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Slovo O Polku Igoreve.
. Sbornik issled. i statei pod red. chlena - korresp. AN SSSR V.P. Adrianovoi-Perets.( Institut russkoi literatury (Pushkinskii dom) Moskva-Leningrad, Akad. Nauk, 1950, 478pp. b/w illustrations in the text and on plates. hardback.
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Keywords: Russian Literature Slavic Russlings Thornslav Russian-Lot

The Russian Theme in English Literature. From
. the Sixteenth Century to 1980. An Introductory Survey and a Bibliography, CONTENTS: Introduction / Chronological Index / Author Index / Short Title Index / Subject Index Both the introductory essay and the new bibliography break completely new ground in the study of Anglo-Russian literary relations. The long introductory essay (of about 22,000 words) attempts to survey Russian themes in original English imaginative writing (poetry, plays, novels) from Elizabethan times up to the present day against the background of general de4velopments in Anglo-Russian relations. It reveals the persistent interest in Russia over more than four centuries by a host of writers, both major and log-since forgotten, and introduces little known works in all genres which provide an interesting insight into English attitudes and prejudices. The bibliography lists nearly 1100 works and is divided into four sections. The first and central part is the chronological listing, arranged according to the publication date of the first British edition. Full details of American editions are given only when no British edition subsequently appeared, although indications of prior publication in the U.S.A. and of any differences in title are provided in the annotation. The second listing is an alphabetical index of authors. Numbers locate the works by the individual authors in the chronological index. Finally, there is a Subject Index, which performs the function of allowing researchers to identify works in the first Index that refer to such broad areas as 'Peter the Great', '1812', 'the Crimean War', 'Nihilists', 'the October revolution'. Oxford, 1985; 278pp. bound in d/j, illustrated fine copy.
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Russian Literature in the Age of Catherine the Great.
. A collection of essays. Oxford, 1976; 229pp. good hardback Introduction; The Memoirs of A.T. Bolotov and Russian Literary History; Continuity and Change in the Russian Ode; Fedor Emin and the Beginnings of the Russian Novel; A Trojan Horse within the Walls of Classicism: Russian Classicism and The National Specific; Radishchev"s Polemic Against Sentimentalism in the Cuase of Eighteeneth-Century Utilitarianism; Sentimentalism and Pre-Romanticism as Terms and Concepts; Russian Literature in the Reign of Catherine: Synchronic Tables; Bibliography of English-Language Scholarship on Russian Eighteenth-Century Literature, Thought and Culture, 1900-1974; Notes on Contributors; Index. [sp]. (ISBN: 0902672290) .
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Keywords: Russian Literature Thornslav 0902672290

Voi'na I Mir : Seriia Ksilografii Po Motivam Roman L?Va Tolstogo / R.I. Kalashnikova / War and Peace : A Suite of Wood Engravings Based on the Book By Leo Tolstoy By Anatolii I. Kalashnikov
. Vvedenie W. E. Batlera / introduced by W. E. Butler. Society of Wood Engravers, 1991, 64pp. foliosized Signed limited edition of 300 copies printed by the Libanus Press. text set in Plantin, bound in red cloth by Smith Settle. Parallel English and Russian text. [ 0948021292 9780948021299 ] [ RL]. (ISBN: 0948021292) .
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Stikhotvoreniya Esse Perevody Chitaet Avtor- on Longplaying Record
. sost. Lev shilov, Melodiya 1989. the poet reads from his own work. We can send a scan of the rear sleeve.[ST].
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Book number: F1988B
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Keywords: Russian Literature Russian-Lot

Sable and Sputnik.
. An Inaugural Lecture delivered in the University of Birmingham on 9th November, 1967; 16pp. paper; covers evenly soiled. Signed by the author [ DR - M - 2 acht ].
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Keywords: Bibliophile Signed Weblists2 Signaturebook Russian History

Zemnyya Dali. Vtoraya Kniga Stikhov
. Sankt-Peterburg, Izd-vo "Shipovnik", 1908; 121pp.some pencil marks, in recent new boards, original fron wrapper pasted to fron board, spine title preserved as is the publisher's logo on the rear board.
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Keywords: Russian Literature, Poetry, Russrare

TSVETAEVA, MARINA, [1892-1941]
Remeslo : Kniga Stikhov Marina Tsvetaeva ;
. Reprint edition with an introduction and notes by Efim Etkind, XL, 165pp. ; 18 cm. Originally published in Moskva : Gelikon, 1923. paperback, coloured covers. (ISBN: 0-902672-46-0) .
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Keywords: Russian Literature 0902672460

Collection of Assorted Paphlets on Russian Linguistics Inscribed By the Author. ( an Sssr, "Voprosy Yazykoznaniya")
. This collecton contents following pamphlets: Vinogradov, V. "O nekotorykh voprosakh teorii russkoi leksikographii", Vinogradov, V. Serebrennikov,B.""O zadachakh sovetskogo yazykoznaniya v oblasti istoricheskogo i sravnitel'no-istoricheskogo izucheniya yazykov", Vinogradov, V. "Problema istoricheskogo vzaimodeistviya literaturnogo yazyka i yazyka khudozhestvennoi literatury", Vinogradov, V. "Puti razvitiya sovetskogo yazykoznaniya", Vinograov, V. "Sonderdruck aus Vortrage auf der Berliner Slawistentagung".
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Keywords: Bibliophile Signed Books Wim Meeuws Russian Linguistics Slavic Signed Book

The Face Behind the Face. New Poems
. Translated by A. Boyars and S, Franklin, two photos of the poet on IV and V, 1979, XXIV,193 pp. printed wrappers, Signed by the poet on the title page[DR-M].
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