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Anna Akhmatova V Portretakh I Fotografiyakh. Buklet-Katalog. Vyp. 1
. Moskva: Gos. literaturnyi muzei, 1989. 12 4to sized b/w portraits and photographs by D.Bushen, Yu.Annenkov, K.Petrov-Vodkin, N. Tyrsa, G.Vereiskii, N.Kogan, A.Tyshler, M.Nappel'baum, V.Vinogradov, N.Punin, N.Glen; quarto sized collection of photographs on stiff carton in slipcase.
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Katalog: Slavic
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Krninski Damaskin.
. ( Stari tekstovi - Institut za makedonski jazik "Krse Misirkov" - Skopje ; 3 ) Institut za Makedonski jazik). Izd-vo <>, Skopje, 1972; 562pp. of plates, facsimiles and 230 pages of text , bound, folio Krninski damaskin od krajot na XVI vek, sozdaden vo manastirot Sv. Preista, s. Krnino (Kirevsko), na crkovnoslovenski jazik so silen prodor na elementi od narodniot makedonski jazik, vo slu~ajov od ohridsko-demirhisarskiot govor (Institut za makedonski jazik Krste Misirkov - Skopje, M 1, Publichna biblioteka - Kiev br.33). Procesot na dobli`uvawe na pismeniot i narodniot jazik zavruva vo po etokot na XIX vek vo knigite na makedonskite prerodbenici Joakim Krovski i Kiril Pejinovi} see: Library of Congress Z115.2 .S55 t. 3. note: Damaskin (Bulgarian: ????????) is a chronicle of church-liturgical books. Later, the damaskins became church collections with teaching words and lives. They appeared at the end of the 16th century in the western Bulgarian lands and existed until the middle of the 19th century. For the most part, the damaskins were written in a simple, accessible language for ordinary people. Typically, damask is a type of decoration on a metal or leather handicraft whose etymology originates in the city of Damascus. The name "damaskin" comes from the name of the first author of such a book - the Greek writer of the 16th century Damaskinos Stouditis, whose work "Thesauros" (????????; 1558) contains 36 lives and teachings (printed in Venice). It was first translated into Bulgarian by Bishop Gregory Prilepski in the Holy Trinity skete at the Great Lavra Monastery in Athos. The first damaskins included only translations of Damaskinos Stouditis' works, and later, after the middle of the 17th century, they were combined with translations of works by other authors. In the 18th century, part of the damaskins were out of church practice and often turned into readable collections. The damaskins are written in an accessible, spoken vernacular and have a fascinating way of exhibiting. They contain works of different genre and with different themes - of modern Greek authors, ancient Bulgarian ones, different lives, teachings, apocrypha, historical works, religious stories, stories, aphorisms and others. The damaskins marks the transition from Middle Bulgarian to New Bulgarian, which was standardized in the 19th century. The transition to analytical Bulgarian is also noted. Until the 16th century, the Middle Bulgarian was one of the four literary languages of the Ottoman Sultan's office. After that, from the 17th century it developed on a popular basis, and from the 18th century it gained Russian influence over the Bulgarian language through literature after the reforms of Peter the Great.
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Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture/Eros I Pornografiya V Russkoi Kul'ture: Sbornik Statei. (Russian Forbidden Literature/Russkaya Potaennaya Literatura)
. Moskva: Ladomir, 1999; 700pp. coloUr illustrations, tipped in plates, b/w illustrations; fine hardback. This bi-lingual collection of articles addresses a broad spectrum of questions connected to the history and national character of erotica in Russian literature, folklore and art of the 18th-20th centuries. It is based on papers given at the international Russian-American " Conference on Russian Pornography," held at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) on May 22-24, 1998. In addition, the volume contains a unique set of illustrations the greater part of which was supplied by the collector and bibliophile L.V. Bessmertnykh. CONDITION: NEW.
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Katalog: Slavic
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Boris Pasternak 1890 - 1960. A Collection of 18 Photographs.
. Every photograph has a poem on reverse. Accompanied text on the wrappers around the photographs by E. Pasternak. Moskva, Planeta, 1990 [ DR MID ].
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A. Solzhenitsyn Chitaet Svoi Rasskazy / Alexandre Soljénitzyne Lit Lui-Mème Ses Nouvelles.
. (Long playing vynal record with Solzhenitsyn reading some of his short stories like Utenok-Na rodine Esenina - Gorod na Neve-Prakh brevno . All together 16 texts.
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Collection of Correspondence
. Correspondence collection between Holdan Books, Oxford and Professor V. N. Toporov between 1976 and 1980 about a possible publication of his work on Dostoevsky's GOSPODIN PROKHARCHIN.
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Katalog: Slavic
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