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8832: CONANT, FRANK P. - God's Stewards: Samuel and Emily Williston.
78663: CONANT, JAMES B. - Thomas Jefferson and the Development of American Public Education.
77175: CONANT, LEVI LEONARD. - The Number Concept: Its Origin and Development.
78775: CONCOLORCORVO (ALONSO CARRIO DE LA VANDERA). - El Lazarillo: A Guide for Inexperienced Travelers between Buenos Aires and Lima, 1773.
62971: CONCOLORCORVO (ALONSO CARRIO DE LA VANDERA). - El Lazarillo: A Guide for Inexperienced Travelers between Buenos Aires and Lima, 1773.
50836: CONDAX, KATE DELANO. - Horse Sense: Cause and Correction of Problems.
25521: CONDE, MARYSE. - Segu.
11827: CONDE, MARYSE. - Tree of Life.
30029: CONDER, LYLE (EDITOR). - Collector's Guide to Heisey's Glassware for Your Table.
70797: CONDER, JOSIAH. - Landscape Gardening in Japan.
55672: CONDER, JOHN J. - Formula of His Own: Henry Adam's Literary Experiment.
14978: CONDON, RICHARD. - Ecstasy Business.
38401: CONE, MICHELE. - Roots & Routes of Art in Trhe 20th Century.
78303: CONE, POLLY (EDITOR). - Imperial Style: Fashions of the Hapsburg Era.
83515: CONE, CARL B. (EDITOR). - Hounds in the Morning: Sundry Sports of Merry England.
63713: CONE, MOLLY. - House in the Tree: A Story of Israel.
8455: CONE, MOLLY. - Promise Is a Promise.
8456: CONE, MOLLY. - Hurry Henrietta.
9888: CONE, MOLLY. - You Can't Make Me If I Don't Want to.
77798: CONE, MOLLY. - Green, Green Sea: A Story of Greece.
52203: CONEFREY, MICK. - Teacup in a Storm: An Explorer's Guide to Life.
83821: CONFORD, ELLEN. - Impossible, Possum.
68184: CONFUCIUS. - Analects of Confucius.
41462: CONGDON-MARTIN, DOUGLAS. - Navajo Art of Sandpainting.
40059: CONGER, LESLEY. - To Writers, with Love.
73455: CONGER, ELIZABETH MALLETT. - American Tanks and Tank Destroyers.
65406: CONGREVE, WILLIAM. - Love for Love: The Play By William Congreve.
43271: CONIBEAR, KENNETH. - North Land Footprints Or Lives on Little Bent Tree Lake.
33222: CONISBEE, PHILIP, ET AL. - Monet to Matisse: French Art in Southern California Collections.
63043: CONKIN, PAUL K. - Southern Agrarians.
76833: CONKLIN, GLADYS. - Lucky Ladybugs.
63118: CONKLIN, GLADYS. - Cheetahs, the Swift Hunters.
19179: CONKLING, GRACE HAZARD. - Flying Fish: A Book of Songs and Sonnets.
1112: CONKLING, GRACE HAZARD. - Afternoons of April.
53215: CONKLING, GRACE HAZARD. - Witch and Other Poems.
22108: CONLEY, KEVIN. - Stud: Adventures in Breeding.
52578: CONLEY, ROBERT J. - Quitting Time.
52577: CONLEY, ROBERT J. - Go-Ahead Rider.
8702: CONLEY, ROBERT J. - Quitting Time.
73534: CONLEY, JOHN (EDITOR). - Middle English Pearl: Critical Essays.
47990: CONLEY, ROBERT J. - Colfax.
17650: CONLON, JANE. - Fine Embellishment Techniques: Classic Details for Today's Clothing.
51506: CONLY, JANE LESLIE. - Racso and the Rats of Nimh.
6915: CONN, RICHARD. - Die Kultur Der Indianer Nordamerikas.
69130: CONN, GEORGE H. - Arabian Horse in America.
52721: CONN, GEORGE H. - Some Common Diseases of Cattle.
75328: CONN, RICHARD. - Robes of White Shell and Sunrise: Personal Decorative Arts of the Native American.
23662: CONNAH, GRAHAM. - Kibiro: The Salt of Bunyoro, Past and Present.
52604: O'CONNELL, NICHOLAS. - Beyond Risk: Conversations with Climbers.
58426: O'CONNELL, DANIEL JAMES. - Thud: Selected Poetry and Prose.
21345: CONNELL, EVAN S. - Alchymist's Journal.
32710: O'CONNELL, SHAUN. - Remarkable, Unspeakable New York: A Literary History.
4395: O'CONNELL, CAROL. - Mallory's Oracle.
63887: CONNELL, JR., EVAN S. - Diary of a Rapist.
65562: O'CONNELL, PATRICK. - Patrick O'connell's Refined American Cuisine: The Inn at Little Washington.
60543: O'CONNELL, JAMES C. AND KONIG, MICHAEL F. - Shaping an Urban Image: The History of Downtown Planning in Springfield, Massachusetts.
79930: CONNELL, BRIAN. - Return of the Tiger.
24079: CONNELLAN, LEO. - New and Collected Poems.
58529: CONNELLEY, WILLIAM ELSEY. - Quantrill and the Border Wars.
21947: CONNELLY, THOMAS LAWRENCE. - Army of the Heartland: The Army of Tennessee, 1861-1862.
23678: CONNELLY, OWEN. - On War and Leadership: The Words of Combat Commanders from Frederick the Great to Norman Schwartzkopf.
41192: CONNELLY, JOAN BRETON. - Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece.
72746: CONNER, DANIEL ELLIS. - Confederate in the Colorado Gold Fields.
16945: CONNIFF, RICHARD. - Natural History of the Rich: A Field Guide.
34358: CONNIFF, GREGORY. - Common Ground: An American Field Guide: Volume I.
62933: CONNIFF, GREGORY. - Common Ground: An American Field Guide: Volume I.
39421: CONNOLLY, M. CAREN AND WASSERMAN, LOUIS. - Ranches: Design Ideas for Renovating, Remodeling, and Building New.
37057: CONNOLLY, CYRIL. - Rock Pool.
21963: CONNOLLY, S. J. (EDITOR). - Oxford Companion to Irish History.
22487: CONNOLLY, CYRIL. - Romantic Friendship: The Letters of Cyril Connolly to Noel Blakiston.
56538: CONNOLLY, PETER. - Greece and Rome at War.
56045: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH. - Children's Modern First Editions: Their Value to Collectors.
73217: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH. - Children's Modern First Editions: Their Value to Collectors.
23134: CONNOR, D. RUSSELL AND HICKS, WARREN W. - Bg - on the Record: A Bio-Discography of Benny Goodman.
40332: O'CONNOR, GENEVIEVE A. - Admiral and the Deck Boy: One Boy's Journey with Christopher Columbus.
42078: CONNOR, W. ROBERT (EDITOR). - Greek Orations: Lysias, Isocrates, Demosthenes, Aeschines, Hyperides, and Letter of Philip.
42309: CONNOR, LINDA, ET AL (PHOTOGRAPHERS). - Marks in Place: Contemporary Responses to Rock Art.
42746: O'CONNOR, RICHARD. - Company Q.
82990: O'CONNOR, FRANK. - Traveller's Samples: Stories and Tales.
28382: O'CONNOR, RICHARD. - John Steinbeck.
29665: O'CONNOR, WILLIAM VAN. - Shaping Spirit: A Study of Wallace Stevens.
31063: CONNOR, CELESTE. - Democratic Visions: Art and Theory of the Stieglitz Circle, 1924-1934.
45463: O'CONNOR, JANE. - Fancy Nancy.
2247: O'CONNOR, FRANK. - Domestic Relations.
4093: O'CONNOR, WILLIAM VAN. - Shaping Spirit: A Study of Wallace Stevens.
66535: O'CONNOR, EDWIN. - Benjy: A Ferocious Fairy Tale.
45925: O'CONNOR, JANE AND HARTLAND, JESSIE. - Perfect Puppy for Me!
47075: CONNOR, TONY. - New and Selected Poems.
47496: O'CONNOR, T. P. - Parnell Movement: With a Sketch of Irish Partisans, from 1843.
51284: CONNOR, TOM. - Suburban Renewal.
49536: O'CONNOR, ULICK. - Travels with Ulick.
71438: O'CONNOR, FRANK. - Best of Frank O'connor.
82138: O'CONNOR, JOHN F. - Adobe Book.
63614: O'CONNOR, FRANK. - My Oedipus Complex.
78554: O'CONNOR, ROBERT F. (EDITOR). - Texas Myths.
74299: O'CONOR, NORREYS JEPHSON. - Servant of the Crown: In England and in North America, 1756-1761.
77922: CONOVER, ISABEL DE NYSE. - Dressmaking Made Easy.
36472: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Typhoon and Other Stories.
17556: CONRAD, PAM. - Blue Willow.
19609: CONRAD, PETER. - Art of the City: Views and Versions of New York.
21867: CONRAD, JAMES LEE. - Rebel Reefers: The Organization and Midshipmen of the Confederate States Naval Academy.
41536: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Secret Agent: A Simple Tale.
59821: CONRAD, JACK RANDOLPH. - Horn and the Sword: The History of the Bull As Symbol of Power and Fertility.
81258: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Heart of Darkness (Miniature).
31822: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Youth / Typhoon / the End of the Tether.
34252: CONRAD, BARNABY. - Gates of Fear.
77560: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Notes on Life and Letters.
45984: CONRAD, WILL C., WILSON, KATHLEEN F., AND WILSON, DALE. - Milwaukee Journal: The First Eighty Years.
78754: CONRAD, PAM. - Tub People.
62158: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Under Western Eyes.
70518: CONRAD, PAM. - Lost Sailor.
53563: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Lord Jim: A Tale.
61871: CONRAN, TERENCE. - Chef's Garden.
7480: CONROY, FRANK. - Stop-Time.
47692: CONSIDINE, BOB AND JARVIS, FRED G. - First Hundred Years: A Portrait of the Nyac (New York Athletic Club).
15497: CONSOLAS, BARBARA. - Bernard Simon.
80913: CONSTANCE. - Golden Childhood.
52935: CONSTANDUROS, BOB (EDITOR). - Formula One: Fia World Championship: Yearbook 1988.
41491: CONSTANT, BENJAMIN. - Cecile.
55397: CONSTANT, BENJAMIN. - Despot & the Slave.
54119: CONSTANTINE, JR., ALBERT. - Know Your Woods (Revised Edition).
73342: CONSTANTINE, MILDRED. - Tina Modotti: A Fragile Life.
27242: CONSTANTINIDES, GEORGE C. - Intelligence and Espionage: An Analytical Bibliography.
50875: CONTAMINE, PHILIPPE. - War in the Middle Ages.
42538: CONTE, ASTRID ROSSANA. - Vargas: 20s - 50s.
40600: CONTENTO, WILLIAM. - Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections, 1977-1983.
17802: CONTON, WILLIAM. - African.
7120: CONWAY, JILL KER AND BOURQUE, SUSAN C. (EDITORS). - Politics of Women's Education: Perspectives from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
48387: CONWAY, PETER. - Unwillingly to School.
49927: CONWAY, GEORGE ROBERT GRAHAM. - Ernesto Garcia Cabral: A Mexican Cartoonist.
77264: CONWAY, JILL KER. - True North: A Memoir.
38613: CONWAY, JILL KER. - Road from Coorain.
50799: CONWAY, GEORGE ROBERT GRAHAM (EDITOR). - Englishman in Mexico, A.D. 1625.
63798: CONWAY, JILL KER. - Woman's Education.
80705: CONYBEARE, FREDERICK CORNWALLIS. - Origins of Christianity.
65402: COOGAN, ALOYSIUS. - Spiritual Steps to Christmas.
36615: COOK, BRUCE. - Beat Generation.
37463: COOK, S. A., ADCOCK, F. E., CHARLESWORTH, M. P., AND BAYNES, N. H. (EDITORS). - Cambridge Ancient History: Volume XII: The Imperial Crisis and Recovery, A.D. 193 - 324.
37468: COOK, S. A., ADCOCK, F. E., CHARLESWORTH, M. P., AND BAYNES, N. H. (EDITORS). - Cambridge Ancient History: Volume of Plates V.
37826: COOK, MALCOLM. - Soccer Coaching and Team Management.
80043: COOK, JR., WILLIAM J. - Evolving Corporation: A Humanist Interpretation.
40148: COOK, CAROL S. (COMPILED BY). - Travel and Exploration: A Catalogue of the Providence Athenaeum Collection.
41671: COOK, MONTE, TWEET, JONATHAN, AND WILLIAMS, SKIP. - Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide: Core Rulebook II.
25556: COOK, BERYL. - Beryl Cook's New York.
25664: COOK, JEFFREY. - Award-Winning Passive Solar Designs: Professional Edition.
27122: COOK, BRUCE. - Young Will: The Confessions of William Shakespeare.
27202: COOK, BERYL. - Works.
28154: COOK, CAROL S. AND DORIAN, MARGUERITE (COMPILED BY). - Natural History Collection of the Providence Athenaeum: A Selected Annotated Bibliography.
17786: COOK, FERRIS (ILLUSTRATOR AND EDITOR). - Remembered Gardens.
30397: COOK, GLEN. - Tyranny of the Night: Book One of the Instramentalities of the Night.
1767: COOK-LYNN, ELIZABETH. - Power of Horses and Other Stories.
6718: COOK, GRAEME. - Air Adventures: Landmarks in the True Story of Flight.
8116: COOK, ANN MARIAH. - Running North: A Yukon Adventure.
82471: COOK, MONTE, TWEET, JONATHAN, AND WILLIAMS, SKIP. - Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide: Core Rulebook II.
47886: COOK, CAROL S. AND DORIAN, MARGUERITE (COMPILED BY). - Natural History Collection of the Providence Athenaeum: A Selected Annotated Bibliography.
11533: COOK, CAPTAIN JOHN L. - Advisor.
67139: COOK, ANN JENNALIE. - Making a Match: Courtship in Shakespeare and His Society.
75126: COOK, SALLY AND CHARLTON, JAMES. - Hey Batta Batta Swing!: The Wild Old Days of Baseball.
41670: COOK, MONTE, TWEET, JONATHAN, AND WILLIAMS, SKIP. - Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I.
65138: COOK, OLAN V. (COMPILED BY). - Incunabula in the Hanes Collection of the Library of the University of North Carolina (Enlarged Edition).
54317: COOK, FRED J. - Pinkertons.
57749: COOK, FERRIS (ILLUSTRATOR AND EDITOR). - Remembered Gardens.
53657: COOK, S. A., ADCOCK, F. E., AND CHARLESWORTH, M. P. (EDITORS). - Cambridge Ancient History: Volume VII: The Hellenistic Monarchies and the Rise of Rome.
58851: COOK, TERRY. - Vans and the Truckin' Life.
56393: COOK, ROBIN. - Private Parts in Public Places.
57750: COOK, FERRIS (ILLUSTRATOR AND EDITOR). - Remembered Gardens.
63510: COOK, CLARENCE C. - Description of the New York Central Park.
80511: COOK, JOEL. - The Mediterranean and Its Borderlands (Two Volumes).
53650: COOK, S. A., ADCOCK, F. E., AND CHARLESWORTH, M. P. (EDITORS). - Cambridge Ancient History: Volume IX: The Roman Republic, 133 - 44 B.C.
53651: COOK, S. A., ADCOCK, F. E., AND CHARLESWORTH, M. P. (EDITORS). - Cambridge Ancient History: Volume VIII: Rome and the Mediterranean, 218 - 133 B.C.
53646: COOK, S. A., ADCOCK, F. E., AND CHARLESWORTH, M. P. (EDITORS). - Cambridge Ancient History: Volume X: The Augustan Empire, 44 B.C. - A.D. 70.
64479: COOK, J. M. - Troad: An Archaeological and Topographical Study.
53642: COOK, S. A., ADCOCK, F. E., AND CHARLESWORTH, M. P. (EDITORS). - Cambridge Ancient History: Volume XI: The Imperial Peace, A.D. 70 - 192.
59706: COOK, MONTE. - Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed: A Variant Player's Handbook.
76916: COOK, ALBERT. - Adapt the Living.
75445: COOK, REGINALD LANSING. - Concord Saunterer.
84092: COOK, JOHN R. - The Border and the Buffalo: An Untold Story of the Southwest Plains.
77622: COOKE, EDITH HOLDEN. - The Bratchets.
46534: COOKE, JOHN ESTEN. - Wearing of the Gray: Being Personal Portraits, Scenes, and Adventures of the War.
49687: COOKE, ALISTAIR. - Fun & Games with Alistair Cooke: On Sport and Other Amusements.
70356: COOKE, THOMAS D. - Old French and Chaucerian Fabliaux: A Study of Their Comic Climax.
66957: COOKE, DAVID C. (EDITOR). - Best Detective Stories of the Year - 1954.
56770: COOKE, JR., EDWARD S. (EDITOR). - Upholstery in America & Europe from the Seventeenth Century to World War I.
73096: COOKE, THOMAS D. AND HONEYCUTT, BENJAMIN L. (EDITORS). - Humor of the Fabliaux: A Collection of Critical Essays.
81617: COOKE, DONALD E. - Valley of Rebellion: A Story of America's First Armed Revolt Against British Authority.
68470: COOKE, THOMAS D. (EDITOR). - Present State of Scholarship in Fourteenth-Century Literature.
73596: MISS FARMER'S SCHOOL OF COOKERY. - Treasure Chest of Cooking.
46882: COOLEY, LEE. - Judgment at Red Creek.
78782: COOLEY, HARRY H. - Randolph, Vermont: Historical Sketches: To Which Are Added Personal Reminiscences of the Author.
73890: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Tales of the Crusades.
28732: COOLIDGE, SUSAN. - What Katy Did, What Katy Did at School, What Katy Did Next, Clover.
51372: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Maid of Artemis.
83914: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Caesar's Gallic War.
49744: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Men of Athens.
2538: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Edith Wharton: 1862-1937.
61438: COOLIDGE, SUSAN. - All That Katy Did: An Omnibus of 'katy' Stories: What Katy Did, What Katy Did at School, What Katy Did Next.
78818: COOLIDGE, CLARK. - Space.
61639: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA E. - Greek Myths.
46776: COOLIDGE, SUSAN. - What Katy Did at School.
52475: COOLIDGE, SUSAN. - What Katy Did, What Katy Did at School, What Katy Did Next, Clover.
69042: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA E. - Cromwell's Head.
55966: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Apprenticeship of Abraham Lincoln.
70674: COOLIDGE, CALVIN. - Have Faith in Massachusetts: A Collection of Speeches and Messages.
16829: COOLIDGE, SUSAN. - What Katy Did, What Katy Did at School, What Katy Did Next, Clover.
20326: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Maid of Artemis.
60483: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA E. - Trojan War.
82113: COOLIDGE, CALVIN. - Have Faith in Massachusetts: A Collection of Speeches and Messages.
73307: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - George Bernard Shaw.
72235: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Roman People.
56947: COOLING, B. FRANKLIN. - Benjamin Franklin Tracy: Father of the Modern American Fighting Navy.
34373: (ROALD DAHL) COOLING, WENDY (COMPILED BY). - D Is for Dahl: A Gloriumptious a-Z Guide to the World of Roald Dahl.
73366: COOLQUITT, ANDY. - Andy Coolquitt: We Care About You.
19769: COOMBS, PATRICIA. - Molly Mullett.
76017: COOMBS, DAVID WITH CHURCHILL, MINNIE. - Sir Winston Churchill's Life Through His Paintings.
52194: COOMBS, PATRICIA. - Magician and Mctree.
59399: COOMBS, PATRICIA. - Tilabel.
71482: COOMBS, ROY E. - Violets: The History & Cultivation of Scented Violets.
62532: COOMBS, PATRICIA. - Dorrie and the Museum Case.
81962: COOMBS, PATRICIA. - Magician and Mctree.
74081: COOMBS, CHARLES. - Survival in the Sky.
3538: COON, NELSON. - Using Plants for Healing.
13419: COON, NELSON. - Dictionary of Useful Plants.
13300: COONEY, BARBARA. - Eleanor.
72309: COONEY, BARBARA. - Hattie and the Wild Waves: A Story from Brooklyn.
59426: COONEY, BARBARA. - Twenty-Five Years a-Graying: The Portrait of a College Graduate.
28760: COONEY, NANCY EVANS. - Umbrella Day.
66159: COONEY, JUDD. - Decoying Big Game: Successful Tactics for Luring Deer, Elk, Bears, and Other Animals Into Range.
76499: COONEY, BARBARA. - Island Boy.
47761: COONEY, BARBARA. - Hattie and the Wild Waves: A Story from Brooklyn.
80897: COONEY, BARBARA (ADAPTED AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Little Juggler: Adapted from an Old French Legend.
58005: COONTZ, OTTO. - Hornswoggle Magic.
69082: COOPER, SUSAN. - Dark Is Rising.
77442: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE. - Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757.
36474: COOPER, D. JASON. - Mithras: Mysteries and Initiation Rediscovered.
36675: COOPER, DAVID K. C. AND LANZA, ROBERT P. - Xeno: The Promise of Transplanting Animal Organs Into Humans.
52603: COOPER, SUSAN. - Victory.
13109: COOPER, GUY, TAYLOR, GORDON, AND BOURSNELL, CLIVE. - English Water Gardens.
37052: COOPER, JAMIE LEE. - Horn and the Forest.
16311: COOPER, THOMAS W. - Time Before Deception: Truth in Communication, Culture, and Ethics.
37717: COOPER, SUSAN. - Grey King.
33379: COOPER, HELEN. - Pastoral: Mediaeval Into Renaissance.
21714: COOPER, WENDY. - Alibi Children.
39859: COOPER, SUSAN. - Silver on the Tree.
40077: COOPER, DAVID D. - Lesson of the Scaffold: The Public Execution Controversy in Victorian England.
41930: COOPER, DEREK. - Hebridean Connection: A View of the Highlands and Islands.
25206: COOPER, SUSAN. - Boggart and the Monster.
25672: COOPER, HELEN AND COOPER, PETER. - Heads, Or the Art of Phrenology.
27602: COOPER, ANN WITH HOLMES, LISA A. - Bitter Harvest: A Chef's Perspective on the Hidden Dangers in the Foods We Eat and What You Can Do About It.
76794: COOPER, SUSAN. - Grey King.
43853: COOPER, SUSAN. - Dark Is Rising.
28213: COOPER, JEREMY. - Victorian and Edwardian Decor: From the Gothic Revival to Art Nouveau.
29130: COOPER, ROSCOE. - Diary of Victor Frankenstein.
31789: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE. - Deerslayer Or: The First War-Path.
32293: COOPER, JANE. - Weather of Six Mornings: Poems.
32745: COOPER, ARNOLD. - Between Struggle and Hope: Four Black Educators in the South, 1894-1915.
56806: COOPER, SUSAN. - King of Shadows.
45304: COOPER, SUSAN. - Boggart.
4669: COOPER, ELIZABETH K. - Science on the Shores and Banks.
6137: COOPER, BARBARA. - Badminton: The Three-Day Event 1949 - 1969.
83825: COOPER, JACQUELINE. - Angus and the Mona Lisa.
72112: COOPER, ELIZABETH. - My Lady of the Chinese Courtyard.
59916: COOPER, SUSAN. - Grey King.
63112: COOPER, NICHOLAS. - Opulent Eye: Late Victorian and Edwardian Taste in Interior Design.
48224: COOPER, MARGARET. - Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci.
18353: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE. - Praire.
64058: COOPER, DAVID J. - Brooks Range Passage.
49781: COOPER, MARGARET. - Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci.
75860: COOPER, ARTEMIS. - Writing at the Kitchen Table: The Authorized Biography of Elizabeth David.
53759: COOPER, REBECCA. - Logical Influence of Hegel on Marx.
53742: COOPER, JR., WILLIAM J., ET AL (EDITORS). - Master's Due: Essays in Honor of David Herbert Donald.
74505: COOPER-OAKLEY, I. - Comte de St. Germain: The Secret of Kings.
77991: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE. - The Deerslayer Or, the First War-Path (Warpath).
50470: COOPER, JAMIE LEE. - Rapaho.
66138: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE. - Pathfinder Or, the Inland Sea (ML 105).
56174: COOPER, FREDERIC TABER (EDITOR). - Argosy of Fables: A Representative Selection from the Fable Literature of Every Age and Land.
82409: COOPER, RUSSELL W. - Coordination Games: Complementarities and Macroeconomics.
67761: COOPER, ROBIN. - Quantification and Syntactic Theory.
63666: COORAY, KUSUMA. - Burst of Flavor: The Fine Art of Cooking with Spices.
33692: COOTE, STEPHEN. - Napoleon and the Hundred Days.
80904: COOTE, STEPHEN. - Royal Survivor: The Life of Charles II.
63010: COOVER, ROBERT AND SWANN, BRIAN. - Aesop's Forest / the Plot of the Mice.
941: COOVER, ROBERT. - Pinocchio in Venice.
69221: COPE, MYRON. - Double Yoi!: A Revealing Memoir By the Broadcaster / Writer.
41864: COPELAND, ROBERT M. - Isaac Baker Woodbury: The Life and Works of an American Musical Populist.
62395: COPELOVITCH, MARK S. - International Monetary Fund in the Global Economy: Banks, Bonds, and Bailouts.
52352: COPERNICUS, NICHOLAS. - Complete Works: Volume III: Minor Works.
33485: COPLAND, AARON (SET TO MUSIC BY). - Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson.
79525: COPLANS, PETA. - Dottie.
84251: COPP, LILLIAN GRACE. - Joyous Peggy.
63874: COPPENS, ARMAND. - Memoirs of an Erotic Bookseller.
58077: CORBALIS, JUDY. - Ice Cream Heroes.
58051: CORBALIS, JUDY. - Cuckoo Bird.
14059: LE CORBEILLER, CLARE. - European and American Snuff Boxes, 1730-1830.
68407: LE CORBEILLER, CLARE. - European and American Snuff Boxes, 1730-1830.
83998: CORBETT, JIM. - Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag.
40293: CORBETT, SCOTT. - Cave Above Delphi.
77056: CORBETT, JIM. - Jungle Lore.
63856: CORBETT, JIM. - Jim Corbett's India.
59734: CORBETT, W. J. - Song of Pentecost.
9958: CORBETT, SARA. - Venus to the Hoop: A Gold-Medal Year in Women's Basketball.
51200: CORBETT, PERCY E. - Growth of World Law.
59231: CORBETT, EDWARD M. - Quebec Confronts Canada.
59531: CORBETT, SCOTT. - Cutlass Island.
84242: CORBETT, EDMUND V. (EDITOR). - Great True Mountain Stories.
66475: CORBETT, SCOTT. - Dr. Merlin's Magic Shop.
80222: CORBIERE, TRISTAN. - Selections from Les Amours Jaunes.
21169: CORBIN, ALAIN. - Life of an Unknown: The Rediscovered World of a Clog Maker in Nineteenth-C Entury France.
51601: CORBIN, HAROLD. - Before I Sleep.
63909: CORBITT, HELEN. - Helen Corbitt's Potluck.
42939: LE CORBUSIER. - Final Testament of Pere Corbu: A Translation and Interpretation of Mise Au Point.
76985: CORCORAN, JEAN (ADAPTED BY). - Folk Tales of North America.
6533: CORCORAN, BARBARA. - Make No Sound.
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68504: CUSTER, JAY F. - Delaware Prehistoric Archaeology: An Ecological Approach.
84094: CUSTER, GENERAL GEORGE A. - My Life on the Plains.
58537: CUSTER, ELIZABETH B. - Following the Guidon.
57414: CUTLER, JANE. - Rose and Riley.
25141: CUTLER, THOMAS J. - Brown Water, Black Berets: Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam.
33291: CUTLER, JR., R. W. - Belshazzar's Feast: A Tale of the Fall of Babylon & the Founding of the Persian Empire.
82696: CUTT, W. TOWRIE. - Carry My Bones Northwest.
70739: CUTT, W. TOWRIE. - Seven for the Sea.
37039: CUTTEN, GEORGE BARTON. - Mind: Its Origin and Goal.
46322: CUTTEN, GEORGE BARTON. - Silversmiths of Virginia (Together with Watchmakers and Jewelers) from 1694 to 1850.
46623: CUTTEN, GEORGE BARTON. - Silversmiths of North Carolina, 1696-1860.
31656: CUTTER, CHARLES. - Judaica Reference Sources: A Selective, Annotated Bibliographic Guide (3rd Revised and Expanded Edition).
66724: CUTTER, DONALD C. - California in 1792: A Spanish Naval Visit.
80710: CUTTING, ROGER. - Motor-Mania: The Story of a Man's Intoxication with the Lure of the Automobile and of His Association with Fellow Enthusiasts.
65418: CUTTING, MARY STEWART. - Unforeseen.
62935: CYGELMAN, ADELE. - Palm Springs Modern: Houses in the California Desert.
49304: CYR, ARTHUR I. - After the Cold War: American Foreign Policy, Europe, and Asia.
65223: CZAPLINSKI, CZESLAW (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Jerzy Kosinski: Twarz I Maski, the Face and Masks, Visage Et Masques.
16256: CZARNECKI, KATHERINE KEAN. - Illuminations: The History of Elizabethtown Gas.
43365: CZARNECKI, JACK. - Joe's Book of Mushroom Cookery.
53105: DA VINCI, LEONARDO. - Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (Two Volumes).
45653: DA CRUZ, DANIEL. - Sky Kill.
79062: DA VINCI, LEONARDO. - The Deluge.
1210: DABNEY, DICK. - Old Man Jim's Book of Knowledge.
53997: DABROWSKI, MAGDALENA. - Ljubow Popowa, 1889-1924.
66823: DADANT, M. G. - Outapiaries and Their Management (Second Edition Revised).
83633: DADE, H. A. - Anatomy and Dissection of the Honeybee.
9276: DAGERMAN, STIG. - Burnt Child.
52161: DAGGETT, KENDRICK PRICE. - Fifty Years of Fortitude: The Maritime Career of Captain Jotham Blaisdell of Kennebunk, Maine, 1810-1860.
60875: DAHINDEN, JUSTUS. - Urban Structures for the Future.
22205: DAHL, ROALD. - Matilda.
81667: DAHL, ROALD. - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
52310: DAHL, ROALD. - Mildenhall Treasure.
19049: DAHL, TESSA. - Babies, Babies, Babies.
19202: DAHL-WOLFE, LOUISE. - Photographer's Scrapbook.
13209: DAHL, ROALD. - Vicar of Nibbleswicke.
41158: DAHL, ROALD. - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator: The Further Adventures of Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka, Chocolate-Maker Extraordinary.
47424: DAHL, ROALD. - Two Fables.
25194: DAHL, ROALD. - Umbrella Man and Other Stories.
43750: DAHL, ROALD. - Esio Trot.
28121: DAHL, ROALD. - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
28123: DAHL, ROALD. - Umbrella Man and Other Stories.
40767: DAHL, ROALD. - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator: The Further Adventures of Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka, Chocolate-Maker Extraordinary.
28462: DAHL, ROALD. - George's Marvelous Medicine.
58284: DAHL, ROALD. - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Audio).
47587: DAHL, ROALD. - James and the Giant Peach: A Children's Story.
84045: DAHL, ROALD. - James and the Giant Peach: A Children's Story.
21628: DAHL, FELICITY AND ROALD. - Memories with Food at Gipsy House.

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