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901: WARNER, PHILIP., - The medieval castle; life in a fortress in peace and war...
012044: WARNER, AARON W., ET AL., EDS., - The Impact of Science on Technology..
007900: WARNER, SAM BASS, JR., - The Urban Wilderness; a History of the American City..
012516: WARNER, MARINA, - The Dragon Empress; the Life and Times of Tz'u-hsi, Empress Dowager of China, 1835-1908..
012520: WARNER, MARINA, - The Dragon Empress; Life and Times of Tz'u-hsi, 1835-1908, Empress Dowager of China..
010838: WARNER, PHILIP, - The Crimean War; a Reappraisal..
020518: WARNER, GALE AND MICHAEL SHUMAN, - Citizen Diplomats; Pathfinders in Soviet-American Relations and How you can Join Them..
016251: WARNER, DENIS AND PEGGY WARNER, - The Sacred Warriors; Japan's Suicide Legions..
006812: WARNER, W. LLOYD, - American Life: dream and Reality..
020585: WARNER, PHILIP, - Sieges of the Middle Ages..
031965: WARNER, REX, - Men of Athens; the Story of Fifth Century Athens..
039157: WARNER, THOMAS E, - An Annotated Bibliography of Woodwind Instruction Books, 1600-1830..
037027: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND, - The Music at LOng Verney; Twenty Stories..
040600: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND, - Elinor Barley..
024451: WARNKE, GEORGIA, - Gadamer; Hermeneutics, tradition and Reason..
031267: WARNKE, FRANK J., - European Metaphysical Poetry..
024452: WARNOCK, G. J., - Berkeley..
036678: WARNOD, ANDRÉ, - Gavarni..
042584: WARRACK, JOHN H, - The Cathedrals and Other Churches of Great Britain..
018814: WARRACK, JOHN, - Carl Maria Von Weber..
018815: WARRACK, JOHN AND EWAN WESTS, - The Oxford Dictionary of Opera..
031594: WARRACK, JOHN, - Tchaikovsky Ballet Music..
043326: WARREN, INA RUSSELLE, ED, - The Doctor's Window; Poems by the Docotr, for the Doctor and About the Doctor..
009785: WARREN, AUSTIN, - The New England Conscience..
023123: WARREN, KAY B., - The symbolism of Subordination; Indian Identity in a Guatemalan Town..
007829: WARREN, EUGENE, - The Similitudes and Other Poems..
011440: WARREN, J. LEICESTER, - Greek Federal Coinage..
012045: WARREN, J. COLLINS, - To Work in the Vineyard of Surgery; the Reminiscences of J. Collins Warren (1842-1927)..
007902: WARREN, FRANK A., III, - Liberals and Communism; the "Red Decade" Revisited..
029959: WARREN, DAWSON, - The Journal of a British Chaplain in Paris during the Peace Negotiations of 1801-2..
029835: WARREN, W. L., - Henry II..
011654: WARREN, C. HENRY, - Content with What I Have..
021733: WARREN, DAVID B., - Bayou Bend; AMerican Furniture, Paintings and silver from the Bayou Bend Collection..
032390: WARREN, WILLIAM, - Images of Thailand..
039046: WARREN, WILLIAM, - Warren's Book..
031241: WARRICK, PATRICIA AND MATIN HARRY GREENBERG, EDS., - The New Awareness; Religion Though Science Fiction..
030967: WARSH, DAVID, - Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations; a Story of economic Discovery..
002021: WARTBURG, WALTHER VON, - Von Sprache und Mensch; gesammelte Aufsätze..
009908: WARTBURG, WALTHER VON, ET AL., - Bibliographie Des Dictionaires Patois Galloromans (1550-1967)..
018208: WARTBURG, WALTHER VON, - Einführung in Probelmatik Und Methodik Der Sprachwissenschaft..
042582: WARTBURG, WALTHER VON, - La fragmentacion lingüistica de la Romania..
005190: WARWICK, PAUL, - The French Popular Front; a Legislative Analysis..
023319: WASHINGTON, ELSIE B., - Uncivil War; the struggle Between Black men and Women..
007903: WASHINGTON, GEORGE, - Friends and Fellow Citizens; Washington's Address to the People of the United States..
036058: WASHINGTON, MARY A, - Sir Philip Sidney; an Annotated Bibliography of Modern Criticism, 1941-1970..
001883: WASIELEWSKI, WILHELM JOSEPH VON, - Die Violine Und Ihre Meister..
030199: WASIOLEK, EDWARD, - Tolstoy's Major Fiction..
030117: WASIOLEK, EDWARD, - Dostoevsky; the Major Fiction..
040840: WASSEN, S. HENRY AND NILS M. HOLMER, - Estudios Chocoes..
035543: WASSERMAN, ABBY, - Praise, Vilification & Sexual Innuendo, or, How to be a Critic; the selected Writings of John L. Wasserman 1964-1979..
005076: WASSERMAN, EARL R., ED., - Aspects of the eighteenth Century..
023698: WASSERSTEIN, BERNARD, - Britain and the Jews of Europe 1939-1945..
014130: WASSON, DAVID ATWOOD, - Beyond Concord; selected Writings of David Atwood Wasson...
037246: WASSON, TYLER, ED, - Nobel Prize Winners; an H. W. Wilson Biographical Dictionary..
001884: WATANABE, RUTH T, - Introduction to Music Research..
030526: WATER, FRANK, - To possess the Land; a Biography of Arthur Rochford Manby..
008632: WATERHOUSE, ELLIS, - Painting in Britain, 1530 to 1790..
005164: WATERMAN, HARVEY, - Political Change in Contemporary France; the Politics of an Industrial Democracy..
022197: WATERMAN, JOHN T., - Perspectives in Linguistics..
041145: WATERMAN, WILLIAM RANDALL, - Frances Wright..
018816: WATERS, ETHEL, - His Eye is on the Sparrow; an Autobiography..
035775: WATERSON, MERLIN, - The Servant's Hall; a "downstairs" History of a British Country House..
005776: WATKIN, JACOB, - The Rise of Democracy in Pre-Revolutionary Russia; Political and Social Institutions Under the Last Three Czars..
018321: WATKIN, E. I., - A Philosophy of Form..
038566: WATKINS, T. H. AND R. R. OLMSTED, - Mirror of the Dream; an Illustrated History of San Francisco..
037460: WATKINSON, RAYMOND, - Pre-Raphaelite art and Design..
023408: WATKINSON, RAY, - William Morris as Designer..
014463: WATKINSON, RAYMOND, - Pre-Raphaelite Art and Design..
032370: WATSON, BURTON, - Early Chinese Literature..
016552: WATSON, WILLIAM, - Cultural Frontiers in Ancient East Asia..
014294: WATSON, WILLIAM, - Style in the Arts of China..
014307: WATSON, WILLIAM, - Ancient Chinese Bronzes..
011442: WATSON, WILLIAM, - China Before the Han Dynastry..
005940: WATSON, RITCHIE DEVON, JR., - Yeoman Versus Cavalier; the Old Southwest's Fictional Road to Rebellion..
033637: WATSON, GEORGE, ET AL., EDS., - The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature..
017568: WATSON, ANDREW G., - The Manuscripts of Henry Savile of Banke..
016254: WATSON, BRUCE W., ET AL., - Military Lessons of the Gulf War..
032511: WATSON, THOMAS, - Thomas Watson's Latin Amyntas (1585)..
033074: WATSON, ANTHONY, - Juan de la Cueva and the Portuguese Succession..
013167: WATSON, JAMES L., - Emigration and the Chinese Lineage; the Mans in Hong Kong and London..
027097: WATT, JOHN, ED., - The Journal of the Donizetti Society. No. 2..
006861: WATT, IAN, - Conrad in the nineteenth Century..
040456: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY, - Islamic Philosophy and Theology..
028041: WATTENMAKER, RICHARD J., - The Art of Charles Prendergast. Rugers University Art Gallery; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston..
038943: WATTENMAKER, RICHARD J., - Maurice PRendergast..
041814: WATTERS, REGINALD EYRE, ED, - British Columbia: a Centennial Anthology..
030749: WATTS, JOHN, ED., - The journal of the Donizetti Society. No. 2..
038396: WATTS, LEWIS, - Lewis Watts. South to West Oakland..
034461: WAUGH, SCOTT L., - England in the Reign of Edward III..
019664: WAUGH, EVELYN, - The ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold; a conversation Piece..
037828: WAUGH, EVELYN, - A tourist in Africa..
035895: WAUGH, F. W, - Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation..
036800: WAUTH, EVELYN, - The Loved One; an Anglo-American Tragedzy..
028652: WAVRIN, ROBERT, MARQUIS DE, - Das Geheimnis des Orinoko; Erlebnisse und Forschungen..
027105: WAX, NELSON, ED., - Selected Papers on Noise and Stochastic Processes..
034673: WAXMAN, MEYER, - The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas..
031595: WAYNER, ROBERT J., - What Did They Sing at the Met?..
040918: WEAKLAND, REMBERT G, - A Pilgrim in a pilgrim Church; memoirs of a Catholic Archbishop..
1611: WEATHERBY, HAROLD L., - Cardinal Newman in his age; his place in English theology and literature...
014407: WEAVER, JOHN D., - Warren: The Man, the Court, the Era..
012046: WEAVER, WAREN, - Scene of Change; a Lifetime in American Science..
018810: WEAVER, WILLIAM AND MARTIN CHUSID, - The Verdi Companion..
030900: WEAVER, MURIEL PORTER, - The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors; archaeology of Mesoamerica..
034887: WEAVER, BOBBY D, - Hotter'n Pecos..
031596: WEAVER, WILLIAM, - Verdi; a Documentary Study..
042231: WEAVER, WILLIAM, - The Golden Century of Italian Opera from Rossini to Puccini..
040640: WEAVER, JANE CALHOUN, ED, - Sadakichi Hartmann, Critical Modernist; Collected art Writings..
002893: WEBB, THOMAS E, - The Veil of Isis; a Series of Essays on Idealism..
012614: WEBB, WALTER FREEMAN, - Handbook for Shell Collectors; Illustrations and Descriptions of Over 2,000 Marine Species Foreign to the United States of America..
011720: WEBB, CATHERINE J., - A Family history of California..
008878: WEBB, BEATRICE, - The Diaries of Beatrice Webb..
020008: WEBB, HOWARD, W., JR., ED., - Illinois Prose Writers; a Selection..
030389: WEBB, ALEXANDER S., - The Peninsula; McClellan's Campaign of 1862..
019907: WEBB, KEMPTON E., - The changing face of Northeast Brazil..
006696: WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT, - The Great Frontier..
007911: WEBB, BEATRICE, - Beatrice Webb's American Diary, 1898..
035783: WEBB, MICHAEL, - The Magic of Neon..
039824: WEBB, MARTYN AND AUDREY WEBB, - Edge of Empire..
005909: WEBBER, MELVIN M., ET AL., - Explorations Into Urban Structure..
040638: WEBBER, CHRISTOPHER L, - American to the Backbone; the Life of James W. C. Pennington, the Fugitive Slave Who Became on e of the First Black Abolishonists..
042216: WEBER, GIORGIO, - Sensata veritas; l'affiorare dell'anatomia patologica, ancora innominata, in scritti di anatomisti del '500..
034055: WEBER, FRANK G., - Eagles on the Crescent; Germany, Austria, and the Diplomacy of the Turkish Alliance 1914-1918..
032636: WEBER, ROBERT J., - The Miau Manuscript of Benito Pérez Galdós..
023551: WEBER, NICHOLAS FOX, - Patron saints; five Rebels Who Opened America to a New Art, 1928-1943..
034582: WEBER, PHILIPP, - Entwickelungsgeschichte der Absichtssätze..
006157: WEBER, R. L., - A Random Walk in Science; an Anthology..
010841: WEBER, DAVID J., - The Spanish Frontier in North America..
020836: WEBER, ADNA FERRIN, - The Growth of Cities in the nineteenth Century; a Study in Statistics..
018818: WEBER, CARL MARIA VON, - Weber in London 1826; selections from Weber's Letters to his Wife and from the writings of His Contemporaries..
010715: WEBER, WILHELM, - Konvergenz Der Wirtschaftsordnungen Von Ost Und West?..
028833: WEBER, A. R., - Kontorrock und Konsulatsmütze..
013367: WEBER, MAX, - Zur Geschichte Der Handelsgesellschaften Im Mittelalter; Nach Südeuropäischen Quellen..
031597: WEBER, CARL MARIA VON, - Der Freischütz. Complete vocal and orchestral Score..
034661: WEBER, GEORGE W., JR., - The Ornaments of Late Chou Bronzes; a Method of Analysis..
039616: WEBER, ALFRED, - Theory of the Location of Industries..
039931: WEBER, NICIHOLAS FOX, - Balthus; a Biography..
032542: WEBER, CHRISTIANE, - Hans Christian Andersen in Weimar..
040825: WEBER, EUGEN, - Vinzenz Pallotti, ein Apostel und Mystiker 1795-1850..
041144: WEBER, ADOLF, - Schein und Wirklichkeit in der Volkswirtschaft; sechs Jahrzehnte im Dienste der Volkswirtshcaftslehre. Beiträtrage zur Klärung sozialökonomischer Gegenswartsprobleme..
037804: WEBSTER, H. T. AND PHILO CALHOUN, - Life with Rover..
042408: WEBSTER, NOAH, - He Hoakakaolelo no na huaolelo Beritania, i mea kokua i na kanaka Hawaii e ao ana Ia Olelo..
042236: WEBSTER, GRAHAM, - Celtic Religion in Roman Britain..
020450: WEBSTER, EDNA ROBB, - Early exploring in lands of the Maya..
005622: WEBSTER, JOHN, - The White Devil, 1612..
014133: WEBSTER, RICHARD, - Equilibrium; a Constructive Attack on the Atheism of "Oxford philosophy" and certain Assumptions of Linguistic Analysis..
027016: WEBSTER, T. B. L, - Athenian culture and Society..
041418: WEBSTER, T. B. L, - Studies in Later Greek Comedy..
007912: WEBSTER, WARREN, JR., - The Life and Times of Warren Webster..
007913: WEBSTER, DANIEL, - The Private Correspondence of Daniel Webster..
034635: WEBSTER, T. B. L, - From Mycenae to Homer..
031966: WEBSTER, T. B. L, - The Greek Chorus..
031967: WEBSTER, T. B. L, - Hellenistic Poetry and Art..
031968: WEBSTER, T. B. L, - An Introduction to Sophocles..
014884: WEBSTER, J. CARSON, - Erastus D. Palmer..
019760: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH, - Vienna, My Vienna..
018819: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH, - Red plush and black Velvet; the Story of Dame Nellie Melba and her Times..
018820: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH, - Verdi..
016750: WEINSTAT HERTZEL AND BERT WECHSLER, - Dear Rogue; a Biography of the American Baritone, Lawrence Tibbett..
038087: WECHSLER, JEFFREY, ED, - Asian Traditions, modern Expressions; Asian American artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970..
036810: WECKLER, J. E, - Polynesians, Explorers of the Pacific..
004725: WECKMANN-WITTENBURG, P. F., - Norderoog, Ein Deutsches Vogelparadies. Naturkunden Von Den Halligen Und Vom Wattenmeer..
016897: WEDECK, H. E., - Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs..
039201: WEDGWOOD, JOSIAH, - The Economics of Inheritance. With a New Introduction..
042949: WEDGWOOD, C. V, - Velvet Studies..
033201: WEDGWOOD, C. V., - Poetry and Politics under the Stuarts..
025446: WEDLOCK, BRUCE D. AND JAMES K. ROBERGE, - Electronic Components and Measurements..
012665: WEED, CLARENCE M., - Butterflies Worth Knowing..
017406: WEEDEN, CURT, - Corporate Social Investing; the Breakthrough strategy for giving and Getting Corporate Contributions..
019665: WEEKS, DONALD, - Corvo; Saint or Madman?..
009711: WEEKS, ALBERT L., - The First Bolshevik; a Political Biography of Peter Tkachev..
002717: WEGENAST, KLAUS, - Das Verständnis der Tradition bei Paulus und in den Deuteropaulinen..
037108: WEGMAN, WILLIAM, - Little Red Riding Hood..
037109: WEGMAN, WILLIAM, - Cinderella..
035259: WEGMAN, WILLIAM, - Fashion Photographs..
037883: WEHDEKING, VOLKER UND GÜNTER BLAMBERGER, - Erzählliteratur der frühen Nachkriegszeit (1945-1952)..
021527: WEHLER, HANS-ULRICH, ED., - Deutsche Historiker..
041497: WEHLI, MAX, - Das barocke Geschichtsbild in Lohensteins Arminius..
019885: WEI, SHAO, - Pulling a dragon's Teeth..
023795: WEIDENBAUM, MURRAY, - Small Wars, Big Defense; Paying for the Military After the Cold War..
012047: WEIDENREICH, FRANZ, - Apes, Giants and Man..
016258: WEIDER, BEN AND DAVID HAPGOOD, - The Murder of Napoleon..
013226: WEIDLÉ, WLADIMIR, - Mosaici Veneziani..
014372: WEIDNER, MARSHA, ET AL., - Views from Jade Terrace; Chinese Women Artists, 1300-1912..
011444: WEIGALL, ARTHUR, - The Life and Times of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt..
025259: WEIGALL, ARTHUR, - Histoire de Égype Ancienne..
005627: WEIGAND, HERMANN J., - Surveys and Soundings in European Literature..
010697: WEIGEL, WOLFGANG, - Theorien Der Verkehrsmittelwahl Zur Planung Und Kontrolle Bimodaler Verkehrskorridore..
034004: WEIGEL, PAUL, - Leipzig; ein Blick in das Wesen und Werden einer deutschen Stadt. Festgabe der Stadt Leipzig 1913..
904: WEIGELT, CURT H., - Giotto; des Meisters Gemälde. Stuttgart, etc...
008633: WEIGERT, HANS, - Geschichte Der Deutschen Kunst von Der Vorzeit Bis Zur Gegenwart..
027737: WEIGERT, HANS, - Kleine Kunstgeschichte der Vorzeit und der Naturvölker..
016809: WEIGLEY, RUSSELL F., - A Great Civil War; a Military and Political History, 1861-1865..
039458: WEIGLEY, RUSSELL F., - Towards an American Army; Military thought from Washington to Marshall..
039541: WEIJNEN, A, - Nederlandse Dialectkunde..
029725: WEIL, BRUNO, - Der Prozeß des Hauptmanns Dreyfus..
037367: WEIL, ANDREW AND ROSIE DALEY, - The Healthy Kitchen; Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit..
039331: WEIL, OSCAR, - Letters and Papers..
031598: WEILL, KURT AND LOTTE LENYA, - Speak Low (when You Speak love)..
033898: WEINBERG, STEVEN, - The First Three Minutes; a Modern View of the Origin of the Universe..
043279: WEINBERG, ROBERT, - Stalin's Forgotten Zion; Birobidzhan and the Making of a Soviet Jewish Homeland. An Illustrated History, 1928-1996..
026491: WEINBERG, BILL, - Homage to Chiapas; the New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico..
029273: WEINBERG, HENRY H., - The Myth of the Jew in France 1967-1982..
008738: WEINBERG, GERHARD L., - A World at Arms; a Global history of World War II..
015543: WEINBERG, BERNARD, - The Art of Jean Racine..
009148: WEINBRAUB, STANLEY, - Private Shaw and Public Shaw; a Dual Portrait of Lawrence of Arabia and G. B. S...
039445: WEINER, JAMES F., - The Heart of the Pearl Shell; the Mythological Dimension of Foi Sociality..
005309: WEINER, MYRON, - The Politics of Scarcity; Public Pressure and political Response in India..
031599: WEINER, MARC A., - Richard Wagner and the anti-Semitic Imagination..
042855: WEINER, A. AND FRITZ GROSS, EDS, - Modern German Verse; an Anthology..
019829: WEINER, JONATHAN, - His Brother's Keeper; a story from the Edge of Medicine..
033854: WEINGARTEN, MARC, - The Gang That Wouldn't write Straight; Wofle, Thompson, Didion, and the New journalism Revolution..
013368: WEINGARTNER, JOSEF, - Gotische Wandmalerei in Südtirol...
010151: WEINGARTNER, JOSEF, - Der Geist Des Barock..
040675: WEINMANN, KALR, ED, - Kiirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch. 23. Jahrgang..
027458: WEINREB, BEN AND CHRISTOPHER HIBBERTS, EDS., - The London Encyclopedia..
009913: WEINRICH, HARALD, - Linguistik Der Lüge..
022361: WEINSTEIN, NORMAN C., - A Night in Tunisia; imaginings of Africa in Jazz..
010274: WEINSTEIN, MARTIN E., - Japan's postwar Defense Policy, 1947-1968..
037841: WEINSTEIN, ROBERT A. AND LARRY BOOTH, - Collection, Use, and Care of historical Photographs..
018822: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT, - Music as an Art..
018823: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT, - Rossini; a Biography..
031601: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT, - Vincenzo Bellini; His Life and His Operas..
036392: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT, - Handel..
008717: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY, - Whistler; a Biography..
039202: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY, - A Keynesian Theory of Employment Growth & income Distribution..
007788: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY, ED., - Modern Economic Thought..
016260: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY, - The Last Great Cause; the Intellectuals and the Spanish Civil War..
039214: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY, - Keynes and the Monetarists and Other Essays..
011656: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY, - Four Rossettis; a Victorian Biography..
041211: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY, - The foreign-exchange Gap of the Developing Countries..
036136: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P, - Art Nouveau Bing; Paris Style, 1900..
023124: WEISBROD, BURTON A., ET AL., - Disease and economic Development; the Impact of Parasitic Dieeases in St. Lucia..
005970: WEISBROD, CAROL, - The Boundaries of Utopia..
039581: WEISBROD, SHIRLEY AND RITA SOMERS, - Ethings and Fragments..
031970: WEISE, OSCAR, - Language and Character of the Roman People..
022976: WEISGAL, MEYER W. AND JOEL CARMICHAEL, - Chaim Weizmann; a Biography By Several Hands..
002340: WEISGERBER, LEO, - Die Vier Stufen in Der Erforschung Der Sprachen..
022199: WEISGERBER, LEO, - Der Buchstabe und der Geist..
022198: WEISGERBER, JOHANN LEO, - Die Grenzen der Schrift; der Kern der Rechtsschreibreform..
026540: WEISHAMPEL, DAVID B., ET AL., EDS., - The Dinosauria..
026711: WEISMANN, DONALD L., - The visual Arts as human Experience..
015205: WEISMANN, DONALD L., - The Visual Arts as human Experience..
020421: WEISS, CHARLES, - Journal 1815-1822..
1619: WEISS, PAUL., - The making of men...
016419: WEISS, RICHARD, - The American Myth of Success; from Horatio Alger to Norman Vincent Peale..
034967: WEISS, HOWARD M, - Marine Animals of Southern New England and New York; Identification Keys to Common Nearshore and Shallow Water Macrofauna..
015658: WEISS, PEG, - Kandinsky in Munich; the Formative Jugendstil Years..
006568: WEISS, BERNHARD, - Die Drei Briefe Des Apostel Johannes..
031564: WEISS, HARVEY, ED., - Ebla to Damascus; Art and archaoelogy of Ancient Syria..
035678: WEISS, PETER, - Bodies and Shadows; Two Short Novels..
039550: WEISS, LEE, - Lee Weiss: 25 Years in Wisconsin; a Survey of paintings from 1962 to 1987..
041587: WEISS, EMIL RUDOLF, - Weiss-Schriften nach Entwürfen von Professor E. R. Weiß: Antiqua, Kursiv, Kapitale, Lapidar..
041841: WEISSENBERGER, KLAUS, - Die Elegie bei Paul Celan..
017088: WEISSMAN, PAUL R., ET AL., EDS., - Encyclopedia of the Solar System..
021599: WEISSTEIN, ULRICH, - Comparative Literature and Literary Theory; Survey and Introduction..
021747: WEISSTEIN, ULRICH, - Comparative Literature and Literary Theory; survey and Introduction..
028019: WEITZMAN, DAVID, - Traces of the Past; a Field Guide to industrial Archaeology..
029114: WEITZMANN, KURT, - The Miniatures of the Sacra Parallela, Parisinus Graecus 923..
016261: WEIZMAN, EZER, - The Battle for Peace..
034017: WEIZSÄCKER, CARL FRIEDRICH VON, - Die Geschichte der Natur; zwölf Vorlesungen..
039726: WEIZSÄCKER, CARL FRIEDRICH VON, - Wahrnehmung Der Neuzeit..
021036: WEKESSER, CAROL, ED., - Feminism; Opposing Viewpoints..
006882: WELCH, ROBERT, - A History of Verse translation from the Irish, 1789-1897..
020586: WELCH, STUART CARY, - A King's Books of Kings; the Shah-nameh of Shah Tahmasp..
036083: WELCH, STUART CARY, - Room for Wonder; Indian Painting During the British Period, 1760-1880..
038582: WELDON, T. D, - Introduction to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason..
027017: WELLARD, JAMES, - Babylon..
027018: WELLARD, JAMES, - The Search for the Etruscans..
034046: WELLBERY, DAVID E., ED., - A New history of German Liteirature..
019391: WELLER, EMIL, - De Tribus Impostoribus Anno MDIIC..
041329: WELLERS, GEORGES, - Les Chambres à gaz ont existé; des documents, des témoignages, des Chiffres..
027019: WELLESLEY, KENNETH, - The long Year A.D. 69..
043088: WELLESZ, EGON, - A history of Byzantine Music and Hymnography..
040101: WELLESZ, EGON, ED, - Ancient and Oriental Music..
025091: WELLHAUSEN, JULIUS, ET AL., - Geschichte der christlichen Religion. Mit Einleitung: Die israelitisch-jüdische Religion..
040098: WELLLESZ, EGON AND FREDERICK STERNFELD, EDS, - The age of Enlightenment 1745-1790..
036516: WELLMAN, RITA, - Victoria Royal; the Flowering of a Style..
019666: WELLS, H. G., - The desert Daisy..
043657: WELLS, HENRY W, - Traditional Chinese Humor; a Study in Art and Literature..
025332: WELLS, ROBERT W., - This is Milwaukee..
027255: WELLS, STANLEY, - Shakespeare and Co.: Christospher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher, and Other Player in His Story..
008473: WELLS, H. G., - The Time Machine, an Invention..
027530: WELLS, STANLEY, - Shakespeare for all Time..
027581: WELLS, STANLEY, - Shakespeare; a Life in Drama..
027584: WELLS, STANLEY AND LENA COWEN ORLIN, EDS., - Shakespeare; an Oxford Guide..
027604: WELLS, STANLEY, ED., - Shakespeare; a Bibliographical Guide..
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002899: WINTER, EDUARD, - Bernard Bolzano, ein Denker und Erzieher im österreichischen Vormärz..
002900: WINTER, EDUARD AND MARIA WINTER, - Domprediger Johann Emanuel Veith Und Kardinal Friedrich Schwarzenberg; Der Güntherprozess in Unveröffentlichten Briefen Und Akten..
020931: WINTER, EDUARD AND MARIA WINTER, - Der Bolzanokreis 1824-1833 in Briefen von Anna Hoffmann, Michael Josef Fesl, Franz Schneider und Franz Prhihonsky..
041883: DE WINTER, PATRICK M., - The sacral Treasure of the Guelphs..
016293: WINTERBOTHAM, F. W., - The Nazi Connection..
027179: WINTERROWD, WAYNE, ED., - Roses; a Celebration..
034241: WINTERSGILL, DONALD, - Scottish Antiques..
010842: WINTHER, OSCAR OSBURN, - Via Western Express & Stagecoach..
005466: WINTON, CALHOUN, - Sir Richard Steele, M.P.; The Later Career..
019686: WINWAR, FRANCES, - The Life of the Heart; George Sand and her Times: a Biography..
032713: WINZER, OTTO, - Zwölf Jahre Kampf gegen Faschismus und Krieg; ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Kommunistischen Partei Deutschlands 1933 bis 1945..
038899: WINZINGER, FRANZ, - Das Tor von San Zeno in Verona..
040849: WIRKNER, AFRED, - Kafka und die Außenwelt; Quellenstudien zum "Amerika"-Fragment..
010147: WIRT, FREDERICK M., - Politics of Southern Equality; Law and Social Change in a Mississippi County..
020762: WIRT, FREDERICK M., - Power in the City; Decision Making in San Francisco..
028831: WIRZ, PAUL, - Die Ainu, sterbende Menschen im Fernen Osten..
005356: WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR., - Pioneer Prophetess, Jemima Wilkinson, the Publick Universal Friend..
028578: WISDOM, JOHN, - Other Minds..
028579: WISDOM, JOHN, - Philosophy and Psycho-Analysis..
013238: WISE, TERENCE, - Medieval Warfare..
031555: WISE, KELLY, ED., - Portrait: Theory..
036775: WISE, VICTORIA, - Gardeners' Community Cookbooks..
038663: WISER, WILLIAM H. AND CHARLOTTE VIALL WISER, - Behind Mud Walls 1930-1960..
008484: WISH, HARVEY, - The American Historian; a Social-Intellectual History of the Writing of the American Past..
009007: WISH, HARVEY, - The American Historian; a Social-Intellectual History of the Writing of the American Past..
006582: WISHART, ALFRED WESLEY, - A Short History of monks and Monasteries..
029419: WISHY, BERNARD, - Good-bye, Machiavelli; Government and American Life..
029279: WISHY, BERNARD, - The Child and the Republic; the dawn of Mdoern American Child Nurture..
029995: WISHY, BERNARD, - The Child and the Republic; the Dawn of Modern American Child Nurture..
006832: WISHY, BERNARD, - The Child and the Republic; the Dawn of Modern American Child Nurture..
003565: WISKEMANN, ELIZABETH, - A Great Swiss Newspaper; the Story of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung..
025492: WISKEMANN, ELIZABETH, - The Rome-Berlin Axis; a History of the relation Between Hitler and Mussolini..
005790: WISKEMANN, ELIZABETH, - Italy Since 1945..
012549: WISMES, ARMEL DE, - La Vie quotidienne Dans Les Ports Bretons Aux XVIIe et XVIIIe Siècles (Nantes, Brest, Saint-Malo, Lorient)..
031582: WISNESKI, HENRY, - Maria Callas; the art behind the Legend..
040430: WISSLER, ALBERT, - Wirtschaftseinheit Europa; Gesichtspunkte und Materialien über die Stellung und Aufgaben Deutschlands in einer gesunder europäischen Wirtschaft..
028726: WISSMANN, HERMANN VON, - Meine zweite Durchquerung Äquatorial-Afrikas vom Kongo zum Zambesi während der Jahre 1886 und 1887..
026667: WIST, RONDA, - On Fifth Avenue then and Now..
023631: WISTER, OWEN, - Owen Wister Out West; His Journals and Letters..
021923: WITCOVER, JULES, - Marathon; the Pursuit of the Presidency 1972-1976..
021306: WITH, KARL, - Bildwerke Ost- und Südasiens aus der Sammlung Yi YUan, mit begleitendem Text..
013020: WITH, KARL, - Buddhistische Plastik in Japan Bis in Den Beginn Des 8. Jahrhunderts N. Chr...
033403: WITHERSPOON, ALEXANDER MACLAREN, - The Influence of Robert Garnier on Elizabethan Drama..
033806: WITHEY, LYNNE, - Voyages of Discovery; Captain Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific..
038903: WITHEY, LYNNE, - Dearest Friend; a life of Abigail Adams..
037930: WITHINGTON, ROBERT, - English Pageantry. Vol. 1..
038281: WITKINS GALLERY, INC, - Erwin Blumenfeld..
036269: WITMER, DENNIS, - Far to the North; photographs from the Brooks Range..
042746: WITSCHI-BERNZ, ASTRID, - Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1500-1800..
029960: WITT, HENRIETTE ELIZABETH, MADAME DE, - Monsieur Guizot dans sa famille et avec ses amis (1787-1874)..
037996: WITTE, KURT, - Über die Form der Darstellung in Livius' Geschichtswerk..
004901: WITTENBERG, JUDITH BRYANT, - Faulkner; the Transfiguration of Biography..
027422: WITTENBERG, ERIC J., - Little Phil; a Reassessment of the Civil War Leadership of Gen. Philip H. Sheridan..
040975: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG, - Vorlesungen und Gespräche über Ästhetik, Psychologie und Religion..
042138: WITTIG, MONIQUE, - Les Guérillères..
033766: WITTIG, KURT, - The Scottish Tradition in Literature..
015208: WITTLICH, PETR, - Art Nouveau Drawings: Alfons Mucha, Aubrey Beardsley, Odilon Redon, Edvard Munch, Jan Preisler, Frantisek Bilek, Alfred Kubin, Frantisek Kupka, August Rodin, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele..
032903: WITTMANN, BRIGITTE, - Donde ay agravios no ay zelos von Franicso de Rojas Zorrilla: Textaugsgabe und Kommentar..
036137: WITTMER, PIERRE, - Caillebotte and his Garden at Yerres..
021530: WITTRAM, REINHARD, - Peter I, Czar und Kaiser; zur Geschichte Peters des Großen in seiner Zeit..
036623: WITTREICH, JOSEPH ANTHONY, JR, - Visionary Poetics; Milton's Tradition and His Legacy..
022794: WITTSCHIER, HEINZ WILLI, - Die Lyrik der Pléiade..
008363: WODEHOUSE, P. G., - Mera Golf!..
918: WOHLMUTH, JOSEF., - Verständigung in der Kirche untersucht an der Sprache des Konzils von Basel ...
012341: WOJCIK, DANIEL, - Punk and Neo-Tribal Body Art..
007334: WOLBERT, GEORGE S., JR., - U.S. Oil Pipe Lines; an Examination of How Oil Pipe Lines Operate and the Current Public Policy Issues Concerning Their Ownership..
022205: WÖLCK, WOLFGANG, - Phonematische Analyse Der Sprache Von Buchan..
037113: WOLCOTT, IMOGENE, - The New England Yankee Cook Book; an Anthology of Inicomparable recipes from the Sixt New England States and a Little Something About the Poeple Whose Tradition for Good Eating is Herein Permanently Recorded..
036536: WOLCOTT, MARION POST, - Marion Post Wolcott; a Photographic Journey..
036262: WOLCOTT, MARION POST, - Marion Post Wolcott: FSA Photographs..
016595: WOLD, HERMAN, ED., - Theoretical Empiricism; a general rationale for Scientific Model-Building..
011454: WOLDERING, IRMGARD, - The Art of Egypt; the Time of the Pharaohs..
005945: WOLDMAN, ALBERT A., - Lincoln and the Russians..
042099: DE WOLF, JOSÉ, - La justification de aa foi chez Saint Thomas d'Aquin et ee Père Rousselot..
041003: WOLF, A., - The Philosophy of Nietzsche..
013239: WOLF, ALOIS, - Das Faszinosum Der Mittelalterlichen Minne..
016877: WOLF, JOHN B., - Louis XIV..
008634: WOLF, ROBERT ERICH AND RONALD MILLEN, - Renaissance and Mannerist Art..
024088: WOLF, PETER, - Vom Schulwesen der Spätantike; Studien zu Libanius..
020870: WOLF, DONALD E., - Turner's First Century; a history of Turner Construction Company..
007935: WOLF, HAZEL CATHERINE, - On Freedom's Altar; the Martyr Complex in the Abolition Movement..
018830: WOLF, JOHANNES, - Die Tonschriften..
018183: WOLF, HERBERT, - Martin Luther; Eine Einführung in Germanistische Luther-Studien..
018214: WOLF, LOTHAR, - Texte Und Dokumente Zur Französischen Sprachgeschichte, 17. Jahrhundert..
015020: WOLF, ERIC R. AND EDWARD C. HANSEN, - The Human Condition in Latin America..
043138: WOLF, ALOIS, - Heimatmuseum Schliersee..
015209: WOLF, GEORG JACOB, - Deutsche Malerpoeten..
032891: WOLF, ALEXANDER, ET AL., - The Primacy of the Individual in Psychoanalysis in Groups..
013377: WOLF, LEONARD, - Bluebeard; the Life and Crimes of Gilles De Rais..
043120: WOLFART, H. CHRISTOPH, - Plains Cree: a grammatical Study..
018966: WOLFE, ART, - The Imagery of Art Wolfe..
026012: WOLFE, TOM, - From Bauhaus to Our House..
020823: WOLFE, J. N., ED., - Value, Capital, and Growth; Papers in Honour of Sir John Hicks..
028208: WOLFE, THOMAS W., - The SALT Experience..
006833: WOLFE, ALAN, - The Seamy Side of Democracry; Repression in America..
037704: WOLFE, BERTRAM D., - Three Who Made a Revolution; a Biographical History..
041437: WOLFE, PETER, - John Fowles, Magus and Moralist..
037616: WOLFERT, PAULA, - Mediterranean Grains and Greens; a Book of Savory, Sun-Drenched Recipes..
006111: WOLFF, ROBERT LEE, - The Balkans in Our Time..
005208: WOLFF, OTTO, - Ouvrard: Speculator of Genius, 1770-1846..
030002: WOLFF, GEOFFREY, - The Final Club..
043276: WOLFF, DIETER, - Grundzüge der diachronischen Morphologie des Englischen..
039925: WOLFF, PAUL, - Formen des Lebens; botanische Lichtbildstudien..
042953: WOLFF, REINHOLD, - Strukturalismus und Assoziationspsychologie; empirsch-pragmatische Literturwissenschaft im Experiment: Baudelaires "Les Chats"..
020588: WÖLFFLIN, HEINRICH, - Die klassische Kunst; eine Einführung in die italienische Renaissance..
028891: WOLFRAM, RICHARD, - Südtiroler Volksschauspiele und Spielbräuche..
028975: WOLFRAM, HERWIG, ED., - Österreichische Geschichte 1522-1699. Ständefreiheit und Fürstenmacht; Länder und Untertanen des Hauses Habsburg im konfessionellen Zeitlalter..
026945: WOLFREYS, JULIAN, ED., - The Continuum Encyclopedia of modern criticsim and Theory..
042062: WOLFSON, HARRY AUSTRYN, - Crescas' Critique of Aristotle; Problems of Aristotle's Physics in Jewish and Arabic Philosophy..
009177: WOLGAST, ELIZABETH H., - Equality and the Rights of Women..
009312: WOLITZ, SETH L, - The Proustian Community..
007936: WOLLE, MURIEL SIBELL, - The Bonanza Trail; Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the West..
041692: WOLLEMBORG, LEO J, - Stelle, strisce e tricolore; trent'anni di vicende politiche fra Roma e Washington..
025989: WOLLHEIM, RICHARD, - The Thread of Life..
007988: WOLMAN, PAUL, - Most Favored Nation; the Republican Revisionists and U.S. Tariff Policy, 1897-1912..
022303: WOLMAN, BENJAMIN B., ED., - The Psychoanalytic Interpretation of History..
041285: WOLOCH, G. MICHAEL, - Roman Cities; Les Villes Romaines by Pierre Grimal..
005191: WOLOCH, ISSER, - Jacobin Legacy; the Democratic Movement Under the Directory..
022281: WOLPERT, STANLEY, - India..
005297: WOLPERT, STANLEY A., - Morley and India, 1906-1910..
012056: WOLSTENHOLME, GRODON AND JOHN F. KERSLAKE, - The Royal College of Physicians of London Portraits: Catalogue II..
002724: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND CECILIA M. O'CONNOR, - Ciba Foundation Symposium on Medical Biology and Etruscan Origins..
035708: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W, ET AL., EDS, - Ciba Foundation Colloquia on Ageing..
021398: WOLTON, THIERRY, - L'Histoire Interdite..
026764: WOMACK, JAMES P., ET AL., - The Machine That Changed the World; based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5-Million-dollar, 5-year Study on the Future of the Automobile..
013174: WOMACK, BRANTLY, - The Dounation of Mao Zedong's political Thought, 1917-1935..
019198: WONG, JADE SNOW, - Fifth Chinese Daughter..
012517: WONG, JADE SNOW, - Fifth Chinese Daughter..
010339: WONG, JOHN, - ASEAN Economies in Perspective; a comparative Study of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand..
015117: WONG, S. S. M., - Nuclear Statistical Spectroscopy..
041858: WOOD, C. E, - Mud; a Military History..
034323: WOOD, RICHARD L., - Faith in Action; Religion, Race, and Democratic Organizing in America..
037900: WOOD, CHARLES ERSKINE SCOTT, - Collected Poems of Charles Erskine Scott Wood..
005477: WOOD, WILLIAM, - Elizabethan Sea-dogs; a Chronicle of Drake and His Companions..
016297: WOOD, W. J., - Leaders and Battles; the Art of Military Leadership..
025333: WOOD, DAVID H., - Lenox, Massachusetts shire Town..
020589: WOOD, MICHAEL, - In Search of the Dark Ages..
016684: WOOD, FORREST G., - The Arrogance of Faith; Christianity and Race in America from the colonial Era to the Twentieth Century..
007937: WOOD, STANLEY, - Over the Range to the Golden Gates; a Complete Tourist's Guide to Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Puget Sound and the Great North-West..
017549: WOOD, FORREST G., - Black Scare; the racist response to Emancipation and Reconstruction..
007045: WOOD, W. RAYMOND., - Biesterfeldt; a Post-Contact Ccoaleslcent Site on the Northeastern Plains..
028581: WOOD, ROBERT E., - Martin Buber's Ontology; an Analysis of I and Thou..
029122: WOOD-LEGH, K. L., - A Small household of the XVth Century Being the Account book of Munden's Chantry, Bridport..
016296: WOOD, STEPHEN, - In the finest Tradition; the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers & Greys); Its History and Treasures..
041320: WOOD, CHARLES T, - Joan of Arc and Richard III; Sex, Saints, and Government in the Middle Ages..
037036: WOOD, WILLIAM, - Elizabethan Sea-dogs; a chronicle of Drake and His Companions..
017617: WOOD, SAMUEL E. AND ALFRED E. HELLER, - California Going, Going...; Our state's Struggle to remain beautiful and Productive..
036622: WOOD, J. G, - Common objects of the Microscope..
022209: WOODBRIDGE, HENSLEY C. AND PAUL B. OLSON, - A Tentative Bibliography of Hispanic Linguistics [based on the Studies of Yakov Malkiel]..
029641: WOODBURY, DAVID O., - Beloved Scientist; Elihu Thomson, a Guiding Spirit of the electrical Age..
009581: WOODCOCK, GEORGE, - To the City of the Dead; an Account of Travels in Mexico..
007592: WOODCOCK, MARCUS, - A Southern Boy in Blue; the Memor of Marcus Woodcock, 9th Kentucky Infantry (U.S.A.)..
028606: WOODFORDE, JAMES, - Woodforde. Passages from the Five Volumes of the Diary of a Country Parson 1758-1802..
014895: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL, - The Great Hunger: Ireland, 1845-1849..

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