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BOOKS020610I: CETURAMAN, G. [ SETHURAMAN, G. ] - Rukmankatha charitram
BOOKS012190I: CEYLAN, EMINE - Cuvasca cok zamanli ses bilgisi
BOOKS015340I: CHA, VICTOR D. - Alignment Despite Antagonism : The United States-Korea-Japan Security Triangle
BOOKS016343I: CHA'TH, CHAWQI [ SHA'ATH, SHAWQI ] - Al-Qods Acharif : Étude sur la ville sainte des Musulmanes, son histoire, sa géographie et son developpement économique ..,,.
BOOKS009151I: CHAARA, AHMED - L'Agriculture et la peche dans la littoral du Rif
BOOKS007583I: CHACHAGE, CHACAGE SEITHY L. ; ERICSSON, MAGNUS ; & GIBBON, PETER - Mining and Structural Adjustment : Studies on Zimbabwe and Tanzania
BOOKS026522I: CHACKO, CHIRAKAIKARAN JOSEPH [1899-19??] - The World Court's Judgement on Dadra and Nagar Aveli Case
BOOKS028684I: CHACORNAC, PAUL ; DIRECTEUR : - Études traditionnelles : No.s 289; 291; 301; 312; 313; 314; 315; 316; 317; 318; 319; 336 [Janvier 1951 - Décember 1956]
BOOKS004623I: CHADLI, EL MOSTAFA - Le structuralisme dans les sciences du language
BOOKS013760I: CHADWICK, HENRY [BOETHIUS] - Boethius, The Consolations of Music, Logic, Theology, and Philosophy
BOOKS019573I: CHADWICK, NORA KERSHAW [1891-1972] - The Beginnings of Russian History : An Enquiry Into Sources
BOOKS013550I: APDUTCHAKUN BIN CHAFI'I DINA - Fa wikrit chaidæn Tai nai saita khong 'utsatat / 'Apdutchakun Bin Chafi'i Dina, riapriang
BOOKS017951I: CHAI, LEON - Aestheticism : The Religion of Art in Post-Romantic Literature
BOOKS017821I: CHAI, CHENGWEN ; & ZHAO, YONGTIAN - Banmendian tan pan [ Ban Men Dian tanpan ] / Panmumjom negotians [sic]
BOOKS008921I: CHAINI, RATNAKAR [B. 1945] - Santhakabi Acyutananda
BOOKS022872I: PHINIT CHAISUWAN - Homrong sepha
BOOKS006706I: CHAITANYA, KRISHNA - The Sociology of Freedom
BOOKS009148I: CHAJAI, FOUAD - L'aide financiere d'obedience americaine et son impact sur le secteur public au Maroc
BOOKS012385I: CHAKLADER, SNEHAMOY - Minority Rights : A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Group Conflicts in Eastern Region of India
BOOKS005472I: CHAKLADER, SNEHAMOY [1935- ] - Linguistic Minority as a Cohesive Force in Indian Federal Process
BOOKS000052I: CHAKRABARTI,PRAFULLA - Social Profile of Tarakeswar : Study of a Pilgrim Town of West Bengal
BOOKS007819I: CHAKRABARTY, DIPESH - Rethinking Working-Class History : Bengal 1890 - 1940
BOOKS006182I: CHAKRABARTY, NRISINGHA - History of Railway Trade Union Movement : A Study
BOOKS003209I: CHAKRABORTI, SMARAJIT - The Bengali Press (1818-1868) : A Study in the Growth of Public Opinion
BOOKS002755I: CHAKRABORTY, S.R. - Economic Tables (Tripura)
BOOKS013376I: CHAKRABORTY, DILIP KUMAR - The Great Andamanese : Struggling for Survival
BOOKS008933I: CHAKRABORTY, A.K.; RANGAN, SHEELA; & UPLEKAR, MUKUND; EDITORS: - Urban Tuberculosis Control: Problems and Prospects
BOOKS015126I: CHAKRABORTY, SANTOSH KUMAR - A Study of Tipra Language
BOOKS001846I: CHAKRABORTY, S.R. - Tripura: Census Atlas
BOOKS001199I: CHAKRABORTY, S. - Contribution to the Knowledge of the Mammalian Fauna of Jammu & Kashmir
BOOKS002773I: CHAKRABORTY, S.R. - Administrative Statistics & Census Tables: Tripura: West,North & South Districts
BOOKS008747I: CHAKRAVARTI, B. - The Children of Abo Tani in India, Fiji and Polynesia, Volume 1 (An Account of the Migration of the Indian Danavas...
BOOKS002327I: CHAKRAVARTI, P.C. - Doctrine of Sakti in Indian Literature
BOOKS008539I: CHAKRAVARTI, B. - A Cultural History of Bhutan. Volumes I & II
BOOKS004489I: CHAKRAVARTI, ADHIR - Royal Succession in Ancient Cambodia
BOOKS001313I: CHAKRAVARTI, SUDHINDRA CHANDRA - Philosophical Foundation of Bengal Vaisnavism (A Critical Exposition)
BOOKS011423I: CHAKRAVARTI, B. - The Sens of Himachal : Their Pan-Indian Heritage. Volume I
BOOKS027811I: CHAKRAVARTI, MAHADEV - The Concept of Rudra-Siva through the Ages
BOOKS004343I: CHAKRAVARTY, H.L. - Cucurbitaceae. [ Flora of India, Fascicule 11.]
BOOKS001687I: CHAKRAVARTY, L.N. - Glimpses of the Early History of Arunachal
BOOKS001605I: CHAKRAVARTY, H.L. - Cucurbitaceae [ Fascicles of Flora of India, Fascicle 11 ]
BOOKS008570I: CHAKRAVARTY, BIHARILAL [1835-1894] - Biharilalera kabyasamgraha
BOOKS010653I: CHAKRAVORTY, AMIYA KUMAR - Studies in Mahimabhatta : A Critical and Comparative Study of Mahimabhatta’s Vyaktiviveka
BOOKS012342I: CHALIHA, BHABA PRASAD [ CALIHA, BHAWAPRASADA ] ; EDITOR : - Sankaradeva : Studies in Culture
BOOKS015086I: CHALKER, KARI ; DUBIN, LOIS SHERR ; WHITELEY, PETER M. ; & TOGASHI, KIYOSHI ; EDITORS: - Totems to Turquoise : Native North American Jewelry Arts of the Northwest and Southwest
BOOKS006079I: CHALUBINSKA, ANIELA ; EDITOR: [ LENCEWICZ, STANISAW ] [ MARSZEWSKA-ZIEMIECKA, JADWIGA ] - Listy Stanislawa Lencewicza do Jadwigi Marszewskiej-Ziemieckiej / do druku przygotowala i wstepem opatrzya Aniela Chalubinska
BOOKS014895I: CHAM, MBYE B; & ANDRADE-WATKINS, CLAIRE; EDITORS: - Blackframes: Critical Perspectives on Black Independent Cinema
BOOKS016494I: CHAMBERLAIN, ANDREW - Demography in Archaeology
BOOKS005869I: CHAMBERLIN, WALDO, COMPILER: - Industrial Relations in Wartime. Great Britain, 1914 - 1918. Annotated Bibliography of Materials in the Hoover Library...
BOOKS006271I: CHAMBERS, ROBERT - Managing Canal Irrigation. Practical Analysis from South Asia
BOOKS007086I: CHAMBERS, ROSS - The Writing of Melancholy : Modes of Opposition in Early French Modernism
BOOKS013449I: CHAMBERT-LOIR, HENRI; EDITOR: - Sastra : Introduction à la littérature indonésienne contemporaine : études et textes réunis
BOOKS015068I: SORAYA CHAMCHURI - Yieoya batphlæ khun wan 'an hotrai duai sattha athon læ huangyai : pathakatha Munnithi Komon Khimthong pracham pi Pho. So. 2549
BOOKS001853I: CHAMEIDES, W.L. & PERDUE, E.M. - Biogeochemical Cycles. A Computer-Interactive Study of Earth System Science & Global Change
BOOKS009095I: CHAMLA, MARIE-CLAUDE & DASTUGE, JEAN - Aksha III: La population du cimitiere meriotique. Etude anthropologique
BOOKS006998I: CHAMLA, MARIE-CLAUDE; & DEMOULIN, FRANCOISE - Croissance des algeriens de l'enfance a l'age adulte (Region de l'Aures)
BOOKS014591I: CHAMLEY, CHRISTOPHE P. - Rational Herds : Economic Models of Social Learning
BOOKS010292I: CHAMPEAUX-KLECZYNSKI, DENISE DE - Jozef Kleczynski : Un patriote polonais oublié et retrouvé
BOOKS006103I: CHAMPLIN, EDWARD [1948 - ] - Final Judgments: Duty and Emotion in Roman Wills, 200 B.C.-A.D. 250
BOOKS010327I: CHAMSEDDINE, AHMED - La curation par la graine noire d'apres la sunna prophetique et la medecine antique et moderne
BOOKS013802I: CHAN, ALAN KAM-LEUNG - Two Visions of the Way: Study of the Wang Pi and the Ho-shang Kung Commentaries on the Lao-Tzu
BOOKS011115I: CHAN, TAK-HUNG LEO [1954- ] - The Discourse on Foxes and Ghosts: Ji Yun and Eighteenth-Century Literati Storytelling
BOOKS011038I: CHAN, JACHINSON - Chinese American Masculinities: From Fu Manchu to Bruce Lee
BOOKS007653I: CHAN, STEVE & MINTZ, ALEX; EDITORS: - Defense, Welfare, and Growth
BOOKS024869I: CHAN LAU, KIT-CHING - From Nothing to Nothing : The Chinese Communist Movement and Hong Kong 1921-1936
BOOKS015034I: CHANAN, MICHAEL - From Handel to Hendrix : The Composer in the Public Sphere
BOOKS004937I: CHANCE, JOHN K. - Race & Class in Colonial Oaxaca
BOOKS006619I: CHAND, MOOL - The Bahujan and their Movement
BOOKS004165I: CHANDER, ISHWAR - Sagiyo Ee Suwal (Short Stories)
BOOKS021164I: CHANDER, JAG PARVESH - The Congress Case
BOOKS010827I: CHANDÈS, GERARD - Le serpent, la femme et l'epee : Recherches sur l'imagination symbolique d'un romancier medieval: Chretien de Troyes
BOOKS004071I: CHANDLER, EDMUND - Pater on Style. An Examination of the Essay on "Style" & the Textual History of "Marius the Epicurean
BOOKS025601I: CHANDRA, RAMESH - Inquiry Report Regarding the Incidents and Related Sequence of Events at the State Guest House, Meera Bai Marg, Lucknow..,.
BOOKS014128I: CHANDRA, K.R. [PRAKRIT JAIN VIDYA VIKAS FUND] - Jinagamom ki Mula Bhasa (The Original Language of Jain Canonical Texts)
BOOKS012382I: CHANDRA, PRATAP - The Hindu Mind
BOOKS004959I: CHANDRA, SURESH - Identity and Thought Experiment
BOOKS003892I: CHANDRA, ABHIJIT & MUKHERJEE, UBRATA - Boundary Element Methods in Manufacturing
BOOKS017363I: CHANDRA, ASIT NATH - The Date of Kurukshetra War
BOOKS014763I: CHANDRA, K.R ; EDITOR : [ SCHUBRING, W. ; EDITOR: ] - Complete Word-Index of Isibhasiyaim with Sanskrit Rendering of the Text
BOOKS011404I: CHANDRA, MAHESH - The Leeches of India: A Handbook
BOOKS004670I: CHANDRA, JAG PARVESH - Jana Sangh Manifesto Exposed
BOOKS022846I: CHANDRA SEKHAR, A. ; EDITOR: - A Monograph on Maredumaka Village (Vijayawada Taluk, Krishna District) [ Census of India, 1961: Andhra Pradesh ]
BOOKS027183I: HARISH-CHANDRA - Automorphic Forms on Semisimple Lie Groups
BOOKS026898I: CHANDRA, K. RISHABH ; EDITOR: [ SEMINAR IN PRAKRIT STUDIES (5TH : 1973 : AHMEDABAD, INDIA) ] - Proceedings of the Seminar on Prakrit Studies, 1973
BOOKS002610I: CHANDRACHUD, Y. V. [INDIA. COMMISSION OF INQUIRY TO ENQUIRE INTO THE FACTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES...] - Report Regarding the Facts and Circumstances Relation to the Death of Shri Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
BOOKS006109I: CHANDRASEKHAR, S. - The Population of Mauritius : Fact, Problem and Policy
BOOKS004962I: CHANDRASEKHAR, S. - A Dirty, Filthy Book". The Writings of Charles Knowlton & Annie Besant on Reproductive Physiology and Birth Control ...
BOOKS002306I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T., EDITOR: - Tuzuk-e-Walajahi (With Notes)
BOOKS002442I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T., EDITOR: - Poona Pet Kaifiyat
BOOKS010651I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T. ; EDITOR: [ VARMA, LAKSHMIKANTA ] - Nitiprakasika / by Vaisampayana ; with Tattvavivrti of Sitarama
BOOKS001015I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T., EDITOR: - Kattabomman Varalaru
BOOKS000947I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T., EDITOR: - Ruqa'at-i-Walajahi (with notes)
BOOKS000891I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T., EDITOR: - Sundara Pandiyam
BOOKS011643I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T.; EDITOR: - Kerala-Desa-Varalaru
BOOKS020371I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T. ; EDITOR: - Bhonsle and Pesva's Bakhar
BOOKS020340I: CHANDRASEKHARAN, T. ; EDITOR: - Antatik kottu [ Antadi-k-kottu ] : Volume 2
BOOKS022809I: CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASWATI, JAGATGURU SANKARACHARYA OF KAMAKOTI [1893-1994] - Sri Periyavalin Ponmoli ainuru / tokuppe Kanka Ramamurtti, Kr. Ramamurtti
BOOKS001463I: CHANDVARIA, MUNENDRA SINGH - Acreage Response of Oilseeds in India
BOOKS001336I: CHANDY, ANNA - A Community in Peril : Christian Women's Struggle for Equal Inheritance Rights in Kerala
BOOKS004441I: CHANEY, RICK - Regional Emigration & Remittances in Developing Countries. The Portuguese Experience.
BOOKS008821I: CHANG, JOHN B.; EDITOR: - Modern Vascular Surgery: Volume 6
BOOKS016859I: CHANG, CHUNG-LI - The Income of the Chinese Gentry
BOOKS016218I: CHANG, CHUNG-LI - The Chinese Gentry : Studies on their Role in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Society
BOOKS005229I: LI HUNG CHANG - Memoirs of the Viceroy Li Hung Chang
BOOKS026419I: CHANG, KWANG-CHIH - Art, Myth, and Ritual : The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China
BOOKS015198I: CHANGKAKATI, KESHAB CHANDRA - Sravani Satrar Nrtyar Tal
BOOKS023891I: CHANGOVA, IORDANKA - Pernik. Tom III: Krepostta Pernik VIII-XIV v.
BOOKS024834I: THOTSAPHON CHANGPHANITKUN - Hin phrathat patchek phutthachao : prasopkan nua patihan
BOOKS024764I: THOTSAPHON CHANGPHANITKUN - Patihan rittha phayanak [ Ruam prasopkan-sattha-patihan hæng nak phiphop ]
BOOKS024800I: THOTSAPHON CHANGPHANITKUN - Prawat læ thamma 68 phraariyasong
BOOKS010657I: CHANNELL, DAVID F. - The Vital Machine: A Study of Technology and Organic Life
BOOKS026304I: CHAO, T.K. - Highway Construction and Transport in China
BOOKS008471I: CHAO, KANG - Man in Land in Chinese History : An Economic Analysis
BOOKS004011I: CHAPIN, JAMES P. - Size-Variation in Pyrenestes.A Genus of Weaver Finches [bound together with 6 other offprints fr.Bulletion,Am.Mus.Natl.History]
BOOKS021933I: CHAPMAN, KENNETH GARNIER - Icelandic-Norwegian Linguistic Relationships
BOOKS009601I: CHAPMAN, HERRICK; KESSELMAN, MARK; & SCHAIN, MARTIN A.; EDITORS: - A Century of Organized Labor in France: A Union Movement for the Twenty-First Century?
BOOKS011753I: CHAPMAN, JAMES - Saints and Avengers: British Adventure Series of the 1960s
BOOKS017983I: CHAPMAN, HESTER W. [1899-1976] - Caroline Matilda : Queen of Denmark
BOOKS016467I: CHAPMAN, SIOBHAN ; & ROUTLEDGE, CHRISTOPHER - Key Thinkers in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
BOOKS016006I: CHAPMAN, GEORGE [1559?-1634] - The Revenge of Bussy D' Ambois
BOOKS001326I: CHAPMAN, RONALD - The Laurel & the Thorn. A Study of G.F. Watts
BOOKS026496I: CHAPMAN, R.M. - H. Walter Kommanditgesellschaft, Kiel (Materials for Bi-fuel Rockets)
BOOKS022673I: CHAPOTAT, GABRIEL - Vienne gauloise : le matériel de la Tène III trouvé sur la colline de Sainte-Blandine
BOOKS007200I: CHAPPLE, CHRISTOPHER KEY - Non-violence to Animals, Earth and Self in Asian Traditions
BOOKS015721I: CHAQUERI, COSROE - Origins of Social Democracy in Modern Iran
BOOKS009464I: CHARAK, SUKHDEV SINGH - History and Culture of Himalayan States : Volume V. Jammu Kingdom : Part II
BOOKS027080I: CHARBONNIER, R. [ EDITIONS BUCHET / CHASTEL ] [ MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) ] - A typed-letter-signed by the commercial agent of Editions Buchet / Chastel to Henry Miller dated 7 février 1979
BOOKS006083I: CHARBONNIER, VICTOR - The People's Mojahedin of Iran : A Struggle for What?
BOOKS027061I: CHARBONNIER, R. [ EDITIONS BUCHET / CHASTEL ] [ MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) ] - A typed-letter-signed by the Commercial Director of publisher Buchet/Chastel to Henry Miller dated 20 décembre 1978
BOOKS003483I: CHARDON, MICHEL - Les Prealpes lombardes et leurs bordures. Tome I & II
BOOKS009846I: CHARENCEY, H. DE - De la conjugaison dans les langues de la famille Maya-Quichee
BOOKS004239I: CHARENCEY, HYACINTHE, COMTE DE [1832 - 1916] - Les hommes-chiens
BOOKS010168I: CHARLES, J.L. - La ville de Saint-Trond au moyen age : Des origines a la fin du XIVe siecle
BOOKS016116I: CHARLES, MELVIN - The Rallying Point
BOOKS027018I: CHARLES-ROUX, F. (FRANCOIS) [1879-1961] - Les échelles de Syrie et de Palestine au XVIIIe siècle
BOOKS008166I: CHARLICK, ROBERT BARRY - Power and Participation in the Modernization of Rural Hausa Communities
BOOKS010921I: CHARLTON, MICHAEL - The Last Colony in Africa : Diplomacy and the Independence of Rhodesia
BOOKS014926I: CHARLTON, H. B. (HENRY BUCKLEY) - Shakespearian Tragedy
BOOKS016934I: CHARNOV, ERIC L. - The Theory of Sex Allocation
BOOKS028072I: CHARRIÈRE, LOUIS DE [1795-1874] - Recherches sur les dynastes de Cossonay et les diverses branches de leur famille, avec pièces justificatives.,.,.
BOOKS004694I: CHARTRES, J.A. - Pre-Industrial Britain [The Industrial Revolutions, Volume 1]
BOOKS010983I: CHARVET, JOHN - The Idea of an Ethical Community
BOOKS017261I: CHASE, JOHN - Glitter, Stucco and Dumpster Diving : Reflections on Building Production in the Vernacular City
BOOKS005566I: CHASE, ELISE, COMPILER: - Healing Faith. An Annotated Bibliography of Christian Self-Help Books
BOOKS002220I: CHASE, WILLIAM J. - Enemies Within the Gates? : The Comintern and the Stalinist Repression, 1934-1939
BOOKS024524I: CHASE, KAREN - Eros and Psyche: The Representation of Personality in Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens and George Eliot
BOOKS015900I: CHASSEGUET-SMIRGEL, JANINE ; & GRUNBERGER, BÉLA - Freud or Reich?: Psychoanalysis and Illusion
BOOKS000435I: GUIGES DU CHASTEL [1083-1137] [ WILMART, ANDRÉ (1876-1941) EDITOR: ] - Mediationes Gvigonis prioris Cartvsiae. Le recueil des pensées du B. Guigue
BOOKS020025I: CHASTOUPES, ATHANASIOS P. - Ennoiologike kai kritike diasaphesis tes glossikes idiotypias tou Amos
BOOKS000662I: CHATER, KHAKLIFA - Insurrection et répression dans la Tunisie du XIXe siècle : la méhalla de Zarrouk au Sahel, 1864
BOOKS003894I: CHATERJI, G.C. - Water Supply of the South Andaman Island with reference to Neighbouring Islands & Quality of Water from the South Andaman Island
BOOKS003851I: CHATERJI, G.C. & BISWAS, A.B. - Geology & Groundwater Resources of the Mahendragarh Region, Punjab
BOOKS014433I: CHATTERJEE, PIYA - A Time for Tea : Women, Labor and Postcolonial Politics in an Indian Plantation
BOOKS002973I: CHATTERJEE, MANINI - BJP's Rightwing Communalism : The Political Face of Hindutva
BOOKS010365I: CHATTERJEE, ANJALI - Bengal in the Reign of Aurangzib 1658-1707
BOOKS023844I: CHATTERJEE, CHINMAYI - Studies in the Evolution of Bhakti Cult with Special Reference to Vallabha School. Part 2
BOOKS008765I: CHATTERJEE, ABHAS - The Concept of Hindu Nation
BOOKS023826I: CHATTERJEE, CHINMAYI - Studies in the Evolution of Bhakti Cult with Special Reference to Vallabha School. Part I
BOOKS004893I: CHATTERJEE, SATIS CHANDRA - Classical Indian Philosophies : Their Synthesis in the Philosophy of Sri Ramakrishna
BOOKS001013I: CHATTERJEE, SATISCHANDRA - The Nyaya Theory of Knowledge : A Critical Study of some Problems of Logic & Metaphysics
BOOKS012604I: CHATTERJEE, DEEN K. & SCHEID, DON E.; EDITORS: - Ethics and Foreign Intervention
BOOKS023278I: CHATTERJI, P. C. (PROBHAT CHANDRA) - Secular Values for Secular India
BOOKS022355I: CHATTERJI, SUNITI KUMAR [1890-1977] - Kirata-jana-krti : The Indo-Mongoloids : Their Contribution to the History and Culture of India
BOOKS001653I: CHATTERJI, P.C., EDITOR: - Self-Images, Identity and Nationality
BOOKS000845I: CHATTERJI, SUNITI KUMAR - India and Ethiopia from the Seventh Century B.C.
BOOKS012937I: CHATTERJI, JATINDRA MOHAN - Atharvan Zarathustra - The Foremost Prophet : A Comparative Study of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Islam
BOOKS021198I: CHATTERJI, SARAL KUMAR ; EDITOR: - Profile of Bangla Desh
BOOKS025483I: CHATTERJI, SUNITI KUMAR [1890-1977] - Iranianism : Iranian Culture and Its Impact on the World from Achaemenian Times
BOOKS003791I: CHATTERTON, PERCY - Day That I Have Loved
BOOKS009371I: CHATTOPADHYAY, K.P. [ DIWEDI, S.N. ] [ BASAVAPUNNAIAH, M. ] [ NIZAMI, ZAFAR AHMED ] [ SAMPRADAYIKTA VIRODHI COMMITTEE ] - A Socio-Economic Survey of Jute Labour [bound together with 6 other Indian political pamphlets, ca. 1952-1975]
BOOKS001907I: CHATTOPADHYAY, K.P. - A Socio-Economic Survey of Jute Labour
BOOKS023717I: CHATTOPADHYAYA, K.P. - The Ancient Indian Culture Contacts and Migrations
BOOKS002797I: CHATTOPADHYAYA, SUDHAKAR - Racial Affinities of Early North Indian Tribes
BOOKS022391I: CHATTOPADHYAYA, KSHETRESH CHANDRA [1896-1974] - Rg Vedic River Sarasvati
BOOKS012488I: CHATTOPADHYAYA, RAMANANDA - Bangla Upanyase Musalman Charitra O Samaj: 1865-1925 A.D.
BOOKS005106I: CHATTOPADHYAYA, DEBIPRASAD - Knowledge & Intervention: Studies in Society & Consciousness
BOOKS004745I: CHATTOPADHYAYA, SUDHAKAR - Reflections on the Tantras
BOOKS001576I: CHATTOPADHYAYA, DEBIPRASAD, EDITOR: - Select Bibliography of Journal Articles on Philosophy, Religion, Science & Related Aspects of Indian Culture
BOOKS012596I: CHATURVEDI, HARI KISHOR - Bhakti Sagar Ke Anmol Mukta
BOOKS018178I: CHATURVEDI, BANARASIDAS ; & SYKES, MARJORIE - Charles Freer Andrews : A Narrative
BOOKS018024I: CHATURVEDI, VINAYAK ; EDITOR: - Mapping Subaltern Studies and the Postcolonial
BOOKS019610I: CHATZOPOULOS, KONSTANTINOS K. ; KISSAS, SOTERIOS ; NASOPOULOU, MARIA ; & PATELAKES, APOSTOLOS ; COMPILERS: - Vivliographia tes Thessalonikes : koinonikos, oikonomikos kai politikos vios, techne kai politismos
BOOKS008723I: CHAU, BHIKKHU THICH MINH - Milindapanha and Nagasenabhikshusutra ( A Comparative Study) (Through Pali and Chinese Sources)
BOOKS006750I: CHAUBAL, PUSHPALATA D. - Palynological Studies of the Family Acanthaceae
BOOKS021011I: CHAUDHARI, NAGESH - Hindutva Desh Todnare Sootra
BOOKS018775I: CHAUDHARY, ANGRAJ ; EDITOR: - Theragatha-atthakatha Paramatthadipani Vol. I & II
BOOKS016092I: CHAUDHARY, VIJAY CHANDRA PRASAD - Imperial Honeymoon with Indian Aristocracy
BOOKS010719I: CHAUDHRI, MOHAMMED AHSEN - Pakistan and the Regional Pacts : A Study of Pakistan's Foreign Policy 1947 to 1954
BOOKS011822I: CHAUDHRY, KIREN AZIZ - The Price of Wealth: Economics and Institutions in the Middle East
BOOKS029382I: CHAUDHURI, SIBADAS - Topographical List of the Vamana Purana [ Index to Place Names in the Puranas, Volume 4 ]
BOOKS023259I: CHAUDHURI, ROMA - Ten Schools of the Vedanta : Part I: Five Schools: Samkara’s Kevaladvaitada ; Ramanuja’s Visistadvaitavada ; Nimbarka’s Svabhavi
BOOKS012954I: CHAUDHURI, SUKOMAL - Analytical Study of the Abhidharmakosa
BOOKS004595I: CHAUDHURI, A.B. - Witch-Killings amongst Santals
BOOKS000062I: CHAUDHURI, BUDDHADEB - The Bakreshwar Temple : A Study on Continuity & Change
BOOKS020959I: CHAUDHURI, SIBADAS - Topographical List of the Varaha Purana
BOOKS022404I: CHAUDHURI, NANI GOPAL - British Relations with Hyderabad, 1798-1843
BOOKS008217I: CHAUDHURY, NAGENDRA NATH - Tragedies of Modernism
BOOKS006171I: CHAUDHURY, PRAVAS JIVAN - Studies in Comparative Aesthetics
BOOKS003215I: CHAUDHURY, BINAYENDRA NATH - Buddhist Centers in Ancient India
BOOKS000235I: CHAUDHURY, BINAYENDRA NATH - Abhidhamma Terminology in the Ruparupavibhaga
BOOKS021025I: CHAUDHURY, BINAYENDRA NATH - Buddhist Centres in Ancient India
BOOKS006107I: CHAUHAN, ANANT RAM - The Kangri Central Subsystems ( A Structural Description)
BOOKS020953I: CHAUHAN, SURAJ PAL - Chhu nahin sakta [ Choo nahi sakta ]
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BOOKS018447I: AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS - The African National Congress of South Africa (Excerpts from Policy and Programme)
BOOKS025508I: INTERNATIONAL KANT CONGRESS (4TH : 1974 : MAINZ) [ FUNKE, GERHARD ; EDITOR : ] - Akten des 4. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses : Mainz, 6.-10. April 1974 : Teil III : Vorträge
BOOKS013349I: UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. - Arrest, Imprisonment, etc. of Julio Sanguily [bound together with one other document concerning the same]
BOOKS001420I: CONNAH, GRAHAM - Kibiro: The Salt of Bunyoro, Past and Present
BOOKS014238I: O’CONNELL, ROBERT H. - Concentricity and Continuity : The Literary Structure of Isaiah
BOOKS026430I: O'CONNELL, ROBERT J. - Art and the Christian Intelligence in St. Augustine
BOOKS027366I: CONNER, PIERRE E. - Seminar on Periodic Maps
BOOKS027228I: CONNER, P. E. (PIERRE E.) ; & FLOYD, E. E. - The Relation of Cobordism to K-Theories
BOOKS019851I: CONNER, PIERRE E. - Lectures on the Action of a Finite Group
BOOKS008943I: CONNOLLY, KEVIN J.; EDITOR: - The Psychobiology of the Hand
BOOKS009691I: CONNOLLY, PETER; EDITOR: - Approaches to the Study of Religion
BOOKS004123I: O'CONNOR, JOHN J. - Amadis de Gaule & its Influence on Elizabethan Literature
BOOKS003871I: O'CONNOR, WILLIAM VAN, EDITOR: - Forms of Modern Fiction. Essays Collected in Honor of Joseph Warren Beach
BOOKS003904I: O'CONNOR, DANIEL; ET AL: - Three Centuries of Mission : The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 1701-2000
BOOKS012738I: O'CONNOR, VIVIENNE & KOVACS, GABOR; EDITORS: - Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women's Health
BOOKS000147I: O'CONNOR, N. & HERMELIN, BEATE - Speech & Thought in Severe Subnormality. An Experimental Study
BOOKS016664I: CONOLLY, JAMES - Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology
BOOKS006922I: CONQUEST, ROBERT & DJORDJEVICH, DUSAN J., EDITORS: - Political & Ideological Confrontations in Twentieth-Century Europe: Essays in Honor of Milorad M. Drachkovitch
BOOKS026038I: CONRAD ROTHE, PETER [1811-1902] - Tyge Rothe og hans Virken
BOOKS002668I: CONRAD, RUDI - Transformationsanalyse russischer Infinitivskonstruktionen. Eine Beschreibung der Wortverbindungen..
BOOKS016517I: CONRAD, GEOFFREY W. ; & DEMAREST, ARTHUR ANDREW - Religion and Empire: The Dynamics of Aztec and Inca Expansionism
BOOKS021339I: CONRADIN, HANS - Ist die Musik heteronom oder autonom?
BOOKS004852I: CONRON, BRANDON, EDITOR: - Morley Callaghan
BOOKS003595I: CONS, LOUIS - Etat present des etudes sur Villon
BOOKS001942I: CONSIGLIO DIRETTIVO DELLA SOCIETA ITALIANA DI STORIA DELLA MEDICINA, EDITORS: - Atti degli incontri Storico-Medici Marosticenisi su la Storiografia Medica in Italia tra 1800 e 1950 : Uomini e idee
BOOKS016405I: CONSTABLE, OLIVIA REMIE - Trade and Traders in Muslim Spain: The Commercial Realignment of the Iberian Peninsula, 900-1500
BOOKS029589I: CONSTABLE, GILES. - The Reformation of the Twelfth Century
BOOKS029572I: CONSTABLE, GILES - Three Studies in Medieval Religious and Social Thought
BOOKS024297I: CONSTANDSE, ANTON L [ UITGEVERIJ DE VRIJE GEDACHTE ] - Anton Constandse tachtig jaar : verantwoording : (kleine bibliografie)
BOOKS024454I: CONSTANDSE, ANTON LEVIEN [1899-1985] - Arische cultuur of Pruisendom
BOOKS024173I: CONSTANDSE, ANTON LEVIEN [1899-1985] - Godsdienst is opium voor het volk
BOOKS023879I: CONSTANT, BENJAMIN [1767-1830] - De la religion : considérée dans sa source, ses formes et ses développements. Tome I.
BOOKS001110I: CONSTANTINESCU, N.A. - Revolutia lui Tudor Vladimirescu din 1821. Povestire istorica
BOOKS019503I: CONSTANTINESCU, NICOLAE - Curtea de Arges (1200-1400) : asupra începuturilor Tarii Românesti
BOOKS000455I: CONTE, CARMELO - Il Sudan come Nazione
BOOKS004907I: CONTEH-MORGAN, JOHN ; & OLANIYAN, TEJUMOLA ; EDITORS: - Drama and Performance [ Research in African Literatures, Volume 30, No. 4, Winter 1999]
BOOKS008997I: CONTENSON, HENRI DE; VERCOUTTER, JEAN; HEINZELIN, J. DE & LEMAN, P. - Aksha I: La basilique chretienne
BOOKS026318I: MOVEMENT FOR A DEMOCRACY OF CONTENT - Most Secret Politics in Togoland : The British Government’s Attempt to Annex Togoland to the Gold Coast
BOOKS003450I: CONTRADA, RICHARD J.; & ASHMORE, RICHARD D.; EDITORS: - Self. Social Identity and Physical Health: Interdisciplinary Explorations
BOOKS019050I: CONTRERAS, GERARDO - Caminos de lucha y esperanza
BOOKS005344I: EUROPEAN BREWERY CONVENTION - European Brewery Convention. Proceedings of the 22nd Congress. Zurich 1989
BOOKS017641I: CONWAY MORRIS, SIMON - Life's Solution : Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe
BOOKS024499I: CONWAY, SUSAN - Silken Threads Lacquer Thrones : Lan Na Court Textiles
BOOKS016276I: CONZELMANN, HANS - Die Mitte der Zeit : Studien zur Theologie des Lukas
BOOKS016139I: CONZELMANN, HANS [TORP, ALF] [HANFMANN, GEORGE M.A.] [SUNDWALL, JOH.] [PENKA, KARL] [ MÜNTER, FREDERIK] [ARNIM, H. VON] - Korinth und die Mädchen der Aphrodite..,.[bound with 12 monographs on ancient Greek history, philology & religion, ca. 1830-1967
BOOKS028519I: COOK, M. A. - Population Pressure in Rural Anatolia, 1450-1600
BOOKS012113I: COOK, O.F. [COQUILLETT, D.W.; HINE, JAMES S.; BANKS, NATHAN; WHITE, G.F.; MARLATT, C.L.; HOOKER, W.A,; QUAINTANCE, A.L.; ET AL] - The Social Organization & Breeding Habits of the Cotton-Protecting Kelep of Guatemala [bound together with 8 other monographs]
BOOKS008294I: COOK, A.H.; & GASKELL, T.F.; EDITORS: - The Earth Today. A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Sir Harold Jeffreys by Some of his Students & Colleagues ...
BOOKS025458I: COOK, MICHAEL A. ; EDITOR : - Studies in the Economic History of the Middle East : From the Rise of Islam to the Present Day
BOOKS006332I: COOK, ALBERT - History / Writing
BOOKS017728I: COOK, STANLEY ARTHUR [1873-1949] - The Religion of Ancient Palestine in the Light of Archaeology
BOOKS017281I: COOK, SCOTT - Peasant Capitalist Industry: Piecework and Enterprise in Southern Mexican Brickyards
BOOKS016355I: COOK, DAVID - Martyrdom in Islam
BOOKS002336I: COOK, IAN G.; DOEL, MARCUS A.; LI, REX Y.F. & WANG, YONGJIANG; EDITORS: - Dynamic Asia: Business, Trade and Economic Development in Pacific Asia
BOOKS010624I: COOK, DON - Forging the Alliance: NATO, 1945 - 1950
BOOKS006266I: COOKE, MARCUS & DENNIS, ANTHONY J. - Chemical Analysis & Biological Fate: Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Fifth International Symposium.
BOOKS005464I: COOKE, MICHAEL G. - Acts of Inclusion. Studies Bearing on an Elementary Theory of Romanticism
BOOKS017752I: COOKSON, WILLIAM; EDITOR: - Agenda [Vol. 5, Nos 1-3, Spring-Summer 1967]: David Jones Special Issue
BOOKS021065I: COOL, JACOB [1563-1628] [ DORSTEN, J. A. VAN ; & SCHAAP, K. ; EDITORS: ] - Den staet van London in hare groote peste
BOOKS018630I: COOLEY, EDWIN G. - Vocational Education in Europe
BOOKS023233I: COOLHAAS, W. P. (WILLEM PHILIPPUS) [1899-1981] - A Critical Survey of Studies on Dutch Colonial History
BOOKS019726I: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA KENTISH [1877-1947] - Time and Eternity
BOOKS020855I: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA KENTISH [1877-1947] - Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power in the Indian Theory of Government
BOOKS014889I: COOMBES, H. - T. F. Powys
BOOKS001717I: COOMBS, ROY E. - Violets : The History & Cultivation of Scented Violets
BOOKS018086I: COOMBS, PHILIP HALL ; & AHMED, MANZOOR - Attacking Rural Poverty : How Nonformal Education Can Help
BOOKS011049I: COONEY, KWEVIN J. - Japan's Foreign Policy Maturation: A Quest for Normalcy
BOOKS016058I: COOPE, CHRISTOPHER; GEACH, PETER; POTTS, TIMOTHY; & WHITE, ROGER - A Wittgenstein Workbook / By Members of the Department of Philosophy, the University of Leeds
BOOKS010451I: COOPER, WILLIAM J., JR; HOLT, MICHAEL F.; & MCCARDELL, JOHN; EDITORS: - A Master's Due: Essys in Honor of David Herbert Donald
BOOKS016627I: COOPER, FREDERICK - Africa since 1940: The Past of the Present
BOOKS007440I: COOPER, PAUL - Effective Schools for Disaffected Students. Integration and Segregation
BOOKS018640I: COOPER, LEONARD - R.S. Surtees
BOOKS017602I: COOPER, JOHN MILTON - Breaking the Heart of the World : Woodrow Wilson and the Fight for the League of Nations
BOOKS006154I: COOPER, J. C. - An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols
BOOKS015110I: COOPER, RICHARD N. - Economic Stabilization and Debt in Developing Countries
BOOKS014948I: COOPER, THOMAS [1805 - 1892] - The Life of Thomas Cooper
BOOKS001284I: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Paul Gaugin: 45 lettres a Vincent, Theo et Jo van Gogh .Collection Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh ,Amsterdam
BOOKS001181I: COOPER, BASIL KNOWLMAN - Modern Railway Working
BOOKS021659I: COOPER, DAVID GRAHAM [1931-1986] - The Death of the Family
BOOKS017949I: COOPERSMITH, JONATHAN - The Electrification of Russia, 1880-1926
BOOKS022240I: COOX, ALVIN D. - Nomonhan: Japan Against Russia, 1939. Volume Two
BOOKS021858I: COPE, H. ; & WERNER, P.E. - Counting Instruments in Germany
BOOKS005417I: COPE, JACKSON I. & GREEN, GEOFFREY, EDITORS: - Novel vs. Fiction: The Contemporary Reformation
BOOKS004919I: COPE, JACKSON I. - Joyce's Cities. Archaeologies of the Soul
BOOKS005099I: COPELAND, CAROLYN FAUNCE - Language & Time & Gertrude Stein
BOOKS026983I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; & DASTÉ, LOUIS; EDITORS : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Hebdomaire Illustré : No. 3 - 3 janvier 1903
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BOOKS026978I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 132 - 3 Juin 1905
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BOOKS016878I: COPP, DAVID - Morality, Normativity and Society
BOOKS009692I: COPPEDGE, MICHAEL - Strong Parties and Lame Ducks: Presidential Partyarchy and Factionalism in Venezuela
BOOKS018728I: COPPENS, JOSEPH NICOLAS GHISLAIN [1896-1981] - Eustachius de Zichinis Erasmi Roterodami canonis quinti interpretatio : le dernier écrit louvaniste anti-érasmien édité ...,.
BOOKS008472I: COQUIN, FRANCOIS-XAVIER - La Siberie: Peuplement et immigration paysanne au XIXe siecle
BOOKS014158I: CORAM, ROBERT - Caribbean Time Bomb: The United States' Complicity in the Corruption of Antigua
BOOKS009548I: CORBALLIS, MICHAEL C. - The Lopsided Ape: Evolution of the Creative Mind
BOOKS006257I: CORBETT, PHILIP B. - The Scurra
BOOKS027316I: CORBEY, RAYMOND - Tribal Art Traffic : A Chronicle of Taste, Trade and Desire in Colonial and Post-colonial Times
BOOKS011973I: CORDELL, DENNIS D.; GREGORY, JOEL W.; & PICHE, VICTOR - Hoe and Wage: A Short History of a Circular Migration System in West Africa
BOOKS007069I: CORDELL, DENNIS D. & GREGORY, JOEL W.; EDITORS: - African Population and Capitalism: Historical Perspectives
BOOKS018081I: CORDEN, WARNER MAX - Inflation, Exchange Rates, and the World Economy
BOOKS004447I: CORDIER, HENRI - Bibliographie Stendhalienne
BOOKS026127I: CORDIER, PALMYR [1871-1914] - Quelques données nouvelles a propos des traités médicaux sanscrits antérieurs au XIIIe siècle
BOOKS014241I: CÓRDOVA VIANELLO, LORENZO ; ET AL: - Ensayos sobre presidencialismo mexicano
BOOKS022724I: CORFUS, ILIE - L'agriculture en Valachie depuis la révolution de 1848 jusqu'à la réforme de 1864
BOOKS028805I: CORLAN-IOAN, SIMONA - Histoire d'une légende : Regards occidentaux sur la ville de Tombouctou pendant les XIXème - XXème siécles
BOOKS018452I: CORLETT, ELEANOR S.; MILLNER, NANCY B. - Navigating Midlife : Using Typology as a Guide
BOOKS018182I: CORMACK, GEORGE - Egypt in Asia : A Plain Account of Pre-Biblical Syria and Palestine
BOOKS017854I: CORMAN, CID ; EDITOR: - The Gist of Origin 1951-1971 : An Anthology
BOOKS015862I: CORMAN, CID - Word for Word : Essays on the Arts of Language . Volumes I & II
BOOKS013457I: CORNEA, LUCIAN; COMPILER: - Cartea straina veche în Biblioteca "Astra" sec. XVIII : catalog
BOOKS022610I: CORNELISSEN, R.L. (REINERUS LOUWRENTIUS) - Thermodynamics and Sustainable Development : The Use of Exergy Analysis and the Reduction of Irreversibility
BOOKS000034I: CORNELIUS, WAYNE A.; MARTIN, PHILIP L.; & HOLLIFIELD, JAMES F.; EDITORS: - Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective
BOOKS000278I: CORNELL, LASSE - Sundsvallsdistriktets sågverksarbetare 1860-1890 : arbete levnadsförhållanden rekrytering
BOOKS009627I: CORNFORD, FRANCIS MACDONALD [1874-1943] - Thucydides Mythistoricus
BOOKS009143I: CORNGOLD, STANLEY - Complex Pleasure: Forms of Feeling in German Literature
BOOKS017072I: CORNING, PETER A. - Nature's Magic : Synergy in Evolution and the Fate of Humankind
BOOKS010541I: CORNS, ALBERT R. & SPARKE, ARCHIBALD - A Bibliography of Unfinished Books in the English Language with Annotations
BOOKS015969I: CORNU, PHILIPPE - Tibetan Astrology
BOOKS027506I: CORNU, EDMOND [1875-19??] - Contribution à l’étude des migraines et de leurs rapports avec les états épileptiques et délirants
BOOKS009820I: CORNWELL, P. B. - The Cockroach. Volume 1: A Laboratory Insect and an Industrial Pest. An Account of the Biology of the More Common Species...
BOOKS026681I: CORON, ANTOINE - Avant Apollinaire : vingt siècles de poèmes figurés
BOOKS013921I: CORRADI FIUMARA, GEMMA - The Symbolic Function: Psychoanalysis and the Philosophy of Language
BOOKS009275I: CORREA, CARLOS, PROFESSOR DO LICEU - Palavras serenas: Resposta as Palavras rebeldes. Dezembro de 1912
BOOKS011971I: CORREA, CARLOS MARIA - Intellectual Property Rights, the WTO, and Developing Countries: The TRIPS Agreement and Policy Options
BOOKS026242I: CORRÉA JÚNIOR, ANTÓNIO CUNHA [1914-1997] - O planeta cáos
BOOKS002006I: CORREAL URREGO, GONZALO - Evidencias culturales y megafauna pleistocenica en Colombia
BOOKS023723I: CORREIA-AFONSO, JOHN - The Ignatian Vision of India : A Historical Study
BOOKS023146I: CORREIA, JOAQUIM AUGUSTO [1886 -19??] - O ladrão, confessou o roubo!
BOOKS005454I: CORREIA AFONSO, J.J. ROQUE - Pela minha terra... I: Problemas agricolas
BOOKS021707I: CORREIA, PADUA ; EDITOR: - Pão nosso : No. 1 - No. 23 [19 Abril - 28 Setembro 1910]
BOOKS010703I: CORRELL, BARBARA - The End of Conduct: Grobianus and the Renaissance Text of the Subject
BOOKS026311I: EDICÕES CONTRA-A-CORRENTE - Trabalhadores dos Transportes Estefania em luta contra o patrão
BOOKS012825I: CORRIGAN, JOHN [1952- ] - Business of the Heart: Religion and Emotion in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS004260I: CORRIGAN, JOHN - The Prism of Piety: Catholick Congregational Clergy at the Beginning of the Enlightenment
BOOKS014155I: CORRINGTON, ROBERT S. ; HAUSMAN, CARL ; & SEEBOHM, THOMAS M. ; EDITORS: - Pragmatism Considers Phenomenology: Current Continental Research
BOOKS008152I: CORRINGTON, ROBERT S. - Ecstatic Naturalism: Signs of the World
BOOKS019133I: CORTADA, JAMES W. - Before the Computer : IBM, NCR, Burroughs and Remington Rand and the Industry They Created, 1865-1956
BOOKS017476I: CORTI, EGON CAESAR, CONTE - The Wizard of Homburg and Monte Carlo
BOOKS018682I: CORTNEY, PHILIP - The Economic Munich : The I.T.O Charter, Inflation or Liberty, the 1929 Lesson.
BOOKS009705I: CORTSEN, SØREN PETER [1878-19??] - Lyd og Skrift i Etruskisk : 1 : Konsonanterne
BOOKS006840I: CORWIN, PHILLIP - Doomed in Afghanistan : A UN Officer's Memoir of the Fall of Kabul and Najibullah's Failed Escape, 1992
BOOKS012053I: CORWIN, EDWARD SAMUEL [1878-1963] [LOSS, RICHARD; EDITOR:] - Corwin on the Constitution: Volume Three: On Liberty Against Government
BOOKS027885I: CORZILLIUS, BARBARA - Weitere Untersuchungen über Speziationsphänomene in der neuweltlichen Zahnkarpfengattung Cyprinodon (Pisces, Cyprinodontidae)
BOOKS013167I: COSIJN, JAN - De Geologie van de Valli di Olmo al Brembo
BOOKS008382I: COSKUN, ARIF - Gunah Daglari: Siirler
BOOKS008383I: COSKUN, ARIF - Tas Kilim: Siirler
BOOKS013320I: COSKUN, ARIF - Cikinimda anadolu: Siirler
BOOKS010382I: COSMA, VIOREL - Ion Vidu, 1863 - 1931
BOOKS027725I: COSTA E SÁ, ANTONIO DE - S. Cristóvão de Cabecudos : Subsídios para uma monografia geral do Concelho de Vila Nova de Famalicão
BOOKS009801I: COSTA-LIMA, LUIZ - The Limits of Voice: Montaigne, Schlegel, Kafka
BOOKS026247I: COSTA E SIMAS, JOAQUIM JOSÉ DA - Observacões sobre a Revista do senhor deputado Antonio de Azevedo Mello e Carvalho
BOOKS027525I: COSTA, JOAQUIM ; EDITOR : [ PEDRO, INFANTE OF PORTUGAL (1392-1449 CE) ] - O livro da virtuosa bemfeitoria do infante Dom Pedro
BOOKS014708I: COSTA, EDUARDO DA [ WIESE, CARL ; ET AL ] - O Districto de Mocambique em 1898 (Notas e apontamentos) [bound together with 10 other reports on Mozambique, 1891-1930]
BOOKS003610I: COSTA, GUILHERME DE PASSOS - Algumas Palavras sobre o Relatorio do Conselho d'Administracao Geral dos Tabacos.Gerencia de 1888 a 1889
BOOKS010071I: COSTA, GUTEMBERG - A presença de Frei Damião na literatura de cordel : (antologia)
BOOKS020225I: COSTA, J. CECILIO DA - Hydraulica agricola: Albufeiras e uso da agua em irrigacões, na industria e navegacão da Provincia do Alemtejo

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