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Stunden Der Andacht. Ein Gebet- Und Erbauungsbuch Für Israels Frauen Und Jungfrauen, Zur öffentlichen Und Häuslichen Andacht, So Wie Für Alle Verhältnisse Des Weiblichen Lebens.
. Prague, Brandeis, n.d. 26th edition , VIII, 176pp. Fanny Schmiedl Neuda (1819-1894).published the first Jewish women¿s prayer book to be written 'by a woman in 1855. In addition to containing formal Jewish worship practices, this work covered both public and private events in the life of a Jewish woman. Fanny Neuda (née Schmiedl, b. March 6, 1819 - d. April 6, 1894) was a Jewish writer best known for her popular collection of prayers, Stunden Der Andacht (1855). She was born in Lomnice (Lobnig), Moravia to the family of Rabbi Yehudah Schmiedl (1776-1855, present-day Czech Republic). After marrying Abraham Neuda (1812-1854), she moved to Loštice, where her husband served as rabbi. After Abraham Neuda's death in 1854, her book of prayers became widely published. She died at the age of 75 years in the spa town of Merano (present-day Italy). In 2015, a plaque honouring her was unveiled in Loshtice. Neuda's collection of Jewish prayers is unique by virtue of its being the first collection of Jewish prayers composed in German by a Jewish woman. Earlier collections of te?innot - petitionary prayers, comprising a growing literature of devotional works for prayer outside of the shul had been authored by Jewish men and less commonly by Jewish women. (See the prayer of Glückel of Hameln (1646-1724) translated by Kaeren Fish in A Jewish Women's Prayer Book (e.d. Aliza Lavie 2008)). After Neuda's work was published in 1855, it attained such great popularity among Jewish women in Central Europe, that it was published in more than 30 editions (some of which were illustrated).1. At least one siddur published by Raphael Jacob Fürstenthal in 1897 appended her complete Stunden Der Andacht to it.
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Autoemanzipation. Mahnruf an Seine Stammesgenossen Von Einem Russischen Juden.
. Mit einer Vorbemerkung von Achad Haam. Berlin, Juedischer Verlag, 1934. 32pp. 6th edition, Orig. wrappers extemities spine sl. frayed. +++ Leon Pinsker (Yiddish Yehudah Leib Pinsker?, Russian Lev Semyonovich Pinsker; (1821- 1891 was a physician, a Zionist pioneer and activist, and the founder and leader of the Hovevei Zion, also known as Hibbat Zion (Lovers of Zion) movement. The Odessa pogrom of 1871 moved Pinsker to become an active public figure. In 1881, a bigger wave of anti-Jewish hostilities, some allegedly state-sponsored, swept southern Russia and continued until 1884. Then Pinsker's views changed radically, and he no longer believed that mere humanism and enlightenment would defeat antisemitism. In 1884, he organized an international conference of Hibbat Zion in Katowice (Upper Silesia) then part of the Kingdom of Prussia) His visit to Western Europe led to his famous pamphlet Auto-Emancipation, subtitled Mahnruf an seine Stammgenossen, von einem russischen Juden (Warning to His Fellow People, from a Russian Jew), which he published anonymously in German on 1 January 1882, and in which he urged the Jewish people to strive for independence and national consciousness. The book raised strong responses, both for and against.
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Title in Hebrew Characters (Marechet Hahatacot) ( Ma'areket Ha-Ha'atakot )
. System der Tropen. Ofen, gedruckt in der koen. ungar. Univers.-Buchdruckerei, 1831; 136pp.; orig. plain blue wrps, uncut & unopened; ca. 20pp. at beginning & at end with old damp-stain incl. title-page & fr. wrp. Uncut page edges also frayed, otherwise a good copy in original state. A treatise on the stylistics of Hebrew literature by Judah Wahrmann (1791-1868), who became associate rabbi & teacher of religion at the Gymnasium of Budapest in 1851 (cf. The Jewish Encyclopaedia XII, 4576). paper [ DL 5/1 ].
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