HANNAH, J & TRUDGILL, PETER International English. A Guide to the Varieties of Standard English: Third Edition.
MAGAS, BRANKA; ZANIC, IVO (EDS.) NOEL MALCOLM (FOREWORD) The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991-1995
WRIGHT, PETER Cockney Dialect and Slang.
NEWNHAM, RICHARD (ED.) German Short Stories Deutsche Kurzgeschichten.
TERRELL, PETER (GEN. ED.) The Scots Travelmate
KATICIC, RADOSLAV (INDICES PREPARED BY MATE KRIZMAN) Ancient Languages of the Balkans. Part Two. Indices. Trends in Linguistics. State-of-the-Art Reports 5.
MARAIS-HOOGENHOUT, DR. PHIL N. Praktisches Lehrbuch Der Kapholländischen Sprache (Burensprache). Sprachlehre, Gespräche, Lesestücke Und Wörterbuch. (Afrikaans)
DE WINDT, HARRY. (OLGA NOVIKOFF "O.K."). Siberia As It Is. With an Introduction by Her Excellency Madame Olga Novikoff "O.K. ".
ROBINSON, IAN (CHOMSKY) The New Grammarians' Funeral a Critique of Noam Chomsky's Linguistics
KIS, DANILO Grobnica Za Borisa Davidovica Drama U Devetnaest Slika Sa Laznim Epilogom
DONIA, ROBERT J.; FINE, JOHN V.A. Bosnia-Hercegovina a Tradition Betrayed.
TURHAN, SEDAT; HAGIN, SALLY Milet Mini Picture Dictionary English-Japanese
WIXMAN, RONALD Peoples of the Ussr an Ethnographic Handbook
JONES, PETER Learn Latin the Book of 'the Daily Telegraph' Qed Series
AITCHISON, JEAN Language Change. Progress or Decay? (2nd Edition) (Cambridge Approaches to Linguistics)
GOLDSTEIN, IVO Croatia a History.
PARTRIDGE, ERIC. Origins. A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English. Fourth Edition. Revised and Enlarged. (with Numerous Revisions and Some Substantial Additions)
FOOTE, IP & DAVISON RM. Verbs of Motion. The Use of the Genitive in Negative Constructions.
EDWARDS, THORNTON B. Cornish! a Dictionary of Phrases, Terms and Epithets Beginning with the Word 'Cornish'
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