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035135: TRASKO, MARY, - Daring Do's; a History of Extraordinary Hair..
016767: TRAUB, JAMES, - City on a Hill; Testing the american Dream at City College..
031523: TRAUBEL, HELEN, - St. Louis Woman..
031524: TRAUBNER, RICHARD, - Operetta; a Theatrical History..
026863: TRAVERS, BEN, - Mischief..
034013: TRAVERSI, DEREK, - Shakespeare: The Last Phase..
010974: TRAVIS, ROY, - Duo Concertante in Five Movements for Violin and Piano 1967..
002323: TRAVNICEK, FRANTISEK, - Phonetik Der Tschechischen Schriftsprache..
039552: TREBUKOVA, MASHA, - Masha Trebukova; Recente Schilderijen, 23 November-21 December 2002..
039553: TREBUKOVA, MASHA, - Masha Trebukova..
039554: TREBUKOVA, MASHA, - Masha Trebukova..
033888: TREFIL, JAMES S., - The Moment of Creation; Big Bang physics from before the First Millisecond to the Present Universe..
022236: TREFIL, JAMES, - A Scientist in the City..
024947: TREGGIARI, NICCOLA, - Vita del Padre Benvenuto Bambozzi, già maestro de' novizzi de Minori Conventuali..
034317: TREGLOWN, JEREMY, - Romancing; the Life and Work of Henry Green..
008341: TREISTMAN, JUDITH M., - The Prehistory of China; an Archeological Exploration..
018423: TREITSCHKE, HEINRICH VON, - Deutsche Geschichte Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert..
023734: TREMBLAY, MICHEL, - Les Belles-Soeurs..
023792: TREMBLAY, MICHEL, - Bonjour, LA, Bonjour..
014760: TREML, VLADIMIR G., - Alcohol in the USSR; a statistical Study..
029092: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX, - Lectures on Medieval Church History..
033899: TRENCHARD, JOHN, - Cato's Letters; or, Essays on Liberty, civil and Religious, and Other Important Subjects..
010413: TREND, J. B., - Portugal..
011636: TRENT, CHRISTOPHER, - The Russells..
018008: TRENTON, PATRICIA, - Harvey Otis Young, the Lost Genius 1840-1901..
018301: TRESMONTANT, CLAUDE, - Christian Metaphysics..
042172: TRESMONTANT, CLAUDE, - Études de Métaphysique Biblique..
005332: TRESSIDOR, ARGUS JOHN, - Ceylon; an Introduction to the "resplendent land"..
000025: TREUE, WILHELM, - Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Neuzeit..
031999: TREUENFELS, CARL-ALBRECHT VON, - The Magic of Cranes..
032256: TREUILLÉ, ERIC AND ANNA DEL CONTE, - Pasta; Every Way for Every Day..
016221: TREVELYAN, HUMPHREY, - The Middle East in Revolution..
016222: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH, - Rome '44; the Battle for the Eternal City..
023490: TREVELYAN, MARY CAROLINE, - William the Third and the Defence of Holland 1672-4..
014965: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY, - Garibaldi's Defence of the Roman Republic, 1848-9..
021645: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY, - The Life of John Bright..
011639: TREVELYAN, G. M., - Illustrated English Social History..
011637: TREVELYAN, G. M., - English Social History; a Survey of Six Centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria..
010062: TREVES, FREDERICK, - The Country of "The Ring and the Book"..
010857: TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH, - Princes and Artists; Patronage and Ideology at Four Habsburg Courts, 1517-1633..
018302: TRIBE, DAVID, - 100 Years of Freethought..
028557: TRIBOUT DE MOREMBERT, HENRI, - Le diocèse de Metz..
040525: TRIEBEL, L. A, - Rasser of Alsace..
041201: TRIFFIN, ROBERT, - The Balance of Payments and the Foreign Investment Position of the United States..
023291: TRILLING, DIANA, - The beginning of the Journey; the marriage of Diana and Lionel Trilling..
025822: TRILLING, JAMES, - Aegean Crossroads; Greek Island Embroideries in the Textil Museum..
015580: TRILLING, LIONEL, - Matthew Arnold..
036484: TRILLING, DIANA, - Reviewing the Forties..
043277: TRISTRAM, HILDEGARD L. C, - Liniguistik und die Interpretation englischer literarischer Texte..
878: TROCH E, ERNST GÜNER., - Niederländische Malerei des fünfzehnten und sechzehnten Jahr- hunderts...
013353: TROCHE, ERNST GÜNTER, - Niederländische Malerei Des Fünfzehnten Und Sechzehnten Jahrhunderts..
028558: TROELTSCH, ERNST, - Die Bedeutung der Geschichtlichkeit Jesu für den Glauben..
028559: TROELTSCH, ERNST, - The Christian Faith..
010587: TRÖGE, WALTHER, - Schlänker on Schnärze; Ein Lesebuch in Nordostthüringischer Mundart..
042761: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete Short Stories. Volume III: Tourists and Colonials..
042760: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete short Stories. Volume II: Editors and Writers..
042763: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete Short Stories. Volume V: Various Stories..
042762: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete Short Stories. Volume IV: Courtship and Marriage..
039753: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Palliser Novels of Anthony Trollope..
038223: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Last Chronicle of Barset..
038224: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Small house at Allington..
038225: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - Framley Parsonage..
038227: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - Barchester Towers..
038228: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Warden..
033014: TRONCHE, ANNE, - Ljuba..
020029: TRONIK, RUTH, - Israeli Periodical & Serials in English & Other European Languages; a Classified Bibliography..
039490: TRONZO, WILLIAM, - The Via Latina Catacomb; Imitation and Discontinuity in Fourth-Century Roman Painting..
004196: TROPP, EDUARD, ET AL., - Alexander A. Friedmann: The Man Who Made the Universe Expand..
033947: TROST, CATHY AND SUSAN BENNETT, - President Kennedy has been Shot..
016469: TROTHA, FRIEDRICH VON, - Fritz Von Holstein Als Mensch Und Politiker..
011641: TROTTER, TORRENS, COMP., - Cowdray in the Parish of Easebourne, Near Midhurst, Sussex..
002885: TROTTER, GRIFFIN, - The Loyal Physician; Roycean Ethics and the Practice of Medicine..
031525: TROTTER, WILLIAM R., - Priest of Music; the Life of Dimitri Mitropoulos..
029690: TROUILLAS, PAUL, - Le complexe de Marianne..
006121: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT, - Society and the Land..
024666: TROXELL, HYLA A., - The Coinage of the Lycian League..
026679: TROY, SANDY, - One More Saturday Night; Reflection with the Grateful Dead, Dead Family, and Dead Heads..
006797: TROY, GIL, - Affairs of State; the Rise and Rejection of the Presidential Couple Since World War II..
019655: TROYAT, HENRI, - Turgenev..
035294: TROYAT, HENRI, - Peter the GReat..
037457: TROYEN, CAROL AND EERICA E. HIRSHLER, - Charles Sheeler; Paintings and Drawings..
029194: CHRÉTIEN DE TROYES, - Kristian von Troyes Yvain (Der Löwenritter)..
029192: CHRÉTIEN DE TROYES, - Perceval oder die Geschichte vom Gral..
008384: TRUAX, CAROL, - Father Was a Gourmet; an Epic of Good Eating at the Turn of the Century..
011817: TRUAX, RHODA, - Joseph Lister, Father of Modern Surgery..
037614: TRUBEK, AMY B, - Haute Cuisine; How the French invented the Culinary Profession..
030911: TRUBETZKOY, N. S., - Dostoevskij als Künstler..
042790: TRUC, GONZAGUE, - Lamartine..
041067: TRUCHAUD, FRANÇOIS, - H. P. Lovecraft..
036310: TRUDEAU, G. B, - Doonesbury Deluxe; Selected glances Askance..
006798: TRUDELL, CLYDE F., - Colonia Yorktown; Being a Brief Historie of the Place Together with Something of Its Houses and Publick Buildings..
037008: TRUEBLOOD, ALAN S, - Experience and artistic Expression in Lope de Vega; the Making of La Dorotea..
027652: TRUMAN, HARRY S., - Dear Bess; the letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959..
002325: TRUMBULL, JAMES HAMMOND, - Natick Dictionary..
024029: TRUMP, DAVID, - Central and Southern Italy Before Rome..
011644: TRUNER, F. C., - James II..
040366: TRUSSLER, SIMON, - The Cambridge Illustrated History of Britih Theatre..
034193: TRYON, W. S., - Parnassus Corner; a Life of James T. Fields, Publisher to the Victorians..
009894: TRYPUCKO, JOZEF, - Le pluriel dans les locutions adverbiales de temps et de lieu en Slave..
043106: TSAFRIR, YORAM, ED, - Ancient Churches Revealed..
003508: TSAGARAKIS, ODYSSEUS, - Die Subjectivität in Der Griechischen Lyrik..
022576: TSANG, CHERYL D., - Microsoft first Generation; the Success Secrets of the Visionaries Who Launched a Technology Empire..
004969: TSANG, CHIH, - China's Postwar Markets..
025243: TSATSOS, THEMISTOKLES, - Peri Politeias; Staatstheoretische Studien..
024439: TSCHACKERT, PAUL, - Die Entstehung der lutherischen und der reformierten Kirchenlehre samt ihren innerprotestantischen Gegensätzen..
004400: TSCHIRCH, FRITZ, - Geschichte Der Deutschen Sprache..
035145: TSCHIRKY, RENÉ, - Heimito von Doderers Posaunen von Jericho; Versuch einer Interpretation..
032558: TSCHUPPIK, KARL, - Franz Joseph I.; der Untergang eines Reiches..
036748: TSUJI, SHIZUO, - Japanese Cooking; a Simple Art..
035538: TUBACH, FREDERIC C, - Struktur im Widerspruch; Studien zum Minnesang..
031526: TUBEUF, ANDRÉ, - Le Festival de Salzbourg..
027842: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W., - August 1914..
037376: TUCHMAN, MITCH, ED, - The Robert O. Anderson Building..
022583: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W., - Practicing History; Selected Essays..
015079: TUCHMAN, MAURICE, ED., - American Sculpture of the Sixties..
030523: TUCHMAN, MAURICE, - The Spiritual in Art; abstract Paintings 1890-1985..
037233: TUCHMAN, MITCH, - Magnificent Obsessions; Twenty Remarkable Collectors in Pursuit of Their Dreams..
033827: TUCKER, GLENN, - High Tide at Gettysburg; the Campaign in Pennsylvania..
014116: TUCKER, ABRAHAM, - Freewill, Foreknowlege and Fate; a Fragment..
016224: TUCKER, GLENN, - Chickamauga, Bloody Battle in the West..
016225: TUCKER, ROBERT C., - Stalinism; Essays in Historical Interpretation..
005604: TUCKER, MARTIN, - Africa in Modern Literature; a Survey of Contemporary Writing in English..
007835: TUCKER, NANCY BERNKOPF, - Patterns in the Dust; Chinese-American Relations and the Recognition Controversy, 1949-1950..
036892: TUCKER, TOBA PATO, - Heber Springs Portraits; Continuity and Change in the World Disfarmer Photographed..
028428: TUCKER, MARCIA, - American Painting in the Ferdinand Howald Collection..
032192: TUCKER, PAUL HAYES, - Monet in the '90s; the Series Paintings..
020577: TUCKER, LENA LUCILE AND ALLEN ROGERS BENHAM, - A Bibliography of fifteenth Century Literature, with special Reference to the history of English Culture..
036141: TUCKER, KERRY, - Greetings from Los Angeles; a Visit to the City of Angels in Postcards..
034407: TUCKER, ROBERT W. AND DAVID C. HENDRICKSON, - Empire of Liberty; the Statecraft of Thomas Jefferson..
010375: TUCKER, JOSIAH, - Josiah Tucker; a Selection from His Economic and political Writings..
033143: TUCKER BROOKE, C. F., ED., - The Shakespeare apocrypha Being a Collection of Fourteen Plays Which Have been Ascribed to Shakespeare..
030067: TUDESQ, ANDRÉ-JEAN, - La démocratie Een France depuis 1815..
036613: TUDGE, COLIN, - Future Food; Politics, Philosophy and recipes for the 21st Century..
019821: TUFARIELLO, CATHERINE, - Keeping My Name..
033579: TUFTE, EDWARD R., - Visual Explanations; images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative..
036029: TUFTE, EDWARD R., - The visual display of quantitative Information..
009993: TUGWELL, REXFORD G., - Off Course; from Truman to Nixon..
004815: TUGWELL, REXFORD G., - In Search of Roosevelt..
006799: TUGWELL, REXFORD G., - Off Course; from Truman to Nixon..
028935: MUSÉE DU LOUVRE-ORANGERIE DES TUILERIES, - Dans la lumiere de Vermeer; cinq siècles de peinture. Paris 24-september-28 novembre 1966..
016226: TULEJA, THADDEUS V., - Statesmen and Admirals; Quest for a Far Eastern Naval Policy..
1589: TULLOCH, JOHN., - Movements of religious thought in Britain during the nineteenth century. Wi th an introduction by A. C. Cheyne...
016227: TULLY, ANDREW, - Berlin; Story of a Battle, April-May 1945..
027909: TULLY, MARK AND GILLIAN WRIGHT, - India in Slow Motion..
036283: TULURIALIK, HUGH, ET AL, - Sanavik Cooperative, Baker Lake, 1974, prints/estampes..
005106: TUMA, ELIAS H., - Twenty-six Centuries of Agrarian Reform; a Comparative Analysis..
023760: WU TUNG, - The flight of an Empress..
022275: TUNNARD, CHRISTOPHER AND BORIS PUSHKAREV, - Man-made America: Chaos or Control? An Inquiry Into Selected Problems of Design in the Urbanized Landscape..
041931: TUÑÓN DE LARA, MANUEL, - Storia del Movimento Operaio Spagnolo..
009594: TUNSTALL, MEREMY, - The Media are American..
027998: TUNSTALL, JEREMY, - The Media in Britain..
017193: TUPPER, HARMON, - To the Great Ocean; Siberia and the Trans-Siberian Railway..
035608: TURBERVILLE, A. S., ED, - Johnson's England; an Account of the Life and Manners of his Age..
037497: TURBEVILLE, DEBORAH, - Deborah Turbeville's Newport Remembered; a Photographic Portrait of a Gilded Past..
036523: TURGENEV, IVAN, - Literary Reminiscences and autobiographical Fragments..
006931: TURGENEV, IVAN, - Ivan Turgenev; Literary Reminiscences and autobiographical Fragments..
030202: TURGENEV, IVAN S., - Fathers & Sons..
019656: TURGENEV, IVAN, - Literary reminiscences and autobiographical Fragments..
030221: TURGENEV, IVAN S., - A Month in the Country..
015283: TURGENEV, IVAN, - A Hunter's Sketches..
031527: TURING, PENELOPE, - Hans Hotter; Man and Artist..
015248: TURK, EDWARD BARON, - Hollywood Diva; a Biography of Jeanette MacDonalld..
030772: TURKEVICH, LUDMILLA BUKETOFF, - Cervantes in Russia..
016228: TURLEY, G. H., - The Easter Offensive, Vietnam, 1972..
010332: TURLEY, WILLIAM S., - The Second Indochina War; a Short Political and Military History, 1954-1975..
038121: TURNBAUGH, DOUGLAS BLAIR, - Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group..
008003: TURNBULL, ANDREW, - Thomas Wolfe..
041691: TURNÈBE, ODET DE, - Les Contens..
033518: TURNELL, MARTIN, - Jean Racine Dramatist..
005547: TURNELL, MARTIN, - The Novel in France: Mme De La Fayette, Laclos, kConstant Stendhal, Balzac, Flaubert, Proust..
034018: TURNER, LESLIE MORTON, - Du conflit tragique chez les Grecs et dans Shakespeare..
008719: TURNER, PETER, - History of Photography..
036290: TURNER, EVAN H, - Eskimo graphic Art; l'art graphique des Esquimaux, 1963..
022852: TURNER, MARK, - Death is the Mother of Beauty; Mind, Metaphor, Criticism..
023806: TURNER, GRAEME, - British cultural Studies; an Introduction..
024440: TURNER, J. E., - Essentials in the development of Religion; a Philosophic and psychological Study..
015595: TURNER, HENRY ASHBY, JR., - Hitler's Thirty Days to Power: January 1933..
026323: TURNER, W. J., ED., - A Treasury of English Wild Life..
026992: TURNER, H. E. W., - The pattern of Christian Truth; a Study in the relations Between Orthodoxy and Heresy in the Early Church..
016850: TURNER, STANSFIELD, - Caging the Nuclear Genie; an American Challenge for global Security..
010692: TURNER, HENRY ASHBY, JR., - Stresemann and the Politics of the Weimar Republic..
015035: TURNER, STEVE, - Van Morrison; Too Late to Stop Now..
029093: TURNER, CUTHBERT HAMILTON, - Studies in Early Church History; Collected Papers..
033594: TURNER, FRANK M., - The Greek Heritage in Victorian Britain..
015383: TURNER, W. J., - English Ballet..
009230: TURNER, RALPH H., ET AL., - Waiting for Disaster; earthquake Watch in California..
030348: TURNER, PAUL, - English Literature 1832-1890 Excluding the Novel..
032180: TURNER, J. M. W., - J. M. W. Turner; Works on paper from American Collections..
011642: TURNER, W. J., ED., - A Panorama of Rural England..
035712: TURNER, THOMAS, - The Diary of a Georgian Shopkeeper..
020895: TURNER, JAMES, - The Politics of Landscape; rural scenery and Society in English Poetry 1630-1660..
033474: TURNER, CELESTE, - Anthony Mundy, an Elizabethan man of Letters..
037258: TURNER, REGINALD, - Nineteenth Century Architecture in Britain..
033731: TURNER, ROBERT Y., - Shakespeare's Apprenticeship..
037029: TURNER, VICTOR, ED, - Celebration; Studies in Festivity and Ritual..
037537: TURNER, W. J., ED., - British Craftsmanship..
012027: TURRETTINI, FERNAND, - Geist Und Stoff; Gedanken Über Den Ingenieurberuf..
041872: TUSELL GOMEZ, JAVIER, - Las elecciones de Frente Popular en España..
027568: TUTE, WARREN, - Atlantic Conquest; the Men and Ships of the Glorious age of Steam..
006611: TUTOROW, NORMAN E., - Texas annexation and the Mexican War; a political Study of the Old Northwest..
022957: TÜTSCH, HANS E., - Facets of Arab Nationalism..
006152: TUTSCHKE, WOLFGANG, - Solution of Initial Value Problems in Classes of Generalized Analytic Functions..
026236: TUVE, ROSEMOND, - A Reading of George Herbert..
030257: TUVE, ROSEMOND, - Elizabethan and Metaphysical Imagery; Renaissance Poetic and Twentieth-Century Critics..
033564: TUVE, ROSEMOND, - Images & Themes in Five Poems By Milton..
033666: TUVE, ROSEMOND, - A Reading of Geroge Herbert..
009260: TWADDLE, MICHAEL, ED., - Imperialism, the State and the Third World..
027130: TWAIN, MARK, - Mississippi Writings: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; LIfe on the Mississippi; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Pudd'nhead Wilson..
027194: TWAIN, MARK, - The Innocents Abroad; Roughing it..
030588: TWAIN, MARK, - Mainly the Truth; Interviews with Mark Twain..
035994: TWISS, SALLY, - Apples; a Social History..
021045: TYLDEN-WRIGHT, DAVID, - The image of France..
026552: TYLDESLEY, JOYCE, - Egypt; How a Lost Civilization was Rediscovered..
043670: TYLER, DONALD EARL, - Paleolithic Artifacts of American Early Man..
035283: TYLER-MCGRAW, MARIE, - At the Falls; Richmond, Virginia, and Its People..
024131: TYLER-LEWIS, KELLY, - The Lost Men; the Harrowing Sage of Shackleton's Ross Sea Party..
026960: TYLER, PARKER, - Screening the Sexes; Homosexuality in the Movies..
043753: TYLER, MOSES COIT, - A History of American Literature..
013653: TYLER, RON, ED., - Alfred Jacob Miller, Artist on the Oregon Trail..
007431: TYLER, LAWRENCE, - Understanding Alternative Medicine; New Health Paths in America..
031240: TYLER, HAMILTON A., - Pueblo Gods and Myths..
038450: TYMN, MARSHALL B. AND ROGER C. SCHLOBIN, - The year's Scholarship in science fiction and Fantasy: 1972-1975..
038451: TYMN, MARSHALL B. AND ROGER C. SCHLOBIN, - The year's Scholarship in Science fiction and Fantasy: 1976-1979..
025290: TYNAN, KENNETH, - The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan..
033945: TYNAN, KATHLEEN, - The Life of Kenneth Tynan..
012028: TYNDALL, JOHN, - The Forms of Water; in Clouds and Rivers, Ice and Glaciers..
008548: TYRELL, R. EMMETT, JR., - The Future That Doesn't Work; social Democracy's Failure in Britain..
043320: TYSON, DIANA B, - La Vie du Prince Noir by Chandos Herald..
028561: TYSON, JOSEPH B., - A Study of Early Christianity..
010155: TYYLDEN-WRIGHT, DAVID, - The Image of France..
043728: TZEDAKIS,YANNIS, - Apo te Medeia ste Sappho; anypotaktes gynaikes sten Archaia Hellada..
028822: TZSCHIRNER, HANS-ERICH, - Streifzüge um den Persischen Golf..
006553: UBACH, B., - Legisne Toram? Grammataica Practica Linguae Hebraicae Seminariis Scholisque Publicis Accommodate..
019965: UBELAKER, DOUGLAS H., - The Ayalan Cemetery; a Late Ingetration Period burial Site on the South Coast of Ecuador..
036250: UDE, LOUIS EUSTACHE, - The French Cook..
022934: UDOVITCH, A. L., ED., - The Middle East; Oil, Conflict & Hope..
003223: UEBERWEG, FRIEDRICH, - Grundriss Der Geschichte Der Philosophie..
007274: UGALDE, ANTONIO, - Power and Conflict in a Mexican Community; a Study of Political Integration..
022187: UHLENBECK, E. M., - Critical Comments on Transformational-Generative Grammar, 1962-1972..
040421: UITTI, KARL D., - Story, Myth, and Celebration in Old FRench Narrative Poetry 1050-1200..
036284: UKPATIKU, WILLIAM, - Sanavik Cooperative, Baker Lake, 1975, prints/estampes..
002886: ULAM, ADAM B., - Ideologies and Illusions; Revolutionary Thought from Herzen to Solzhenitsyn..
004665: ULAM, ADAM B, - Titoism and the Cominform..
018806: ULANOV, BARRY, - Duke Ellinigton..
035378: ULBECK, SYLVIA, - "No More Alibis!"..
023479: ULC, OTTO, - The Judge in a Communist State; a View from Within..
018807: ULLMAN, MICHAEL, - Jazz lives; portraits in Words and Pictures..
031955: ULLMAN, B. L., - Ancient Writing and Its Influence..
002009: ULLMANN, STEPHEN, - The Principles of Semantics..
009899: ULLMANN, STEPHEN, - Précis de sémantique Française..
020852: ULLMANN, STEPHEN, - Meaning and Style; Collected Papers..
030775: ULLMANN, STEPHEN, - Style in the French Novel..
023271: ULMAN, LLOYD, ET AL., EDS., - Labor and an Integrated Europe..
019658: ULMAN, CRAIG HAWKINS, - Satire and the Correspondence of Swift..
039629: ULMER, MELVILLE J, - Trends and Cycles in Capital Formation By United States Railroads, 1870-1950..
018808: ULRICH, HOMER, - Chamber Music; the Growth & Practice of an intimate Art..
009353: ULRICH, HOMER, - Symphonic Music; Its Evolution Since the Renaissance..
020981: ULYATT, MICHAEL E., - Old Hull Remembered..
017929: UMEDA, RYO-CHU, ED., - New studies in Ancien Eurasian History; Essays Presented to Jozef Kostrzewski...
002010: UNBEGAUN, B. O, - A Bibliographical Guide to the Russian Language..
038153: UNBEGAUN, BORIS, - La langue russe au XVIe siècle (1500-1550). I: La flexion des Noms..
019189: UNDERHILL, REUBEN L., - From Cowhides to Golden Fleece; a narrative of California, 1832-1858, Based Upon Unpublished Correspondence of Thomas Oliver Larkin, Trader, Developer, Promoter, and Only American Consul..
024441: UNDERHILL, EVELYN, - Worship..
025733: UNDERHILL, REUBEN L., - From Cohides to Golden Fleece; a Narrative of California, 1832-1858, Based Upon Unpublished Correspondence of Thomas Oliver Larkin, Trade, Developer, Promoter, and Only American Consul..
026036: UNDERHILL, RUTH, - Pueblo Crafts..
041492: UNDERWOOD, E. ASHWORTH, ED., - Science, Medicine and History; Essays on the evolution of Scientific thought and Medical Practice Written in Honour of Charles Singer..
029648: UNGER, HARLOW G., - Encyclopedia of American Education..
021012: UNGER, LEONARD, - Donne's Poetry and Modern Criticism..
040665: UNGER, ECKHARD, - Altindogermanisches Kulturgut in Nordmesopotamien..
041507: UNGNAD, A. AND W. STAERK, EDS, - Die Oden Salomos..
038891: ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES, - The Rights and Responsibilities of Universities and Their Faculties; a Statement by the Association of American Universities, Adopted Tuesday, March 24, 1953..
028519: INDIANA UNIVERSITY, - Indiana University 1820-1920; Centennial memorial Volume..
028537: BROWN UNIVERSITY, - Historical Catalogue of Brown University; 1950 Edition..
003227: VAN UNNIK, WILLEM CORNELIS, - Evangelien aus Dem Nilsand..
003511: VAN UNNIK, WILLEM CORNELIS, - Newly Discovered Gnostic Writings; a Preliminary Survey of the Nag-Hammadi Find..
025244: VAN UNNIK, WILLEM CORNELIS, - La littérature juive entre Tenach et Mischna; quelques Problèmes..
027069: UNRAU, WILLIAM E., ED., - Tending the Talking Wire; a Buck soldier's View of Indian Country 1863-1866..
027098: UNRUH, JOHN D., JR., - The Plains Across; the Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-60..
008974: UNRUH, JOHN D., JR., - The Plains Across; the Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi-West 1840-60..
020761: UNSWORTH, BARRY, - Morality Play..
005836: UNTERECKER, JOHN, - Voyager; a Life of Hart Crane..
025913: UPDIKE, JOHN, - Just Looking; Essays on Art..
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036800: WAUTH, EVELYN, - The Loved One; an Anglo-American Tragedzy..
028652: WAVRIN, ROBERT, MARQUIS DE, - Das Geheimnis des Orinoko; Erlebnisse und Forschungen..
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012046: WEAVER, WAREN, - Scene of Change; a Lifetime in American Science..
018810: WEAVER, WILLIAM AND MARTIN CHUSID, - The Verdi Companion..

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