Outrages aux bonnes moeurs; arretés D'interdiction..
019822: BEDAU, HUGO ADAM, - Killing as Punishment; Reflections on the Death Penalty in America`..
006076: BEDDARD, ROBERT, - A Kingdom Without a King; the Journal of the Provisional Government in the Revolution of 1688..
009266: BEDELL, MADELON, - The Alcotts; Biography of a Family..
028542: BEDFORD, A. G., - The University of Winnipeg; a History of the Founding Colleges..
033967: BEDFORD, R. D., - The defence of Truth; Herbert of Cherbury and the Seventeeth Century..
040834: BEDFORD, HERBERT, - An Essay on Modern Unaccompanied Song..
039494: BÉDIER, JOSEPH, - Les légendes épiques; recherches sur la formation des Chansons de Geste..
041111: BEDIKIAN, A. A, - The golden Age in the fifth Century; an Introduction to Armenian Literature in Perspective..
043652: BEDINI, SILVIO A, - Early AMerican Scientific Instruments and Their Makers..
027257: BEDNARZ, JAMES P., - Shakespeare & the poets' War..
012680: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL, - The Greatest Catherine; the Life of Catherine Beninesa, Saint of Siena..
017686: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG, - San Francisco's Golden Era; a picture Story of San Francisco before the Fire..
013311: BEEBE, LUCIUS, - Trains in Transition..
013321: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG, - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies..
042526: BEEBE, LUCIUS, - The Central Pacific & the South Pacific Railroads..
043394: BEECH, F. W., ED, - Home Made wines, Syrups and Cordials..
012825: BEECHER, LYMAN, - The Remedy for Duelling. A Sermon, Delivered Before the Presbytery of Long-Island, at the Opening of Their Session, at Aquebogue, April 16, 1806..
025524: BEECHER, GARY R., ED., - Research instrumentation for the 21st Century..
036605: BEECHER, CATHARINE E, - A Treatise on Domestic Economy..
040657: BEECHER, LYMAN, - The Autobiography of LYman Beecher..
041347: BEECHING, JACK, - The Galleys at Lepanto..
038853: BEEDE, BENJAMIN R, - Intervention and Counterinsurgency; an Annotated Bibliography of the Small Wars of the United States, 1898-1984..
039173: BEEDE, GRACE LUCILE, ED, - Greek Drama; a Collection of Festival Papers..
018445: BEEDELL, A. V., - The decline of the ENglish Musician, 1788-1888; a Family of ENglish Musicians in Ireland, England, Mauritius, and Australia..
014582: BEEK, MARIJKE AND ERNEST KURPERSHOEK, - Amsterdam's Nieuwe Kerk..
042812: BEEKMAN, E. M, - Homeopathy of the Absurd; the Grotesque in Paul van Ostaijen's Creative Prose..
028668: BEENKEN, HERMANN, - Bildwerke des Bamberger Domes aus dem 13. Jahrhundert..
040819: BEER, JOHANN, - Sämtliche Werke. Band 1: Der Simplicianische Welt-Kucker..
020211: BEER, JOHN, - Coleridge's Poetic Intelligence..
008216: BEER, SAMUEL H., - To Make a Nation; the Rediscovery of American Federalism..
030627: DE BEER, JEREMY, ED., - Implementing the World Intellectuaal Property Organization's development Agenda..
010987: BEER, SAMUEL H., - Treasury Control; the Co-Ordination of Financial and Economic Policy in Great Britain..
035067: DE BEER, GAVIN, - Embryos and Ancestors..
027323: BEERBOHM, MAX, - A Survey..
020320: BEERBOHM, MAX, - Letters of Max Beerbohm, 1892-1956..
038988: BEERBOHM, MAX, - The poets' Corner..
035669: BEERBOHM, MAX, - A Christmas Garland Woven..
013405: BEERBOHM, MAX, - Rossetti and His Circle..
037437: BEERBOHM, MAX, - The Poet's Corner..
035389: BEERBOHM, MAX, - Yet Again..
041580: BEESON, CHARLES H, - A Primer of Medieval Latin; an Anthology of Prose and Poetry..
030049: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - Fidelio. In full Score..
030050: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - Missa Solemnis. In full Score..
036394: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - Beethovens Briefe..
021981: BEEZLEY, WILLIAM H., - Insurgent Governor; Abraham Gonzalez and the Mexican Revoltuion in Chihuahau..
021496: BEFU, BEN, - Worldly Mental Calculations; an Annotated Translation of Ihara Saikaku's Seken Munezan'yo..
036223: BEGBIE, HAROLD, - Great Men..
002735: BEGBIE, EDWARD HARALD, - Painted Windows; Studies in Religious Personality..
042290: BEGLEY, WALTER, - Breviarium Anagrammaticum; the Latin Hymns of the Breviary and Other Famous Latin Huymns of the Early Church Turned Into Metrical Anagrams..
029402: BÉGUIN, ALBERT, - Balzac lu et Relu..
029651: BÉGUIN, ALBERT AND YVES BONNEFOY, EDS., - La Quête du Graal..
017399: BEHREND, GEORGE, - Luxury Trains, from the Orient Express to the TGV..
039546: BEHRENDT, WALTER CURT, - Modern Building; Its Nature, Problems, and Forms..
041652: BEHRENS, INGEBORG AND JÜRGEN BEHRENS, EDS, - Friedrich Leopold Graf zu Stoberg Stolberg; Verzeichnis sämtlicher Briefe..
039818: BEHRMAN, CYNTHIA FANSLER, - Victorian Myths of the Sea..
034955: BEIDLER, PHILIP D., - The Victory Album; Reflections on the Good Life After the Good War..
007106: BEIDLER, PHILIP D., - The Good War's Greatest Hits; World War II and American Remembering..
038454: BEIDLER, PETER G. AND MARION F. EGGE, - The American Indian in Short Fiction; an Annotated Bibliography..
025113: BEIERWALTELS, WERNER AND WIEBKE SCHRADER, EDS., - Weltaspekte der Philosophie; Rudolph Berlinger zum 26. Oktober 1972..
029857: BEIK, PAUL H., - The French REvolution seen from the Right; social Theories in Motion, 1789-1799..
013934: BEILKE, MARLAN, - Family, Friends, and Poetry..
022970: BEIN, ALEX, - Theodore Herzl; a Biography..
010481: BEINSEN, LUTZ, - Die Wirkung Der Ausfuhr Auf Das Inländische Wirtschaftswachstum..
015422: BÉJART, ALAIN, - Danser Le XXe Siècle..
042251: BEJCYZ, ISTVAN P. AND RICHARD G. NEWHAUSER, EDS, - Virtue and Ethics in the twelfth Century..
259: BEKKER, HUGO., - The Nibelungenlied: a literary analysis...
041083: BEKKER-NEILSEN, HANS, - Old Norse-Icelandic Studies; a Select Bibliography..
020953: BEL, AUBREY F. G., - Studies in Portuguese Literature..
016054: BELARDI, WALTER, - Capitoli di grammatica Dell'alto-Tedesco Antico; Introduzione, Accento e Intonazioni, Morfologia Del Nome..
004567: BELASCO, WARREN J., - Appetite for Change; How the Counterculture Took on the Food Industry 1966-1988..
023932: BELAUNDE, VICTOR ANDRÉS, - Bolivar and the Political Thought of the Spanish American Revolution..
002736: BELAVAL, YVON, - Philosophers and Their Language..
006915: BELDEN, MARY MEGIE, - The Dramatic Work of Samuel Foote..
040802: BELEN'KII, M. S, - Chto takoe Talmud..
037918: BELL, QUENTIN, ET AL, - Those Impossible English..
010843: BELL, COLIN AND ROSE BELL, - City Fathers; Town Planning in Britain from Roman Times to 1900..
001749: BELL, J. H. B., ET AL, - British Hills and Mountains..
023909: BELL, CLIVE, - Civilization and Old Friends..
024589: BELL, DERRICK, - Silent Covenants; Brown v. Board of Education and the Unfulfilled hopes for racial Reform..
007107: BELL, KENSIL, - "Always Ready!" The Story of the United States Coast Guard..
015016: BELL, H. E. AND R. L. OLLARD, EDS., - Historical Essays, 1600-1750, Presented to David Ogg..
015084: BELL, MICHAEL, - Painters in a New Land..
022971: BELL, J. BOWYER, - Terror Out of Zion; Irgun Zvai Leumi, LEHI, and the Palestine Underground, 1929-1949..
004743: BELL, DANIEL, - The Winding Passage; Essays and Sociological Journeys, 1960-1980..
015654: BELL, MILLICENT, - Edith Wharton & Henry James; the Story of Their Friendship..
006908: BELL, SAM HANNA, - The Theatre in Ulster; a Survey of the Dramatic Movement in Ulster from 1902 Until the Present Day..
042410: BELL, OVID, - The Story of the Kingdom of Callaway..
039075: BELL, CLIVE, - Old Friends; personal Recollections..
037137: BELL, QUENTIN, - Bloomsbury..
033685: BELL, AUBREY F. G., - Castilian Literature..
966: BELLAH, ROBERT N., - Tokugawa religion; the values of pre-industrial Japan...
004769: BELLAH, ROBERT, ET AL., - Habits of the Heart; individualism and Commitment in American Life..
038634: DU BELLAY, JOACHIM, - La deffence et illustration de la langue Francoyse..
023826: BELLER, ANDREA H. AND JOHN W. GRAHAM, - Small Change: the Economics of Child Support..
008150: BELLER, SUSAN PROVOST, - To Hold this Ground; a Desperate Battle at Gettysburg..
035702: BELLER, ANNE SCOTT, - Fat and Thin; a Natural history of Obesity..
016481: BELLESSORT, ANDRÉ, - Les intellectuels et L'avènement De La Troisième République (1871-1875)..
043028: BELLINI, MARIO, ED, - Album 1: Progetto mangiare; eating as Design..
030137: BELLINI, VINCENZO, - Norma..
037172: BELLO, WALDEN, - U.S.-sponsored Low-Intensity Conflict in the Philippines..
034522: BELLOC, HILAIRE, - The Treat Heresies..
038478: BELLOC, HILAIRE, - Cautionary Tales for Children..
040987: BELLOC, HILAIRE, - The Book of the Bayeux Tapestry Presenting the Complete Work in a Series of Colour Facsimiles..
009069: BELLONCLE, GUY, - Participation Paysanne et Aménagements Hydro-Agricoles; Les leçons De Cinqu expériences Africaines..
021435: BELLONI, PIETRO AND HANS NILSSON-EHLE, - Voci romanesche; aggiunte e commenti al vocabolario romanesco Chiappini-Rolandi..
032574: BELLONI, ANTONIO, - Il Seicento..
004688: BELLOT, LELAND J., - William Knox; the Life and Thought of an Eighteenth-Century Imperialis..
003737: BELLQUIST, ERIC CYRIL, - Some Aspects of the Recent Foreign Policy of Sweden..
030804: BELLROSE, FRANK, - Ducks, Geese & Swans of North America..
042205: BELLUCCI, DINO, - Fede e giustificazione in Lutero; un esame teologico dei "Dictata super Psalterium" e del commentario sull'Epistola ai Romani (1513-1516)..
010989: BELOFF, MAX AND GILLIAN PEELE, - The Government of the UK; Political Authority in a Changing Society..
043030: BELOUSOV, KONSTANTIN, ED, - Lev N. Tolstoi 1828-1978; Leo Tolstoy..
027739: BELOVIC, JASNA, - Die Sitten der Südslawen..
004455: BELSHAW, CYRIL S., - Under the Ivi Tree; Society and economic Growth in Rural Fiji..
010749: BELSHAW, HORACE, ED., - New Zealand..
039302: BELTERMAN, HANS, - Verse Groenten..
023359: BELUSHI, JUDITH JACKLIN, - Samurai Widow..
012381: BELYAEV, E. A., - Arabs, Islam and the Arab Caliphate in the Early Middle Ages..
024349: BEN-HORIN, MEIR, ET AL., EDS., - Studies and Essays in Honor of ABraham A. Neuman, President, Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, Philadelphia..
026382: BEN KHADER, AICHA BEN ABED AND DAVID SOREN, - Carthage: a Mosaic of Ancient Tunisia..
037705: BEN-DASAN, ISAIAH, - The Japanese and the Jews..
039482: BENAMOU, MICHEL, - L'oeuvre--monde de Wallace Stevens..
030622: BENAVENTE, CARMEN, - Embroiderers of Ninhue; Stitching Chilean Rural Life..
034853: BENBOW-PFALZGRAF, TARYN, ED., - International Dictionary of Modern dance..
025895: BENBOW-PFALZGRAF, TARYN, ED., - Contemporary Fashion..
012537: BENCE-JONES, MARK, - The Viceroys of India..
038045: BENDALL, MOLLY AND GAIL WRONSKY, - Calamity and Belle; cowgirl Correspondence..
016335: BENDER, THOMAS, - New York Intellect; a History of Intellectual Life in New York City, from 1750 to the Beginnings of Our Own Time..
017843: BENDIX, EDWARD HERMAN, - Componential Analysis of General Vocabulary; the Semantic Structure of a set of verbs in English, Hini, and Japanese..
041943: BENDIX, REINHARD, - Re o popolo; il potere e il mandato di Governare..
014245: BENDIX, DEANNA MAROHN, - Diabolical Designs; Paintings, Interiros, and Exhibitions of James McNeill Whistler..
041274: BENDIX, REINHARD, - Von Berlin nach Berkeley; deutsch-jüdische Identitäten..
042182: BENDIX, EDWARD HERMAN, - Componential Analysis of General Vocabulary: The Semantic Structure of a set of Verbs in English, Hindi, and Japanese..
035152: BENDZ, GERHARD, - Emendationen zu Caelius Aurelianus..
042397: BENEDEK, ISTVAN, - Az értelem discsérete; müvelödéstörténeti tanulmány a 16-17 század Gondolkodóurók..
026244: BENEDEK, ISTVAN, - Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis 1818-1865..
007998: BENEDEK, EMILY, - The Wind Won't Know Me; a History of the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute..
015131: BENEDETTI, JEAN, - The Moscow Art Theatre Letters..
006942: BENEDETTI, JEAN, - Stanislavski..
018452: BENEDICT, BRAD AND LINDA BARTON, - Phonographics; Contemporary Album Cover Art & Design..
005259: BENEDICT, MARION AND BURTON BENEDICT, - Men, women and Money in Seychelles..
042604: BENEDICT, BURTON, - The Anthropology of World's Fairs; San Francisco's Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915..
038007: BENENSON, SHAREN, - The New York Botanical Garden Cookbook..
033648: BENES, PETER, - The masks of Orthodoxy; folk Gravestone Carving in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1689-1805..
023387: BENES, PAVEL, - Phrases à agents indéterminés dans le Nouveau Testament; leurs versions latines et Romanes..
038700: BENESCH, OTTO, - La peinture allemande de Dürer à Holbein..
010990: BENEWICK, ROBERT, - Political Violence & Public Order; a Study of British Fascism..
034237: BENEZRA, NEAL, - Stephan Balkenhol; sculptures and Drawings..
035022: BENFEY, CHRISTOPHER, - Degas in New Orleans; Encounters in the Creole World of Kate Chopin and George Washington Cable..
031017: BENGE, SOPHIE, - Private Hong Kong; Where Easts Meets West..
025319: BENGTSON, HERMANN, - Einführung in die alte Geschichte..
036036: BENGTSON, HERMANN, - Herrschergestsalten des Hellenismus..
027165: BENHAM, WILLIAM, - Old St. Paul's Cathedral..
032131: BENHAM, W. GURNEY, - Playing Cards; the History and Secrets of the Pack..
027084: BENJAMIN, MEDEA, ET AL., - No free Lunch; Food & Revolution in Cuba Today..
032057: BENJAMIN, MARINA, - Rocket Dreams; How the space Age Shaped Our Vision of a World Beyond..
032956: BENJAMIN, LORNA SMITH, - Interpersonal Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders..
035144: BENJAMIN, JACQUES, - Les Camerounais occidentaux; la minorité dans un état Bicommunautaire..
042186: BENJAMIN, WALTER, - The Origin of German tragic Drama..
010103: BENKARD, ERNST, - Das Selbstbildnis Vom 15. Bis Zum Beginn Des 18. Jahrhunderts..
017651: BENKE, BRITTA, - Georgia O'Keeffe, 1887-1986; Flowers in the Desert..
037510: BENKO, CATHLEEN AND ANNE WEISBERG, - Mass Career Customization; Aligning the Workplace with Today's Nontraditional Workforce..
021506: BENKOVITZ, MIRIAM J., - Frederick Rolfe: Baron Corvo..
018975: BENKOVITZ, MIRIAM J., - Ronald Firbank; a Biography..
040809: BENN, GOTTFRIED, - Gesammelte Werke in acht Bänden..
022045: BENNASSAR, BARTOLOMÉ, - The Spanish Character; Attitudes and mentalities from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century..
038613: BENNETT, H. S., - Life on the ENglish Manor; a Study of Peasant Conditions 1150-1400..
034954: BENNETT, JAMES R. AND KAREN R. UTZ, - Iron & Steel; g Guide to Birmingham Area Industrial Heritage Sites..
033395: BENNETT, J. A. W., - Middle English Literature..
010994: BENNETT, DAPHNE, - King Without a Crown; Albert, Prince Consort of England, 1819-1861..
010995: BENNETT, GEOFFREY, - Nelson the Commander..
012383: BENNETT, MICHAEL, - Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke..
015718: BENNETT, DAPHNE, - Vicky, Princess Royal of England and German Empress..
005852: BENNETT, JOSEPH D., - Baudelaire; a Criticism..
014966: BENNETT, ROBERT L., - The Financial Sector and Economic Development; the Mexican Case..
039986: BENNETT, HAROLD J. AND CHANDLER MORSE, - Scarcity and Growth; the Economics of natural Resources Availability..
008972: BENNETT, MELBA BERRY, - The Stone Mason of Tor House; the Life and Work of Robinson Jeffers..
031131: BENNETT, CHARLES A., - A philosophical Study of Mysticism; an Essay..
033735: BENNETT, H. S., - The Pastons and Their England; Studies in an Age of Transition..
038257: BENNETT, ANNA GRAY, - Five Centuries of tapestry from the Fine ARts Museum of San Francisco..
037520: BENNETT, H. S., - Six Medieval Men and Women..
032500: BENNETT, JOSEPHINE WATERS, - Measure for Measure as royal Entertainment..
038016: BENNETT, RICHARD, - A Picture of the Twenties..
036666: BENNETT, DOROTHY CHESTON, - Arnold Bennett; a Portrait done at Home Together with 170 letters from A. B..
025288: BENNIGSEN, ALEXANDRE AND CHANTAL LEMERICIER-QUELQUEJAY, - La presse et le mouvement national chez les Musulmans de Russie avant 1920..
035222: BENNING, LEE EDWARDS, - The Pet profiteer$; the exploitation of Pet Owner--and Pets--in America..
007247: BENNION, SHERILYN COX, - Equal to the Occasion; Women Editors of the Nineteenth-Century West..
042399: BENOIST, CHARLES, - Le Machiavélisme. T. 2, Machiavel..
013738: BENOSCHOFSKY, ILONA AND SANDOR SCHEIBER, - A Budapesti Zsido Muzeum..
040197: BENOT, YVES, - L'Autre Italie (1968-1976); problèmes de la dictature du Prolétariat..
043544: BENRIMO, DOROTHY, - Camposantos; a Photographic Essay..
039005: BENSIMON-DONATH, DORIS, - Immigrants d'Afrique du Nord en Israel; évolution et Adaptation..
016394: BENSON, LEE, - The Concept of Jacksonian Democracy; New York as a Test Case..
023958: BENSON, HARRY, - Harry Benson's People..
027287: BENSON, E. F., - The Inheritor..
027288: BENSON, E. F., - Colin..
027289: BENSON, E. F., - Ravens' Brood..
034796: BENSON, C. DAVID, ED., - Critical Essays on Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde" and His Major Early Poems..
031647: BENSON, TIMOTHY O., - Expressionist utopias; Paradise, Metropolis, Architectural Fantasy..
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014765: BISMARCK, OTTO VON, FÜRST, - Gedanken Und Erinnerungen..
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039092: BLANK, REBECCA M., ET AL., EDS, - Working and poor; How Economic and Policy changes are Affecting Low-wage Workers..
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014539: BLESER, CAROL, ED., - In Joy and in Sorrow; Women, Family, and Marriage in the Victorian South, 1830-1900..
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039731: BLOCK, LAWRENCE, - Ehrengraf for the Defense..
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014347: BLODGETT, JEAN, - Kenojuak..
026133: BLODGETT, JEAN, - Grasp Tight the Old Ways; selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art..
029887: BLODGETT, JEAN, - Grasp Tight the Old Ways; selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art..
021098: BLOMQUIST, TORSTEN AND WERNER VÖGELIN, - A gastronomic Tour of the Scandinavian Arctic..
042629: BLOMQVIST, JERKER, - Der Hippokratestext des Apollonios von Kition..
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034006: BLOOM, SOL, - History of the Formation of the Union Under the Constitution with Liberty Documents and Report of the Commission..
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036030: BLOOM, GORDON F, - Productivity in the Food Industry; Problems and Potential..
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009338: BLOOMFIELD, ARTHUR, - 50 Years of the San Francisco Opera..
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037170: BLOOMFIELD, PAUL, - The Mediterranean; an Anthology..
038303: BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT, - Wild Flowers; or, Pastoral and Local Poetry..
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020182: BLOW, RICHARD, - American Son; a portrait of John F. Kennedy, Jr...
040347: BLUCHE, FRANÇOIS AND JEAN-FRANÇOIS SOLNON, - La véritable hiérarchie sociale de l'ancienne France; le tarif de la première capitation (1695)..
025335: BLUEMEL, CARL, - Greek Sculptors at Work..
005088: BLUESTONE, BARRY AND BENNETT HARRISON, - The Deindustrailization of America; Plant Closings, Community Abandonment, and the Dismantling of Basic Industry..
007470: BLUESTONE, BARRY ET AL., - The Boston Renaissance; Race, Space and Economic Change in an American Metropolis..
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005499: BLUM, RICHARD AND EVA BLUM, - Health and Healing in Rural Greece; a Study of Three Communities..
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031542: BLUM, HOWARD, - The Gold of Exodus; the Discovery of the True Mount Sinai..
033856: BLUM, DEBORAH, - The Monkey Wars..
037897: BLUM, STELLA, ED, - Ackermann's Costume Plates; women's Fashions in England 1818-1828..
007818: BLUMANN, ETHEL AND MABEL W. THOMAS, EDS., - California Local History; a Centennial Bibliography..
032645: BLUMBERG, RHODA, - The Great American Gold Rush..
015246: BLUMBERG, DONALD, - Donald Blumberg..
014789: BLUMBERG, PAUL, - Inequality in an Age of Decline..
001800: BLUME, FRIEDRICH, - Studien Zur Vorgeschichte Der Orchestersuite Im 15. Und 16. Jahrhundert..
024095: BLÜMEL, CARL, - Die klassisch griechischen Skulpturen der staatlichen Museen zu Berlin..
040052: BLUMENFELD, HANS, - The Modern Metropolis; Its Origins, Growth, Characteristics, and Planning. Selected Essays..
003088: BLUMENFELD, KURT, - Erlebte Judenfrage; Ein Vierteljahrhundert Deutscher Zionismus..
018412: BLUMENSCHEIN, HELEN G., - Selected Petroglyphs in Rio Arriba County; Text and Photographs..
005559: BLUMENTHAL, GERDA, - The Poetic Imagination of Georges Bernanos; an Essay in Interpretation..
029309: BLUMENTHAL, HENRY, - American and French Culture, 1800-1900; Interchanges in Art, Science, Literature, and Society..
029728: BLUMENTHAL, HENRY, - France and the United States; Their Diplomatic Relations, 1789-1914..
034998: BLUMENTHAL, UTA-RENATE, - The Early Councils of Pope Paschal II, 1100-1110..
003932: BLUMHARDT, JAMES FULLER AND D. N. MACKENZIE, - Catalogue of Pashto Manuscirpts in the Libraries of the British Isles..
042628: BLÜMLEIN, CARL, - Bilder aus dem römisch-germanischen Kulturleben (nach Funden und Denkmälern)..
025336: BLÜMNER, H, - The home life of the Ancient Greeks..
039634: BLÜMNER, H, - The Home Life of the Ancient Greeks..
019512: BLUNDEN, EDMUND, - Shelley..
032188: BLUNDEN, CAROLINE AND MARK ELVIN, - The cultural atlas of the World: China..
013435: BLUNT, WILFRID, - Cockerell: Sydney Carlyle Cockerell, Friend of Ruskin and William Morris and Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge..
010845: BLUNT, WILFRID, - Isfahan, Pearl of Persia..
014612: BLUNT, ANTHONY, ED., - Baroque & Rococo: Architecture & Deocration..
025703: BLUSTEIN, PAUL, - The Chastening; inside the crisis That Rocked the Global Financial system and Humbled the IMF..
038317: BLUTH, MANFRED, - Manfred Bluth. Bilder 1972-1985. Der Blick auf Italien (Uno Sguardo sull'Italia)..
006089: BLYTH, HENRY, - Old Q, the Rake of Piccadilly; a Biography of the Fourth Duke of Queensbury..
030152: BLYTH, ALAN, ED., - Opera on Record..
030153: BLYTH, ALAN, - Song on Record..
011003: BLYTHE, RONALD, - Akenfield; Porotrait of an English Village..
005979: BLYTHE, LEGETTE, - William Henry Belk, Merchant of the South..
036507: BLYTHE, RONALD, - The View in Winter; Reflections on Old Age..
002445: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - Athenian Black Figure Vases..
029106: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - Die Perser und der Westen; eine archäologische Untersuchung zur Entwicklung der achämenidischen Kunst..
002444: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - Archaic Greek Gems; Schools and Artists in the sixth and Early fifth Centuries BC..
037987: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - The Parthenon and Its Sculptures..
040479: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - The Greeks overseas; their Early Colonies and Trade..
033500: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - Christopher Marlowe; a biographical and Critical Study..
028675: BOAS, ADRIAN J., - Crusader Archaeology; the Material Culture of the Latin East..
037301: BOAS, ISMAR ISIDOR, - Diseases of the Stomach..
033550: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - Thomas Heywood..
031698: BOAS, GEORGE, ED., - Rationalism in Greek Philosophy..
032463: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - An Intiroduction to Eighteenth-Century Drama 1700-1780..
030336: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - An Introduction to Stuart Drama..
033773: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - An Introduction to Tudor Drama..
033127: BOAS, GEORGE, - The Major traditions of European Philosophy..
033720: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - University Drama in the Tudor Age..
023666: BOASE, T. S. R., - The York Psalter in the LIbrary of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, with an introduction and Notes..
038731: BOASE, WENDY, - The Sky's the Limit; Women Pioneers in Aviation..
041484: BOASE, T. S. R, - Castles and Churches of the Crusading Kingdom..
037339: BOATTI, ABELE, - Grammatica del greco del Nuovo Testamento..
041905: BOBBIO, NORBERTO, - Quale Socialismo? Discussione di un'Alternativa..
037385: BOBOT, MARIE-THÉRÈSE, - Musée Cernuschi; promenade dans les collections Chinoises..
030907: BOBRICK, BENSON, - East of the Sun; the Epic Conquest and Tragic History of Siberia..
032150: BOBRICK, BENSON, - Angel in the Whirlwind; the Triumph of the American Revolution..
043162: BOCCA, GIORGIO, - Il terrorismo italiano 1970-1978..
041562: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - The Corbaccio..
003534: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - The Nymph of Fiesole (Il Ninfale feisolano)...
043010: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - Dal Decameron e dalle Opere Minori..
035153: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio..
023432: BOCELLI, ANDREA, - The Music of Silence; a Memoir..
024892: BOCHENSKI, J. M., - Soviet Russian Dialectical Materialism ([DIAMAT]..
002744: BOCHENSKI, J. M, - The Methods of Contemporary Thought..
034937: BOCIURKIW, MARUSYA, - Feeling Canadian; Television, Nationalism, and Affect..
040791: BOCK, CLAUS VICTOR, - Quirinus Kuhlmann als Dichter; ein Beitrag zur Charakteristik des Ekstatikers..
021555: BOCK, KARL N., - Mittelniederdeutsch und heutiges Plattdeutsch im ehemaligen dänischen Herzogtum Schleswig; Studien zur Beleuchtung des Sprachwechsels in Angeln und Mittelschleswig..
003535: BOCK, FRIEDRICH, - Reichsidee Und Nationalstaaten Vom Untergang Des Alten Reiches Bis Zur Kündigung Des Deutsch-Englischen Bündnisses Im Jahre 1341..
031299: BOCK, HENNING, ET AL., - The Complete Catagloue of the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin..
020012: BÖCKMANN, PAUL, - Schillers Geisteshaltung Als BEdingung seines Dramatischen Schaffens..
014238: BOCKRIS, VICTOR, - The Life and Death of Andy Warhol..
276: (BOTTICELLI, SANDRO). BODE, WILHELM VON., - Sandro Botticelli...
005951: BODE, CARL, ED., - Midcentury America; Life in the 1850s..
015087: BODE, WILHELM VON, - Die Meister Der Holländischen Und Vlämischen Malerschulen..
010139: BODELSEN, C. A., - Studies in mid-Victorian Imperialism..
023603: BODENSTEIN, WALTER, - Neige des Historismus; Ernst Troeltschs Entwicklungsgang..
027062: BODGER, LORRAINE, - Savory Tarts; 40 Delicious main-course tarts with Fresh, New Fillings and Crisp, Easy-To-make Crusts..
043573: BODI, LESLIE, - Tauwetter in Wien; zur Prosa der österreichischen Auflkärung 1781-1795..
014804: BODIE, ZVI AND JOHN B. SHOVEN, - Financial Aspects of the United States Pension System..
023604: BODIN, LOUIS, - Les Intellectuels..
035828: BOEHM, GEORGE A. W, - The New World of Math..
013764: BOEHMER, HEINRICH, - Luther & the Reformation in the Light of Modern Research..
014763: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Carl Spitzweg..
013481: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Giorgione Und Palma Vecchio..
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034931: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Dolls and Puppets..
013409: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Lorenzo Bernini; Seine Zeit, Sein Leben, Sein Werk..
022110: BOELAARS, J. H. M. C., - The Linguistic Position of South-Western New Guinea..
025802: BOENIG, HERMAN V., - Plasma Science and Technology..
038987: BOEPPLE, WILLARD, - Willard Boepple Sculpture: 1970-1990..
038789: BOESCH, B, - Deutsche Literaturgeschichte in Grundzügen; die Epochen deutscher Dichtung..
034403: BOETTCHER, ROBERT, - Gifts of Deceit; Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park, and the Korean Scandal..
031699: BOETTICHER, ADOLF, - Olympia das Fest und seine Stätte nach den Berichten der Alten und den Ergebnissen der deutschen Ausgrabungen..
035886: BOGAERT-DAMIN, ANNE-MARIE AND JACQUES A. PIRON, - Livres de fruits du XVIe au XXe siècle dans les collections de la Bibliothèque Universitaire Moretus Plantin..
032602: BOGARD, TRAVIS, - The Tragic Satire of John Webster..
006338: BOGDAN, RADU J., ED., - Jaakko Hintikka..
023132: BOGGS, CARL AND TOM POLLARD, - World in Chaos; social Crisis and the rise of postmodern Cinema..
041760: BOGHARDT, MARTIN, - Analytische Druckforschung; ein methodischer Beitrag zu Buchkunde und Textkritik..
017516: BOGHIGUIAN, ANNA, - Anna's Egypt; an Artist's Journey..
032040: BOGLE, DONALD, - Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks; an Interpretative History of Blacks in American Film..
026177: BOGORAS, WALDEMAR, - Koryak Texts..
037282: BOGUE, MARGARET BEATTIE AND VIRGINIA A. PALMER, - Around the Shores of Lake Superior; a Guide to Historic Sites..
021142: BOGUE, DONALD J. AND CALVAIN L. BEALE, - Economic Areas of the United States..
032694: BOGUSLAVSKAIA, IRINA IAKOVLEVNA, - Russkoe Narodnoe Iskustvo; Art Populaire Russe..
008664: BOHANAN, DONNA, - Old and New Nobility in Aix-en-Provence, 1600-1695; Portrait of an Urban Elite..
010725: BOHEEMEN, PETRA VAN, ET AL., - Het Boek in Nederland in De 16de Eeuw..
024893: BÖHL, FRANZ M. TH., - Das Zeitalter Abrahams..
017848: BÖHM, GERHARD, - Suffixkonjugation; Zur Aussagebildung in Den "Hamitensprachen". Vorläufige Studien Über Den Bau Des Prädikats in Den Erythräischen Sprache, Der Ful-Psrache Und Dere Sprache Der Hottentotten. Ein Grammatikhistorischer Beitrag Zur Hamitenfrage..
005497: BÖHME, HELMUT, - An Introduction to the Social and Economic History of Germany; Politics and Economic Change in the Nineteenth and twentieth Centuries..
020056: BÖHMER, GUNTER, - Gunter Böhmer: Zeichnungen Und Aquarelle..
036402: BOHN, DAVE AND RODOLFO PETSCHEK, - House of three Turkeys; Anasazi Redoubt..
039717: BOHR, NIELS, - Atomic physics and Human Knowledge..
038583: BOIARDO, MATTEO MARIA, - Le più belle pagine di Matteo Maria Boiardo..
040729: BOICE, JUDITH, ED, - Mother Earth Through the Eyes of Women Photographers and Writers..
022803: BOIES, DAVID, - Courting Justice; from NY Yankees v. Major League Baseball to Bush v. Gore 1997-2000..
016521: BOIGNE, LOUISE-ELEANORE-CHARALOTTE-ADELAIDE D'OSMOND, COMTESSE DE., - Mémoires De La Comtesse De Boigne, Née d'Osmond: Récits d'une Tante..
030186: BOILEAU-DESPRÉAUX, NICOLAS, - Épîtres; Art poétique; Lutrin..
043700: BOILEAU, ETIENNE, - Le Livre des métiers d'Étienne Boileau..
016140: BOILET, GEORGES-EDOUARD, - La Doctrine Sociale De Napoleon III; Réalisations Natonales et Internationales; Documents Authentiques..
016130: BOILY, ROBERT, - Québec 1940-1969; Bibliographie. Le Système Politique Québécois et Son Environnement..
005376: BOIM, LEON AND GLENN G. MORGAN, - The Soviet Procuracy Protests: 1937-1973..
041984: BOIS, PAUL, - Cahiers de doléances du Tiers État de la sénéchaussée de Chateau-du-Loir pour les États Généraux de 1789..
023667: BOITANI, PIERO AND JILL MANN, - The Cambridge Chaucer Companion..
035599: BOJKO, SZYMON, - New graphic Design in Revolutionary Russia..
019009: BOK, SISSELA, - Alva Myrdal; a Daughter's Memoir..
011704: BOK, BAR J AND PRISCILLA F. BOK, - The Milky Way..
037729: BOK, SISSELA, - Secrets; on the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation..
039698: BOLAND, BEN, - Boland's Masterpieces in the Game of Checkers..
031700: BOLGAR, R. R., - The Classical heritage and Its Beneficiaries..
042816: BOLGENI, GIOVANNI VINCENZO, - Sopra gli atti umani; dissertazione di Gianvincenzo Bolgeni in continuazione all'altra intitolata Il Possesso..
011861: BOLGER, DANIEL P., - Dragons at War; 2-343 Infantry in the Mojave..
023186: BOLIN, WILHELM, - Spinoza; Zeit--Leben--Werk..
043564: BOLINGBROKE, HENRY ST. JOHN, VISCOUNT, - The Works of Lor Bolingbroke in Four Volumes..
006932: BOLL, THEOPHILUS E. M., - Miss May Sinclair, Novelist; a Biographical and Critical Introduction..
033052: BÖLL, HEINRICH, - The Stories of Heinrich Böll..
037973: BOLLAND, R. R, - Victorians on the Thames..
017636: BOLLES, BLAIR, - Tyrant from Illinois; Uncle Joe Cannon's Experiment with Personal Power..
006208: BOLOGH, ROSLYN WALLACH, - Dialectical Phenomenology; Marx's Method..
021556: BOLOGNA, MARIA PATRIZIA, - Ricerca etimologica e ricostruzione culturale; alle origini della mitologia Comparata..
001784: BOLSTER, JOHN, - The Upper Crust; the Aristocrats of Automobiles..
012390: BOLTON, W. F., - The Middle Ages..
024253: BOLZA, OSKAR, - Lecture on the calculus of Variations..
028382: BOMAN, MONICA, ED., - Design Art; schwedisches Alltagsform zwischen Kunst und Industrie..
043280: BOMBAUGH, C. C, - Gleanings from the Harvest-Fields of Literature. A Melange of Excerpta, Curious, Humorous, and Instructive..
005148: BOMBELLES, JOSEPH T., - Economic Development of Communist Yugoslavia, 1947-1964..
005209: BOMBIERI, ENRICO, ED., - Seminar on Minimal Submanifolds..
010927: BOMPOIS, FERDINAND, - Des Portraits d'Octavie, Soeur d'Auguste..
043374: BONACCORSO, ALESSANDRO, ET AL, - Mt. Etna: Volcano Laboratory..
014230: BONAFOUX, PASCAL, - Van Gogh. Self Portraits, with Accompanying letters from Vincent to His Brother Theo..
042640: BONALD, LOUIS-GABRIEL-AMBROISE, VICOMTE DE, - Bonald; la Révolution Française et le réveil Religieux..
042188: BONANATE, LUIGI, - La politica della dissuasione; la guerra nella politica Mondiale..
022508: BONAVIA, MICHAEL R., - The Economics of Transport..
035721: BONAVOGLIA, ANGELA, ED, - The Choices We Made; 25 Women and Men Speak Out about Abortion..
023668: BOND, GERALD A., - The Loving Subject; Desire, Eloquence, and Power in Romanesque France..
020136: BOND, FRANCIS, - Gothic Architecture in England; an Analysis of the Origin & Development of English Church architecture from the Norman Conquest to the Dissolution of the Monasteries..
025793: BOND, GEORGE D., - The Buddhist Revival in Sri Lanka; Religious Tradition, Reinterpretation, and Response..
008099: BOND, FRANCIS, - Westminster Abbey..
029158: BOND, FRANCIS, - Fonts and Font Covers..
025844: BONDESON, JAN, - Buried Alive; the Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear..
033881: BONDI, H., - Cosmology..
036112: BONDI, INGE, - Chim; the Photographs of David Seymour..
017974: BONDURANT, JOAN V., - Conquest of violence; the Gandhian Philosophy of Conflict..
019721: BONEY, F. N., - A Pictorial History of the University of Georgia..
025343: BONFANTE, LARISSA, - Etruscan Dress..
035822: BONGER, H, - Dirck Volckertszoon Coornhert; studie over een nuchter en vroom Nederlander..
041837: BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH, - Akt und Sein; Transzendentalphilosophie und Ontologie in der systemataischen Theologie..
039018: BONIFAZI, CONRAD, - Christendom Attacked; a Comparison of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche..
010487: BONITZ, HERMANN, - Über den Ursprung Der Homerischen Gedichte; Vortrag..
042325: BONJOUR, ADRIEN, - The Digressions in Beowulf..
038990: LA BONNARDIÈRE, ANNE-MARIE, - Recherches de chronologie Augustinienne..
031652: BONNEFOY, YVES, - Greek and Egyptian Mythologies..
041218: BONNER, ROBERT J. AND GERTRUDE SMITH, - The administration of justice from Homer to Aristotle..
034448: BONNER, STANLEY F., - Education in Ancient Rome, from the Elder Cato to the Younger Pliny..
041413: BONNER, ROBERT J, - Lawyers and Litigants in Ancient Athens; the Genesis of the Legal Profession..
043255: BONNET, GEORGES, - Défense de la paix de Washington au Quai d'Orsay..
041348: BONSANTI, GIORGIO, - The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi; Glory and Destruction..
024880: BONSIRVEN, JOSEPH, - Le Judaisme palestinien au temps de Jésus-Christ..
026671: BONVICINI, CANDIDO, - The Tenor's Sons; my Days with Pavarotti..
013768: BOODIN, JOHN ELOF, - Studies in Philosophy; the Posthumous Papers of John Elof Boodin..
886: VAN DEN BOOGAARD, NICO H. J., - Autour de 1300; études de philologie et de littérature médiévales. Recueill ies par Sorin Alexandrescu, et al...
036565: BOOKE, MAUD C, - Social Etiquette, or Manners and customs of Polite Society Containing Rules of etiquette for All Occasion, Including Calle; Invitation; Parties; Weddings; Receptions; dinners and Teas; Etiquette of the Street; Public Places, Etc. Etc..
008100: BOOKER, JOHN MANNING, - A Middle English Bibliography; Dates, Dialects, and Soruces of the XII, XIII, and XIV Century Monuments and Manuscripts Exlcusive of the Works of Wyclif, Gower, and Chaucer, and the documents in the London Dialects..
035916: BOOMGAARD, PETER, - Frontiers of Fear; Tigers and people in the Malay World 1600-1950..
039080: BOON, K. G, - Rembrandt; the Complete Etchings..
993: BOON, JAMES A., - From symbolism to structuralism; Lévi-Strauss in a literary tradition...
041956: DE BOOR, HELMUT, - Die deutsche Literatur von Karl dem Grossen bis zum Beginn der höfischen Dichtung 770-1170..
002074: BOOST, KARL, - Neue Untersuchungen Zum Wesen Und Zur Struktur Des Deutschen Satzes; Der Satz Als Spannungsfeld..
017975: BOOSTEN, J., - De godsdienst Der Kelten..
037319: BOOTH-CLIBBORN, EDWARD, - My Father and Edward Ardizzone; a Lasting Friendship..
029664: BOOTH, WAYNE C., - The rhetoric of Fiction..
033589: BORCHARDT, FRANK L., - German Antiquity in Renaissance Myth..
016818: BORCHERT, JOHN R., ET AL., - Legacy of Minneapolis; Preservation Amid Change..
027704: BORD, JANET AND COLIN BORD, - Geheimnisse des 20. Jahrhunderts; faszinierende Phänomene, Erscheinungen und Ereignisse..
016511: BORDEAUX, HENRY, - St François De Sales et Notre Coeur De Chair..
008377: BORDMAN, GERALD, - American Musical Comedy; from Adonis to Dreamgirls..
025653: BORDMAN, GERALD, - The Oxford Companion to American Theatre..
021367: BORDMAN, GERALD, - American Musical Theatre; a Chronicle..
032924: BORDO, SUSAN, - Unbearable Weight; Feminism, Western Clture, and the Body..
040367: BOREL, PIERRE, - Les sculptures inédites de Degas; choix de cires Originales..
035088: BORELLI, FEDERICA AND MARIA CRISTINA TARGIA, - Etruschi; scoperte e capolavori da una splendida civiltà dell'Italia Antica..
005984: BOREN, CARTER E., ET AL., - Essays on the Gilded Age..
039628: BORENSTEIN, ISRAEL, - Capital and output Trends in Mining Industries, 1870-1948..
018968: BORG, MARCUS J., - Jesus in contemporary Scholarship..
029873: BORG, KIRSTEN ELIZABETH AIDA, - Princess Lieven: a new Interpretation of Her Role and Image..
043480: BORGES, CRISTÓVÃO, - The Cancioneiro de Cristóvão Borges..
034108: BORGMAN, ALBERT S., - Thomas Shadwell; His life and Comedies..
016696: BORITT, GABOR S., ED., - Why the Confederacy Lost..
029376: BORITT, GABOR, ED., - The Lincoln Enigma; the changing Faces of an American Icon..
010102: VAN BORK, BERT, - Jacques Lipchitz; the Artist at Work..
023276: BORKLUND, CARL W., - Men of the Pentagon from Forrestal to McNamara..
025352: BORMANN, WALTER, - Die Nornen; Forschungen über Fernsehen in Raum und Zeit..
002075: BORN, JOACHIM AND SYLVIA DICKGIESSER, - Deutsche Minderheiten; Ein Überblick Über Den Stand Der Forschung Für 27 Länder..
027059: BORN, MAX, - Atomic Physics..
039389: BORNET, ÉDOUARD AND CHARLES FLAHAULT, - Revision des nostocacées hétérocystées contenues dans les principaux herbiers de France..
028070: BORNKAMM, HEINRICH, - Thesen und Thesenanschlag Luthers..
030156: BORODIN, ALEKSANDR PORFIRYEVICH, - Prince Igor; Opera. Vocal Score..

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