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031701: BOROVKA, GREGORY, - Scythian Art..
015590: BOROVSKY, VICTOR, - Chaliapin; a Critical Biography..
006072: BOROWITZ, ALBERT, - The Woman Who Murdered Black Satin; the Bermondsey Horror..
013769: BORRADORI, GIOVANNA, - Recoding Metaphysics; the New Italian Philosophy..
038769: BORRAS, F. M. AND R. F. CHRISTIAN, - Russian Syntax; aspects of Modern Russian syntax and Vocabulary..
030226: BORRAS, F. M., - Maxim Gorky the Writer; an Interpretation..
009418: BORREGO NIETO, JULIO, - Sociolingüistica Rural; Investigacion En Villadepera De Sayago..
039500: BORREMANS, RENÉ, - Catalogue de la céramique médiévale du Musée Curtius à Liège..
002753: CARLO BORROMEO, - Memoriale ai Milanesi..
040006: BORRUS, MICHAEL, ET AL, - U.S.-Japanese Competition in the Semiconductor Industry; a Study in International Trade and Technological Development..
026051: BÖRSCH-SUPAN, HELMUT, - Deutsche Romantiker; deutsche Maler zwischen 1800 und 1850..
028676: BORSSOK, EVE, - The Mural Painters of Tuscany from Cimabue to Andrea del Sarto..
005687: BORTOLI, GEORGES, - The Death of Stalin..
004007: BÖS, DIETER AND ROBERT HOLZMANN, - Simulationsanalysen Zur Österreichischen Pensionskynamik; Eine Studie Zur Indexbindung Von Einkommen..
010505: BÖS, DIETER AND ROBERT HOLZMANN, - Steuerfunktionen in Prognose- Und Entscheidungsmodellen; Eine Aggregationstheoretische Fundierung..
013771: BOSANQUET, HELEN, - Bernard Bosanquet; a Short Account of His Life..
032805: BOSANQUET, BERNARD, - A History of Aesthetic..
009291: BOSCHEN, LOTHAR AND JÜRGEN BARTH, - The Porsche Book; a Definitive Illustrated History..
018466: BOSCHOT, ADOLPHE, - Le Faust De Berlioz; Étude Sur La "Damnation De Faust" et Sur L'ame Romantique..
018467: BOSCHOT, ADOLPHE, - Chez Les Musiciens (du XVIIIe Siècle a Nos jours)..
025117: BOSHER, ROBERT S., - The Making of the Restoration Settlement; the influence of the Laudians 1649-1662..
040955: BOSQUET, ALAIN, - Saint-John-Perse; choix de textes, bibliographie, dessins, portraits, Fac-Similés..
010497: BOSSCHER, HARMANNUS, - De Plauti Curculione Disputatio..
014939: BOSSERT, H. TH., - Ornamente Der Volkskunst: Gewebe, Teppiche, Stickereien..
014940: BOSSERT, H. TH., - Ornamente Der Vokskunst. Neue Folge: Keramik, Holz, Metall U. A...
010930: BOSSERT, H. TH., - The Art of Ancient Crete from the Earliest Times to the Iron Age..
008101: BOSSUAT, ROBERT, - Le Moyen Age..
043251: BOSSUET, WILHELM, - Die jüdische Apokalyptik; ihre religionsgeschichtliche Herkunft und ihre Bedutung für das Neue Testament..
041730: BOSSY, JOHN, - Under the Molehill; an Elizabethan Spy Story..
034158: BOSWELL, ELEANORE, - The Restoration Court Stage (1660-1702) with a particular Account Ot Eh Production of Calisto..
037682: BOSWELL, JAMES, - The Journal of a Tour to Corsica; & Memoirs of Pascal Paoli..
003686: BOSWELL, JAMES, - The Life of Samuel Johnson..
031294: BOSWELL, JAMES, - Boswell's Journal or a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson..
014478: BOSWELL, JAMES, - Boswell's London Journal, 1762-1763..
042070: BOSWELL, JOHN, - Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality; Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the fourteenth Century..
033236: BOSWELL-STONE, W. G., - Shakspere's Holinshed; the Chronicel and the Historical Plays Compared..
033053: BOSWELL, JAMES, - Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson..
041435: BOSWELL, JOHN, - Same-sex Unions in Premodern Europe..
039665: BOSWELL, JAMES, - Boswell on the Grand Tour: Germany and Switzerland 1764..
039597: BOSWELL, JAMES, - Boswell in Holland, 1763-1764, Including His Correspondence with Belle De Zuylen (Yélide)..
014853: BOSWORTH, PATRICIA, - Anything Your Little Heart Desires; an American family Story..
037723: BOTT, ALAN, ED, - Our Mothers; a Cavalcade in Pictures, Quotation and Descriptions of Late Victorian Women 1870-1900..
017973: BÖTTCHER, HELMUTH M., - Die Große Mutter; Zeugungsmythen Der Frühgeschichte..
041099: BOTTINEAU, YVES, - Notre-Dame de Paris and the Sainte-Chapelle..
021476: BOTTING, DOUGLAS, - Gerald Durrell; the authorized Biography..
043736: BOUCHARD, CONSTANCE BRITTAIN, - The Cartulary of Flavigny 717-1113..
043735: BOUCHARD, CONSTANCE BRITTAIN, ED, - The cartulary of St.-Marchel-lès-Chalon 779-1126..
032032: BOUCHER, FRANÇOIS, - 20,000 Years of Fashion; the History of Costume and personal Adornment..
012724: BOUCHER, MAURICE, - Spes in Arduis; a History of the University of South Africa..
028071: BOUCHER, DAVID AND ANDREW VINCENT, - A Radical Hegelian; the political and Social Philosophy of Henry Jones..
043618: BOUCHON, BERNADETTE, ET AL., EDS, - Uncertainty and Intelligent Systems; 2nd International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPMU '88, Urbino, Italy, July 1988: Proceedings..
025541: BOUFFARD, PIERRE AND RENÉ CREUX, - Fontaines; miroirs de la Suisse..
039148: BOUGET, DENIS AND BRUNO PALIER, - Comparing social Welfare Systems in Nordic Europe and Frannce. Volume 4: Copenhagen Conference, France, Nordic Europe..
039888: BOULDING, KENNETH E, - Ecodynamics; a New Theory of Societal Evolution..
019407: BOULOISEAU, MARC, - Le Comité De Salut Public (1793-1795)..
027878: BOULWARE, JACK, - San Francisco Bizarro; a Guide to Notorious Sights, Lusty Pursuits, and Downright Freakiness in the City By the Bay..
031130: BOUQUET, A. C., - The Christian faith and non-Christian Religions..
284: BOURASSÉ, JEAN-JACQUES., - Les plus belles cathédrales de France...
006209: BOURDEAUX, MICHAEL, - Religious Ferment in Russia; Protestant Opposition to Soviet Religious Policy..
036717: BOURDET-PLÉVILLE, MICHEL, - Justice in Chains from the Galleys to Devil's Island..
043704: BOURGET, PAUL, - Physiologie de l'amour moderne; fragments posthumes d'un ouvrage de Claude Larcher..
020758: BOURGET, PAUL, - L'Irréparable; deuxième amour, profils Perdus..
020757: BOURGET, PAUL, - L'Eau profonde; les pas dans ses pas...
034581: BOURGEY, LOUIS, - Observation et expérience chez Aristote..
019199: BOURGIN, GEORGES, - La formation De l'unité Itialienne..
003785: BOURGIN, FRANK, - The Great Challenge; the Myth of Laissez-Fiare in the Early Republic..
022790: DU BOURGUET, PIERRE, - Art Paléochrétien..
036232: BOURLIÈRE, FRANÇOIS, - The Natural History of Mammals..
021924: BOURNE, K. AND D. C. WATT, EDS., - Studies in International History; essays Presented to W. Norton Medlicott, Stevenson Professor of International History in the University of London..
026876: BOURNE, MATTHEW, - Mathhew Bourne and his Adventures in Motion Pictures..
008151: BOURNE, RUSSELL, - The view from Front Street; Travels Through New England's Historic Fishing Communities..
018468: BOURNIQUEL, CAMILLE, - Chopin..
042778: BOURQUE, EMMANUEL, - Les catacombes romaines à la lumière de L'histoire..
005693: BOUSCAREN, ANTHONY TRAWICK, - Soviet Expansion and the West..
033727: BOUSFIELD, JONATHAN AND DAN RICHARDSON, - Bulgaria; the Rough Guide..
996: BOUTROUX, ÉMILE., - Historical studies in philosophy. Authorized translation by Fred Rothwell...
028309: BOUVET, FRANCIS, - Bonnard; the Complete Graphic Work..
017977: BOUWSMA, O. K., - Without Proof or Evidence..
038283: BOUWSMA, WILLIAM J., - Venice and the Defense of Republican Liberty; Renaissance Values in the Age of the Counter Reformation..
042634: BOUYER, LOUIS, - La Bible et l'évangile; le sens de 'Écriture: le Dieu qui parle au Dieu fait Homme..
043530: BOVÉ, PAUL A, - Intellectuals in Power; a Genealogy of Critical Humanism..
043210: BOWDEN, HENRY WARNER, - Church History in the age of Science; Historiographical Patterns in the United States 1876-1918..
018469: BOWEN, CATHERINE DRINKER, - "Free artist" the Story of Anton and Nicholas Rubinstein..
034330: BOWEN, HOWARD R. AND JACK H. SCHUSTER, - American Professors; a Niatonal Resource Imperiled..
032967: BOWEN, WILLIAM G. AND DEREK BOK, - The Shape of the River; Long-term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions..
011705: BOWER, Q. DAVID, - Put Another Nickel in; a History of Coin-Operated Pianos and Orchestrions..
034128: BOWERS, FREDSON, - Bibliography and textual Criticism..
023627: BOWERS, CLAUDE G., - The Party Battles of the Jackson Period..
023732: BOWERS, ALFRED W., - Hidatsa social and ceremonial Organization..
007119: BOWERS, CLAUDE G., - Jefferson and Hamilton; the Struggle for Democracy in America..
007578: BOWERS, CLAUDE G., - Jefferson in Power; the death Sturggle of the Federalists..
030455: BOWERS, FREDSON, - Textual & Literary Criticism..
013337: BOWERS, RICHARD H., ED., - Seven Studies in Medieval English History and Other Historical Essays Presented to Harold S. Snellgrove..
030925: BOWIE, THEODORE, - East-Wst in Art; Patterns of Cultural & Aesthetic Relationships..
036970: BOWIE, THEODORE, - Art of the Surimono..
038382: BOWLBY, JOHN, - Charles Darwin; a New Life..
014562: BOWLER, PETER J., - Evolution; the History of an Idea..
022537: BOWLEY, MARIAN, - Nassau Senior and classical Economics..
009333: BOWLEY, A. L., ED., - Studies in the National Income, 1924-1938..
014887: BOWMAN, JOHN S. AND JOEL ZOSS, - The Pictorial History of Baseball..
042936: BOWMAN, JOHN G., ET AL, - Nationality Rooms of the University of Pittsburgh..
042180: BOWMAN, ELIZABETH, - The Minor and Fragmentary Sentences of a Corpus of Spoken English..
005550: BOWMAN, FRANK PAUL, - Prosper Mérimée; Herosim, Pessimism, and Irony..
026411: BOWMAN, WILLIAM DODGSON, - The Divorce Case of Queen Caroline; an Account of the Reign of George IV and the king's Relations with Other Women..
033299: BOWMER, ANGUS L., - The Ashland Elizabethan Stage; Its Genesis, development and Use..
026106: BOWN, JANE, - Women of Consequence..
022712: BOWRA, C. M., - Periclean Athens..
028124: BOWRA, C. M., - Inspiration and Poetry..
030127: BOWRA, C. M., - The Heriage of Symbolism..
036254: BOWRA, C. M., - Tradition and Design in the Iliad..
034527: BOWRA, C. M., - Memories, 1898-1939..
041487: BOWRON, EDGAR PETERS, ET AL, - Best in Show; the Dog in art from the Renaissance to Today..
033639: BOWSHER, JULIAN, - The Rose Theaetre; an archaeological Discovery..
039522: BOWSKY, WILLIAM M, - Piety and Property in Medieval Florence; a House in San Lorenzo..
011866: BOWYER, CHAZ, - The Encyclopedia of British Military Aircraft..
008471: BOXER, C. R., ED., - Further Selections from The Tragic History of the Sea, 1559-1565; Narratives of the Shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen Aguia and Garça (1990), São Paulo (1561) and the Misadventures of the Brazil-ship Santo Antonio (1565)..
036632: BOY, MAX, PSEUD, - Modes & Mannesquins..
023608: BOYARIN, DANIEL, - Intertextuality and the Reading of Midrash..
025697: BOYCE, WILLIAM E. AND RICHARD C. DIPRIMA, - Elementary differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems..
027263: BOYCE, CHARLES, - Shakespeare A to Z; the Essential Reference to His Plays, His Poems, His Life and Times, and More..
007785: BOYCE, BENJAMIN, - The Benevolent Man; a Life of Ralph Allen of Bath..
029647: BOYCE, WILLIAM E. AND RICHARD C. DIPRIMA, - Elementary differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems..
024592: BOYD, DAVID, ED., - Perspectives on Alfred Hitchcock..
030224: BOYD, BRIAN, - Vladimir Nabokov; the American Years..
043663: BOYD, CATHERINE E, - Tithes and Parishes in Medieval Italy; the historical Roots of a Modern Problem..
041369: BOYD, MALCOLM, ED, - J. S. Bach..
008359: BOYDEN, DAVID D., - An Introduction to Music..
018470: BOYDEN, DAVID D., - An Introduction to Music..
023820: BOYER, BILL, - Doing Democracy; the MAP model for Organizing Social Movements..
008238: BOYER, PETER J., - Who Killed CBS? The Undoing of America's Number One News Network..
018472: BOYER, NOEL, - Trois Musiciens Français: Gounod--Massenet--Debussy..
032115: BOYER, CARL B., - The rainbow from Myth to Mathematics..
041297: BOYER, PASCAL, - Religion Explained; the Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought..
017554: BOYKIN, EDWARD, - Ghost Ship of the Confederacy; the Story of the Alabama and Her Captain, Raphael Semmes..
031139: BOYLAN, PATRICK, - Thoth, the Hermes of Egypt; a Study of some Aspects of Theological Thought in Ancient Egypt..
020412: BOYLE, KAY, - Words That Must somehow be Said; selected Essays, 1927-1984..
011006: BOYLE, THOMAS, - Black Swine in the Sewers of Hampstead; Beneath the Surface of Victorian Sensationalism..
036337: BOYLE, RICHARD J., - John Twachtman..
017859: BOYLE, JOHN ANDREW, - A Practical Dictionary of the Persian Language..
038009: BOYLE, KAY, - The Underground Woman..
026325: BOYNTON, MARY FUERTES, ED., - Louis Agassiz Fuertes; His Life Briefly Told and His Correspondence..
033131: BOYNTON, PERCY H., - London in ENglish Literature..
029162: BOZHKOV, ATANAS, - Bulgarian Icons..
027721: BOZZANO, ERNESTO, - Übersinnliche Erscheinungen bei Naturvölkern..
015556: BRABANT, FRANK HERBERT, - The Beginning of the Third Republic in France; a History of the National Assembly (February-September 1971)..
012726: BRACE, RICHARD AND JOAN BRACE, - Ordeal in Algeria..
019953: BRACHVOGEL, CARRY, - Robespierre..
034103: BRADBROOK, M. C., - John Webster, citizen and Dramatist..
033752: BRADBROOK, M. C., - English dramatic Form; a Hstiroy of Its Development..
033444: BRADBROOK, M. C., - Elizabethan Stage Conditions; a Study of Their Place in the Interpretation of Shakespeare's Plays..
033272: BRADBROOK, M. C., - The Rise of the Common Player; a Study of Actor and Society in Shakespeare's England..
041763: BRADBURY, JIM, - The medieval Siege..
027539: BRADFIELD, NANCY, - 900 Years of English costume from the Eleventh to the twentieth Century..
038381: BRADFORD, SARAH, - Lucrezia Borgia; Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy..
006457: BRADFORD, PETER AMORY, - Fragile Structures; a Story of Oil Refineries, National Security, and the Coast of Maine..
011869: BRADFORD, ALFRED S., - Some Even Volunteered; the First Wolfhounds Pacify Vietnam..
027881: BRADFORD, DAVID, - Drive-by Shootings..
031703: BRADFORD, ERNLE, - Hannibal..
033882: BRADLEY, JAMES, - Flyboys; a True Story of Courage..
032604: BRADLEY, A. C., - A Miscellany..
016888: BRADLEY, JAMES, - Flags of Our Fathers..
018473: BRADLEY, VAN ALLEN, - Music for the Million; the Kimball Piano and Organ Story..
014688: BRADLEY, CAROLYN G., - Western World Costume; an Outline History..
015113: BRADLEY, JOHN, ED., - Learning to Glow; a Nuclear Reader..
019513: BRADLEY, A. C., - Shakespearean Tragedy; lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth..
030157: BRADLEY, IAN, - The Complete Annotated Gilbert and Sullivan..
032578: BRADLEY, A. C., - Oxford Lectures on Poetry..
030420: BRADNER, LEICESTER, - Edmund Spenser and the Faerie Queene..
027225: BRADSHAW, GRAHAM, - Misrepresentations; Shakespeare and the Materialists..
033286: BRADSHAW, JOHN, - A Concordance to the poetical Works of John Milton..
043592: BRADSHAW, MARY M., ET AL., EDS, - Varia..
011008: BRADY, ROBERT A., - Crisis in Britain; Plans and Achievements of the Labour Government..
020289: BRADY, SARAH, - A Good Fight..
038433: BRADY, JAMES, - Superchic..
034391: BRAGG, MELVYN, - Richard Burton; a Life..
037271: BRAHAM, ALLAN, - Funeral Decorations in Early Eighteenth Century Rome..
030158: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Requiem. For Four-part Chorus of Mixed Voices and Baritone and Soprano Soli with Piano Accompaniment..
039568: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Variationen Für Klavier; for Piano; Pour Piano..
019382: BRAIDWOOD, LINDA, - Digging beyond the Tigris; an American Woman archeologist's Story of Life on a "dig" in the Kurdish Hills of Iraq..
999: BRAILSFORD, HENRY NOEL., - Voltaire...
006210: BRAIN, RUSSELL, - The Nature of Experience..
1599: VAN BRAKELL BUYS, W. R., - Goden en menschen van India. Met XI strophen van de dichteres Lalla vertaal d door A. Klumper...
013609: VAN BRAKELL BUYS, W. R., - Goden Und Menschen Van India..
028456: BRAMLY, SERGE, - Leonardo; discovering the Life of Leonardo da Vinci..
040027: BRANCH, MELVILLE C, - Telepower, Planning, and society; crisis in Communication..
023766: BRANCH, GEORGE AND MARGO BRANCH, - The Living Shores of Southern Africa..
006463: BRANCH, HOUSTON AND WENDELL SMITH, - The Unreasonable American; Francis W. Davis, Inventor of Power Steering..
041830: BRANCOLI, RODOLFO, - Gli USA e il PCI..
005506: BRAND, CARL F., - The British Labour Party; a Short History..
024875: BRAND, GERD, - Welt, Ich und Zeit nach unveröffentlichten Manuskripten Edmund Husserls..
028026: BRAND, C. P., - Ludovico Ariosto; a Preface to the "Orlando Furioso"..
037143: BRAND, C. P., - Italy and the English Romantics; the Italianate Fashion in Early Nineteenth-Century England..
027353: BRANDEN, NATHANIEL, - Judgment Day; My Years with Ayn Rand..
016510: BRANDENBURG, ERICH, - Die Reichsgründung..
021557: BRANDENSTEIN, WILHELM, - Einführung in die Phonetik und Phonologie..
012421: BRANDER, MICHAEL, - Hunting & Shooting; from Earliest Times to the Present Day..
037322: BRANDES, GEORG, - Goethe..
037654: BRANDES, JOSEPH, - Immigrants to Freedom; Jewish Communities in Rural New Jersey Since 1882..
026799: BRANDIN, DAVID H. AND MICHAEL A. HARRISON, - The Technology Was; a case for Competitiveness..
033632: BRANDIS, MARKUS, - La maniera tedesca; eine Studie zum historischen Verständnis der Gotik im Italien der Renaissance in Geschichtsschreibung, Kunsttheorie und Baupraxis..
042509: BRÄNDLE, RUDOLF, - Matth. 25, 31-46 im Werk des Johannes Chrysostomos. Ein Beitrag zur Auslegungsgeschichte und zur Erforschung der Ethik der griechischen Kirche um die Wende vom 4. zum 5. Jahrhundert..
043260: BRANDON, S. G. F, - Religion in Ancient History..
011010: BRANDON, HENRY, - In the Red; the Struggle for Sterling, 1964-1966..
013772: BRANDON, S. G. F., - A Dictionary of comparative Religion..
034189: BRANDT, NAT, - Con Brio; Four Russians called the Budapest String Quartet..
034178: BRANDT, NAT, - The Town That started the Civil War..
023396: BRANDT, DI, - Speaking of Power; the Poetry of Di Brandt..
010281: BRANDT, VINCENT S. R., - A Korean Village; between farm and Sea..
009012: BRANDT, JOSEPH, - Gus Hall Bibliography; the Communist Party, USA. Philosophy, History, Program, Activities..
019984: BRANDT, HARTMUT, ET AL., - The Industrial town as Factor of economic and Social Development; the Example of Jinja/Uganda..
005029: BRANDT, CONRAD, - Stalin's Failure in China, 1924-1927..
034255: BRANDT, BILL, - Bill Brandt, behind the Camera: Photographs 1928-1938..
030620: BRANDT, DI AND BARBARA GODARD, EDS., - Wider Boundaries of Daring; the Modernist Impulse in Canadian Women's Poetry..
019465: BRANG, PETER, ED., - Festschrift Für Margarete Woltner Zum 70. Geburtstag am 4. Dezember 1967..
018147: O'BRANION, JOHN D., - Reorienting Rhetoric, the Dialectic of List and Story..
011011: BRANSON, NOREEN AND MARGOT HEINEMANN, - Britain in the 1930's..
009280: BRANTLEY, CYNTIA, - The Giriama and colonial Resistance in Kenya, 1800-1920..
005229: BRAROE, NIELS WINTHER, - Indian & White; Self-Image and Interaction in a Canadian Plains Community..
019590: BRASHEAR, JOHN A., - John A. Brashear; the Autobiography of a Man Who Loved the Stars..
037384: BRASSAI, GYULA HALASZ, - The Secret Paris of the 30's..
024874: BRATCHER, ROBERT G. AND EUGENE A. NIDA, - A Translator's Handbook on the Gospel of Mark..
020387: BRATCHER, JAMES T. AND LYLE H. KENDALL, JR., - A Suppressed Critique of Wise's Swinburn Transactions; Addendum to an Enquiry..
037236: BRATLY, JOHN, - Breakfast and Elevenses..
037398: BRAUCH, MARGOT AND ALBRECHT BANGERT, - Blechspielzeug; mechanische Raritäten und ihre Hersteller..
036951: BRAUDEL, FERNAND, - The Wheels of Commerce..
031387: BRAUDEL, FERNAND, - Memory and the Mediterranean..
040102: BRAUDEL, FERNAND, - The Identity of France..
029946: BRAUDY, SUSAN, - Family Circle; the Boudins and the Aristocracy of the Left..
006863: BRAUDY, LEO, - Narrative Form in History and Fiction: Hume, Fielding & Gibbon..
016425: BRAUER, JERALD C., ED., - Reinterpretation in American Church History..
029163: BRAULT, GERARD J., - The Song of Roland; an analytical Edition..
041928: BRAUN, MICHAEL, - L'Italia da Andreotti a Berlusconi; rivolgimenti e prospettive politiche in un paese a Rischio..
033360: BRAUN-VOGELSTEIN, JULIE, - Art; the Image fo the West..
021558: BRAUN, MAXMILIAN, - Grundzüge der slawischen Sprachen..
016475: BRAUN, OTTO, - Von Weimar Zu Hitler..
032305: BRAUN, HUGH., - Historical Arachitecture; the Development of Structure and Design..
006153: BRAUN, M., - Differential Equations and Their Applications; an Introduction to Applied Mathematics..
010510: BRAUN, GERHARD, - Iphofen; Entwicklung Und Wirtschaftsgeographische Strukter Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Der Stadt; Umland, Beziehungen Und Fragen Der Gemeindetypisierung..
021078: BRAUN, SIDNEY D., ED., - Dictionary of French Literature..
018474: BRAUNBEHRENS, VOLKMAR, - Salieri; Ein Musiker Im Schatten Mozarts..
036182: BRAUNE, WILHELM, - Althochduetsche Grammatik..
043481: BRAUNFELS, WOLFGANG, - Karl der Große mit Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten..
027235: BRAUNMULLER, A. R. AND MICHAEL HATTAWAY, EDS., - The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama..
033473: BRAUNMULLER, A. R., - Natural Fictions; George Chapman's major Tragedies..
037100: BRAUNSTEIN, SUSAN L. AND JENNA WEISSMAN JOSELIT, EDS, - Getting Comfortable in New York; the American Jewish Home 1880-1950..
010823: BRAVMANN, RENE A., - West African Sculpture..
023637: BRAWLEY, JAMES P., - Two Centuries of Methodist Concern: Bondage, Freedom and education of Black People..
015229: BRAY, WARWICK, - The Gold of El Dorado..
030704: BRAY, WARWICK, - The Gold of El Dorado..
035316: BRAYBROOKE, NEVILLE, - A partridge in a pear Tree; a Celebration for Christmas..
014937: BRAZER, ESTHER STEVENS, - Early American Decoration; a Comprehensive Treatise Revealing the Technique Involved in the Art of Early American Decoration of Furniture, Walls, Tinware, Etc...
039270: BREAK, GEORG F. AND JOSEPH A. PECHMAN, - Federal Tax Reform, the impossible Dream?..
018475: BREAKSPEARE, EUSTACE J., - Mozart..
037241: BREARLEY, JOAN MCDONALD, - All About Himalayan Cats..
019343: BREASHEARS, DAVID, - High Exposure; an Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places..
019515: BREBNER, JOHN A., - The Demon Within; a Study of John Cowper Powys's Novels..
005276: BRECHER, IRVING AND S. A. ABBAS, - Foreign Aid and Industrial Development in Pakistan..
033252: BRECHER, KENNETH AND MICHAEL FEIRTAG, EDS., - Astronomy of the Ancients..
030564: BRECHIN, GRAY, - Imperial San Francisco; Urban Power, Earthly Ruin..
040979: BRECHT, BERTOLT, - Bertolt Brechts Hauspostille..
003092: BRECHT, ARNOLD, - The Political Philosophy of Arnold Brecht..
031358: BRECHT, BERTOLT, - Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder; eine Chronik aus dem Dreißigjährigen Krieg..
032564: BRECHT, BERTOLT, - Gesammelte Werke in 20 Bänden..
043204: BREDERO, ADRIAAN H, - Bernard of Clairvaux; Between Cult and History..
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307: BURLIN, ROBERT B., - Chaucerian fiction...
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027405: BURNEY, FANNY, - The Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay). Volume I 1791-1792, Letters 1-39..
036379: BURNEY, JAN, - Ettore Sottsass..
017407: BURNHAM, ROBERT, JR., - Burnham's Celestial Handbook; an observer's guide to the universe Beyond the Solar System..
037475: BURNHAM, DOROTHY K, - To Please the Caribou; painted Caribou-skin Coats Worn by the Naskapi, Montagnais and Cree Hunters of the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula..
041053: BURNHAM, S. W, - A General Catalogue of Double Stars within 121o of the North Pole..
042667: BURNIER, RAYMOND, - Visages de l'Inde Médiévale..
032358: BURNS, MICHAEL, - Dreyfus; a Family Affair, 1789-1945..
038350: BURNS, TOM, - Clydeside Musings..
039437: BURNS, GEORGE, - Gracie; a Love Story..
022974: BURNS, E. L. M., - Between Arab and Israeli..
020445: BURNS, ROBERT, - The Merry muses of Caledonia..
022020: BURNS, E. BRADFORD, - The Unwritten Alliance; Rio-Branco and Brazilian-American Relation..
014809: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR, - Cobblestone Leadership; Majority Rule, Minority Power..
025801: BURNS, JOHN, - A celebration of the Light; Zen in the Novels of Neil Gunn..
004440: BURNS, EUGENE, - The Last King of Paradise..
004750: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR, - The Deadlock of Democracy; Four-Party Politics in America..
038455: BURNS, GRANT, - The sports Pages; a critical Bibliography of Twentieth-Century American Novels and stories Featuring Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Other Athletic Pursuits..
042117: BURNS, ROBERT, - The poetical Works of Robert Burns..
005975: BURNS, ARTHUR F., - Production Trends in the United States Since 1870..
022021: BURR, ROBERT N., - By Reason or Force; Chile and the Balancing of Power in South America, 1830-1905..
022022: BURR, ROBERT N., - By Reason or Force; Chile and the Balancing of Power in South America, 1830-1905..
1025: BURR, NELSON R., - A critical bibliography of religion in America...
026013: BURRIDGE, KENELM, - Someone, No One; an Essay on Individuality..
007386: BURRISON, JOHN A., - Shaping Traditions; Folk Arts in a Changing South; a Catalog of the Goizueta Folklife Gallery at the Atlanta History Center..
015284: BURROUGHS, JOHN, - The Complete Writings of John Burroughts: Whitman, a Study..
032741: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM JAMES, - Watching the World's Weather..
042327: BURROW, J. A. AND THORLAC TURVILLE-PETRE, - A Book of Middle English..
024848: BURROWS, MILLAR, - The Dead Sea Scrolls..
030203: BURROWS, DONALD, - Handel..
030183: BURROWS, DONALD, - The Cambridge Companion to Handel..
036823: BURSON, NANCY, ET AL, - Composites; Computer-Generated Portraits..
034544: BURSTEIN, STANLEY M. AND LOUIS A. OKIN, EDS., - Panhellenica; Essays in Ancient History and Historiography in Honor of Truesdell S. Brown..
016777: BURSTEIN, ANDREW, - The Passions of Andrew Jackson..
029789: BURSTEIN, ANDREW, - The Inner Jefferson; Portrait of a Grieving Optimist..
007210: BURT, AL, - Al Burt's Florida; Snowbirds, Sand Castles and Self-Rising Crackers..
039279: BURTLESS, GARY, ED, - Work, Health, and Income among the Elderly..
020691: BURTON, EDWARD, - The Swedish-American press and the Vietnam War..
025125: BURTON, ERNEST DEWITT, - Syntax of the Moods and tenses in New Testament Greek..
025723: BURTON, DOLORES M., - Shakespeare's grammatical Style; a Computer-Assisted Analysis of Richard II and Antony and Cleopatra..
025769: BURTON, HARRY E., - The Discovery of the Ancient World..
033489: BURTON, ROBERT, - Robert Burton's Philosophaster with an English Translation of the Same. Together with His Other Minor Writings in Prose and Verse..
009348: BURTON, ARTHUR, - Modern Humanistic Psychotherapy..
009684: BURTON, WILLIAM WESTBROOK, ED., - Conversations About Bernstein..
029065: BURTON-BROWN, T., - Eearly Mediterranean Migirations; an Essay in archaeological Interpretation..
008868: BURTON, HUMPHREY, - Yehudi Menuhin; a Life..
020820: BURTON, MICHAEL C., - John Henry Faulk; a Biography. The making of a Liberated Mind..
036721: BURTON, MAURICE, - Phoenix Re-born..
021831: BURTON, DEBORAH, ET AL., EDS., - Tosca's Prisms; Three Moments of Western Cultural History..
040492: BURTON, ERNEST DE WITT AND EDGAR JOHNSON GOODSPEED, - A Harmony of the Synoptic Gospels in Greek..
043043: BURTT, HAROLD E, - The psychology of Birds; an Interpretation of Bird Behavior..
025126: BURTT, EDWIN ARTHUR, - The metaphysical foundatiaons of Modern physical Science; a Historical and critical Essay..
023768: BURUMA, IAN AND AVISHAI MARGALIT, - Occidentalism; the West in the Eyes of Its Enemies..
022484: BUSACKER, ROBERT G. AND THOMAS L. SAATY, - Finite graphs and Networks: An Intiroduction with Applications..
020224: BUSCH, JULIA M., - A Decade of Scupture; the 1960s..
013662: BUSCH, LUDGER, - Muche: George Muche. Dokumentation Zum Malerischen WErk Der Jahre 1915 Bis 1920; Ein Diskussionsbeitrag Zum Expressionismus..
038035: BUSCH, FREDERICK, - Rounds..
042090: BUSCH, WILHELM, - The Genius of Wilhelm Busch; Comedy of Frustration..
043529: BUSCHBECK, CHRISTINE, - Zur Wortbildung der Substantiva und Adjektiva im Altrussischen (an Hand des Wortmaterials zweier Viten Epifanij Premudryjs)..
003267: BUSCHOR, ERNST, - Griechische Vasenmalerei..
033764: BUSH, DOUGLAS, - English literature in the earlier seventeenth Century 1600-1660..
019015: BUSH, DOUGLAS, - John KEats; his Life and Writings..
025500: BUSH, GREGORY W., - Lord of Attention; Gerald Stanley Lee & the Crowd Metaphor in Industrializing America..
029884: BUSH, ALFRED L., - The life portraits of Thomas Jefferson..
032408: BUSH-BROWN, HAROLD, - Beaux Arts to Bauhaus and Beyond; an Architect's Perspective..
033112: BUSH, DOUGLAS, - Classical Influences in Renaissance Literature..
043755: BUSH, DOUGLAS, - The Renaissance and English Humanism..
014357: BUSHELL, RAYMOND, - Netuske Masks..
006032: BUSHMAN, CLAUDIA L., - America Discovers Columbus; How an Italian Explorer Became an American Hero..
037848: BUSHMAN, CLAUDIA L., - "A Good Poor Man's wife" being a Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth-Century New England..
012822: BUSHNELL, HORACE, - The Census and Slavery; a Thanksgiving Discourse, Delivered in the Chapel at Clifton Springs, N. Y., November 29, 1860..
006684: BUSHNELL, G. H. S., - Peru..
016067: BUSIGNANI, ALBERTO, - Benozzo; La Cappella Medici..
004457: BUSS, CLAUDE A., ED., - National Security Interest in the Pacific Basin..
014295: BUSSAGLI, MARIO, - Chinese Painting..
027183: BUSSE, MARK, ET AL., - The People of Lake Kutubu and Kikori; Changing Meanings of Daily Life..
014956: BUTEN, DAVID, - 18th-Century Wedgwood; a guide for Collectors & Connoisseurs..
024470: BUTIN, ROMAIN, - The Ten Nequdoth of the Torah or the Meaning and purpose of the Extraordinary Points of the Pentateuch (Massoretic text). A Contribution to the History of Textual Criticism Among the Ancient Jews..
037540: IBN BUTLAN, - The four Seasons of the House of Cerruti..
011037: BUTLER, D. E., - The Electoral System in Britain, 1918-1951..
011038: BUTLER, D. E. AND ANTHONY KING, - The British General Election of 1964..
012731: BUTLER, JEFFREY, ET AL., - The Black Homelands of South Africa; the Political and Economic Development of Bophuthatswana and KwaZulu..
034027: BUTLER, E. M., - The Fortunes of Faust..
038919: BUTLER, JOSEPH, - Bishop Butler; an Appreciation..
035785: BUTLER, LINDA, - Rural Japan; Radiance of the Ordinary..
013413: BUTLIN, MARTIN, - William Blake (1757-1827): a Catalogue of the Works of William Blake in the Tate Gallery..
041964: BUTOR, MICHEL AND MICHEL LAUNAY, - Résistances; conversation Aux Antipodes..
042028: BUTOR, MICHEL, - Répertoire; études et conférences 1948-1959..
032228: BUTSCHER, EDWARD, - Sylvia Plath; Method and Madness..
003433: BUTT, JOHN AND IAN DONNACHIE, - Industrial Archaeology in the British Isles..
030883: BUTT, JOHN, - The mid-eighteenth Century..
015558: BUTTERFIELD, H., - Napoleon..
012931: BUTTERFIELD, FOX, - China; Alive in the Bitter Sea..
010459: BUTTERFIELD, HERBERT, - Man on His Past; the Study of the History of Historical Scholarship..
004613: BUXTEHUDE, DIETRICH, - Free compositions for the Organ..
004614: BUXTEHUDE, DIETRICH, - Choral Transcriptions for the Organ..
033192: BUXTON, JOHN, - Elizabethan Taste..
035561: BYATT, A. S, - Babel Tower..
013333: BYE, RANULPH, - The Vanishing Depot..
032869: BYKOV, K. M., - The cerebral cortex and the Internal Organs..
009938: BYNNER, WITTER, - Tiger..
009428: BYNON, THEODORA, - Historical Linguistics..
026952: BYRD, MAX, - Jefferson; a Novel..
011881: BYRNE, EDWARD M., - Military Law..
002460: BYRNE, MARIE JOSE, - Prolegomena to an Edition of the Works of Decimus Magnus Ausonius..
033066: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON BYRON, BARON, - The poetical works of Lord Byron..
020446: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH, - The Letters of James Branch Cabell..
042531: CABEZAS, OMAR AND DORA MARIA TELLEZ, - La insurrección de las paredes; pintas y graffiti de Nicaragua..
041957: CABRAL, M. VILLAVERDE, - O desenvolvimento do capitalismo em Portugal no sécolo XIX..
043624: CABRERA BONET, PALOMA AND CARMEN SANCHEZ FERNANDEZ, - Oi archaioi ellenes sten Ispania; sta ichne tou Erakle. Los Griegos en España; tras las huellas de Heracles..
041852: CACIAGLI, MARIO AND PIERGIORGIO CORBETTA, - Elezioni regionali e sistema politico nationale: Italia, Spagna e Repubblica Federale Tedesca..
025127: CADBURY, HENRY J., - The Book of Acts in History..
017398: CADBURY, DEBORAH, - Terrible Lizard; the First Dinosaur Hunters and the Birth of a New Science..
020447: CADY, EDWIN H., - Stephen Crane..
005608: CADY, EDWIN H., - The Road to Realism; the Early Years 1837-1885 of William Dean Howells..
1031: (WOOLMAN, JOHN). CADY, EDWIN H., - John Woolman: the mind of the Quaker saint...
004266: CADY, JOHN F., - Thailand, Burma, Laos & Cambodia..
019368: CAEMMERER, H. PAUL, - A Manual on the Origin and development of Washington..
039817: CAEN, HERB, - Herb Caen's Guide to San Francisco..
025853: CAFFREY, MARGARET M., - Ruth Benedict, Stranger in This Land..
033230: CAFRITZ, ROBERT C., ET AL., - Places of Delight; the Pastoral Landscape..
008679: CAGAN, PHILLIP, - Determinants and Effects of Changes in the Stock of Money, 1875-1960..
038393: CAGAN, STEVE, - Steve Cagan. No es fácil; It's Not Easy; Looking at Cuba Today..
020561: CAGE, JOHN, - A year from Monday; New lectures and Writings..
036079: CAGE, JOHN, - A year from Monday; New lectures and Writings..
042577: CAHAN, Y. L., - Yidische Folksslider mit Melodyes; Yiddish folksongs with Melodies..
011417: CAHEN, LÉON AND MAURICE BRAURE, - L'Evolution politique De l'Angleterre Moderne (1485-1660)..
025779: CAHN, WILLIAM, - Einstein; a pictorial Biography..
000095: CAHN, EDMOND, - The moral Decision; Right and Wrong in the Light of American Law..
042140: CAIDIN, MARTIN, - Rendezvous in Space; the Story of Projects Mercury, Gemini, Dyna-Soar and Apollo..
036950: CAILLÉ, JACQUES, - Un savant montpelliérain: le professeur Auguste Broussonet (1761-1807)..
010221: CAILLET, LAURENCE, - The House of Yamazaki; the Life of a Daughter of Japan..
021025: CAIMPENTA, UGO, - L'Impero italiano d'Etiopia..
017700: CAIN, ELLA M., - The Story of Bodie..
025602: CAIN, H. THOMAS, - American Indian Jewelry..
039716: CAIN, WILLIAM, - Earth Pressure, Retaining walls and Bins..
035876: CAIN, DANA, - Collecting Japanese Movie Monsters..
035975: CAINE, WILLIAM, - The Glutton's Mirror..
009340: CAINE, T. M., ET AL., - Personal Styles in Neurosis; implications for small Group Psychotherapy and Behaviour Therapy..
007494: CAIRD, DAVID E. AND REBECCA M. BLANK, EDS., - Finding Jobs; Work and Welfare Reform..
031712: CAIRD, EDWARD, - The Evolution of theology in the Greek Philosophers..
033924: CAIRD, MONA, - The daughters of Danaus..
013421: CAIRE, PATRICE, - C.A.I.R.E.: Installation De Patrice Caire..
035654: CAIRNS, HUNTINGTON, ED, - The Limits of Art; Poetry and Prose Chosen By Ancient and Modern Critics..
003268: CALARCO, N. JOSEPH, - Tragic Being; Apollo and Dionysus in Western Drama..
016599: CALASSO, ROBERTO, - The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony..
022722: CALASSO, ROBERTO, - The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony..
034260: CALATCHI, ROBERT DE, - Tapis d'Orient: Histoire--esthétique--symbolisme..
036472: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH, - Yours Pictorially; Illustrated letters of Randolph Caldecott..
006887: CALDER, JENNI, - Women and Marriage in Victorian Fiction..
006131: CALDER, NIGEL, - The English Channel..
022755: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO, - L hija del Aire..
033397: CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA, PEDRO, - La desdicha de la voz (1639)..
017157: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO, - Ausgewählte Schauspiele..
038095: CALDERWOOD, JAMES L, - Metadrama in Shakespeare's Henriad, Richd II to Henry V..
032622: CALDERWOOD, JAMES L. AND HAROLD E. TOLIVER, EDS., - Essays in Shakespearean Criticsm..
024570: CALDERWOOD, HENRY, - David Hume..
019773: CALDICOTT, HELEN, - The New Nuclear Danger; George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex..
006955: CALDWELL, HELEN, - Machado De Assis; the Brazilian Master and His Novels..
041523: CALDWELL, RICHARD, - The Origin of the Gods; a psychoanalytic Study of Greek Theogonic Myth..
002928: CALEY, EARLE R., - Metrological Tables..
036265: CALI, FRANÇOIS, - L'Art des Conquistadors..
043723: CALIARO, MARCO AND MARIO FRANCESCONI, - John Baptist Scalabrini, Apostle to Emigrants..
021282: CALIFANO, JOSEPH A., JR., - Inside; a public and private Life..
041794: STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA, - How to Preserve Victory Garden Vegetables..
030559: CALKINS, FAY G., - My Samoan Chief..
007955: CALLAHAN, DANIEL, - What Kind of Life; the Limits of Medical Progress..
007136: CALLAHAN, BOB, ED., - The Big Book of American Irish Culture..
007150: CALLAHAN, GERALD N., - River Odyssey; a Story of the Colorado Plateau..
013543: CALLARLD, KEITH., - Pakistan: a Political Study..
014742: CALLAWAY, ARCHIBALD, ET AL., - The Nigerian Political Scene..
009035: CALLENDER, L., ED., - The Windmill; Stories, Essays, Poems & Pictures By Authors & Artists Whose Works are Published a the Sign of the Windmaill..
011973: CALLEO, DAVID P., - Beyond American Hegemony; the Future of the Western Alliance..
037754: CALLIS, STEPHEN, ET AL, - Murder in My Suite; Bienvenidos al Hotel California..
004896: CALLISON, CHARLES STUART, - Land-To-the-tiller in the Mekong Delta; Economic, Social and political Effects of Land Reform in Four Villages of South Vietnam..
036543: CALLOT, JACQUES, - Jacques Callot: das gesamte Werk..
042088: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN, ED, - The Elements of Style; an practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural details from 1485 to the Present..
007278: CALLOWAY, COLIN G., - The American Revolution in Indian Country; Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities..
031177: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN AND SUSAN OWENS, - Divinely Decadent..
038155: CALMANN, GERTA, - Ehret, Flower Painter Extraordinary..
008124: CALMETTE, JOSEPH, - Le Monde Féodal..
041342: CALOGERO, GUIDO, - Studien über den Eleatismus..
038819: CALOW, P, - Invertebrate Biology; a Functional Approach..
011041: CALTHORPE, SOMERSET J. GOUGH, - Cadogan's Crimea..
027857: CALVERT, PETER, - Mexico..
040497: CALVERT, ALBERT F, - Sculpture in Spain..
040498: CALVERT ALBERT F., AND C. GASQUOINE HARTLEY, - The Prado; a description of the Principal pictures in the Madrid Gallery..
003748: CALVI, FELICE, - Storia e Genealogia Della Famiglia Melzi..
003749: CALVI, FELICE, - Storia e Genealogia Delle Famiglie Calvi..
024809: CALVIN, WILLIAM H., - How brains Think; Evolving Intelligence, then and Now..
042792: CALVIN, JEAN, - Deux congrégations et Exposition du Catéchisme..
040435: CALVIN, JEAN, - Institution de la Religion Chrestienne..
037808: CALVINO, ITALO, - Mr. Palomar..
018483: CALVOCORESSI, M. D., - Mussorgsky..
043600: CAMBON, GLAUCO, - Dante's Craft; Studies in Language and Style..

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