LAWRENCE, C.H. Medieval Monasticism Forms of Religious Life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages
MCEVEDY, COLIN (DAVID WOODROFFE) Penguin Atlas of Recent History (to 1815 )
POLONSKY, RACHEL Molotov's Magic Lantern a Journey in Russian History
GRIFFITHS, KENNETH & LOU ACKNER & VERONICA COSTA Pigeon Portuguese Almost Get by in Portuguese
KING, F. TRUBY Feeding and Care of Baby. Issued by the Society for the Health of Women & Children.
WATTS, NIKI Oxford Greek Minidictionary
MUNKSGAARD, ELISABETH. Denmark: An Archaelogical Guide.
MEILLET, A. . Linguistique Historique Et Linguistique Générale. Tome II. Nouveau Tirage.
TRASK, R. L. & MAYBLIN, BILL Introducing Linguistics
THE JAPAN FOUNDATION Basic Japanese-English Dictionary an Easy-to-Use Dictionary for Beginners.
MCDANIEL, TIM. Autocracy, Modernization and Revolution in Russia and Iran.
DALBY, ANDREW. A Guide to World Language Dictionaries.
LEXUS, The Rough Guide to Turkish
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