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022327: STIGLITZ, JOSEPH E., - The Roaring Nineties; a new history of the World's Most Prosperous Decade..
030321: STIGLITZ, JOSEPH E., - Globalization and Its Discontents..
037711: STILES, PERCY GODLTHWAIT, - Dreams..
027385: STILES, WILLIAM H., - Austria in 1848-49: Being a History of the Late Political Movments in Vienna, Milan, Venice, and Prague..
014479: STILL, BAYRD, - Mirror for Gotham; New York as Seen By Contemporaries from Dutch Days to the Present..
027025: STILLE, ALEXANDER, - The sack of Rome; How a Beaufiful European Country with a Fabled Hsitory and a Storied Culture was Taken Over By a Man Named Silvio Berlusconi..
033577: STILLING, ROGER, - Love and Death in Renaissance Tragedyd..
008476: STILLMAN, JACOB D. B., - An 1850 Voyage; San Francisco to Baltimore By Sea and By Land..
015066: STILLMAN, JOHN MAXSON, - The Story of Alchemy and Early Chemistry (the Story of Early chemistry)..
007738: STILWELL, JOSEPH W., - The Stilwell Papers..
016765: STINE, G. HARRY, - Halfway to Anywhere; Achieving America's Destiny in Space..
020785: STINE, G. HARRY, - Halfway to Anywhere; Achieving America's Destiny in Space..
040036: STIPP, G. W, - John Bradford's Historical &c. notes on Kentucky from the Western Miscellany Compiled By G. W. Stiff , in 1827..
036808: STIRLING, M. W, - The Native Peoples of New Guinea..
019748: STIRLING, ALFRED, - The Italian diplomat and Italy and Scotland..
033167: STIRLING, BRENTS, - The Populace in Shakespeare..
031025: STIX, HUGH, ET AL, - The Shell; Five Hundred Million Years of Inspired Design..
043201: STOBAUGH, ROBERT AND DANIEL YERGIN, EDS, - Energy Future; Report of the Energy Project at the Harvard Business School..
023864: STOCK, IRVIN, - William Hale White (Mark Rutherford); a critical Study..
034457: STOCK, JOHN EDMONDS, - An Inaugural Essay on the Effects of Cold Upon the Human Body. Submitted to the Examination of the Rev. John Ewing, S.T.P. Provost, the Medical Professors and Trustees, of the University of Pennsylvania...on the 12th Day of May, 1797..
018792: STOCKDALE, F. M. AND M. R. DREYER, - The International opera Guide..
003954: STOCKHAM, K. A., - British County Libraries, 1919-1969..
039207: STOCKING, GEORGE W., JR., ED, - Objects and Others; Essays on Museums and Material Culture..
038471: STOCKS, MARY D, - Everyman of Everystreet; a Nativity Play..
002698: STOCKTON, DAVID, - The Classical Athenian Democracy..
018003: STOCKWELL, ROBERT P. AND RONALD K. S. MACAULAY, EDS., - Linguistic Change and Generative Theory; essays from the UCLA Conference on Historical Linguistics in the Perspective of Transformational Theory, Februar 1969..
040615: STOEFFLER, E. ERNEST, - Mysticism in the German Devotional Literature of Colonial Pennsylvania..
011392: STOESSL, FRANZ, - Personenwechsel in Menanders Dyskolos..
027431: STOJANOVIC, MIHAILO D., - The Great Powers and the Balkans 1875-1878..
020043: STOKES, PENELOPE J., - Circle of Grace..
027461: STOKES, FRANCIS GRIFFIN, - Who's Who in Shakespeare..
019641: STOKES, GEORGE STEWART, - Agnes Repplier, Lady of Letters..
038889: STOKKER, KATHLEEN, - Remedies and Rituals; Folk Medicine in Norway and the New Land..
016182: STOLL, CLIFFORD, - The Cuckoo's Egg; Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage..
011394: STOLL, H. W., - Die Sagen Des Classischen Alterthums; Erzählungen aus Der Alten Welt..
030338: STOLL, ELMER EDGAR, - Art and artifice in Shakespeare; a Study in Dramatic Contrast and Illusion..
032964: STOLL, ROBERT R., - Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory..
033655: STOLL, ELMER EDGAR, - Shakespeare Studies historical and Comparative in Method..
030781: STOLLER, PAUL AND CHERYL OLKES, - In Sorcery's Shadow; a Memoir of Apprneticeship Among the Songhay of Niger..
005413: STOLPER, WOLFGANG F., - The Structure of the East German Economy..
008621: STOLTENBERG, DONALD, - The Artist and the Built Environment..
003662: STÖLTING, WILFRIED, - Beiträge Zur Geschichte des Artikels im Bulgarischen..
043443: STOLZ, WALTER, - Petrons Satyricon und François Nodot (ca. 1650-ca. 1710); ein Beitrag zur Geschichte literarischer Fälschungen..
012452: STOMMEL, HENRY, - A View of the Sea; a Discussion Between a Chief Engineer and an oceanographer About the MacHinery of the Ocean Circulation..
042477: STONE, ALBY, - Wyrd; fate and Destiny in North European Paganism..
039939: STONE, LAWRENCE., - Family and Fortune; Studies in Aristocratic finance in the Sixteenth and seventeenth Centuries..
019188: STONE, IRVING, - There was light; Autobiography of a University. Berkeley: 1868-1968..
022556: STONE, RICHARD, - The role of Measurement in Economics..
1560: STONE, CHRISTOPHER D., - Earth and other ethics; the case for moral pluralism...
004565: STONE, ROGER D., - The Voyage of the Sanderling..
011611: STONE, JAMES S., - Over the Hills to Broadway..
027274: STONE, WILFRED, - The Cave and the Mountain; a study of E. M. Forster..
027601: STONE, IRVING, - They Also Ran; the Story of the Men who were defeated for the Presidency..
027858: STONE, ROGER D., - Dreams of Amazonia..
018190: STONE, JON R., - Latin for the Illiterati; exoricizing the Ghosts of a Dead Language..
028587: STONE, MICHAEL E., ED., - Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period: Apocrypha, Pseudoepigirapha, Qumran sectarian Writings, Philo, Josephus..
009292: STONE, CARL, - Power in the Caribbean Basin; a Comparative Study of Political Economy..
005428: STONE, DONALD DAVID, - Novelists in a Changing World; Meredith, James, and the Transformation of English Fiction in the 1880s..
043268: STONE, MICHAEL E., ED, - The Armenian Version of the Testament of Joseph..
020553: STONE, JUDY, - The mystery of B. Traven..
042303: STONE, GEOREGE H, - The glacial Gravels of Maine and Their Associated Deposits..
032529: STONE, DONALD, JR., - French Humanist Tragedy; a Reassessment..
034124: STONE, P. W. K., - The Textual history of King Lear..
038637: STONE, PETER B., ED, - The state of the World's Mountains; a global Report..
043266: STONE, MICHAEL E., ED, - The Testament of Abraham; the Greek Recensions..
026130: STONEHOUSE, BERNARD, - North Pole, South Pole; a Guide to the Ecology and Resources of the Arctic and Antarctic..
014964: STONEMAN, PAUL, - Technological Diffusion and the Computer Revolution: The UK Experience..
023811: STOREY, JOHN, - Cultural Studies and the Study of popular Culture: Theories and Methods..
011612: STOREY, GRAHAM, - Reuters' Century 1851-1951..
034483: ITALY. MINISTERO DELLA DIFESA. STATO MAGGIORE DELL'ESERCITO. UFFICIO STORICO, - Saggio bibliografico sulla Seconda Guerra Mondiale e conflitti successivi. Volume VI..
034482: ITALY. MINISTERO DELLA DIFESA. STATO MAGGIORE DELL'ESERCITO. UFFICIO STORICO, - Saggio bibliografico sulla Seconda Guerra Mondiale e conflitti successivi. Volume 5..
024052: STORKE, THOMAS M., - California Editor..
043016: STORKE, E. G., ED, - The Family Farm and Gardens, and the Domestic Animals..
025606: STORM, THEODOR, - Gesammelte Werke: Gedichte, Novellen, Briefe..
042390: STORM, THEODORE, - Immensee..
014100: STORR, RUPERT, - Das Frömmigkeitsideal der Propheten..
014610: STORRER, WILLIAM ALLIN, - The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright; a Complete Catalog..
027099: STOSSEL, SCOTT, - Sarge; the Life and Times of Sargent Shriver..
014945: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH, - Early Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts..
042061: STOUT, JEFFREY, - Democracy and Tradition..
016403: STOUT, HARRY S., - The New England Soul; Preaching and Religious Culture in Colonial New England..
017469: STOUT, WESLEY W., - "Tanks are Mighty Fine things"..
014102: STOVER, ROBERT, - The Nature of Historical Thinking..
043380: STOVER, CARL W. AND JERRY L. COFFMAN, - Seismicity of the United States, 1568-1989 (revised)..
014657: STOW, MILLICENT, - American Silver..
035150: STOWE, E. J, - Crafts of the Countryside..
037249: STRACHAN, BETH, - Mozambique: The Quest for Peace. The Politica, social and Economic Context 1980-1994; a Select and Annotated Bibliography..
035658: STRACHEY, LYTTON, - Ermyntrude and Esmeralda; an Entertainment..
011613: STRACHEY, JAMES AND ALIX STRACHEY, - Bloomsbury/Freud; the Letters of James and Alix Strachey, 1924-1925..
036714: STRACHEY, BARBARA, - Remarkable Relations; the Story of the Pearsall Smith Women..
037138: STRACHEY, LYTTON, - The Really Interesting Question and Other Papers..
031472: STRADLING, ROBERT AND MEIRION HUGHES, - The English Musical Renaissance 1860-1940; Construction and Deconstruction..
017180: STRAGE, MARK, - Cape to Cairo; Rape of a Continent..
031473: STRAIT, RAYMOND AND TERRY ROBINSON, - Lanza; His Tragic Life..
005688: STRAKHOVSKY, LEONID I., - American opinion About Russia, 1917-1920..
006784: STRANAHAN, SUSAN Q., - Susquehanna, River of Dreams..
018955: STRAND, PAUL, - Paul Strand: Sixty Years of Photographs..
028425: STRANDBERG, VICTOR, - Greek mind/Jewish Soul; the Conflicted art of Cynthia Ozick..
012874: STRANGWAYES-BOOTH, JOANNA, - A Cricket in the Thorn Tree; Helen Suzman and the Progressive Party of South Africa..
014101: STRASSER, STEPHAN, - The Soul in Metaphysical and Empirical Psychology..
009251: STRASSER, HERMANN, - The normative Structure of Sociology; Conservative and Emancipatory Themes in Social Thought..
008479: STRATHERN, GLORIA M., - Navigations, Traffiques & Discoveries, 1774-1848; a Guide to Publication Relating to the Area Now British Columbia..
039285: STRATMAN, CARL J, - Bibliography of medieval Drama..
038388: STRATTON, MARGARET, - Margaret Stratton. Detained in Purgatory..
011396: STRAUS, JULIANE, - Terenz Und Menander; Beitrag Zu Einer Stilvergleichung..
031476: STRAUSS, RICHARD, - Elektra. In Full Score..
031486: STRAUSS, RICHARD, - Tone Poems. Series II: Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche; Also sprach Zarathustra; Ein Heldenleben. In full Score..
031484: STRAUSS, RICHARD, - Salome. Elektra..
031485: STRAUSS, RICHARD, - Tone Poems. Series I: Don Juan, Tod und Verklärung; Don Quixote. In full Score..
040532: STRAUSS, LEO, - The rebirth of Classical political Rationalism; an Introduction to the Thought of Leo Strauss. Essays and Lectures By Leo Struass..
031941: STRAUSS, LEO, - Xenophon's Socratic Discourse; an Interpretation of the Oeconomicus..
031489: STRAVINSKY, IGOR, - Oedipus Rex. The Rake's Progress..
031488: STRAVINSKY, IGOR, - The Firebird. In full Score..
031491: STRAVINSKY, IGOR, - Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons..
031490: STRAVINSKY, IGOR, - Petrushka. In full Score..
040734: STRAVINSKY, IGOR AND ROBERT CRAFT, - Conversations with Igor Stravinsky..
032259: STRAWN, MARTHA A., - Alligators, prehistoric Presence in the American Landscape..
016183: STRAWSON, JOHN, - The Battle for North Africa..
016184: STRAWSON, JOHN, - The Italian Campaign..
004685: STREET, LUCIE, - An Uncommon Sailor; a portrait of Admiral Sir William Penn. English Naval Supremacy..
015342: STREET, JAMES H. AND DILMUS D. JAMES, EDS., - Technological Progress in Latin America; the Prospects for Overcoming Dependency...
025241: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN, - The Four Gospels; a study of origins treating of the Manuscript Tradition, sources, Authorship, & Dates..
010684: STREISAND, JOACHIM, ED, - Die deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft vom Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts bis zur Reichseinigung von Oben..
014517: STREITMATTER, RODGER, - Unspeakable; the Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America..
038609: STRELKA, JOSEPH, ED, - Problems of Literary Evaluation..
040670: STRESEMANN, WOLFGANG, - Eine Lanze für Felix Mendelssohn..
021347: STRICH, FRITZ, - Der Dichter und die Zeit; eine Sammlung von Reden und Vorträgen..
003217: STRICK, WALTER, - Telos Und Zufall; Ein Beitrag Zu Dem Problem Der Biologischen Erfahrung..
029895: STRICK, PHILIP, - Great Movie Actresses..
025897: STRICKLER, SUSAN E., ED., - American Traditions in Watercolor; the Worcester Art Museum Collection..
010522: STRIEDER, JAKOB, - Das Reiche Augsburg; Ausgewählte Aufsätze Jakob Strieders Zur Augsburger Und Süddeutschen Wirtschaftsgeschichte Des 15. Und 16. Jahrhunderts..
028778: STRIEDTER, KARL HEINZ, - Felsbilder der Sahara..
014156: STRIKE, KENNETH A., - Liberal Justice and the Marxist Critique of Education; a Study of conflicting Research Programs..
005620: STRINDBERG, AUGUST, - Letters of Strindberg to Harriet Bosse..
028291: STRINDBERG, AUGUST, - The Roofing Ceremony & The Silver Lake. Taklagsöl and Silverträket..
042433: STRINGER, KEITH J, - The Reign of Stephen; Kingship, warfare and Government in Twelfth-Century England..
024126: STRINGER, CHRISTOPHER AND ROBIN MCKIE, - African Exodus; the Origins of Modern Humanity..
035883: STRIZHENOVA, TATIANA, - Soviet Costume and Textiles, 1917-1945..
037644: STRODE, BILL, - Barney Cowherd, Photographer..
023824: STROFF, STEPHEN M., - Discovering Great Jazz..
015657: STROHEIM, ERICH VON, - The Complete Wedding March of Erich Von Storheim..
042052: STRÖMBÄCK, DAG, - The Epiphany in Runic Art; the Dynna and Sika Stones..
008642: STRÖMBERG, MARTIN, - Anders Forsberg; Ett Konstnärsalbum med Text..
040327: STRÖMGREN, HEDVIG LIDFORSS, - Index of dental and Adjacent Topics in Medical and Surgical Works Before 1800..
022435: STROMQUIST, NELLY P., - Daring to be Different: The Choice of nonconventional fields of Study By international women Students..
011615: STRONG, ROY AND JULIA TREVELYAN OMAN, - The English Year; a Personal selection from Chambers' Book of Days..
012478: STRONG, ROY, - A Celebration of Gardens..
026982: STRONG, D. E., - Roman Imperial Sculpture; an Introduction to the commemorative and Decorative Sculpture of the Roman Empire Down to the Death of Constantine..
026983: STRONG, DONALD S., - The Early Etruscans..
033267: STRONG, ROY, - Splendor at Court; Renaissance spectacle and the Theater of Power..
005220: STRONG, EMORY, - Stone Age on the Columbia River..
003052: STRONG, D. E, - Greek and Roman Gold and Silver Plate..
033313: STRONG, ROY, - Artists of the Tudor Court; the Portrait Miniature rediscovered 1520-1629..
036060: STRONG, ROY, - Henry, Prince of Wales, and England's Lost Renaissance..
032224: STRONG, ROY, - The ENglish Renaissance Miniature..
033194: STRONG, ROY, - The Elizabethan Image; Painting in England 1549-1620..
034912: STRONG-BOAG, VERONICA, - Fostering Nation? Canada confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage..
042010: STRONOVO, VALERIO, - L'Italia Contemporanea 1945-1975..
022848: STROSS, RANDALL E., - Bulls in the China Shop and Other Sino-American Business Encounters..
004895: STROSS, RANDALL E, - The Stubborn Earth; American Agriculturalists on Chinese Soil, 1898-1937..
037086: STROTHER, Z. S, - Inventing Masks; Agency and History in the Art of the Central Pende..
041310: STROUD, MATTHEW D, - The Play in the Mirror; Lacanian Perspectives on Spanish Baroque Theater..
031397: STROUHAL, EUGEN, - Life of the Ancient Egyptians..
032466: STROUP, THOMAS B., - Microcosmos; the Shape of the Elizabethan Play..
038140: STROUSE, JEAN, - Alice James; a Biography..
021290: STROUSE, JEAN, - Morgan, American Financier..
005967: STROUT, CUSHING., - The pragmatic Revolt in American History: Carl Becker and Charles Beard..
033556: STROWSKI, FORTUNAT, - Montaigne..
014475: STRUBE, WILHELM, - Die Chemie Und Ihre Geschichte..
032629: STRUBLE, MILDRED CLARA, - A Critical edition of Ford's Perkin Warbeck..
003663: STRUCK, WOLF-HEINO, - Die Stifte St. Walpurgis in Weilburg Und St. Martin in Idstein..
042163: STRUIK, DIRK J, - Yankee Science in the Making..
042162: STRUIK, DIRK J, - The Origins of American Science (New England)..
016348: STRUMANE, R., ET AL, EDS., - The Interaction of Radiation with Solids; Proceedings of the International Summer School on Solid State Physics Held at Mol, Belgium, August 12-31, 1963...
043492: STRUNZ, FRANZ, - Die Vergangenheit der Naturforschung; ein Beitrag zur Gescichte des menschlichen Geistes..
023584: STRUPP, CHRISTOPH AND BIRGIT ZISCHKE, - German Americana, 1800-1955; a Comprehensive Bibliography of German, Austrian, and Swiss books and Dissertations on the United States..
040078: STRUYK, RAYMOND J, - Urban Homeownership; the Economic Determinants..
036900: STRYKER, ROY EMERSON AND NANCY WOOD, - In This Proud Land: America 1935-1943 as seen in the FSA Photographs..
016920: STUART, REGINALD AND GRACE D. STUART, - How Firm a Foundation: a Centennial history of the First Methodist Church, San Leandro, California..
038975: STUART, ROBERT, - Caledonia Romana; a descriptive account of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland..
026957: STUART, OTIS, - Perpetual Motion; the Public and Private Lives of Rudolf Nureyev..
019642: STUART, RUTH MCENERY, - Simpkinsville and Vicinity; Arkansas Stories of Ruth McEnery Stuart..
035505: STUART, LOUISA, - Letters of Lady Louisa Stuart to Miss Louisa Clinton. Second Series..
031942: STUART, DUANE REED, - Epochs of Greek and Roman Biography..
042472: STUART, DON GRAHAM, ED, - Linguistic Studies in Memory of Richard Slade Harrell..
036854: STUBBS, GEORGE, - Stubbs: Portraits in Detail..
036433: STUBBS, BURNS A, - Paintings, Pastels, Drawings, Prints, and Copper Plates By and Attributed to American and European Artists, Together with a List of Original Whistleriana, in the Freer Gallery of Art..
042719: STUBBS, WILLIAM, - The Constitutional History of England in Its origin and Development..
028306: STUCCHI, EMANUELA, - Healthy Italian Cooking..
020749: STUCKENSCHMIDT, H. H., - Ferruccio Busoni; Zeittafel eines Europäers..
021474: STUCKEY, W. J., - Caroline Gordon..
031493: STUDWELL, WILLIAM E. AND DAVID A. HAMILTON, - Opera Plot Index; a Guide to Locating Plots and Descriptions of Operas, Operettas, and Other Works of the Musical Theater, and Associated Material..
042633: STUHLMUELLER, CARROLL, - Creative Redemption in Deutero-Isaiah..
035197: STUIP, R. E. V. AND C. VELLEKOOP, EDS., - Hoofse cultuur; studies over een aspect van de middeleeuwse Cultuur..
024022: STÜMPEL, GUSTAV, - Name und Nationalität der Germanen; eine neue Untersuchung zu Poseidonios, Cäsar und Tacitus..
022108: STUNTZ, JEAN A., - Hers, His, and Theirs; Community Property in Spain and Early Texas..
038466: STURGE, H. WINIFRED AND THEODORA CLARK, - The Mount School, York: 1781 to 1814--1831 to 1931..
037861: STURGIS, MATTHEW, - The English Cat at Home..
042333: STURLUSON, SNORRI, - Ynglingasaga..
027742: STUTZER, GUSTAV, - Geheimnisse des Seelenlebens; ein Beitrag zur Beurteilung des Spiritismus..
030425: STYAN, J. L., - The English Stage; a history of Drama and Performance..
020687: STYRON, WILLIAM, - This quiet dust and Other Writings..
038746: SUBIRA, JOSÉ, - El Gremio de representantes españoles y aa Cofradia de Nuestra Señora de la Novena..
014547: SUCHLICKI, JAIME, ED., - Cuba, Castro, and Revolution..
016698: SUCHLICKI, JAIME, - Historical Dictionary of Cuba..
017208: SUDA, ZDENEK, - La division Internationale Socialiste du Travail; Le Système Communiste Face à L'intégration..
034538: SUDHAUS, SIEGFRIED, - Menanderstudien..
036368: SUDWORTH, GEORGE B, - Forest Trees of the Pacific Slope..
030618: SUGARS, CYNTHIA AND GERRY TURCOTTE, EDS., - Unsettled Remains; Canadian Literature and the Postcolonial Gothic..
038065: SUGDEN, JOHN, - Tecumseh; a Life..
023321: SUGERMAN, TRACY, - My War; a love Story in letters and Drawings..
024778: SUGGS, M. JACK., - Wisdom, Christology, and Law in Matthew's Gospel..
010269: SUGIMOTO, ETSU INAGAKI, - A Daughter of the Narikin..
002882: SUHL, BENJAMIN, - Jean-Paul Sartre: The Philosopher as a Literary Critic..
015198: SUIDA, WILHELM, - Österreichs Malerei in der Zeit Erzherzog Ernst des Eisenen und König Albrecht II..
034738: SUKALE, MICHAEL, - Denken, Sprechen und Wissen; Logische Untersuchungen zu Husserl und Quine..
005596: SUKHOTIN-TOLSTSOY, TATIANA, - The Tolstoy Home; Diaries of Tatiana Sukhotin-Tolstoy..
014845: SULEIMAN, SUSAN RUBIN, - Risking Who one is; Encounters with Contemporary Art and Literature..
034185: SULLIVAN, WALTER, - Black Holes; the Edge of Space, the End of Time..
037856: SULLIVAN, EUGENE T. AND MARILYNN C. SULLIVAN, EDS, - The Wilton Way of cake Decorating. Volume 1..
016893: SULLIVAN, CHARLES, ED., - Fathers and Children, in Literature and Art..
023428: SULLIVAN, CHARLES, ED., - American Beauties; Women in Art and Literature: Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, Photographs, and Other Works of art from the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute..
018904: SULLIVAN, CONSTANCE, ED., - Legacy of Light..
023884: O'SULLIVAN, FIRMIN, - The Egnatian Way..
005850: SULLIVAN, EDWARD D., - Maupassant the Novelist..
011410: SULLIVAN, ROBERT R, - Political Hermeneutics; the Early Thinking of Hans-Georg Gadamer..
021639: SULLIVAN, MARK, - Slag..
031036: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL, - The arts of Chine..
031401: SULLIVAN, JACK, ED., - The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural..
043097: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL, - The Arts of China..
021812: SULLIVAN, ALVIN, ED., - British Literary Magazines; the modern Age, 1914-1984..
038084: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL, - The Arts of China..
036561: SULLIVAN, ROBERT, - The Meadowlands; Wilderness Adventures at the Edge of a City..
036548: SULTAN, GEORG, - Atlas and Epitome of Abdominal Hernias..
022290: SULTANA, DONALD, - Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Malta and Italy..
022176: SUMAN, J., - Slovanska slovnica za srednje Sole..
027490: SUMM, G. HARVEY, ED., - Brazilian Mosaic; Portraits of a Diverse People and Culture..
016186: SUMMER, ANTHONY AND TOM MANGOLD, - The File on the Tsara..
037864: SUMMERS, ANDY, - Throb..
013505: SUMMERS, IAN, - The Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt..
1566: SUMMERS, ROBERT S., - Essays in legal philosophy. Selected and edited by Robert S. Summers...
026940: SUMMERS, CLAUDE J., ED., - The Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage; a Rader's Companion to the Writers and Their Works, from Antiquity to the Present..
026968: SUMMERS, CLAUDE J., - Gay Fictions, Wilde to Stonewall; Studies in a Male Homosexual literary Tradition..
016766: SUMMERS, ANTHONY, - The Arrogance of Power; the Secret World of Richard Nixon..
027347: SUMMERS, CLAUDE J. AND TED-LARRY PEBWORTH, EDS., - Renaissance Discourses of Desire..
014455: SUMMERS, JOSEPH H., ED., - The Lyric and Dramatic Milton; Selected papers from the English Institute..
042116: SUMMERS, JOSEPH H, - The Muse's Method; an Introduction to Paradise Lost..
033533: SUMMERS, JOSEPH H., - The Heirs of Donne and Jonson..
034121: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE, - The Playhourse of Pepys..
040188: SUMMERS, JOSEPH H., - George Herbert; His religion and Art..
036599: SUMMERSON, JOHN, - Ben Nicholson..
006117: SUMMERSON, JOHN, - Georgian London..
042480: SUMMERTON, NICIHOLAS, - Medicine and Health Care in Roman Britain..
034435: SUMNER, WILLIAM GRAHAM, - Essays of William Graham Sumner..
037395: SUMNER, WILLIAM GRAHAM, - Folkways; a Study of the sociological Importance of Usages, Manners, Customs, mores, and Morals..
021814: SUMNER, B. H., - Peter the Great and the Emergence of Russia..
011972: SUMNER, FRANCIS B., - The Life History of an American Naturalist..
024422: SUNDKLER, BENGT, - Church of South India; the movment Towards Union 1900-1947..
015318: SUNDQUIST, ERIC J., - Home as Found; Authority and Genealogy in Nineteenth-Century American Literature..
036186: SUNSTEIN, CASS R, - Legal reasoning and Political Conflict..
024952: SUPER, R. H., - The Time-Spirit of Matthew Arnold..
028468: SUPER, CHARLES WILLIAM, - A Pioneer College and Its Background (The Ohio University)..
028710: SUPICIC, IVAN, ED., - Croatia in the Early Middle Ages; a cultural Survey..
036461: SUPREE, BURTON, - Bear's Heart; scenes from the Life of a Cheyenne Artist of One Hundred Years Ago with Pictures By Himself..
028622: SURTZ, EDWARD, - The Praise of Pleasure; Philosophy, Eudcation, and Communism in More's Utopia..
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014684: THURSTAN, VIOLETTA, - A Short History of Decorative Textiles and Tapestries..
005344: THURSTON, DONALD R., - Teachers and Politics in Japan..
030320: LE, THI DIEM THUY, - The gangster we are All Looking for..
003861: THWAITE, ANTHONY, - Beyond the Inhabited World: Roman Britain..
021741: TIBBETTS, JOHN C. AND JAMES M. WELSH, - The Encyclopedia of novels Into Film..
019734: TIBI, BASSAM, - Conflict and war in the Middle East, 1967-91; Regional Dynamic and the Superpowers..
011420: TIBULLUS, ALBIUS, - Albii Tibulli Aliorumque Carminum Libri Tres..
031954: TIBULLUS, ALBIUS, - Tibulli Aliorumque Carminum libri Tres..
028553: TICE, TERRENCE N., - Schleiermacher Bibliography with Brief Introductions, Annotations, and Index..
036263: TICE, GEORGE, - Lincoln..
041446: TICKELL, RICHARD, - Anticipation..
030449: TICKNOR, GEORGE, - History of Spanish Literature..
042314: VAN TIEGHEM, PAUL, - La littérature latine de la Renaissance; étude d'histoire littéraire Européenne..
013160: TIEN, HUNG-MAO, - The Great Transition; Political and Social Change in the Republic of China..
014214: TIEPOLO, GIOVANNI DOMENICO, - Picturesque Ideas on the Flight Into Egypt..
041685: TIERSKY, RONALD, - Le Mouvement communiste en France (1920-1972)..
030673: TIESSEN, HILDI FROESE AND PAUL GERARD TIESSEN, - Woldemar Neufeld's Canada; a Mennonite artist in the Canadian Landscape 1925-1995..
035782: TIGER, LIONEL, - China's Food; a Photographic Journey By Reinhart Wolf..
038737: TIGERMAN, STANLEY, - The Architecture of Exile..
026510: TIKHOMIROV, M. N., ED., - Istoriia Moskovskogo Universiteta..
034183: TILBERG, FREDERICK, - Gettysburg; National MIlitary Park, Pennsylvania..
020706: TILDEN, SAMUEL J., - Letters and Literary Memorials of Samuel J. Tilden..
017011: TILDEN, WILLIAM W., - Crown's Children; Freud's Anal Typology as an Organizing Concept in American Historiography..
033769: TILLEY, ARTHUR, - The decline of the Age of Louis XIV or, French Literature 1687-1715..
032509: TILLEY, ARTHUR, - Molière..
007987: TILLICH, PAUL, - Sein Und Sinn; Zwei Schriften Zur Ontologie..
028555: TILLICH, PAUL, - Against the Third Reich; Paul Tillich's Wartime Addresses to Nazi Germany..
014157: TILLICH, PAUL, - Perspectives on 19th and 20th Century Protestant Theology..
005831: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY, - Pope and Human Nature..
034010: TILLYARD, E. M. W., - Shakespeare's Last Plays..
023616: TILLYARD, STELLA, - Citizen Lord; the life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary..
034106: TILLYARD, E. M. W., - The Elizabethan World Picture..
032546: TILLYARD, E. M. W., - Shakespeare's History Plays..
010689: TILTON, TIMOTHY ALAN, - Nazism, Neo-Nazism, and the Peasantry..
031168: TIMBS, JOHN, - Abbeys, Castles, and Ancient Halls of England and Wales; Their Legendary Lore and Popular History..
011632: TIMMIS, JOHN H., III., - Thine is the Kingdom; the Trial for Treason of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, First Minister to King Charles I, and Last Hope of the english Crown..
037090: TIMS, BARBARA, ED, - Food in Vogue from Boulestin to Boxer..
039196: TINBERGEN, JAN, - Income Distribution; Analysis and Policies..
012668: TINBERGEN, N., - The Study of Instinct..
036691: TINBERGEN, NIKO, - Bird Life..
008023: TINDALL, GEORGE BROWN, - The Persistent Tradition in New South Politics..
004674: TINDER, GLENN, - The Political Meaning of Christianity; an Interpretation..
021638: TINGLE, TIM AND DOC MOORE, - Spooky Texas Tales..
034870: TINGLE, TIM AND DOC MOORE, - More Spooky Texas Tales..
005199: TINT, HERBERT, - The Decline of French Patriotism, 1870-1940..
015200: TINTEROW, GARY AND HENRI LOYRETTE, - Origins of Impressionism..
019951: TINTEROW, GARY, - Master Drawings By Picasso..
016466: TIRARD, PAUL, - La France Sur Le Rhin; Douze Années D'occupation Rhénane..
026306: TISCHNER, HERBERT, - Kunst der Südsee..
023944: LE TISSIER, TONY, - Patton's Pawns; the 94th US Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line..
022547: TITCHMARSH, E. C., - The Theory of Functions..
035149: TITCOMB, CALDWELL, ED, - The Art of fine Words; Offering in Honor of Arthur H. Hopkins..
006692: TITLEY, E. BRIAN, - A Narrow Vision; Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada..
024427: TIZI, VINCENZO, - Vita del P. Benvenuto Bambozzi..
022527: TOBIN, JAMES, - Asset accumulation and Economic Activity; Reflections on Contemporary MacRoeconomic Theory..
007049: TOBIN, AGNES, - Agnes Tobin: Letters, Translations, Poems, with Some Account of Her Life..
007797: TOCH, HANS, - The Social Psychology of Social Movements..
038217: TODA, KENJI, - Japanese scroll Painting..
036663: TODD, RUTHVEN, - Tracks in the Snow; Studies in English Science and Art..
003506: TODD, IAN A., - Vasilikos Valley Project 1: The Bronze Age Cemetery in Kalavasos Village..
024428: TODD, JOHN M., - Luther; a Life..
035427: TODD, PAMELA, - The Arts and Crafts Companion..
023840: TODOROV, TZVETAN, - Theories of the Symbol..
019649: TOESCA, MAURICE, - The Other George Sand..
032575: TOFFANIN, GIUSEPPE, - Il Cinquecento..
016215: TOFFEFSON, JAMES W., - The Strength Not to Fight; an Oral History of Consientious Objectors of the Vietnam War..
016212: TOFFLER, ALVIN AND HEIDI TOFFLER, - War and Anti-war; Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century..
026004: TOKLAS, ALICE B., - Staying on Alone; Letters of Alice B. Toklas..
037821: TOKUTOMI, KENJIRO, - Nami-ko, a Realistic Novel..
016214: TOLAND, JOHN, - No Man's Land; 1918, the Last Year of the Great War..
024310: TOLCHIN, SUSAN J. AND MARTIN TOLCHIN, - Glass Houses; Congressional ethics and the Politics of Venom..
027991: TOLCHIN, MARTIN AND SUSAN TOLCHIN, - To the Victor... Political patronage from the Clubhouse to the White House..
008734: TOLCHIN, MARTIN AND SUSAN J. TOLCHIN, - Selling Our Security; the Erosion of America's Assets..
018553: TOLEDANO, RALPH DE, ED., - Frontiers of Jazz..
035760: TOLES, TOM, - Mr. Gazoo; a Cartoon History of the Reagan Era..
006125: TOLLEMACHE, LIONEL A., - Gladstone's Boswell; Late Victorian Conversations..
002319: TOLLENAERE, F. DE, - Alfabetische of Ideologische Lexicografie?..
036210: TOLLES, FREDERICK B, - George Logan of Philadelphia..
010440: TOLLEY, HOWARD R., - The Farmer Citizen at War..
027115: TOLMAN, RICHARD C., - Relativity thermodynamics and Cosmology..
032323: TOLNAY, CHARLES DE, - Hieronymus Bosch..
030301: TOLSON, JAY, - Pilgrim in the Ruins; a Life of Walker Percy..
041337: TOLSTOI, LEV, - Voina i Mir..
026933: TOLSTOY, LEV, - Selections..
043257: TOLSTOY, LEV H, - Voina i Mir..
042167: TOLSTOY, ALEKSEY NIKOLAYEVICH, - Giperboloid Ingenera Garina; Aelita..
016344: TOMAIN, JOSEPH P., - Nuclear Power Transformation..
005643: TOMALIN, CLAIRE, - The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft..
040641: TOMALIN, CLAIRE, - Samuel Pepys; the Unequalled Self..
002321: TOMAN, J, - KULS; Kartei Unveröffentlichter Linguistischer Arbeiten Zur Deutschen Sprache Der Gegenwart..
014218: TOMCHUK, MARJORIE, - M. Tomchuk; Graphic Work, 1962-1898..
031035: TOMCHUK, MARJORIE, - M. Tomchuk: graphic Work 1962-1989..
020574: TOMKEIEFF, O. G., - Life in Norman England..
014557: TOMKINS, CALVIN, - Merchants and Masterpieces; the Story of the Metropolitan Museum of Art..
871: TOMLINSON, AMANDA., - The mediaeval face...
030879: TOMLINSON, T. B., - A study of Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy..
038375: TOMLINSON, GARY, - Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance..
036500: TOMLINSON, T. B., - The English Middle-Class Novel..
016854: TOMNOVEC, IDA ALLEN, - The Building of the Wall of China; a Novel..
034281: TOMPKINS, PETER, - Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids..
016217: TOMPKINS, PETER, - The Murder of Admiral Darian; a Study in Conspiracy..
016218: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY, - The Secret War, 1914-1918..
005702: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY, - The Triumph of Bolshevism; Revolution or Reaction?..
005712: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY, - A Canadian's Road to Russia; Letters from the Great War Decade..
015004: TOMPKINS, JOHN S., - The Weapons of Wold War III; the Long Road back from the Bomb...
036568: TOMS, AGNES, - The Joy of Eating Natural Foods; the Complete Organic Cookbook..
005430: TOMSICH, JOHN, - A Genteel Endeavor; American Culture and Politics in the GIlded Age..
006548: TONKIN, JOHN, - The Church and the Secular Order in Reformation Thought..
026869: TOOBIN, JEFFREY, - A Vast Conspiracy; the real Story of the Sex scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President..
032089: TOOGOOD, MALCOLM, - Porsche Catalogs; a Visual hsitory from 1948 to the Present Day..
019891: TOOHEY, JOHN, - Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare..
005871: TOOKER, ELVA, - Nathan Trotter, Philadelphia Merchant 1787-1853..
009126: TOOLE, K. ROSS, - The Rape of the Great Plains; Northwest America, Cattle and Coal..
007338: TOOLE, K. ROSS, - Twentieth-century Montana; a State of Extremes..
032485: TOOLE, WILLIAM B., - Shakespeare's Problem Plays; Studies in Form and Meaning..
015976: O'TOOLE, G. J. A., - Honorable Treachery; a History of U.S> Intelligence, Espionage, and Covert Action from the American Revolution to the CIA..
032166: TOPHAM, ANNE, - A Distant Thunder; Intimate Recollections of the Kaiser's Court..
042827: TOPORISIC, JOZE, - Slovenski Knjizni Jezik..
022180: TOPPING, DONALD M. AND DALE P. CROWLEY, - Lessons in Indonesian..
010691: TOPRITZHOFER, EDGAR, - Absatzwirtschaftliche Modelle Des Kaufentscheidungsprozesses Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Des Markenwahlaspektes..
031217: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA, - Primitive Passions; Men, Women, and the quest for Ecstasy..
032824: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA, - Gone Primitive; Savage Intellects, Modern Lives..
024429: TÖRNVALL, GUSTAF, - Geistliches und weltliches Regiment bei Luther; Studien zu Luthers Weltbild und Gesellschaftsverständnis..
028520: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, - Toward Community in University Government; report of the Commission on the Government of the University of Toronto..
009891: TORREBLANCA ESPINOSA, MAXIMO, - Estudio Del Habla De Villena y Su Comarca..
001711: TORREY, CHARLES C, - Gold Coins of Khokand and Bukhara..
028016: TORREY, E. FULLER, - Schizophrenia and Mani-Depressive Disorder; the biological Roots of Mental Illness as Revealed by the landmark Study of Identical Twins..
019653: TORREY, E. FULLER, - The Roots of Treason; Ezra Pound and the Secrets of St. Elizabeths..
029090: TORTI, ANNA, - The Glass of Form; Mirroring structures from Chaucer to Skalton..
043080: TOSCANI, CLAUDIO, - Pietro Gnocchi e la musica a Brescia nel Settecento, Brescia, 20 ottobre 2007..
039630: TOSTLEBE, ALVIN S, - The Growth of physical Capital in Agriculture, 1870-1950..
002705: TOSUN, MEBRURE AND KADRIYE YALVAÇ, - Sumer, Babil, Assur Kanunlari ve Ammi-Saduqa Fermani..
009932: TOTH, KARL, - Wien Und Der Wienerwald: Wiener Becken, Semmering Und Wachau..
011527: TOUHILL, BLANCHE M., - William Smith O'Brien and His Irish Revolutionary Companions in Penal Exile..
034561: TOULGOUAT, PIERRE, - Voisinage et solidarité dans l'Europe du Moyen Age; "lou besi de Gascogne"..
1584: TOULMIN, STEPHEN., - Foresight and understanding; an enquiry into the aims of science...
023963: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, HENRI, - The Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec..
032095: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, MAPIE DE, - La cuisine de France..
035692: TOUPIN, ELIZABETH AHN, - The Hawaii Cookbook & Backyard Luau..
042899: TOURNIER, MICHEL, - Le vol du vampire; notes de Lecture..
042040: TOURNIER, MICHEL, - Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique..
036220: TOUSSAINT-SAMAT, MAGUELONNE, - A History of Food..
043265: TOV, EMANUEL, ED, - The Book of Baruch Also Called I Baruch (Greek and Hebrew)..
039360: TOVEY, DONALD FRANCIS, - Essays in Musical Analysis..
031034: TOWER, JEREMIAH, - New American Classics..
018805: TOWERS, JOHN, - Dictionary-catalogue of Opera and Operettas..
035363: TOWLE, MARGARET A, - The Ethnobotany of pre-Columbia Peru..
009943: TOWNER, WESLEY, - The Elegant Auctioneers..
016943: TOWNSEND, WILLIAM CAMERON, - Lazaro Cardenas, Mexican Democrat..
013162: TOWNSEND, JAMES R., - Political Participation in Communist China..
005744: TOWSTER, JULIAN, - Political Power in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1947; the Theory and Structure of Government in the Soviet State..
008350: TOYE, FRANCIS, - Rossini; a Study in Tragi-Comedy..
031522: TOYE, FRANCIS, - Giuseppe Verdi; His Life and Works..
024437: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD, - An Historian's Approach to Religion..
026357: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD, - Greek civilisation and Character; the Self-Revelation of Ancient GReek Society..
011422: TOYNBEE, J. M. C., - The Art of the Romans..
005105: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J., - Acquaintances..
041774: TOZZER, ALFRED M, - A Maya Grammar with Bibliography and Appraisement of the Works Noted..
014773: TOZZER, ALFRED M., - Excavation of a Site at Santiago Ahuizotla, D.F. Mexico..
022182: TRABANT, JÜRGEN, - Elemente Der Semiotik..
043122: TRABER, HABAKUK AND ELMAR WEINGARTEN, EDS, - Verdrängte Musik; Berliner Komponisten im Exil..
022866: TRACY, WALTER, - The Typographic Scene..
003974: TRACY, MICHAEL, - Agriculture in Western Europe; Crisis and Adaption Since 1880..
038054: TRACY, ROBERT, - Trollope's Later Novels..
004948: TRAGER, FRANK N., - Why Viet Nam?..
035353: TRAGER, JAMES, - The Food Chronology; a Food Lover's compendium of Events and Anecdotes, from Prehistory to the Present..
005456: TRAILL, H. D., - William the Third..
040585: TRAILL, DAVID A, - Schliemann of Troy; treasure and Deceit..
037761: TRAISMAN, BARBARA, - Handed Down; the artisan Tradition..
026132: TRALBAUT, MARC EDO, - Vincent Van Gogh..
030678: TRAN, VAN NHUT, - An Loc; the Unfinished War..
009892: TRANEL, BERNARD, - Concreteness in Generative Phonology; evidence from French..
025242: TRANSCHEL, HANS-PETER, - Die kirchlichen Werke des Würzburger Hofbildhauers Johann Peter Wagner..
016620: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ, - Velazquez..
041314: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ, - Valdés Leal; Baroque Concept of death and suffering in His Paintings..
041695: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ, - Martin Rico y Ortega in the collection of the Hispanic Society of America..
014494: TRAPP, FRANK ANDERSON, - The Attainment of Delacroix..
043648: TRASK, DAVID F, - The United States in the Supreme War Council; American War Aims and inter-allied Strategy, 1917-1918..
007933: TRASK, KERRY A., - Fire Within; a Civil War narrative from Wisconsin..

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