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BOOKS019247I: HARDING, SANDRA G. - The Science Question in Feminism
BOOKS005637I: HARDING, A. F. ; EDITOR: - Climatic Change in Later Prehistory
BOOKS024489I: HARDING, M. ESTHER (MARY ESTHER) [1888-1971] - Psychic Energy : Its Source and Goal
BOOKS016871I: HARDING, GERALD LANKESTER - The Antiquities of Jordan
BOOKS021728I: HARDING, RICHARD - The Evolution of the Sailing Navy, 1509-1815
BOOKS024658I: HARDMAN, JOHN - French Politics, 1774-1789 : From the Accession of Louis XVI to the Bastille
BOOKS022451I: HARDMAN, CHARLOTTE E. - Other Worlds : Notions of Self and Emotion Among the Lohorung Rai
BOOKS018155I: HARDT, MICHAEL ; & NEGRI, ANTONIO - Multitude : War and Democracy in the Age of Empire
BOOKS011146I: HARDY, BARBARA - The Advantage of Lyric: Essays of Feeling in Poetry
BOOKS024776I: HARDY, D. A. (DAVID A.) ; KELLER, J. ; GALANOPOULOS, V.P. ; FLEMMING, N.C. ; & DRUITT, T.H. ; EDITORS: - Thera and the Aegean World III: Proceedings of the Third International Congress..,.3-9 September 1989. Volume II: Earth Sciences
BOOKS005562I: HARDY, BARBARA - The Appropriate Form. An Essay on the Novel
BOOKS005554I: HARDY, JOHN EDWARD - The Curious Frame. Seven Poems in Text and Context
BOOKS005382I: HARDY, BARBARA - Tellers and Listeners. The Narrative Imagination
BOOKS017758I: HARDY, BARBARA NATHAN - The Novels of George Eliot : A Study in Form
BOOKS019869I: HARDY, PETER - The Muslims of British India
BOOKS022123I: HARDY, ALAIN-RENÉ - Art Deco Textiles : The French Designers
BOOKS013834I: HARE, TOM - Remembering Osiris : Number, Gender and the Word in Ancient Egyptian Representational Systems
BOOKS007088I: HARE, RICHARD - Maxim Gorky : Romantic Realist and Conservative Revolutionary
BOOKS018249I: HAREVEN, TAMARA K. - Family Time and Industrial Time : The Relationship Between the Family and Work in a New England Industrial Community
BOOKS016549I: HAREVEN, TAMARA K. - The Silk Weavers of Kyoto: Family and Work in a Changing Traditional Industry
BOOKS023505I: HARGREAVES-MAWDSLEY, W. N. - Eighteenth Century Spain, 1700-1788 : A Political, Diplomatic and Institutional History
BOOKS006481I: HARGROVE-HUTTEL, RAY ANN - Virginia Henderson's Nature of Nursing Theory & Quality of Life for the Older Adult
BOOKS015067I: HARGROVE, EUGENE C. ; EDITOR: - The Animal Rights / Environmental Ethics Debate : The Environmental Perspective
BOOKS026887I: HARIBHADRA [ACTIVE 8TH CENTURY CE] [ DIXIT, KRISHNA KUMAR ; TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: ] - Acharya Haribhadra's Astaka Prakarana (with Hindi Translation, Annotations, and Introduction)
BOOKS026877I: HARIBHADRASURI [ACTIVE 8TH CENTURY CE] [ SHAH, JITENDRA B. ; & DIXIT, K.K. ; EDITORS: ] - Acarya Haribhadrasuri's Sastravartasamuccaya (with Hindi translation, notes and introduction) / Sastravartasamuccayah : hindibha
BOOKS010739I: KESABARAJA HARICANDANA [1697-1715] [PATTANAYAK, DUKHISYAMA (1940-); EDITOR:] - Rasasindhu Sulakshana / Kesabaraja Haricandananka krta; sampadaka Duhkhisyama Pattanayaka
BOOKS008567I: HARING, LEE - Verbal Arts in Madagascar: Performance in Historical Perspective
BOOKS024383I: HÄRING, NIKOLAUS M. [1909-1982] ; EDITOR: - Alan of Lille, De planctu naturae
BOOKS008594I: HARISINGHANI, KISHAN - Undaho Chand banam Preet Jo Paigam
BOOKS024519I: HARK, HELMUT ; EDITOR [ JUNG, C. G. (CARL GUSTAV) ] - Lexikon Jungscher Grundbegriffe : mit Originaltexten von C.G. Jung
BOOKS017150I: HARKER, PATRICK T.; & ZENIOS, STAVROS ANDREA ; EDITORS: - Performance of Financial Institutions : Efficiency, Innovation, Regulation
BOOKS019723I: HARKINS, WILLIAM EDWARD - The Russian Folk Epos in Czech Literature, 1800-1900
BOOKS004097I: HARKNESS, STANLEY B. - The Career of Samuel Butler (1835-1902) A Bibliography
BOOKS028415I: HARL, JOHANN PAUL [1772-1842] - Entwurf eines rationellen und allgemeinen Armen-Versorgungs-Systems, mit Armenerziehungs- und Armenbeschäftigungs-Anstalten .,.,
BOOKS016569I: HARLAN, LINDSEY - The Goddesses' Henchmen : Gender in Indian Hero Worship
BOOKS019296I: HÄRLE, GERHARD ; EDITOR: - Heimsuchung und süsses Gift : Erotik und Poetik bei Thomas Mann
BOOKS004420I: HARLING-KRANCK, GUNILLA - Namn på åkrar, ängar och hagar
BOOKS006325I: HARLOE, MICHAEL - Private Rented Housing in the United States & Europe
BOOKS021380I: HARLOW, NORA ; JAKOB, KRISTIN ; & RAICHE, ROGER - Wild Lilies, Irises, and Grasses : Gardening with California Monocots
BOOKS026285I: HARMACH, KAMIL [1870-1937] ; EDITOR: - Vestnik samospravny a narodohospodarsky : Rocnik V - 1905
BOOKS011143I: HARMAN, PETER MICHAEL ; & MITTON, SIMON - Cambridge Scientific Minds
BOOKS005648I: HARMATTA, J., EDITOR: - Studien zur Geschichte und Philosophie des Altertums
BOOKS017018I: HARMON, MAURICE - The Poetry of Thomas Kinsella : "With Darkness for a Nest
BOOKS010450I: HARMS, ERNEST; EDITOR: - Problems of Sleep and Dream in Children
BOOKS001888I: HARMS, KLAUS - Das Domkapitel zu Schleswig von seinen Anfängen bis zum Jahre 1542
BOOKS000308I: HARMS, ROBERT - Games Against Nature : An Eco-Cultural History of the Nunu of Equatorial Africa.
BOOKS014824I: HARNACK, OTTO - Die klassische Ästhetik der Deutschen: Würdigung der kunsttheoretischen Arbeiten Schiller's,Goethe's und ihrer Freunde
BOOKS006276I: HARNACK, ADOLF VON [1851-1930] - Militia Christi : Die christliche Religion und der Soldatenstand in den ersten drei Jahrhunderten
BOOKS012296I: HARNER, MICHAEL J. - The Way of the Shaman : A Guide to Power and Healing
BOOKS007360I: HARNER, MICHAEL J. - The Jivaro: People of the Sacred Waterfalls
BOOKS027258I: HARNEY, HANNS LUDWIG ; BRAUN-MUNZINGER, PETER ; & GELBKE, CLAUS KONRAD ; EDITORS : - Classical and Quantum Mechanical Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions : Symposium held at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik.,.,.
BOOKS005927I: HARNISCH, HARTMUT - Bauern- Feudaladel - Stadteburgertum
BOOKS027763I: HARPAZ, EPHRAÏM ; EDITOR : [ CONSTANT, BENJAMIN (1767-1830) ] - Benjamin Constant et Goyet de La Sarthe : Correspondance 1818-1822 : Publié avec une introduction, des notes et un index
BOOKS004897I: HARPER, FRANCIS, EDITOR: - The Travels of William Bartram. Naturalist's Edition. Edited with Commentary & an Annotated Index.
BOOKS022438I: HARPER, T. N. (TIMOTHY NORMAN) - The End of Empire and the Making of Malaya
BOOKS003074I: HARRE, R. & SECORD, P.F. - The Explanation of Social Behaviour
BOOKS011674I: HARRELL, STEVAN; EDITOR: - Perspectives on the Yi of Southwest China
BOOKS014386I: HARRIES, ELIZABETH WANNING - The Unfinished Manner : Essays on the Fragment in the Later 18th Century
BOOKS021083I: HARRIES, KARSTEN - The Ethical Function of Architecture
BOOKS008402I: HARRINGTON, DANIEL - Lessons From the Granite Mountain Shaft Fire, Butte
BOOKS018703I: HARRINGTON, JOHN PEABODY - A Brief Description of the Tewa Language
BOOKS018701I: HARRINGTON, JOHN PEABODY - An Introductory Paper on the Tiwa Language, Dialect of Taos, New Mexico
BOOKS021766I: HARRINGTON, JOHN PEABODY [1884-1961] - Vocabulary of the Kiowa Language
BOOKS013956I: HARRIS, ERROL E. - The Reality of Time
BOOKS011719I: HARRIS, GEORGE W. - Agent-Centered Morality: An Aristotelian Alternative to Kantian Internalism
BOOKS011515I: HARRIS, GRACE GREDYS - Casting Out Anger : Religion Among the Taita of Kenya
BOOKS003093I: HARRIS, IAN ; EDITOR : - Buddhism and Politics in Twentieth-Century Asia
BOOKS010574I: HARRIS, NIGEL - Thinking the Unthinkable: The Immigration Myth Exposed
BOOKS011686I: HARRIS, JAMES R. - The Great Urals: Regionalism and the Evolution of the Soviet System
BOOKS008459I: HARRIS, LAURA; & CROCKER, ELIZABETH; EDITORS: - Femme: Feminists, Lesbians, and Bad Girls
BOOKS008107I: HARRIS, JANE GARY; EDITOR: - Autobiographical Statements in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature
BOOKS015625I: HARRIS, MARVIN ; & ROSS, ERIC B. - Death, Sex and Fertility : Population Regulation in Pre-Industrial and Developing Societies
BOOKS018300I: HARRIS, ZELLIG SABBETTAI [1909-1992] - Discourse Analysis Reprints
BOOKS017824I: HARRIS, FRANK REGINALD - The Life of Edward Mountagu, K.G., First Earl of Sandwich (1625-1672) : Volumes I & II
BOOKS005226I: HARRIS, MARK - Saul Bellow. Drumlin Woodcock
BOOKS003757I: HARRIS, JOHN - English Sound Structure
BOOKS000331I: HARRIS, RICHARD JACKSON - A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication
BOOKS000738I: HARRIS, MARK [1969 - ] - Life on the Amazon: The Anthropology of a Brazilian Peasant Village
BOOKS011646I: HARRIS, NORMAN DWIGHT - Europe and Africa: Being a Revised Edition of Intervention and Colonization in Africa
BOOKS003723I: HARRIS, ROGER MCL. ; & SMOLICZ, JERZY J. - Australijczycy polskiego pochodzenia : Studium adaptacji i asymilacji mlodego pokolenia
BOOKS000212I: HARRIS, L.E. - The Two Netherlanders. Humphrey Bradley and Cornelis Drebbel
BOOKS000285I: HARRIS, JOSEPH E. - Repatriates and Refugees in a Colonial Society. The Case of Kenya.
BOOKS014643I: HARRISON, JANE ELLEN [1850 - 1928] - Primitive Athens as Described by Thucydides
BOOKS011627I: HARRISON, RICHARD J. - The Bell Beaker Cultures of Spain and Portugal
BOOKS024874I: HARRISON, BRIAN - Waiting for China : The Anglo-Chinese College at Malacca, 1818-1843, and Early Nineteenth-century Missions
BOOKS018491I: HARRISON, JANE ELLEN [ JOUBERT, JOSEPH ] [ SUNDWALL, J. ] [ PERSSON, AXEL, W. ] [ BLINKENBERG, CHR. ] [ NILSSON, MARTIN P. ] - Epilegomena to the Study of Greek Religion [ bound with 11 other monographs & offprints concerning Classical Antiquity, 1905-50]
BOOKS018191I: HARRISON, JOHN M. ; EDITOR: - CIA Flaps and Seals Manual
BOOKS016778I: HARRISON, MARK - The Economics of World War II: Six Great Powers in International Comparison
BOOKS003554I: HARRISON, ROBERT - Gallic Salt : Eighteen Fabliaux translated from the Old French
BOOKS004690I: HARRISON, EDWARD R. - Cosmology. The Science of the Universe
BOOKS020108I: HARRISON, CHARLES - Conceptual Art and Painting : Further Essays on Art & Language
BOOKS001150I: HARRISS, G.L. - King, Parliament, and Public Finance in Medieval England to 1369
BOOKS019545I: HARRISSE, HENRY [1829-1910] - Christophe Colomb, les corses et le gouvernement francais
BOOKS026417I: HARRISSON, TOM [1911-1976] ; & HARRISSON, BARBARA V. - The Prehistory of Sabah
BOOKS018405I: HARRISSON, TOM ; EDITOR: - The Sarawak Museum Journal. Vol. XII. Nos. 25-26 (New Series) [July -December, 1965]
BOOKS009133I: HARSHAV, BENJAMIN - Language in Time of Revolution
BOOKS007230I: HARSHÉ, RAJEN - Pervasive Entente : France and Ivory Coast in African Affairs
BOOKS024739I: O’HART, JOHN - The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry
BOOKS013591I: HART, JOHN - Herodotus and Greek History
BOOKS009966I: HART, DIANNE WALTA - Thanks to God and the Revolution: The Oral History of a Nicaraguan Family
BOOKS008372I: HART, TREVOR; EDITOR: - Justice the True and Only Mercy: Essays on the Life and Theology of Peter Taylor Forsyth
BOOKS008135I: HART, THOMAS R. - Cervantes and Ariosto: Renewing Fiction
BOOKS007157I: HART, GILLIAN; TURTON, ANDREW; WHITE, BENJAMIN; FEGAN, BRIAN & GHEE, LIM TECK; EDITORS: - Agrarian Transformations: Local Processes and the State in Southeast Asia
BOOKS022506I: HART, JONATHAN ; & BAUMAN, RICHARD W. ; EDITORS: - Explorations in Difference : Law, Culture, and Politics
BOOKS018939I: HART, CRAIG H. ; EDITOR: - Children on Playgrounds : Research Perspectives and Applications
BOOKS016152I: HART, CLIVE ; & HAYMAN, DAVID ; EDITORS: - James Joyce's Ulysses: Critical Essays
BOOKS004152I: HART, HENRY - A Relevant Memoir. The Story of the Equinox Cooperative Press
BOOKS015001I: HART, HERBERT LIONEL ADOLPHUS [ 1907 - 19?? ] - The Concept of Law
BOOKS003088I: HART, ROGER L. - Redeemers, Bourbons & Populists. Tennessee 1870 - 1896
BOOKS002849I: HART, VIVIEN - Distrust & Democracy. Political Distrust in Britain & America
BOOKS012646I: HART, JEFFREY A. - Technology, Television, and Competition : The Politics of Digital TV
BOOKS028344I: HARTEL, WILHELM AUGUST, RITTER VON [1839-1907] - Kritische Versuche zur fünften Dekade des Livius
BOOKS028405I: HARTEL, WILHELM AUGUST, RITTER VON [1839-1907] - Eutropius und Paulus Diaconus
BOOKS029666I: HARTELIUS, HANS - Cerebral Changes Following Electrically Induced Convulsions : An Experimental Study on Cats
BOOKS020552I: HARTER, HUGH A. - Tangier and All That
BOOKS027996I: HARTFELDER, KLAUS - Trophogene Basis und endokrine Reaktion in der Kastenentwicklung bei Stachellosen Bienen
BOOKS011227I: HARTH, DIETRICH & GEBHARDT, PETER; EDITORS: - Erkenntnis der Literatur: Theorien, Konzepte, Methoden der Literaturwissenschaft
BOOKS006329I: HARTH, ERICA - Cyrano de Bergerac and the Polemics of Modernity
BOOKS022247I: HARTIG, MARINA ; EDITOR: - Jorn / Wemaëre : et kunstnerisk parløb
BOOKS010087I: HARTJEN, CLAYTON A. & KETHINENI, SESHA - Conmparative Delinquency: India and the United States
BOOKS028483I: HARTL, DIMITRI - Die Pseudosympetalie von Correa speciosa (Rutaceae) und Oxalis tubiflora (Oxalidaceae)
BOOKS029039I: HÄRTLE, HEINRICH [1909-1986] - Die Kriegsschuld der Sieger : Churchills, Roosevelts und Stalins Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit.
BOOKS011640I: HARTLEY, ANTHONY - Gaullism: The Rise and Fall of a Political Movement
BOOKS010478I: HARTLEY, MARSDEN - Somehow a Past: The Autobiography of Marsden Hartley
BOOKS007052I: HARTMAN, SVEN S., EDITOR: - Syncretism : Based on Papers read at the Symposium on Cultural Contact, Meeting of Religions, Syncretism..,.1966
BOOKS017745I: HARTMAN, GEOFFREY H. - Psychoanalysis and the Question of the Text
BOOKS005361I: HARTMAN, C.G. - Emphasizing and Connecting Particles in the Thirteen Principal Upanishads
BOOKS012334I: HARTMAN, GEOFFREY - A Critic's Journey: Literary Reflections, 1958-1998
BOOKS028464I: HARTMANN, RICHARD [1881-1965] - Die Religion des Islam : eine Einführung
BOOKS014850I: HARTMANN, ERNEST - The Biology of Dreaming
BOOKS015782I: HARTMANN, HANS WALTER [1905 - 19??] - Korsika zur Zeit der Französischen Revolution 1789-1794
BOOKS009432I: HARTMANN, GUNTHER - Keramik des Alto Xingu, Zentral-Brasilien
BOOKS007247I: HARTMANN, JUL. - The Jet-Wave Rectifier. An Account of its Constructional Development during the Years 1919-1929 [bound with one other item]
BOOKS002555I: HARTMANN, LARS VON - Zur Biologie der Wasser und Ufervogel im Scharenmeer Sudwestfinnlands
BOOKS013025I: HARTMANN, PAUL ; PATIL, B. R. ; & DIGHE, ANITA - The Mass Media and Village Life : An Indian Study
BOOKS003579I: HARTMANN, MARTIN - Die arabische Frage mit einem Versuche der Archaologie Jemens [ Der islamische Orient : Berichte und Forschungen. Band II ]
BOOKS028463I: HARTMANN, RICHARD [1881-1965] - Die Krisis des Islam
BOOKS021072I: HARTMANN, HERMANN [1914-1984] - Theorie der chemischen Bindung auf quantentheoretischer Grundlage
BOOKS022928I: HARTMANN, GRETHE - The Girls They Left Behind: An Investigation into the Various Aspects of the German Troops Sexual Relations with Danish Subjects
BOOKS003978I: HARTMEIER, WINFRIED - Immobilized Biocatalysts. An Introduction
BOOKS002705I: HARTOG, CORNELIS DEN - The Epilithic Algal Communities Occurring Along the Coast of the Netherlands
BOOKS009716I: HARTSHORNE, CHARLES - Insights and Oversights of Great Thinkers: An Evaluation of Western Philosophy
BOOKS011568I: HARTT, JULIAN N.; HAERT, RAY L. & SCHARLEMANN, ROBERT P. - The Critique of Modernity: Theological Reflections on Contemporary Culture
BOOKS007196I: HARTUNG, WOLFGANG - Suddeutschland in der fruhen Merowingerzeit : Studien zu Gesellschaft, Herrschaft, Stammesbildung bei Alamannen und Bajuwaren
BOOKS001658I: HARTUNG, FRITZ - Deutsche Verfassungsgeschichte vom 15. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart
BOOKS000373I: HARTVEIT, LARS - The Art of Persuasion: A Study of Six Novels
BOOKS003825I: HARTVIGSON, HANS H. - On the Intonation & Position of the So-Called Sentence Modifiers in Present-Day English
BOOKS018404I: HARVALD, BENT - Heredity in Epilepsy : An Electroencephalographic Study of Relatives of Epileptics
BOOKS012634I: HARVEY, PETER (BRIAN PETER) - An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics : Foundations, Values, and Issues
BOOKS009491I: HARVEY, H. R.; EDITOR: - Land and Politics in the Valley of Mexico: A Two-Thousand-Year Perspective
BOOKS006004I: HARVEY, PAUL H. & PARTRIDGE, LINDA, EDITORS: - Oxford Surveys in Evolutionary Biology, Volume 6, 1989
BOOKS013030I: HARVEY, JOY DOROTHY - Almost a Man of Genius: Clemence Royer, Feminism, and Nineteenth-Century Science
BOOKS010654I: HARVEY, WILLIAM - Scottish Chapbook Literature
BOOKS020394I: HARVEY, FREDRICK BURN - Church Rate Opposition : Its Fallacies Exposed and Refuted
BOOKS021404I: HARVEY, A. E. (ANTHONY ERNEST) - A Companion to the New Testament - Second Edition
BOOKS016428I: HARVEY, PETER (BRIAN PETER) - An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics : Foundations, Values and Issues
BOOKS017625I: HARWARD, VERNON J. - The Dwarfs of Arthurian Romance and Celtic Tradition
BOOKS016956I: HARWOOD, JAMAL & CHOUDHURY, HASSAN - Citizenship in Islam: A Real Sense of Belonging
BOOKS011394I: HASAN, AHMAD - The Doctrine of Ijma' in Islam: A Study of the Juridical Principle of Consensus
BOOKS011390I: HASAN, AHMAD - The Doctrine of Ijma' in Islam: A Study of the Juridical Principle of Consensus
BOOKS010714I: HASAN, MOHAMMAD - Thought Patterns of XIX Century Literature of North India
BOOKS010699I: HASAN, SHAIKH KHURSHID - Chaukhandi Tombs in Pakistan
BOOKS010689I: HASAN, MUHAMMAD USMAN - Baluchistan in Retrospect
BOOKS010679I: HASAN, KHALID SHAMSUL ; EDITOR : - Sindh's Fight for Pakistan : Rifts, Betrayals & Triumph..,.
BOOKS012245I: HASAN, HAMDI - Makedonya ve Kosova Turklerince kullanilan atasozleri ve deyimler
BOOKS017312I: HASAN, SAYED MAHMUDUL - Mosque Architecture of Pre-Mughal Bengal
BOOKS001149I: HASAN, IBN - The Central Structure of the Mughal Empire and its Practical Working up to the Year 1657
BOOKS000126I: HASAN, SYED SIBTEY - Life and Works of Ziya Gokalp
BOOKS019929I: HASAN, KAMIL IBRAHIM ; & SHAMMU, ALI - Khawatir wa-dhikrayat an ahl al-fann bi-Shambat
BOOKS029363I: HASAN, AHMAD - Khafaya 'as'ifat al-ru'b : haqa'iq 'an Harb al-Khalij al-Thaniyah wa-nata'ijuha al-mudammirah, dirasah tahlilah min wijhat nazar
BOOKS028777I: HASAN, AHMAD BU ; BULKABIR, 'ABD AL-SAMD ; & BAKRI, MUHAMMAD ; EDITORS : - Risalat al-adib : majallah shahriyah tabhathu fi al-adab wa-al-fikr wa-al-siyasah wa-al-ijtima', tasduruha Jam'iyat al-Adib
BOOKS024837I: HASANI, SAYYIDAH - Thawrat 17 fibrayir
BOOKS015030I: HASBROUCK, WILBERT R. - The Chicago Architectural Club : Prelude to the Modern
BOOKS007356I: HASEBROEK, JOHANNES - Griechische Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsgeschichte
BOOKS028306I: HASENÖHRL, VICTOR [1834-1903] - Die Beweiszutheilung im österreichischen Rechte des Mittelalters
BOOKS001634I: HASHIMI, SAYYID SA'D AL-DIN - Nukhustin kitab dar'barah-i junbish-i mashrutah'khvahi dar Afghanistan : dar rub'-i avvali qarn-i bistum
BOOKS019156I: HASHIMOTO, AKIKO - The Gift of Generations : Japanese and American Perspectives on Aging and the Social Contract
BOOKS009070I: HASHMI, TAJ UL-ISLAM - Peasant Utopia : The Communalization of Class Politics in East Bengal, 1920-1947
BOOKS006963I: HASHMI, IQBAL - The Bleeding Kashmir
BOOKS004723I: HASIB, ABDUL - Monetary Negotiations in the World Economic Conference, 1933
BOOKS015336I: HASKELL, FRANCIS [1928 - ] - The Ephemeral Museum: Old Master Paintings and the Rise of the Art Exhbition
BOOKS028585I: HASKINS, CHARLES HOMER [1870-1937] - Studies in the History of Mediaeval Science
BOOKS014126I: HASKO, SKENDER - Ne ishim partizane: Novele
BOOKS004651I: HASLAM, EDWIN - Metabolites and Metabolism. A Commentary on Secondary Mechanism
BOOKS019662I: HASLAM, JONATHAN - The Vices of Integrity : E.H.Carr, 1892-1982
BOOKS018651I: HASLER, RICHARD - Agriculture, Foraging and Wildlife Resource Use in Africa : Cultural and Political Dynamics in the Zambezi Valley
BOOKS023542I: HASNAIN, NADEEM - Bonded for Ever : A Study of the Kolta, a cis-Himalayan Tribe
BOOKS017658I: HASNER, E.; ENGDAHL, I; & KLRKE, N; ET AL - Adrenals in Surgery
BOOKS021602I: HASQUIN, HERVÉ - Histoire et historiens depuis 1830 en Belgique
BOOKS024406I: HASQUIN, HERVÉ - Historiographie et politique : essai sur l'histoire de Belgique et la Wallonie
BOOKS017673I: HASS, ROBERT - Twentieth Century Pleasures : Prose on Poetry
BOOKS026833I: HASSAN, MOTIE IBRAHIM - Agrab fi-balad-hum / Strangers in their own Country : Short Stories in Cairene Dialect about the Egyptian Society ..,.
BOOKS026371I: HASSAN, QASSIM - Zionism : An Appraisal
BOOKS024639I: HASSARD, JOHN ; & PARKER, MARTIN ; EDITORS: - Postmodernism and Organizations
BOOKS006464I: HASSELL, JAMES WOODROW, JR. - Amorous Games. A Critical Edition of 'Les Adevineaux Amoureux'
BOOKS010752I: HASSLOF, OLUF; HENNINGSEN, HENNING & CHRISTENSEN, ARNE EMIL; EDITORS: - Somand, Fisker, Skib og Vaerft. Introduction til Maritim Etnologi.
BOOKS009389I: HASSOUN, MOHAMAD H.; EDITOR: - Associative Neural Memories: Theory and Implementation
BOOKS008812I: HASSOUNI, KADDOUR BEN MOUSSA - Droit penal marocain & legislation islamique : "Ressemblance & dissemblance
BOOKS011519I: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - A History of African Christianity 1950-1975
BOOKS007206I: HASWELL, MARGARET ; & HUNT, DIANA ; EDITORS : - Rural Households in Emerging Societies. Technology & Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
BOOKS002422I: HATALKAR, V.G. - Relations between the French & the Marathas (1668-1815)
BOOKS026852I: HATCH, WILLIAM HENRY PAINE [1875-1972] - Greek and Syrian Miniatures in Jerusalem, with an Introduction and a Description of Each of the Seventy-one Miniatures .,.,.
BOOKS016395I: HATHAWAY, JAMES C. - The Rights of Refugees under International Law
BOOKS009702I: HATIPOGLU, M. MURAT - Yunanistan’daki gelismelerin isiginda Türk-Yunan iliskilerinin 101 yili (1821-1922)
BOOKS016441I: HATT, GUDMUND [1884-1960] - Der Norden und Europa
BOOKS010338I: HATT, GUDMUND [1884-1960] - Danmarks geopolitiske Stilling
BOOKS026587I: HATT, GUDMUND [1884-1960] - a collection of 6 offprints and extracts concerning Scandinavian archaeology, ca. 1929-1948
BOOKS025828I: HATTINGBERG, HANS VON [1879-1944] - Zur Psychologie des kindlichen Eigensinnes
BOOKS028289I: HATZIDAKIS, G.N. [ CHATZIDAKIS, GEORGIOS N. (1848-1941) ] - Aggelos und Verwandtes
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BOOKS019351I: HJORT, ØYSTEIN ; & MARCUSSEN, MARIANNE ; EDITORS: [ UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN, INSTITUTE OF ART HISTORY ] - Hafnia : Copenhagen Papers in the History of Art. No. 11 - 1987
BOOKS019350I: HJORT, ØYSTEIN ; & GELFER-JØRGENSEN, MIRJAM ; EDITORS: [ UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN, INSTITUTE OF ART HISTORY ] - Hafnia : Copenhagen Papers in the History of Art, 1978 [Volume 5]
BOOKS022379I: HJORT, ANDERS ; EDITOR: - Samhälle och ekosystem : om tolkningsproblem i antropologi och arkeologi
BOOKS014661I: HJORT, ØYSTEIN - The Sculpture of Kariye Camii
BOOKS020718I: HJORT, ØYSTEIN ; MARUP JENSEN, NIELS ; & CHRISTENSEN, HANS DAM ; EDITORS: - Rethinking Art Between the Wars : New Perspectives in Art History
BOOKS025585I: HJORT, NIELS [1862-1917] - Indlæg til den til Undersøgelse af De forenede Skolers pekuniære Forhold af Ministeriet for Kirke- og Undervisningsvæsenet..,.
BOOKS014224I: HJORTH, NIELS - Eczematous Allergy to Balsams: Allied Perfumes and Flavouring Agents, with Special Reference to Balsam of Peru
BOOKS025479I: HJORTH, POUL LINDEGÅRD - Nordsamsisk bøjningslaere
BOOKS022124I: HJØRTING-HANSEN, ERIK - Studies on Implantation of Anorganic Bone in Cystic Jaw Lesions
BOOKS020920I: HJORTSØ, TINA ; LIETH, LARS VON DER ; & CARLSEN, CAMILLA ; EDITORS: [ EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND DEAFNESS ] - Mental Health Services for Deaf People : A Worldwide Perspective : Proceedings of the 5th European & 2nd World Conference..,
BOOKS010561I: HLEBEC, BORIS - O starini Juznih Slovena: poreklo imenica kruska i jabuka
BOOKS021117I: HOAGLAND, RICHARD C. - The Monuments of Mars : A City on the Edge of Forever
BOOKS021324I: HOARE, RODNEY - A Piece of Cloth : The Turin Shroud Investigated
BOOKS001172I: HOBERG, MARTIN - Die Gesangbuchillustration des 16. Jahrhunderts. Ein Beitrag zum Problem Reformation und Kunst
BOOKS019664I: HOBHOUSE, HERMIONE - Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition : Art, Science, and Productive Industry : A History of the Royal Commission ...,.
BOOKS005402I: HOBSBAUM, PHILIP - Theory of Criticism
BOOKS024672I: HOBSBAWM, E. J. (ERIC J.) - Nations and Nationalism since 1780 : Programme, Myth, Reality
BOOKS014357I: HOBSON, ARCHIE ; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Gazetteer of the United States and Canada : A Dictionary of Places
BOOKS008526I: HOBSON, BARBARA; EDITOR: - Gender and Citizenship in Transition
BOOKS017914I: HOBSON, J. ALLAN - The Dream Drugstore : Chemically Altered States of Consciousness
BOOKS017144I: HOBSON, J. ALLAN - The Dream Drugstore : Chemically Altered States of Consciousness
BOOKS021146I: HOBSON, ERNEST WILLIAM [1856-1933] - The Domain of Natural Science : The Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Aberdeen in 1921 and 1922
BOOKS004143I: HOCART, ARTHUR MAURICE [NEEDHAM, RODNEY; EDITOR:] - Imagination and Proof. Selected Essays of A.M. Hocart
BOOKS028335I: HOCHSTETTER, FERDINAND [1861-1954] - Über die Rückbildung der Ohröffnung und des äusseren Gehörganges bei der Blindschleiche (Anguis fragilis)
BOOKS028334I: HOCHSTETTER, FERDINAND [1861-1954] - Entwicklungsgeschichte der Ohrmuschel und des äusseren Gehörganges des Menschen
BOOKS028337I: HOCHSTETTER, FERDINAND [1861-1954] - Wann beginnt bei menschlichen Keimlingen die Absonderungstätigkeit der Nieren?
BOOKS028333I: HOCHSTETTER, FERDINAND [1861-1954] - Über die Entwicklung der Formverhältnisse des menschlichen Antlitzes
BOOKS028336I: HOCHSTETTER, FERDINAND [1861-1954] - Über zwei Fälle epithelialer Syngnathie bei menschlichen Keimlingen
BOOKS027894I: HOCKAMP, MEINOLF - Zur Gonadenentwicklung während der Geschlechtsreifung der Haustaube, Columba livia domestica GMELIN 1789
BOOKS013379I: HODA, M. - In Memory of Martyr Mutahhari
BOOKS010157I: HODEIR, ANDRE - Toward Jazz
BOOKS024305I: HODEL-HOENES, SIGRID - Leben und Tod im alten Ägypten : thebanische Privatgräber des Neuen Reiches
BOOKS019722I: HODES, AUBREY - Martin Buber : An Intimate Portrait
BOOKS025878I: HODES, FRANZ ; & BERNINGER, ERNST - Ad bibliothecam Joh. Christian Senckenberg, med. doct. M Francofort : Ein Beitrag
BOOKS006945I: HODGE, CARL CAVANAGH - The Trammels of Tradition. Social Democracy in Britain, France and Germany
BOOKS024655I: HODGES, RICHARD - Dark Age Economics : The Origins of Towns and Trade A.D. 500-1000
BOOKS009800I: HODGES, RICHARD - Light in the Dark Ages: The Rise and Fall of San Vincenzo al Volturno
BOOKS009521I: HODGES, DEVON L. - Renaissance Fictions of Anatomy
BOOKS028493I: HODGKIN, E. C. (EDWARD CHRISTIAN) ; EDITOR : [ BULLARD, READER, SIR (1885-1976) ] - Two Kings in Arabia : Letters from Jeddah, 1923-5 and 1936-9
BOOKS023967I: HODGSON, LEONARD - The Doctrine of the Atonement
BOOKS004104I: HODGSON, JULIAN - Music Titles in Translation. A Checklist of Musical Compositions
BOOKS020468I: HODIVALA, SHAHPURSHAH HORMASJI - Historical Studies in Mughal Numismatics
BOOKS025666I: HØEDT, FREDERIK LUDWIG [1820-1885] - Om det skjønne : udkast til en christelig æsthetik
BOOKS025712I: HØEG, EILER [1880-1964] - En dansk Landlægepraksis gennem 35 Aar (1909-1943) i Jægerspris i Nordsjælland
BOOKS013410I: HØEG, EILER - Licent. med. Johann Valentin Wille (Johannes Valentinus Willius) ..,.
BOOKS017220I: HØEG, CARSTEN [1896-1961] - Les Saracatsans : Une tribu nomade grecque. [Volume II : Textes (contes et chansons), Vocabulaire technique, Index verborum]
BOOKS013524I: HØEGH-GULDBERG, FREDERIK [1771 - 1852] - Et Ord til sin Tid: Tre Tidsstykker
BOOKS025898I: HØEGH-GULDBERG, FREDERIK [1771-1852] - Roser og Torne : Gjenlyd af et elskende Hjerte under sammenhængende Livsoptrin
BOOKS025851I: HØEGH-GULDBERG, FREDERIK [1771-1852] - Mindeløv om Danmarks sjette Frederiks og Maria Sophie Frederikkes Kister
BOOKS010020I: HOEK, GERARD - Acute Effects of Ambient Air Pollution Episodes on Respiratory Health of Children
BOOKS001180I: VAN DEN HOEK, C.; COLIJN, F.; CORTEL-BREEMAN, A.M. ; & WANDERS, J.B.W. - Algal Vegetation-types along the Shores of Inner Bays and Lagoons of Curacao, and of the Lagoon Lac (Bonaire)
BOOKS012963I: HOEKSTRA, VALERIE J. - Public Reaction to Supreme Court Decisions
BOOKS020308I: HOERNER, JEAN-MICHEL - Géographie régionale du sud-ouest de Madagascar
BOOKS018114I: HOETE, ANTHONY ; & HADID, ZAHA - Reader on the Aesthetics of Mobility
BOOKS028985I: HOETZSCH, OTTO [1876-1946] - Russland in Asien : Geschichte einer Expansion
BOOKS017635I: HOETZSCH, OTTO [1876-1946] - Russland : Eine Einführung auf Grund seiner Geschichte vom japanischen bis zum Weltkrieg
BOOKS013217I: HOETZSCH, OTTO [1876 - 1946] - Russische Probleme: Eine Entgegnung auf J. Hallers Schrift, "Die russische Gefahr im deutschen Hause
BOOKS024074I: HOEVEL, RUTH - Hövel / Hoevel aus der Mark Brandenburg : Stammfolge, Lebensläufe, Ahnenlisten von Ehepartnern
BOOKS015801I: HOEXTER, MIRIAM ; EISENSTADT, S. N. (SHMUEL NOAH) ; & LEVTZION, NEHEMIA ; EDITORS: - The Public Sphere in Muslim Societies
BOOKS016930I: HOF, JOHN G. ; & BEVERS, MICHAEL - Spatial Optimization for Managed Ecosystems
BOOKS002599I: HOFER, MICHAEL - Die Ruckgabe Gibraltars an Spanien
BOOKS009980I: HOFF, JACOBUS HENRICUS VAN'T [1852-1911] - Vorlesungen ueber theoretischen und physikalische Chemie. I - III Heft
BOOKS026250I: HOFF, V. J. - Minder fra Vallekilde
BOOKS025540I: HØFFDING, HARALD [1843-1931] ; EDITOR: [ BRØCHNER, HANS (1820-1875) ] [ MOLBECH, CHRISTIAN KNUD FREDERIK (1821-1888)] - Hans Brøchner og Christian K. F. Molbech : En brevvexling
BOOKS010117I: HOFFMAN, PHILIP T. - Growth in a Traditional Society: The French Countryside 1450-1815
BOOKS007126I: HOFFMAN, PHILIP T. - Church & Community in the Diocese of Lyon, 1500 - 1789
BOOKS017749I: HOFFMAN, MICHAEL A. - They Were White and They Were Slaves : The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America
BOOKS017209I: HOFFMAN, JOEL M., EDITOR: - Design, Culture, Identity : The Wolfsonian Collection [The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, 24]
BOOKS005513I: HOFFMAN, GLENN L. - Parasites of North American Freshwater Fishes
BOOKS002395I: HOFFMAN, MARTIN L. - Empathy and Moral Development : Implications for Caring and Justice
BOOKS016607I: HOFFMAN, DAVID LLOYD - Peasant Metropolis: Social Identities in Moscow, 1929-1941
BOOKS016318I: HOFFMAN, ABRAHAM - Vision or Villainy: Origins of the Owens Valley, Los Angeles Water Controversy
BOOKS009513I: HOFFMANN, GERHARD ; EDITOR : - Indianische Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert : Malerei, Keramik und Kachinafiguren indianischer Künstler in den USA
BOOKS018158I: HOFFMANN, ADOLPH [ PRUSSIA. LANDESVERSAMMLUNG ] - Die Berliner Putsche : Standrecht und Belagerungszustand : Die Beratung der Verfassunggebenden Preussischen Landesversammlung..,
BOOKS002549I: HOFFMANN, MAX - Die Bisamratte. Ihre Lebensgewohnheiten, Verbreitung, Bekampfung und Wirtschaftliche Bedeutung
BOOKS000429I: HOFFMANN, KATHRYN A. - Society of Pleasures : Interdisciplinary Readings in Pleasure & Power During the Reign of Louis XIV
BOOKS022881I: HOFFMANN, HELMUT - Symbolik der tibetischen Religionen und des Schamanismus
BOOKS022186I: HOFFMANN, GERHARD - Kommune oder Staatsbürokratie? : zur politischen Rolle der Bevölkerung syrischer Städte vom 10.-12. Jahrhundert
BOOKS022922I: HOFFMANN, JEAN GEORGES HENRI - Les vies de Jésus et le Jésus de l'histoire : étude de la valeur historique des vies de Jésus de langue française..,.
BOOKS027899I: HOFFMANN, DIETRICH - Cydia (Laspeyresia) araucariae : ein Forstschädling der Araukarie in Brasilien (Lep., Tortricidae)
BOOKS028752I: HOFFMANN, JUDITH - Aufstieg und Wandel des politischen Islam in der Türkei
BOOKS017679I: HOFFMEISTER, ADOLF [1902- 19??] - Guo-Hua, oder die chinesische Malerei : Reiseeindrücke von Adolf Hoffmeister
BOOKS025826I: HOFFMEYER, SVEND - En Samfundssygdom : de ulovlige Aborter
BOOKS018807I: HOFFMEYER, ERIK - Dollar Shortage and the Structure of U.S. Foreign Trade
BOOKS025772I: HOFFMEYER, A.B. - Polemiske Blade om Armee-Organisation : Nr. 1-3.
BOOKS016560I: HOFIUS, OTFRIED - Der Vorhang vor dem Thron Gottes : Eine exegetisch-religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung zu Hebräer 6, 19 f. und 10, 19 f.
BOOKS028395I: HÖFLER, CONSTANTIN [ HÖFLER, KARL ADOLF KONSTANTIN VON ] - Antoine de Lalaing, Seigneur de Montigny, Vincenzo Quirino und Don Diego de Guevara als Berichterstatter über König Philipp I.,.
BOOKS028345I: HOFMANN, KARL B. - Kenntnisse der klassischen Völker von den physikalischen Eigenschaften des Wassers : IV : Geschmack und Geruch
BOOKS028150I: HOFMANN, JOSEPH EHRENFRIED [1900-1973] - Nicolaus Mercator (Kauffman) : sein Leben und Wirken, vorzugsweise als Mathematiker
BOOKS017397I: HOFMANN, ERICH [1906 - 19??] - Der Meistersinger Martin Maier
BOOKS003198I: HOFMANN, FRIEDRICH H. - Geschichte der Bayreuther Fayencefabrik: St. Georgen am See
BOOKS018136I: HOFMEYR, N. - De Afrikaner-Boer en de Jameson-Inval
BOOKS001893I: HOFSETH, ELLEN HØIGÅRD - Fjellressursenes betydning i yngre jernalders økonomi : sammenlignende studie av bygdene øst og vest for vannskillet i Nord..,.
BOOKS007376I: HOFSTEENGE, G.L. - La Geologie de la Vallee du Brembo et de ses affluents entre Lenna et San Pellegrino
BOOKS026711I: HOFSTEN, NILS VON - Bedeguar och Spine alba : Ett Bidrag till "Sömntornets" historia
BOOKS007746I: HOFTIJZER, P. G. (PAUL GERARDUS); & BARFOOT, C. C. ; EDITORS: - Fabrics and Fabrications : The Myth and Making of William and Mary
BOOKS010868I: HOGAN, PATRICK COLM - The Politics of Interpretation: Ideology, Professionalism, and the Study of Literature
BOOKS006521I: HOGARTH, WILLIAM [1697-1764] - The Analysis of Beauty : With the Rejected Passages from the Manuscript Drafts and Autobiographical Notes
BOOKS020527I: HOGARTH, PAUL - Arthur Boyd Houghton
BOOKS023936I: HOGBEN, S. J. (SYDNEY J.) ; & KIRK-GREENE, A. H. M. (ANTHONY HAMILTON MILLARD) - The Emirates of Northern Nigeria : A Preliminary Survey of their Historical Traditions
BOOKS016238I: HOGBIN, IAN [HOGBIN, HERBERT IAN (1904- 1989)] ; & LAWRENCE, PETER - Studies in New Guinea Land Tenure : Three Papers
BOOKS015473I: HØGDAHL, HUGO - Norske ex libris og andre bokeiermerker : fra biskop Arne Sigurdsson til Gerhard Muntha
BOOKS000971I: HÖGER, ALFONS - Hetärismus und bürgerliche Gesellschaft im Frühwerk Frank Wedekinds
BOOKS004359I: HOGER, ANDERS - Der Schrifttext. Ein Beitrag zur Theorie der Textwissenschaft.
BOOKS009405I: HØGESTØL, MARI ; LARSEN, JAN HENNING; STRAUME, ELDRID ; & WEBER, BIRTHE ; EDITORS: - Festskrift til Thorleif Sjøvold på 70-årsdagen
BOOKS005801I: HOGGAR, S.G. - Mathematics of Digital Images : Creation, Compression, Restoration, Recognition
BOOKS007563I: HOGGART, KEITH - People, Power and Place: Perspectives on Anglo-American Politics
BOOKS002988I: HOGGART, RICHARD - Auden: An Introductory Essay
BOOKS021006I: HÖGLUND, Z. - Hvad vil Spartacus?
BOOKS013836I: HOGNESIUS, KJELL - The Text of 2 Chronicles 1-16 : A Critical Edition with Textual Commentary
BOOKS017176I: HOHENDAHL, PETER UWE - Reappraisals : Shifting Alignments in Postwar Critical Theory
BOOKS029664I: HOHL, WALTER - Der Haftpflicht des Automobilisten nach schweizerischem und französischem Recht unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ..,.
BOOKS021901I: HÖHN, KARL - Untersuchungen über Hydathoden und deren Funktion
BOOKS003274I: HOHTI, PAAVO - The Interrelation of Speech and Action in the Histories of Herodotus
BOOKS018564I: HØIBY, NIELS ; & SCHIØTZ, PETER OLUF; EDITORS: - Pulmonary Infections in Cystic Fibrosis
BOOKS013052I: HÖINGHAUS, RICHARD - Gesetz gegen die gemeingefährlichen Bestrebungen der Sozialdemokratie : Ergänzt und erläutert durch die amtlichen Materialien..,
BOOKS013138I: HOIRUP, HENNING; JORGESEN, AAGE; & SKAUTRUP, PETER; EDITORS: - Guldalderstudier. Festskrift til Gustav Albeck den 5. juni 1966
BOOKS007821I: HOISINGTON, WILLIAM A., JR. - The Casablanca Connection : French Colonial Policy, 1936 - 1943
BOOKS006645I: HOJENDAHL, KRISTIAN - Studies of Dipole-Moment
BOOKS029394I: HØJLUND, FLEMMING ; & ANDERSEN, H. HELLMUTH - Qala'at al-Bahrain : Volume 2 : The Central Monumental Buildings
BOOKS027648I: HØJLUND, FLEMMING - The Bronze Age Pottery [ Failaka / Dilmun : The Second Millennium Settlements : Volume 2 ]
BOOKS029395I: HØJLUND, FLEMMING ; & ANDERSEN, H. HELLMUTH - Qala'at al-Bahrain : Volume 1 : The Northern City
BOOKS013222I: HOK, RUTH EUNICE CARTER - Édouard Estaunié, The Perplexed Positivist
BOOKS028678I: HOKAYEM, ANTOINE - Les provinces arabes de l’Empire Ottoman aux Archives du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères de France, 1793-1918
BOOKS022089I: HOLAND, HJALMAR RUED [1872-1963] - A Pre-Columbian Crusade to America
BOOKS023964I: HOLAND, INGEGERD - Sustaining Life : Vessel Import to Norway in the First Millennium AD
BOOKS008579I: HOLBRAAD, CARSTEN - Danish Neutrality: A Study in the Foreign Policy of a Small State
BOOKS022920I: HOLBROOK, DAVID - Images of Woman in Literature
BOOKS017499I: HOLCIK, LEOPOLD - Tri reky
BOOKS010805I: HOLCOMBE, CHARLES - In the Shadow of the Han : Literati Thought & Society at the Beginning of the Southern Dynasties
BOOKS017814I: HOLCROFT, THOMAS [ 1745-1809 ] - Anna St. Ives
BOOKS013858I: HOLDEN, DAVID - Farewell to Arabia
BOOKS005423I: HOLDEN, JONATHAN - Style and Authenticity in Postmodern Poetry
BOOKS021345I: HOLDEN, RAYMOND - The Virtuoso Conductors : The Central European Tradition from Wagner to Karajan
BOOKS021421I: HOLDEN, DAVID - Greece Without Columns : The Making of the Modern Greeks
BOOKS005397I: HOLDHEIM, W. WOLFGANG - The Hermeneutic Mode. Essays on Time in Literature and Literary Theory
BOOKS018934I: HOLDT, JENS - Niels Johannes Holm, 1778-1845 : Et Blad af Brødremenighedens Historie
BOOKS001061I: HOLEMANS, K. - Contribution a la protection maternelle et infantile en milieu rural du Kwango
BOOKS015905I: HOLLAND, RAY - Self and Social Context
BOOKS005723I: HOLLAND, LAUREN - Weapons Under Fire
BOOKS007640I: HOLLANDER, SAMUEL - The Economics of John Stuart Mill. Volume I: Theory & Method; & Volume II: Political Economy
BOOKS004425I: HOLLANDER, JOHN - Melodious Guile : Fictive Pattern in Poetic Language
BOOKS021407I: HOLLANDER, KURT - Sonora : Magic Market, Mexico City / el mercado de la magia, Ciudad de Mexico
BOOKS017930I: HOLLIS, MARTIN ; & SMITH, STEVE - Explaining and Understanding International Relations
BOOKS016723I: HOLLOWAY, STEVEN WINFORD ; & HANDY, LOWELL K. ; EDITORS: - The Pitcher Is Broken : Memorial Essays for Gosta W. Ahlstrom
BOOKS005404I: HOLLOWAY, JOHN - Narrative and Structure: Exploratory Essays
BOOKS005325I: HOLLOWAY, JOHN - The Proud Knowledge. Poetry, Insight and the Self, 1620 - 1920
BOOKS006163I: HOLLY, MICHAEL ANN - Panofsky and the Foundations of Art History
BOOKS023526I: HOLM, GÖSTA - De nordiska anger-namnen
BOOKS011326I: HOLM, NILS G. [B.1943] - Aktuella religiosa rorelser i Finland / Ajankohtaisia uskonnollisia liikkeitaSuomessa
BOOKS011718I: HOLM, GOSTA - Nordiske Studier: Femten uppsatsser om ord, namn, dialekter, filologi, stilhistoria och syntax: Festskrift til Gosta Holm ...
BOOKS002281I: HOLM-NIELSEN, SVEND - Hodayot: Psalms from Qumran
BOOKS013475I: HOLM, EDVARD [1833 - 1915] - Den offentlige Mening og Statsmagten i den dansk-norske stat i slutningen af det 18de aarhundrede, 1784-1799
BOOKS026037I: HOLM HANSEN, JOHAN [1841-1920] - Karsten Ulv og "Padehattene" : Fortælling
BOOKS004032I: HOLM, EDVARD - Kampen om Landboreformerne i Danmark i Slutningen af 18. Aarhundrede (1773 - 1791)
BOOKS001017I: HOLM, E. - Nationalitetsstemningerne i det romerske Rige i Slutningen af Oldtiden
BOOKS016445I: HOLM HANSEN, JOHAN [1841-1920] - Kejserfesten paa Kreml: historisk Skuespil i 3 Handlinger
BOOKS017909I: HOLM, SØREN [1901-1971] - Filosofien i Norden før 1900
BOOKS021310I: HOLM-NIELSEN, SVEND - Hodayot : Psalms from Qumran
BOOKS002989I: HOLM, JEAN & BOWKER, JOHN; EDITORS: - Human Nature and Destiny
BOOKS006846I: HOLMA, H. & SALONEN, A., EDITORS: - Some Cuneiform Tablets from the Time of the Third Ur Dynasty (Holma Collection Nos. 11 - 39)
BOOKS006295I: HOLMAN, J. ALAN - Pleistocene Amphibians & Reptiles in Britain & Europe
BOOKS021954I: HOLMBERG, ÅKE - African Tribes and European Agencies : Colonialism and Humanitarianism in British South and East Africa 1870-1895.
BOOKS005068I: HOLMBERG, DAVID H. - Order in Paradox : Myth, Ritual, and Exchange among Nepal's Tamang
BOOKS012090I: HOLMBERG, GUSTAF HENRIKSSON - De två världarna - arbetarklassen och syndikalismen : deras egen sak och deras eget värk : en sammanfattning
BOOKS024215I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK - Concordance to Aeschylus' Agamemnon
BOOKS024214I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK - Concordance to Aeschylus' Septem contra Thebas
BOOKS024211I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK - Concordance to Aeschylus' Eumenides
BOOKS024210I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK - Concordance to Aeschylus' Prometheus vinctus
BOOKS024209I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK - Concordance to Aeschylus' Persae
BOOKS024212I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK - Concordance to Aeschylus' Choephori
BOOKS024213I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK - Concordance to Aeschylus' Supplices
BOOKS023944I: HOLMBOE, VAGN [1909-1996] - Danish Street Cries : A Study of their Musical Structure and a Complete Edition of Tunes with Words Collected before 1960
BOOKS022330I: HOLMBOE, HENRIK ; & ISAGER, SIGNE ; EDITORS: - Translators and Translations : Greek-Danish
BOOKS011855I: HOLMES, FREDERIC LAWRENCE - Antoine Lavoisier - The Next Crucial Year: Or the Sources of His Quantitative Method in Chemistry
BOOKS007012I: HOLMES, ALAN - Robert Musil "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften": An Examination of the Relationship between Author, Narrator & Protagonist
BOOKS019485I: HOLMES, WILLIAM C. [1928- ] - La Statira by Pietro Ottoboni and Alessandro Scarlatti : The Textual Sources, with a Pocumentary Postscript
BOOKS028651I: HOLMQUIST, CHARLOTTE - Mysidacea of Chile
BOOKS006195I: HOLMQUIST, BENGT M. - Das Problem David Richter. Studien in der Kunstgeschichte des Spatbarocks
BOOKS016972I: HOLMQVIST, WILHELM [1905-1989] - Övergångstidens metallkonst
BOOKS015888I: HOLMSTRÖM, MATHS - Iberiska dagar och nätter
BOOKS015587I: HOLQUIST, MICHAEL - Dostoevsky and the Novel
BOOKS014581I: HÖLSCHER, GUSTAV [1877-1955] - Geschichtsschreibung in Israel : Untersuchungen zum Jahvisten und Elohisten
BOOKS020311I: HÖLSCHER, TONIO - The Language of Images in Roman Art
BOOKS012442I: HOLST, JOHANNES JUUL - Über die Wanderung der Profilpunkte am menschlichen Schädel bei männlichen Individuen während der Lebensjahre 7, 14 und über 20
BOOKS025914I: HOLST, POUL - Vilhelm Grønbech : en bibliografi
BOOKS022156I: HOLST, GUSTAF - Zur Photochemie der reversiblen Redoxprozesse : Ein Antagonismus von Strahlen im sichtbaren Spektrum

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