RASPUTIN, VALENTIN. (TRANS. BY M. WETTLIN & K. WINDLE) Money for Maria and Borrowed Time Two Village Tales Translated by Kevin Windle and Margaret Wettlin.
HULK, AAFKE C.J. & POLLOCK, JEAN-YVES Subject Inversion in Romance and the Theory of Universal Grammar
HALPERN, AARON, ZWICKY, ARNOLD (EDS.) Approaching Second Second Position Clitics and Related Phenomena
MILLER, NICHOLAS J. Between Nation & State: Serbian Politics in Croatia, 1903-14
SWINGEWOOD, ALAN The Novel and Revolution
KLEIN, SHELLEY The Concise Dictionary of Surnames
DRULOVIC, MILOJKO Self-Management on Trial
COLVIN, IAN The Chamberlain Cabinet How the Meetings in 10 Downing Street, 1937-9 Led to the Second World War Told for the First Time from the Cabinet Papers.
HIRSCHHAUSEN, ULRICKE V. & LEONHARD, JÖRN (EDS.) Nationalismen in Europa West- Und Osteuropa IM Vergleich
BERCÉ, YVES-MARIE History of Peasant Revolts the Social Origins of Rebellion in Early Modern France. Translated by Amanda Whitmore.
GREGOR, D. B.. Friulan. Language and Literature.
KENNAN, GEORGE F.. (CUSTINE) The Marquis de Custine and His Russia in 1839.
MCGURN, JIM Comparing Languages English and Its European Relatives
FOULON-HRISTOVA, JORDANKA. Les Modes de Narration en Macédonien. Préface de Jean Perrot.
DURRELL, MARTIN. Using German: A Guide to Contemporary Usage.
QUIST, LESLEY AND GILBERT, LESLEY Beginner's Dutch an Easy Introduction. Book and Audio Cassette Tape.
ANON French-English Dictionary/ Dictionnaire Anglais Français Dictionnaire Bilingue Avec Mini-Grammaire
BRENT, JONATHAN AND VLADIMIR P. NAUMOV. Stalin's Last Crime. The Doctor's Plot.
DRUCKER, JOHANNA The Alphabetic Labyrinth Letters in History and Imagination
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