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BOOKS007638I: BRAWLEY, MARK R. - Liberal Leadership : Great Powers and Their Challengers in Peace and War
BOOKS027742I: BRAY, RENÉ [1896-1954] - La formation de la doctrine classique en France
BOOKS015268I: BRAY, FRANCESCA - The Rice Economies: Technology and Development in Asian Societies
BOOKS005858I: BRAY, JEREMY - Production Purpose & Structure : Towards a Socialist Theory of Production
BOOKS005791I: BRAY, GEORGE A. AND RYAN, DONNA H.; EDITORS: - Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Obesity
BOOKS010716I: BRAY, DENYS - The Life-History of a Brahui
BOOKS020421I: BRAY, R. J. ; & LOUGHHEAD, R. E. - Sunspots
BOOKS002807I: BRAYBROOKE, DAVID - Moral Objectives, Rules, and the Forms of Social Change
BOOKS006575I: BRAYNARD, FRANK O. - S.S. Savannah. The Elegant Steam Ship
BOOKS012150I: BRAZIEL, JANA EVANS & LEBESCO, KATHLEEN; EDITORS: - Bodies out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
BOOKS017947I: BRAZIL, DAVID - The Communicative Value of Intonation in English
BOOKS007972I: BREAL, MICHEL - The Beginnings of Semantics: Essays, Lectures & Reviews
BOOKS014799I: BREBNER, JOHN ALEXANDER - The Demon Within : A Study of John Cowper Powys’s Novels
BOOKS002780I: BRECHER, MICHAEL - Succession in India : A Study in Decision-making
BOOKS009118I: BRECHER, MICHAEL - Nehru : A Political Biography
BOOKS007058I: BRECHT, BERTOLT - Fru Carrars Gevaerer
BOOKS016206I: BRECHT, BERTOLT [1898-1956] [WILLETT, JOHN ; EDITOR:] - Letters [1913-1956]
BOOKS028912I: BREDER, CHARLES M ; & EDGERTON, HAROLD EUGENE - An Analysis of the Locomotion of the Seahorse, Hippocampus, by Means of High Speed Cinematography
BOOKS017991I: BREDERECK, HELLMUT [1904-1981] - Ergebnisse der Vitamin- und Hormonforschung [Vitamine und Hormone und ihre technische Darstellung, 1. Teil]
BOOKS009468I: BREDERO, ADRIAAN H. - Bernard of Clairvaux: Between Cult and History
BOOKS001552I: BREDSDORFF, ELIAS, EDITOR: - Sir Edmund Gosse's Correspondance with Scandinavian Writers
BOOKS029535I: BREDSDORFF, JAKOB HORNEMANN [1790-1841] - Aarhuus amt [ Bidrag til Kundskap om de danske Provindsers naervaerende Tilstand i oekonomisk Henseende : Tredie stykke]
BOOKS000479I: BREGAZE, NELI [BREGADZE, NELLI ALEKSANDROVNA] - Mt'is micat'mok'medeba dasavlet' Sak'art'velosi (Memindvreoba Raca-Lec'xumis et'nograp'iuli masalebis mixedvit')
BOOKS001965I: BREGENHØJ, CARSTEN - Helligtrekongersløb på Agersø : Socialt, statistisk og strukturelt
BOOKS016892I: BREGER, DEE - Journeys in Microspace: The Art of the Scanning Electron Microscope
BOOKS025986I: BREHMER, WILHELM VON [1883-1959] - Siphonospora polymorpha v. Br. in ihrer Bedeutung für Blut- und Geschwulstkrankheiten unter besonderer Berücksichtigung.,.,.
BOOKS006941I: BREINER, PETER - Max Weber & Democratic Politics
BOOKS017328I: BREISCH, KENNETH A. - Henry Hobson Richardson and the Small Public Library in America : A Study in Typography
BOOKS029120I: BREITENBAUCH, HENRIK Ø. - Cartesian Limbo : A Formal Approach to the Study of Social Sciences : International Relations in France
BOOKS000098I: BREITENSTEIN, THORKILD - Recherches sur le poeme Megara
BOOKS022193I: BREITENSTEIN, THORKILD - Hésiode et Archiloque
BOOKS020064I: BREITUNG, AMAND - Overraskelser fra "Abeteoriens" og udviklingsærens omraade
BOOKS020695I: BREITWIESER, ERWIN - Der Volkskundliche Ertrag der Schriften von Hermann Löns
BOOKS021316I: BRELSFORD, WILLIAM VERNON - The Tribes of Zambia
BOOKS022430I: BREMEN, JAN VAN ; GODINA, VESNA ; & PLATENKAMP, JOS D. M. ; EDITORS: - Horizons of Understanding : An Anthology of Theoretical Anthropology in Europe
BOOKS028503I: BREMER, KLAUS-JÜRGEN - Montesquieus Lettres persanes und Cadalsos Cartas marruecas : eine Gegenüberstellung von zwei pseudo-orientalischen Briefsatiren
BOOKS004682I: BREMMER, ROLF H., JR. - A Bibliographical Guide to Old Frisian Studies
BOOKS025743I: BREMMER, JAN ; & ROODENBURG, HERMANN ; EDITORS: - Kulturgeschichte des Humors : von der Antike bis heute
BOOKS009882I: BRENNAN, TERESA - History After Lacan
BOOKS012146I: BRENNAN, MARCIA; EDITOR: - Painting Gender; Constructing Theory: The Alfred Stieglitz Circle and American Formalist Aesthetics
BOOKS020062I: BRENNAN, THOMAS EDWARD - Burgundy to Champagne : The Wine Trade in Early Modern France
BOOKS013751I: BRENNER, LOUIS; EDITOR: - Muslim Identity and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
BOOKS006520I: BRENNER, Y.S.; REIJNDERS, J.P.G. & SPITHOVEN, A.H.G.M., EDITORS: - The Theory of Income and Wealth Distribution
BOOKS018068I: BRENNER, ROBERT - The Boom and the Bubble : The US in the World Economy
BOOKS008064I: BRENOE, CLAUS - Kostundersogelse i Gronland 1974
BOOKS004461I: BRESLAUER, S. DANIEL, COMPILER: - Modern Jewish Morality. A Bibliographical Survey
BOOKS000387I: BRESLER, FENTON S. - The Mystery of Georges Simenon : A Biography
BOOKS017387I: BRETSCHNEIDER, EMIL [1833-1901] - Mediaeval Researches from Eastern Asiatic sources..,. Vol. I
BOOKS005366I: BRETT, R.L. - Reason & Imagination. A Study of Form & Meaning in Four Poems
BOOKS029618I: BRETT, GERARD ; MACAULAY, W.J. ; & STEVENSON, ROBERT B.K. - The Great Palace of the Byzantine Emperors : Being a First Report on the Excavations Carried out in Istanbul ..,.,
BOOKS016015I: BRETT-JAMES, ANTONY ; COMPILER, EDITOR & TRANSLATOR: - 1812 : Eyewitness Accounts of Napoleon's Defeat in Russia
BOOKS008222I: BRETTELL, CAROLINE B. - Men Who Migrate, Women Who Wait: Population and History in a Portuguese Parish
BOOKS020967I: BREUER, HANS-PETER [ BUTLER, SAMUEL (1835-1902) ] - The Note-books of Samuel Butler : Volume I (1874-1883)
BOOKS028982I: BREUNINGER, HELGA ; & SIEFERLE, ROLF PETER ; EDITORS : - Markt und Macht in der Geschichte
BOOKS006118I: BREUTZ, PAUL-LENERT - Die politischen und gesellschaftlichen Verhaltnisse der Sotho-Tswana in Transvaal und Betschuanaland
BOOKS017680I: BREW, JOHN OTIS [1906- 19??] ; EDITOR: - One Hundred Years of Anthropology
BOOKS024720I: BREWER, ANTHONY - Marxist Theories of Imperialism : A Critical Survey
BOOKS022572I: BREZIN, JONATHAN PAUL - Harmonic Analysis on Compact Solvmanifolds
BOOKS012388I: BRIAND, ARISTIDE [1862-1932] - La greve generale et la revolution ; discours devant le Congres general du Parti socialiste...
BOOKS003427I: BRICTEUX, A., TRANSLATOR: - Les Comedies de Malkom Khan...Mesaventures d'Achraf Khan.Zamon Khan ou le Gouverneur modele.Les Tribulations de Chah Qouli Mirza
BOOKS000556I: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Vexed and Troubled Englishmen 1590 - 1642
BOOKS000937I: BRIDGE, T. PETER; MIRSKY, ALLAN F.; & GOODWIN, FREDERICK K., EDITORS: - Psychological, Neuropsychiatric and Substance Abuse Aspects of AIDS
BOOKS020109I: BRIDGE, JOHN S. ; & DEMICCO, ROBERT V. - Earth Surface Processes, Landforms and Sediment Deposits
BOOKS022173I: BRIDGESTONE MUSEUM OF ART, ISHIBASHI FOUNDATION - In Darkness and Light : A Rembrandt in Tokyo Reconsidered
BOOKS026305I: BRIDGMAN, PERCY WILLIAMS [1883-1961] - The Technique of High Pressure Experimenting / by P. W. Bridgman
BOOKS005502I: BRIDGMAN, RICHARD - The Colloquial Style in America
BOOKS013121I: BRIDGMAN, NANIE ; LESURE, F.; SCHRADE, L.; & THIBAULT, G. ; EDITORS: [ SOCIÉTÉ DE MUSIQUE D’AUTREFOIS ] - Annales Musicologiques: Moyen-âge et Renaissance. Tome IV
BOOKS017286I: BRIDGSTOCK, MARTIN ; BURCH, DAVID; FORGE, JOHN; LAURENT, JOHN; & LOWE, IAN; EDITORS: - Science, Technology and Society : An Introduction
BOOKS000792I: BRIDGWATER, DAVID; & HARRY, WILLIAM TREVELYAN - Anorthosite Xenoliths and Plagioclase Megacrysts in Precambrian Intrusions of South Greenland
BOOKS029043I: BRIEGER, L. (LUDWIG) [1849-1909] - Ueber Ptomaine [Parts I - III]
BOOKS017530I: BRIEGER, WALTER G.; & JOHNSSON, JOHN W. S., EDITORS: [SPERLING, OTTO, 1602-1681] - Otto Sperlings Studienjahre : nach dem Manuscript der Kgl. Bibliothek zu Kopenhagen
BOOKS001570I: BRIEGHEL-MÜLLER, A. - Über Filtrationsuntersuchungen
BOOKS022935I: BRIEM, EFRAIM [1890-1946] - Studier över moder- och fruktbarhetsgudinnorna i den sumerisk-babyloniska religionen
BOOKS018817I: O’BRIEN, SHARON ; EDITOR: - Cognitive Explorations of Translation
BOOKS004139I: O'BRIEN, D.P., EDITOR: - The Correspondence of Lord Overstone. Volumes I -II - III
BOOKS003612I: BRIEN, PAUL - L'Embryogenese et la Senescence de l'Hydre d'eau douce (Hydra fusca [oilgactic] Pallas)
BOOKS011875I: O'BRIEN, MARY - Making Better Environmental Decisions: An Alternative to Risk Assessment
BOOKS015114I: BRIESE, MARIA BERG; VAAG, LEIF ERIK; EDITORS: - Trade Relations in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Late Hellenistic Period to Late Antiquity : The Ceramic Evidence
BOOKS009973I: BRIGGS, DAVID - Plant Microevolution and Conservation in Human-influenced Ecosystems
BOOKS017175I: BRIGGS, CHARLES L.; & MANTINI-BRIGGS, CLARA - Stories in Times of Cholera : Racial Profiling During a Medical Nightmare
BOOKS004963I: BRIGGS, ASA - Wine for Sale. Victoria Wine & the Liquor Trade 1860 - 1984
BOOKS016301I: BRIGGS, KATHARINE MARY - The Fairies in Tradition and Literature
BOOKS011292I: BRIGGS, SHIRLEY A. - Basic Guide to Pesticides: Their Characteristics and Hazards
BOOKS020151I: BRIGGS, CHARLES L. - Learning How to Ask : A Sociolinguistic Appraisal of the Role of the Interview in Social Science Research
BOOKS010847I: BRIGHAM, ROBERT K. - Guerrilla Diplomacy : The NLF's Foreign Relations and the Viet Nam War
BOOKS009969I: BRIGHT, WILLIAM - Language Variation in South Asia
BOOKS004426I: BRIGHT, JAGAT SINGH - India Tomorrow
BOOKS022282I: BRIGNOLI, MARZIANO ; ET AL - Giuseppe Garibaldi,1807-1882 : una biografia per immagini
BOOKS002216I: [LITTMANN, ENNO] E.J. BRILL, FIRM OF - The Library of Enno Littmann 1875-1958. Professor of Oriental Languages at the Universite of Tubingen
BOOKS000293I: BRIMBLECOMBE, PETER & LEIN, ALLA YU.,EDITORS: - Evolution of the Global Biogeochemical Sulphur Cycle
BOOKS026584I: BRINCH PETERSEN, ERIK - a collection of 4 offprints & extracts concerning Scandinavian archaeology, ca. 1970-1978
BOOKS023664I: BRINCKMEYER, HERMANN [ SCHMIDT, AUGUST ] [ NAST, ROBERT ] [ HITLER, ADOLF ] [ BEER, RÜDIGER ROBERT ] - Die Rathenaus [bound together with 4 other German political & economic books & pamphlets, ca. 1922-1931]
BOOKS001368I: BRINDLEY, DAVID N., EDITOR: - Phosphatidate Phosphohydrolase Volume I & II
BOOKS012757I: BRINGI, V. N.; & CHANDRASEKAR, V. - Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar : Principles and Applications
BOOKS022859I: BRINGS, F. - Recuerdo de Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
BOOKS019590I: BRINIG, MARGARET F. - From Contract to Covenant : Beyond the Law and Economics of the Family
BOOKS030022I: BRINK, RENÉ VAN DEN - Relational Power in Hierarchical Organizations
BOOKS025071I: BRINK, C. O. - Horace on Poetry : Volume 2 : The 'Ars poetica'
BOOKS003297I: BRINK, ANTONI HENDRIK - Petrology & Ore Geology of the Vila Real - Sabrosa - Vila Pouca de Aguiar Region, Northern Portugal
BOOKS026571I: BRINKMAN, ABRAHAM - De roodneuzen-ziekte van Phaseolus vulgaris L., veroorzaakt door Pleospora herbarum (Pers.) Rbh
BOOKS027497I: BRINKMAN, JOHAN MARIE - The Perception of Space in the Old Testament : An Exploration of the Methodological Problems of its Investigation.,.,.
BOOKS023367I: BRINKMANN, HANS-BERNDT ; & PUPPE, DIETER - Kategorien und Funktoren
BOOKS027582I: BRINKMANN, ROLAND ; LÖGTERS, HERBERT ; PFLUG, REINHARD ; STACKELBERG, ULRICH VON ; HEMPEL, PETER M. ; & KIND, HANS DIETER - Diapir-Tektonik und Stratigraphie im Vorland der spanischen Westpyrenäen
BOOKS004756I: BRINKMANN, AUGUST - Die nordischen Munidaarten und ihre Rhizocephalen
BOOKS004754I: BRINKMANN, AUGUST - Die pelagischen Nemertinen (Monographisch Dargestellt)
BOOKS006025I: BRINKMANN, HANS-BERNDT ; & PUPPE, DIETER - Abelsche und exakte Kategorien, Korrespondenzen
BOOKS011784I: BRINKS, J.H. - Children of the New Fatherland: Germany's Post-War Right-Wing Politics
BOOKS027455I: BRIOSCHI, FRANCESCO [1824-1897] - Opere Matematiche di Francesco Brioschi : Tomo Primo
BOOKS017935I: BRISOU, JEAN F. ; & DENIS, FRANCOIS A. - Hygiène de l'Environnement Maritime
BOOKS011540I: BRISSON, LUC - Sexual Ambivalence: Androgyny and Hermaphrodism in Graeco-Roman Antiquity
BOOKS017431I: BRISTED, JOHN [1778-1855] - America and Her Resources...,.
BOOKS017349I: BRISTOW, ROBERT CHARLES - Cochin Saga : A History of Foreign Government and Business Adventures in Kerala, South India, by Arabs, Romans, Venetians, ..,.
BOOKS009022I: GREAT BRITAIN [ UNITED KINGDOM, SECRETARY OF STATE FOR FOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH AFFAIRS] - Rhodesia : Report of the Commission on Rhodesian Opinion under the Chairmanship of the Right Honourable the Lord Pearce
BOOKS029679I: COMMUNIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN [ POLLITT, HARRY ] - A single volume containing 19 CPGB tracts, all issued in 1953.
BOOKS024255I: RADULPHUS BRITO [FL. 1295-1320 CE] [ GREEN-PEDERSEN, N.J. ; & PINBORG, JAN ; EDITORS: ] - Commentary on Boethius' De differentiis topicis and the Sophism "Omnis homo est omnis homo
BOOKS011048I: BRITON, DEREK - The Modern Practice of Adult Education: A Postmodern Critique
BOOKS009534I: BRITT, BRIAN - Walter Benjamin & the Bible
BOOKS004474I: BRITTAIN, F. - The Medieval Latin & Romance Lyric to A.D. 1300
BOOKS007858I: BRITTAN, MARTIN R. - A Revision of the Indo-Malayan Fresh-Water Fish Genus Rasbora
BOOKS009546I: BRITTO, FRANCIS - Diglossia : A Study of the Theory with Application to Tamil
BOOKS011708I: BRIVIC, SHELDON - The Veil of Signs: Joyce, Lacan, and Perception
BOOKS016615I: BRIX, HANS NICOLAUS [1870-1961] - Systematiske beregninger i de danske runeindskrifter; med et tillæg om upplandske runestene
BOOKS024949I: BRIX, HANS [1870-1961] - Studier i nordisk runemagi : runemester-kunsten, upplandske runestene, rökstenen, nogle nordiske runetekster
BOOKS007092I: BRJUSSOW, A. JA. - Geschichte der neolithischen Stamme im europaischen Teil der UdSSR
BOOKS013785I: BROAD, ROBIN; & CAVANAGH, JOHN - Plundering Paradise : The Struggle for the Environment in the Philippines
BOOKS013405I: BROAD, ROBIN - Unequal Alliance : The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Philippines
BOOKS019763I: BROADBENT, NOEL D. - Den förhistoriska utvecklingen under 7000 år [ Skelleftebygdens historia. Del 3 ]
BOOKS016556I: BRØBECK, OLAF - Heredity in Cancer Uteri : A Genetical and Clinical Study of 200 Patients with Cancer of the Cervix Uteri and 90 Patients ...
BOOKS023747I: BROCH, JUST - Den gang man gikk til anlegg av Norges første jernebane
BOOKS022488I: BROCH-DUE, VIGDIS ; RUDIE, INGRID ; & BLEIE, TONE ; EDITORS: - Carved Flesh / Cast Selves : Gendered Symbols and Social Practice
BOOKS026077I: BROCK, K. C. - Het platteland
BOOKS014213I: BROCK-UTNE, ALBERT [1906 - 19??] - Der Gottesgarten : Eine vergleichende religionsgeschichtliche Studie
BOOKS009337I: BROCK, COLIN & TULASIEWICZ, WITOLD; EDITORS: - Education in a Single Europe
BOOKS022640I: BROCK, D. HEYWARD (DEWEY HEYWARD) - A Ben Jonson Companion
BOOKS020297I: BROCK, HERMAN GILBERT [ UNITED STATES. DEPT. OF COMMERCE ] - Market for Boots and Shoes in Peru
BOOKS027979I: BROCK, VILMUT - Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Entwicklung der Steinfliegen (Insecta, Plecoptera)
BOOKS001878I: BROCK, STEEN ; & HANSEN, KLAUS K. [EDITORS] - Sprog, Moral & Livsform : Ludwig Wittgensteins Filosofi : [En Artikelsamling]
BOOKS022370I: BROCK, HERMAN GILBERT - Markets for Boots and Shoes in Chile and Bolivia
BOOKS022267I: BROCK, HERMAN GILBERT - Market for Boots and Shoes in Cuba
BOOKS023618I: BROCK, BAZON [ ZIKA, ANNA ; EDITOR: ] - Der Barbar als Kulturheld - Bazon Brock III : Gesammelte Schriften 1991-2002 ; Ästhetik des Unterlassens, Kritik der Wahrheit..,
BOOKS001300I: BROCK, R.A. (ROBERT ALONZO) [1839-1914] - Documents, Chiefly Unpublished, Relating to the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia : And to the Settlement at Manakin-Town..,.
BOOKS016870I: BROCKETT, CHARLES D. - Political Movements and Violence in Central America
BOOKS012684I: BROCKETT, CHARLES D. [1946- ] - Political Movements and Violence in Central America
BOOKS008116I: BROCKINGTON, LOLITA GUTIERREZ - The Leverage of Labor: Managing the Cortes Haciendas in Tehuantepec, 1588 - 1688
BOOKS028636I: BROCKMAN, ERIC - The Two Sieges of Rhodes, 1480-1522
BOOKS029117I: BROCKMAN, ERIC - Last Bastion : Sketches of the Maltese Islands
BOOKS003451I: BROCKMEYER, E. ; HALSTRØM, H. L. ; & JENSEN, ARNE [ ERLANG, AGNER KRARUP (1878-1929) ] - The Life and Works of A.K. Erlang
BOOKS029045I: BRODA, ENGELBERT [1910-1983] ; & SCHÖNFELD, THOMAS - Radiochemische Methoden der Mikrochemie
BOOKS016297I: BRODA, JOHANNA ; CARRASCO, DAVID ; & MATOS MOCTEZUMA, EDUARDO - The Great Temple of Tenochtitlan: Center and Periphery in the Aztec World
BOOKS027425I: BRODERSEN, ARVID [1904-1996] - Det politiske apparat
BOOKS014963I: BRODERSEN, KAI. - Das römische Britannien : Spuren seiner Geschichte
BOOKS017845I: BRODHEAD, RICHARD H. - Hawthorne, Melville, and the Novel
BOOKS015195I: BRODIE, HAROLD JOHNSTON - Fungi, Delight of Curiosity
BOOKS026656I: BRÖDNER, ERIKA - Untersuchungen an den Caracallathermen
BOOKS010783I: BRODSKII, K.A. [BRODSKII, KONSTANTIN ABRAMOVICH] - Fauna veslonogikh rachkov (Calanoida) i zoogeograficheskoe raionirovanie severnoi chasti Tikhogo okeana i sopredel'nykh vod.
BOOKS017967I: BRODTHAGEN, HOLGER - Local Freezing of the Skin by Carbon Dioxide Snow : An Experimental Investigation of Tissue Temperature Movements in Depth
BOOKS005091I: BRODWIN, PAUL - Medicine and Morality in Haiti : The Contest for Healing Power
BOOKS012179I: BRODY, J. KENNETH. - The Avoidable War. Volume 1; Lord Cecil & Policy of Principle 1933-1935
BOOKS012169I: BRODY, JENNIFER DEVERE - Impossible Purities: Blackness, Feminity, and Victorian Culture
BOOKS019529I: BRODY, CLARA CARNELSON - The Works of Claude Boyer
BOOKS009991I: BROECK, JAN VAN DEN - De Historiografie van het Recht in de zuidelijke Nederlanden tijdens de 18de Eeuw
BOOKS003528I: BROEK, J.M.M. VAN DEN & MOREL, H.W. VAN DER - De Alluviale Gronden van de Maas, de Roer en de Geul in Limburg
BOOKS015495I: BROENG-NIELSEN, BODIL ; HAUGE, MOGENS ; WARBURG, METTE ; & ZACHAU-CHRISTIANSEN, BENGT; EDITORS: - Danish Family Studies of Medical Genetic Disorders 1927-1980. An Annotated Bibliography
BOOKS008167I: BROERMAN, BRUCE M. - The German Historical Novel in Exile after 1933: Calliope Contra Clio
BOOKS015622I: BROGAN, T. V. F. (TERRY V. F.) ; EDITOR: - The Princeton Handbook of Multicultural Poetries
BOOKS025695I: BRØGGER, A.W. ; EDITOR: [ RYGH, KARL DITLEV (1839-1914) ] - Avhandlinger tilegnet K. Rygh : 1839-7. juni-1914 [ Oldtiden : tidsskrift for norsk forhistorie, v. 4 ]
BOOKS018874I: BRØGGER, A. W. (ANTON WILHELM) [1884-1984] - Gamle emigranter : nordmennenes bosetning på norskehavskystene
BOOKS004689I: BROHOLM, H.C.; LARSEN, WILLIAM P. ; & SKJERNE, GODTFRED - The Lures of the Bronze Age : An Archaeological,Technical & Musicological Investigation
BOOKS023698I: BROMAN, IVAR [1868-1946] - Om arvsynden från biologisk synpunkt samt några andra "forargelseväckande" biologiska kåserier
BOOKS012895I: BROMBERG, JOAN LISA - Fusion: Science, Politics, and the Invention of a New Energy Source
BOOKS011897I: BROMBERG, JOAN LISA - The Laser in America, 1950 - 1970
BOOKS013731I: BROMLEI, IULIAN VLADIMIROVICH [ BROMLEJ, JULIAN V. ]; ET AL. [INSTITUT FÜR MARXISTISCHE STUDIEN UND FORSCHUNGEN (FRANKFURT A.M.) - Matriarchat und Patriarchat : Zur Entstehung der Familie : Ethnographische Forschung/ theoretische Diskussion :
BOOKS028573I: BROMLEY, SIMON - Rethinking Middle East Politics : State Formation and Development
BOOKS008032I: BRONCKART, MARTHE - Etude philologique sur la langue, le vocabulaire et le style du chroniqueur Jean de Haynin
BOOKS000145I: BRØNDSTED, KARL GUSTAV [1851-1945] - Smaa danske Snobber o. a., Typer og Skizzer : Samt: En lille dansk Snobs Historie
BOOKS027138I: BRØNDSTED, KARL GUSTAV [1851-1945] - Kong Gelos : eventyrlig Komedie i fem Optrin
BOOKS010845I: BRØNDSTED, K.G. (KARL GUSTAV) [1851-1945] - Curtius, et romersk Sagn : Dramatisk Digt
BOOKS026582I: BRØNDSTED, JOHANNES [1890-1965] - a collection of 22 extracts, offprints & clippings concerning Scandinavian archaeology, ca. 1928-1954
BOOKS018930I: BRØNDUM-NIELSEN, TROELS - Axisymmetric Bending of Shells
BOOKS021541I: BRØNDUM-NIELSEN, JOHANNES [1881-1977] - Poul Møller studier
BOOKS030134I: BRONKHORST, WILLEM [1888-1960] - A collection of 17 offprints concerning tuberculosis, ca 1922-1954
BOOKS000099I: BRØNNO, EINAR - Die Aussprache der hebräischen Laryngale nach Zeugnissen des Hieronymus
BOOKS002548I: BRØNNUM, NIELS H. - Under Daemoners Aag : Bachamafolkets Religion og Overtro
BOOKS021764I: BRONOWICZ, JULIAN BRUN [1886-1942] - Stefana Zeromskiego tragedia pomylek
BOOKS011288I: BRØNS, AAGE - Krudthorn / Powder Horns from Danish Collections
BOOKS017916I: BROOK, R. J. ; CAHN, R. W. ; & BEVER, MICHAEL B.; EDITORS: - Concise Encyclopedia of Advanced Ceramic Materials
BOOKS005695I: BROOKE, IRIS - Costume in Greek Classic Drama
BOOKS004247I: BROOKFIELD, HAROLD ; HADI, ABDUL SAMAD ; & MAHMUD, ZAHARAH - The City in the Village : The In-situ Urbanization of Villages, Villagers and their Land around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
BOOKS010214I: BROOKMEYER, RON & GAIL, MITCHELL H. - AIDS Epidemiology: A Quantitative Approach
BOOKS011180I: BROOKS, CLEANTH - Historical Evidence and the Reading of Seventeenth-Century Poetry
BOOKS014881I: BROOKS, CAROL ALVATER - Power Relationships of Nursing Executives and Nursing Unit Leaders in Selected Hospital Settings
BOOKS026724I: BROOKS, SARAH T. ; EDITOR : - Byzantium, Faith, and Power (1261-1557) : Perspectives on Late Byzantine Art and Culture
BOOKS009587I: BROOKS, DAVID - The Age of Upheaval: Edwardian Politics, 1899-1914
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BOOKS010392I: CATTANT, JEAN - Les civilisations oubliees des sites desertes de Palaiseau
BOOKS005980I: CATTELL, W.R.; EDITOR: - Infections of the Kidney and Urinary Tract
BOOKS018951I: CATURBHUJADASA [ SINGH, PATEH ; EDITOR: ] - Sacitra Madhumalati katha
BOOKS002354I: CATURLA, MARIA LUISE - Un Pintor Gallego en la Corte de Felipe IV: Antonio Puga
BOOKS022879I: CATURVEDI, DEVIDATTA - Devisukktta rahasya
BOOKS019002I: CAUDHARI, RAGHAVAPRASADA ; EDITOR: [ CHAUDHARY, RAGHAVA PRASAD ] [ CHAUDHARI, RAGHAVAPRASAD ] - Bhargavatantram / sampadaka Raghavaprasad Chaudhari / Bhargava Tantram : A Pancratragama Text
BOOKS026904I: CAUDHARI, RAGHUVIRA [ CHAUDHARI, RAGHUVEER ] - Hindi-Gujarati dhatukosa : Hindi aura Gujarati ki kriyavacaka dhatuom ka tulanatmaka adhyayana
BOOKS022770I: CAUDHURI KAMILYA, MIHIRA - Rarhera purbapurusha puja : gramadebadebi, lokadharma, lokasamskrti
BOOKS018724I: CAUDWELL, CHRISTOPHER [1907-1937] - Studies in a Dying Culture
BOOKS029885I: CAUMONT, ARCISSE DE [1801-1873] - Histoire sommaire de l’architecture religieuse, civile et militaire au moyen âge
BOOKS003724I: CAUSHI, TEFIK - Karakteri Popullor i Artit
BOOKS013329I: CAVALIER, CALISTE - Poser les bases d'une pyrétologie conforme a l'état actual de la médicine
BOOKS007446I: CAVALIERI, PAOLA - The Animal Question : Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Human Rights
BOOKS020455I: CAVALLO, SANDRA - Charity and Power in Early Modern Italy : Benefactors and their Motives in Turin, 1541-1789
BOOKS010013I: CAVALLORO, R. P & PELERENTS, C. ; EDITORS: - Integrated Pest Management in Protected Vegetable Crops. Proceedings of the CEC / IOBC Experts' Group Meeting Cabrils / ...
BOOKS013455I: CAVANAUGH, JAN - Out Looking in : Early Modern Polish Art, 1890-1918
BOOKS017807I: CAVELL, STANLEY - The World Viewed : Reflections on the Ontology of Film
BOOKS018002I: CAWS, MARY ANN. - The Surrealist Look : An Erotics of Encounter

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