KURKIN, ALEXANDER ILLUS. Russkie Narodn'Ie Skazki. Russian Fairy Tales. Illustrations by Alexander Kurkin (Palekh School). V Illyustratsiakh Palekhskogo Khudozhnika Aleksandra Kuprina.
STORM, HIROKO (ICHIRO SHIRATO) Conversational Japanese. Revised and Updated. With: Japanese Dictionary and Compact Discs.
HOLMES, PHILIP AND SERIN, GUNILLA Colloquial Swedish. The Complete Course for Beginners. Boxed Set: Paperback and 2 Audio Cassettes.
SPANISH. Aa Essential Spanish Phrase Book.
GILMORE, THEOPOLIS L. AND SHADRACK O. KWASA. Swahili Phrasebook: For Travelers in Eastern and Southern Africa (Hippocrene Language Studies).
RENFORS, AGNES AND TIRVA SIIRI. Finnish Self-Taught. By the Natural Method with Phonetic Pronunciation. Thimm's System.
KOSHAL, SANYUKTA. Conflicting Phonological Patterns a Study in the Adaptation of English Loan Words in Hindi.
LESLAU, WOLF. An Amharic Conversation Book.
MONIER-WILLIAMS, RANDALL. Ebb and Flow. The Tallow Chandlers of London. Volume IV
ECCARDT, THOMAS AND OH WONCHUL. Korean (Hippocrene Handy Dictionaries).
DRULOVIC, MILOJKO Self-Management on Trial
CHAMBERS, Chambers Czech Phrasebook
FERBER, GENE. The Cassell English-Japanese Business Dictionary. With a Foreword by Sir Peter Parker.
AUTY, PHYLLIS. Tito. A Biography.
GRUFFUDD, HEINI The (Pocket / Poced) Welsh Learner's Dictionary
ABSE, DANNIE Arcadia One Mile
HÄUBLEIN, GERNOT; MÜLLER, MARTIN; RUSCH, PAUL; WERTENSCHLAG, LUKAS; SCHUBERT, RUTH (TR.) Memo Wortschatz- Und Fertigkeitstraining Zum Zertificat Deutsch Als Fremdsprache
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