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Bell Beakers Today: Pottery, People, Culture, Symbols in Prehistoric Europe
. 2001, 2 volumes, 736pp. black and white illustrations, HB. These two volumes present over sixty contributions, from and international colloquium held in Trento, Italy, in 1998, which provide an invaluable overview of the Bell Beaker culture and recent developments in scholarship. The papers cover sites and discoveries in Spain and Portugal, Italy and Sicily, France, the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland, eastern and central Europe, as well as more thematic discussions of, for example, radiocarbon dating, metallurgy, society and culture, European contacts, technology, tools, gender and burial rituals. The majority of the papers are in English, although most European languages are represented along with English abstracts. One of the most puzzling archaeological phenomena of prehistoric Europe is the widespread appearance of a specific form of ceramic vessel, a decorated, thin-walled, handleless drinking cup known as a bell beaker, throughout western and central continental Europe and the British Isles during the second half of the third millennium B.C. The bell beakers were often found in male burials that also included archer's wrist guards of polished stone, V-perforated buttons (with two holes drilled from one side at an angle until they converged to form a single V-shaped channel), and copper daggers. Archaeologists refer to this phenomenon as the "Bell Beaker complex" or, more efficiently, simply as "Bell Beakers." The earliest form of Bell Beaker called the Maritime Bell Beaker probably originated in the vibrant copper-using communities of the Tagus estuary in Portugal around 2800 - 2700 BC and spread from there to many parts of western Europe. An overview of all available sources from southern Germany concluded that the Bell Beaker Culture was a new and independent culture in that area, contemporary with the Corded Ware Culture.This conclusion was supported by a review of radiocarbon dates for Bell Beaker across Europe, which showed that the earliest dates for Bell Beaker were 2900 BC in Iberia. This makes the style contemporary with Corded Ware, but beginning in a different region of Europe. Bell Beaker has been suggested as a candidate for an early Indo-European culture, more specifically, an ancestral proto-Celtic. Despite the date this work came out in 2006. [ heavy set ].
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Keywords: Archaeology, Glockenbecherkultur Prehistory, Europe Weblists

. Artist: Emery Walker after Edmund Hort New - Published by Edmund Hort New: 17 Worcester Place Oxford A.D. 1923 .Size: Image 331 x 410 mm Sheet 471 x 638 mm The borders of the sheet are very slightly worn, the left hand side with some spotting and a 40 mm. vertical darkened area, the right margin Has a similar 75 mm wide vertical area. ASK FOR PHOTOGRAPHS OF CORNERS AND MARGINS. The image itself is fine and clear.Edmund Hort New ( 1871 - 1931) , English artist, member of the Birmingham Group and leading illustrator of his day was was born in Evesham Worcestershire. He studied at the Birmingham Municipal School of Art under Edward R. Taylor (headmaster of the school) and A. J. Gaskin, becoming known in the 1890s as an illustrator in the black-and-white style of the Arts and Crafts movement. He specialised in pen and ink drawings of rural and urban landscapes, old buildings and their interiors, architectural features, and also designed bookplates. In his early years he worked with Ruskin and other associated Arts and Crafts artists. New provided illustrations for the English Illustrated Magazine and was commissioned by the Bodley Head publishing house to work on critically acclaimed editions of books, such as The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton and The Natural History of Selborne by Gilbert White.In 1895 New was invited to meet William Morris at Kelmscott Manor, and went on to provide design work for the Kelmscott Press as well as illustrating Morris's two-volume biography by J. W. Mackail. Between 1896 and 1914, New provided hundreds of illustrations for over 50 books for various publishers He also taught drawing to T E Lawrence In 1905 New moved to Oxford where he started work on a series of drawings of the University of Oxford colleges, based on the David Loggan's 1675 aerial perspectives, a project which was to occupy him for the rest of his life and remained unfinished. The drawings were engraved by Emery Walker and sold as the "New Loggan Prints". He also provided further illustrations for a series of books called the "College monographs" New was a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers).Sanders of Oxford describe the printing process as follows: These prints were made through a relatively new process at the time - photo engraving. Like photogravures the print is made by transferring a photo to a copper plate and then printing it. With the E.H. New prints, a contact print of New's pen and ink drawing was made and the large negative attached to a plate which was then exposed in an acid bath, the acid only biting where the negative was clear; thus, creating an engraved plate of New's drawing. The prints were available separately at shops in Oxford such as Ryman's in the early part of the 20th century and are on a cotton wove paper with an anvil watermark i.e. the paper is from stock made for the Kelmscott press.
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Keywords: Oxford Prints Topography

E' Troppo! Dialogo Fra Un Codino E Un Liberale Sopra Un Opuscolo la Legge Sulle Guarentigie Al Pontefice Per Monsignor Andrea Scotton Di Bassano
. Tipografia di Antonio Merlo, Verona, 1872, 56pp. no cover in plastic pocket.
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Keywords: Italy Italian Guarantees to the Pontiff Pope Papal Rome Catholic

Ungersk Dikt I Svensk Tolkning
. Med 23 originaltršsnitt av PŠl MolnŠr-C. och litteraturhistoriska ingresser av JŠnos Lotz. - Stockholm, 1944. - (Stockholm. Stockholms hŲgskola. Ungerska institutet. Publikationer. Ser. A ; 1. 1944) 181pp. wrappers, spine damaged, covers worn.
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Texte Zum Studium Sumerischer Tempel Und Kultzentren
. ( Analecta Orientalia 4 ) Roma, Pontificio Istituto Biblico. 1932, 94pp. in original wrappers, damaged spine, parts of spine missisng, text sl. darkened.
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Keywords: Ancient Near East Sumerian

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