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BOOKS023788I: HOLST, SØREN - Verbs and War Scroll : Studies in the Hebrew Verbal System and the Qumran War Scroll
BOOKS027129I: HOLSTEIN, LUDVIG, GREVE [1864-1943] - Tove : et kaerlighedsdrama i fem akter
BOOKS023945I: HOLT, JAMES CLARKE - The Northerners : A Study in the Reign of King John
BOOKS028525I: HOLT, P. M. (PETER MALCOLM) - Studies in the History of the Near East
BOOKS027256I: HOLT, MAURICE ; EDITOR: - Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics.,.,.
BOOKS011545I: HOLT-HANSEN, KRISTIAN - After-effects in the Behaviour of Mice
BOOKS014868I: HOLT, KENNETH S. ; EDITOR: - Movement and Child Development
BOOKS008001I: HOLT, ELIZABETH GILMORE; EDITOR: - The Triumph of Art for the Public: The Emerging Role of Exhibitions and Critics
BOOKS004016I: HOLT, JOHN CLIFFORD - The Religious World of Kirti Sri: Buddhism, Art, and Politics in Late Medieval Sri Lanka
BOOKS011135I: HOLTEDAHL, OLAF - On the Rock Formations of Novaya Zemlya with Notes on the Paleozoic Stratigraphy of other Arctic Lands
BOOKS001298I: HOLTEDAHL, OLAF - On the Rock Formations of Novaya Zemlya with Notes on the Paleozoic Stratigraphy of other Arctic Lands
BOOKS002667I: HOLTEN, JUST JOHAN - I Dansk og Aegyptisk Statstjeneste
BOOKS019962I: HÖLTER, HEINRICH - a diary, entirely in German, dated 1809-1818
BOOKS010664I: HOLTVED, ERIK; EDITOR: - Kleinschmidts Briefe an Theodor Bourquin
BOOKS014064I: HOLUB, ROBERT C. - Crossing Borders: Reception Theory, Poststructuralism, Deconstruction
BOOKS004120I: HOLUBAR, JOSEF - The Sense of Time: An Electrophysiological Study of its Mechanism in Man
BOOKS015512I: HOLUM, KENNETH G. - Theodosian Empresses: Women and Imperial Dominion in Late Antiquity
BOOKS016358I: HOLY, LADISLAV - Religion and Custom in a Muslim Society: The Berti of Sudan
BOOKS009751I: HOLZAPFEL, OTTO - Bibliographie zur mittelalterlichen skandinavischen Volksballade
BOOKS006935I: HOLZAPFEL, OTTO ; & MCGREW, JULIA H. ; & PIØ, IØRN ; EDITORS: - The European Medieval Ballad: A Symposium
BOOKS014554I: HOLZAPFEL, OTTO - Religiöse Identität und Gesangbuch : Zur Ideologiegeschichte deutschsprachiger Einwanderer in den USA und die Auseinandersetzung
BOOKS010655I: HOLZAPFEL, OTTO - Det balladeske : Fortællemåden i den ældre episke folkevise
BOOKS009977I: HOLZAPFEL, RUDOLF - Panideal: Psychologie der sozialen Gefuehle
BOOKS020848I: HOLZBERGER, WILLIAM G.; EDITOR: [ SANTAYANA, GEORGE (1863-1952) ] - The Letters of George Santayana : Book Six 1937-1940
BOOKS027951I: HOLZER, GEORG - Entlehnungen aus einer bisher unbekannten indogermanischen Sprache im Urslavischen und Urbaltischen
BOOKS024042I: HOLZINGER, KARL - Kritisch-exegetischer Kommentar zu Aristophane's Plutos
BOOKS028315I: HOLZINGER, KARL [ HOLZINGER VON WEIDICH, CARL, RITTER (1849-1935) ] - Erklärungen umstrittener Stellen des Aristophanes
BOOKS011871I: HOLZMAN, MATHILDA - The Language of Children: Evolution and Development of Secondary Consciousness and Language
BOOKS027698I: HOMANS, PETER - Jung in Context : Modernity and the Making of a Psychology
BOOKS029368I: HOMAVAZIR, ARDESHIR B. ; EDITOR : - Sir Cowasji Jehangir, 2nd Baronet Memorial Booklet
BOOKS011028I: HOMER, SIDNEY & SYLLA, RIUCHARD - A History of Interest Rates
BOOKS000057I: HONDAGNEU-SOTELO, PIERRETTE - Domestica: Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence
BOOKS020670I: HONE, CAMPBELL RICHARD [1873-1967] - The Life of Dr. John Radcliffe, 1652-1714 : Benefactor of the University of Oxford
BOOKS003300I: HONER, MICHAEL ROBIN - Freshwater Larval Trematodes in the Netherlands: A Synecological Study of their Occurrence
BOOKS006652I: HONHUAI, NAI - Waduai nang nang nai mu'ang Bangkok / doi Nai Honhuai
BOOKS000445I: HONIG, EMILY - Sisters and Strangers: Women in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949
BOOKS009272I: HONIGMANN, JOHN J. & FERGUSON, FRANCES N. - Social Networks in Great Whale River: Notes on an Eskimo, Montagnais-Naskapi, and Euro-Canadian Community
BOOKS016546I: HONIGMANN, JOHN JOSEPH - The Kaska Indians : An Ethnographic Reconstruction.
BOOKS028963I: HONOLD, ALEXANDER ; & SCHERPE, KLAUS RÜDIGER ; EDITORS : - Mit Deutschland um die Welt : eine Kulturgeschichte des Fremden in der Kolonialzeit
BOOKS014831I: HOOD, JOHN CHARLES FULTON [1884 - 19??] - Icelandic Church Saga
BOOKS008220I: HOOD, RONALD CHALMERS, III - Royal Republicans: The French Naval Dynasties Between the Two World Wars
BOOKS002358I: HOOD, O.P. AND ODELL, W.W. - Investigations on the Preparation & Use of Lignite 1918 - 1925
BOOKS020943I: HOOD, CHRISTOPHER ; SCOTT, COLIN ; JAMES, OLIVER; JONES, GEORGE ; & TRAVERS, TONY - Regulation Inside Government : Waste Watchers, Quality Police, and Sleaze-busters
BOOKS026191I: HOOFT, CORNELIS GERARDUS 'T - Het verband tussen ionisatiestoten en uitgebreide lawines der cosmische straling
BOOKS014469I: HOOK, ERNEST B. ; EDITOR: - Prematurity in Scientific Discovery: On Resistance and Neglect
BOOKS002800I: HOOK, PETER EDWIN - Hindi Structures : Intermediate Level with Drills, Exercises & Key
BOOKS010050I: HOOK, JERRY B. & GOLDSTEIN, ROBIN S.; EDITORS: - Toxicology of the Kidney
BOOKS008036I: HOOK, GLENN D.; & WEINER, MICHAEL A.; EDITORS: - The Internationalization of Japan
BOOKS016858I: HOOK, SIDNEY - The Hero in History: A Study in Limitation and Possibility
BOOKS017788I: HOOKE, S. H. (SAMUEL HENRY) [ 1874-1968 ] ; EDITOR: - Myth, Ritual, and Kingship : Essays on the Theory and Practice of Kingship in the Ancient Near East and in Israel.
BOOKS026788I: HOOKER, J. T. - The Origin of the Linear B Script
BOOKS018664I: HOOKER, JEREMY - Poetry of Place : Essays and Reviews 1970-1981
BOOKS017669I: HOOKER, JEREMY - David Jones : An Exploratory Study of the Writings
BOOKS024667I: HOOKER, J. T. - Mycenaean Greece
BOOKS013965I: HOOKWAY, CHRISTOPHER - Quine : Language, Experience and Reality
BOOKS004440I: HOON, ELIZABETH EVELYNOLA - The Organization of the English Customs System 1696 - 1786
BOOKS014696I: HOOPER, CHARLES ARTHUR - L'Iraq et la Société des Nations : Application à l'Iraq des dispositions de l'Article 22 du Pacte de la Société des Nations ..,.
BOOKS015798I: HOORWEG, JAN ; & NIEMEIJER, RUDO - Intervention in Child Nutrition: Evaluation Studies in Kenya
BOOKS024516I: HOPCKE, ROBERT H. - Jung, Jungians and Homosexuality
BOOKS021189I: HOPFNER, THEODOR [1886 -1945] - Griechisch-lateinisch-deutsches Quellenbuch zur Siedlung und Geschichte der Germanen im böhmisch-mährischen, schlesischen und ..
BOOKS014385I: HOPKINS, BRIAN ; BARR, RONALD G.; MICHEL, GEORGE F. ; ROCHAT, PHILIPPE ; EDITORS: - The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development
BOOKS011670I: HOPKINS, JEFFREY - Emptiness in the Mind-Only School of Buddhism: Dynamic Responses to Dzong-ka-ba's 'The Essence of Eloquence: I'
BOOKS008487I: HOPKINS, DWIGHT N. & DAVANEY, SHEILA GREEVE; EDITORS: - Changing Conversations: Religious Reflection & Cultural Analysis.
BOOKS001062I: HOPKINS, NICHOLAS - Participation and Community in the Egyptian New Lands : The Case of South Tahrir
BOOKS021387I: HOPKINS, JOHN - From the Hip : Photographs by John "Hoppy" Hopkins 1960-66.
BOOKS021472I: HOPKINS, HARRY - Egypt, the Crucible : The Unfinished Revolution of the Arab World
BOOKS017501I: HOPMAN, HARRY - Aces and Places
BOOKS027505I: HOPPE, WALTER - Die hydrogeologischen Grundlagen der Wasserversorgung in Thüringen
BOOKS004100I: HOPPE, A.J. - A Bibliography of the Writings of Samuel Butler (Author of 'Erewhon') & of Writings About Him
BOOKS005743I: HOPPER, R.J. - Trade and Industry in Classical Greece
BOOKS007283I: HOPPIT, JULIAN & WRIGLEY, E.A.; EDITORS: - The Industrial Revolution in Britain, I [The Industrial Revolutions, Volume 2]
BOOKS004629I: HOPPIT, JULIAN & WRIGLEY, E.A.; EDITORS: - The Industrial Revolution in Britain II [The Industrial Revolutions, Vol. 3]
BOOKS017271I: HOPTMAN, LAURA J. ; & POSPISZYL, TOMAS, EDITORS: - Primary Documents : A Sourcebook for Eastern and Central European Art Since the 1950s
BOOKS028745I: HOPWOOD, DEREK ; EDITOR : - The Arabian Peninsula : Society and Politics
BOOKS027236I: HORA, HEINRICH ; EDITOR: - Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics at Laser Irradiation : Notes from Lectures Presented during the Winter Semester 1978/79 .,.,.
BOOKS027751I: HØRBY, KAI - Status regni Dacie : studier i Christofferlinjens ægteskabs- og alliancepolitik 1252-1319
BOOKS009994I: HORCH, HERMANN ; EDITOR: - Archiv für Kriminologie : Band 69 , 2. Heft [1917]
BOOKS000311I: HORCH, HERMANN ; EDITOR: - Archiv für Kriminal-Anthropologie und Kriminalistik : Band 66 , 3. und 4. Heft [1916]
BOOKS011819I: HORGAN, TERENCE & TIENSON, JOHN - Connectionism and the Philosophy of Psychology
BOOKS018568I: HORGAN, PAUL [1903-1995] - A Certain Climate : Essays in History, Arts, and Letters
BOOKS026454I: HORKHEIMER, MAX ; EDITOR: [ INSTITUTS FÜR SOZIALFORSCHUNG ] - Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung : Jahrgang III / 1934
BOOKS013974I: HORKHEIMER, MAX [1895-1973] - Critique of Instrumental Reason
BOOKS013907I: HORKHEIMER, MAX [1895 - 1973] - Between Philosophy and Social Science: Selected Early Writings
BOOKS011069I: HORKHEIMER, MAX ; EDITOR: [ INSTITUTS FÜR SOZIALFORSCHUNG ] - Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung : Band VI / 1937
BOOKS001675I: HORKHEIMER, MAX ; EDITOR: [ INSTITUTS FÜR SOZIALFORSCHUNG ] - Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung : Band V / 1936
BOOKS021274I: HORKHEIMER, MAX [1895-1973]; EDITOR: [ ADORNO, THEODOR W. (1903-1969)] - Zeugnisse, Theodor W. Adorno zum sechzigsten Geburtstag. Im Auftrag des Instituts für Sozialforschung
BOOKS001343I: HORMANN, HANS - Psycholinguistics : An Introduction to Research & Theory
BOOKS026803I: HORN, ULRIK [PSEUDONYM OF CAMILLA RAVN (ANNA BIRGITTE OVIDIA RAVN) (1855-19??)] - Interiører, fra vore Bedsteforældres og Forældres tid
BOOKS013955I: HORN, DAVID G. - Social Bodies: Science, Reproduction and Italian Modernity
BOOKS013947I: HORN, GABRIEL - Memory, Imprinting and the Brain: An Inquiry into Mechanisms
BOOKS007065I: HORN, NANCY E. - Cultivating Customers : Market Women in Harare, Zimbabwe
BOOKS027731I: HORN, ROBERT LESLIE - Positivity and Dialectic : A Study of the Theological Method of Hans Lessen Martensen
BOOKS028305I: HORNA, KONSTANTIN - Die Hymnen des Mesomedes
BOOKS001947I: HORNBECK, KNUD ; & HANSEN, HELGE LAND - Tanggård Gods 1553-1559. Adelige Godsdrift i Danmark i det 16. Arhundrede
BOOKS010915I: HORNBY, GARRY - Improving Parental Involvement
BOOKS016194I: HORNBY, PETER A. ; EDITOR: - Bilingualism: Psychological, Social and Educational Implications
BOOKS016771I: HORNEY, KAREN [1885-1952] - Final Lectures
BOOKS021057I: HORNICK, LITA R. [1927- ] - The Green Fuse : A Memoir
BOOKS019719I: HORNSBY-SMITH, MICHAEL P. - An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought
BOOKS026048I: HORNUNG, CONRAD CHRISTIAN [1802-1873] - Et Haandværkerliv i forrige Aarhundrede : En Selvbiografi
BOOKS013708I: HORNUNG, ERIK - Grundzüge der ägyptischen Geschichte
BOOKS017812I: HORNUNG, ERIK - Einführung in die Ägyptologie : Stand, Methoden, Aufgaben
BOOKS025758I: HORNUNG, CONRAD CHRISTIAN [1802-1873] - C. C. Hornung's Ungdoms- og Manddomsliv, fortalt af ham selv
BOOKS000993I: HORODYSKA, HALINA - Dzieje Konkursu Leksykograficznego im. Samuela Bogumila Lindego (1876-1922)
BOOKS003335I: HORON, OCTAVE - Contribution a l'Etude du Bassin Houiller de Djerada (Maroc Oriental)
BOOKS010303I: HOROWITZ, RUTH - Honor and the American Dream : Culture and Identity in a Chicano Community
BOOKS019178I: HOROWITZ, DONALD L. - The Deadly Ethnic Riot
BOOKS008072I: HOROWITZ, DONALD L. - Ethnic Groups in Conflict
BOOKS018062I: HOROWITZ, TAMARA - The Epistemology of a Priori Knowledge
BOOKS004954I: HOROWITZ, TAMARA - The Epistemology of A Priori Knowledge
BOOKS016724I: HOROWITZ, IRVING LOUIS - Foundations of Political Sociology
BOOKS024329I: HORRALL, ANDREW - Popular Culture in London c. 1890-1918 : The Transformation of Entertainment
BOOKS005084I: HORRY, JOHN - The History of Squash Rackets
BOOKS014619I: HORSCH, PAUL ; & REGAMEY, CONSTANTIN ; EDITORS : - Asiatischen Studien / Études asiatiques : Zeitschrift des Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Asienkunde : XVII : 3-4 : 1964
BOOKS028695I: HORSCH, PAUL ; & REGAMEY, CONSTANTIN ; EDITORS : [ SCHWEIZERISCHEN GESELLSCHAFT FÜR ASIENKUNDE ] - Zum Gedenken an / à la mémoire de E.H. von Tscharner [ Asiatische Studien / Études asiatiques XVIII / XIX - 1965 ]
BOOKS014830I: HORSCH, PAUL ; KRAMERS, R.P. ; & REGAMEY, CONSTANTIN ; EDITORS : [ SOCIÉTÉ SUISSE D'ÉTUDES ASIATIQUES ] - Asiatische Studien ..,./ Études Asiatiques : Revue de la Société Suisse d'Études Asiatiques : XXII : 1968
BOOKS029059I: HORSCH, PAUL ; KRAMERS, R.P. ; & REGAMEY, CONSTANTIN ; EDITORS : [ SOCIÉTÉ SUISSE D'ÉTUDES ASIATIQUES ] - Asiatische Studien ..,./ Études Asiatiques : Revue de la Société Suisse d'Études Asiatiques : XXIV 1-2 : 1970
BOOKS029060I: HORSCH, PAUL ; KRAMERS, R.P. ; & REGAMEY, CONSTANTIN ; EDITORS : [ SOCIÉTÉ SUISSE D'ÉTUDES ASIATIQUES ] - Asiatische Studien ..,./ Études Asiatiques : Revue de la Société Suisse d'Études Asiatiques : XXV : 1971
BOOKS023213I: HORSNAES, HELLE W. [ HORSNAES, HELLE W. ] - The Cultural Development in North Western Lucania c. 600-273 BC
BOOKS018274I: HORSNAES, HELLE W. - Crossing Boundaries : An Analysis of Roman Coins in Danish Contexts : Vol. I: Finds from Sealand, Funen and Jutland
BOOKS014278I: HORST, MAURUS - Die “Klima”-Zeitalter der Erde als Formationen-und Lebens-Gestalter, Nebst Anhang über die “Klimatogenetik” der Primaten, et
BOOKS026536I: HORSTMANN, ULRICH - Parakritik und Dekonstruktion : eine Einführung in den amerikanischen Poststrukturalismus
BOOKS012166I: HORTEN, GERD - Radio Goes to War: The Cultural Politics of Propaganda during World War II
BOOKS011415I: HORTLE, K.G. ; TROEUNG, R.; & LIENG, S. [ MEKONG RIVER COMMISSION ] - Yield and Value of the Wild Fishery of Rice Fields in Battambang Province, near the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia
BOOKS008393I: HORTLE, K.G. ; & U. SUNTORNRATANA [ MEKONG RIVER COMMISSION ] - Socio-economics of the Fisheries of the Lower Songkhram River Basin, Northeast Thailand
BOOKS011177I: HORTON, ANDREW; EDITOR: - Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr.
BOOKS011090I: HORVATH, MICHAELIS [HORVATH, MICHALY (1728-1810)] - Statistice Regni Hungariae: Pars I
BOOKS017117I: HORVATH-PETERSON, SANDRA - Victor Duruy & French Education : Liberal Reform in the Second Empire
BOOKS014928I: HORWITZ, RICHARD P. - Anthropology Toward History : Culture and Work in a 19th Century Maine Town
BOOKS000319I: HORWITZ, HENRY - Revolution Politicks. The Career of Daniel Finch, Second Earl of Nottingham, 1647-1730
BOOKS016024I: HOSE, SUSANNE ; & MIEDER, WOLFGANG ; EDITORS: - Sorbian proverbs / Serbske prislowa
BOOKS028605I: HOSEN, FREDERICK E. ; COMPILER: - Rifle, Blanket, and Kettle : Selected Indian Treaties and Laws
BOOKS007365I: HOSIER, RICHARD - Energy Use in Rural Kenya: Household Demand and Rural Transformation
BOOKS012049I: HOSIER, RICHARD H.; EDITOR: - Energy for Rural Development in Zimbabwe
BOOKS012026I: HOSIER, RICHARD B.; KATARERE, YEMI; MUNASIREI, DAVID K.; NKOMO, JABAVU C.; RAM, BONNIE J.; & ROBINSON, PETER B. - Zimbabwe: Energy Planning for National Development
BOOKS016555I: HOSKIN, JOHN - The Supernatural in Thai Life
BOOKS019161I: HOSKINS, JANET ; EDITOR: - Headhunting and the Social Imagination in Southeast Asia
BOOKS015288I: HOSKINS, JANET ; EDITOR: - Headhunting and the Social Imagination in Southeast Asia
BOOKS011962I: HOSKYNS, CATHERINE & NEWMAN, MICHAEL, EDITORS: - Democratizing the European Union: Issues for the Twenty-First Century
BOOKS008604I: HOSPITAL, CLIFFORD - The Righteous Demon: A Study of Bali
BOOKS009967I: HOSSAIN, GOLAM - General Ziaur Rahman and the BNP: Political Transformation of a Military Regime
BOOKS004145I: HOSSAIN, ISMAIL - Bihunamor jurulee
BOOKS010408I: HOSSBACH, FRIEDRICH - Die Entwicklung des Oberbefehls ueber das Heer in Brandenburg, Preussen und im Deutschen Reich von 1655-1945
BOOKS024969I: HOSSEINI, MOHAMMAD - Rhebr azada mejmew'eh ashe'ar Allameh Shahid Balkhi
BOOKS002663I: HOST, GUNNAR - L'oeuvre de Jean Giraudoux
BOOKS022231I: HØST, GERD - Runer : våre eldste norske runeinnskrifter
BOOKS026059I: HOSTRUP, JENS CHRISTIAN [1818-1892] - Drøm og Daad : romantisk Lystspil / af C. Hostrup
BOOKS028509I: HOTBLACK, KATE - Chatham’s Colonial Policy : A Study in the Fiscal and Economic Implications of the Colonial Policy of the Elder Pitt
BOOKS008313I: HOTH, WOLFGANG - Die Industrialisierung einer rheinischen Gewerbestadt - dargestellt am Beispiel Wuppertal
BOOKS026497I: HOUE, POUL - Carl Theodor Dreyer's Cinematic Humanism
BOOKS022470I: HOUGEN, BJØRN - The Migration Style of Ornament in Norway
BOOKS017868I: HOUGH, MICHAEL - Out of Place : Restoring Identity to the Regional Landscape
BOOKS004248I: HOUGH, RICHARD ALEXANDER - The Potemkin Mutiny
BOOKS020295I: HOUGH, WALTER - Censers and Incense of Mexico and Central America
BOOKS023751I: HOUIS, MAURICE - La Guinée francaise
BOOKS010060I: HOUK, JAMES C.; DAVIS, JOEL L. & BEISER, DAVID G.; EDITORS: - Models of Information Processing in the Basal Ganglia
BOOKS004070I: HOULE, PETER J. - The English Morality & Related Drama. A Bibliographical Survey
BOOKS014388I: HOUNSHELL, DAVID A. ; & SMITH, JOHN KENLY - Science and Corporate Strategy : Du Pont R and D, 1902-1980
BOOKS023208I: HOURANI, ALBERT HABIB ; & SHEHADI, NADIM ; EDITORS : - The Lebanese in the World : A Century of Emigration
BOOKS028558I: HOURANI, ALBERT HABIB - Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, 1798-1939
BOOKS012213I: LEMONTREE PUBLISHING HOUSE - Buk' e djath' / Bread and Cheese
BOOKS027632I: HOUSSAYE, ARSÈNE [1815-1896] - Mademoiselle de la Vallière et Madame de Montespan : études historiques sur la cour de Louis XIV
BOOKS027637I: HOUSSET, E. J. P. (ETIENNE JEAN PIERRE) [1733-1810] - Mémoires physiologiques et d'histoire naturelle : Tome second
BOOKS013165I: HOUSTON, JOHN PORTER - The Design of Rimbaud’s Poetry
BOOKS003509I: HOUTSMA, M. TH. - Choix de Vers tires de la Khamsa de Nizami. Texte Persane
BOOKS009756I: HOVANNISIAN, RICHARD G. - The Republic of Armenia. Volume I: The First Year, 1918 - 1919
BOOKS009215I: HOVANNISIAN, RICHARD G. - The Republic of Armenia. Volume I - IV
BOOKS022319I: HOVE, LÉON VAN [1924-1990] - Sur certaines représentations unitaires d'un groupe infini de transformations
BOOKS018229I: HOVET, THOMAS - Africa in the United Nations
BOOKS015825I: HOVGAARD, ANDREAS PETER [1853-1910] - Dijmphna-Expeditionen 1882-83 : Rapporter til Dijmphna's Rheder Herr Grosserer, Fabrikeier Augustin Gamel.
BOOKS025408I: HOVING, JAN [1877-1939] ; & HEIJERMANS, LOUIS [1873-1938] - Voor of tegen sexueele geheelonthouding? : over den zin der geboortebeperking : de sociale zijde van het Nieuw Malthusianisme.,.
BOOKS013043I: HOWALD, OSCAR - L’Union suisse des paysans 1897-1922.
BOOKS011259I: HOWARD, MILO B., JR & REA, ROBERT R; TRANSLATORS: - The Memoire Justificatif of the Chevalier Montault de Monberaut: Indian Diplomacy in British West Florida, 1763-1765
BOOKS024887I: HOWARD, DEBORAH - Jacopo Sansovino : Architecture and Patronage in Renaissance Venice
BOOKS018072I: HOWARD, PHILIP N. - New Media Campaigns and the Managed Citizen
BOOKS024035I: HOWARD, JOSEPH JACKSON [1827-1902] ; & CRISP, FREDERICK ARTHUR [1851-1922] ; EDITORS: - Visitation of Ireland : Six Volumes in One
BOOKS014246I: HOWARTH, W. D. (WILLIAM DRIVER) - Moliere: A Playwright and his Audience
BOOKS022626I: HOWARTH, FRANCIS G. ; & MULL, WILLIAM P. - Hawaiian Insects and their Kin
BOOKS000020I: HOWARTH-WILLIAMS, MARTIN - R.D. Laing. His Work & its Relevance for Sociology
BOOKS013899I: HOWATT, A. P. R. (ANTHONY PHILIP REID) - A History of English Language Teaching
BOOKS011776I: HOWE, STEPHEN - Afrocentrism: Mythical Pasts and Imagined Homes
BOOKS017532I: HOWE, ELLIC - Urania's Children : The Strange World of the Astrologers
BOOKS021782I: HOWE, JULIA WARD - A Trip to Cuba
BOOKS014430I: HOWELL, STEVE B. - Handbook of CCD Astronomy
BOOKS013800I: HOWELL, SIGNE - Society and Cosmos : Chewong of Peninsular Malaysia
BOOKS001613I: HOWELL, NANCY - Demography of the Dobe !Kung
BOOKS015294I: HOWELL, ALICE O. - Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages. Letters from an Astrologer.
BOOKS029569I: HOWELL, MARTHA C. - Women, Production, and Patriarchy in Late Medieval Cities
BOOKS019504I: HOWELL, THOMAS R. ; ARAYA, BRAULIO ; & MILLIE, WILLIAM R. - Breeding Biology of the Gray Gull, Larus modestus
BOOKS015386I: HOWELLS, CORAL ANN - Private and Fictional Words : Canadian Women Novelists of the 1970s and 1980s
BOOKS019683I: HOWEY, JOHN - The Sarasota School of Architecture : 1941-1966
BOOKS006961I: HOWLEY, PETER M. & BROKER, THOMAS R., EDITORS: - Papillomaviruses. Molecular & Clinical Aspects. Proceedings of the Burroughs-Wellcome-UCLA Symposium...April 8-14, 1985
BOOKS023843I: HOWORTH, HENRY HOYLE, SIR [1842-1923] - A Criticism of Dr. Croll's Theory of Alternate Glacial and Warm Periods in Each Hemisphere, and of Interglacial Climates..,.
BOOKS010009I: HOWSE, JUSTIN & HANCOCK, SHIRLEY - Dance Technique and Injury Prevention
BOOKS007033I: HOWSON, COLIN, EDITOR: - Method & Appraisal in the Physical Sciences. The Critical Backround to Modern Science, 1800-1905
BOOKS026849I: HOXHA, ENVER [1908-1985] - With Stalin : Memoirs
BOOKS013023I: HOXIE, FREDERICK E. [1947 - ] - Parading through History: The Making of the Crow Nation in America, 1805-1935
BOOKS007802I: HOYER, C[HRISTIAN] F[AEDDER] - Bidrag til det Kongelige Kunstacademies Annaler [together with 2 other pamphlets by the same]
BOOKS013307I: HOYLES, CELIA; & NOSS, RICHARD; EDITORS: - Learning Mathematics and Logo
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BOOKS024970I: JAHAN BIN, FARZAD - Tahlili bar mavazi-i siyasi-i 'ulama-yi Shi'ah az 'idalatkhanah ta kudita-yi Riza Khan
BOOKS018972I: JAHANBAKHT, HAMID - Rind-i Luristan : tahqiqi zharf dar adabiyat-i Luri
BOOKS015863I: JAHN, JANHEINZ ; & DRESSLER, CLAUS PETER - Bibliography of Creative African Writing
BOOKS025752I: JAHNSEN, H. - Mene Tekel : Indlæg i Striden om Forsvarssagen, foranlediget ved Kaptajn Nemos Bog
BOOKS011243I: JAHODA, GUSTAV - White Man: A Study of Attitudes of Africans to Europeans in Ghana Before Independence
BOOKS008730I: JAIN, KAILASH CHAND - Jainism in Rajasthan
BOOKS025349I: JAIN, PRADEEPKUMAR ; COMPILER & EDITOR: - Voice for the Voiceless (Based on a Treatise by R.B. Pragwath)
BOOKS008524I: JAIN, NEERAJ - Globalisation or Recolonisation?
BOOKS007616I: JAIN, A. P.; EDITOR: - Lawless Legislation : Why Swatantra Opposes the 17th Amendment?
BOOKS001763I: JAIN, SUDHANSHU KUMAR ; MUDGAL, V; BANERJEE, D.K.; GUHA, A; PAL, D.C. & DAS, D. - Bibliography of Ethnobotany
BOOKS023377I: JAINA, ASOKA KUMARA ; JAINA, JAYAKUMARA ; & JAINA, SURESA CANDA ; EDITORS: - Tirthankara Parsvanatha : aitihasika evam samskrtika pariprekshya mem
BOOKS023546I: JAINA, PRAKASACANDRA - Malavancala ke Jaina dharma ka itihasa evam abhilekhiya strota
BOOKS003604I: JAISWAL, P.L.; LOHESHWAR, R.R. & MEHDI, M.S., EDITORS: - Report of the Working Party on Sardine & Mackerel Resources
BOOKS009764I: JAKANDE, L.K. - The Trial of Obafemi Awolowo
BOOKS017945I: JAKES, IAN - Theoretical Approaches to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
BOOKS024199I: JAKI, BARBARA, MEH, SRECKO ; & KOPUSAR, MILAN ; EDITORS: - Ivan Napotnik : 1888-1960 : iz javnih in zasebnih zbirk
BOOKS001030I: JAKIMCHIK, NELLI ALEKSANDROVNA, EDITOR. - Iskusstvo Gzheli / Painted Pottery from Gzhel
BOOKS023896I: JAKOBS, HERMANN - Der Adel in der Klosterreform von St. Blasien
BOOKS001973I: JAKOBSEN, BORGE - Vadehavets Morfologi. En Geologisk Analyse af Vadelandshavets Formudvikling...saerlig hensyntagen til Juvre Dybs Tidevandsomrade
BOOKS005207I: JAKOBSON, MAX - Finnish Neutrality. A Study of Finnish Foreign Policy since the Second World War
BOOKS018264I: JAKOBSSON, BENGT ; & FLOBERG, LEIF - The Finite Journal Bearing, Considering Vaporization : Das Gleitlager von endlicher Breite mit Verdampfung
BOOKS021752I: JAKOBSSON, BENGT ; & FLOBERG, LEIF - The Partial Journal Bearing
BOOKS023579I: JAKU, MUHAMMAD SHARIF - al-'Alaqat al-siyasiyah bayna Tshad wa-Libiya : qadiyat Uzu min 1960 hattá 1990
BOOKS011313I: JAKUBSKI, ANTONI [JAKUBSKI, ANTONI WLADYSLAW (1885-1962)] - W krainach slonca: Kartki z podrozy do Afryki Srodkowek w latach 1909 i 1910
BOOKS008750I: JALBANI, G.N. - Teachings of Shah Waliyullah of Delhi
BOOKS001464I: JALBANI, G.N. [ JALBANI, GHULAM HUSAIN ] - Life of Shah Waliyullah
BOOKS017135I: AL-JALIL, 'ABD AL-'AZIZ BIN 'ABD - Mu'jam mustalahat al-musiqa' al-Andalusiyah al-Maghribiyah
BOOKS023836I: JALIL'PUR, ABU AL-QASIM - Nigahi bih diruz-i Kuchisfahan
BOOKS009794I: JALURIA, YOGESH & TORRANCE, KENNETH E,. - Computational Heat Transfer
BOOKS019992I: JAMAL, SHAWQI ATA ALLAH - al-Wahdah al-Afriqiyah wa-marahil tatawwuruha min mu'tamar Akkra, 1958, hatta mu'tamar tanm iyat al-sinaah al-Afriqi ..,.
BOOKS025151I: JAMALI [CA. 1413-1474 CE] [ SURURI, UMID ; EDITOR: ] - Sharh al-kunuz va bahr al-rumuz / surudah-i Pir Jamal Ardistani (dar guzashtah-i 879 Q.) ; tashih va tahqiq-i Umid Sururi
BOOKS006669I: JAMALZADEH, SAYYED MOHAMMAD ALI - Isfahan is Half the World : Memories of a Persian Boyhood
BOOKS003154I: JAMES, D. GERAINT; & ZUMLA, ALIMUDDIN; EDITORS: - The Granulomatous Disorders
BOOKS010515I: JAMES, SALLY - Diplomatic Moves: Life in the Foreign Service
BOOKS006498I: JAMES-LASSITER, SYBIL MAE - The Relationships of Self-Esteem and Sex-Role Identity to Perceived Health Status in Women
BOOKS018154I: JAMES, HENRY [1843-1916] [ EDEL, LEON ; & POWERS, LYALL HARRIS ; EDITORS: ] - The Complete Notebooks of Henry James
BOOKS001678I: JAMES, JOSEF, EDITOR: - Art and Life in India: The Last Four Decades
BOOKS011777I: JAMESON, FREDERIC - Late Marxism: Adorno, or the Persistence of the Dialectic
BOOKS014262I: JAMI, GHULAM HUSAYN - Khatirat-i Hujjat al-Islam va al-Muslimin Ghulamhusayn Jami
BOOKS012474I: JAMIESON, RUTH KIRBY - Marivaux: A Study in Sensibility
BOOKS014405I: JAMISON, ANDREW. - The Making of Green Knowledge : Environmental Politics and Cultural Transformation
BOOKS005081I: JAMISON, PAUL L.; ZEGURA, STEPHAN L. & MILAN, FREDERICK A., EDITORS: - Eskimos of Northwestern Alaska. A Biological Perspective
BOOKS001993I: JAMISON, WILLIAM ALEXANDER - Arnold and the Romantics
BOOKS007094I: JAMME, A - Classification descriptive generale des inscriptions sud-arabes
BOOKS000502I: JAMNER, MARGARET SCHNEIDER & STOKOLS, DANIEL; EDITORS: - Promoting Human Wellness: New Frontiers for Research, Practice, and Policy
BOOKS010120I: JAMSHEER, HASSAN A. - Idea jednosci w mysli spoleczno-politycznej swiata arabskiego
BOOKS022900I: JANA, MANU - Balarama Dasera padabali
BOOKS018984I: JANA [1614-1665 AD] [ SHARMA, DASHARATHA ; NAHATA, AGARCHANDA ; & NAHTA, BHANVARLAL; EDITORS: ] - Kyama Khama rasa / Muslima kavi Jana : vistrta bhumika evam tippani adise samalankrta sampadana karta Dasaratha Sarma..,.
BOOKS025602I: JANAKI, VENGALIL A. - Gujarat as the Arabs Knew It : A Study in Historical Geography
BOOKS015035I: JANAKI, VENGALIL A. - Functional Classification of Towns in Gujarat
BOOKS018794I: JANAKI, VENGALIL A. - Vanadha-Chalamli : A Study in Rural Dynamics (With a Note on Ancient Village Patterns in India)
BOOKS006915I: JANAKI, V.A. - Kandla : The Gateway of North West India
BOOKS006651I: JANAKI, V.A. - The Commerce of Cambay from the Earliest Period to the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS006621I: JANAKI, V.A. - Some Aspects of the Historical Geography of Surat

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