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59832: (ROCKWELL KENT) CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - Canterbury Tales.
34198: (TRINA SCHART HYMAN) CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - Canterbury Tales.
81273: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - The Canterbury Tales III (Miniature).
81271: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - The Canterbury Tales I (Miniature).
81272: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - The Canterbury Tales II (Miniature).
56093: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer.
56164: (TRINA SCHART HYMAN) CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. - Canterbury Tales.
56626: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C. - Thy Hand, Great Anarch!: India, 1921-1952.
68549: CHAULIEU, GUILLAUME AMFRYE DE. - Oeuvres (Two Volumes).
56625: CHAUNDLER, CHRISTINE. - Everyman's Book of Legends.
62421: CHAUNU, PIERRE. - L'amerique Et Les Ameriques (de la Prehistoire a Nos Jours).
33344: CHAUVEAU, MICHEL. - Cleopatra: Beyond the Myth.
60478: CHAVASSE, CLAUDE. - Dialogues of Jesus: An Arrangement of S. John's Gospel.
55391: CHAVES, JULIO CESAR. - Unamuno Y America.
24340: CHAYKIN, HOWARD AND MOORE, JOHN FRANCIS. - Ironwolf: Fires of the Revolution.
49180: CHAYKIN, HOWARD, ET AL. - Barnum!: In Secret Service to the Usa.
32097: CHAZIN-BENNAHUM, JUDITH. - Ballets of Antony Tudor: Studies in Psyche and Satire.
23361: CHEAPE, HUGH (EDITOR). - Tools and Traditions: Studies in European Ethnology Presented to Alexander Fenton.
73934: CHECKLEY, EDWIN. - Natural Method of Physical Training: Making Muscle and Reducing Flesh without Dieting Or Apparatus.
15207: CHEEVER, JOHN. - Oh What a Paradise It Seems.
41368: CHEEVER, JOHN. - Wapshot Chronicle.
70947: CHEEVER, HENRY T. - Correspondencies of Faith and Views of Madame Guyon: Being a Devout Study of the Unifying Power and Place of Faith in the Theology and Church of the Future.
56213: CHEEVER, JOHN. - Housebreaker of Shady Hill and Other Stories.
37626: CHEFFERS, MARK AND PAKALUK, MICHAEL. - New Approach to Understanding Accounting Ethics: Principles, Professionali Sm, Pride.
61155: CHEKENIAN, JANE AND MEYER, MONICA. - Shellfish Cookery.
81268: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - The Seagull (Miniature).
55386: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Selected Short Stories.
80560: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Platonov, Ivanov, the Seagull.
39488: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Late-Blooming Flowers and Other Stories.
80559: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Short Plays.
22752: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Stories of Women: Includes 12 Stories Never Before Translated Into English.
25050: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Two Plays of Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters.
63862: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Letters of Anton Chekhov.
31272: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Chorus Girl and Other Stories.
63785: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Schoolmaster and Other Stories.
46160: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Motley Tales and a Play.
66861: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Day in the Country.
17772: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Don Juan (in the Russian Manner).
73669: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Two Plays of Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters.
49102: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Orchards: Stories.
66553: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Early Stories, 1883-1888.
76852: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - St. Peter's Day and Other Tales.
63190: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Early Stories.
79880: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Greatest Plays.
68664: CHEKHOV, ANTON. - Undiscovered Chekhov: Thirty-Eight New Stories.
49225: TAIN-JY CHEN (EDITOR). - Taiwanese Firms in Southeast Asia: Networking Across Borders.
61483: CHEN, YA-CHEN. - Many Dimensions of Chinese Feminism.
28699: CHEN, XIAOMEI (EDITOR). - Reading the Right Text: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Drama.
77027: CHENAULT, NELL. - Parsifal the Poddley.
72172: CHENEY, CORA. - Vermont: The State with the Storybook Past.
78623: CHENEY, SIMEON PEASE. - Wood Notes Wild: Notations of Bird Music.
55486: CHENEY, MARGARET AND UTH, ROBERT. - Tesla: Master of Lightning.
71646: CHENEY, CORA AND PARTRIDGE, BEN. - Florida's Family Album: A History for All Ages.
59123: CHENG, HUNG AND WU, TAI TSUN. - Expanding Protons: Scattering at High Energies.
26119: CHEPESIUK, RON. - Sixties Radicals, Then and Now: Candid Conversations with Those Who Shaped the Era.
2357: CHERNOFF, MAXINE. - Bop.
26819: CHERNOW, BURT. - Drawings of Milton Avery.
80654: CHERNOW, RON. - Alexander Hamilton.
83517: CHERNOW, RON. - Alexander Hamilton.
48054: CHERNOW, BURT (INTRODUCTION). - Lester Johnson: Paintings, 1970-1974.
59130: CHERRY, KELLY. - God's Loud Hand: Poems.
36679: CHERRY, KELLY. - Natural Theology.
20084: CHERRY, JOHN (EDITOR). - Mythical Beasts.
57581: CHERRY, LYNNE. - Archie, Follow Me.
69714: CHERRYH, C. J. AND MORRIS, JANET. - Gates of Hell.
27991: CHERRYH, C. J. - Cloud's Rider.
27931: CHERRYHOLMES, ANNE. - Island of the Voyageurs.
26644: CHESANOW, JEANNE R. - Honeysuckle Sipping: The Plant Lore of Childhood.
45900: CHESANOW, JEANNE R. - Honeysuckle Sipping: The Plant Lore of Childhood.
43089: CHESANOW, JEANNE R. - Honeysuckle Sipping: The Plant Lore of Childhood.
52676: CHESEBRO, JAMES W. AND BONSALL, DONALD G. - Computer-Mediated Communication: Human Relationships in a Computerized World.
11033: CHESNEAUX, JEAN. - Peasant Revolts in China 1840-1949.
20017: CHESNEY, D. NOREEN AND CHESNEY, MURIEL O. - Radiographic Anatomy of the Chest and Abdomen.
46859: CHESSER, EUSTACE. - Odd Man out: Homosexuality in Men and Women.
43516: CHESTERFIELD, TOWN OF. - Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Chesterfield, Mass. , 1762-1962.
21802: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Seven Suspects.
73224: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Coloured Lands.
50677: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Thirteen Detectives.
74258: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Selected Essays of G.K. Chesterton.
22674: CHESWORTH, MICHAEL. - Rainy Day Dream.
56953: CHETHAM-STRODE, WARREN. - Tootoo the Travelling Cat.
69462: CHETHAM-STRODE, WARREN. - Translations from the Siamese.
70297: CHETWIN, GRACE. - Chimes of Alyafaleyn.
22767: CHEUSE, ALAN. - Listening to the Page: Adventures in Reading and Writing.
3675: CHEUSE, ALAN. - Candace & Other Stories.
24073: CHEVALIER, TRACY. - Lady and the Unicorn.
54490: CHEVALIER, DENYS. - Antoine Poncet.
82700: CHEVALIER, STUART. - A Window on Broadway: A Journal of Occasional Notes on This Present Scene and What May Lie Beyond.
73082: CHEVALLEY, CLAUDE. - Theory of Lie Groups I.
59573: CHEVIGNY, PAUL. - Cops and Rebels: A Study of Provocation.
78129: CHEYETTE, FREDRIC L. - Ermengard of Narbonne and the World of the Troubadours.
37533: CHEYNEY, PETER. - Ladies Won't Wait.
44390: CHI, CH'AO-TING. - Key Economic Areas in Chinese History: As Revealed in the Development of Public Works for Water-Control.
52808: CHIA, MANTAK. - Iron Shirt Chi Kung I.
57288: CHICAGO, JUDY AND LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD. - Women and Art: Contested Territory.
14988: CHICHESTER, SIR FRANCIS. - How to Keep Fit: By One Who Never Is As Fit As He Would Like to Be.
4303: CHICKERING, MARJORIE. - Yankee Trader: Ben Tanner - 1799.
8507: CHIDSEY, DONALD BARR. - Reluctant Cavalier.
79001: CHIEL, RABBI ARTHUR A. - Jewish Experiences in Early Manitoba.
19910: CHIEN, DAVID. - About 85 Years Ago.
39745: CHIHULY, DALE. - Icicles: The Icicle Creek Chandelier.
76580: CHILD, JULIA AND PEPIN, JACQUES WITH NUSSBAUM, DAVID. - Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home.
45585: CHILD, MRS. - American Frugal Housewife: Dedicated to Those Who Are Not Ashamed of Economy.
55125: CHILD, JULIA. - Julia Child & More Company.
49281: CHILD, LAUREN. - But Excuse Me That Is My Book.
41738: CHILD, JULIA AND PEPIN, JACQUES WITH NUSSBAUM, DAVID. - Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home.
65619: CHILD, JULIA AND BECK, SIMONE. - Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Volume Two.
58492: CHILD, JULIA, BERTHOLLE, LOUISETTE, AND BECK, SIMONE. - Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Volume One.
79400: CHILD, JULIA. - Way to Cook.
70855: COTSEN CHILDREN'S LIBRARY. - Catalogue of the Cotsen Children's Library: The Twentieth Century (Two Volumes).
70106: CHILDRESS, ALICE. - Rainbow Jordan.
41673: CHILDS, HARWOOD L. (TRANSLATOR). - Nazi Primer: Official Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth.
33042: CHILDS, MARILYN CARLSON. - Training Your Colt to Ride and Drive.
4578: CHILDS, MARQUIS. - Peacemakers.
75742: CHILDS, HARWOOD L. (TRANSLATOR). - Nazi Primer: Official Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth.
60059: CHILL, ABRAHAM. - Minhagim: The Customs and Ceremonies of Judaism, Their Origins and Rationale.
71464: CHILSON, KATHLEEN G. (EDITOR). - This Is Not a Photograph: Twenty Years of Large-Scale Photography, 1966-1986.
43485: CHILTON, BRUCE. - Mary Magdalene: A Biography.
62198: CHILTON, JOHN. - Sidney Bechet: The Wizard of Jazz.
75883: PA CHIN (BA CHIN / LI YAOTANG). - Cold Nights.
59145: PA CHIN (LI YAOTANG). - Cold Nights.
73771: CHINARD, GILBERT. - Petite Histoire Des Lettres Francaises.
61935: CHING, MARVIN K. L., ET AL (EDITORS). - Linguistic Perspectives on Literature.
48039: CHIPMAN, BRUCE L. (EDITOR). - Hardening Rock: An Organic Anthology of the Adolescence of Rock 'n Roll.
59773: CHIPPENDALE, THOMAS. - Gentleman & Cabinet-Maker's Director.
80636: CHIPPERFIELD, JOSEPH E. - Windruff of Links Tor.
58514: CHIPPERFIELD, JOSEPH E. - Windruff of Links Tor.
56981: CHIRAZI, STEFFAN (EDITOR). - So What!: The Good, the Mad, and the Ugly (the Official Metallica Illustrated Chronicle).
39028: CHISHOLM, ALEXANDER. - Old Chisholm Trail.
73004: CHISHOLM, RODERICK M. - Perceiving: A Philosophical Study.
55689: CHISHOLM, RODERICK M. - Perceiving: A Philosophical Study.
82847: CHISHOLM, LOUEY. - The Enchanted Land: Tales Told Again.
79632: CHISHOLM, MICHAEL. - Rural Settlement and Land Use: An Essay in Location.
54580: CHISHOLM, RODERICK M. - On Metaphysics.
73521: CHITKARA, H. L. - Speaking of: Homoeopathy.
75827: CHITTENDEN, LUCIUS E. - The Capture of Ticonderoga: Annual Address Before the Vermont Historical Society.
23663: CHITTICK, NEVILLE. - Manda: Excavations at an Island Port on the Kenya Coast.
49652: CHITTUM, IDA. - Hermit Boy.
42733: CHIVERS, SUSAN AND WOLOSZYNSKA, SUZANNE. - Cottage Garden: Margery Fish at East Lambrook Manor.
67418: CHIVIAN-COBB, HERMINE (EDITOR). - Constable's Oil Sketches, 1809-29: The Maria Bicknell Years.
80014: CHLUMBERG, HANS. - Miracle at Verdun: Eight Scenes.
36004: CHO, SIHAK HENRY. - Korean Karate: Free Fighting Techniques.
4557: CHO, SIHAK HENRY. - Korean Karate: Free Fighting Techniques.
65781: CHO, SIHAK HENRY. - Korean Karate: Free Fighting Techniques.
24602: CHOATE, JUDITH. - Ubiquitous Shrimp.
84067: CHODES, JOHN. - Corbitt: The Story of Ted Corbitt, Long Distance Runner.
13628: CHODOS, ROBERT AND HAMOVITCH, ERIC. - Quebec and the American Dream.
42019: CHODRON, PEMA. - No Time to Love: A Timely Guide to the Way of the Bodhisattva.
69015: CHOHLIS, JOHN. - Prime, Choice and Baloney (Wandering with a Ranch Rambler).
68771: CHOLAKIAN, PATRICIA FRANCIS. - Rape and Writing in the Heptameron of Marguerite de Navarre.
17161: CHOLFIN, BRYAN (EDITOR). - Monochrome: The Readercon Anthology.
30926: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Chomsky: Selected Readings.
32970: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Hegemony Or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance.
54974: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Language and Thought.
48116: CHON, HAEWON. - Haewon Chon: The Scape.
19876: CHONG, THOMAS AND MARIN, CHEECH. - Cheech and Chong's Next Movie.
65245: GENDUN CHOPEL. - In the Forest of Faded Wisdom: 104 Poems By Gendun Chopel: A Bilingual Edition.
63931: CHOPIN, KATE. - Complete Novels and Stories.
62510: CHOPPING, RICHARD. - The Fly.
3830: CHOPRA, JUDITH WRIGHT. - Something Worth Doing: The Sub-Arctic Voyage of Aqua Star.
29632: CHORAO, KAY. - Ida and Betty and the Secret Eggs.
24578: (PAUL BOWLES) CHOUKRI, MOHAMED. - Jean Genet in Tangier.
27733: CHOW, SU-SING. - Flowers of the Four Seasons: A Manual in Chinese Brush Painting (the Fundamentals of Chinese Floral Painting).
58153: CHOYCE, LESLEY. - Nova Scotia: Shaped By the Sea: A Living History.
50582: CHRIMES, S. B., ET AL (EDITORS). - Fifteenth-Century England, 1399-1509: Studies in Politics and Society.
38239: CHRIST, RONALD J. - Narrow Act: Borges' Art of Allusion.
82072: CHRIST, KATHERINE D. - Willow Brook Farm.
81246: CHRISTELOW, EILEEN. - Olive and the Magic Hat.
26310: CHRISTELOW, EILEEN. - Glenda Feathers Casts a Spell.
35623: CHRISTELOW, EILEEN. - Glenda Feathers Casts a Spell.
81245: CHRISTELOW, EILEEN. - Jerome and the Witchcraft Kids.
72335: CHRISTENSEN, BONNIE. - Woody Guthrie: Poet of the People.
11277: CHRISTENSEN, J. A. - Cut-Art: An Introduction to Chung-Hua and Kiri-E.
67841: CHRISTENSEN, JEROME. - Practicing Enlightenment: Hume and the Formation of a Literary Career.
25616: CHRISTIAN, PEGGY. - Bookstore Mouse.
30475: CHRISTIAN, MARY BLOUNT. - Hats Off to John Stetson.
79603: CHRISTIAN, JR., WILLIAM A. - Moving Crucifixes in Modern Spain.
77918: CHRISTIAN, JR., WILLIAM A. - Moving Crucifixes in Modern Spain.
61369: CHRISTIAN, SR., WILLIAM A. - Doctrines of Religious Communities: A Philosophical Study.
74386: CHRISTIANA, DAVID. - White Nineteens.
35460: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Poems.
1045: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Nemesis.
18791: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - 13 for Luck!: A Selection of Mystery Stories for Young Readers.
81372: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Hercule Poirot's Early Cases (18 Short Stories).
49298: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Third Girl.
77965: CHRISTIE'S. - Famous Ferraris / Beautiful Bugattis / Magnificent Marques: To Be Sold at Monaco, 22 May 1990 at the Lowes Hotel (Three Volume Boxed Set).
80127: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Akhnaton: A Play in Three Acts.
77115: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Towards Zero.
83910: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Surprise! Surprise!: A Collection of Mystery Stories with Unexpected Endings.
38556: CHRISTINE, DE PIZAN (PISAN). - Epistle of the Prison of Human Life with an Epistle to the Queen of France and Lament on the Evils of the CIVIL War.
71756: CHRISTO. - Accordian-Fold Book for the Umbrellas, Joint Project for Japan and U.S. A.
15889: CHRISTOPHER, MATT. - Tough to Tackle.
15763: CHRISTOPHER, MATT. - Dirt Bike Racer.
21083: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN. - Guardians.
24937: CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS. - Creation of the Night Sky.
10927: CHRISTOPHER, THOMAS. - Water-Wise Gardening: America's Backyard Revolution.
72518: CHRISTOPHER, MATT. - Diamond Champs.
78730: CHRISTOPHER, MATT. - Ice Magic.
80059: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN R. WITH GILEADI, CATHY. - Every Woman's Herbal.
27291: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN. - When the Tripods Came.
34003: CHRISTY, MARIAN. - Invasion of Privacy: Notes from a Celebrity Journalist.
54743: CHRISTY, VAN A. - Glee Club and Chorus.
73611: CHRISTY, BAYARD H. - Going Afoot: A Book on Walking.
54310: CHRYSSOLOURIS, GEORGE. - Manufacturing Systems: Theory and Practice.
60978: CHUA, JOSE P. - Go Cho Kune (Kuen) Kung Fu: The Five Fist Style of Chinese Boxing.
80163: CHUBB, MARY. - Alphabet of Ancient Greece: Book One - Early Days.
3750: CHUBB, THOMAS CALDECOT. - Venetians: Merchant Princes.
67893: CHUKOVSKYA, LYDIA. - Akhmatova Journals: Volume I: 1938-1941.
32370: CHUN, RICHARD WITH WILSON, PAUL HASTINGS. - Tae Kwon Do: The Korean Martial Art.
3593: CHUN, JINSIE. - I Am Heaven.
20946: CHUNG, KUK HYUN AND LEE, KYUNG MYUNG. - Taekwondo Kyorugi: Olympic Style Sparring.
65234: CHURCH, RUTH ELLEN. - Mary Meade's Magic Recipes for the Electric Blender (Osterizer).
84153: CHURCH, REV. A. J. - Stories of Charlemagne and the Twelve Peers of France: From the Old Romances.
62452: CHURCH, HENRY, ET AL (EDITORS). - Mesures: 15 Juillet (Julyl) 1936 - No. 3.
29090: CHURCH, RICHARD. - Bells of Rye.
45398: CHURCH, MARY. - John Patrick's Amazing Morning.
35989: CHURCHILL, R. C. - Disagreements: A Polemic on Culture in the English Democracy.
22141: CHURCHILL, JANET I. - New Labrador Retriever.
22581: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - First Journey.
25254: CHURCHILL, CARYL. - Serious Money: A City Comedy.
81383: CHURCHILL, SIR WINSTON S. - Story of the Malakand Field Force: An Episode of Frontier War.
30135: CHURCHILL, CARYL. - Mad Forest: A Play from Romania and the Skirker.
81625: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Maxims and Reflections.
50733: CHURCHILL, SAMUEL JOSEPH. - Genealogy and Biography of the Connecticut Branch of the Churchill Family in America.
82498: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Winston S. Churchill: War Correspondent, 1895-1900.
62314: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Maxims and Reflections.
22097: CHURCHMAN, C. WEST. - Prediction and Optimal Decision: Philosophical Issues of a Science of Values.
52992: CHUTE, B. J. - One Touch of Nature and Other Stories.
83586: CHUTE, MARCHETTE. - Shakespeare of London.
58665: CHUTE, CAROLYN. - Beans of Egypt, Maine.
83988: CHWAST, SEYMOUR (ADAPTED BY). - Dante's Divine Comedy.
38873: CHWATSKY, ANN. - Man in the Street.
67692: CHWISTEK, LEON. - Limits of Science: Outline of Logic and of the Methodology of the Exact Sciences.
71594: CIANCONE, MICHAEL L. - Literary Legacy of the Space Age: An Annotated Bibliography of Pre-1958 Books on Rocketry & Space Travel.
37944: CIARDI, JOHN. - I Marry You: A Sheaf of Love Poems.
61408: (EDWARD GOREY) CIARDI, JOHN. - Man Who Sang the Sillies.
76221: CIARDI, JOHN. - Fast and Slow: Poems for Advanced Children and Beginning Parents.
38928: CIARDI, JOHN. - John J. Plenty and Fiddler Dan: A New Fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant.
41037: (EDWARD GOREY) CIARDI, JOHN. - You Read to Me, I'LL Read to You.
41038: (EDWARD GOREY) CIARDI, JOHN. - Monster Den Or Look What Happened at My House - and to It.
43020: (EDWARD GOREY) CIARDI, JOHN. - Monster Den Or Look What Happened at My House - and to It.
75899: CIARDI, JOHN. - In Fact.
34557: CIARDI, JOHN. - Person to Person.
78659: (EDWARD GOREY) CIARDI, JOHN. - Someone Could Win a Polar Bear.
8053: CIARDI, JOHN. - In the Stoneworks.
76122: CIARDI, JOHN. - Doodle Soup: Poems.
63358: CIARDI, JOHN. - 39 Poems.
62592: CIARDI, JOHN. - Lives of X.
54097: (EDWARD GOREY) CIARDI, JOHN. - You Read to Me, I'LL Read to You.
71905: CIARDI, JOHN. - I Marry You: A Sheaf of Love Poems.
66544: CIARDI, JOHN. - This Strangest Everything.
57268: CICCHETTI, DANTE AND BEEGHLY, MARJORIE (EDITORS). - Children with Down Syndrome: A Developmental Perspective.
80892: CICERO. - Cicero IV: De Oratore, Book III, de Fato, Paradoxa Stoicorum, de Partitione Oratoria (Loeb Classical Library).
73802: CICOGNA, EMMANUELE ANTONIO (EDITOR). - Saggio Di Bibliografia Veneziana (Two Volumes).
76270: SALEM CIGARETTENFABRIK. - Salem Gold-Film-Bilder: Album 1.
47597: SALEM CIGARETTENFABRIK. - Salem Gold-Film-Bilder: Album 2.
60839: CIGLIANO, JAN AND SCHWARZ, RALPH G. - Southport: The Architectural Legacy of a Connecticut Village.
55362: CIGLIANO, JAN AND SCHWARZ, RALPH G. - Southport: The Architectural Legacy of a Connecticut Village.
68037: CIKOVSKY, JR., NICOLAI. - Raphaelle Peale Still Lifes.
10460: CILETTI, BARBARA. - Pepper Harvest Cookbook.
76899: CIMENT, JAMES. - Another America: The Story of Liberia and the Former Slaves Who Ruled It.
62048: O'CINNEIDE, MUIREANN. - Aristocratic Women and the Literary Nation, 1832-1867.
74935: CINTRON, LOLA VERRILL. - Goddess of the Bullring. . . The Story of Conchita Cintron, the World's Greatest Matadora.
28228: CIONI, ALFREDO AND BARSOTTI, ANNA MARIA BERTOLI (EDITORS). - Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in San Michele in Bosco: The Artistic Heritage of the Monastery and the Historical Events of One Hundred Years of Orthopaedic Surgery.
51764: CIORAN, E. M. - Anathemas and Admirations.
13257: CIORAN, E. M. - New Gods.
73724: CIORANESCU, ALEXANDRE. - L'avenir Du Passe: Utopie Et Litterature.
81475: CIPOLLA, CARLO M. - Fighting the Plague in Seventeenth-Century Italy.
76610: CIPRIANI, ARRIGO. - Harry's Bar: The Life and Times of the Legendary Venice Landmark.
3085: LONE WOLF CIRCLES. - Full Circle.
9246: CIRICI, ALEXANDRE. - Tapies: Witness of Silence.
21233: CIRLOT, J. E. - Dictionary of Symbols.
65336: CISCO, WALTER BRIAN. - Taking a Stand: Portraits from the Southern Secession Movement.
16309: CISNEROS, SANDRA. - Loose Woman: Poems.
28313: CLAASSEN, JO-MARIE. - Displaced Persons: The Literature of Exile from Cicero to Boethius.
34562: CLAFLIN, JR., STEPHEN T. - Radical Proposal: For Full Use of Free Speech.
34769: CLAGETT, MARSHALL. - Ancient Egyptian Science: A Source Book: Volume One: Knowledge and Order: Tome Two.
59066: CLAGETT, JOHN. - Captain Whitecap.
69961: CLAIBORNE, ROBERT. - Loose Cannons & Red Herrings: A Book of Lost Metaphors.
27207: CLAIN-STEFANELLI, ELVIRA ELIZA. - Italian Coin Engravers Since 1800.
37051: CLAIR, JOHN A. - Ironic Dimension in the Fiction of Henry James.
11627: CLAIR, COLIN. - Human Curiosities.
22894: CLAIRE, VIVIAN. - Judy Collins.
77761: BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX. - Treatises II.
15355: CLAMPITT, AMY. - Silence Opens.
57040: CLAMPITT, AMY. - Silence Opens: Poems.
65932: CLAMPITT, AMY. - Kingfisher: Poems.
51553: CLAMPITT, AMY. - Kingfisher: Poems.
50368: CLAMPITT, AMY. - What the Light Was Like.
44807: CLANCY, WILLIAM D. WITH KENTON, AUDREE COKE. - Woody Herman: Chronicles of the Herds.
73594: CLANVOWE, SIR JOHN. - Works of Sir John Clanvowe: The Book of Cupide and the Two Ways.
22661: CLAPHAM, SIDNEY. - Fuchsias for House and Garden.
59175: CLAPHAM, A. W. - Romanesque Architecture in Western Europe.
24432: CLARE, JOHN. - Shepherd's Calendar.
861: CLARE, JOHN. - Dwellers in the Wood.
54913: CLAREMON, NEIL. - East By Southwest: Poems.
24332: CLAREMONT, CHRISTOPHER S. - Star Trek: Debt of Honor.
30512: CLAREMONT, CHRIS, ET AL. - Marvel Masterworks Presents: The X-Men: Volume 11: Representing Giant Size X-Men No. 1 and X-Men 94-100.
48299: CLAREMONT, CHRIS, ET AL. - Best of Wolverine: Volume One.
60024: CLARIDGE, LAURA. - Norman Rockwell: A Life.
66889: CLARIE, THOMAS C. - Occult Bibliography: An Annotated List of Books Published in English, 1971 Through 1975.
41751: CLARISSIMA, SISTER MARY. - Study of the Geography of Berks County, Pennsylvania.
82324: CLARK, MICHAEL. - Jacques Lacan: An Annotated Bibliography (Two Volumes).
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15769: COMER, WILLIAM R. - Landmarks "in the Old Bay State. "
5430: COMES AT NIGHT, GEORGE. - Roaming Days.
61984: COMFORT, ALEX (TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED BY). - Illustrated Koka Shastra: Medieval Indian Writings on Love Based on the Kama Sutra.
69470: COMFORT, ALEX (TRANSLATOR). - Koka Shastra: Being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka and Other Medieval Indian Writings on Love.
60280: COMFORT, ALEX (TRANSLATOR). - Koka Shastra: Being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka and Other Medieval Indian Writings on Love.
62382: COMFORT, LOUISE K., ET AL (EDITORS). - Designing Resilience: Preparing for Extreme Events.
22133: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE. - Great Declaration: A Book for Young Americans.
24309: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE. - Search for a Usable Past and Other Essays on Historiography.
28303: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE. - Commager on Tocqueville.
67162: MONTROSE-VERDUGO CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. - Montrose, California: The First Eighty Years, 1913-1993: A Pictorial History of Montrose and Verdugo City.
35976: CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE. - East Greenwich Township Centennial, 1881-1981.
18995: STAMFORD BICENTENNIAL COMMITTEE. - Stamford: Past & Present, 1641-1976.
47464: NORTHFIELD TOWN HISTORY COMMITTEE. - Green Mountain Heritage: The Chronicle of Northfield, Vermont.
10599: HARVARD COMMITTEE. - Graduate Study of Education: Report of the Harvard Committee.
61237: AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE. - Wabanakis of Maine and the Maritimes: A Resource Book About Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, Micmac and Abenaki Indians.
57788: FINDHORN COMMUNITY. - Faces of Findhorn: Images of a Planetary Family.
50058: BRIARPATCH COMMUNITY. - Briarpatch Book: Experiences in Right Livelihood and Simple Living.
73349: COMMYNES, PHILIPPE DE. - Memoirs of Philippe de Commynes: Volume One.
72271: GRAND RAPIDS BOOKCASE AND CHAIR COMPANY. - Life-Time Furniture: The Cloister Styles.
68317: KING ARTHUR FLOUR COMPANY. - King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking: Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains.
74407: PHILLIPS DE PURY & COMPANY. - Contemorary Art: Part I: May 11, 2006 / Part II: May 12, 2006 (Two Volumes).
25680: ITHACA CALENDAR CLOCK COMPANY. - Ithaca Calendar Clock Company's Illustrated Catalogue and Price List, 1880.
42317: CHINESE PORCELAIN COMPANY. - Age of Gallantry: Fine and Decorative Arts of the Netherlands, 1672-1800.
77380: FORD MOTOR COMPANY. - Ford Road Maps.
4246: DANDICK COMPANY. - Pottery Jewels of Joseph Lonewolf.
46745: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY. - Story of the World's Finest 16mm. Movie Camera (Cine-Kodak Special).
46854: VINTON & COMPANY. - Bailey's Hunting Directory, 1956-1957.
47404: H. WOLFF BOOK MANUFACTURING COMPANY. - Index of Wolff Book and Display Type Faces.
47499: HENRY ALTEMUS COMPANY. - Little Small Red Hen.
70129: PETERSEN PUBLISHING COMPANY. - Petersen's Surfing Yearbook Number Three.
82627: B. F. STURTEVANT COMPANY. - The Eighth Wonder.
76370: HENRY ALTEMUS COMPANY. - Mother Nature Stories: A Book of the Best Nature Stories That Mothers Can Tell Their Children.
73663: KING ARTHUR FLOUR COMPANY. - King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion: The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook.
82865: MERGENTHALER LINOTYPE COMPANY. - Linotype Machine Principles: The Official Manual.
63524: (JAMES STEWART & COMPANY) MUIR & COMPANY (COMPILED AND EDITED BY). - Century in Construction: An Historical Account with a List of Structures Recording an Achievement in Engineering and Construction Throughout the World During the Past Hundred Years By James Stewart & Company.
80505: TOPPS COMPANY. - Mars Attacks.
72411: HARTMANN-SANDERS COMPANY. - The Pergola: Catalogue No. 39.
80761: NEW YORK EDISON COMPANY. - Towers of Manhattan.
43292: COMPTON, MARGARET. - American Indian Fairy Tales.
19467: COMPTON, IDA L. - Sinclair Lewis at Thorvale Farm: A Personal Memoir.
28958: COMPTON, RONALD. - Stillpoint: Dance Photographs.
43037: COMPTON, LINDA FISH. - Andalusian Lyrical Poetry and Old Spanish Love Songs: The Muwashshah and Its Kharja.
37537: COMSTOCK, ANNA BOTSFORD. - Ways of the Six-Footed.
56641: LE COMTE, EDWARD. - Dictionary of Puns in Milton's English Poetry.
32171: LE COMTE, EDWARD. - Milton and Sex.
9042: LE COMTE, MIA MUNZER. - I Still Dream of Prague.
60570: COMTE, AUGUSTE. - General View of Positivism.
65536: CONACHER, J. B. - Aberdeen Coalition, 1852-1855: A Study in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Party Politics.
44270: CONANT, JAN ROYCE. - Half Pint and Others.

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